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  1. Haha
    The Neb got a reaction from BrendenPlayz in BrendenPlayz Discord and Chat Epic Moments   
    The title says it all, when something epic happens on chat, screen it and post it here.
    This is the best thing to ever happen in the forums imo, Johmeister's reaction to getting picked in the draft by Bashka:

  2. Like
    The Neb got a reaction from Toxik431 in Best Finisher Name?   
    Best finisher name for me goes without a doubt to coup de grace which is means 'a death blow to end the suffering of a severely wounded person or animal' or it may be a mercy killing of civilians or soldiers, friends or enemies, with or without the sufferer's consent, definitely a great symbolism as the move is used by Balor to end the 'suffering' or 'wounded' opponent of his.
    Also, Nakamura's Kinshasa was named like that as they couldn't use 'Bomaye' which means 'kill him' in the Lingala language. The word 'bomaye' became famous when fans chanted 'Ali bomaye' during the famous Rumble in the Jungle match, a boxing match between George Forman and Muhammad Ali, pleading Ali to 'kill' Forman. The match took place at a city which back in the time was named Kinshasa, Zaire (currently Democratic Republic of Congo).
  3. Confused
    The Neb got a reaction from bailey14 in What was the last wrestling match you watched?   
    I laughed more than I should have when I read this
  4. Downvote
    The Neb got a reaction from bailey14 in Official BPZ Tag Division Sign Up   
    That's bs imo.
    #1 I don't remember you and Ginge announcing anything while title voting was going on (correct me if I'm wrong here)
    #2 If this is accepted by Brenden then imo it should matter after HH
  5. Downvote
    The Neb got a reaction from bailey14 in Official BPZ Tag Division Sign Up   
    Didn't know that, my bad
  6. Like
    The Neb got a reaction from Jonathan in Top Five Current Underrated Members On The Fourms?   
    May I ask how you guys determine someone as underated?
    Because in most posts I see members that don't post, don't open any new topics, are barely active and don't contribute to the forums in general.
    PS: Not going to name anyone because I don't want to feud with anyone
  7. Upvote
    The Neb got a reaction from Gunner in Free Agent Corner   
    To all three, who are you looking up to while you are getting higher and higher in the rankings of BPZ?
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    The Neb got a reaction from Hollow in Unsanctioned Preparation Pts 1 - 5   
    Brilliant, read all the parts today and it was an awesome read, congrats Hollow!
    I legit cracked at pt4 when I pictured a mad man saying ducks are vultures of chaos while someone else explains what they really are haha
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    The Neb reacted to Hollow in Unsanctioned Preparation Pts 1 - 5   
    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...
    The camera cuts to the front entrance way to the Unsanctioned the Zone the broken down warehouse turned arena.  In front stands a man in a top hat with a monocle.
    Man in the Top Hat, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are three days from the greatest wonder from the grandest match on the World at War.  Whether it is first, last or on the preshow this is the match to steal the night from all shows. Three days from now the vessel known as Julius will enter this building behind me to face the Mad King in the world he created.  This match isnt a normal BPZ Match.  There are no rules creativity is the key to survival with inside this building.  This is the Unsanctioned Zone!"
    The camera moves into the building, the building with a wrestling ring in the middle of the room.  A three story building a stair way up stairs.  To the right of the ring is the bag of punches with Professor Pain working out on the bench of Strength. The camera moves outside and walks outside and the Man in the Top Hat stands outside the woods.
    Man in the Top Hat, "Here is the Woods of Insanity, with the Shack of the Beginning hidden inside.  The place of sticks and stones, they are there to break some bones.  At World at war this place is part of the battlefield where the men in this match fight their for their minds.  If Julius is not careful he will lose his mind with in these woods and will become prey for the monster that lurks within these woods."
    The camera moves to the lake of irrelevancy with the ring of Last Voyage of relevancy in the middle of of the pond.  In the ring is the Man in the top hat again.
    Man in the Top Hat, "Fall from irrelevency is the bane to all those who work in the world of the BPZ Universe.  Everyone strives to be relevent to have their moment in the sun.  But in the dusk in the darkest moment this is the last Voyage of irrelevancy.  A last chance to and end of all.  The only escape from the lake of irrelevancy.   Apirl 13th, Friday the 13th, the monsters meet and this is their last voyage!"
    The camera moves back into the Unsanctioned Zone and in the ring again is the man in the top hat
    Man in the Top Hat, "And that was the Journey through the Unsanctioned Zone.  You all watched, and managed to keep your sanity.  This was easy but on the thirteenth this place will come alive and nobody will leave here the same.  The viewers beware this isnt of the faint of heart it will be gruesome it will be grueling, it will be marvelous!"
    The man in the top hat starts chuckling and the lights start to flash on and of going from black and white.  The Hat and monocle disappear,  the face changes to one with face paint and a mask  The man in the top hat turns into Hollow!"
    Hollow, "Senior Alfredo!"
    Senior Alfredo appears
    Hollow, "Fetch that soul of Caesar,  Fetch me Julius!  Go to Julius and prepare to bring him across the country to this building.  In three days he must be here, bring him to Hollow.  Bring him to the challenge he accepted..  The World at War will begin and only one will survive...go Senior Alfredo....GO!"
    Senior Alfredo, "Very well sir."
    Hollow doesnt laugh.  He stands there staring at the door way intently looking as if he will stand there for three days waiting for Julius to arrive for the battle inside the Unsanctioned Zone.   The arena is ready what will happen in three days?  Only time will tell.
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    The Neb reacted to Hollow in Unsanctioned Preparation Pts 1 - 5   
    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement..
    The screen cuts to a pond with ducks swimming in the water then the camera moves and Hollow is standing there under his umbrella
    Hollow, "Welcome! Welcome! To the Lake of irelevancy!  Look at the vultures of chaos swim within the waters, look how majestic they are..."
    Senior Alfredo walks into the screen
    Senior Alfredo, "Sir those are ducks sir, this is a duck pond sir not a lake..."
    Hollow looks over the lake and the camera moves to a bunch of men in the middle of the lake setting up a wrestling ring in the middle of the lake.
    Hollow, "Look, it is the oompa loompas! Building the last voyage of relevancy!  Maybe if we are lucky they will grace us with a song..."
    Senior Alfredo, "They are not oompa loompas sir they are construction works we hired to build you a wrestling ring in the middle of this pond sir."
    Hollow, "Don't you see Alfredo!  Charlie Bucket is coming!  He has found his golden ticket and is on his way to the Unsanctioned Zone to meet ours truly!  We must prepare, he must be defeated.  This will be his last refuge of relevancy when he sees the end when he meets the Madness Clash!"
    Senior Alfredo, "He is Julius sir, I believe we should be heading back to the arena sir,  Carnage company men have sent people to the Unsanctioned Zone..."
    Hollow, "Oh we have visitors?!?!  Why we can be late!  Let's go let's go we cant be late for this date!"
    Hollow starts running back to the warehouse where the Unsanctioned Zone's official ring is housed in.  As he makes it there there is an offcial Carnage referee, time keeper and bell ringer. Hollow runs up and grabs their hands starting to shake them.
    Hollow, "Welcome!  Are you here to pay your respects to the house of madness?"
    The Carnage Referee, "No we are here for to official officiate the match at World at War...
    Hollow, "You have a zebra shirt, Hobo Bob will be so pleased.  He is the perfect referee for this...."
    The Carnage Time Keeper, "No, he isnt we are here to make sure this match goes right so that you and Julius can report back to work  after this ridiculous match..."
    Hollow, "Ridculuius?  How dare you sir!  You speak blasphemy in the house that Hollow build.  This is the Unsanctioned zone this is the grandest stage of them all.  Bigger and better then BPZ Mania..."
    The Bell ringer, "Look freak!  You aren't the GM, we have a job to do and..."
    Hollow smacks the Bell ringer with his umbrella then stabs the Time keeper in the gut with the umbrella.  The referee begins to run inside the Unsanctioned Zone
    Hollow, "Oh no no, you come into our house and speak these lies.  You are vile, you are evil!   You will be punished!"
    Hollow chases the referee and floors him with a germen suplex.  He put is hands on a referee!
    Hollow, "You aren't worthy to be in this zone.  You are not the challenger...You shall be removed at once!"
    Hollow hits the referee with the Madman Cutter!  The proceeds to take the referee shirt off the referee.
    Hollow, "This belongs to Hobo Bob now.   He will appreciate your gift to him Now it is your time to go."
    Hollow drags the referee to a big wooden box and throws him inside. He then grabs the bell-ringer and time-keeper and puts them in the box.
    Hollow, "You are all going to where you belong.  You dont appreciate this great house..."
    Hollow puts a bottle of water in the box and grabs a bag of dog food and puts it in the box.  He laughs and puts a lid with a hole in it. 
    Hollow, "Time for you to three to go!"
    Hollow then proceeds to nail the lid on and then slaps a label on.  That reads
    'Delivery for Evolve!"
    Hollow, "Senior Alfredo!!!!"
    Senior Alfredo comes into view again
    Senior Alfredo,  "You hollered sir?"
    Hollow, "Have this shipped at once!  This is an express delivery and must be sent out of here at once!"
    Senior Alfredo, "Very well sir, I will get  Hobo Bob and his friends to carry this away.""
    The Hobo group comes in and carry the box away as they prepare to send it away.  Hollow walks away in a cackling laughter.
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    The Neb reacted to Hollow in Unsanctioned Preparation Pts 1 - 5   
    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...
    The screen cuts to Hollow with his umbrella outside the warehouse that holds the Unsanctioned Zone
    Hollow, "Welcome Carnage's fans to the Unsanctioned Zone, we are going on a field trip today.  So get ready for a walk through the woods of madness....Senior Alfredo!!"
    Senior Alfredo walks out the doors as he is called for.
    Senior Alfredo, "You hollered sir?
    Hollow, "Yes Senior Alfredo!  We are going to show these people what is the woods of insanity.  Lead the way good sir, release these people from the prisons they call sanity and show the a world where we are all truly free!"
    Senior Alfredo, "Very well sir, you don't need your umbrella soon, it is a sunny day..."
    Hollow, "It is a weapon against sanity, to keep one safe from those who would try to rationalize this all with simple words. Now lead the way!"
    Senior Alfredo and Hollow walk towards the woods behind the warehouse.  They stop at a a group of boxes and tents Hollow stops.
    Hollow, "The dwellers of madness!  They are beginning to flock here for the show that is so grand!"
    Senior Alfredo, "No sir they are the Hobos from before. This is where your referee will be staying.
    Hobo Jimbo and Jimmy John come out.
    Hobo Jimbo, "Hollow!  Bob is out getting that zebra shirt you told him get...."
    Hobo Bob comes out of the woods riding on the back of a zebra
    Hobo Bob, "I got the zebra you wanted sir!  I hope it is to your liking..."
    Hobo Jimbo and Jimmy John face palm an Senior Alfredo sighs
    Hollow, "Well, not what we were expecting but this beast...." 
    Hollow looks at the zebra and looks at him as if it spoke to him
    Hollow, "Ah I see , I know who you are, Cesar when he comes will be shocked to see you.  Brutus!  You have come!  Good word mister Bob you have out down yourself, I will study everything he knows and I will defeat my open it on the thirteenth!"
    Senior Alfredo, "Sir that is just a zebra sir, and your opponent is just Julius the NXT Champion not Ceaser sir.."
    Hollow, "We know this Senior Allfredo but this beast has what he must know and how we will win!  Now into the woods of insanity!"
    Hollow walks off into the woods and the camera follows  They walk for a bit until they pass a small creek to a wooden shack.
    Hollow, "Home...the place were Hollow's story begins.  in the woods in insanity, passed the creek of truths.  The shack of redemption.  The place a broken man went when he lost at the match he tried so hard to win where Hollow was born!"
    Hollow opens the door and then pulls out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.
    Hollow "Hello beautiful did you miss Hollow.  We must unite and together we must greet him with a proper greeting.  Senior Alfredo will take his coat and hat.  And you will take his face!"
    Hollow after speaks to the baseball bat he then hands it to Senior Alfredo
    Hollow, "See that she is waxed and ready for the big day.  She must be there to greet out guest!  Now we must get back, we must go and prepare the Lake of irrelevancy!"
    Senior Alfredo, "Do you mean the duck pond? Aye sir we have it set up.   Your canoe is waiting for you when you get there...but I don't see why we need two rings...."
    Hollow, "Dont you dare question the method to our madness!  We do what we know what we must!  We must have it all ready for our guest for the night of true pure greatness!"
    Senior Alfredo, "Very well sir is there anything else you need me to do?"
    Hollow, "Yes!  Prepare the chariot! Bring it to the capital One Arena in DC,  set it there to bring Julius here when the time is right!
    Senior Alfredo nods and walks away as Hollow leans against the shack of the beginning chuckling slightly as the camera goes off.
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    The Neb reacted to Hollow in Unsanctioned Preparation Pts 1 - 5   
    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...
    Hollow appears on the screen in the unsanctioned zone, not in the ring but in a new area.  Hollow leaning against a punching bag.  Small area has a small workout area.
    Hollow "Welcome back , welcome to the house that Hollow built.  Juju is coming we must prepare! Here with the bag of punches and the bench of strength today Senior Alfredo has called for the trainer of the madman.   Professor Pain!  Come on down!"
    A man in a doctors coat comes out with a  coach's whistle around his neck
    Professor Pain, "Why are you sitting there maggot!   Asked for me to arrive and you think you can sit there!   You have to prepare for you fight.  A do nothing slacker isnt going to beat this Julius unless you prepare an show ruthless aggression!"
    Hollow, "Yes Professor Pain yes!  I understand.  I must punch the bag the punching and lift af the bench of strength and i will be prepared to fight Juice in this very zone!"
    Professor Pain, "NO!  This be only warm up, true preparation he to go beyond this normal training and preparation.  You will travel through the hall of pain!  Battle the Duke of Mania, meet the duchess of dementia and prepare yourself for the trials a head to be the mad king you claim to be in this mad world!
    Hollow, "Yes I see it now, I must go beyond this train harder, faster, train in the path of bizarre, train to focus the mind to be sadistic and cruel so when he arrives he wont find this place to be just a trail of chaos and insanity.  Drive him into madness into Hollow's world!  For I am sheogorath!
    Senior Alfredo walks in
    Senior Alfredo, "Sir you made the mistake again mister Hollow....
    Hollow, "Oh....but the point still stands I am the madman and thanks to Professor Pain he has opened our eyes to what we must do to extract a victory at World at War.   The challenger will never be the same again!"
    Senior Alfredo, "Sure he isnt a Professor, he doesnt have a doctor's degree..."
    Professor Pain, :"You hush your mouth pencil neck before I show you to the hall of pain!"
    Hollow, "Enough! Senior Alfredo and Professor Pain stay focus!  You must stay ready.  In two weeks we go to war and we better win for the good of the zone!"
    Senior Alfredo and Professor Pain, "Yes sir"
    Hollow, "Now Senior Alfredo, tell me how is the Insanity woods are looking..."
    Senior Alfredo, "Again sir my name is Alfred, and do you mean the small patch of trees behind the warehouse, I trimmed a few trees in preparation for this battle sir..."
    Hollow, "Good!  Once I am done with the challenges of pain I will meet you there at once.  We have much to prepare for Julius Cesar will never forget his time here. For this will be  something to remember.  Carnage TV will never be sane again...."
    Hollow laughs as Alfredo shakes his head as Hollow turns and starts punching away at the punching bag as Professor Pain begins to yell at him as they prepare for the battle in the Unsanctioned Zone.
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    The Neb reacted to Hollow in Unsanctioned Preparation Pts 1 - 5   
    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...
    Hollow appears on the screen in a darkened arena
    "We're here...."
    The lights come on revealing a ring within a rundown warehouse and Hollow yells
    Hollow jumps out of the ring and walks around the outside the ring to a creepy butler looking fellow.
    Hollow,"Senor Alfredo, the grand caretaker of the Unsanctioned Zone while Hollow is away.  You have a done a great job, but we must prepare for the arrival of Caesar!"
    Senior Alfredo, "Sir, please remember my name, I am Alfred your butler sir. Also your opponent is Julius his name not Caesar sir.  But I must agree we must prepare.  I have called for your personal trainer, he will be here tomorrow Mister Hollow sir."
    Hollow, "Very good Senior Alfredo.  He must be hear at once, we mustn't dilly or dally, we must prepare.  Senior Alfredo have you found a suitable referee for this grand match with Augustus...."
    Senior Alfredo, "Once again his name is Julius sir not Augustis.I found three men, although it might be questionable of whether or not they can be a referee.  I personally made sure they can count to three."
    Senior Alfredo leads Hollow to a table where there are three hobos fresh off the street eating at.
    Senior Alfredo, "The one on the left is name Jimbo, he can count to ten and knows a bit about what happens in the square circle.  He knows the rules he is a great choice.  The one in the middle is name is Jimmy John and he can count to five but he is old and cant move around much.  So he will stick  to the ring.  The last one is named Bob...."
    Hollow, "What doesn't he have a fancy name?"
    Senior Alfredo, "I don't know sure I just know his name is Bob, he knows nothing about wrestling but he is very  looking forward to being here for the match.  He can make a three count where ever you are...."
    Hollow, "Fine Hobo Bob it is!  Get him a zebra shirt and let it be known there will be no rules. Let Juju know that I will beat him within this zone..."
    Senior Alfredo, "His name is Julius sir...."
    Hollow, "The  ides of march has long since passed, just like another Caesar your time is coming to an end.  Here in the Unsanctioned Zone, the house the Hollow built.  You will fall!"
    Senior Alfredo, "Once again sir his name is Julius...""
    Hollow, "Alright! Senior Alfredo!  Hollow knows his name, but all the same he will fall by the madman's hands.  He tells us to run, he will soon realize.  He isnt of this world, when he walks into those doors he will be trapped, in the monsters den!"
    Hollow stops in a cackling laughter as Senior Alfredo walks away. As this is the first look into the Unsanctioned Zone
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    The Neb reacted to YangOfChicago in "Line Them Up, He Will Knock Them Down"   
    Two people reside in a room, clearly located in a locker room but not one familiar to the BPZ roster. Several posters hang on the otherwise blank wall, all of which are in Spanish. A man sits on a bench, his fingers together and his head down as a Latino woman dressed in all red paces back and forth in front of him, her high heels clicking on the concrete ground until she stops and looks into the camera. She lightly touches the camera, as if she's caressing the viewer's face, her tan hand moving gently as her red lips curl into a smile. She begins to speak, her words roll out of her mouth in a heavy Hispanic accent
    "BPZ...I have heard so much about you. I have watched your events, and I've seen your champions."
    The smile on her face slowly fades to a look of near disgust as her hand lowers from the camera
    "We...were not impressed. Allow me to introduce myself...I am Jamie Nova. I come from a family that was full of weak minded, pathetic people. None of them knew what they had...but I know what I have..."
    Nova looks behind her at the man, she shouts the word Toro at him and he rises, his 6 foot 7, 270 pound frame dwarfing the 5 foot 3 Nova. Nova looks back at the camera, the smile returning to her face
    "Meet...Toro. Antonio Arno and I look forward to our first encounter BPZ...but I must warn you. Toro doesn't play too well with others...we're coming."
    Nova crosses her arms and leans against Toro, who puts his arm around her
    "Come...get these horns."
    The promo ends and Nova and Toro stare forward
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    The Neb reacted to Echo Wilson in R.O.A   
    The entire arena erupts as the opposition arrives. One half of the unfortunate duo that was beaten down at the hands of these heralders of chaos and revolution. Ross and Flynn may have made their statement but there was no plausible way that Echo was going to go out swinging without getting the last laugh. 

    Echo smiles from ear to ear as he feels the intensity grow every second his music plays. He looks right at Ross and Flynn who are absolutely fuming in the ring, Echo smirks right at them, giving them something to look at while the smoke blows out of their ears in anger. Julius clenches his fists and cracks his knuckles as Echo may have walked into a 3 on 1 situation. He pulls a microphone out of his boot to waste absolutely no time in addressing the Revolution of Attitude here tonight. He taps the top and begins the speech.
    Last week, Flynn and Ross, I heard your message loud and clear, I felt it actually, but that's besides the point. I felt it truly, and all I felt was chaos, pure seething anger at the system. That's no different than anyone else back there, so don't try to act like you're doing the world a favor, or starting a revolution when all you're trying to do is cause a little bit of mayhem, which not only puts the men in your way in harm but it puts you in harm as well. Tell me, how am I supposed to react when you are going around, claiming your territory and destroying everything else that was present there before? How am I gonna stand for someone who thinks a revolution needs to be ultra-violent. This company will only be changed for the worse as long as you two think you are the heads of it. So I lay out my message for you. Bring your cavalry, bring you meat shield, do whatever you need to do, I'll take all 3 of you on alone if I have to, but I promise you, what you saw backstage between me and Slim. In fact, I want everyone to pay attention to this. What happened with me and slim? It doesn't matter. Slim was only my safety insurance policy and I can go 3 on 1 just fine, no backup because as long as I have what's worthy inside, I might as well have an army. So I propose that we go on with whatever is planned and I'll take on the revolution as one sole man.
    Slim, he can decide what he wants to do later, but for now, my choice has been made abundantly clear, I want some of your "attitude" and I want it now. I don't care what's in store for me, I just want to get some sort of revenge. If Slim wants to be helpful, than let him come, or if he wants to watch me fight off all 3 of you successfully than even better. I plan on making sure that this alliance ends faster than it began. That begins with whatever happens next. So you gave me a choice and I will make my decision, this ring will be mine by the end of the night. Believe that.
    Echo climbs into the ring, and almost doesnt look fazed but when Julius steps forward, Echo eases off a bit. He stays in the ring though, Ross and Flynn look down at Echo's feet almost daring him to come even a foot closer. 
    You want me to take that step? I will. You want to make that leap? I definitely will. You laid out the challenge and I stepped in your ring. Now im challenging everything you just spewed out of your mouth and I'm gonna to prove every word of it wrong. So hit me with everything you have to throw at me, I will bounce back. 
    Echo drops the mic, prepared for a fight. He stand up, looking tough but then Julius steps forward, he stares down Echo menacingly. Ross and Flynn roll out of each side and start walking to the back, hence allowing Julius to potentially demolish Echo with no remorse. Just when Ross and Flynn reach the lower stage, the light dim and the tables turn...
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    The Neb reacted to Julius in R.O.A   
    Before anything can happen Julius picks up the microphone and starts to speak. The crowd start to boo as Julius puts the microphone to his mouth
    "When I am speaking you need to shut your mouth, I am the King of the NXT Division I am the Underboss and I am the NXT Champion and all of you need to listen to every freaking word that comes out of my mouth. Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting questions about why i Joined this faction, why did I join Ross and Flynn on their Quest to take over BPZ. Well let me tell you right now that these two people gave me an opportunity, an opportunity that no one here on Carnage has ever given me, they have cut off my chains and they have set me free so I can dominate Carnage once and for all because I am the most dominant force here in BPZ and people like Bailey continue to defy me and overlook me to make history and place worthless pieces of shit  like Sheridan in the Main Event scene at World at War. Flynn approached me and gave me a way out a way to prove to the world that I am a monster and that I am the living breathing symbol of what Chaos is. One thing that especially attracted me to this life changing deal was to get my hands on that pathetic loser Josh. When I first came in and joined the Joshtourage I was promised to be elevated to the next level but I never was and Josh you never found out why I betrayed you well here it is. I didn't need pathetic baggage like you holding me down, I didn't need a clown like you ordering me around because it never wold have helped me. You know what Josh, ever since i stabbed you in the back at the Royal Rumble I have gone onto achieve grand success here in BPZ. I was involved in Team Carnage's victory at Bragging Rights, I injured Storm, I got rid of RedArrow and I successfully defended this title at BPZMania.
    The crowd again start to boo as Julius runs down Josh. They start chanting "Fuck You" to the NXT Champion
    Flynn gave me an opportunity to show the world that I never needed you and when I planted you with the End of Days i proved to everyone that i never needed you. Now moving onto my match at World At War. I enter the Unsanctioned Zone where I face the Two-Faced, Mentally Unstable Hollow. Ever since I walked out here a week ago I warned Hollow and here I wait and still no response from him. Have I scared you Hollow? Have I made you realise that you don't stand a chance against me? Have I finally made you realise that you are a failure and that you will never beat me? Good! because that is sure as hell what I plan to do when I walk into your Unsanctioned Zone. At World at War R.O.A will have made their presence known when we Takeover and eliminate any competition that stand in our way. Ross and Flynn will clean house and I will destroy Hollow and by the time the night is through R.O.A Will make Carnage our Bitch 
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    The Neb reacted to Flynn in R.O.A   
    ”The Omega” of BPZ slowly steps out, a man who like Ross, hasn’t been seen prior to his two malicious attacks on the two pairs of Prince and Bailey as well as Echo Wilson and Slim. He strides to the ring confidently, Julius, his newly hired muscle, just behind him. 

    Flynn and Julius each enter the ring before greeting Ross. Flynn shaking his best friends hand before being handed a microphone form the “Machine Gun”. Flynn smiles at the camera, clearly pleased with himself tonight as the fans do not treat him well, booing the cocky smile out of the arena. Finally after a pause following the music being cut off, Flynn speaks.
    Last week Ross and I sent a message. A message stating that Carnage is our show. Our yard, our kingdom to rule. We are the Revolution of Attitude and we are bringing change to this company one step at a time. For nearly a year I ruled on top of the brand all on my own. However in one night, it all came crumbling down. You see if you want to bring change to this place, if you want to accomplish something I’ve learned you can’t do it alone. The men by your side can make or break you. And that is why by my side I have placed the current king of the NXT division Julius, a man who upon his arrival has been virtually unstoppable, as well as my own best friend Ross. 
     Now I’m sure many of you are indeed wondering just why oh why we decided last week to do what we did. Why did we interrupt Bailey and Prince and beat the to a bloody pulp? Why did we interrupt that SPECTACULAR main event between Echo and Slim? To make it known, we run this place. You now ALL abide to our rules, and if you choose to step out of line, you’ll end up like they did. Now as for the four men who I imagine all are dying for some revenge, I do say this, I am a reasonable man and tonight I will grant you all the ability to continue upon your daily lives however if you do choose to step back into this ring with us I promise you you’ll only meet a similar fate. 
    The ROA, we take no prisoners and we will leva won survivors in our wake. Never start a war you can’t finish and that’s just what we did. We started the Revolution and we will finish it. 
    Flynn drops his microphone however before any member of ROA can leave the ring, they are cut off by a familiar theme. 
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    The Neb reacted to Ross in R.O.A   
    We are back, live on Carnage as Bailey made a huge announcement for World At War. Flynn & Ross vs Slim & Summer vs Bailey & Prince. Some of the biggest names in the company and some of the company's future will put it all on the line.
    "Never Alone" hits the speakers of the Carnage arena and the jeers begin already. One of the most hated men in BPZ steps out from the back looking better than ever but looking serious too. "The Machine Gun"  embraces the crowds emotions and takes in the scene.

    Ross walks back to the centre of the stage and throws up a too sweet something he has carried for nearly over a year now since his Wilde Club debut. He begins his walk down to the ring with all the ringside fans booing and holding up a thumbs down. Ross simply ignores them and points to the camera before then pointing at himself. "The Machine Gun" rolls inside the ring and centres himself perfectly in the middle. He smirks to the camera and does his signature gesture.

    Ross calls for a microphone and waits for the red hot Carnage crowd to cool down after an amazing night of Wrestling.
    I can take the hatred. I can take the hate you all give me every single weekend because I simply do not freaking care. But for a man who I beat in the main event of his own show to come out and taint my name is just simply ridiculousness. This match at World at War doesn't mean anything to me. This is just another bunch of opponents thrown in my way to stop what I want. But this is a reality check for each and every one of them and every single one of you. I do what I want anyway. This company has two of the best sitting at the top like it should be. And Bailey has been kind enough to put us together. Bailey I really appreciate what you have done for me and Flynn. It's about time Flynn dropped the dead weight you was. I dropped that weight months ago. An exact date was SummerSlam when you lost one of the biggest matches of your career and I came out and picked apart the pieces that remained. Then of course I beat you in the main event of your own show but let's not dwell on that. 
    After that match Bailey I gained a certain amount of respect for you again. But then I found out who your tag team partner was. Infact, I heard of who your tag team partner was and the name never rang a bell so I had to go and find out who this guy is. Turns out this man was a midcarder for EVOLVE before Bailey felt sorry for him and decided to try and give him a better life on Carnage. But putting him in the main event slot when this guy Prince isn't even worthy of it is quite ludicrous. I really hope this Prince surprises me, but I hate surprises.
    Someone who didn't surprise me is Echo Wilson. Me and Echo have both main evented shows, both NXT Champions, both Tag Team Champions, Both United States Champions. We have both watched each others careers advance side by side. But after being side by side for so long he had to sit back and watch me come so far ahead while I looked over my shoulder and seen him so far behind. While I am putting on five star matches, main eventing several shows, becoming a two time United States Champion, becoming the Longest reigning United States Champion. Echo Wilson was no where to be scene. We can both say we defeated our own boss, but can Echo Wilson say he beat the former World Heavyweight Champion, A hall of former and a man who was undefeated on EVOLVE since his return. No he can't. But I can. I defeated Smith 1-2-3 for Carnage. While what? Echo Wilson defeated BiC? Please, I've done that four times already. 
    Ross laughs it off before becoming more serious as he realises who he hasn't talked about yet. 
    Now, me and Slim. We have some sorts of history. This man signed when I returned to this company last year. Rejected by Carnage, Slim saw the talent. He gave me a match and I won. I won my return match in the company and I owed it to Slim. Then I got a Global Championship Match at BPZMania II because of Slim, he have me all these opportunity's and then he just shipped me off to Carnage. Like that I was gone. My dreams of eventually becoming Global Champion was out of the window because of Slim. I was furious. I wanted to get revenge for Slim costing me my moment. Then I got a huge paycheck from Slim. Not just a paycheck, A opportunity, a chance but more importantly a planned attack on Bailey. And I took it. For something I wanted to do for so long anyway but to get paid for it aswell was perfect for me. What I'm trying to say is me and Slim have never faced off, we have never been on the opposing side of each other but now it's time to stop that. Now it's time to face the man who I guess you could say resurrected my career.
    At World At War I will once again break Bailey. I will prove that this Prince is still a nobody. I will show I am far ahead of Echo Wilson and I will finally defeat Slim. World at War is my moment. I will take this moment and show everyone who I really am. I don't care if you boo me. I don't care if you cheer me. As-long as you realise that this match is all about me. Hold that thought.
    This is about us. This is about the Revolution of Attitude.
    Ross points up to the top of the ramp as await his tag team partner, Flynn.
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    The Neb reacted to Bashka in Burn..   
    As Carnage Live returns from commercial, the audience turns their eyes to the titantron as Jack Bashka appears, sitting alone in a dark room with only only light directly pointed toward him. He sits there with a smug look on his face as he wears a plain shirt that says “Burn.” with nothing else. He cracks his knuckles before he begins to speak   It’s funny how much damage fire can do to things, isn’t it? It can be so easily created or accessed and yet we constantly hear about the damage that it causes. If you walk around the streets, there are chances you will find lighters and although they seem small, they can do so much harm. If you got not even a lot of fire, and you lit some grass in a forest, it will burn down. You destroy the homes of many animals with something you found on the streets.    I’ve been injured by fires in the past, when I was growing up I made a fire with my friends and it gave my foot serious burns. It hurts, it truly does. Do you know what hurts more than burns? Having to watch from the sidelines as everybody else succeeds, when you know for a FACT that you could easily do what they’re doing but with ease. What takes them effort, I make look easy. It hurts hearing your name being called out but not being able to do anything because you are at home in a cast.    Fire. It does damage. When you throw things in a fire, they won’t come out the same way. Ropati and Yelich, when you get thrown into the fire during World at War, you will not come out the same way. You will have no option but to sit there and BURN.    ...because for too long have I watched on the sidelines and watched my career be forgotten by all the new people who think that they can replace legends, no, ICONS like myself by having one or two decent matches that got a couple of applauses from the fat guys all the way at the back of the show.    Fire creates a path of destruction, it spreads. I will not continue to sit here and be ridiculed because my fire is going to spread and burn anything that gets in my way, starting with Ropati and Yeldick, then Necce or whoever wins that match, and then the man who wanted to start something with me when I could not compete, ROSS.   I constantly got told not to come back during my recovery, but why would I leave when there are so many asses left to kick?   Jack creates fire with a lighter as the screen fades to black.
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    The Neb reacted to Slim in Problem   
    Backstage, Slim sits down in his private locker room, staring at the BPZ World Championship following last week's brutal attack by Flynn, Ross, and Julius on himself and Echo Wilson, before the door opens and suddenly, as Slim stands up and grabs his championship, Echo Wilson steps into view as the two staredown.

    Before Echo Wilson can get anything out, Slim cuts him off and begins speaking, clearly furious about last week's beatdown.
    Slim: Before you even attempt to say anything, let's get one thing clear... Last week, you weren't seconds away from beating me, I don't wanna hear it. Your pathetic little stomp BARELY graced me, barely even hurt and I would have kicked out at one.
    Slim: And the aftermath is even more disgraceful. It took a steel chair to put me back down on the canvas while it only took the NXT Champion's weak finisher to put you back  down, Echo. So go ahead my friend, enlighten me on why you're here and DO NOT, waste my time.
    Echo Wilson: I disagree mate, but I'm not here to dwell on the past and what happened happened. The fact is that Flynn and Ross need to be dealt with, and they attacked BOTH of us, interrupting our match, a match that you could have very well won and beaten me. They are a PROBLEM, a problem that starts off small but becomes bigger naturally.
    Echo Wilson: I will never be like you Slim, and that's what you purposed when you asked me to team with you. But now, I've thought about it and I think we need to team up to make sure Ross & Flynn don't become TOO big of a problem.
    Slim looks at Echo Wilson, pondering this thought of Slim and Echo Wilson teaming up, before he steps away from Echo's face and begins speaking to him, giving his answer.
    Slim: NO! Are you kidding me? I have offered two amazing opportunities to take my side, and you have declined my offer the same amount of times! Now, now, that you need ME, because you've realized no one has your back, you have decided to save face and offer me the opportunity to team as if it's some sort of necessity.
    Slim: Echo Wilson, you will soon realize that with this attitude, you will have no one behind you, and soon enough, not even the people will be behind you. Now get out of my locker room.
    Slim points his hand at the door, signalling for Echo to leave as Echo turns around, walking out after unsuccessfully purposing a team between himself & Slim.
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    The Neb reacted to Necce in "Chances."   
    {We are mere days away from the first BPZ PPV since BPZMania III, TakeOver: World At War. One match that is on everyone’s minds is possibly the most historic match in BPZ history, the Triple Threat Match for the BPZ Universal Championship. At first, it was a standard one on one match between two men that have never face in a singles match in their careers, Brad and the new Universal Champion Necce. But with one tweet from Carnage General Manager Bailey, that match was completely turned on its head as it was announced that BPZ’s newest signee, Sheridan, would be joining the match in her in ring debut, becoming the first woman to compete in BPZ and the first woman to compete for a world title in BPZ. We have heard plenty from Brad, his wife Christ, and Sheridan herself, but one person we have not heard much from is the champion himself, Necce. He talked briefly about Sheridan, but he hasn’t addressed either of his opponents in depth. The screen opens on a shot of the center plate of the Universal Championship. The belt sparkles and shimmers in the glow of the camera light. The camera pans out to reveal the entire championship belt sitting on the floor, being propped up by some kind of plastic stand. The camera doesn’t break away from the belt, but something can be heard coming from a distance. The sound of footsteps and something being dragged across the concrete floor. The sound seems to be getting closer and closer to the camera. Suddenly, somebody walks up to the belt from out of the blackness. All we can see is a pair of legs that stand over the belt. We are able to see the pair of old, beat up Converse that this person. They are black, but the years have taken a toll on the shoes, and now the color is fading on the canvas and the rubber that the shoe has is brown with splotches of a faint white.  The jeans that the person is wearing has the back of the legs covering up both of the heels of the shoes, casing that dragging sound. For a moment, there is no sound, until the flickering of a lighter kills the silence. The camera pans up to show Necce standing there. He has the filter of a cigarette between his teeth and a metal lighter in his hands. He lights the cigarette and closes the lid on the lighter. He sticks the lighter into his jacket pocket and keeps his hand there as he slowly exhales his smoke. The camera pans up, but backs away from the championship, getting both Necce and his title in the frame. He looks down to his belt on the ground, he points at it with his cigarette, and begins to speak.}
    This belt represents many things in this company. For many people, this belt is seen as a symbol of excellence. While the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship represents who will lead the company into the foreseeable future, this belt represents something wholly different. This belt is for the people who fight with everything they have within them. The people who are only judged by the sweat of their brow and the blood in their eyes. This belt is for the people who will give everything to obtain it, and give even more to keep it. I believe that even the men who do not like me, if you asked them, they will tell you that I earned this title. I fought with my blood, my sweat, and my tears to earn this belt. However, I wonder if I can say the same about my opponents.
    {Necce takes a drag of his cigarette. Exhaling through his nose before continuing.}
     I do not underestimate my opponents, do not make that mistake. I am fully aware that when people are most dangerous, is when they are not taken seriously. An animal is deadlier when backed into a corner. As I stated before, this belt is for those who give it all and then some for it, can either person say that they have? Let’s start with Brad. Earlier this year, him and I were the iron men in the first ever Carnage Scramble Match. We fought tooth and nail against each other throughout the entire match, but in the end, it was only a split second that cost him everything. However, the Carnage Scramble Match was not the end of his Universal Championship pursuit, as only a few weeks later, he was gifted a title match against Flynn at the Royal Rumble event. Where he once again lost. After that, Brad lost interest in the title. I’m sure if you ask him now, he’ll tell you that he was always focused on it, but in actuality, he turned his attention towards the Premium Championship. He didn’t care about the title again until he was, once again, gifted a title match, despite losing all of his matches at BPZMania. One thing about Brad that has the BPZ Universe enamored with him is his grand gestures. Every match he is given, he claim that “This time will be the time that I prove everyone wrong.” Every time is always THIS time. He has been given so many opportunities in the past, yet has squandered each and every one of them. In my speech after I won the Universal Championship match, I mentioned those who see me as an easy target now that Flynn isn’t champion anymore. When I said that, I was partially talking about Brad. The man he failed to vanquish so many times in the past has finally been dethroned, now maybe he will actually have a fighting chance in a title match. He thinks it will be easier to defeat a man who has only beaten him once, as opposed to 11 times. He thinks that maybe this will be the time he wins the big one, despite the fact that I did what he failed to do 11 times in under an hour. I respect Brad immensely, and that’s why it hurts to say that, once again, he will fail. Just like many of the empty promises he has made in the past, he has set himself up for failure, he has talked this match up as the biggest of his career and he will see how poorly that decision was when he is once again lying on the mat, defeated at my hands.
    {Necce flicks his cigarette to get the ashes off of it. He takes another drag and quickly exhales before beginning to speak once again.}
    That brings us to the third and most recently added opponent to this match, Sheridan. I talked about you a bit last week, but I don’t feel as if I’ve properly expressed myself. Sheridan, out of everyone I’ve ever faced in this company or any other, you have to be the person that I pity the most. That may seem condescending, but believe me when I say that it comes from a place of pure respect. I pity that you will have no opportunity to show the world that you are worthy to be here before being thrown to the wolves. I pity that your first match in a match on BPZ TV has put you in a sink or swim situation. I pity that the same sink or swim situation is also a lose lose situation. You either win the title in a match you did not earn ahead of many other guys who have worked day in and day out, or you lose, squandering your first opportunity in your first match. As I have thought long and hard about that, I came to a conclusion that all of this circles around. I said earlier that this belt represents many things in this company. What it exactly represents changes depending on who holds it and what match it is in. For all three of us in this match, this belt represents chances..
    {Necce reaches down and grabs the championship. Holding it in his hand as he speaks.}
    For Brad, it is a chance for him to prove that when placed in a match, he can get the job done. This match is a chance to erase the jokes that have surrounded his name for years now. If he can get it done this time, maybe he can prove that he is still a valuable player in this company. This is possibly his final chance to prove that when his back is against the wall, he can show that he is the true Lionheart of BPZ and win the big one. For Sheridan, this is a chance to prove that she belongs here. This is her first chance for her to prove that she can hang with the guys, and for her, it could be her only chance. This is a chance for her to prove those that doubt her because of her gender wrong. And as for myself, this is my chance to prove that I deserve to hold this title. This is my chance to prove that the 4 months I spent chasing this title weren’t just a waste of time. This is also my chance to prove that I deserve to still be here after all these years.
    {Necce pauses for a moment. He takes a final drag of his cigarette and drops it to the ground, exhaling as he steps on it to put it out. He holds the Universal Championship up a bit as he looks down to see his title. He continues talking as he stares at the belt.}
    For us, this is more than a belt. This isn’t just a prize to be won or lost. This is our validation. Validation that we can win the big one. Validation that we aren’t only defined by our gender. And Validation that we do deserve to hold this. This Sunday at World At War, I have no doubt that all three of us will fight with everything we’ve got for this championship, for our validation, and for our chances, that just leaves the real question…
    {Necce looks up at the camera from the belt. His long hair covers most of his face, but you can see the smirk that he has.}
    Who wants it more?
    {Necce takes the Universal Championship, and places it back on its plastic stand. He turns around and walks back into the darkness. The camera zooms in on the center plate of the championship once again as it fades to black. Ending the same way as it started.}
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    The Neb reacted to BrendenPlayz in NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Discussion   
    What a great event. Loved the six man ladder match to open up. Ricochet looked a million bucks, EC3 didn't have the best showing, but it wasn't his style of match in my opinion. Didn't think Cole would win, looks like the Undisputed Era will be the vocal point going forward.
    I thought Gargano/Ciampa was a classic. Brilliant story telling, followed up by excellent wrestling. If I had to make a template on the type of wrestling I like, this would be it. Storytelling is going away in wrestling, it was great to see it on this scale again. 
    Strong show overall, will be once again as always, so difficult for the main roster to top it.
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    The Neb got a reaction from JoshsNow in Transitional Champion: An Interview with John Trenton   
    Good promo Josh, one interesting interview, not dragged and as short as it needed to be to keep us wanting for more, props!
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    The Neb reacted to JoshsNow in Transitional Champion: An Interview with John Trenton   
    Josh is sat at the table, IC Championship placed on the table when John Trenton arrives, he immediately shakes his hand. These 2 have been in a lot of interviews in the past months and have grown close. Josh sits,ready for this interview, patting the Intercontinental Championship

    John: Josh, first of all, congratulations is in order
    Josh looks at his belt, almost mesmerised by it. He looks at it for a while before John clears his throat
    John: Josh?
    Josh: John, as a Gentlemen I like to show respect to everyone I meet, but right now I'm finding it hard. I thought winning this belt would help but now I'm paranoid. You want to know something John
    John: What?
    Josh: This is my 6th career win in BPZ. In 20 months. It ends a 6 month losing streak. You want to know about my 5 other wins. In one of them I got to the quarter finals of the KOTR tournament by beating a local talent. In one other one I beat GRV and Suby. Not truly an accomplishment
    But I've also had 3 title reigns. The first I won thanks to interference from James Ropati. I lost it after 21 days in my 1st defence. The second I won with James Ropati. We didn't even make a defence. The 3rd I won because of Ross. 28 days later it was lost in my 1st defence. You know what I was labelled. A transitional Champion. A short reigning champion who serves to indirectly move the title from one Champion to a third. Aidan to Summer. Slim and Flynn to Rated R Nation. Ropati to Echo. That's what I have been. And it's what could happen again
    John: You mean next week
    Josh: Next week, one week after my birthday I face Flynn. If I lose it'll be the same old thing. Serving to move the belt on. But I refuse to be that. Flynn you better watch out because I'm going to put up one hell of a fight and I will never stop fighting. Many said the greatest win of my career is at BPZ Mania but to me I haven't won yet. If I beat Flynn, no, when I beat Flynn it'll be the greatest win of my career.
    John: Any words to say to the Underboss Julius, your former partner who attacked you on the latest episode of Carnage
    Josh: Julius, Ross, Flynn, you and your Revolution of Attitude, you better watch out because you see I have a partner. Who is it? We'll say it is a surprise. But if you dare interfere at World at War let's just say he'll have no problem equalising the battle. "Ace" see you next Sunday
    Josh grabs his belt, puts his microphone down and walks out, leaving John Trenton shocked at his rant
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    The Neb got a reaction from Ropati4 in A Hermaphrodite, A Bitch And An Author   
    Carnage returns from a commercial break as we are set backstage, outside of what appears to be The Neb’s locker room as evident by the sign with his name hanging on the door. Approaching there is a new face, spotting a polo Tshirt and a pair of funny looking glasses, holding a microphone with the BPZ logo on it.
    ???: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m John Coxx here backstage to conduct my first ever interview in Brendenplayz. What a better way to kick-off my career other than talk to The Neb!?
    As John is done introducing himself he knocks on the door and waits for someone to respond. A few seconds pass and the door opens enough for none other than The Neb to squeeze his head out. He looks John from top to bottom before stepping out of his locker room. The Neb is not scheduled to have any kind of match tonight so he’s dressed up pretty casually spotting a pair of sunglasses, a shinny shirt and a pair of grey trousers.
    The Neb: Who are you and what are you looking for?
    John: Hello Neb, I’m Jo-
    John: Can’t say I didn’t see that coming..
    The Neb: Ok Jo, quit being a smartass, The Neb sees you holding a microphone so ask me some questions or I’ll take it off your hands, go to my locker room, shine it up reaaaally good, turn it sideways and STICK IT UP YOUR CANDY-ASS!
    John: Uhm, it’s John, John Coxx. Anyways, I’m here to ask you about your opinion on the superstars that will fight for the BPZ Universal Championship at Power Trip: World at War.
    The Neb: That’s a good question John, it’s actually so good that The Neb will skip the part where he makes fun of your surname and do it some other time. So, Power Trip, World at War, what a main event Bailey has set for the people.
    On one hand, we have history in the making, for the first time ever, a woman stepping in a BPZ ring, a rookie might I add. Having proven nothing to anyone but Bailey, Sheridan gets thrown into the ocean and she’s not forced to sink or swim, she’s forced to fight for survival or get eaten alive by two sharks, two of the biggest fish in the business. But you see John, The Neb is wondering how did she get such a big shot if she hasn’t proven anything yet? The Neb was scratching his head but moments before you knocked on my door I came up to a shocking conclusion. Given the fact that negotiations for Sheridans contract were done behind closed doors, and if you also consider the FACT that Bailey likes giving it as much as he likes taking it, I have a theory that Sheridan is not really 100% female, but dare I say that she’s a hermaphrodite!
    The crowd reacts with shock to what The Neb just said.
    Nevertheless, The Neb is not judgemental, we live in a society where you can be what you want so I’ll just leave my theory there and move on to Brad.
    So on the other hand we have Brad, what a guy Brad is! He never gives up, I got to give that to him. Despite of all his failures, time and time and time and time again, he goes every once in a while to his half Mexican, half North Korean barber, gets a 3 dollar haircut, goes on to Walmart and buys a new T-shirt with his grandmas 50% off coupons and comes out here giving the same speech “me Brad, me stronger this time, me going to win” aaaand then he loses, but props to him for growing his fanbase to the staggering amount of 3 people in comparison to the 2 he had last time I was here. He even has a girlfriend or a wife now, I don’t know for sure, but it’s a shame he steals all the spotlight from her by being a bigger bitch.
    And last, but certainly not least, we have the champion himself, Necce. Undoubtedly the favorite heading into the match, Necce loves to tell a sob story. The story always revolves around his daddy and how he beat him day after day. Hell, he could right an entire book filled with stories like that and I am damn sure it would be a best seller. That’s why as a gift for you Necce, if you walk out of that match still the champion, The Neb is preparing to lay the smackdown on you with such force but love and care at the same time that it will leave a PTSD deeper than the one you have right now. With that you will be able to tell more sob stories and even write a sequel to the book I just proposed, named “NECCE: THE STORY OF HOW MY ROODY POO CANDYASS GOT BEAT WORSE THAN MY DADDY AT THE HANDS OF NEBBY”!
    John: Wow! Than-
    The Neb: Shhhh John, know your role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH when the people are chanting The Neb’s name..
    The Neb turns his head sideways as a sign of wanting to hear clearer as the focus turns towards the live audience screaming louder with each second passing “Nebby! Nebby! Nebby!". The camera starts to slowly fade.

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