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  1. Sub-Zero. Gotta stick with the classics and I always played as him in the early days. Still do on the new one
  2. Played 20 minutes of it and that was it. I don't like battle royale, especially with a terrible community. All you get matched with is screaming little twits!
  3. I liked Diaz from Vice City. I think he played a good bad guy and was annoying as well. Plus he was a famous voice behind the character well which was cool, even better when I stole his house.
  4. detroit really good this month, about time sony gave us a good game. finished the campaign today.
  5. sonic is cool, i like the classic games sometimes. i dont like borderlands that much so I might not play that.
  6. god of war expansion DLC please
  7. ps2 is my favourite, god of war and metal gear solid were nice on it
  8. rainbow six siege was fun i liked playin with my friends on it

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