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  1. Haha
    Kratos reacted to ArrowGargano in Cowboys suck   
    Man look at these trashboys fans the Seahawks are better than your cowboys that’s why Zeke isn’t playing because he doesn’t have a new contract yet so uhh you’re screwed because the cowboys suck and when was the last time that the cowboys won the super bowl back in 1996 and then what happened they chocked to the rams they aren’t Americans team there the cowgirls hey here’s a joke for y’all cowboys fans the cowboys winning the super bowl because that isn’t happening (the fans are booing Arrowgargano out of the arena) also I have a picture of the cowboys show it on the tron please the fans look at the cowboys picture and start booing Arrow out of the arena hey fans you guys shouldn’t be cowboys fans anymore because they aren’t winning the super bowl again for a while because there Trash zeke has to carry I’m sure that zekes back is hurting from carrying y’all to the playoffs and so is coopers back your gonna either keep cooper or zeke your not keeping both because that would go over the cap space and that’s illegal because you won’t be able to sign anyone else because with the amount of money that they both want so my real cowboys joke is Dak Prescott he’s already throwing pics at the cowboys training camp so umm yeh (the cowboys fans didn’t like that joke at all and continue booing Arrow out of the arena) man y’all getting triggered makes me laugh because you know it’s true so I have something for y’all dirty cowboys fans (the fans see the Seahawks helmet and continues to boo arrow out of the arena) Well I guess I’m not welcomed here after the jokes and what I just put on the tron.


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    Kratos reacted to Sheridan in 𝑀𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑓𝑢𝑙.   

    The scene opens at a BrendenPlayz live event, being set in Savannah, Georgia.


    With BPZ Emergence just days from now, it isn't surprising that the promotion is holding events close to Tampa Bay, Florida. Currently the show is between matches when vaguely familiar theme music begins to ring out through the arena. Those in attendance have a mixed reaction towards Sheridan as she appears, usually a villainous character when paired with Jonathan, though she was seen in a more positive light as of late when she competed for the Undisputed Championship, against Flynn.

    "The Golden Girl" poses on the entrance ramp for a brief amount of time, before she struts down towards the ring, stopping to take one of two selfies with those fortunate enough to be seated on the front row. She strides up the steel steps and enters the ring between the middle rope. Dressed in her typical wrestling attire, the blonde woman gestures for ringside staff to hand her a microphone, she begins to speak.

    "Usually I tend not to grace these events with my presence, though with Emergence just days away I had some things to get off of my chest. I've been hearing a lot of talk about how people feel underappreciated, to the point that they're holding protests as if waving a sign is going to make them climb up the rungs of a ladder and grip a briefcase between their fingers, it's laughable. People have been speaking as if this match is all about them and their time to shine, and I just think how selfish they are. All they do is whine and sit in a puddle of self-pity, this is something that does not represent what the North American Championship is all about, a championship that defines a hard working continent."

    "Before I properly address my opposition, the five individuals that will begin that match inside the ring along myself, I want to speak about that damn party bus. I went to Florida and blocked off those roads in good faith, apparently doing such necessary work is rewarded with a fine for "public disturbance." It makes me sick, but it does not matter. I do not need a blockade and scouting to stop Hans. I am mindful of the fact that he is the favourite, that him alongside people like Yelich and Joh might have the experience on me. But the truth is that experience doesn't win you matches, talent does. Having a blueprint and applying it with efficiency does. Yelich stresses that he needs to win this match for he has been here three years, it is his apparent right, and yet I cannot recall a time where I have seen him do anything other than mope around, blaming the rest of the world and his opposition for his clear lack of talent."

    "I am more talented and a better representative to compete for the North American Championship than the other individuals in this match. Yes, I realise I am saying that despite the fact I am coming off a loss, two losses in fact. But what people fail to realise is that I am facing people I have no right to be and competing. Giving a guy like Flynn one of the best matches he has had in a long time, taking BrendenPlayz and the current World Heavyweight Championship holder, Sameer, to a rematch alongside Jonathan. I am facing the top people in this business and coming out barely on the losing side. This is the first time in an inconceivably long time that I am not heading into a bout as a clear underdog, and I plan on taking full advantage of that label."

    Pausing for a moment, Sheridan soaks in the enthusiasm from the crowd. She paces around the ring while holding the microphone at her side. Her free hand grips the top rope and she turns to face a particular section of the crowd. Within the second the microphone is drawn up to her glossy lips and she continues her speech.

    "For eighteen months I have been an employee of this promotion and I have absolutely nothing to show for it, the time has come for that to change. I realise I could have competed for the NXT Championship, potentially becoming a champion, if I really applied myself perhaps I still wouldn't be in the division. It is time that I illustrate to the world why I competed against legends for a top championship in my first match, why people continue to laud me with praise despite having a horrific win to loss record. I have been training underneath Jonathan and have made strides physically and mentally. It is time for me to demonstrate why yours truly is the future holder of the North American Championship and a future star of the wrestling industry."

    "While I find the likes of Joh and Yelich to be whiny and untalented, the only fair point they raise is that Arius isn't a good representative of the belt he holds, defending it once since winning it four months ago, it is laughable. While I am not an American I have lived here for some time and understand the history of this country and the continent it is a part of and the backbone, the foundation of North America was built through integrity and hard work. I ask myself how Arius can be defining such when he is such a silhouette and vacant space in this promotion. I am going to win To The Top at Emergence because I am the best competitor in that match and when I do I will be one cash-in away from triggering a golden age, the golden age, of this company."

    "I am an angel of death and I have been sent from above to dominate this match and that is what I intend to do. I am no weasel in spite of my height disadvantage. I will not shy away from conflict and I intend to fight fiercely so that doubters of my potential cannot say that my inevitable victory was a fluke, a stab in the dark. I am superior to Buddy Ace and Mikey, Joh and Yelich are beneath me and Hans is a favourite destined to have his wings clipped and meet his angelic demise. When the match is over and I have vanquished my opposition, and that briefcase sits tightly within my dainty little hands do not be surprised, do not react with shock. This is the match, THE match, where my shimmer sparkles brightest and the beginning of a new age is provoked."

    Sheridan finishes her speech with a smirk illustrating her expression. Without giving it much thought, she throws the microphone carelessly behind her, sauntering towards the ropes and promptly stepping out, walking up the ramp with a confident swagger as the audience reacts to her words in an energetic manner.
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    Kratos reacted to BrendenPlayz in BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest Season 5 Discussion   
    SEASON 5
    It's back! The BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest returns with a number of fresh faces participating for their first time and veterans returning for another round! This season, teams will be drafted and put to the test against one another as we look to find out who are the best trophy hunters on the forums!
    This season will be similar in terms of scoring as Season 4 with a focus on "quality" over quantity with our players having a chance to earn more points from harder games to combat the use of "easy platinum" games. We're set for another exciting season of action, so let's run through what you need to know about the contest.
    The contest begins on June 29th. Three players per team. Players will be drafted to teams based on their trophy ranking and ability. Each team will compete in five head to head matches, playing each team once. Each round will play for one week at a time. Each round will be begin on Saturday 10AM EST and end Saturday 9:59AM EST the following week.  The top two teams will compete in the grand final, with the winning team being crowned the winners. To win a match up, teams must outscore their opponents score. All three players in the team will have their scores combined and the team with the highest accumulated score for that round will win the match up. ALL Playstation systems are accepted. (PS3, PS4, PS Vita). Teams who win their match will receive 3 leaderboard points for a victory, teams who lose their match but all three of their players scored at least 1 trophy will earn 1 point. Teams who lost and not all of their players scored any points will score 0. If a draw occurs, the team with the highest individual score will win that round.  Players MUST sync their trophies before the Tournament begins and before the conclusion of each round. Trophies that aren't synced will NOT included into your score. Any illegal methods of scoring trophies will NOT be counted and you will be disqualified for the round and potentially the tournament.  If you cannot compete for an entire round you are eligible to receive your "average" score or a base score if an average has not been made. You MUST notify BrendenPlayz if you cannot play for the round. If you don't notify BrendenPlayz you will score zero. Each player has been allocated a handicap. This handicap will be used to provide lower ranked players a boost to their scores to assist them in competing. This is also designed to help players who have insufficient games to play. Handicaps are calculated based off your total trophies, PSN level and your game count.  You must score at least one trophy to receive your handicap. Trophy Rarity percentages are based on http://www.psnprofiles.com THE SCORING
     Bronze Trophies are 5PTS. Bonus points of 1 point for "Uncommon" trophies, 3 points for "Rare" trophies, 4 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 5 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus.  Silver Trophies are 15PTS. Bonus points of 2 points for "Uncommon" trophies, 4 points for "Rare" trophies, 10 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 15 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus.  Gold Trophies are 50 PTS. Bonus points of 10 points for "Uncommon" trophies, 15 points for "Rare" trophies, 20 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 25 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus.  Platinum Trophies are 125 PTS. Bonus points of 25 points for "Uncommon" trophies, 30 points for "Rare" trophies, 40 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 50 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus. Trophy Rarity may change overtime. Trophy rarity points are taken at the time of scoring and will be checked before the close of the round. Trophy rarity bonus points will NOT be checked after the round is completed. If a rarity has changed after the round it will not affect your overall score. If all players on a team score atleast one trophy, they will earn 100 points for their team score. The player who scores the "platinum of the round" will score a bonus 250 points for their team score. The player who top scored for the round will score a bonus 250 points for their team score. THE TEAMS
    The Royals:
    Brenden3 (BrendenPlayz) UntouchableT0mal (Prince) GeorgeAK199 (GeorgeAK) Two and Half Men:
    Sameer306 (Sameer) Meko750 (Meko750) KaizinoYT (James Hunter) Team Three:
    StupidRef03 (Emperor Nate) Bboy_Aatu (Aaron North) JulesBraaa (Julius) Platinum Maxixmums:
    Racoonman457 (John Moyniham) JZTG777 (JTZG777) TheSavageBrad (Brad) BBB:
    Bailey14Justin (Bailey14) P1ckleCh1ps (BiC) TheBestBeast84 (TheBeastlyKing) Golden Victory:
    Toxik431 (Toxik431) MeckoLegend (MeckoLegend) Just_Caoimhin (Marker) TIPS & ADVICE
    Trophy Guides are your 'bible'. Use trophy guides to help assist you in completing a game. Visit PSNProfiles or PSTrophies for guides. Before you start a game, take a look at the trophy guides overview, analyse the trophies of a game so you have a quick understand of what trophies you need to look out for. Always check which difficult the game requires you to play before starting! If you're not enjoying a game or finding trophies too difficult to come by, change games! Platinums are important, but if you feel as though the platinum is too far beyond your reach don't be afraid to switch it up and move to the next one.  If you don't have many games to play or are looking for some new games to play check out the Playstation Plus free monthly games, you will always get 2 potential new games to add to your list. Here are a list of FREE GAMES you can get with trophies: Fallout Shelter. Realm Royale, Paladins, AdVenture Capitalist, Life of Strange Episode 1, Minecraft Story Episode 1, A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV, Game of Thrones Episode 1, King's Quest - Chapter 1, NBA 2k19: Prelude, Resident Evil Revelations Episode 1, Marvel Heroes Omega, Hitman PS4 Prologue and Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1. If you're looking for a list of easier games to platinum, that includes how long it will take, check out this list. Play with friends! If you're playing with friends and trophy hunting together you will enjoy the experience more and if they're on your trophy team, even better!  Work together as a team. Help advise each other on what games you should be playing and help them earn a trophy if you can! Remember, the better your team mates score, the better chances YOU have of winning! THE PRIZES
    The prizes are been created as extra incentive for players to play and win the tournament, but also as a reward for your hard work. The format for the prizes has been created to encourage players to continue playing throughout every round of the tournament, regardless if your team is not performing well.
    The winning team will have all four of their players entered into a "Free For All", however they will also be joined by the top 4 players that are NOT from the winning team. This means there will be eight players who will battle it out in the final round to determine the final overall winner. 
    The prizes for winning are: 1st Place: $20 PSN Card. 2nd Place: $10 PSN Card. The winning team will also receive a "forum award" for their profile and the bragging rights of being the best trophy hunters on BrendenPlayz!
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    Kratos got a reaction from TastefulChain4 in Highly Overrated Games   
    final fantasy
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    Kratos reacted to Bart in BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion   
    Summerslam looking good. Balor vs Styles II and now a 6 man Hell in a Cell match. I expect that match to also have a new champion crowned and the Joe to cash his contract in on that new champion. 
    Also interesting to see Ambrose moving to Raw again. 
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    Kratos got a reaction from Sameer in Post Your Latest Trophy/Achievement   
    I'm Going All-in! 
    In the Nightclub job, put a bag filled with money on the poker table.
    Easy trophy to get, just stormed into the nightclub shot down a few guys and took the cash. Ding!
  7. Downvote
    Kratos got a reaction from Brad in Post Your Latest Trophy/Achievement   
    I'm Going All-in! 
    In the Nightclub job, put a bag filled with money on the poker table.
    Easy trophy to get, just stormed into the nightclub shot down a few guys and took the cash. Ding!

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