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  1. {We open on a bright and cheerful scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute.} {The camera focuses on the big red door of the Corner. Plain white text appears in the middle of the screen.} “Necce Has A Surprise.” {The camera zooms out to show the signature setting of the Corner. Necce walks in through the door and is all smiles as usual. His maroon sweater and navy blue slacks pop off of the screen. He stands in front of the big red door and clasps his hands, barely able to contain his excitement.} Hello friends, and welcome back to the most magnificent show in the whole wide world, Antichrist Corner! Where with each installment, we move one step closer on our journey to find the YOU….in you. We have a real humdinger of a show today. Excuse my language, but I am just so gosh darn excited. Why? Well, we’ll get to that later. As right now, we have to talk about a dear friend of the show. You all know him and love him, he is the reigning BPZ Undisputed Champion, Flynn! {A clip of booing begins to play before being abruptly cut off.} Now, now, that’s not how we treat friends is it? Especially since I owe our dear Flynn an apology. You see friends, last week, I did a bad thing. A really, really, bad thing. I let slip a surprise I hoped to save until today, but I let my emotions get the better of me. I hope we can all learn something from this, especially Flynn, who learned that you can’t say those mean things about people. You see, Flynn and I have a very long, storied history. Going back many years now. The Flynn that rules over BPZ today isn’t always the Flynn that I knew, however. He became something mean and cruel. He became a bully. A man who picked on the runts of the litter. He would occasionally get his comeuppance when he would always fail against an actual formidable foe, but he would rarely go after them. He mostly picked on the ones who couldn’t defend themselves, the new kids. That’s who he mostly defended his various championships against. People who had no way of beating him, because then he would actually seem dominant. But that’s not all friends, because Flynn has been on a very brand new trend recently. He’s been all about “free” opportunities as of late. He has shown a great distaste towards people getting title matches, or matches in general, that they don’t deserve. But the silliest thing about that is, has Flynn ever earned any of his title matches? How many of the many, many championships that Flynn has won could be considered “deserved?” How many times has Flynn been placed into championship matches for seemingly no reason? It may just be me, but I think Flynn is all in a tiffy because it’s his championship, but hey, what do I know? I’m just the man who’s beaten Flynn every time it mattered the most. Uh oh children, is that what I think it is? IT IS, it’s our word of the day! {A clip of children cheering plays before being abruptly cut off. Necce rolls out a big chalkboard and pulls a metal pointer out of his back pocket.} Today’s word of the day is: Hypocrisy {Necce flips the chalkboard over to show the definition.} “Flynn” {A clip of slightly distorted laughter plays as Necce looks towards the camera.} Now who was the silly billy that wrote this on the board? Oh you rapscallions. Always playing a goof on me with your no-goodery. While this may be correct, the ACTUAL definition of hypocrisy is… {Necce flips the board over again to show the proper definition.} “Behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel.” So in other words, when Flynn portrays himself as someone who only defends against people who fought hard and earned their way in this company, yet he has done absolutely nothing to warrant his level of success here. Another example is when he berates people for not having the amount of big matches as him or on his level in the company, when he has lost to everyone he’s ever faced in a big match and is only ever the face of the company when they need to transition between champion to champion. You know Flynn, for a long time, I thought that I hated you. But I have learned that hate is a very, very mean word. You see, love and hate, are two of the strongest words in the English language. Both represent opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, showcasing the most extreme of emotions that we are capable of understanding. But while I wouldn’t say that I love you, I most certainly wouldn’t say that I hate you. What I feel for you is somewhere right dead smack in the middle of the spectrum. It’s called “blissful indifference.” After years and years of, quite frankly, unfair and unfit comparisons, I have learned one simple fact. {Necce flips the chalk over again.} “You ≠ Me” {Necce places the tip of the pointer over every word as he reads them aloud.} You. Does not equal. Me. That’s as simple as it gets Flynn. You are not me, and I am not you. We are two completely different people. Controllers of our own destinies, and feelers of feelings too complex for the other to understand. But with that simple truth, comes another, even more bitter truth. {Necce flips the chalk board over once more.} “You < Me” {He does the same as before. Placing the pointer on each word as he reads them.} You. Are less than. Me. There is no way around it Flynn. There are no asterisks you can place. No excuse to make. No amount of insults to make it any less true. I am better than you. In every possible conceivable way. And if you don’t believe me, well let’s just look at the statistics. {Necce places the pointer on the board once again. This time, something new is on the same board as before without Necce flipping it over.} “2-1” And as we are all very well aware, 2 is much greater than 1. But that’s not all. In those 3 matches, how many times have I ended your career? {Necce circles the tip of the pointer around the 1.} That’s right, 1. I’ve already had you at your weakest, what makes you think I won’t do it again, friend? {Necce looks deep into the camera with a wide, sinister smile across his face.} HOT DOG friends, I’ve been so busy speaking to my old pal, I’ve almost forgotten about our most favorite of friends. Our cohost of the show, the world’s most cuddliest man, JERVIS COTTONBELLY! {The camera cuts over to a corner of the room that is covered with a large curtain. Suddenly, the curtain jerks up to find Jervis Cottonbelly kneeling down with his hands behind his back. But he’s not alone this time. With him is a large tank of water and 2 men, dressed all in black, standing behind him. When the curtain rises, they are holding Jervis’ head under the water, but quickly pull him out.} Hello Jervis, going for a quick swim huh? {Jervis begins to speak, but this time, his real voice plays.} “Please...please let me go. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll give you money, I won’t tell anyone about this. I just want some food, or to walk around. Please I’ll do anythi-“ {Jervis’ head is quickly forced back into the water. The camera cuts back to Necce.} Are you ok Jervis, you don’t sound too well? {The camera cuts back over to Jervis, whose head has been pulled out of the water. This time, the computer voice from last time plays.} “I’m sorry Necce, all this water has been making me feel under the weather. But I can’t help myself, there's no more perfect place to swim than the Corner. The warmth of the sun and friendliness of the flowers makes this a splendid place for a dip hot dog.” {The camera cuts back to Necce.} Well Jervis, I won’t hold you up much longer. Have fun, and remember, always keep your head above water. {Necce begins to laugh as Jervis is once again forced underwater as the curtain is drawn over them. The camera cuts back to Necce, who is finishing up his laughter. He ends it with a clap, and holds his hands together.} Well friends, it’s time to explain why we are here today. Why are we talking about our most cherished friend Flynn? Well that’s because, while initially declining my challenge to him, with a little convincing, he has challenged me to meet him face to face at the upcoming Bad Blood event. Isn’t that just so wonderful? And I just wanted to publicly say that, I accept your challenge Flynn, I will meet you at Bad Blood! {A clip of children cheering plays before being abruptly cut off.} But that’s not all I wanted to address. Before he declined my challenge, Flynn said something that I just didn’t agree with. He said that I threatened him. He said that I used my new lease on life to issue out a threat towards him and his safety. Well Flynn, I just wanted to say that I didn’t threaten you friend… {Necce’s demeanor begins to slowly shift. His attitude becomes more sinister.} ...but I could. I very easily could. You wanna see how? {Necce pauses for a second, drawing out the suspension.} Do you remember my little surprise from the last time we were here? Well, I think I should show you what it does now. {Necce pulls out the white mask from behind his back. He slowly puts the mask on, and once it’s on, the sound of static begins to play at a blistering tone. The camera jumps between cuts of the mask at different angles, and his eyes behind the mask are jet black. Above the static, sounds of heavy breathing are heard, as well as someone softly singing.} Lock all the doors Kill the lights No ones coming home tonight {As this goes on, the heavy breathing slowly turns into grunting.} The sun beats down And don’t you know All our lives are growing cold {The grunting starts to turn into small screams.} They bring news that must get through To build a dream For me and you {Finally, one long, guttural scream is let out, coinciding with the screaming of the person singing.} LOCKED IN A PLACE WHERE NO ONE GOES {The end of the screaming comes when Necce takes off the mask. His demeanor is now more frantic and wild. His adrenaline is running at 1000.} WOOOOOOOO. THAT WAS CRAZY WASN’T IT FRIENDS? THAT WAS JUST SO MUCH FUN. AREN’T SURPRISES JUST SO THRILLING? IT REALLY MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD WHEN YOU GET SURPRISES LIKE THAT ONE. WELL MY FRIENDS, I’VE GOT TO RUN NOW. BUT REMEMBER, JUST WHEN YOU THINK IM GONE FOREVER, I'LL ALWAYS BE BACK. BYE NOW!! {Necce quickly rushes out of the door. Leaving a few seconds of just the door in the camera frame. The Antichrist Corner logo appears once again, as the camera slowly fades to black.}
  2. I just attempted murder FOR FREE. You know what I’d do if there was a belt on the line?
  3. I’ll give it to you, Texas was on par with LSU the whole game. We were just slightly better. Great game though.
  4. Necce


    {We open on a bright and cheerful scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute.} {For the first time in over 4 months, we are back in the Antichrist Corner! The sun and flowers are still smiling as always, and the room is still as brutally colorful as ever. The big red door of the Corner opens, bringing the arrival of the host of Antichrist Corner, Necce! He wears a bright blue sweater and khaki slacks, both without a crease or wrinkle on them. His pristine penny loafers reflect the brightness that shines in full force of Necce’s smile. He stands at full attention in front of the door.} Hello again friends, it’s been a long time hasn’t it? Far too long in fact, but that’s ok! As my darling father would always say, “a meeting between old friends is made even sweeter with time.” So with that being said, welcome back to the Antichrist Corner, where with each installment, we move one step closer on our journey to find the YOU ...in you. HOT DOG it’s so good to see you again! It’s been so lonely here since you left. But, throughout it all, the beautiful sun and the pulchritudinous flowers have kept me company and kept my spirits as high as ever. {Necce pauses for a few seconds, staring into the camera with a slightly ajared mouth. The silence of the scene is uncomfortable and off-putting.} Hold on friends, is that what I think it is? THAT’S RIGHT, it’s time for the word of the day! {A clip of children cheering plays before being abruptly cut off. Necce rolls out a large chalkboard and pulls out a long metal pointer.} Today’s word of the day is: Pulchritudinous {The word of the day is shown drawn in chalk block letters, with each letter being each color of the alphabet. Necce flips the chalkboard over to show it’s definition.} Now this word means; “physical comeliness.” Now this one might take a bit of explaining. {Necce flips the board over again to show a new word, written in the same style as the other one.} Comely/Comeliness Now comely means; “having a pleasing appearance.” Now when we make an inference, or an educated guess, we can assume that pulchritudinous means “physically appealing.” Wasn’t that fun friends? It’s always so fun to leave the Corner with more knowledge than when we entered. Speaking of never leaving, I believe it’s time for us to hear for our super duper special co-host. Everyone put your sweet hands together for our best friend, Jervis Cottonbelly! {The camera cuts over to a corner of the room that is covered with a large curtain. Suddenly, the curtain jerks up to find Jervis Cottonbelly kneeling down with his hands tied behind his back with a black bag over his head. His head slumps forward towards the ground, almost lifeless. A pair of gloved hands comes from behind the camera and rips the bag from his head.} Hello Jervis, how have you been since the last time we chatted? {Jervis never moves, but an automated, robotic voice begins to play over the shot.} “Hello Necce. I am so happy to be here. It has been a very long time since you’ve been here.” {The camera cuts back to Necce.} Haha, it’s certainly has hasn’t it? {The camera cuts back to Jervis.} “But I want everyone to know that during our hiatus, the Corner has remained as beautiful and cheery as the last time we were here, and will be the same tomorrow and the next day. I never want to leave.” {The camera cuts back to Necce.} Well that’s wonderful Jervis, we don’t want you to leave either. Is there anything else you’d like to- {Necce is interrupted by the voice, as it gets caught on a loop.} “Please don’t make me leave. PLease don’t make mE leave. Please don’T make me leave. Please don’t Make me leave. PlEase don’t make me Leave. PlEase don’t mAke me leave. Please don’t make me leaVE. {The camera cuts back to Necce.} Uh oh, everyone, it seems as if we have ourselves a little technical oopsies. We’ll have to check back in with Jervis when he’s feeling better, everyone say goodbye to Jervis! {Necce begins to wave goodbye to Jervis as the black back is put back on his head and the curtain is once again drawn over him. The camera cuts back to Necce, as he’s standing next to a wooden stool that has inexplicably appeared next to him. He places one of his legs in the bars and folds his arms against his legs. He begins to talk straight to the camera.} Now friends, as delighted as I’m sure you are, you must be wondering to yourself. “Necce, why have we returned here to the Corner?” And that is because, I have 2 super duper special surprises for you all, and I wanted to show them all to you in the happiest place there is. My first surprise is a big one, and that is that I have decided to challenge the dastardly “New” Flynn for the Undisputed Championship! {The clip of canned applause plays again, before being cut off abruptly. The robotic voice once again begins to speak.} “But Necce.” {The camera cuts over to the curtain.} “You are against violence, how could you possibly hope to contend against such a mean man like Flynn for his most coveted of prizes?” {The camera cuts back over to Necce.} Well Jervis, that leads us to our second super duper special surprise! {A gloved hand throws something from behind the camera to Necce. Necce catches is with his index and middle fingers and holds it up to the camera. It’s his signature white mask. Suddenly, the atmosphere of the Corner is completely changed. The cheer is gone, replaced with only stillness and a hint of sorrow. Necce speaks to the camera again.} Would you like to see what it does? {The camera starts to slowly zoom in on Necce’s face. His expression of happiness and camp is now beginning to drop into a more worried and sinister look.} You sure? {The camera continues to slowly creep in on Necce, as he cradles the white mask like it were a child. Suddenly, the camera snaps back into its original position, the atmosphere of The Corner is restored, and Necce looks as happy as he was when he entered the Corner.} Well friends, that’ll have to wait until next time. As it appears that we’ve run out of time here in The Antichrist Corner! But please, don’t fret, as we have so many more fun times ahead of us! Oh how I look forward to the next time we get to be together. And remember, no matter how many times you think I’m gone forever, I’ll always be back. Bye bye now! {Necce begins to jovially wave to the camera as it zooms out, still holding the white mask. The Antichrist Corner logo appears once again, as the camera slowly fades to black.}
  5. Necce


    {As Flynn stands in the ring, he awaits the response from Echo Wilson. But suddenly, the lights go out. Static begins to play on the titantron. The shot cuts back to Flynn’s face, he’s confused. The shot cuts back to the empty static playing on the titantron. The sounds of white noise echo throughout the arena, along with a chorus being chanted in reverse. Suddenly, black text appears in the middle of the static.} Today’s Word Of The Day: Survival {Everything stops as the arena is once again cloaked in darkness. A spotlight shines right in the middle of the ring, showing Necce in his signature white mask standing behind Flynn. The crowd erupts as Flynn turns around to see who’s behind him, but as he does, Necce plants him with a Begotten. The same move that put Flynn away the last time they faced. Necce kneels over Flynn’s body as he writhes in pain on the mat. He puts his arms out in his signature crucifixion pose, as the camera suddenly cuts to black.}
  6. Necce


    Name: Necce Weight: 6’4 Height: 225 Nickname: The Antichrist  Signatures: Delirium Trigger (Electric Chair German Suplex), Sling Blade, Necce Effect (Even Flow DDT) Finishers: Death From Above (Springboard DDT), Begotten (Swinging Reverse STO into a DDT) Antichrist Revolution (Lifting Single Underhook DDT) Hometown: Lawtell, Louisiana  Attire: Jeans, Converse, Punk Rock T-Shirt
  7. Necce

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Also happy birthday George I guess
  8. KOTR 2018 was pretty sick. It saw Julius win the World Heavyweight Championship against ol Jon Jon, and because I stroke my ego more that a teenager strokes his erect penis, Flynn and I in the main event with the Universal title belt on the line.
  9. WWF Raw Is War: Episode 2 AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas Attendance: 18,581 We are on the fast track to the Money In The Bank PPV, and we are on the fast track to crowning a new WWF Champion. Welcome back to Raw Is War, and this episode is, as we say in the business, a doozy. We will finish Round One of the WWF Championship Tournament, in our main event, we will see 2 of the biggest stars in WWF history do battle, as ‘The Phenom’ takes on ‘The Great One’ to see who will face Triple H next week. Meanwhile, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels will face off against The Undertaker’s protege The Big Show to determine ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s opponent. It has also been announced that 2 Fatal four way matches will take place on Raw, one this week and one next week, where the winners of those matches will take place in a match at Money In The Bank to determine a new WWF Intercontinental Champion. The Big Show vs Shawn Michaels The first match of the night will decide the main event of next week’s show. The match started off with the Big Show dominating Shawn, eager to impress and earn the approval of his manager and teacher The Undertaker. The veteran Michaels take on a rare underdog role in this match, as he tries to add some balance to the match. Shawn slowly but surely is able to cut the big man down, targeting the knees and legs of the giant to try to eliminate his strength. Shawn hits his signature Superkick, but all this does is stun The Big Show. But after one more kick, the big man falls, sending Shawn to the semifinals to meet Stone Cold next week. Billy Gunn vs X-Pac- Money In The Bank Qualifying Match With so many big matches on one show, there isn’t a moment to waste, as DX stablemates face each other to see who will fill the fourth and final spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match. A quick paced and competitive match, both men show a drive that proves how much this opportunity means to members of both rosters. There is not a wasted moment in this match, as both competitors constantly test their partners limits to see who will break first. Unfortunately, the one to break first is the former 1-2-3 Kid, as he succumbs to a famasser from the Bad Ass. In a sign of respect, Gunn picks his stablemate off of the mat, and the two shake hands and hug, showing that this match has not affected their friendship in any way. Backstage Segment We cut backstage, where we see The Undertaker chastising his student for his failure against an “easy opponent.’ Big Show continuously apologizes for his shortcomings, but The Undertaker doesn’t let up. Big Show retaliates, saying “well, if he’s so easy, then how come you’ve never beaten him?” To which Taker responds with a precise and lightning quick slap across the giants face, which mutes him instantly. Taker points his finger right in Show’s face and says “I’ll be damned if under my tutelage, you end up a big damn joke.” Big Show agrees, and Undertaker turns away from his student, leaving to prepare for his main event match later tonight. Legion Of Doom vs The Acolytes It was announced that at Money In The Bank, there will be a 6 team gauntlet match for the WWF World Tag Team Championships. So this match has been given the stipulation that the winning team will receive the Number 6 spot, whereas the losing team will receive the Number 1 spot. Two of the most successful and popular tag teams face off in a short, but hard hitting match. Bradshaw is always pounding more ass this week than before as he wants to make up for his loss against Raven last week. He does get his win back as the match ends with a Clothesline from Hell to Hawk, earning the acolytes the coveted Number 6 spot. While this may be a loss on their record, with LODs smash mouth style, it isn’t going to be an easy match for whoever their opponents are at Money In The Bank. Chris Jericho vs Big Boss Man vs Rob Van Dam vs Road Dogg The first of the two Fatal Four Way matches, Road Dogg and Big Boss Man start to attack the other two men in the match, badly wanting to bring the Intercontinental Championship to their respective stables. Dogg and Van Dam start to fight outside, but RVD takes advantage of the No DQ stipulation with a steel chair, showing his old ECW roots. Boss Man and Jericho are fighting in the ring, and Jericho uses his speed and agility to outmaneuver the boss man. The finish of the match comes when RVD enters the ring with this chair, and goes to hit a Vanterminator on Jericho, but Jericho uses the chair to bash Van Dam. One Lionsault later, and Jericho is on his way to face the winner of next week's Fatal Four Way at Money In The Bank. Backstage Segment Triple H is backstage cutting a promo about the remaining 4 men in the tournament. He says it doesn’t matter who wins tonight between The Undertaker and The Rock, or next week between Stone Cold and Michaels, because the bottom line is that it will be The Game standing tall as WWF Champion at Money In The Bank, because he’s that damn-. Before he can finish, Stone Cold Steve Austin interrupts him, telling him that he agrees with The Game on this, it doesn’t matter who wins tonight or next week. Because when it’s all said and done, Stone Cold has a stunner waiting for every sumbitch who thinks they’re gonna steal his WWF Championship. And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so! The Undertaker vs The Rock The hotly anticipated main event is here. A very even opening as both men jock for position, trying to catch their opponent in a weak moment to bring themselves closer to the title. The Rock is the first one to blink, as The Undertaker gains control of the match after Rocky lets his cockyness get in the way. Taker uses the killer instinct that he spoke of last week, beating the great one down with vicious rights and lefts, giving The Rock absolutely no room to breathe or defend himself. But much like the man The Great One named himself after, he allows Taker to tire himself out with his punches, giving him a small window to make his comeback, raining down shots of his own to The Deadman. Taker tries to regain control, but there’s no stopping The Rock’s momentum. Taker throws everything in his arsenal at The Rock, but he finds a way to reverse him every single time. Taker goes for his most revered move, the Tombstone, but Rocky is able to slip out behind The Undertaker, pushing him into the ropes. As Taker bounces back, The Rock catches him with a Rock Bottom, winning the match and sending him to the Semifinals against Triple H next week. -Fan Questions- It was announced that the participants of the second Fatal Four Way next week will be Eddie Guerrero, Vader, Booker T, and X-Pac. Who do you think will win that match and advance to face Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship at Money In The Bank? The Semifinals of the WWF Championship Tournament will be held next week, with 2 blockbuster matches bookending the show. ‘The Game’ Triple H vs ‘The Great One’ The Rock, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels. Who do you think will win both matches and face off at Money In The Bank for the WWF Championship?
  10. WWF Raw Is War: Episode 1 Verizon Arena, North Little Rock, Arkansas Attendance: 19,000 Welcome everyone to the first episode of WWF Raw Is War! We are on the fast track to the Money In The Bank PPV, and we have absolutely no time to waste! Tonight, we will start the WWF Championship Tournament, where the top 8 wrestlers in the WWF will do battle to find out who is the very best among them. (Credit to @Arius, he”s a god) Tonight in our main event, we will see Stone Cold take on Mankind. We will also see Triple H take on Kane. But before all of that, we start off our show with a tag team match, the winners of which will be the first two entrances into the Money In The Bank ladder match. The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian A fast paced match from the beginning. Edge and Christian take control of the match very early on, beating down on Jeff. They keep him away from his older brother for most of the match, making quick tags and mixing power moves with tandem offense, rendering Jeff helpless for most of the match. The turning point of the match comes when Edge goes for a spear, but Jeff reverses it into a Twist of Fate, leaving both men down. Jeff is able to crawl over to Matt and make the tag. Edge tags in Christian at the same time, but Matt starts to clean house. He takes Christian out, and then hits Edge with another Twist of Fate as he gets back into the ring. Jeff heads to the top turnbuckle and hits Edge with a Swanton for the win and a spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match. The Rock appears in the locker room where he runs down every man in the championship tournament, but he pays the most attention to the Undertaker, the man he faces next week. He says that he’s gonna plaster The Undertaker’s big dead ass all across the arena. If ya smelllllllllllllllllllllllll and so on and so forth. Triple H vs Kane The first match of the WWF Championship Tournament, Kane gets the upper hand, using his size and strength to dominate Triple H from the opening bell. As the match goes on, Triple H begins to get in more offense. In the closing moments, Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Triple H counters with a kick to the midsection and turns it into a Pedigree for the win. The Undertaker and his protege Big Show appear on screen. Undertaker talks about how he is teaching the giant to have the killer instinct that he has had his entire career. The same killer instinct that he’s used to become one of the biggest names the WWF has ever had, and the same killer instinct that he’s going to use to become the WWF champion, and it’s all going to start when he lays “the great one” to rest. The Big Show chimes in for just a moment, talking about how he’s going to decimate the aging Shawn Michaels, but the Undertaker gives him a stern look, clearly not giving the giant permission to speak. Big Show stops immediately and the segment ends. Raven vs Bradshaw- Winner Gets A Spot In The Money In The Bank Ladder Match A big bastard brawl. Raven and Bradshaw beat the hell out of each other the entire time. It’s not much of a match, but more 5 minutes of 2 big boys beating the pudding out of one another. Bradshaw goes for a Clothesline from Hell, but Raven is able to reverse it into a Raven Effect DDT for the win. The Heartbreak Kid come out to the ring to cut a promo. Standard Michaels promo, not much to talk about. But it gets interesting when The Texas Rattlesnake comes out for his main event match. Both men stare each other down in the middle of the ring, but Shawn eventually leaves, giving the stage to the main event of the evening. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs Mankind This match showed a more fired up Mankind than usual, eager to get himself to the top of Raw. He unleashes shot after shot onto Austin, overwhelming the rattlesnake. Austin begins to get some offense in, able to get to his traditional stomping of mud and walking of them dry. The match becomes more even as it goes on, Austin and Mankind going blow for blow with each other. The end of the match comes when Mankind goes for his Mandible Claw, but Austin gets out of it by kicking him in the gut and turning it into a Stunner for the win. Austin celebrates his win with a couple of beers, meanwhile, Mankind looks visually dejected. In a rare moment of hospitality, Austin gives Foley a beer and they drink it together to end the show.

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