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  1. Necce

    I'm Fine.

    {An unexpected face comes from FDS’ past walks behind him from the shadows.} Well, it looks like the emperor of chaos has gone a bit soft, hasn’t he? {FDS looks up into the mirror to see his old Ruin stablemate and leader standing behind him, the first time we’ve seen this man since his main event match at Survivor Series.} What the hell are you doing around here? I thought you left this place a while ago. Thought I’d come back to check on my old friend. So, how ya been? Well… I guess I’m… Fine. I’ve been… in an… An interesting position I guess. I’ve noticed. Tell me, have they finally broken you, or are you the same man who joined me to run rough shot over the BPZ Tag Team Classic in nicer clothes? T-that man that you worked with in the BPZ Tag Team Classic is dead. He doesn’t exist anymore. I’m… better now. Are you now? Because to me, you’re no better than you were when you had someone stuck in your teeth. You pretend like you’re some rehabilitated charity case now, when you’re just as soulless and empty as those masks we wore. (Visibly getting angrier) Soulless? Empty? I’ve got more of a soul than you do my... Friend? I’ll have you know that ever since therapy I’ve felt just… (hesitates) so full of life and my soul feels amazing. I feel so much better now that I am no longer the man that I was. You think that you are better. A mental placebo that they forced onto you until you believed it to be facts, a couple hundred volts at a time. But you can never be fixed. What you have done can never be erased from your mind no matter what some doctor says. In your heart, your soul, your very essence of existence, you are still a disciple of the art of Ruin. {FDS quickly turns around with a look of intensity in his eyes that we haven’t seen since his days in Ruin.} Alright, listen here you little bitch I am not a disciple of your stupid fucking cult. I never fucking was. It doesn’t matter what a fucking doctor says nor does it matter how much they fucking shocked me. All that matters is that I have recovered from that phase. {After FDS outburst, Necce responds in a way that most wouldn’t expect. Rather than lash out at him, he simply lets out a smirk.} Looks like that blood still runs through your veins after all. {After this, FDS begins to compose himself a bit.} You left as someone who was hated, someone who was feared, but most importantly, someone who was respected. You left as FDS, and you returned as Daniel. {FDS quickly turns back around to the mirror.} (Whispers to self, repeatedly) Calm down… You’re not that guy anymore. You are broken, but I can fix you. {FDS turns back around to see that Necce has suddenly vanished, leaving only the mask that he wore earlier this year. FDS slowly walks up to the mask, and simply places his fingertips on it, before the camera suddenly cuts to black.}
  2. Born: August 1st, 1996  Set to debut: March 1st, 2015 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: American Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: All Around  Body Type: Muscular Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: The one below light heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight   Moves: Antichrist Revolution (Lifting Under-hook DDT), Last of the Loving Ones (Pump-handle Death Valley Driver) Face Gimmick: Fan favorite, more of a tweener Heel Gimmick: Psychotic bastard Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wrestler Pictures:
  3. Necce

    What are you listening to right now?

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Pearl Jam recently. More so their first album than anything else. Ten is one of, if not my favorite album of all time. I don’t really have a favorite from the album, but I mostly listen to and love every song. Like it starts off with Once and then goes straight to Even Flow. Alive’s solo makes my nipples hard every time I listen to it. And then there’s Why Go, Black, Jeremy, Porch, Garden, and Release. I highly recommend every fan of rock and grunge to listen to it.
  4. Necce

    Unexpected Alliance

    Reading this makes me as happy as I’ve ever been in my entire life.
  5. Since the Hall of Fame is making its return this year, I think the inductees should be allowed to let someone of their choosing induct them.
  6. Necce

    What's on your mind?

  7. Necce

    What's on your mind?

    Why won’t Flynn retire? He promised he would.
  8. Necce

    4 Years

    You’re still here?
  9. Necce


    {A BPZ.com exclusive opens up on BPZ Commentaries host Peter Menthol stands next to Necce and the rest of The Flock after the events of the EVOLVE go-home show to Survivor Series. Necce is leaning against the wall with his arms folded on it and his head is on his arms. The Flock stand next to Necce, feeling worried about what he’s going to do. Peter begins the interview.} Peter: “Well ladies and gentlemen, after the events of the closing moments of EVOLVE, I have been lucky enough to be allowed to conduct an interview with one of the men involved with that brawl, and a man who will be putting his career on the line against Flynn, who will do the same, inside of Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, Necce.” {Necce immediately takes his arms off of the wall and looks to The Flock.} Look I’m not mad at you for coming out earlier. I know I told you not to come, but you made the call to come get me and that’s alright, you we’re doing what you had to. {Necce then looks to Jason Ryan, who he forced onto the ground and lost his temper with just moments before.} Ryan, I’m sorry for what happened out there. Tensions were high, and I lost my cool. You know I’d die for you brother. {Necce and Jason shake each other’s hands} Jason:It’s alright boss. {Peter slowly inches his way towards Necce.} Peter: “Um, Necce.” {Necce snaps his focus from Jason to Peter.} WHAT?! {Peter begins to stammer, knowing what Necce did to his colleague Mike Hunt.} Peter: “Um, I was just, uh, wandering if there was anything you could tell us about what happened out there and what your mindset is going into the biggest match of your entire career?” {Necce is clearly angry, but he gives Peter what he wants.} You want my thoughts?! Alright, here are my fucking thoughts! {Necce looks right into the camera.} Josh, it was never supposed to be like this! Because like we said out there, it was supposed to be you and me man. We were supposed to set the world on fire, us, together. But you threw that all away! You ruined that! You killed any semblance of a union when you left me broken, bloody, and in a fucking light at Survivor Series, and I’m supposed to be the bad guy for low blowing you at SummerSlam?! And I’ll say it right now man, I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry for what I did. I wish I can take it back. I wish I could erase all of that. But I can’t man. I have to deal with it, I have to live with all this pain and regret that I put upon myself for what I did. I wish that we were still tag team champions, or that we could’ve let our story end with that hug, but I can’t, I fucking can’t! I can’t play the part of a man who loves what he’s done, because every time I think about it, every time I see it being played or think about our match on Sunday, I get sick to my stomach, I want to throw up every time I think about Hell in a Cell. Josh, I wish I hated you. I wish I could just say that I hated you with every fiber of my being. But it’s not that simple! Because the truth is that I love you man. I love you with all of my heart. Everyday I wake up, I hope that the entirety of this year was just a dream. There isn’t a second that goes by that I don’t regret ever joining that Survivor Series team, because then I would still have my best friend! I never wanted to hurt you Josh, I never wanted to fight you. I WANTED TO SAVE YOU! BUT YOU’RE TOO GODDAMN SELFISH! And that’s not even the worst of it Josh, because I know that deep down it’s all my fault. It’s my fault that we have to kill each other, it’s my fault that one of us has to leave. This isn’t even talking about Survivor Series, or SummerSlam, or King of the Ring, or BPZMania, or even last year. This is all talking about 2014. Where I put my trust into the hands of a man who couldn’t have cared less about it. I put my heart into the hands of a man who would sell it out in an instant to grab one fleeting second as World Champion. It’s my fault that we’ve gone this far. It’s my fault that I now have to take the fate of your career into my hands. I never wanted to end your career Josh. I don’t want to be the one to do it. {Necce begins to break down. Tears start running down his cheek and he has to fight for air.} I don’t wanna do it Josh. {Jason puts his hand on Necce’s shoulder, but Necce brushes it off, too proud to admit that he’s on his emotional brink.} I don’t want to Josh, but I have to. I have to end your career. That is the only way either of us will be able to move on. That is the only way either of us can begin to heal. That is the only way that I can set you free. {Necce wipes the tears from his face. He has settled down a bit and begins to talk in his usual calm demeanor.} Josh, you always talked about how everything was in god’s plan. You would tell me not to worry, because god has a special plan for me. Well what do you think it’s going to be like when you’re looking up at the lights at the end of Survivor Series. As the blood and the sweat drips into your eyes, and the career that was flashes before them. {Necce gets right up against the camera. His tone begins to rise again, this time, he is almost screaming at the top of his lungs.} What is it going to feel like when you come to the crushing realization that GOD HAS ABANDONED YOU?! {Necce begins to walk away, yet again, giving a short and quick demand to The Flock.} COME ON {The Flock follows him until they are all off screen, leaving only Peter there, looking stunned. He wraps the interview up, being at a loss for words.} Peter: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Peter Menthol with BPZ.com and BPZ Commentaries. Thank you for watching.” {The camera hangs on Peter before fading to black.}
  10. Necce


    {It is the main event of the final EVOLVE, the final BPZ broadcast before Survivor Series. But the main event this evening isn’t a match. Rather, it is a contract signing for possibly the most important and highly anticipated match in Survivor Series, and maybe even BPZ history. The two men who will fight in this match won’t be fighting for any titles, but something much more important, the ability to remain employed with BPZ. While it was announced many weeks ago, tonight is when it finally becomes official. Tonight, Flynn and Necce, two of the most legendary performers this company has ever seen, will sign away their careers, and seal their fates before they walk into the dreaded Hell In a Cell structure, possibly changing themselves forever. EVOLVE General Managers Ross and Smith stand in the middle of the ring. A simple table with a black cloth on it accompanies them. Both men have a somber expression on their face. Both men are friends in real life with these two men, and both have expressed disdain for how far this rivalry has gotten between the two. But nevertheless, they stand there in their suits, knowing that one of their two biggest stars won’t be returning next week.} Ross: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the official contract signing for the main event of the 2018 edition of BPZ Survivor Series!” Smith: “In just a few moments, Necce and Flynn will meet in the center of this ring, as they sign the contract to face for the third time ever. The contract states that this match will be contested inside of the Hell in a Cell structure, with the added stipulations that this match will be a Number One Contenders match for the Global Championship at EVOLVE Takeover: Crossfire in January of next year, and will be a career vs career match in which only the winner will hold the power to bring the loser back to BPZ. However, both men have agreed to an additional stipulation within this contract holds an indefinite no compete clause, meaning that upon losing the match, the loser cannot work in another other promotion until the winner brings them back, raising the stakes of this match even higher.” {After this, Smith and Ross step away from the table.} {The theme for “The Omega” hits. The crowd erupts into thunderous ovation. A man who was once a constant feature of BPZ Television, has been very elusive since SummerSlam, and the fateful events that took place after the Tag Team Championship match.} {Flynn walks out onto the stage, his face shows an intense, yet worried expression. He takes deep breaths, perhaps to settle his nerves, or to calm the adrenaline that courses through him at this moment. He marches down to the ring, he’s ready to face whatever may come to him tonight and on Sunday. He walks up the stairs, goes through the ropes, jerks off for a second, not too much but just enough, and simply looks down at the contract on the table. A simple piece of paper that controls the future of his career. His music fades out as he continues to stare at the contract, reading every single word that’s printed on the document. The crowd's reaction slowly shifts from thunderous applause and love, to vociferous booing and venom, as they await the arrival of the second half of this match. As the fans begin to boo, the lights in the arena shut off, this causes them to boo even louder. The arena is now completely engulfed in darkness, as the booing remains a constant soundtrack to mask the black.} {The faint and familiar plucks of the guitar strings fill the arena. They are almost completely covered up by the bile that the fans are sending to the man this music belongs to. The opening lyrics begin to play, what would earlier this year be accompanied by unanimous chanting of the lyrics, is now met with hatred.} I’ve got empires to lead She’s got vampires to feed You don’t miss me anymore Than I miss you {As the lyrics finish, the guitar plays for a few more seconds, until fading out. Once again, everyone in attendance is left in the dark. Until finally, the song kicks back in. Every light in the arena is pointed towards the entrance ramp, as “The Antichrist” stands there in his signature crucifixion pose. Somehow, the booing gets louder, as whatever the fans were sending to Necce seems to triple. He stands in his usual attire. A jacket with holes cut out of the sleeves for his thumbs, jeans that are ripped at both knees, beat up converse shoes, a black and grey flannel shirt that’s wrapped around his waist, and his signature white mask. What would usually be a punk rock T shirt, is replaced with a simple, black shirt. The camera zooms in on his face, as his eyes stare out passed the mask right into the eyes of Flynn who is standing in the ring. Slowly, Necce makes his way to the ring. What would usually be fans sticking their hands out for the chance at a high five from Necce, is replaced with an entire row of middle fingers and fans expressing their distaste for the action of The Antichrist for the last 3 months. He stops on the outside of the ring, still staring into the eyes of the man he will face Sunday night. Rather than roll into the ring as he usually does, he decides to walk all the way to the other side of the ring. He rolls into the ring and immediately gets to his feet, he and Flynn’s eyes meet once again. As the two men stand there, staring each other down, the music fades out. This is the first time these two men have shared a ring since SummerSlam. Slowly, Necce takes his mask off, and these two men are now staring at each other face to face. Flynn picks up a pen, now looking down on the contract. He makes a move to sign it, however he can’t, he has pain in his eyes, the sins of his past all leading to this moment. He drops the pen before picking up the microphone.} One year ago today, I was heading into a war, with MY BEST FRIEND by my side. I was on top of the world. Together I thought we were unbeatable. Nothing could touch us. What happened? Was it my own ego not being able to take a simple nothing loss, that I had to take it all out on you? Was it your own vain and jealousy to embarrass me, and take everything from me? Or was it the fact that no matter what, our want, no…. our need to be the very best, the top dog in this company, lead us on a collision course that was destined to happen? Honestly, I guess it doesn’t really matter now, does it? You and I have a connection that no other duo in this company have ever had. Together we could rule this place. That’s what I wanted, to rule together. However maybe you were right. Maybe I eventually would of let my own personal goals of being the best, come between us. That doesn’t fix what you did. What I did to you one year ago, was wrong. However since that night, you’ve made my life a living hell. I’ve done all I could to make up for my mistake. Now I’ve come to learn that I can’t fix it, so you’ve left me with only one choice….. {Flynn stairs down at the contract, before he looks straight back into the eyes of Necce.} I have to end your career. You were my best friend. However now I know that this company, as they would say down in Texas, “Just ain’t big enough for the two of us.” I have to end your career Necce. Have you even processed that? That you have to end my career. Do you understand these stakes. In twenty-four hours, a dream will live on, and a dream will die. Since we were children, we dreamed of being BPZ Wrestlers. We dreamed of performing in front of the MILLIONS AROUND THE WORLD! That is what brought us together. A dream of true happiness to recover from such dark childhoods. Now we have to end the dream that brought us together. Even through victory, I will take no enjoyment from what I have been forced to do. So Necce I ask yet again, what is this match to you? {Flynn sets his microphone down, Necce still choosing to remain silent. Finally Flynn nods before picking the pen back up, and signing the contract. He stands up straight once again, and looks back into the eyes of his former best friend. Necce initially doesn’t make a move, he just continues to stare at Flynn, the tension in the arena is at a fever pitch. Finally, he looks down at the contract, and picks up a microphone, taking his turn to speak.} Do you think that this is easy for me Josh? You think that from the moment I met you in the performance center, that I saw us ending up at this exact moment in time? Do you think that I relish the fact that tomorrow night, I might have to end the career of the man I considered more of a brother to me that my own blood? Because in a sick morbid way, I do. Finally, I get to say everything I’ve wanted you to hear for the last year to your face. And I get to do it… {Necce points to the crowd.} ...in front of them. For years now, you have had everything that I have put you through coming. You stepped on and used those that you deemed unworthy to get to the top. You have beaten and broken men who you claimed to be your family so that you could hold the top spot for just a few seconds longer. In the 3 years you have been in this company, you have consistently proven yourself as the most detestable human to ever walk this earth. And yet, you’re out here claiming to be some kind of victim because I didn’t follow the script and remain tag champions with you. People still to this day ask me the same question over and over again, “why did you turn on Flynn? Why did you have to break up the golden legacy?” They ask me why I broke up a tag team that only existed for 2 weeks, when you butchered a friendship that lasted for 3 years. What you did at Survivor Series last year, the mental and psychical pain you put me through for the following year can’t even be compared to what I did at SummerSlam. And the fact that these people cheer you like you’re some kind of survivor is what makes it worse. Just like you, I wanted us to rule this place together. I wanted us to be the measuring sticks for which every single person who walks into this ring is measured by. But you killed that. You destroyed any possibility of that coming to fruition. You could never handle the fact that I was more popular than you. You could never grasp that no matter how many title belts where handed to you, I connected with the fans in a way you could only dream of. And in the same way, I hated that I always had to fight for them. I always have to give the fans what they wanted, I had to give them an image that they could identify with and say what they always wanted to. For years, I fought for them, and what did that give me? A broken neck, a family that I never see, and a man who I considered my best friend who spits in my face at my lowest moment. And I was expected to take it with a grain of salt. I could never do what you were able to. I couldn’t be in it for myself. And when I finally had enough and decided to give in, they turn on me. Just like you did, just like everyone in my life always has. Secretly Josh, I wanted to be you. I wanted the fame and the fortune that you were given. But in reality Josh, I’m better than you, and you know it. You hated that someone with a fraction of the titles you’ve won in you career was superior to you in every way. Throughout all of this time, you’ve maintained a sense of comfort in thinking that maybe it wasn’t true, maybe with enough fight inside of you, you could best me. You’ve been the only man to do it this year, and maybe, just maybe, you can do it again. And that is what will make my win this Sunday even more satisfying, knowing that I beat and ended the career of the man who is supposed to be the greatest of all time, yet can’t beat a man who has always been seen as his equal. {Necce grabs a pen from the table and signs his name onto the contract, making the match official. Flynn is seen seething with anger from Necce’s comments, but Necce shows no emotion whatsoever. In fact, Necce is tempting Flynn to strike him first. Both men stand there, looking at one another, waiting for the other to make a move. Flynn shakes his head at Necce.} You’re not worth it. {Flynn goes to leave the ring, but before he can, Necce grabs a microphone.} Ya know Josh, one of the most defining and cherished moments in my life, is the night that we told each other our life stories. It was one of the first times we had talked about something other that pro wrestling. I told you about my family life, I showed you my scars, and I told you about running away at 17. And then you told me about your parents. They died when you were only 14, leaving you homeless on the streets of Dallas. And it was there where you learned the lesson that I also had to learn at such a young age, “Nobody is coming to save you, you have to save yourself.” And you told me about how every time you were in a match, every time you won a title, you would look out into the crowd and hope that you could see them sitting there. At that time, I hoped the same thing, I would look out there and look to see if they were sitting there to watch their son and his brother take over the landscape of professional wrestling. I hope that when our match is over at Survivor Series, you look out and you see them, because I want them to see what a pathetic waste of fucking oxygen their son has become. {Flynn quickly turns around and launches himself across the table nailing several punches on Necce before they can even hit the mat. 3 months of pent us aggression and anger is finally coming out, as he delivers vicious rights to the face of Necce. Ross is finally able to tear Flynn off of Necce as Smith checks on him to make sure that he is ok. Ross is only able to hold Flynn for so long, as he eventually breaks free and charges at Necce once again, but this time, he is met with a vicious low blow. Necce climbs onto Flynn and delivers brutal and stiff punches to Flynn, drawing a little blood from his mouth. Ross and Smith try to separate the two men, but they are unsuccessful, so they instead begin to frantically wave at the stage. Soon, everyone from the back begin to rush out to break up the two men, The Flock, friends and foes alike, referees, security guards, high ranking officials in BPZ, everyone is out here to break this up. They are able to grab the two and pin each of them to a respective turnbuckle on opposite sides of the ring. Necce is heard screaming across the ring at Flynn as he fights to break free.} I HATE YOU, I FUCKING HATE YOU! {The mob is able to calm both men down, convincing them to save it for Sunday. The members of The Flock are the first to leave the ring, leading the way for Necce to follow them. But as he goes to leave, Necce quickly runs to the side of the ring where Flynn is being held and pulls him to the outside from the bottom rope. Flynn quickly grabs Necce and slams him into the ring steps outside, following this by vicious blows. The mob try once again to break up the two men, but Flynn won’t let go of Necce. They eventually do rip him off, but he takes Necce’s shirt with him. They put Flynn in the middle of the pile, so that Necce can’t get to him from either direction. But Necce quickly finds a way around this, as he just leaps over the pile onto Flynn and begins fighting again. This also doesn’t last long, as The Flock drags Necce out by his feet and try to get him away from Flynn. Necce attempts to fight them off aswell. They pull him halfway up the ramp, as Necce begins to scream “Get off me, get the fuck off me” at them. Necce does manage to get them off of him as he violently pushes Jason Ryan off of him by his face. At this point, Necce is still amped up, but now he just wants to leave. He gives the members of The Flock a quick order.} Let’s go {Marker and Buddy Ace follow Necce as he begins to walk away, but Necce looks back at Jason Ryan, who is still on the floor and in shock at what Necce has done. Necce shouts at Jason.} GET UP {Jason seems the mental place that Necce is in right now, so he quickly gets to his feet and joins his other Flock members. As they get to the top of the stage Necce turns around to look at Flynn, who is still being held down by the mob. Both men stare at each other with anger in their eyes, clearly wanting to tear each other apart. But they instead decide to take an earlier suggested idea, and save it for Survivor Series. The shot cuts back and forth between these two men as the BPZ EVOLVE copyright logo appears on the screen, and the feed slowly cuts to black.}
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    Craving The DownTeir

  12. Necce

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    I am the top 5
  13. Necce


    {We open up on an unusual scene; a well lit hallway. The pale white light shines blankly on the dull white concrete bricks. The camera is placed at the end of the hallway, showing a large blue door at the end of it. The camera slowly pans away from the hallway, showing the space leading up to it. In an instant, we see the Antichrist walk up to the hallway. Necce walks hastily with the BPZ Tag Team title belt around his waist, but he stops at the entrance, staring at the door as if he had seen a ghost. But there is no fear in his expression, he stares at the door as if he were meeting and old friend. He walks all the way to the end with the camera following behind him. He stops once again, mere inches away from the door. He’s hesitant to enter the threshold that this door represents. He slowly lifts his arm from his side and places it on the door. While much of his palm is covered by the sleeve of his jacket, his fingertips rest against the cold, unforgiving metal. With his hand on the door, Necce begins to speak.} For years, this door represented a gateway to a safe haven. For many, the room that this door seals away was synonymous with me. For many years, this place was the only place I was truly free. I immersed myself in the darkness that this room offered, and I thrived in it. This place took me from the happy go lucky kid I was when I first stepped foot here in BPZ, to the man that you see before you. For many, it was simply a setting, a backdrop for my ramblings, but for me, it was the genesis... {Necce pauses for a second. He breathes slowly and deeply, slowly planning out the words he is going to say next before he says them.} ..of the Antichrist. {Necce takes his hand off of the door and places it on the handle. He stops for a moment, taking a deep breath, almost as if he is trying to center his nervousness. He opens the door and both he and the cameraman enter the room. The scene is engulfed in darkness. Suddenly, the light from the camera is switched on and it is revealed the true location of this segment; a bathroom. But it’s not just any ordinary bathroom, this bathroom was something of a home to Necce in his earlier days. This bathroom was where he allowed himself to embrace his darker urges and thoughts. This place is where Necce died, and the Antichrist was born. The camera pans around the bathroom. All of the urinals lay shattered in their former resting places. The shards of porcelain sit on the ground, untouched for years. No doubt done by Necce himself. The sinks are all dried, filled with dust and cobwebs, remaining unused since god knows how long. There are even a few dried splotches of Necce’s own blood sitting on the rim. The camera follows Necce to the lone stall that sits in the corner of the room. The pulpit that we have seen Necce deliver several sermons from in years gone by. He opens the stall door slowly and reveals that is the same as he left it. There are pictures of Necce’s former opponents from when he was United States and European champion hung on the wall with thumbtacks. Men like Blade, CPE, Maestro, Bizzy, and Kieron all have their eyes scratched out with the thumbtack sticking into their forehead. On the toilet paper dispenser, there is a crushed pack of cigarettes. Necce picks up the pack and shakes it, he opens the pack to find one last cigarette in there. He places the cigarette between his lips as he takes all of the pictures off of the wall and throws them into the water of the toilet except for one; The picture of Blade, the man he has since gone on to defeat 11 times. He digs around in his pocket and finds a lighter. Rather than lighting the cigarette with the lighter, he decides to be extra and light the picture on fire instead. He places the lighter back into his pocket and watches the flame for a few seconds. After the flame has engulfed nearly half of the picture, he lights the cigarette with it and throws it into the toilet with the others. He takes a drag from his cigarette and blows it out towards the opening of the stall. He knows the sprinklers on the ceiling don’t work, so he’s not worried about them going off. He takes the tag title belt from around his waist and places it on the toilet paper dispenser that’s attached to the wall of the stall. He then steps up on the seat of the toilet and sits down on the top shelf. He has his feet on the toilet seat and his elbows on his knees with a cigarette placed between his fingers, facing the camera that is placed outside the stall. He takes another drag of his cigarette and begins to speak, each word blowing out more smoke.} I wanted to come here Flynn, I wanted to feel the energy that is imbedded within its very walls. I wanted to capture the moments that I spent here many years ago once again. I wanted to put myself back into the mindset I had when this was my old stomping ground. The mindset of a man with everything to prove, and everything to fight for. I wanted to be here Flynn because of our match at Survivor Series. The career vs career match. The match where the legacy of our legendary careers will take its final gasp. A true end of an era. To be honest with you Flynn. I’m ashamed that we have allowed this war to go where it has gone. We are 2 of the longest tenured men in the BPZ locker room, and yet we seek to end each other’s career rather than use them to help the younger stars. But I can’t say that I’m surprised by that either. We’ve both known since the moment we met each other that this company wouldn’t be big enough for both of us to reign. Two men as hungry and as selfish as we are, it was only a matter of not if, but when, we would destroy one another. We did it at BPZMania, we did it at King of the Ring, but neither of those could satisfy our cravings to be the true alpha. Two matches for a simple title belt wouldn’t be enough to prove who was superior, we need to keep killing each other until one of us is no longer employed. The promise of being a champion is too trivial, the promise of being the only man to walk out of the war and live to tell the tale of it? Now that’s right up our alleys. {Necce slowly takes another drag from his cigarette.} And yet, it still feels as if this puzzle is missing a few pieces. Because despite what I said, even a career vs career match isn’t enough for us. If there is one thing we have in common, it’s that we have an unquenchable craving for 2 things; Power, and Control. We don’t just want to beat each other by the skin of our teeth, we want to have the upper hand. We want to be the ones in the driver's seat. We each want to be the man who writes the closing chapter of this story Flynn, so why don’t we make it quite the story to tell. For the power aspect, I propose that the match also be a number one contenders match for the Global Championship. The loser must go away for good, and the winner gets a guaranteed title shot at the next EVOLVE event. And now, for the control portion. Like I said, we want to be the ones in the driver’s seat. We want to be the fate of the others career in our hands, so why not continue it after the final bell has been sounded? So the winner of the match not only gets a title shot, but he is the only man that can bring the loser back to BPZ. No GMs, not even BrendenPlayz himself, we’re the ones who will end each other’s careers, so we’re the ones who will choose whether it will see another match. I chose this stipulations Flynn, because it plays into yet another thing that we have in common, our greed. Our greed is what brought us into BPZ, our greed is what brought us to this match, and our greed is what will rip us away from this company. Without greed, there is no desire, and without desire, there is no use. There is no use in us simply ending the other’s livelihood, there must also be compensation. Neither of us will be happy after what we’ve done, unless we can stand tall as a champion, while the other has no choice but to sit at home and watch the man who snuffed out their career achieve the heights of being the top champion of EVOLVE. But that isn’t the only reason I came here Flynn. I came here to serve as a symbol of sorts, because those two aren’t the only stipulations that I have added to the match. I wanted to be in a place, a mindset, an environment that I haven’t been in for years, to prepare for yet another place that I haven’t been in many years. A place that both of us know very well. A match that has taken years off of our careers, and our lives aswell. A match neither of us have ever lost. A match that has become so synonymous with men who share such a hate, that they must be sent into the very pit… {Necce takes one last drag off of his cigarette and throws it into the water. The end of the cigarette and the water collide to make an audible hiss as it’s extinguished. Necce begins to speak as he continues to stare down into the bowl of the toilet.} ...of hell. {Necce slowly lifts his head to look back into the lense of the camera. His hair covers his face, leaving one eye to stare into the souls of anyone watching.} Flynn, either way, this match is going to be the end of us. The lucky soul who manages to leave the structure alive, will be lucky if the physical scars are all that he leaves with. Lives have been shortened inside the cell, bones snapped, gallons of blood lost, and in our case, careers ended. There is no way out for either of us. No escape. No sanctuary. The only place for us to go, is Survivor Series. 3 years ago, this story truly began with the formation of Legacy. One year ago, it came full speed ahead when you turned your back on your best friend, and in the main event of this year Flynn, it will all end. I don’t care what I have to do, I will spill my own blood, I will take years off of my own life, I will subject my body to the furthermost kinds of torture that can be performed if it means that you are out of BPZ. Out of wrestling entirely, and out of my life for good. And if that means that I have to go to the ninth circle of hell to do it, then I’m dragging you down with me. {Necce quickly jumps off of the toilet and stands on the ground. He does his crucifixion pose with each of his fists touching the walls of the stall.} Quote The Raven, {The camera zooms in tight on his face.} Nevermore. {The camera hangs on this image for a while. The image of Necce staring through the camera and into the eyes of Flynn, who he knows is watching this segment. After a few seconds, the camera slowly fades to black.}
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