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    You literally asked me by name. And what would I be running from exactly, an easy win? No thanks.
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    {The camera cuts to the boiler room of BPZ, a place that we haven’t seen in months. The scenery is as it usually is; The entire room is pitch black with the only light in the room coming from the camera. The camera slowly pans down to see Necce sitting without any other members of The Flock. We see him in his usual environment for the first time since before SummerSlam. He is alone, sitting against a wall on the floor with one leg sticking straight out, and the other bent up. His hair covers the entirety of his face. For a few weeks we have heard the man behind the proverbial mask, but now it’s time that The Antichrist makes his return to BPZ TV. He talks in his usual low tone, just above a whisper with a bit of a growl.} The world is a vampire, set to drain. Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flame. And what do I get for my pain? Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game. Even though I know, I suppose I’ll show, all my cool and cold, like old Job. Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage. And someone will say what is lost can never be saved. But despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage. {Necce pauses for a moment after his opening monologue, as if to let the words he just spoke sink in to the listener. He lets these words hang in the air like the smoke from the cigarettes he smokes.} In 1994, Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins penned those lyrics for ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ and ever since then, those words have become the mantra of the alternative. A battlecry for the disenfranchised. And for 10 years, those words were the catalyst of the way I lived my life. In my entire 22 years of life, I have been trapped. Trapped in a home that hated my very existence. Trapped in a company that only saw me as a young has-been. Trapped in the shadow of a man that was never on my level, but was pushed to the moon. And trapped inside of my own pit of demons and misery. For years, I have been dragged down by the weight of the chains that I have been forced to carry around with me. With every addition of a link, the weight grew; Starting a family at only 18 years of age. The addictions and demons that I allowed to consume my very being in an attempt to numb a pain that has loomed over me like a rain cloud filled with omens. The responsibilities as a father, a husband, but also as a wrestler and an on screen personality piling up on each other. The weight only grew, but I persisted, giving myself some vague hope that if I drag this chain for as long as I can, then maybe I will be able to escape the mental cage I was in. But it wasn’t until SummerSlam where I came to the shattering realization that I was nothing more than a line in a song. A rat in a cage. Running on its wheel to nowhere. It’s a numbing experience when you learn your accomplishments aren’t your own. At SummerSlam, when I held that tag team title belt in my hands, it didn’t feel like a title that I had worked for. When I held my previous 4 titles before that I had won; The United States Championship, The European Championship, The Premium Championship, and The Universal Championship, I felt a sense of pride and relief. These were belts that I scratched and clawed for, and finally they were in my hands. But when I held my half of the Tag Team Championship belts, it put into place that this title, much like my all of my 5 Championship reigns, were not prizes that I had earned. They weren’t tokens of my effort, status, and tenure. They were just treats that were thrown my way. Like a bone that you give a dog when it behaves. So I made a choice right then and there. I drew my line in the sand. I was either going to continue to be that rat in a cage that can be bribed with championships before he steps out of line, or I could finally take my career into my own hands without any fear of repercussions or what the higher ups might think. So I made my decision, and I laid “The Omega” out. At that moment, I didn’t care what the fans thought, I didn’t care what the boys in the back thought, and I didn’t care what Flynn thought. I wasn’t going to allow him to string me along anymore, I wasn’t going to allow him to manipulate me anymore. I was going to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I was going to do what others could do with no kickback, but would be an abomination if I did. I was going to be the man and the wrestlers I always knew I could be, and others knew I could be. The words I spoke at SummerSlam weren’t the ramblings of a scorned narcissist, they were years of manipulation and being held back finally allowed to come out. All of the venom and bile I had building up for 3 years like a cancer were able to show their true nature. And in that moment, I became the so called “Most despised man in BPZ.” It certainly is an odd feeling when you go from someone that is so popular that the arena shakes every time I show up, to someone that the wrestling forums hates. But unlike most men in my predicament, I don’t blame them. I’d hate me too if over the course of a year, I’ve been following a story between two men that culminated with them putting their differences behind them, only to see the man I rooted for along the way turn his back on the other, the same way that started this war. But the thing is that, the fans don’t often read deeper into the minds of the men they see on the screen or in the ring, they take everything at face value. They see a man turning on his tag team partner and so called best friend, and they take it as that, no other questions are asked. But coming from someone who the world has forced to dwell within his own mind, forced to take refuge and befriend his inner voice, you begin to learn the inner working of the cerebral of your fellow man. You learn when the actions they take are sporadic and in the moment, or carefully thought out 3 steps ahead. You can also tell when you are being lied to, when you are being manipulated, and when you are being used. He said it best on the night we reunited, the night where the war had seemingly ended. What did Flynn want more than anything? “Gold.” I didn’t think about it at the time, I was just in a state of pure euphoric bliss that I had finally got the man that I thought I had lost forever back. The man who turned his back on me in my lowest moment, who insulted the death of one of my only friends growing up, and tried to end my career, had finally turned over a new leaf. He was back, the man I trained with back in the BPZ Performance Center. The man I lived with in a run down little apartment with no heating or running water most of the time. The man I’d stay awake with throughout all hours of the night, talking about wrestling and how when we were given the chance, we were going to set the world on fire. My brother. When I think about it today, one of my biggest regrets in my career is not walking away from the ring on that night. I wish I would’ve just left him in the middle of the ring with his hand out, hoping for forgiveness that would never come, that he doesn’t deserve. I wish I never would’ve allowed him to become the victim that he’s always wanted to be. But I cannot live in the past now, I have done that for far too long. It’s time that I start looking to the present and the future. {Necce pushes his hair away to show that he is looking directly into the camera.} Flynn, as much as you like to pretend that we are, we are not even. We aren’t even close, and we never will be. Things never could be, throughout our entire careers, we have been so competitive with each other, trying desperately to one up each other and prove that we are the better man. The only way we could ever be even is if I see to it that you never wrestle again. Not just in BPZ, but in the entire sport. I need to do something that you tried and failed to do to me, end your career. That is the only thing that could truly satisfy us Flynn, if one of us forces the other out of BPZ entirely. That is the point that this story has gotten to. But before that, you have yet another World title match that you didn’t earn. I guess that’s managements apology for letting you look weak for once. You have a chance to prove to the man that you helped soar to such heights that you are the true ace of BPZ. Well that’s not going to happen Flynn. Mark my words, you will not leave Halloween Havoc as World Heavyweight Champion. It doesn’t matter if Julius has to beat you within an inch of your life, or if I have to show up and see to it myself. You will fail in your quest to become world champion for a 5th time Flynn. And when you do, I will prove yet again that I am just that much better than you when I do something that you couldn’t do, and beat Julius for the BPZ Tag Team championships. I will prove that I never needed you to win. I will prove that The Flock is stronger now than The Kingdom, or The Golden Legacy has ever been. And when I do, you will then be forced to come to grips with the fact that the man who has always been in your shadow, the man who has always been delegated to the “best friend” spot, is better now than he ever was without you weighing him down. You wanted so badly to save me Flynn. You wanted to prevent me from becoming the monster that you see now. But as Billy Corgan once said, “I do believe, that I cannot be saved.” Quote The Raven, Nevermore {The camera hangs on Necce face for a moment. His eyes show a fierce and intense emotion as they barely peak out through his long hair. The camera slowly fades to black.}
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    Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    Way to kill my self esteem
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    Rep Ratio Post

    When your rep ratio is exactly 0, then you’ll be crowned King of the forums.
  7. It was a ruse! A ploy, a plot, a plan, a charade, a conspiracy, a sham! We've been conned, hoodwinked, bamboozled, flimflammed, had the wool pulled over our eyes, even!!
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    The last movie I watched was porn.
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    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Weekly Roundup Episode #1 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first edition of BPZ Weekly Roundup on BPZ Commentaries. Each Monday, we will go over all the goings on over the past 7 days in BPZ, and then we will hear from a member of the BPZ roster with our interview segments. I am Peter Menthol, and I’m the host of Weekly Roundup. Well, I can’t think of a better way of starting the first episode, than jumping right into the news of the week. Heavyweight Havoc As Julius celebrated his most recent successful BPZ World Heavyweight Championship defense against Angelo Caito in an all time classic, an old figure from Julius’ past made his presence felt. Julius made his mark on BPZ history and national headlines earlier this year by turning on Flynn in ROA and joining The, then Slim lead, Kingdom. Since then, Julius has soared to the very top of BPZ, claiming control of The Kingdom and the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. But the man who, arguably, made it possible for Julius to be Heavyweight Champion hit him with an FKO right in the middle of the ring. Flynn made his return to BPZ after being gone for over a month after the shocking betrayal of Necce at SummerSlam, and announced that he will challenge Julius for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Halloween Havoc. Will Flynn tie Bailey’s record for the most World Heavyweight Championship reigns? Or will Julius flatten yet another BPZ veteran on his quest to become the most dominant world champion this company has ever seen? Tune in to Halloween Havoc to find out! Bravery or Stupidity? Speaking of Necce, earlier this week he made headlines himself as he made his first appearance in BPZ since SummerSlam as well, before forming The Flock with the members of one of BPZ’s hottest and most controversial stables, The Frontier. Thursday evening on the BPZ Neccework, Necce made an appearance on The Frontier’s own show, Braving The Frontier. He proceeded to go on a scathing and profanity laden rant on Carnage GM Bailey, the Carnage creative team, multiple members of the BPZ roster, and the company as a whole. His biggest talking point was his mistreatment as BPZ Universal Champion. He talked about how any idea he had was immediately shot down, he had to work long and grueling touring schedules with nagging injuries, and how he routinely kept down so that others, namely Flynn, could get the spotlight that he felt he deserved, being that he was Carnage’s biggest draw and the top champion on the roster. One of the first within the company to talk about this incident was Angelo Caito of all people, whose argument against Necce basically boils down to “You think you were treated bad? Here’s why I should be pitied more than you!” This retort reportedly caused a commotion backstage between Angelo, Necce, Jason Ryan, Echo Wilson, and Sameer. Nothing yet has come out whether Necce has received any punishment for his comments backstage, but it seems as if the fans newly appointed most despised man in BPZ has created heat for himself not only on screen, but off screen aswell. Satan’s Number One Contender Yet another match has been announced for the upcoming BPZ PPV Halloween Havoc, and what’s more fitting for a PPV named after the most macabre day of the year, than a match designed by The Devil himself. It was announced that at Halloween Havoc, 6 men will become inmates in Satan’s Prison as they fight for the opportunity to become Number One Contenders for a Universal Championship at the next Carnage exclusive show. The 6 men in question will be Hollow, Ropati, Angelo Caito, Yelich, Prince, and Kieron Black. Who the favorite for this match so far is anyone’s guess, but you can be assured that current champion Echo Wilson will be watching this match very closely. Global Series 2018 With the 2018 BPZ Draft, the champions of both brands were vacated, as both champions were drafted to opposing shows. Carnage crowned a new champion almost immediately, but EVOLVE has yet to do the same, choosing to rather hold a Round Robin tournament to decide the new champion. This creating the Global Series. The current standings of the tournament are the following; :Block A: Buddy Ace: 4 Points Jason Ryan: 4 Points Ark Universe: 0 Points Storm: 0 Points :Block B: Joshua Scott: 4 Points The Marker: 2 Points Flynn: 2 Points Slim: 0 Points It’s clear that either Buddy Ace or Jason Ryan will be going to the finals of the tournament, but we will find out which one as the Frontier/Flock stablemates face off in the Block A finals. On the other hand, Ark and Storm have essentially been eliminated from the tournament, so their match on the 5th of October will be to see who will take the last place spot of Block A. Block B on the other hand is still up in the air. Joshua Scott holds the lead for now, but if he doesn’t defeat Flynn on the 12th of October, that means that the current 2nd place holder, The Marker will go on to the finals should he defeat Slim. Could we see an all Frontier Global Series finale, or will Joshua Scott bring a little gentlemanly flair to EVOLVE’s top title? Make sure to tune into the BPZ Neccework on October 5th and 12th to see who will face off in the main event of the Global Series PPV for the Global Championship. Either way, this tournament may be a turning point in the future trajectory of BPZ, as the current standings seem to prove that the future of BPZ has arrived, and it’s gunning for the Global Championship. Speaking of the Global Series event. It was announced all the way back in August that the Tag Team Titles would be defended on the show. Since The Golden Legacy split up, the champions have been in the limbo state of vacancy. Well it was announced earlier this week that the BPZ Tag Team Championships will be decided at Global Series, as former champions The Kingdom (Julius and Echo Wilson) will get the rematch they never had for the titles. The other participants in the match will be the man that vacated the belts, Necce, and a member of his newest faction, Jason Ryan. The Flock vs The Kingdom will go down on the 26th of October, as The Kingdom get to have a rematch of sorts with Necce, as he was one half of the team that dethroned The Kingdom as Tag Team Champions. Will The Kingdom become 2x Tag Team Champions? Or will Necce regain the belts that he threw down months earlier, just on his own terms? And in a bonus question, will the tag belts go to Carnage with The Kingdom? Or will they remain on EVOLVE with The Flock? All of this and more will be decided at EVOLVE’s exclusive PPV, Global Series! Well ladies and gentleman, that does it for our news portion. When we return from a commercial break, we will launch into our very first interview right here on Weekly Roundup! https://youtu.be/ahxjdetJdb4 {We cut to the first interview of BPZ Weekly Roundup. The screen cuts to host Peter Menthol who sits seemingly alone.} Peter: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the interview segment of our show. Where each week after the news portion, we sit down and talk to a member of the BPZ roster. Today for our first ever interview, what a better place to start than the very top? He is a former 2 time and longest reigning NXT Champion, a former tag team champion, current BPZ United States and World Heavyweight Champion, and the ruler of the Kingdom that is BPZ. He is “The Next Big Thing”, he is...Julius.” {The camera cuts over to Julius sitting on the other side of Peter with the World title belt over his shoulder. Both men reach forward and shake hands. Julius’ arms are so long that he doesn’t need to slouch over to shake Peter’s hands. Peter, on the other hand, is not so lucky.} Peter: “Well Julius, I would like to start off by connecting you and your upcoming opponent Flynn and saying that you are the fasting rising star in BPZ since Flynn is. It took you, from your debut to your world title win at King of the Ring, 7 months to reach the top of BPZ. The fastest it’s taken a BPZ superstar to win the world title from their debut in NXT since Flynn, who took 7 months as well. How do you feel about being even more intertwined with the man you will face at Halloween Havoc even more than you already are?” Julius: “To be honest Peter, I couldn’t give a shit about the comparisons people place between myself and Flynn. I’m not here to match the very best. I am here to be the very best and I’ll prove that by decimating Flynn come Halloween Havoc” Peter: “Well let’s talk about that match. At Halloween Havoc, you will have your third world title defense. You’ve defeated men like Slim and Angelo Caito handley. How do you think you’ll fair against a man like Flynn. A man that you’ve faced and fallen to earlier this year when you were still allies in ROA?” Julius: “That fateful day in the finals of the Power-Trip Cup has shaped and formed the success that has come before me ever since. It was at that moment Peter, that I knew that I wasn’t going to cut it here in BPZ by being someone’s bodyguard, by being Flynn’s insurance policy. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and join a force which doesn’t follow any orders, doesn’t abide by any rules and causes utter chaos. And to answer your question, Flynn will be no match for me at Halloween Havoc and I will walk out still the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion” Peter: “Are you predicting that you will do to Flynn what you did to Slim at SummerSlam?” Julius: “If I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now” Peter: “Well let’s go into a subject that deals with not only your match at Halloween Havoc, but also a match that you will have at EVOLVE’s Global Series PPV later this month. Let’s talk about Necce. Now the story between Necce and Flynn has stretched far beyond this match, and by his own admission, Flynn himself has stated that he will put Necce out of his mind for this match. Do you think that Necce will play a factor into your match at all?” Julius: “For his safety and for the longevity of his career, he better stay away from that match, because as I have said before if Necce decides to make an appearance I will not hesitate to crush his skull. At Halloween Havoc, the soap opera story between those two can take a step back because what happens in that ring won’t be for the faint of heart. After the match when Flynn is laying on his back Necce can do whatever he wants. But while the match is going Flynn is mine” Peter: “Well as I stated earlier, it has been announced that you and Echo will have a rematch of sorts with Necce, as he and one of his Flock members, Jason Ryan, will challenge you two for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. The titles that he and Flynn beat you for at SummerSlam, before vacating them. What is your mindset going into this match?” Julius: “My mindset will be the same as any other match. Seek, kill and destroy whatever stands in front of me. I’ve dealt with Jason Ryan many times before, he is all talk and no action. You mentioned earlier if I thought if Necce would make an appearance in the Main Event well here is a more definite answer. After what I do to him in this tag match, there will be no way in hell that he is able to make an appearance. He was lucky at Summerslam, but as they say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, and the better team of myself and Echo Wilson will walk out with more gold around our waists” Peter: “So it’s safe to assume that “Julie Three Belts” as the internet calls you will make his return?” Julius: “If u say those words once again I will break your neck” {A single beam of sweat falls from Peters’s forehead. He covers up a faint cry with a forced laugh.} Peter: “Let’s move to a different topic. We have covered what you have coming up in the next month, but let’s talk about what goes on when you’re out of the ring. What does the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion do when he isn’t threatening potentially fatal bodily harm to a simple reporter who has only been in one fight?” Julius: “Studying the sport, training so that I have an advantage over my opponents. I am 100% dedicated to professional wrestling and the reason some of the others here in this company aren’t making it to the top is because they don’t live and breathe professional wrestling. Every single situation that may present itself I have prepared for that is why I am as good as I am” Peter: “Do you enjoy any non wrestling related activities when off the road?” Julius: “Of course I do. I like an occasional bar fight or an unscheduled Street Fight. Anything that involves myself beating someone up is my cup of tea” {Peter looks down at his notes and says something under his breath. Low enough that his microphone picks it up, but Julius himself doesn’t.} Peter: “God you are terrifying. Let’s talk about your pre wrestling years. What was life like for a nearly 7 foot tall mountain of flesh who could pick up an entire apartment complex if he really wanted to?” Julius: “Well as you may know I spent 5 years of my life in prison for assault and battery when I was younger. So life before wrestling was basically me beating up people to survive. So all of the aggression you see on TV isn’t a joke it isn’t a character it’s me” Peter: “So what was it exactly that drew you to professional wrestling? Was it getting paid to maul other human beings with families who love them dearly on a nightly basis that made you want to throw your name into the sport of kings?” Julius: “Yes Peter that’s exactly right. I love beating the living shit out of anyone, Wrestlers or regular reporters whatever I can get my hands on the quickest” Peter: “Well good thing I have my will already covered.” {Peter begins to laugh, but Julius just looks at him with a blank stare. Peter stops laughing and quickly moves to another subject.} Peter: “So I’ve purposely left out your nickname throughout the entirety of this interview thus far. You are called “The Next Big Thing” by many people in this company. But as we can see on your shoulder, you are already at the top of the proverbial food chain. Most people only dream of making it where you are, yet I can tell that holding that gold will only be a mere drop in the bucket that is your career. What are your plans going forward. Both short term and long term?” Julius: “In the short term I plan on keeping this belt right here on my shoulder and taking on the best that this company has to offer. Give me Necce, Flynn, Smith, Bailey, Ross hell even give me Brendenplayz. Being on top is a good thing but when there is no competition I start to get bored and looking at the future of this company the competition is becoming thing. So when my contracts up and I have conquered Brendenplayz Professional Wrestling, you never know what I’ll do, maybe I’ll stick around or maybe I’ll go and conquer something else” Peter: “Ok, so this is the point of the show where we answer a question that a fan has sent in to us. This question is from one Julius Jones...oh god...who asks you, ‘If you were fighting a bear, how long would it take you to make that bear your bitch and become the true king of the forest?’” Julius: “As long as I fucking want it to. I could become the true king of the forest right now if I wanted to. But let me conquer the human race before I move onto animals” Peter: “On an unrelated note. What were the circumstances that lead to that assault and battery charge?” Julius: “Asking stupid questions and looking at me wrong. Also I was very bored” {Peter can already feel Julius tearing his head off and making love to it. So he decides to change the subject before has to change his pants and his name and location.} Peter: “So this is the end of the interview. At the end, we will ask all of our guests the same question. The question is, ‘what is your favorite match in BPZ to date?’” Julius: “Every match that I am in is great, but if I was to pick one it would have to be my Summerslam Match. I loved kicking Slim’s ass” Peter: “Well before we go, since you are a very..” {Peter clears his throat.} Peter: “...special, guest. We are going to ask you one more question. In BPZ, there are not many men who are your size. The makeup of the BPZ talent pool mirrors what much of the current wrestling scene looks like, smaller men who are more athletic than wrestlers in generations past. But you have proven that anyone of any build can make it in this company. What do you predict your success will do to inspire men who don’t think they have a place not only in modern wrestling, but here in BPZ?” Julius: “Peter, I don’t aim to inspire, I don’t aim to excite. I am here to place fear in everyone’s eyes. So if it was my way, the success that I have achieved should be a warning to people, that if your not good enough to challenge me then don’t try at all. It would be a waste of time” Peter: “Well once again Julius, thank you for joining us. Make sure to tune in to the BPZ Neccework October 18th and 26th for EVOLVE’s Global Series event and Halloween Havoc to see Julius in action. I’m Peter Menthol, and thank all of you for joining us on the inaugural edition of Weekly Roundup.” {The two men go to shake again. This time, Julius squeezes Peter’s hand tightly to future put fear into his fragile little heart. Peter thinks he is going to end up as Julius’ personal toothpick, when Julius lets go and laughs at Peter. The camera slowly fades to black.}
  10. Necce

    Bullet In The Chamber

    Emimeer, Slim Milkshake.
  11. Necce

    Bullet In The Chamber

    There was a bullet in the chamber. Angelo though that he could shoot with the best. But as always, when the pressure is on, he only shoots blanks.
  12. Necce

    Bullet In The Chamber

    Of course you don’t understand The Flock. You’ve never had 3 whole people think that you’re actyally good.
  13. Necce

    Bullet In The Chamber

    You are not and have never been in my league don’t ever speak my name again bitch.
  14. Necce

    Are You Sure You Ready?

    When the NXT division is so weak and lifeless that you have to resort to treating some kid, who can't properly formulate a sentence, as competition.

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