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  1. {At first, there is nothing, then, the silence is broken by the sounds of church bells ringing in the distance. The haunting sound of centuries old steel rings throughout the arena. The bells continue as the titantron shows a video of a cemetery in the middle of the day in black and white. The camera cuts to someone walking through the thick grass of the cemetery from the waist down, all we see is a familiar site, beat up converse, a pair of jeans with holes cut out of the knees, and a flannel jacket tied around their waist. They walk through a flock of ravens, which all fly away. There’s a sound of speaking playing over the video.} “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was making you all believe he never existed.” {The person walks up to a grave and places flowers onto the tombstone.} “Well in part, you were correct. Because what he manifested was something far darker and more sinister than the devil ever was,” {The camera pans over the name of the tombstone.} “Lisa Ann Brave” {The camera then shows a white mask hanging on the tombstone.} “what he created was The Antichrist.” {The person stands up with the mask in their hand, and slowly, they put the mask on.} “And I’ll tell each and every one of you that the Antichrist is real, and you’re looking at him in live and in living color.” {The camera cuts to a picture of the flowers that where just placed at the tombstone. What was once a bouquet of live and vibrant flowers, are now dead and withered.} “I may be the Antichrist, but I am here to do the devils work.” {Finally, the camera cuts to the man wearing the mask. The scene cuts from the full mask to the eyes over and over again. Unknown music begins to play in the arena as the camera hangs on the mask.} {Suddenly, every light in the arena is pointed towards the entrance ramp where Necce stands there in his signature crucifixion pose, wearing the same clothes as he did in the video. Along with the clothes, he wears the Global Championship around his waist. The crowd goes insane, showing such adulation for someone, who barely a month ago, was hated by all of them. Necce takes the mask off and throws it onto the stage. The camera cuts to FDS and Echo in the ring, their in a state of shock, believing like everyone else that Necce was gone from BPZ. He slowly walks to the ring, walking around it like a predator stalking its prey. The gaze of FDS and Echo never leave the Antichrist. He rolls into the ring and just looks at the both of them. He then focuses on the new Global Champion, Echo Wilson. Slowly, Necce takes his global title belt from his waist and holds it up in the air, after a moment, Echo does the same. Both men have a dead stare into each other’s eyes as they hold their respective prizes in the air. Necce puts the belt back around his waist and goes to leave, but before he does, he quickly lunges at Echo and put him into a front face lock, looking to hit the Necce Effect. But before he can, he pushes him into FDS and rolls out of the ring. He walks back on the ring with a sinister smirk across his face. The camera cuts back to FDS and Echo, both men look at Necce with pure anger. Before Necce can leave, he turns around and does his crucifixion pose, with the entire crowd accompanying him with his signature catchphrase.} “Nevermore.” {The camera hangs on this image before slowly fading to black.}
  2. Necce

    Royal Rumble 2019: Flynn vs. Yelich

    If I could rep it twice I would
  3. Necce

    Breaking News

    BREAKING NEWS: BPZ Superstar and current Global Champion Necce has been released from his contract this morning. There has not been given a clear reason for his release, but BPZ head offices have described the split as “amicable.” We wish Necce the best of luck in his future endeavors.
  4. Necce


    {We open on a familiar scene. A scene we haven’t seen in nearly a month. A scene that lets us know we are about to delve into the darkest parts of our psyche. A world that few men choose to dwell in, but one that some have seen as their own sanctuary. This place is the boiler room of BPZ. The camera is pointed towards the wall, darkness consumes everything in the room, except for the light that beams from the camera. Slowly, the camera pans down to see the new BPZ Global Champion sitting on the floor. Necce stares off blankly, seemingly focusing on space as he rings his hands over and over again with his newly won title wrapped around his waits. He speaks in his signature hushed growl.} For many weeks, I have laid dormant. I sat in my domicile, and I watched as the world I helped build crumbled to ash. I watched the men I thought could one day take over BPZ as a unit, slowly turn on each other and blame everyone else for their actions but themselves like children without a guardian. They have blamed me for their downfall, they blame me for not leading them by the hand to the promised land, and they accuse me of leeching off of their popularity. Not understanding that they needed me more than I ever needed them. I gave them the tools they needed to succeed, I taught them what it means to be a champion, I gave them the killer instinct they lacked, and yet they pissed it all away. They say that I failed them, but they’ve never pondered whether or not they were even good enough. I didn’t fail you Marker, I didn’t let you down Ace, and I didn’t lead you astray Ryan, you failed me. You showed me that I should’ve just let you fizzle out like you we’re destined to do anyway, that I should’ve given my wisdom to those who actually deserved it and actually would’ve used it to be something other than a glorified group of curtain jerkers who had credibility on their roster. I gave you titles, I gave you big matches, I gave you my blessing to burn the world to ash, and what do I get in return? A group of jobbers with their hands out, asking why I didn’t give them the air I breathed and the clothes off of my back. I gave you the tag team titles, I gave you the global title, with one explicit goal; defend them, retain them, and what do you do? Crumble at the first obstacle. I’m ashamed of you all, I’m disappointed that I tried to help you and that I wasted my time in trying to make you the biggest thing in pro wrestling, only to fail at every turn. You failed me, you failed each other, you failed yourself, and you deserve it. The blame I am most surprised by however, is the man that I defeated for the belt that I wear now, Jason Ryan. But in a way, I can understand it. The man that you idolize, worship, made to believe that he can walk on water if he wanted to, has seemingly beat you, stripped you of your prize, and left you for your carcass to be picked to the marrow by the vultures. But believe me when I say Jason that I always saw the most potential in you, I always knew that you would be the one who could break out and forge your own legacy. But you were misguided, stuck in a preconceived notion that you must be the most talked about and the most shocking rather than the best, a habit that I tried to break, but you stubbornly adhered to. You see Ryan, in our match, you came up short, but even in defeat, you proved something to me. While you couldn’t keep up with my experience, with short bursts of offense, you had me on the ropes. In a way, you accomplished your mission of making me proud. You showed me that all of the knowledge that I had bequeathed onto you wasn’t all for naught. But you also proved to me that you still require my teaching, my guiding to ascend to another plane of excellence. So that’s what I will offer to you, I will continue to mentor you, but this time it will be different. I tried a different way, I tried to use positive reinforcement, but I see where that has brought the both of us. It appears that I have gone too soft on you Ryan, so now I must use the ways that I am most familiar. I learned discipline through brutal means, and that seems to be what you lack. Ryan, I love you. I love you like a brother, and I love you like a proud teacher watches his ace pupil fulfil his destiny. But you have taken my love for granted, and you have taken my kindness for weakness, so it is time that you learn the true price of my love. And now onto a man that I am very familiar with, a man I once called a teammate, a man I once considered a friend. A man who has quite a twisted and altered delusion of what he represents in my history. This man is of course, the hollow vessel that used to be FDS. The man who at one time was possibly the most dangerous entity in BPZ, is now an empty husk of flesh where a monster once stood. You left BPZ as The King of Chaos, and returned as something even less that just Daniel, you returned as an embarrassment. A sham of what once was a brutal monarch. And yet you still have the nerve to sit there and assume that I am afraid of you. What is there to fear Daniel? A man that I’ve beaten in the most brutal match type this company has ever seen? The match that he brought to BPZ. A man that I carried through a tag team tournament, only to hand him the belts when I saw no need for them? Daniel, I do not fear you, I never have, I simply pity you. I pity what you have become, and I pity what you could’ve been. You were a man with a legacy of failure who finally caught his big break when he let out the true him underneath the mask, only to have it snuffed out. And the fact that I now have to face you again just shows how far you’ve sunk. At one time you were a legitimate world title contender, and now what are you? In a match on a C level show against a man who holds a title that you helped create when the belt isn’t even on the line. You’re a joke Daniel, and your decision to allow me to choose the stipulation of our throwaway match is the biggest punchline. I thought long and hard at what our match should be. What stipulation would sting the most when I beat you once again? Should be a no disqualification match? No, too generic. A deathmatch? No, already beat him in that. I had to dig through the dregs of your forgettable career to find a match that would perfectly encapsulate your failure after the match. A match that would bring you back to the sparkle of decency that I once knew. A stipulation that could possibly give light to the rebirth of the most dangerous man in professional wrestling. Daniel, at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, you and I will face in an FDS’ Rules match. No disqualifications, no count outs, no pinfalls. The only way to win is to either make your opponent tap out or knock them out. One year after I defeated you in a deathmatch, I will do it once again, this time in your own match, and hopefully, it will light the fire inside of you that burned out long ago. There are many things that change with the birth of a new year. Many new opportunities that arise, and many chances to rebuild ourselves from what we were the previous year. But as the years and decades run along, we soon realize that there is one true constant in life. Kingdoms will crumble, Flocks will disperse, and frontiers will be conquered, but the Antichrist will always stand above the rubble. {Necce stands up, but the camera doesn’t move. Instead, the camera focuses on the center plate of the newly designed Global Championship that Necce wears around his waist. The belt flashes from the light of the camera as Necce delivers his final and signature line.} Quote The Raven, Nevermore. {The shot hangs on the Championship for a few seconds before slowly fading away to black.}
  5. Necce


    “The lights are back on it seems” “Yeah, but it’s still sleeping.” “Isn’t that what you wanted?” “Well yeah, but I thought it would wake up eventually.” “Do you think you picked the wrong one to carry out your master plan?” “No….no….maybe.” “Can you tell me more about your plan? You haven’t let me in at all.” “The Øne True Villain is børn, and all that stand beføre him are drawn tø dust.” “Aww, that’s beautiful.”
  6. I genuinely don’t like any of you
  7. Necce


    -She flicks her cigarette- “Is there something that I’m missing, or is that intentional?” “Well, it hasn’t actually been thought out all of the way.” “Then why do you bother to show me this?” “I wanted you to see the beginning stages.” “Do you think it will be able to carry out such a procedure?” “It hasn’t failed me yet.” “Tell me, what exactly is the plan? Where is all of this going?” “The birth øf a Villian”
  8. Necce


    “It’s been quite for a while.” “Well don’t wake it up.” “I won’t, it’s just, disconcerting is all.’” “The longer it sleeps, the more we get to rest.” “Why are you so obsessed with it sleeping? Is it involved with this ended you keep talking about? The one you swear is going to change everything?” “Yes, and it will! It just needs some time.” “Why can’t it be a happy ending?” “It never is. Pøøls øf sørrøw, waves øf jøy are drifting thrøugh my øpened mind {I hate this song.} Jäî Gūrû Dęvã, Øm “Shit!”
  9. Necce


    “Is this enough for you?” ”Heh....has it ever been?” ”So that’s a no I assume?” ”You know me too well to know that” ”So what’s the grande finale going to be?” ”Aww, I can’t spoil the ending! That’s the best part!” Wørds are fløwing døwn like endless rain intø a paper cup, they slither while they pass, they slip away.
  10. World: Bailey vs Julius vs Flynn IC: Necce vs Bart Premium: Who cares? Uni: Bart vs Flynn Global: Necce vs Jason NXT: Idk US: Julius vs Julius Tag: Big ballers vs some team that were thrown together and won’t be around by backlash MITB: Probably someone who doesn’t need it, sneaks their way into the match and kills people who could actually use the briefcase, and likely get another reign with the belt because their first few didn’t really capture any attention.
  11. Necce

    One Hit Wonder

    Goddammit don’t make me get the belt!!
  12. Necce


    {We open up on an unfocused, blurry shot. As the camera focuses, we see that there are 2 hands clasped together. They hang below a pair of bent knees, wearing jeans that have holes cut out of the knees. Without any form of introduction, we hear a familiar voice begin to speak, a voice that we haven’t heard since before Survivor Series.} I have walked through hell. I am broken, scarred, burnt, and alone. I have ran the gauntlet of the eternal inferno, walked into the prison of demons as I heard the empty and absolute slam of the gates behind me, and stared Satan in his eyes. And yet I am alive {The camera pans up to see Necce, his first time on his own since the hellacious finale to his rivalry with Flynn. He looks differently than he did when we last saw him. He stares only at the ground with a thousand yard stare, slowly rocking back and forth where he sits.} There is something of a calming and euphoric sensation when the final bell is rung after a match of such magnitude. A temporary respite from the torture and pushing of human suffering that you and your opponent have inflicted onto each other. In the moment of blood soaked soreness, there is a brief window of self awareness, knowing that you will never be the same again. When you look into the mirror the next morning, or any morning, you don’t see the person who once inhabited your body. The soul that breathed within you has now evaporated. What is left is an empty husk with vital organs and viscous fluid that runs through them. The scars that you feel as you try to prepare yourself for the day ahead still sting as much as the second they were left there. And no matter how hard you scrub, they will never leave you. Like the sands of time that have fallen into the cracks of the earth, forever entombing themselves within your psyche, you can never be clean again. After my Survivor Series, I laid in my hotel room. Too jacked up on the adrenaline of pain and my nerves still standing on end. I thought about how after almost an entire year, I had finally accomplished what I had set out to do. Finally, Flynn was out of my life. Finally, Flynn was out of BPZ. But as I thought about that match, I thought about Flynn. I thought about the way he wrestled inside of the cell, and that this was a different man than I had ever faced before. This wasn’t a man who was fighting for a title, or a reputation, or even employment. This was a man who said “this could be my last match, so I’m going to give it everything, and I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about it.” When I looked into his eyes before the end of the match, I didn’t see the longest reigning Universal Champion, or the 4 time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank winner, or the BPZMania main eventer. I saw the skinny kid that I met in the performance center all those years ago. I saw the vulnerability of the kid who told me about the passing of his parents, and I saw the heartbreak of the man that I stabbed in the back at SummerSlam. For the first time in a long time, Flynn wasn’t just a man to be hated, a monolithic noun that I despised, he was human. He wasn’t “The Omega”, he was just Josh again. And that in part is why I let him stay in BPZ. Where will this lead for the Necce/Flynn story? Well to put simply, I don’t know. In an odd turn of events, I wish Flynn luck in his future endeavors. That part of our lives is over, and it’s time to look on into what the future holds for us both. And for me, my future directs me to January 11th. Coming off of what has been the best year of my career, it only makes sense that I must try to continue it and start anew at the place where it all began. At Night Of Legends this year, I walked into the first ever Carnage Scramble match as the second participant, and walked out with the Number One Contender’s briefcase. In the first match of the year, I staked my claim that 2018 would be the year of the Antichrist. And from there, I sought to back up those claims, and with a Universal Championship win, 2 Tag team title wins, and a record of 12-1, it’s safe to say that I did just that. On January 11th, I plan on making history by becoming the first man to hold both the Global and Universal championships. But the man that stands in my way is a man that I never planned to face, my own protege, Jason Ryan. Ryan, when I found you, you were some NXT nobody, toiling around in the show openers to no success and no momentum. However, there was something that drew my attention to you with each passing match. I saw something that had alluded my gaze since my time in the US and European divisions in 2015. I saw a fire in you that refused to be extinguished. A drive that drags you by your ear from one match to the next, forcing you to acknowledge your shortcomings and give everything you had, even if you were looking up at the lights each and every time. To put it bluntly Ryan, I saw myself in you. I knew that with a bit of credibility tacked onto you, you would skyrocket to the top. And you did. Within a month of the formation of the Flock, you were the Global Champion, the absolute top honor of Evolve. You took the tagline of “The land of opportunity,” ran with it, and made it your own. Now any other teacher would look at your success with such pride and honor. A pupil that they saw such great potential in has finally realized that potential and made something great out of themselves. But, unfortunately, I cannot say the same. I taught you all in The Flock that when you have to fight for the right to speak, never waste a breath on a falsehood, so I will not sugarcoat anything I say. In the last 3 months, you have proved to almost everyone that you are truly a star to look out for in the near future. Keyword is almost, as there is one person who isn’t so impressed by your accomplishments. Me. Quite frankly Ryan, you haven’t proven to me that you are neither worthy enough to be Global Champion, and a member of my Flock. Sure, you had your way with the participants of the Global Series, but what will you do when the same men you’ve verbally berated actually gives you a challenge? How will you react when men who have given everything to this company day in and day out for years, come up and punch you in the mouth for your loose tongue? What will you do when someone decides to make an example out of you? Use your name as a warning to other rookies who think they’re hot shit because they got a contract to stay in their lane and stay on the porch. If there’s anything I’ve learned through my time here, it’s that if you aren’t humbled early, you aren’t going to survive. So, as your teacher, I’ve taken it upon myself to be the one to do it. Ryan, consider this as the punch in the mouth. You want someone to step up? You want competition? Well you’re looking at someone who will snap your neck in a second just to hold that belt, no matter my affiliations with you. If I have to end your career right as it’s beginning just to make the history I desire, then so be it. Ryan, at Night of Legends, your first true test as a member of the Flock will be held. You have proven that you can cause controversy and stir up buzz and attention, but can you back it up? When your back is against the wall and the odds are against you, can you rise to the occasion like the greats, or will you fall like too many have before you? Your chance to prove that you deserve to stand where many other great men have stood will go through the man that brought you there. The man you hold in such high regard, the man you desperately want the approval and respect of, and the man that will stop at nothing to obtain the history that sits around your shoulder. It’s time to put up or shut up, which one will you do? {Necce stands up and looks directly at the camera.} Quote The Raven… {Necce does his crucifixion pose as the camera quickly zooms in on his face.} ...Nevermore. {The camera hangs on the face of The Antichrist for a few seconds, before fading to black. Fading away as quickly as it faded in.}
  13. Necce

    I'm Fine.

    {An unexpected face comes from FDS’ past walks behind him from the shadows.} Well, it looks like the emperor of chaos has gone a bit soft, hasn’t he? {FDS looks up into the mirror to see his old Ruin stablemate and leader standing behind him, the first time we’ve seen this man since his main event match at Survivor Series.} What the hell are you doing around here? I thought you left this place a while ago. Thought I’d come back to check on my old friend. So, how ya been? Well… I guess I’m… Fine. I’ve been… in an… An interesting position I guess. I’ve noticed. Tell me, have they finally broken you, or are you the same man who joined me to run rough shot over the BPZ Tag Team Classic in nicer clothes? T-that man that you worked with in the BPZ Tag Team Classic is dead. He doesn’t exist anymore. I’m… better now. Are you now? Because to me, you’re no better than you were when you had someone stuck in your teeth. You pretend like you’re some rehabilitated charity case now, when you’re just as soulless and empty as those masks we wore. (Visibly getting angrier) Soulless? Empty? I’ve got more of a soul than you do my... Friend? I’ll have you know that ever since therapy I’ve felt just… (hesitates) so full of life and my soul feels amazing. I feel so much better now that I am no longer the man that I was. You think that you are better. A mental placebo that they forced onto you until you believed it to be facts, a couple hundred volts at a time. But you can never be fixed. What you have done can never be erased from your mind no matter what some doctor says. In your heart, your soul, your very essence of existence, you are still a disciple of the art of Ruin. {FDS quickly turns around with a look of intensity in his eyes that we haven’t seen since his days in Ruin.} Alright, listen here you little bitch I am not a disciple of your stupid fucking cult. I never fucking was. It doesn’t matter what a fucking doctor says nor does it matter how much they fucking shocked me. All that matters is that I have recovered from that phase. {After FDS outburst, Necce responds in a way that most wouldn’t expect. Rather than lash out at him, he simply lets out a smirk.} Looks like that blood still runs through your veins after all. {After this, FDS begins to compose himself a bit.} You left as someone who was hated, someone who was feared, but most importantly, someone who was respected. You left as FDS, and you returned as Daniel. {FDS quickly turns back around to the mirror.} (Whispers to self, repeatedly) Calm down… You’re not that guy anymore. You are broken, but I can fix you. {FDS turns back around to see that Necce has suddenly vanished, leaving only the mask that he wore earlier this year. FDS slowly walks up to the mask, and simply places his fingertips on it, before the camera suddenly cuts to black.}
  14. Born: August 1st, 1996  Set to debut: March 1st, 2015 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: American Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: All Around  Body Type: Muscular Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: The one below light heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight   Moves: Antichrist Revolution (Lifting Under-hook DDT), Last of the Loving Ones (Pump-handle Death Valley Driver) Face Gimmick: Fan favorite, more of a tweener Heel Gimmick: Psychotic bastard Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wrestler Pictures: