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  1. Isn’t weird how Dave Jones only does updates on Jack Bashka?
  2. Necce

    NFL Points League

    This is gonna happen by the way. I forgot about it lol. We’re gonna start with week 8.
  3. This is the second time you’ve cut this exact same promo
  4. Necce

    NFL Points League

    So I thought this would be fun, or at the very least, somewhat interesting. So this is a league with only 32 spots available (doubt we’ll reach that, but whatever.) Each person who joins will be assigned a team. The goal of the game is hoping that the team you’re selected does well and scores a high amount of points. At the end of the regular season, we’ll add up all of the points, and the team with the most accumulated points is the winner. Your points will be doubled in the playoffs, and if your team makes it to the Super Bowl, your points will be tripled. Sound fun? Probably. Already scored points will be added in.
  6. Well it only took long enough. Finally time for me to beat Flynn and that other guy for the Undisputed title.
  7. I mean, at this point, were we ever not a team?
  8. {We open on a bright and cheerful scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute.} {The camera focuses on the big red door of the Corner. Plain white text appears in the middle of the screen.} “Necce Has A Surprise.” {The camera zooms out to show the signature setting of the Corner. Necce walks in through the door and is all smiles as usual. His maroon sweater and navy blue slacks pop off of the screen. He stands in front of the big red door and clasps his hands, barely able to contain his excitement.} Hello friends, and welcome back to the most magnificent show in the whole wide world, Antichrist Corner! Where with each installment, we move one step closer on our journey to find the YOU….in you. We have a real humdinger of a show today. Excuse my language, but I am just so gosh darn excited. Why? Well, we’ll get to that later. As right now, we have to talk about a dear friend of the show. You all know him and love him, he is the reigning BPZ Undisputed Champion, Flynn! {A clip of booing begins to play before being abruptly cut off.} Now, now, that’s not how we treat friends is it? Especially since I owe our dear Flynn an apology. You see friends, last week, I did a bad thing. A really, really, bad thing. I let slip a surprise I hoped to save until today, but I let my emotions get the better of me. I hope we can all learn something from this, especially Flynn, who learned that you can’t say those mean things about people. You see, Flynn and I have a very long, storied history. Going back many years now. The Flynn that rules over BPZ today isn’t always the Flynn that I knew, however. He became something mean and cruel. He became a bully. A man who picked on the runts of the litter. He would occasionally get his comeuppance when he would always fail against an actual formidable foe, but he would rarely go after them. He mostly picked on the ones who couldn’t defend themselves, the new kids. That’s who he mostly defended his various championships against. People who had no way of beating him, because then he would actually seem dominant. But that’s not all friends, because Flynn has been on a very brand new trend recently. He’s been all about “free” opportunities as of late. He has shown a great distaste towards people getting title matches, or matches in general, that they don’t deserve. But the silliest thing about that is, has Flynn ever earned any of his title matches? How many of the many, many championships that Flynn has won could be considered “deserved?” How many times has Flynn been placed into championship matches for seemingly no reason? It may just be me, but I think Flynn is all in a tiffy because it’s his championship, but hey, what do I know? I’m just the man who’s beaten Flynn every time it mattered the most. Uh oh children, is that what I think it is? IT IS, it’s our word of the day! {A clip of children cheering plays before being abruptly cut off. Necce rolls out a big chalkboard and pulls a metal pointer out of his back pocket.} Today’s word of the day is: Hypocrisy {Necce flips the chalkboard over to show the definition.} “Flynn” {A clip of slightly distorted laughter plays as Necce looks towards the camera.} Now who was the silly billy that wrote this on the board? Oh you rapscallions. Always playing a goof on me with your no-goodery. While this may be correct, the ACTUAL definition of hypocrisy is… {Necce flips the board over again to show the proper definition.} “Behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel.” So in other words, when Flynn portrays himself as someone who only defends against people who fought hard and earned their way in this company, yet he has done absolutely nothing to warrant his level of success here. Another example is when he berates people for not having the amount of big matches as him or on his level in the company, when he has lost to everyone he’s ever faced in a big match and is only ever the face of the company when they need to transition between champion to champion. You know Flynn, for a long time, I thought that I hated you. But I have learned that hate is a very, very mean word. You see, love and hate, are two of the strongest words in the English language. Both represent opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, showcasing the most extreme of emotions that we are capable of understanding. But while I wouldn’t say that I love you, I most certainly wouldn’t say that I hate you. What I feel for you is somewhere right dead smack in the middle of the spectrum. It’s called “blissful indifference.” After years and years of, quite frankly, unfair and unfit comparisons, I have learned one simple fact. {Necce flips the chalk over again.} “You ≠ Me” {Necce places the tip of the pointer over every word as he reads them aloud.} You. Does not equal. Me. That’s as simple as it gets Flynn. You are not me, and I am not you. We are two completely different people. Controllers of our own destinies, and feelers of feelings too complex for the other to understand. But with that simple truth, comes another, even more bitter truth. {Necce flips the chalk board over once more.} “You < Me” {He does the same as before. Placing the pointer on each word as he reads them.} You. Are less than. Me. There is no way around it Flynn. There are no asterisks you can place. No excuse to make. No amount of insults to make it any less true. I am better than you. In every possible conceivable way. And if you don’t believe me, well let’s just look at the statistics. {Necce places the pointer on the board once again. This time, something new is on the same board as before without Necce flipping it over.} “2-1” And as we are all very well aware, 2 is much greater than 1. But that’s not all. In those 3 matches, how many times have I ended your career? {Necce circles the tip of the pointer around the 1.} That’s right, 1. I’ve already had you at your weakest, what makes you think I won’t do it again, friend? {Necce looks deep into the camera with a wide, sinister smile across his face.} HOT DOG friends, I’ve been so busy speaking to my old pal, I’ve almost forgotten about our most favorite of friends. Our cohost of the show, the world’s most cuddliest man, JERVIS COTTONBELLY! {The camera cuts over to a corner of the room that is covered with a large curtain. Suddenly, the curtain jerks up to find Jervis Cottonbelly kneeling down with his hands behind his back. But he’s not alone this time. With him is a large tank of water and 2 men, dressed all in black, standing behind him. When the curtain rises, they are holding Jervis’ head under the water, but quickly pull him out.} Hello Jervis, going for a quick swim huh? {Jervis begins to speak, but this time, his real voice plays.} “Please...please let me go. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll give you money, I won’t tell anyone about this. I just want some food, or to walk around. Please I’ll do anythi-“ {Jervis’ head is quickly forced back into the water. The camera cuts back to Necce.} Are you ok Jervis, you don’t sound too well? {The camera cuts back over to Jervis, whose head has been pulled out of the water. This time, the computer voice from last time plays.} “I’m sorry Necce, all this water has been making me feel under the weather. But I can’t help myself, there's no more perfect place to swim than the Corner. The warmth of the sun and friendliness of the flowers makes this a splendid place for a dip hot dog.” {The camera cuts back to Necce.} Well Jervis, I won’t hold you up much longer. Have fun, and remember, always keep your head above water. {Necce begins to laugh as Jervis is once again forced underwater as the curtain is drawn over them. The camera cuts back to Necce, who is finishing up his laughter. He ends it with a clap, and holds his hands together.} Well friends, it’s time to explain why we are here today. Why are we talking about our most cherished friend Flynn? Well that’s because, while initially declining my challenge to him, with a little convincing, he has challenged me to meet him face to face at the upcoming Bad Blood event. Isn’t that just so wonderful? And I just wanted to publicly say that, I accept your challenge Flynn, I will meet you at Bad Blood! {A clip of children cheering plays before being abruptly cut off.} But that’s not all I wanted to address. Before he declined my challenge, Flynn said something that I just didn’t agree with. He said that I threatened him. He said that I used my new lease on life to issue out a threat towards him and his safety. Well Flynn, I just wanted to say that I didn’t threaten you friend… {Necce’s demeanor begins to slowly shift. His attitude becomes more sinister.} ...but I could. I very easily could. You wanna see how? {Necce pauses for a second, drawing out the suspension.} Do you remember my little surprise from the last time we were here? Well, I think I should show you what it does now. {Necce pulls out the white mask from behind his back. He slowly puts the mask on, and once it’s on, the sound of static begins to play at a blistering tone. The camera jumps between cuts of the mask at different angles, and his eyes behind the mask are jet black. Above the static, sounds of heavy breathing are heard, as well as someone softly singing.} Lock all the doors Kill the lights No ones coming home tonight {As this goes on, the heavy breathing slowly turns into grunting.} The sun beats down And don’t you know All our lives are growing cold {The grunting starts to turn into small screams.} They bring news that must get through To build a dream For me and you {Finally, one long, guttural scream is let out, coinciding with the screaming of the person singing.} LOCKED IN A PLACE WHERE NO ONE GOES {The end of the screaming comes when Necce takes off the mask. His demeanor is now more frantic and wild. His adrenaline is running at 1000.} WOOOOOOOO. THAT WAS CRAZY WASN’T IT FRIENDS? THAT WAS JUST SO MUCH FUN. AREN’T SURPRISES JUST SO THRILLING? IT REALLY MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD WHEN YOU GET SURPRISES LIKE THAT ONE. WELL MY FRIENDS, I’VE GOT TO RUN NOW. BUT REMEMBER, JUST WHEN YOU THINK IM GONE FOREVER, I'LL ALWAYS BE BACK. BYE NOW!! {Necce quickly rushes out of the door. Leaving a few seconds of just the door in the camera frame. The Antichrist Corner logo appears once again, as the camera slowly fades to black.}
  9. I just attempted murder FOR FREE. You know what I’d do if there was a belt on the line?
  10. I’ll give it to you, Texas was on par with LSU the whole game. We were just slightly better. Great game though.

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