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  1. Necce


    The screen is black. However slight drops of water can be heard off in the distance. The light of the camera is turned on, the setting being revealed as the most desolate place in all of BPZ, the home of not just one of the members of the BPZ roster, but now two. The camera slowly pans around the room until it finally pauses, showcasing the reunited duo of Flynn and Necce, The Golden Legacy. Flynn is dressed in a golden and black jacket, the letters “GL” proudly stitched to the front. Necce wears a similar jacket however the black is much more prominent to the gold, the stitching having a much more darker presence over the “Antichrist”. Both sit in two metal chairs, across from one another, almost as if they are having their own conversation, however slowly they turn their heads to the camera, the room turning ice cold, the presence of these two men being on the same page is felt by every member of the BPZ Universe tonight. Flynn: “This is the calm before the storm. We didn’t unite just to sit back and watch everything in this company continue to play out the way it is. The current state of BPZ suggest that a new Kingdom is on the verge of taking over. The Golden Legacy built the mountain that we sit on top of, however we have nothing to show for it. The Kingdom rival us as the most prominent alliance in BPZ. You see however unlike other duos that have risen and opposed you these last few months, we are a family, we are brothers and united, we are unstoppable. Over the course of the past year, only one man has truly defeated me one on one in this ring, and it is Necce. Over the past year, only on man has defeated Necce in that ring, and that is me. We know each other better then we know ourselves.” Flynn looks over to Necce who continues to look down, his eyes fixed on the floor as if he is trapped in his own thoughts, paging no attention to Flynn’s message to the Kingdom. “So what does all this mean for the Kingdom? It means times up. Right here right now, the Golden Legacy is laying down the challenge. We want those tag team championships. For so long we’ve dominated the singles game, however never have we been able to say that together, we stand on top of our mountain of glory. That together, we are the KINGS of BPZ. We are already the golden standard for that squared circle. We are the bar in terms of performances night in and night out in that ring. We test our opponents like no one else. We determine the wrestlers from the phonies. As for all three of the Kingdom, all I see are prosperous talents who couldn’t reach this mountain alone. Talents who had to ride the coattails of others to earn their fame. None of you grinded night in and night out in that gym, none of you earned your wealth or fame on your own. Yet all three of you call yourselves “The Kingdom”. As if you are currently the standard of this business. You aren’t. You defeated nobodies to get to where you are. And now it’s time you are tested by the best. We do not care which duo decides to take the test at Summerslam. Just let it be known that you will be pushed to the limit, you will be taken to places you’ve never been, and you will be exposed to the world for what you really are. And we will reap in your downfall, with the beginning of the greatest tag team championship reign of all time.” Flynn now finished speaking turns his body back towards Necce, he now looks down as Necce slowly turns to the camera. {Necce stands up and slowly walks over to Flynn. He places the back of his hand on Flynn’s chest and begins to speak to his former rival turned Tag partner.} Necce:”You know man, it’s almost like every time we interact with each other, the entire world goes crazy. When we united as the original incarnation of Legacy many years ago, it sent shockwaves across not only BPZ, but the entire wrestling world that are still talked about today. When I joined your team at Survivor Series, everyone was shocked, Flynn had managed to grab Necce out of the shadows he had been in for months. When we faced at BPZMania, the world was on the edge of their seats, the match 3 years in the making and a match everyone had marked down as their dream BPZ match was finally in progress. And when we faced again 3 months later, they rejoiced, one of the best matches of the year. And then finally, when we reunited as brothers, they felt relief, the men who were always brothers and were meant to stay that way had finally reconnected. You see every time we come together, there is always a new enemy we need to fight. At the beginning, there was the monolithic foundation of BPZ itself, Evolution. At Survivor Series it was the status quo of BPZs guard from the past to the present in The Order. And now, there is only a Kingdom. Now my friend and myself are no strangers to admitting when we have failed. And one of the biggest disappointments of both of our careers came from of the very first time we ever teamed up. We were embarrassed by Evolution. Here we were, these brash upstarts who were looking to make names for themselves by kicking the old guards from high upon their perch, only to be brushed off by those same guards the moment things got serious. After that, we all moved on with our careers. We had grown and matured enough to where we felt confident that if we teamed up again at our current state, we could take down The Order. But once again, we failed. There was just something missing. Something we couldn’t quite describe. A true bond. Our past has all been driven purely by our own individual agendas. Never have we truly came together in order to help THE OTHER accomplish what they want to accomplish. The Tag Team Championship’s. That is the symbol of this bond, of this brotherhood. Flynn, he wants to be Tag Team Champion. I want to be a Tag Team Champion but most importantly we want the Golden Legacy to be Tag Team Champions. We want to make up for our past and blaze a new trail into the future. We are making up for lost time. For the better part of the last year we tried to kill each other. Now, we will build each other. Hate and Love created this machine and it’s the same hate and love that will drive us to destroy the Kingdom and become Tag Team Champions. Quote the Raven…” {Necce pauses before finishing the final line of his infamous and often imitated catchphrase. He looks over to his tag partner for a brief meeting of their eyes. Necce looks back over to the camera and starts his line over again.} Necce:”Quote the Legacy…” {Necce raises his arms into the crucifixion pose. Flynn’s hands can be seen coming from under Necce’s arms. He points his fingers in the style of a gun and points both of them at the camera. He finishes the final line of the catchphrase.} Flynn: “…Nevermore” Both men stay in this pose until the feed slowly fades to black. The team that has only just reunited are setting their sites on the BPZ Tag Team Championships. Will they accomplish their goals and win the coveted belts, or will this reunion be short lived thanks to yet another failure?
  2. Necce

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

    I’m curious to see what you would give this match as it was posted before star ratings became an Integral of kayfabe and write ups.
  3. Necce

    The Golden Legacy

    {The theme of the former Universal Champion cuts in without any of the usual build up. The crowd explodes anyway, this is the first time they’ve seen Necce since his 5 star rematch with Flynn nearly a month ago. This is also his first time on EVOLVE television since February of this year when he turned up on the purple brand for a one off appearance in the build up to his short lived rivalry with FDS heading into Bragging Rights. His first time as a member of the purple brand since his brief role on the roster in the summer of 2017. He walks to the ring, and he’s wearing the same clothes he wore at King of the Ring; A black and yellow Black Flag “My Rules” T shirt, a black unzipped jacket with holes cut out for his thumbs, a flannel jacket around his waist, a pair of jeans with holes cut out at the knees, and a pair of black beat up converse. Unlike King of the Ring, he rolls into the ring like he usually does. Once in the ring, he just stares at Flynn. His eyes are different. They don’t hold the same anger and hatred they did before. The two men stare at each other, unaware what the other is going to do. Before tonight they’d be at each other’s throats, but now, they just stand there in silence. Necce walks over to Flynn, rather than starting a confrontation, he walks over to the ropes behind Flynn and asks for a microphone. Once he receives one, he walks back over to where he was. But he looks at the ropes rather than Flynn. As he concentrates on the ropes, he begins to speak.} At King of the Ring, I did something I haven’t done since Survivor Series of last year. I lost. My first pinfall loss of the year came in possibly the biggest match of my entire career. And with that loss, I have been brought back to a place that I have been festering in for close to 9 months. I had to go back to the night where I lost everything. The night where a man that I considered more of a brother than a tag partner or a colleague. And at King of the Ring, history had seemed to repeat itself. I threw everything in my arsenal at you, and still you beat me. My time with the title had come and gone, and it was time for time to re-evaluate my career. So I went home, I sat with my family, and I thought. I thought about where I would go from there, what would I say when I reemerged, how would I face the fans that I told I would walk out of King of the Ring with the Universal Championship? But then I thought about King of the Ring again. I thought about the ovation we received. The fans, they didn’t care who won or who lost, they were on the edge of their seats the entire time. And when was all said and done, they gave us a standing ovation, something I have never received in any match I’ve ever been apart of, win or lose. And I thought that, even in defeat, I was probably the happiest I have ever been in a wrestling ring. And I came to the conclusion that the happiest times in my life… {Necce finally turns around to face Flynn.} ...was with you by my side. {The crowd explodes, it seems as if after 9 months of hatred and animosity, these two former best friends have put aside their differences. The two men once again stare at each other, neither of them saying or doing anything. Flynn breaks the stagnation by once again extending his hand to Necce, almost as an olive branch of sorts. The fans begin to chant “Yes” at the top of their lungs. Necce looks at Flynn’s hand, but rather than shake it, he forlornly raises the microphone back to his mouth.} I’m sorry, but I can’t. {Necce drops the mic and goes to walk out of the ring. Flynn, frustrated after being left hanging by Necce for the third time walks over to him and pushes him against the ropes. Necce looks shocked and angry, the man who had just wanted to bury the hatchet now wants to fight. Necce retaliates with a hard shove that send Flynn to the middle of the ring. The two men stare at each other for the third time, an anger begins to build within them, and within a second, the two men lunge at each other.} {The crowd explodes, the war between these two is finally over. The ovation and passion from the fans can be heard for miles around the arena. Two camera are on each man the first camera shows Flynn’s face as he whispers something into Necce’s ear.} “I’m sorry.” {The second camera on Necce’s face shows him answering Flynn.} “I am too.” {The two men break from the hug and hold each other’s arms high, both of them on the verge of tears. The two men who have just put on a 5 Star MOTY candidate with each other have finally reunited as something more important than tag partners, but best friends and brothers.}
  4. This seems like a great idea Ross! I hope everyone stays active throughout the tournament and that everyone brings their A-game.
  5. Necce

    Laying Down the Challenge

    I am shaken
  6. Necce

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

  7. Did this: 


  8. Necce

    BPZ King of the Ring; Necce vs Flynn II

    {We now cut to the ring. It is the main event of King of the Ring. Julius has been crowned our brand new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and now it’s time to decide who will be walking out with the BPZ Universal Championship.} {The theme of “The Omega” sends shockwaves through the BPZ Universe as now everyone is on their feet in excitement for the second installment in what is shaping up to be the greatest rivalry in BPZ History. Flynn steps out onto the stage, wearing black trunks as well as a black cloak draped over him. His eyes are cold and he gives off no emotion as he takes center stage. He feels the energy from the crowd before marching directly to the ring, wasting little time for what could be the biggest match of the young stars career.} {He enters the ring before climbing straight up to the top turnbuckle, throwing both arms in the air, the crowd screaming his name at the top of their lungs, an almost parallel opposite to his reception heading into the first installment of Flynn vs. Necce. It only shows the work Flynn has done the past few months to regain the BPZ Universe’s admiration and respect. However it has yet to be seen if he’s received equal treatment from his former best friend and current Universal Champion.} {The lights in the entire arena shut off with a thunderous thud. Half of the arena jumps to their feet and cheers, the other half boos.} {The half of the crowd cheering sing along with the opening lines of the song.} I’ve got empires to lead. She’s got vampires to feed. You don’t miss me Anymore than I miss you. {The music cuts out, and the audience is left in the silence and darkness. After 60 seconds, nothing has happened. Until suddenly, the song kicks back in. Necce is standing on the ramp in his crucifixion pose. Every light in the arena shines brightly on him, and the Universal Championship around his waist shines back at them. He’s in his usual attire; A black Dinosaur Jr. “feel the pain” T shirt, a black jacket with a hole cut out on each sleeve for his thumbs, a pair of jeans with holes cut out on his knees, a flannel jacket tied around his waist, and a pair of beat up converse, and a white, emotionless mask on his face, a symbol of the former Ruin stable.} {He slowly walks down to the ring, never taking his eyes off of Flynn. He gets down to the ring and rather than rolling in like he usually does, he uses the stares. He climbs up the turnbuckles to the second one and does his signature pose, a pose that is replicated by everyone that cheers for him tonight. He jumps down to mat and leans against the turnbuckles. His music fades out as an announcer and the referee for the match stand in the center of the ring. The bell rings three times before the announcer begins to speak.} “The following contest is the main event of the evening and is scheduled for one fall for the Universal Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. From Dallas, Texas. Weighing in this evening at 210 pounds, he is the winner of the first ever Power Trip Cup, ‘The Omega’ Flyyyynnnnn!” {Flynn places the bottom of his shirt in his mouth and points his finger gun at the crowd. Half of the crowd cheers loudly as the other half boo passionately. The announcer begins to speak again.} “And his opponent. From Lawtell, Louisiana. Weighing in this evening at 205 pounds, he is the Universal Champion, ‘The Antichrist’ Neeeeeecceeee!” {Necce once again raises his arms in his crucifixion pose. Just like Flynn, half of the crowd cheers loudly, and the other half boo passionately. The referee takes the Universal Championship belt from Necce. He shows it to him and walks to the other side of the ring to do the same to Flynn. He walks back the center of the ring and hold the belt up high in the air. As he goes to the ropes to hand the belt to the timekeeper, the two men begin to get ready for the match. Necce takes off his mask, his jacket, and unties the flannel around his waist, and Flynn takes off the shirt he wore on his way to the ring. The referee asks both men if they are ready and starts the match.} {The bell rings. The arena is split 50/50, both the names “Flynn” and “Necce” echoes, pouring out the arena so loud that it can be heard for miles around. Both rivals stare down with malicious intent, neither going into tonight expecting to have to hold back against their opponent. Flynn maneuvers to the center of the ring, extending a hand for Necce to shake. Necce, looks down at Flynn’s hand in disgust before literally spitting in the face of Flynn! Flynn in a look of annoyance and frustration, quickly goes for a right hand in anger of Necce’s rejection however Necce catches Flynn’s right before flooring him with his own right hand. Flynn now sitting on the mat is looking directly up at Necce, who steps back, motioning for Flynn to stand. Flynn pulls himself to his feet, nodding to himself, understanding that Necce will be showing him no sort of respect for this match.} {Both circle the ring, their eyes locked on one another, anger, disgust and months of built up rage fueling this contest. Finally they combust, both rushing forward, Flynn overpowering Necce as he picks him up before driving him into the turnbuckles. He quickly attempts to follow up with a belly-to-belly Suplex however Necce actually Headbuts Flynn, stunning the challenger who releases his hold of Necce. Necce would quickly follow up, springboarding from the middle turnbuckle, to the top rope, delivering a stunning dropkick directly to the skull of Flynn, sending him flying through the ropes and onto the ring apron. Things are starting off hot right away and it doesn’t look to be slowing down as Necce sprints, bouncing off the ropes before leaping over the top rope on the other side, over Flynn before grabbing hold of Flynn’s waist and delivering a sunset flip Powerbomb just minutes into the match!} {Necce lifts Flynn up as he turns his attention to the crowd who are fired up! He screams as they cheer him on further. He throws the already stunned Flynn to the floor as he clears the announcers table. Flynn quickly attempts to fight back however a swift kick to the gut, followed by a nasty uppercut, sends Flynn back down. Necce proceeds to lay Flynn onto the announcers table, calling for something big. He re-enters the ring, before sprinting, springboarding off the top rope going for a 450 splash through the announcers tables but just prior to impact, Flynn rolls out of the way, sending Necce brutally crashing through the table! We are just five minutes in and both men are already on the receiving end of some unbearable pain.} {The referee, being lenient for such a blockbuster match, allows medical attendance to check on both men, however Flynn, back to his feet throws several medical attendance out of the way as he grabs hold of Necce before throwing him back into the ring. Flynn climbs up onto the apron before looking over at the top turnbuckle, the fans now screaming in encouragement. Flynn nodding, scales the top ropes, however, before being able to position himself, he’s attacked and bombarded with rights and lefts, allowing Necce to quickly scale up the ropes, lift Flynn up into electric chair position and deliver a Delirium Trigger(Electric Chair German Suplex) from the top rope! He’s not done there however as he doesn’t release, lifting Flynn back up into a release German! Necce pins Flynn…} 1...2. NO! {Flynn kicks out of the first pin fall in this heated match. Necce nodding understanding what more must be done as he begins looking for his infamous sling blade, awaiting Flynn to reach his feet. Upon doing so, Necce rebounds off the ropes however, Flynn quickly bounces off the opposite ropes before catching Necce with his very own Spear! He’s not finished there however, quickly grabbing hold of his opponent, lifting him straight up and performing his Guillotine!(Pumphandle Neckbreaker)} 1...2. NO! {The combination of high impact maneuvers fails as Flynn only nods much as Necce did, also understanding it will take much more to put Necce away. Flynn begins beating on the mat, calling for his FKO, however, just before completion, Necce shoves Flynn into the turnbuckles, before following it up with a disgusting dropkick to the back of Flynn’s neck! Flynn now laying on the mat, Necce looks around before pointing at the top turnbuckle himself, the crowd electric! Showing much approval. Nodding, Necce scales the top turnbuckle however as soon as he focuses on his opponent, it’s too late. Flynn in a sudden burst of energy hightails before leaping to the top turnbuckle and landing a hurricanrana from the top rope rope to the outside of the Ring!} {“THIS IS AWESOME” echoes in the arena. Both men are out on the outside following the brutal maneuver. After several moments, Flynn is the first back to his feet. He rolls into the ring before looking down on Necce, slowly nodding, the fans getting behind “The Omega” as their energy flows through him. He sets up for a suicide dive on Necce, however just prior to impact, Flynn is caught midair with a modified Death From Above! Flynn is absolutely out! Necce struggles to move just as Flynn does, both men laying on the floor in pain. It is Necce who is back to his feet first this time. Necce rolling into the ring, looks down on Flynn before screaming for his signature “Death From Above”. He calls for the maneuver ripping off his shirt before springboarding off the ropes as Flynn reaches his feet however this time Flynn has an answer to Necce’s high flying onslaught, catching him with an FKO! Flynn extremely weak, slowly gets the knocked out Necce into the ring before finally pinning him.} 1...2.. NO! {Necce gets his shoulder up in a sudden burst of energy. Flynn growing increasingly more and more annoyed as time goes on, he grabs hold of Necce, attempting his signature Powerbomb, however, Necce slips out, rebounding off the ropes before connecting with his very own Sling Blade on a confused Flynn, only for a quick two count! He grabs hold of Flynn, attempting an Antichrist Revolution, however Flynn lifts Necce up, before bridging and connecting with a wicked slam! He once again lifts Necce up for the Powerbomb however yet again Necce slips out, this time spinning Flynn around and kicking him straight in the gut. He calls for Flynn’s own Powerbomb before swerving everyone and hitting the Essential Eliminator on Flynn! The very move that Slim has used to put away both of them away before!} 1...2… NO! {Flynn yet again kicks out! Necce now is growing frustrated, he pounds on the mat, clearly wanting to put Flynn away sooner rather than later. He begins stomping on Flynn before looking around at the fans, throwing both arms up as he feels the fans energy coursing through him. However Flynn at the same time pulls himself to his feet. He meats Necce as yet again both begin to slug it out. However Necce floors Flynn, landing a maneuver he has not used for three years THE NECCE EFFECT!} 1...2…. NO! {Flynn just barely gets his shoulder up as Necce is shocked. He yet again pounds on the map before asking the referee if he is sure, in which he responds claiming that he is. Necce nodding, understands that he has the match firmly under his control. He grabs hold of Flynn before screaming in his face, claiming that he’s going to make him pay. He throws Flynn back down before climbing the top turnbuckle. However, he proceeds to remove a cigarette and actually light it before proceeding to smoke, while seated on the top turnbuckle. Flynn slowly crawling over to Necce, reaches his feet. He pulls himself up to meet Necce at eye level, however, receives a lit cigarette to the face, causing him to scream in pain. Necce quickly follows up, grabbing Flynn and lifting him up before nailing a Styles Clash!} {Necce however refuses to pin Flynn, instead lifting him straight up before nailing the Antichrist Revolution! Necce yet again however refuses to pin Flynn, looking to put him through more punishment. He begins stomping on every limb of Flynn’s body, looking to cause some serious pain for his former best friend. He grabs him by the throat, choking him as he screams in his face, nothing but hate in Necce’s eyes. Flynn however in a sudden explosion, throws Necce onto his shoulders, looking for Necce’s own Delirium Trigger, however drops him before landing something out of Necce’s former Tag partner FDS’ moveset, A BLOODY RAINMAKER!} 1…2… NO! {Necce kicks out! Flynn now back in control, looks to yet again scale to the top rope, however by the time he finally reaches the top, Necce is actually there to great him. Both duke it out from the top, neither letting off on the other, however it is Necce who comes out on top, landing a sickening uppercut, before connecting with THE ANTICHRIST REVOLUTION FROM THE TOP ROPE!} 1...2…3 NO! {Flynn somehow… somehow he kicked out! Necce is going ballistic, screaming at the referee as he does not believe it. Necce now furious, lifts Flynn up and sets him back on the top rope. He yet again calls for the maneuver on a seemingly dead Flynn, this time it’s not looking like Flynn will kick out. However, out of nowhere, as Necce is running up the ropes at lightning speed, looking for a hurricanrana, but as he jumps up, Flynn catches him. Flynn jumps from the turnbuckle, holding Necce only by the belt loops in his jeans. Flynn has enough strength to slam Necce to the ground with a powerbomb. The force of the slam is so great that Necce bounces at least 2 feet in the air. However Flynn, too weak to pin Necce, rolls to the outside of the ring and onto the floor. Flynn eventually returns to the ring, just as Necce is beginning to recover. Flynn, seemingly destroyed, begins calling for his FKO, however swerved everyone, sprinting against the ropes for a Spear however is caught by Necce with an uppercut, who proceeds to lift him up and connect with a Burning Hammer!} {He straight away lifts Flynn up before nailing him with the BEGOTTEN, IT'S ALL OVER!} 1...2...3 NO! {Flynn’s foot was under the bottom rope! He’s still in this! Necce is furious, beating now on the skull of Flynn with several rights and lefts, punishing the challenger. He stops however in a breath of exhaustion, instead relaxing back on the unconscious Flynn. However, like a jump scare in a horror movie, Flynn awakens, locking in the Slim Killer on the unsuspecting Necce who laid beside him! Necce struggles as Flynn looks to put him asleep! Necce can’t reach any of the ropes around him and his feet aren’t close enough to the ropes to break the hold. Flynn continuously tightens the hold, cutting off Necce’s air supply. Necce begins to go for broke, clawing his way across the ring. Slowly, he moves both him and Flynn across the ring with nothing more than his fingertips. His face is beginning to turn purple from the lack of oxygen and the veins in his eyes are beginning to pop. He is near the rope, but just can’t quite reach it, he makes one last attempt to crawl near it. Due to his fading consciousness and exhaustion, Necce still can’t get close enough to grab the rope. His eyes begin to drop and the light inside of him is starting to go out. Right as it seems he’s going to pass out,he makes one last swipe at the ropes, only able to get the top of his middle finger on the bottom rope, forcing the break. The crowd goes insane, Necce has broken out of the Slim Killer, making him the first to do so. He rolls out of the ring and onto the floor, sucking in deep gulps of air. Flynn, weak, bruised and battered collapses to the mat. The intensity of this match has taken everything out of these two. Flynn struggles to get to his feet, using the ropes to stand. After a moment of standing, he proceeds to fall to a knee, unaware of what’s going on around him. Necce has recovered and stands on the apron. He jumps to the top rope and goes for the Death From Above, but Flynn acts on his instincts and counters with an FKO!} WHAT AN FKO! 1...2...3 NO! {NECCE KICKED OUT! Flynn looks absolutely shocked. Both men have thrown everything in their arsenal at the other and yet both are still fighting. Flynn now nodding, understands what he must do, calling for another FKO. He beats on the mat, as just like BPZMania, he attempts the back to back FKO’s to put Necce away. He goes for the FKO, but Necce catches him in mid air and sets up for the Begotten! Necce now has Flynn in the same maneuver that put him away at BPZ Mania in the center of the ring! He goes to connect however Flynn. Flynn however swings out of Necce’s grasp BEFORE CONNECTING WITH AN FKO! Flynn doesn’t go for a pin. Instead, he just stands up and looks down on Necce. He writhes in pain on the mat after getting hit with the 3rd FKO of the match. Flynn looks down at him like at BPZMania. But rather than a look of disgust on his face, there is empathy and regret. He knows how far they have both let this get, but now, he must hopefully put an end to it. He grabs Necce, lifting up his former best friend before looking him in his eyes…..} “I LOVE YOU” {POWERBOMB! 1...2...3 ITS OVER! WE HAVE A NEW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! FLYNN HAS BECOME THE FIRST EVER 2 TIME UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! Both men are exhausted, they threw everything they had at the other, neither man has anything to be ashamed of in this match. Flynn is too tired to move, he just stays there, laying on top of Necce in the pinning position. He finally musters up enough strength to roll over onto his back. Several trainees at the BPZ Performance Center come in and put ice packs on the two weary competitors. Flynn rolls over to the ropes and manages to pulls himself up. The referee walks over and raises his hand, it seems as if this is the only thing keeping Flynn standing. He hands Flynn the belt, Flynn looks down at the belt he lost almost 5 months ago with tears in his eyes. He falls down to a seated position.} {He manages to once again get back to his feet as does the former champion, Necce. Both men stare at each other, their bodies ravaged with pain after enduring what the other man has put them through. As they stare, Flynn’s music fades. Everyone in attendance stands up to show respect to the performance that both men put on tonight. Flynn breaks the stagnation of both of them by extending his hand. Necce looks at it for a few moments, but he declines. Almost as if he’s acting against his will, he shakes his head at Flynn and leaves the ring with his T-shirt in his hands. The camera cuts back and forth between Necce and Flynn. Necce leaves the arena limping, everyone in attendance, even those that booed him at the beginning, are cheering him not only for his performance here tonight, but out of respect for his brief time with the title. It then cuts back to Flynn who stands in the ring alone with his title. In the build for this match, he said that he would not only regain his title, but his best friend aswell, and yet, he only stands there with one of those thing. Before he leaves, Necce does his crucifixion pose on the ramp and says his signature catchphrase, along with everyone in attendance.} “Nevermore.” {As he walks away, Flynn’s music cuts back on and he celebrates in the the ring with his newly won title. The BPZ Neccework copyright logo appears in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, the show closes with the king of Carnage returning to his throne.}
  9. {The screen is completely black and only has white text in the center of it.} April 1st, 2018 {We are at the ending of the first ever singles match of Flynn vs Necce. Necce goes for a sling blade, but Flynn catches him. He looks like he is going for his powerbomb finisher, but instead, he throws Necce into the air and catches him with the second FKO of the match. The crowd goes insane, they believe that they have seen Flynn retain his Universal Championship once again. But rather than going for the pin, Flynn just looks down at his former best friend. A look of disgust and hatred shines clearly on his face. He picks Necce up by his hair and stares him right in his eyes. He says the same words that he said to him when he turned on him all the way back at last years Survivor Series.} “FUCK. YOU.” {He goes for another FKO, a move that would surely end the match, but in a second, Necce catches Flynn in mid air and hits the Begotten. He picks Flynn up by his hair enough to where he is on one knee. Necce quickly jumps to the ring apron and hits a brutal Death From Above. He goes for the pin as the entire stadium counts along.} 1...2...3! {History has been made. Necce has become the second ever Universal Champion. The entire stadium celebrates as Necce is awarded the title belt. The fan reaction is so loud that it starts a small earthquake. He stands on the stage with his T shirt in one hand and his newly won title in the other in his crucifixion pose. The camera points to him as he mouths “thank you” to the crowd.} {We cut to the next night. Necce makes his first address as Universal Champion to a thunderous ovation. Necce attempts to speak, but the crowds chants distract him. He has a large smile across his face, something unusual for him. The crowd eventually do begin to get quite, anxious to hear his first words after winning the Universal Championship.} “I just want you all to know that this…this isn’t for me. this title isn’t for me, it for every single one of you. This...is for everyone that has been told that they aren't good enough. This is for the people like me who were told to their face that they wouldn’t amount to anything. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAS EVER HAD A DREAM THAT THEY HAD TO SCRATCH AND CLAW TO ACHIEVE. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO FEEL WORTHLESS AND FEEL LIKE THE WORLD WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEY DON’T HAVE A SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN THE NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL TO BE ANYTHING MORE THAN NOTHING, BUT FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING THEY HAVE, EVERY OUNCE OF COURAGE AND POWER IN THEIR HEARTS AND THEIR SOULS, UNTIL THEY CAN SAY THAT THEY ARE WORTH A SHIT IN THIS WORLD. THIS. IS. FOR. YOU!!!” {The crowd goes ballistic, clearly able to hear the fire and passion in Necce’s words. Necce has become overrun with emotion, screaming himself to the point of exhaustion. He begins to talk about what brought him to the Universal Championship.} “I had everything against me and the words of my father on a constant loop. Those words followed me like a plague all the way through training and throughout my short indy career. They followed me into my first day in the BPZ Performance Center. They’ve followed me my entire career here in BPZ, from my first match, to my United States Championship win. It wasn’t until last night where I didn’t hear those words. It was after the match when I sat in my locker room alone. My body aching and sore from the battle I had just gone through and my head was pulsing like a heartbeat. The adrenaline was wearing off and I had finally come to my senses. I had done what I set out to do, what I had spent over 4 months pursuing, I had beaten Flynn. As I looked down at the belt I hold now, something changed within me. As soon as the shine from it hit my eye, the words of my father drifted away like bad dream. I had done it. I had proved him wrong, because now I can proudly say that I stand before you the new BPZ Universal Champion!” {On that same show, we hear from the former Universal Champion and the former King of Carnage, Flynn.} “I, after nearly a year as Universal Champion, was defeated. My emotions got the better of me, and I played perfectly into Necce’s trap. Necce was in my head going into last nights bout and he had me scouted out like no other challenger before him. Where every other challenger failed, Necce excelled. He knew my every move before I even thought of it. And while this may come as a surprise to many of you, I do congratulate him on the win. Defeating me, even hanging in this ring with me is no easy task. So good job Necce. After last night, I will say while I don’t like Necce, I respect him. I will also say, that I am by no means done with you, because as long as I have a plausible rematch for that Universal Championship, you can garentee that it will be coming back to its owner. However not yet. Last night I will admit I was devestated. I lost everything. I was emotionally destroyed and physically exhausted. Necce had successfully taken everything from me, and I let him. You see to stay on top of this business you have to learn how to adapt or perish. Right now I am adapting. Necce while I will be getting my rematch, it will not be soon. Because you see for now, I will be worrying solely on improving myself in order to eventually defeat you and reclaim my Universal Championship. That is not all I will be doing however. This year, as I’ve said the past few months belongs to me. 2015 will forever remembered for Bailey’s dominance. 2016 and 2017 were owned by Slims world title reigns. 2018, Flynn shows he is the best in the world. This journey however back to the top, BEGINS AT WORLD AT WAR. Now what is it I will be doing at this Carnage event? Taking a look back at last night, there’s only one man that is deserving of stepping one on one in the ring with me on this roster that is not named Ross, and that is the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, JOSHSNOW!” {Josh comes out from the back and both men exchange a war of words. Before being blindsided by then NXT Champion, Julius. Julius picks Flynn up on his shoulders and Flynn throws the Intercontinental Championship up in the air. We then cut to the next week on Carnage as Flynn, Ross, and Julius beat down Prince and Bailey. Flynn only says two sentences to the camera.} “We will now continue with your regularly scheduled program. Please enjoy the show.” {A revolution has begun.} {We cut to the first Carnage only PPV after BPZMania, World At War. Both Flynn and Necce are busy. Flynn competes for the Intercontinental Championship and competes in the first WarGames match in BPZ History, winning both of them. Necce, on the other hand, is participating in a triple threat match for his title. He is facing Brad and the debuting Sheridan, making her the first woman to compete in a match for a world title in BPZ. He defeats both of them easily and retains his championship. The camera hangs on a split shot of both men celebrating after their respective victories. } {“Black Honey” by Thrice begins to play as we cut to footage of the night after World At War, as the inaugural Power Trip Cup tournament is being announced. A chance for Carnage to once again make history and establish itself as the true A show. Amongst those that are announced to participate is the former Universal Champion, Flynn. We cut to his first match of the tournament, and it’s against his ROA stablemate, Buddy Ace. Fans are surprised, as they assumed it would be a one sided match, but instead, Buddy proved his potential as he took Flynn to the limit. After a hard fought match, Flynn puts Buddy away with an FKO, advancing to the second round where he will face Sheridan. He would win again, but this time it would be even more hard fought. This is a Flynn we haven’t seen in BPZ in a very long time, a Flynn who must earn everything.} {We cut to the Power Trip Cup PPV. Both Flynn and Necce have high stakes matches. In the semi-main event, Necce faces the ‘kiwi buzzsaw’ for the title, and in the main event, Flynn faces his right hand man in ROA, ‘The Underboss’ Julius. Both fight with everything they have and win. We cut to the closing moments of the Power Trip Cup’s final match. Flynn hits Julius with an FKO, but he doesn’t stop there. Flynn lifts Julius up before leaning his skull against the turnbuckles. Flynn now looking to send a message, would form a gun with his hand, pointing it at Necce who is at commentary before Julius, pulls the trigger, and hits Julius with the V-Trigger, winning the match.} {Confetti falls from the ceiling as Flynn, the winner of the inaugural PTC is awarded his massive trophy. He and Julius embrace each other in a hug before he picks up his trophy. But with the shining light of victory, comes the darkness of the past. Flynn turns over to the stage to see Necce standing on the entrance ramp. Both men stare into each other’s eyes. Necce raises his title in the air and Flynn raises his trophy. The fans go berserk, the stage for the rematch of the century has been set.} {We cut to the carnage after Judgment Day. Flynn comes out to address several things that happened the night before, but he has one main point to get to.} “Necce, I know you are listening. Seven months ago I let my own actions and greed for the Universal Championship cloud my judgement as a friend. It consumed me and destroyed me as a human being. Ever since BPZ Mania, where you beat me and ended my historic reign, I have sought redemption. A rematch against you not in the name of revenge but respect. I’m not looking to get my friend back, only to earn what little respect I can. To redeem myself from BPZ Mania and win back my Universal Championship, no shenanigans, no underhanded tactics. I know there’s still a lot of pain inside you, a lot of hate for me but at King of the Ring, we can let it all out once and for all, simply to see who is the better man in this ring. I’ll see you at King of the Ring Necce.” {We cut to the darkest and most desolate part of BPZ, the boiler room. Necce sits, and speaks directly to Flynn.} “So...it seems as if the tables have turned. It was a match 3 years in the making, and when it was all said and done, when the dust had settled and the final bell had rang, it was I who stood tall as Universal Champion. he belt that meant everything to you, the belt that had shaped every fiber of your self worth and had worked itself into being the defining accomplishment of your entire career, was now in my hands.  The only reason you want anyone to believe that you’ve changed even a little bit from BPZMania, is because I beat you. I embarrassed you. The man who wouldn’t and couldn’t be beaten, the longest reigning champion in BPZ history, was beaten by his former drug addict friend who hadn’t won a title in 2 years. The man he saw as the weakest link in the most embarrassing failure of his entire career had beaten him with the eyes of the entire world watching. And now you’ve come back like a hungry dog, with your tail between your legs and your eyes on the floor, saying that you want respect.  I’d be a fool to say that I didn’t expect this. I knew that when I beat you, you’d do a complete 180. Saying that you just wanted things to go back to the way they were before...almost as if you know that can never happen. I’d also be a fool to say that I didn’t know we’d meet again. As soon as we both stood across the ring from each other at BPZMania, I knew that no matter the outcome, we would face again, we had to. There is something about each other that drag out our absolute best. Perhaps it’s our history and our need to prove that we are better than the other. Or maybe it’s was purely circumstantial. My need to prove that I could beat you and your need to prove that I wasn’t on your level allowed us to take ourselves to farther level than we had ever been, before or since. It offered a high of sorts. A high that I could never achieve through any pill or drink. The type of high that I chased for years, dragging me deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of addiction. A wave of euphoria that washed over me as I lied there on the mat of BPZMania, the new Universal Champion. Defeating you offered me some peace of mind. Finally, the chip on my shoulder, the monkey on my back, the devil in my bloodstream, had been eradicated.  So here we are, the rematch. The match that the world of professional wrestling has been waiting for since our very first encounter. The man who has dragged himself up from the bottom to challenge for the championship, versus the champion that has yet to be beaten all year. And thus, the tables have turned. See you at King of the Ring Flynn.” {The chorus of Black Honey is in full effect as we cut back to Flynn responding to Necce.} “I realized then I not only had everything coming to me, but if I did continue down the road I was setting for myself, I’d become a monster, a monster like our current Universal Champion. I would be a being consumed and engulfed with nothing more then hate, anger and depression. I would be a man who only wants one thing and that is for others to feel his pain. Whether it be emotionally, mentally or physically, Necce wants all to suffer as he has.  The Universal Championship, it’s his drug, his happiness. It’s the one thing that keeps him from yet again going rough shot through that roster as he did leading into BPZ Mania to get to me. This monster for years has been on the edge, and the cruel, evil, cool thing that I did to him, it is what finally sent him over the edge. I can not apologize for what I did. I know that now more then ever. Necce, the man I knew is far gone. A monster stands in his place. I’m not trying to twist the narrative, I know I’m not the good guy, I lost that reputation a long time ago. No, I am only now finally coming into terms that I still am not even THE GUY.  Flynn vs. Necce TWO, King of the Ring and what a fitting name that is. Because I believe I am the best in ring performer in the world, and from day one Necce it’s been a competition between us to fulfill that goal. We are simply two weeks away now from King of the Ring, and if you’ve been apart of my journey to get here since BPZ Mania, you know I’ve left my heart in this ring week after week to get to you Necce. We began this journey together, we teamed at the grandest stages and we have clashed at THE grandest stage. Now, we will do it again. I am on a quest to end your reign, and to get back just a piece of my friend. I can never get back my friend, but what I can do, is save him from the path he is on. At King of the Ring I take back the Universal Championship and I give it to these people. Every man, woman and child who DESERVE to see a fighting champion on a weekly basis, a type of champion that created the powerhouse that Carnage is, a place full of top tier talent. Together, we are all what makes up Carnage, however there’s a piece missing in the puzzle and that is the Universal Championship.” {We cut back to Necce in the boiler room.} “I am going to show you just why they call me the Antichrist.” {We to Flynn sitting in Necce’s boiler room.} You are someone with such greater potential Necce. I wanted to be alone in here, and I wanted to feel your pain Necce. I wanted to go through the same motions as you prior to a fight. I feel your hate Necce, and at King of the Ring, Love will be my only response. Necce you were my best friend and I loved you. I say loved, because I don’t know what you’ve become, but at King of the Ring, I’m going to try and save you.” {We cut back to Necce} “Quote the Raven..” {We cut back to Flynn.} “QUOTE THE RAVEN…” {We cut back to Necce.} “Never..” {We cut back to Flynn.} “...MORE.” {We cut back to the closing moments of PTC. Necce and Flynn stare at each other holding up both of their respective prizes. We hold on this image for a long time before it fades to black.}
  10. Necce


    This is the best promo you’ve ever cut. Against anyone. This deserves way more love.
  11. Necce

    WWE Fantasy League

    I’m in
  12. Necce

    Man Of The Year

    Bro you not on my level. I’m not risking the lowerance of my stock just because your pride is hurt. Get out ya feelings.
  13. Necce

    Man Of The Year

    Maestro never beat me and neither did CPE, so your entire “argument” has been rendered moot. However, since you decided to say that I got lucky, let me ask you this. If I simply got lucky, why was I able to do in one shot what you failed to do in 11? Why was I able to beat the guy who turned you into a joke when you couldn’t even get a single move in on him? Is it luck, or am I just better than you? It’s ok, you don’t have to answer, everyone already knows what the correct answer is bud.
  14. Necce

    Man Of The Year

    What did I have to fear in the first place kid? Someone I outshined so bad he wanted to renegotiate his contract? The guy who in a triple threat with a debuting person and a part timer with a bad neck still looked the weakest before they were ever “beaten up” back stage? What about the guy who always makes promises of success that he knows he can’t keep only to have it all blow up in his face? And now you think you’re “thee” champion, face it man, you’re an enhancement talent at best who the writers felt sorry for. So stay on Evolve and do what you do best; making much more talented guys look good. If you ever want to see what a real champion looks like, then my phone is like your contract, always open.

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