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  1. {We open on a scene of darkness. Pitch black surrounds any surface of land for miles. The area may be black as an abyss, but the sounds of crickets chirping and frogs croaking is deafening. We are deep within the rural swamps of Louisiana. Deep inside the darkness, a speck of light appeared, nothing more than the bulb of a firefly, but it gradually grows larger. The speck moves its way closer to the camera, dividing in two as it does. After a few moments, the source of the lights reveal themselves.} {The headlights grow even larger as they loom nearer. As they move closer to their destination, they show to be the headlights of a bus. The music playing inside of the bus starts to drown out the natural noise of the surrounding area. Gojira’s ‘Flying Whales’ blares through the radio speakers as the bus comes to a stop, and eventually parks. The light coming from the camera shows the large side of the bus, revealing the large letters that cover the entire length.} “The Necce Express” {The camera pans over to the front of the bus, showing the spot that it’s parked was, at one point, the front yard of the Antichrist Corner. Once an outwardly run down shack, now nothing more than a heap of blackened wood and ash that the Louisiana humidity was too stubborn to allow the wind to blow away. The bus sits in its resting place, stagnantly running. The engine grumbles and hisses away, before slowly dying out as the keys are taken out of the ignition. The sounds of the crickets and frogs returns at full force, as if they had never left to begin with, only masked. The door of the Necce Express slowly opens and out walks Necce, dressed in the same clothes he wore at Judgement Day. We are hours removed from the event, it is now 3 in the morning, deep within the witching hour. He slowly makes his way down the steps to the dirt ground below. He walks away from the bus with his nonshelaunt swagger, until suddenly coming to a stop, turning around to face the bus that was once his vessel in which he toured the country. A vestige of what he once was stares back at him, a symbol of the mask he once wore. He stares at the bus, lost in his own world, as we are transported to a time long ago.} {A long, dark corridor. The image remains placid, as the sounds are hard breathing and dragging feet echo along its hall. We cut to Necce, looking disheveled. It’s the night of BPZMania IV, he has just lost one of the most important matches of his career, a triple threat match between Bart, Echo Wilson, and himself for what would become the Universal Championship. He’s drenched in sweat, and he continuously grasps at his famously fragile neck as he shuffles his body, wracked in pain as he does. With each half step he takes, the hallway grows another inch, the ending seemingly running from him, taunting him as to what is at the end. Unable to take the pain any longer, he falls to his knees. He gasps for air, as wheezes turn to faint cries that he tries to hold in. A voice comes from deep within the walls of the hallway, soft and mysterious.} “What’s wrong?” Necce: “I….failed.” “Are you ok?” Necce: “I don’t know...I don't know what I’m gonna do..” “What about what we talked about?” Necce: “I already told you, I don’t want that.” “Why?” Necce: “I don’t know...I’ll just...I’ll figure it out.” “What else do you have?” Necce: “I can’t…” “You have nothing Jonnathan. Nothing to lose, this, is all you have..all you need.” Necce: “No….no I can’t...I ca-“ {Necce is cut off by a single dismembered gloved hand that we saw in the Corner. It gently strokes his face, lovingly, like a parent would to their child. The voice shushes him, as Necce sinks into himself.} “The world is too dangerous for a soul like you to wander alone.” {Necce stares off at space with a thousand yard stare. The hand slowly retreats back into the ether. Necce looks down into the endless hallway, only to find that he’s at the end, with nothing but a red door in front of him.} {Slowly, he stands up, his body now healed of all pain. His legs are wobbly beneath him, as if he’s learning to stand for the first time. Struggling to keep his balance, he keeps his stare placed firmly on the door. The monolithic structure before him. Necce soon catches his barings, and simply stares at the door.} {The song begins to play as Necce gazes upon the sleek red wood, luminated by the singular, ever swaying lightbulb above it.} I live at the end Of a 5 And a half Minute Hallway {Almost subconsciously, Necce begins to walk toward the door. One foot moving in front of the other, no motion his own.} But as Far As I Ca nSe E You are still miles from me I N Y O U Rdoorway {Necce gently places his hand on the doorknob. As soon as his skim meets the cold brass, the door opens with a shrill creek. He opens the door and looks off at what’s on the other side, as we fade back to the present. Necce stands there in front of the bus, gazing upon it almost as he did the red door. But now, his hands are in his pockets, and his expression is unimpressed.} My amazing grace. My savior. I was once lost, and then, I was found. I found something I never knew that I had lost in the first place. But when I found it, it shackled me, handcuffed me, muzzled me. My screams went unheard, my cries fell upon imaginative ears, as I frantically panicked for a way out, like a moth trapped in a lamp shade. My wings slapped against the bulb over and over, burning with each thump. I begged for them to turn the light off, but instead, the bulb got changed, the wattage got increased, and I became resigned to my scars. I smiled when I was told to smile. I laughed when I was told to laugh. I said what I was told to say. I danced when I was told to dance. All along, my wings singed with each fleeting touch of the lightbulb, as Samael welcomed me home. {Necce looks down to see that he’s holding half of a lit cigarette between his fingers, and an empty gas can lay beside him. He takes a drag of the cigarettes and holds the smoke in his lungs, raising the cigarette before his face, staring at the burning tip of it. The glowing ember sims and brightens as it burns the paper and tobacco. He speaks in his signature raspy tone, slightly above a whisper.} My wings, are burned and broken. I will walk the earth with the archangel, I will dip my body in the cooling water, I will feel it’s power, I will let it envelop me, and I will heal them once again. {He takes one more drag of his cigarette.} I will find my way home. He estado aquí antes y he dejado cenizas a mi paso. Quote the Raven… Nevermore. {He throws the cigarette into the open door of the bus, and it immediately catches fire. Another time jump happens, and the entire bus is engulfed in flames.} {Necce stands in the glow of the fire, watching as it takes The Necce Express, staring into the flames, almost dragging him in, as we cut to black.}
  2. Bart kinda talked about it in his, but it basically goes the same for me. I just got off of my HUGE Tool kick, and now I’ve been diving headfirst into Deftones. I’ve always loved Deftones, but now is kinda the first time where I see them as the special band that they are. They were always kinda lumped into the Nu Metal genre back in their early years since their style was somewhat similar to the heavy hitters of the genre like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and to some extent Slipknot and System of a Down. But I’ve always seen them as in their own little bubble. While they did have their similarities to the sound, like heavy songs about FEELINGS, they’ve always come at them in a completely different way. Whereas Korn and Limp Bizkit would wear their angst on their sleeves like a badge of honor, Deftones would only elude to it. They didn’t want to tell you how they felt, they wanted you to feel it, and in turn, they wanted the songs to mean something different to any person who heard them. Right now, my favorite songs from them are Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) as the lyrics in that song really speak to me in my current state of fragile mental health, and their more ballad based songs like Sextape and 976-EVIL. If anyone is interested in getting into Deftones, I’ve made a playlist for Bart to get introduced to their sound and some of my favorite songs, which is in his post.
  3. Don’t come at my entire gimmick like that my guy
  4. {The lights go out in the arena. The capacity crowd has an idea as to who’s coming out, but what version? After a few moments in dark silence, we get our answer.} {Flashbacks to 2018 ring in the minds of the BPZ Universe, as a few simple guitar chords sends the crowd into an uproar of cheers, drowning out the music altogether. They join together to sing the opening lines of the song in unison, just as they did over 2 years ago.} I’ve got empires to lead. She’s got vampires to feed. You don’t miss me anymore Than I miss you. {The song fades out again. Leaving the audience in the same darkness as before. But instead of the silence, there’s a buzz that washes over the crowd.} {The song kicks back in as all of the lights in the arena focus toward the stage. In the light, stands the Antichrist, in his iconic crucifix pose. He turns around, wearing everything that has been engraved in the minds of the BPZ fanbase when they think of the name “Necce.” The beat up converse, the worn jeans with holes torn at the knees, a flannel jacket tied around his waist, an ‘Around The Fur’ Deftones t-shirt, an open jacket with holes in the cuffs for his thumbs to fit, and his signature white mask. Slowly, he turns around to face the ring, keeping his pose intact. He makes his way down to the ring, walking slowly, with purpose.} {He gets down to the ring side area, and before he enters the ring, he walks around it. Like a lion stalking it’s prey. Once he’s made it around the ring, he rolls in, before quickly making it up to his feet.} {He does his pose once more, the crowd is eating it up. Loving every second of this entrance. Necce drops his arms, and slowly turns his attention towards Slim, who’s been watching from the ring this whole time. Slowly, Necce takes his mask off, and stares Slim down. While not fear, the expression in Slim’s face shows that maybe, releasing Necce from his shackles was a mistake. Before Slim can do anything, Necce reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of keys, dropping them on the mat in front of the all powerful. Slim reaches down and picks them up, they’re his from his visit to the Antichrist Corner. Necce then gesters to Slim, he wants something, and Slim knows what it is. Slim puts his belts down in the ring and walks over to where his entrance attire is being kept. He searches the pockets, and pulls out a set of keys of his own. He gets back into the ring and hands them to Necce. Necce takes them, and quickly exits the ring. Making his way back up the ramp. As Necce gets up to the stage, he pauses, taking a look at everyone in attendance. The thousands of people that have packed this arena, the people who have followed him his entire career, and the people who allowed him to become a BPZ Hall of Famer. He turns around to once again face the ring, and does his crucifix pose one last time. He tilts his head back, and, with the help of the entire crowd, says his catchphrase for the first time in years.} NEVERMORE. {He puts his arms down and walks to the back, as the BPZ Copyright logo flashes on the screen, and Judgement Day comes to an end.}
  6. Sign below to rid our chat of the pollutant that is TEW or any one of them stupid ass games.
  7. oh I definitely shot that bitch
  8. I think it’s pretty obvious what happened. Doink is the culprit. That goddamn clown is evil. Here’s the facts: DUN DUN Yokozuna is a well known fan of pranks. Nobody loves a good goof and gaff as much as the Yokster. So, backstage, the literal fucking clown was showing Yoko his new trick, a fairly standard flower. Yoko wasn’t particularly amused, this is a well known prank where the clown will get someone to smell the flower, and then give their face a good squirting. As Yoko was going to walk away, the clown fired a shot out of the flower. This all leads to Doink, and by extension, Dink, joining with Mr. Fuji.
  9. {We open on the scene of a desert highway, barren and empty. We stare down the long, unbreaking row of pavement, the blazing hot sun creates mirages on the concrete, giving the illusion of puddles of humidity. Within the mirage, we see a bright light make its presence known in the distance.} {The Necce Express rolls further and further into the frame, the plain white text appears on the screen as it had last time.} “All Aboard The Necce Express” {The voice of this series’ narrator, Peter Menthol, begins to play.} PM: “Last time on The Necce Express, Necce led us on a journey into what classifies as a failure, taking a look at Hans Clayton’s not so squeaky clean win at Wildcard. And even with a few felonies committed, The Necce Express rolls into its final destination.” {The Necce Express pulls into its third and final location.} {Nearly 3,000 miles away from the Toyota Arena, sits FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. We cut inside the stadium, prepped and ready for a game of football that isn’t coming for at least another 3 months. Necce walks onto the field, this time without the accompaniment of Jervis Cottonbelly. He inhales sharply through his nose, exhaling just as he’s about to talk.} Ahh, you know, there is nothing in this great country quite like a fresh football field. I mean, the gridiron is America’s Game for a reason. It’s here, in our modern day coliseums, where gladiators do what they do best, and try to prove themselves as the absolute cream of the crop of their respective artforms. And we here at BPZ know one thing or another about this. As it is but once a year where the lights are brightest, and us simple BPZ superstars have a chance to become legends. Once a year, we have the opportunity to produce a metamorphosis. To evolve from mortals, to immortal. I’m of course talking about the show of shows, BPZMania. A win at BPZMania is what every wrestler dreams of when they enter BPZ. To have your hand raised, preferably with a title clutched inside of it, is the pinnacle of our sport. There is nothing as sweet as a win on the grandest stage of them all. However, there is nothing as bitter as a failure on that very stage. A failure when the world is watching leaves deep, non healing wounds on your heart that stick with you for as long as you continue to lace your boots. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Because, unfortunately, FedEx Field has seen more failures than the football play of the Washington Redskins. It was here, almost 2 months ago, where we saw one of the most significant, and perhaps, devastating, failures in Hans Clayton’s young career. But first, let me set the scene. Hans is on top of the world. He’s Undisputed champion, he’s the leader of bulletproof, and on the biggest show of the year, he has the chance to lead his squad through the battlefield. Like any great general, he fought alongside them, putting his most prized title up for grabs against a former BulletProof member in Isaiah Carter. This unit had everything to fight for on this night, as FDS fought for money in the bank, and Legacy of Violence faced Creed for the BPZ Tag Team Titles. The stage was set for BulletProof to sweep BPZMania and show the world that they weren’t just some run of the mill stable, but rather, an unbreakable unit. They aren’t just merely Bulletproof, they are ironclad. However, it would become apparent that at this very show, the sand of the hourglass would run out on BulletProof, and their dominance would fade into a memory of the past. And I know what you may be thinking, you think that this one shouldn’t count, strike it from the record books! Hans retained the Undisputed title at BPZMania, how could this possibly count as a failure?! Well my friends, do you remember what I told you about symbolic failures? Yes, Hans won his match, he retained his title, however, the men he was supposed to lead into battle had perished. The battle may have been won, but when the general has nobody to lead, the war is lost. And that’s why I chose this as the last stop on the Necce Express. I wanted this to be the grand finale of our little adventure. Because it was at this very stadium where it all came full steam ahead for Hans. The pin had finally dropped, the lightbulb flicked on. As he stood victorious in the bright lights of BPZMania. Felt the rush of euphoria that I’ve felt many times. Rendered intoxicated by the bright lights and the pageantry, his paper championship on one shoulder, and the loss at Survivor Series on the other, he knew that his title reign was on borrowed time. He knew that he had escaped twice now with the title, narrowly avoiding the dreaded “former champion” label. But even the most diligent of cats come down to its ninth life. The first 2 times were blessing, the 3rd would be the charm. He would have to repay the debts he’s amounted, and unfortunately, he’s racked up a steep price. I said it once before Hans, that you 2 were stars in this play, but only one of you knew the ending. And ever since then, you’ve scrambled to find it. You’ve set it in your mind and in your words that you’ll be the one to write it. Well, if it’s worth anything to you, I’d like to guess how you think this all ends. You imagine it as some sort of fairy tale, a David and Goliath kind of story. Where the brave, valiant hero vanquishes the evil monster and wins the day. You envision it as any great story of will, where despite all the tactics of the bad guy, the good guy always triumphs in the end, right? Well Hans, this is no mere tale of good vs evil. This is a horror story, a tragedy that you wouldn’t even tell at a campfire. The evil that stands before you isn’t some average monster, it’s a manifestation of everything you try to hide, every failure that’s eaten away at you throughout your career. And no matter how many times you hack at it, no matter how many times you try to chisel away at the stone, it always returns. As soon as you think you’ve finally overcome it, finally put it to rest, finally begin to move forward in your life, it’s eyes open. Just when you think it’s gone forever, it always comes back. That’s the moral of the story Hans, you can never outrun your demons. You can’t change the past, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop them from controlling your future. These failures are the baggage that weigh you down, and as long as you ignore them, the more weight they put on. Until, one day, sooner or later, your back gives way, and they finally consume you. This isn’t a title match Hans, this isn’t a contest of strength, this isn't a wrestling match, this is your chance to overcome your demons. This is your chance to wipe the slate clean, start anew as the undisputed king of Valor. You’re entering the final act Hans, make it a good one, {Necce sighs a bemoaned sigh.} Well, friends, it seems as if we have reached the end of our time aboard The Necce Express. We’ve seen so much, learned a little.. {Necce lets out a small giggle.} ..and laughed a lot. But, every good book must reach its final page. {We cut outside to the parking lot where The Necce Express sits. Necce slowly walks into the bus, going up the steps one at a time. He stops to address the camera.} I sure hope you’ve enjoyed our little adventure. I’ve had so much fun with you all, so much fun in fact, that I’ve decided to add one more stop for The Necce Express. Where to exactly? Well...I guess you know by now. {Necce steps into The Necce Express.} SARSAPARILLA, AWAYYYYYY! {The bus begins to pull out of the parking lot as the camera watches it roll away. The Necce Express slowly moves out of frame as the camera fades to black.}
  10. Necce vs Slim first time ever never happened before make it happen #Chapter2
  11. How many goddamn matches are we gonna have on this show? Jesus this things gonna be 9 hours long.

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