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  2. "Ruin."

    {The third match of BPZ Bragging Rights is drawing to a close. FDS and Necce have been waging war against each other in the second deathmatch of 2018, and it has been possibly the bloodiest match in BPZ history. The entire mad is stained a light red from the blood that both men have spilled. These men have put themselves through tables, thumbtacks, chairs, light tubes, and both men have been busted open by a spike that Necce brought into the ring in his converse. Currently in the ring, Necce is on the outside while FDS is preparing for more destruction. He is setting up two steel chairs across from each other and he puts a sheet of glass in between them. FDS looks at his makeshift table and looks at the crowd. A smug smile strewn across is crimson face. He walks over to the side of the ring that Necce is on and drags him back into the ring by his hair. Necce is nearly motionless as FDS puts him in position for a Tombstone Piledriver. He walks up to the glass, but before he can hit the Tombstone, Necce gets off of his shoulders and uses all of his energy to hit a reverse Sling Blade, sending FDS face first into the glass. The crowd erupts, but Necce isn’t done yet. In one last effort to seal the deal, Necce drags FDS up by his hair and hits a move he rarely uses, The Begotten, once again sending FDS face first into the broken shards of glass. Necce flips FDS over and goes for the pin.} 1...2...3! {The crowd goes insane, Necce has finally vanquished FDS and is now set for his Universal Championship match against Flynn at BPZMania III!. The ring crew immediately begin to sweep all of the debris out of the ring, as a camera outside of the rings pans over all the destruction the two men have caused. Both men crawl into their own respective corners opposite each other, too exhausted and battered to even look at other. Johnny Kills comes out from the back to help his tag team partner stand up. The heavily bleeding FDS is only standing because he is being propped up by Johnny. One FDS is able to regain his composure both men turn their heads slowly to look at the victor, Necce, who is still on the ground. This fight clearly isn’t over. They both stand there, staring at Necce, as he stares back at them. Instead of preparing for a second round, Necce does something unexpected, he laughs. At first, a faint giggle is all he is able to muster, but it quickly escalates into a full maniacal laugh. His twisted laugh and his blood stained face make him seem as if he has truly lost it. The camera pans back to FDS and Kills, both men trying desperately to hold back their laughter, keeping the corners of their mouths pinned down as to not let a smile seep through. Necce manages to stand by pulling on the top ropes and walks over to both men. They stare each other down, still laughing. Necce makes his hand into a tightly clenched fist, but instead of throwing a punch, he raises it above his head. FDS and Kills wait a moment, seemingly to let the moment seep in, but then, both men slowly do the same, letting all 3 of their fists touch. The crowd is in shock, one minute these men were trying to kill each other, and the next, they’re forming some kind of alliance? Necce limps over to the ropes and requests a microphone. After it is handed to him, he limps over to the center of the ring and attempts to speak. He quickly lets out deep, hoarse coughs that almost bring him to his knees, but he is able to speak.} Flynn…..for someone who holds himself as a man of high intelligence, you sure are pretty goddamn stupid. Everything you have tried to throw in my way to stop me from getting to you has done nothing but make my urge to tear you limb from limb stronger. You have failed in every way to keep me out of BPZMania, and now you have nowhere to run. And, seeing how well I know you, I know how many tricks you’re gonna pull from out of your sleeve, how many temporary alliances you’re going to form in order to attempt to once again set me off of your trail, so that’s why, I decided to bring a few friends.” {Necce motions his head to the two men standing behind him.} These two men have all the talent and accolades in the world, but without a proper leader, they have no idea how to control that rage. And that is where I come in. Three outcasts and misfits pushed to the brink of insanity by men like you Flynn. Three men who have been pushed around, stepped over, and spat on so that other men can profit from their defeats. Well today is where it ends. Today is when the purest form of darkness, anger, and hatred are finally right in front of you. The monsters that you helped create are standing right in front of you Flynn. And these will be the monsters that will see to it that your kingdom will fall down around you.” {Necce hands the microphone over to FDS as he takes Necce’s place in the center of the ring.} FDS grabs the mic as he’s laughing, the fans look completely confused after Necce, Jon and FDS have just showed a sign of solidarity. SURPRISE! Bet ya didn’t see this one comin now did ya? This…. This was all just a ploy. Just a way to get you all thinking that Flynn would have an easy match going into BPZMania, thinking that the 3 of us would all be going at each other. This has been the plan from the very beginning. You all thought we wanted to kill each other but in reality… we played every single fucking one of you idiots. We laid down every piece of the puzzle in a way that made it seem that we weren’t gonna solve it but in reality you were just looking at it all wrong. Now I’m sure the main question is Why. Why the fuck would the 3 of you after everything you did to each other why are you joining together like your best friends all of sudden and it's quite simple: Because we’re fed up. We have all been in this company for years and years and do you know how many world titles there are between the 3 of us? 1. 1 Fucking World title. That shows the amount of opportunities we’ve been given. We are the lions of the pack that have starved while all the other members of the Pride have feasted, and everytime we were about to get our feedings, we get cut off by these stupid Young Lions who think they own the pride because they’ve been in here for a minute… Well that's about to change. We won’t let any other members of this pride take what is ours anymore… instead we will destroy this pride from within. We will rip every single person to shreds that get in our way and we will take everything that we see fit. We will destroy this place and leave it… In Ruins. FDS passes the mic to Jon and awaits for his speech “Ruins huh? That’s pretty fitting. My back has been against the wall for a long time. I’ve been strutting around with an X on my chest and no one was ever there for me to fall on and you guys just sat there mouths gaping watching me suffer through everything. I’ve been through hell and back before... But now when I go all the demons bow at our feet." Some croaks escape from the crowd and with realization setting in, half the crowd begins to rally together for a cohesive booing. A malicious smile unfurls from Kills's lips and he parts the hair from his eyes, absorbing the boos."Keep on booing me, it makes it so much more clear that you don't understand. You act like I betrayed you to shake hands with the devil himself but I saw him and kicked his ass with these two at my side. You can paint me as the bad guy here all you want but I’m sick of riding a short bus where my supporters watch me suffer. Its time I watch everybody in that locker room do the same."Now an even larger portion of the crowd is voicing their displeasure for the former proclaimed hero and Johnny doesn't seem even be phased. He whispers something to Necce and FDS, who can hardly maintain their emo attitudes after this and Kills launches back into his tirade. "This place will be in ruins by the time we’re done with it, and I hope that all of you will strap in you seatbelts and enjoy the show, welcome to the dark side of BPZ.” {Johnny hands Necce the microphone as he steps back into the center. The crowd goes completely silent, fearing that Necce will turn his back on them as Johnny just had.} Though our exact reasons for banding together may be different, there is one thing that is concrete. We are sick. We are sick of being overlooked. We are sick of never being seen as “Championship Material.” We are sick of being shrugged off by everyone who runs this company because we don’t kiss the feet of everyone in power. We are sick of seeing the opportunities we deserve be given to other people because they know how to suck up and kiss ass. And since we can’t earn our opportunities, we’ll just have to take them won’t we? {FDS walks up to Necce and pulls out the $100 bill that Flynn gave him earlier. Necce take the dollar and holds it up towards the camera.} Flynn, you are the perfect poster boy for the phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Because of your affiliations, you are the face of Carnage, the face of the Universal Championship, and the face of BPZ as a whole. At BPZMania, we both know that will change, it is only a matter of time, but for now, you will be left with this image. This dollar bill is a symbol of what means the most to you. Money. Money brings with it power. The more money you have, the more power you possess. For as long as I’ve known you, all you’ve ever wanted was power. You have weaseled your way into becoming one of the most powerful men in BPZ, and you’ve done it by stabbing men like the three you see here in the back and stepping over them on your way to the top. At BPZMania when I take your Universal Championship, I will take your power, and until that day, I will leave you with this. {Necce digs into the pocket of his jeans and pulls out a lighter. In an instant, Necce flicks the lighter and sets the dollar bill on fire. As he holds the flaming dollar, he once again digs into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette. He places it in his mouth and lights it using the flaming dollar. After the cigarette is lit, he drops the dollar on the mat. He inhales the smoke and places the cigarette between the fingers of the hand he’s holding the microphone with. He once again begins to talk.} Just like this dollar, everything that you hold so dearly and love so much will go up in flames. And as your watching the world you built on the backs of other burn around you, you will learn that this truly is The Art of Ruin! Quote The Raven… {The entire crowd shouts the following word of the line before Necce can even say it.} Nevermore. {Necce’s music hits and all three men leave the ring and walk to the back. The camera pans down to the dollar bill that is still burning. The ring crew come in to replace the blood soaked mat before the next match can begin.}
  3. I was thinking of a topic being made that had all of the catagories in it. Anyone who wanted to participate would offer suggestions (ideally multiple but not mandatory) for topics/people to be nominated for each category. Then the results would be tallied up, by the mod team or perhaps a member who wants to help out, and the suggestions that have the most “votes” would be entered into the categories slammy poll.
  4. So this is something I’m starting here and hopefully it’ll happen at every show we do. This topic will act like the official BPZ PPVs. How this will happen is that everyone will post their write ups here in the order they actually happened on the show (see the Bragging Rights discussion thread for the match card) Try to make your matches seem like they’re flowing chronologically by using phrases like “the first match of the night” etc. try to not post your match too early, even if it’s already finished. I’ll write a PPV opening promo package when I can.
  5. BPZ Bragging Rights: March 2nd 2018

    Most people voted for who they felt did the best. I can’t speak for EVOLVE, though I feel like it’s the same for them, but on Carnage, we were encouraged to vote for who we felt did the best and not just on brand alone.
  6. Three years ago, something happened that would change the forums forever. Well, not really, but it makes me feel better saying it. on March 1st, 2015, a young boy named {Necceccess} joined the BPZ forums. Three years later, the little fucker is still here and he owes everything to these forums. From being a fun place to kill some time, to being able to find my own official writing style, to literally saving my life a few times. Thank you all for an amazing three years. Let's hope for a good year and a half until I finally leave this place. Love you all.

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    2. JoshsNow


      Well done Necce. Hope you stay longer (and I think you will) than a year and a half but you know, congrats

    3. Prince


      I find you one of the funniest/realist guys on here honestly, here's to three more years!

    4. Bart


      Congrats man, you are on of the funniest guys on the Forums, hope you stay for at least 3 more.

  7. BPZ Music League 2: Electric Boogaloo

    @Slim @Brad @Prince @FDS @Ropati @SummerGamz @Nate Long Sorry for the wait, I've been busy recently, but I got some time to get this playlist finally made. You guys have until Sunday to listen to the playlist a few times.
  8. "What Is There To Fear?"

    {The camera opens up with Necce pacing back and forth smoking a cigarette. He does not come out from behind the camera as usual, but instead, he is front and center. He walks back and forth, taking drags of his cigarette and exhales them from his nose. He looks over to the camera and begins to speak without wasting any time.} Ya know FD? When I originally thought of challenging you to a deathmatch, for a second, there was a twinge of fear in my mind. I thought my pride had written yet another check that it couldn’t cash. However, after hearing your words, it seems almost silly to even have been worried. I thought I was challenging the king of chaos to one of the most barbaric matches this industry has ever dreamed of, but now I know that you are truly just another mouth for me to shut. You are just yet another man who thinks that because my true focuses are elsewhere, that I will no do everything in my power to ruin everything about you. You constantly claim that you will “make me suffer” but yet, I have not yet been convinced. I have no reason to believe that I will be in the for the fight of my life at Bragging Rights, I have no reason to wonder what kinds of torture you are going to put me through in our match,and I have no reason to even believe that you are a worthy adversary of mine. {Necce takes another drag of his cigarette before continuing to talk} FD, I am not usually one to brag, but at this point, I feel as if me choosing the deathmatch stipulation was doing you a favor. In a normal wrestling match, I would floor you, no question about it. When it comes to the expertise of the craft, we are simply not on the same level. But in a deathmatch, there is no need to even know how to wrestle. You don’t need to know how to properly apply a headlock when you’re swinging a barbed wire bat at another opponents head, and you don’t need to know anything about how to use an opponent's weaknesses against them when you’re putting them through a flaming table with thumbtacks on it. There is no necessity for basic wrestling knowledge in a match like this, and that is why you will have, at the very least, a fighting chance. FD, I am going to make it very blunt. You will not leave this match the victor. I see you as my final obstacle on my journey to the Universal Championship. You are the final man that I have to run through to be a true contender for that belt. FD, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and there’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing left to be taken from him. So when the match is over, and your body is racked with pain from the abuse I’ve put you through, the blood that’s poured from ever cut in your flesh has begun to dry, and you are left defeated by yet another man in yet another deathmatch, then you will know exactly who you decided to fuck with! Quote The Raven… {Necce put the cigarette out on the floor. The smoke flies from the cigarette and begins to drift into the room. The camera starts to follow the smoke towards the ceiling.} ….Nevermore! {A wave of distortion and morse code fill the screen.} -.-. .----. . ... - / .-.. .----. .- .-. - / -.. . / .-.. .- / .-. ..- .. -. . {After it flashes for a few seconds, the screen suddenly cuts to black.}
  9. "History."

    Thanks for such the high compliment, lol, it means a lot.
  10. Betrayal? No. Unchecked Ego? Yes.

    {At first, nothing happens. No music hits and nobody comes out. The camera cuts back to FDS, he has a twisted smirk on his face. He picks the mic back up and taunts the fans again.} FDS: Did you stupid fucking idiots think that he would actually show up? Did you think he would actually have the fucking guts to show his face on Evolve? Did you think he would actually leave his safe little boiler room to grace you piss ants with his presence? And yet I’m the one you hate. I’m the one you blame for taking him out of the tag tournament. You constantly cheer and adore a man who doesn’t have the fucking stomach to face me in the ring. Necce is nothing more than talk, all threats but no action, all bark but no bi- {As FDS is talking, the lights shut off. FDS can be heard screaming “FUCK” from inside the ring. The fans instantly erupt into thunderous ovation. A familiar song is heard over the speakers.} I’ve got empires to lead She’s got vampires to feed You don’t Miss me anymore Than I miss you {The music stops after the final line at the beginning of the song. The arena is cloaked in silence and darkness for a few minutes. Suddenly the song bursts in again all of the lights are pointed at the entrance ramp, The Antichrist is here. The fans go berserk, Necce, a Carnage signed superstar, is in an Evolve arena for the first time since his short stint with the purple brand in 2017. The camera cuts back over to FDS, his expression is stoic, but his eyes are filled with hatred. Necce knows that he’s on enemy territory, but it doesn’t phase him. He walks slowly towards the ring. FDS doesn’t make any movements, he’s just standing there, not taking his eyes off of Necce. Necce walks by the ring announcers desk to grab a microphone and slowly gets into the ring. The music stops and Necce is seen slowly walking in circle around FDS. He begins talking.} FD...saying that your actions at St. Valentine's Day Massacre were shocking would make me three things. 1, naive; 2, a fool; and three a liar. And FD, I am neither of those things. I knew right away that you were going to attack me one day, because with men like us, the question is not if we will strike, but when? However, what has shocked me the most is how you’ve gone from a man to be feared and revered, to whining, crying little bitch. You are usually a man whose words are not very graceful, but what they lack in poignancy, they make up for in punch. You promise destruction, pain, and chaos the likes of which have never been seen to your opponents, but against me, you are reduced to nothing more than cheap, petty insults? “A wannabe Edgar Allan Poe?” That’s really what I get from the man that I made it to the Tag Team Tournament semi finals with? I could easily come out here and say that you talk and act like a teenage edgelord who’s going through his rebellious phase and just discovered what cursing is, but I won’t. I could also say that the only reason you’re in the tag team finals at all is because of me and at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre that became very obvious to you and you couldn’t handle that, but I won’t. I could also say that I could’ve had a blow up doll for a partner instead of you and the results would’ve been the exact same, if not slightly better, but again I won’t. But what I will say is that, in some ways, you were right. We had an understanding when becoming a team, however, that understanding may be different than you remember. The understanding was that I didn’t care about your goals, and you didn’t care about mine. At St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, that match was the only thing in the way of both of us getting one step closer to achieving our own respective goals. I wanted to get my hands on Flynn, and you wanted the tag team championships. One would think that a win that helped advance two men with completing their tasks would benefit both men, but they would be wrong wouldn’t they? Because of your own greed and narcissism, you are now off to fend for yourself in a match without the man who helped you get there. And when you inevitably fail, you are going to learn first hand who’s really responsible for your tag team title match in the first place. {Necce lowers the mic from his mouth to let his words sink in to FDS. Necce is still walking around FDS slowly, but he is not taking his eyes off of him. Necce begins talking again.} However, the simple satisfaction of watching you humiliate yourself at BPZMania isn’t enough. FD, when I first waged war on “my boyfriend” as you so elegantly put it, I made one thing clear to everyone in BPZ in any locker room on any brand. If you stand in my way, I will destroy you. {Necce stops walking for a bit, he holds the microphone up to his lips.} And right now FD… {Necce quickly gets right in FDS’ face. His anger suddenly bursts out and is only able to talk through his gritted teeth.} YOU’RE STANDING IN MY FUCKING WAY! {The crowd starts to pop, they are ready for these two men to come to blows. Necce, however, stands back, seeming calmer now.} The thing about it FD, a simple wrestling match isn’t going to solve whatever problems we have. A match of grapples and submissions isn’t going to allow us to get this venom and hatred out. So for men who like to see and cause violence, destruction, and chaos, there is only one match that would be able to properly contain us. That match is, A DEATHMATCH! Yes, I know you just went through one with Smith not too long ago, however, that match was supposed to be as most stipulations are. The ending of a long, heated feud. With us, this is the only match that seems appropriate. Are you going to expect who blood thirsty bastards like us to settling things in a steel cage, or a no DQ match, or even a Hell In A Cell? Of course not. There is only one match designed for men like us, men who just want to watch the world burn and turn to ash. So, what do ya say? {Necce lowers the mic from his mouth and puts it to his side, awaiting the response of FDS.}
  11. "History."

    {The scene opens up on a dark room as it has many times before. The faint sound of chuckling can be heard coming from off camera. Necce is seen as usual, pacing back and forth in front of the camera, still chuckling. He looks at the camera. Half of his face is obstructed by his long hair, however, his twisted smile is still visible. He laughs for a second, quickly begins speaking.} You sure did give a very compelling history lesson there Flynn, I myself was moved by your passion and ferocity. {Necce walks closer to the camera and lets out a short, but heavy exhale.} ...at least I would be if it all weren’t total bullshit. Now, it’s not unlike you to twist everything in the past to make it all about you, but when you dilute the past in your own mind and feed it to people as gospel, then that’s where you messed up. Since I’ve never been opposed to bringing up the past, let’s have ourselves a little storytime, the way it actually happened. Our story does not begin with Legacy, rather, it leads up to Legacy. Our story begins with two young men, one named Joshua, and the other named Jonnathan. Jonnathan had started wrestling very young, he began training at the age of 17. He spent about two years in the independent circuit, learning his craft in ring and on the mic. After being somewhat of a drifter in the wrestling scene, he found an Australian/American promotion who were making massive waves in their early days. He thought that this may be the place where he can finally lay his hat. He walked into the performance center of this company and was amazed by the sheer amount of outstanding talent that were simply training to be apart of this promotion. One of the men he saw here was a man who was only a few hour drive from the bottomless pit he called home. This guys name was Joshua. Jonnathan and Joshua both took and instant liking to each other from the first day they met. They felt like they were the only ones who looked at the sport of Professional Wrestling they way they did. They would spend hours after training at a bar near the building, talking about how they believed a wrestling match should be. They were pretty much best friends right away. So much in fact that they decided to get an apartment together in town. Unlike what you might expect, there was very little hard partying going on here. About one night a week, some other guys from the performance center would come by, have a beer, and watch some TV, but other than that, Joshua and Jonnathan had only one thing on their minds, wrestling. Jonnathan thought that it would be smart to impart what little wisdom he had from the indies onto Joshua. He taught him how to study tapes of an opponent’s match. He taught him how to look for weaknesses in his oppositions offense, and when to strike at the absolute perfect moment. He even helped Joshua improve his mic skills, teaching him to use the biting honesty and unflinching realism that had given Jonnathan’s name such worth on the indies. Then, the day finally came, the day both Joshua and Jonnathan were called up to the main roster of BPZ. With the new setting, both men decided to change their names. Joshua decided to use his last name as his ring name, becoming the man we know today as Flynn. Jonnathan decided to make something up, so he came up with the name ‘Necce’ the only reason he gave was that it “sounded cool.” Everyone knew that it didn’t but they didn’t have the heart to tell him. With their newly acquired identities, both men were off on their own. Necce had trouble at first, he wasn’t on TV much of his first few months and really had nothing lined up for him in the future. Flynn, on the other hand, exploded out of the gate, raking in titles and win left and right. He ascended the ranks of BPZ in lightning quick fashion. While Necce did wish that he would be able to show what he was capable of in the bright lights of BPZ, he was happy for Flynn and continued to support him through everything, because they were best friends, and nothing could ever change that. Suddenly one day, Necce made his BPZ TV debut. He faced off against long-time BPZ roster member FD on his first ever TV appearance, and surprisingly did very well. Shortly thereafter, we was put into a program with the United States Champion, Maestro. Maestro had all of the momentum behind him after winning the United States Championship only 3 weeks earlier, so nobody expected Necce, someone who had only been on TV a handful of times to take the belt away from him. However, to everyone’s shock, he did. Necce had come seemingly out of nowhere and taken the United States Championship. One of the first men there to congratulate him when he won the US title was, his best friend Flynn. Flynn had been sitting in the back watching the match on the monitor, just as Necce had done for every match Flynn was in. He knew that it wouldn’t last long, so he would celebrate as long as he could. However, he was prove wrong once again, holding the belt for 3 months, the longest reign the belt had seen up to that point. It was at this time where things were starting to change character wise for both men. The fans had always been very fond of Necce, even when they were meant to hate him. They always enjoyed the sheer honesty in his words and always looked at him as an avatar for themselves. While his many parts of him were very specific to himself, they were always able to relate with his triumphs and struggles. On the other hand, the fans never truly got behind Flynn. They always saw him as something artificially made. They didn’t see his confidence as a result of his talent and achievements, they saw it as no matter his flaws, he has the entire company behind him and because of that, he will always prevail. This was further proven when he was the fourth and final member of Evolution. Evolution was an elite group of men who ruled BPZ with an iron fist. Made up of the very owner of BPZ, one of the greatest of all time, the hottest talent in BPZ at the moment, and Ginge for some reason. When Flynn was added to the mix so soon after joining BPZ, it had confirmed the fans’ theories. Necce and Flynn never really interacted onscreen. They were both involved in the first ever Survivor Series 5 on 5 tag match, but that match isn’t very well remembered today. They both mostly did their own thing, controlling their own respective divisions. But one day Flynn thought of an idea that would change both of their careers in ways they never dreamed of, he had the idea to create a stable. It would consist of himself, Necce, and a guy that Flynn had spotted at the performance center when he would go down there to teach some of the new kids. At the time he was going by the name he had used in the indies,“Slim Shakespeare.” The three men would combine to be what would surely become one of the hottest factions in BPZ history, “Legacy.” {Necce pauses for a moment. Looking down at the floor and letting out deep, slow breaths.} To usher in this new stable, Flynn did something that would send his career into overdrive. He turned on his Evolution stablemates. The youngest dog in the pack was attacking the certified legends. This stable was going to be something different, something new and exciting, something that people would tell their grandchildren about being able to see live in person...but as soon as it began, it ended. The three men couldn’t live up to the hype and standards they had seemingly set for themselves. One of the main problems that never really gets brought up, for good reason, is that Necce was kinda going through a very dark period. He couldn’t handle the sudden fame he was getting. One minute, he was simply a fan-favorite midcarder, the next, he’s involved in one of the biggest moments in company history. Plus his crippling depression, suicidal tendencies, nonstop pain due to the risks he was in during his matches, and his growing and frightening drug and alcohol addictions, he was slowly turning into a self destructive shell of the kid who simply loved wrestling. One night after a show, Flynn came into the hotel room they were sharing, and found Necce on the floor. There were empty whiskey and pill bottles all over the bathroom floor, and Necce was choking on his own vomit. Flynn called an ambulance and sat with Necce all night in attentive care until he woke up. If Flynn had entered the room one minute later, Necce would have ODed right there on the bathroom floor. But Flynn saved his life, because he was his… {A tear can be seen rolling down Necce’s cheek, but he doesn’t acknowledge it. He stops talking for the span of a single breath, but when he continues to speak, his voice is clearly frail and cracking.} ...best friend. {Necce stops talking again, this time longer. His single phrase hangs in the air for a second. He wipes away his tear on the arm of his hoodie. He sniffles once and continues talking.} You see why this means so much to me now don’t you Flynn? You see why you stabbing me in the back hurt me so much. I’ve been stabbed in the back countless times by countless people. Hell it’s turned into a fucking running joke, “Who’s gonna turn on Necce this time?” But when you did it, it hurt just that much worse. You were my brother. The man who literally saved my life. One of the only men in this company to be in my home and meet my wife and children. You were my best friend. For someone like me who’s trust is hard to come by, that’s a very high esteem. I handed it to you on a silver platter, I owed you my life, and you knew it. And what did you do? You spat on it, threw it to the ground and stomped on it. This wasn’t just a betrayal of a man that I thought was an ally, this was a betrayal from a man I considered my own blood. And that brings us back to our legacies. Throughout our illustrious careers, we have somehow never faced one on one ever in our careers. Not in BPZ, not in other companies, never. That’s why, I want, no, I NEED to defeat you. In the years since it’s demise, I have been considered the weakest link of Legacy. I’m the only member to never have one a world title, won a royal rumble, or main evented BPZMania. While you and Slim have gone on to become faces of the company, I’ve been relegated to reliable midcarder status. Someone that the fans will pop for, and we don’t have to put much thought into. If you made it this far and are still actually reading this. Have a cookie, you earned it. Oh, and also, fuck you. If I lose to you at BPZMania, all the months of promises, threats, and pretty much screaming into the void hoping that you’d answer, will all be for nothing. I will look like a fool who thought he could hang with the big dogs, but should’ve stayed on the porch with the puppies. And I can’t let that happen Flynn. I WON’T let that happen. So at BPZMania III, I will make sure that our first encounter is an impressive one. I will do anything I have to do. I will bite, I will scratch, I will crawl, even if I have to break my fucking neck again, I’ll do it. Because I will do anything in my power to make sure that I tear down your empire. Stone by stone. Brick by brick. and Piece… {As Necce begins to utter his final lines, static fills the screen with each word.} By {His words get more and more distorted, causing his voice to become deeper with every word until they sound unhuman like.} PIECE! {As the final word is said, a wave of distortion and morse code fill the screen.} -.-. .----. . ... - / .-.. .----. .- .-. - / -.. . / .-.. .- / .-. ..- .. -. . {After it flashes for a few seconds, the screen suddenly cuts to black.}
  12. Authentic...

    All of you guys are talking about a post-mass transit incident wrestling world, which would heavily frown upon the employment of minors.
  13. {The semi finals match for the second ever BPZ Tag Team Classic has been a very brutal one. The team of Hollow and Kazma have gotten absolutely no offense in whatsoever and both men have been left badly bloodied by FDS and Necce. FDS and Necce are fulfilling a promise they made when they addressed the team, if they didn’t get out of the way, they would be badly destroyed. FDS is in the ring with Hollow, Hollow is bleeding profusely and barely able to stand. He’s throwing wild shots at FDS, but he manages to step out of each of them. Hollow goes for one last haymacker, but FDS squats down to let it go over his head. He quickly stands up and wraps Hollow’s right arm around his body. Setting up for a brutal Blood Rainmaker!} {Rather than going for the pin, FDS taunts at the crowd, sticking up two middle fingers towards the hard cam. The fans boo him until Necce slides back into the ring. He slides from the outside onto Hollow in a pinning position, FDS turns around right as this happens.} 1...2..3! {The partnering of Necce and FDS have made it to the finals of the tag team tournament with one final one sided victory. The camera zooms in on FDS’ face, he doesn’t look as happy as someone in his position normally would. As Necce stands up, FDS walks over and shoves his partner. Necce seems taken aback by this as FDS begins to angrily talk to him.} FDS: What the fuck? {Necce seems confused. He tries to answer with “What are you talking about?” But FDS cuts him off before he can.} FDS: That was my fucking pin. I had that pin! Necce: It doesn’t matter, we still won. {Both men continue to say this over and over again until FDS once again shoves Necce. Necce shoves FDS back and both men get into each others faces, looking as if they’re going to come to blows. Jonathan comes from the back and tries to separate both men. They both stare at each other angrily, but the tension slowly dies down. FDS walks over to Necce and shakes his hand. They raise their hands up in victory, cementing that they will be going into BPZMania III for the tag team championships. Necce goes to leave the ring first, but FDS quickly comes from behind.} {A Blood Rainmaker! FDS just hit his tag team partner Necce with a Blood Rainmaker! Everyone in the audience, and Jonathan are in total shock. FDS walks over to Jonathan.} FDS: Go get my chair! {Jonathan refuses. But FDS says it much more bluntly.} FDS: Get..my FUCKING CHAIR NOW! {Jonathan knows what FDS is capable of, so he does it. Jonathan pulls out FDS’ blood stained white steel chair from under the ring. He gets back into the ring and tries to hand it to FDS, but he doesn’t want it. FDS doesn’t say anything, he simply points over at Necce. Jonathan knows what he means, but he doesn’t want to do it. FDS simply points at Necce and yells “DO IT!” Jonathan slowly walks over to Necce, who is lying on the ground on his stomach. In a second, Jonathan hits his lifelong friend Necce with vicious overhead shots of the chair to the back of Necce. Jonathan does this until the chair is seemingly bent out of shape. He throws that chair to the ground and shoots a glance over at FDS with a look of shame in his eyes. Jonathan storms out of the rings and walks to the back. FDS begins to walk out of the ring, but he stops and looks down at Necce. Necce is rithing in pain from the chairshots and there are several welts and bruises forming on his back. FDS laughs at his fallen partner as he leaves the ring, leaving Necce to be seen to by the BPZ ring doctors.}
  14. The Return...

    I hope you're giving CM Punk some writing credits for the lines from the Pipebomb promo you stole.

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