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  1. I hope this one actually finishes
  2. You’re never done buddy. As long as you can walk, you’re on the books buckaroo.
  3. Necce

    The Inner Circle

    Ah so this is why you DMed me earlier
  4. @Flynn @Slim @FDS @Jonathan We made it boys!
  5. {Suddenly, the titantron changes, opening in a familiar scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute.} {The camera opens on the window nearest the big red door. Necce stands outside in a large, brown apron, tending to the flowers outside of the window. As he waters them out of a large water pot, he glances into the corner, noticing the camera. His eyes fly open and his eyebrows slam to the top of his forehead.} Oh golly geez {He rushes to put the pot down and take his apron off, and flies into the corner. He stands in front of the door with a mischievous smile on his face.} Well, well, well. Is that who I think it is? HOT DOG friends, look, it’s my two most favorite people in the whole goshdarn world our tag team champions! Out of their cave they come to finally grace us with their presence. With only days before our title match to boot! If I didn’t know any better, I think you two slowpokes were up to something no good! Now, to what do we owe this great privilege? Do the champions actually want to talk about the match they’re in, hypothetically being the biggest match of their careers since they’re defending a title at our biggest show? Ah yes, friends. You see, while valuable television time could’ve been used to further along some sort of plot, our champions embarked on a plotting and overall pointless journey through our great tag team title history! And while it was certainly...a watch, I feel like it missed something, other than any point of relevance to what’s actually happening. As our champions talked about the greatest tag teams to ever hold those belts, there was one key team that really could’ve used some objective diagnosis, themselves!! So, with no time like the present, I present to you a special presentation of Dyads. And the subject being, the current reigning and defending tag team champions. “The failed future king of BPZ” Bart and “The greatest B player in BPZ history” Smith, Creed!!! Let’s start with the man of which I’m most familiar, Bart, because well, alphabetical order and such. Bart, we certainly have BPZMania match experience with each other don’t we? In fact, just last year, we faced off, along with some other guy, unify the Universal and Global championships. Now before that match, I told you that nothing you had done in the company, or your entire career would matter until you beat me. And sadly, I’m here to say that I was both wrong and right at that. While I didn’t walk out with the Undisputed championship, you certainly haven’t lived up to your potential my friend. I remember all the hype that surrounded you. You were the future of the company. In fact, I remember going on record and saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if you were main eventing the very show that we’ll be competing at. And you are! In a match slightly further down the card, but it’s a special match nonetheless! It’s a main event in all of our hearts, and that’s all that matters my friend. So let’s take a little field trip through time. It’s BPZMania 4. I’m lying on my back as you walk away the very first Undisputed champion. The rocket has been placed firmly upon your back, as we’re certain to see your coronation as BPZ’s hottest star. So, how do you capitalize on that? Well, you lose the title to Flynn a few months later. And then you...well...um...dang...AND NOW YOU'RE HERE!! Now Bart, don’t feel too bad buddy. What happened to you happens to a lot of wrestlers, including myself. You simply just lost your steam. I mean, just look at 2018. Both of us were unstoppable that year, one of us slightly more than the other, but unstoppable all the same. 2019 rolls around, and you blow me out of the way to forge your own path, and then you don’t. And now 2020 is here, and we’re in the same match together once again. And while this match isn’t for the undisputed championship, in fact, it’s for a title that many see as one of the lower tier titles in the company, I’m sure that you’ll use this grand stage and all these lights to do as you always do my friend, make a lot of promises that you can’t keep while your friends are in higher matches on the card. Give Julius my best wishes in the main event for me. And now, I’ll transition, fittingly, to the other one in this team. My dear old bud, Elijah. Smith, a lot of what you said about me goes right back to you. I’ve never had a problem with you, and I do see you as a good worker. In fact, you’re a.. {Necce picks his hands up to do an air quotes symbol.} ..”legend” in BPZ. I mean heck, you’re a 2 time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. And furthermore, you have the honors of losing your championship in the main event of BPZMania 3. I mean, I won my match on that show, but eh, potato potahto. I think my biggest problem with you Smith, is a problem that I see in many of my fellow wrestlers who have been here for as long as we have. You see yourself on a much higher pedestal than you actually sit on. For many years now, you’ve painted yourself as a cornerstone of BPZ. When in actuality, you’ve always kinda been the “other guy” in BPZ. Now sure, you’ve certainly been INVOLVED in many big moments in this company, but it’s always boiled down you “hey, Smith’s there too, neato.” I mean, let’s look at your own main event match at BPZMania 3. The moment that every BPZ wrestler dreams of. Even though the real main event of that show had already happened, certainly Smith and the obvious winner Slim would end the show competently. And, you did. But when it was all said and done, it wasn’t “Slim beat Smith for the World Heavyweight Championship” it was just kinda, “Slim won.” But, even though you weren’t in the conversation of the finish, certainly you would be talked about for the classic that you and Slim had put on. But, I had just won the Universal Championship, beating my former best friend in a match that had been building since Survivor Series of the previous year, like you and Slim did but better. Everyone was focused on other things Smith. But don’t feel bad friend, there're plenty of people who don’t deserve their clout! Once again Smith, you aren’t that spectacular, you’re just kind of there. When you were gone for 2 years, nobody really noticed. Other than a few brief mentionings here and there, everyone had kinda just moved on. But that’s what made it so fun when you came back, because nobody knew you were gone to begin with!! Well Smith, it has been a gosh dang bit of fun talking to you, but I know someone who has a few choice words to say about you himself. Someone you know very well, and have even been ducking for the last few weeks..
  6. Necce

    A Special Guest

    {Necce takes the stage. He places his hands on either side of the podium and gives the congregation a meek smile.} Hello friends. With BPZMania drawing ever closer, we tend to get lost in the glitz and glamor. But, we must keep ourselves grounded outside of the lights and effects, lest we lose the plot. The reason we gather here today, is to mourn the fallen. Several weeks ago, I appeared in a vignette on BPZ TV, where I accused our BPZ Tag Team Champions of being all quantity with no quality. At the time, this was seen as comedic. I assumed that I would receive some blowback for this skit, but it wasn’t of great concern to me. My real goal was to, for all intents and purposes, shame our tag champions into putting extra effort into their work. However, my goal should’ve been to actually get our champions to put any effort into their work. I expected to receive backlash, and yet, I was foolish to expect everything at all. All I recieved was all they delivered, nothing. Now that’s not to say that Creed hasn't appeared on BPZ television. But yet, they’ve presented exactly what I parodied. Meaningless dribble. The segments have been very nice visually. High production value, obviously a high budget. But it takes one look to see right through it. Creed are scared. They’re petrified. They’ve seen what we did to Slim and Sheridan, the violence we bestowed upon them. The complete disregard for their health and well-being. How Flynn and I took what was projected to be an even fight, and turned it into a massacre, befitting the show it was presented on. And they think that maybe, just maybe, if they completely ignore us, if they don’t wake the proverbial bear, then they won’t receive the same treatment that they did. Creed know that this match was supposed to be a fair contest. And yet, as it draws ever closer, they know that to be far from the case. So they clutch their titles like elderly women clutch their pearls. They’ll do anything to get out of this match, including pretending that it doesn’t exist. But, I’m sorry to inform you, that that is far from the case. You see friends, in their absence, Creed have only angered us further. They’ve taken what mercy we could’ve offered them, and they’ve thrown it off the table. As BPZMania is only a week away, we feel that it’s time to throw away the subtlety and get down to what we know is true. As BPZMania, we will tear Creed to shreds. This match will not be a wrestling match, it will be a mauling. It will become the most one sided match to take place at the showcase of the immortals since the main event of the very first incarnation. The violence we will show to our so-called champions will be something, after my best friend Flynn’s own heart, of biblical proportions. As the end draws nearer on the, what I’m sure will be, the thrilling conclusion of your little Neccework exclusive, I have a little bit of advice to our friends in Creed. Your cowardice has forsaken your legacy, so the least you could do is show up to Mania, and die like men.
  7. {We open on a bright and cheerful scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute.} {The camera focuses on the big red door of the Corner. Plain white text appears in the middle of the screen.} “The Ballad of Smith.” {The text fades away and we are left with the big red door. The camera slowly pans to the seldom seen right hand corner of the room. There, we see our host, Necce, perched next to the window with a book in his hands. He has little grandpa reading glasses on with a little string on them, and he focuses intently on the contents of the pages. We see the cover of the book he reads. Reading in plain text says the word “Dictionary.” Necce looks up at the screen, smiling as if he’s meeting an old friend for the first time.} Ah, hello there friends. Welcome back to the most… {Necce glances down at the pages of the dictionary.} ..spectacular show in the whole wide world, Antichrist Corner. Where with each installment, we move one step closer on our journey to finding the YOU…in you. Well friends, you might be wondering why I’m not standing in my usual spot in the corner. And the best explanation I have is that, during my brief respites away from the glitz and glamor of BPZ, I’ve been using my time to catch up on my reading. I’ve always had such an adoration for the written word. The power it possesses, the imagery and emotions it can invoke, and the way it subtly coerces you into using your imagination with its descriptions. But...as you can see, there isn’t much of that going on here. {Necce holds his dictionary up to the camera.} But, my love for writing doesn’t stop at the gripping stories it provides for us. You see, there’s something just so appealing about a dictionary. Every known word of the English language, stuffed to the gills within one book, constantly being amended and rearranged. It’s almost as if it never truly sits statically as it lies. This dictionary works as a fulcrum of sorts, for which every story that we’ve ever told rests comfortably. Every word I’ve ever said, and every word I’m ever going to say, rests here under paper, ink, and a hardcover, and that’s just so beautiful. However, that’s not the only use for a dictionary, my friends. You see, my vocabulary skills are a bit lacking as of late. Now that I’m not using my words to call out the injustices of the world, my vernacular has taken a bit of a nosedive. You see, most of my language came from a place of anger, pain, and hatred, and in the highly stylized world of BPZ, I couldn’t just be straight forth and say what I felt. So I had to pepper in some flowery language to give it a little bit of… {Necce quickly looks down at the dictionary.} ...zhuzh. But, now that I’ve completely devoted my life and being to the Antichrist Corner, and am physically and psychologically unable to feel any negative feelings or emotions.. {Necce pauses for a brief second, in which a unicorn runs behind him outside the window, leaving a trail of glitter and an entire rainbow in its wake.} ...I’ve lost a little of my gift of gab. Surprisingly, when you trade in writing manifestos on the pain you will inflict on your former best friend turned rival turned best friend for watching lifetime movies about kids with cancer, you lose a little bit of your edge. Such is the way of the world I guess. And friends, believe you me when I say that I am going to need all of the gift for language in Flynn and I’s upcoming tussle. You see, at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, my compadre and I laid down a serious.. {Necce flips through the pages of the dictionary.} “Rectum beating.” No, that won’t do. {He flips through the pages some more.} “Anal pounding?” that sounds...no {He flips through the pages until he finds the proper words.} Ahh, “butt whooping” on our dear friends Slim and Sheridan, who I love dearly and hope have received the fruit baskets that have been sent to them. While it was what some experts would call a “mauling,” please believe me when I say that there was absolutely no malice in what Flynn and I had to do. You see, every act of revolution is first and foremost an act of love. Flynn and I, well, we love BPZ. We love the fans that watch BPZ each and every week, and we simply can’t stand to see what such a cornerstone of BPZ programming has become. The tag team division shouldn’t be as it is, the potty break match. It should be a high point of every BPZ card. Pillars of teamwork, duking it out to see who is the very best coalition in BPZ, not just belts thrown on to whatever team gets the most screen time. I urge you to believe deep down in your heart that we do what we do not because we’re big mean meanies, but we do it because, well.. {Necce smiles a big smile. Absolutely all of his teeth showing.} ..we love you! And that leads us all the way to our next match. Where Flynn and I look to start our new era in tag team wrestling on the grandest stage of them all. At BPZMania, Flynn and I look to regain the Tag Team Championships against Creed. Or as I like to call them, “Big Baller Kingdom 2: Generic Boogaloo.” Because honestly, all of these teams are exactly the same. If Flynn and I look to change the scene of BPZ tag team wrestling, Creed and their ilk are the antithesis of that. They look to keep the tag team division the same, because if there was actual competition on the division, they wouldn’t be as dominant as they portray themselves to be. I mean, what if someone had actually brought the fight to Creed? Would they be tag team champions for as long as they have? Would they even be tag team champions at all? Personally, I don’t think so. In my 5 years in this company, I’ve learned a few things about men that seem unstoppable. All you have to do is seem like you might be a threat to them, and they crumble under their own resolve. They can’t handle the pressure, which is why they migrated to the tag team division to begin with. Everyone looks like a killer when they wrestle with shadows. Now, do I mean that they’ve faced bad teams? Absolutely not, but, what I am saying is that Creed has never faced anything like Flynn and I. We aren’t simply a team...we are...something else entirely. And that leads me to my dear buddy, Eli Smith. The reason that I read this dictionary today. You see, Eli is something of a “mad spokesman.” He loves to speak, and he loves to let you know just how smart he is whenever he does so. He’s the type of man who likes to prove that he can paint Renaissance paintings with his words, but as I listen to him, using his words as brushstrokes, I find myself wondering exactly, what are the pictures of? What is the image behind the smoke and the mirrors? Sure, it’s a pretty picture, it looks competently made, but what am I supposed to garner from it? But, as a scour through the pages of this word encyclopedia, I may have found my answer. In the business that Smith and I simultaneously call our profession, sometimes, you don’t have very much to say. Sometimes the only thing that you can think of is that you’re the best wrestler in the world, and you’re gonna win at whatever show you’re booked on. But for men the caliber of Smith, going out in front of an arena filled with “Smithimaniacs” and saying something like that would be considered bush league. So, you just elevate it. Make it more flowery, make it more sinister and mysterious. You don’t actually have to say anything, as long as you seem like you are, you’re golden. Believe me, I’ve done it several dozen times, quote the Raven, so on and so forth. To prove my point, I have a little treat for you all today. I’ve put my nose to the concrete and undug one of my favorite poems of all time. It was a little tricky to get, but I wouldn’t pass up this opportunity to share such an amazing gift to humanity with all of you. {Necce closes the dictionary and sets it on his lap. He claps 2 times and the screen goes dark. Red text appears in the middle of the black screen.} And Now, a dramatic reading of: “The Ballad of Smith” by Elijah Smitherson {We open up on a new setting.} {Fire crackles in a brick fireplace. The calming noises of the wood burning offer a warm blanket to the viewers, getting ready as Grandpa Necce prepares to read them a bedtime story. We pan out from the fire. We see a large red lounge chair in the right hand corner of the screen. Beside it, sit a glass of red wine and a book. Necce walks in front of the camera, wearing a red smoking jacket and holding a tobacco pipe. His long hair is untied, allowed to flow to its natural resting place at his upper back. He takes a seat in the chair, folding his leg over his lap. He looks over his shoulder.} Piano? {We cut to a shot of a large grand piano, suddenly, the lifeless body of Jervis Cottonbelly is thrown onto the piano with a sickening thud. The keys on the piano plink as he falls to the floor. We cut to the same shot, but now, Jervis is sitting upright on the bench. Rope tied around his neck from the ceiling off screen to keep him upright. Similar ropes are tied to his hands, and he is used as a puppet with his hands being moved over the piano keys.} https://youtu.be/VagES3pxttQ {We cut back to Necce in his chair. He takes a puff out of his pipe before grabbing the book on the table. He flips it open and begins to read.} “The evening rain gently smashes against the window. A cacophony of chaos cascading carelessly across a curiously controlled coffin. Our insert sits there, staring down at his mahogany desk. Hands grasp his head, worry grasps his mind, fear grasps his mind. We see his paper, nothing but a few meaninglessly scribbled characters quartered upon his parchment. The ramberousers of Rembrandt’s rejects. The ink dried, his motivation as well. He sits there, trying desperately to force the words out, like Athena protruding out of the cranium of the mighty Zeus. Defeated, he slams his hands down upon the table, frustratingly frustrated. His lips parted like the Red Sea, and out flowed a crisp sound, piercing the silence in the air like a harpoon through the side of the mighty Moby Dick. “Wow” he said, with more intensity and beauty than all the cherubs in heaven harmonizing at once. And at that exact moment in time, a billion thunderbolts strike a million supernovas. “Writing sure is hard. I mean, you actually have to put effort into portraying your message. He said to no one. “If only there was a way that I could say a lot of stuff, but not say a lot of stuff.” Uneasiness once again crept across his mind, like a burglar coming to steal a precious, priceless artifact in the night. And suddenly, as if the answer had come straight from the blessed fingertips of the almighty god himself, a lightbulb the size of the gargantuanly giant Goliath appeared over his head. “Egats!” He exclaimed in a state of exclamation, “what if I could dance around what I was trying to say with a big load of bullshit and pass it off as a work of art?” And with that brilliantly beautiful thought, he put pen to paper. Ink dragged across the parchment, as words spilled out of him, not unlike a dishonored Samurai committing the act of Seppuku. His mind raced like an Indy 500. “If you cannot beat them,” he thought thoughtfully, “then simply pretend to be them.” And so he did. Line after line. Word after word. Nothing in particular. A raping of a dictionary, a molestation of a thesaurus, and a general annoying of a “word of the day” calendar went into this pile of dribble. A talent wasted. A voice silenced. He knew deep within the depths of his cardiovascular system that this was wrong, this wasn’t him. But as if his ears within his mind were blocked by the devil himself, he continued writing. Night turned to day, day turned to dusk, and dusk bled softly into the night, and he continues to write. With each drop of ink that splattered upon the page, so too did the last remnants of his heart, his soul, and his honor. A whore on the street corner begging for the attention of any caller with money, he begged for the attention of anyone with literary abilities. A life cut short at the dawn. He learned all too late before his fateful fate, a regurgitated dictionary does not quality make.” {Necce slowly closes the book. Takes a sip of his wine, and swirls it around the glass as he addresses the viewers.} Well my friends, it looks like our time here has come to an end. Til morrow my loves, and remember, just when you think I’m gone forever, I’ll always be back. {He takes another sip of the wine as the camera slowly fades to black. Instead of the Antichrist Corner logo, we hear the final notes of the music playing, as it slowly dies out.}
  8. I am literally hilarious
  9. Let go GOOOOOAT *so I just saw that this was from 2019. But it was showing that it was newer in the kayfabe section. Whoopsies.
  10. We here at Legacy Of Violence inc. would like to challenge Shiz-Freeze to a tag team match at the eponymous Carnage event. While we are aware that Shiz-Freeze has already had their match announced, we here at Legacy Of Violence inc. feel that this team is trash, and would argue that if you want to get people to actually watch the show, then Shiz-Freeze vs Legacy Of Violence would do just swimmingly. signed, eternally yours, Neccebauld J. Watson-Jackson esq. III
  11. 5 years ago today, I decided to waste my life and make it objectively worse. In other words, today is my 5th anniversary on the forums. Nice.

    1. Julius


      Congratulations Necce and thank you for all the contribution you have given to the forums over the last 5 years. Hopefully many more to come 

    2. Smith


      Congrats and welcome to the club mi amigo

    3. Bashka


      omg I remember it like it was yesterday because you pissed me off so much on your first day 🥰🥰🥰🥰 congrats

  12. I’m in and I’m going to absolutely destroy you all
  13. {We are live at the TD gardens, as yet another spectacular BPZ PPV event is underway. Great matches, fun moments, shocking betrayals/stunning alliances, and the not at all obvious writing of this match without knowing where this match is on the match card. It was announced earlier in the evening that there would be changes to the Number One Contenders Tag Team Match. The team of Prince and Kieron Black had been removed due to unknown issues that will be explained at a later date. The match would now continue as a tag match under No Disqualifications. We cut to the ring announcer standing in the ring.} Ding ding ding Ring Announcer: “The following contest is a tag team match, and is scheduled for one fall. In this match there we’ll be no disqualifications and no count outs, the only way to win will be to pin or submit your opponent inside the ring, with the winner going on the BPZMania to face the Tag Team champions!” {A chorus of boos rains down on what could become the most powerful team in BPZ. Don Dada and the GM make their way out onto the stage. Sheridan has a look of ultra seriousness, while Slim wears his usual smug grin. Slowly, they walk down the ramp, Sheridan interacts with the front row crowd, taking selfies and shaking hands, but Slim enters the ring. He doesn’t hug babies or kiss fat girls. Sheridan eventually joins Slim in the ring, and the two get out of their entrance gear as they await the arrival of their opponents. The crowd anticipation grows, small sections of the crowd begin to cheer as they wait for the second half of this match.} {After the first bell rings, the lights shut off. The sounds of the bells continue in darkness, and the crowd waits anxiously for what they’re about to see. The sounds of the guitar creep onto the sounds of the bells. Every few seconds, white lights flash in the arena before the song officially kicks in. When it does, a spotlight shines onto the stage. As the song continues, Flynn slowly walks out into the light, followed by The Antichrist. Both men stand in the spotlight, before we cut inside the ring, Slim and Sheridan stand side by side, staring down the ramp at their opponents. We cut back to Necce and Flynn on the ramp, staring right back at them. Slowly, they make their way down to the ring. There’s no crowd engagement, and there’s no emotions on Flynn’s face. Both men know what they’re coming out here to do. Both men enter the ring without theatrics, and they take their corner, as Slim and Sheridan take theirs. Both teams stare at each other from their respective sides, waiting to see who of them is going to be the first to cross no man's land. The music fades and the lights return. The ring announcer stands between the two teams as he goes to speak.} Ring announcer: “In the corner to my right, weighing in this evening at a combined weight of 465 pounds. ‘The Supreme Ringleader’ Flynn and ‘The Antichrist’ Necce. Legacy of Violence!” {The camera cuts to the crowd as they cheer. We cut back to ring.} Ring announcer: “And in the corner to my right, weighing in this evening at a combined weight of 400 pounds. ‘Don Dada’ Slim and the Carnage General Manager, Sheridan!” {The announcer leaves the ring, as the teams decide who is going to start the match. Flynn and Slim leave the ring and go out to the ring apron, leaving Necce and Sheridan to start the match. Necce removes his mask and puts it onto the apron next to Flynn as Sheridan and Slim talk amongst themselves to form a strategy. Necce and Flynn don’t say a word to each other.} Ding ding ding {Finally, the match starts. Sheridan looks to be psyching herself you as Necce stares with dead eyes, leaving his hands down by his waist. Sheridan is the first to move, rushing at Necce.} {DEADLIGHTS!! NECCE LAYS SHERIDAN OUT WITH THE DEADLIGHTS. Sheridan crumbles to the mat, out cold. We cut to a shot of Slim’s face as he looks down at his fallen partner with his mouth open, the weight of what he’s gotten himself into starts to set in. Necce stares down at Sheridan, unfazed. Slowly, he picks his head up so that he looks directly into Slim’s eyes. Flynn bursts into the ring, running across the squared circle in a fraction of a second. He jumps over the ropes and clotheslines Slim all the way down to the floor. As soon Slim hits the ground, Flynn is right on top of him, raining down brutal punches to his head and face. Necce leaves the ring and runs over to them, helping Flynn beat down Slim. Both men savagely gang up on Slim, punching him, kicking him, and stomping on him. Both men stand up, and Necce taps Flynn on the chest.} “Go work on her.” {Flynn enters the ring and begins to do the same to Sheridan. Necce straddles Slims chest and lays in countless rights and lefts, blood and sweat flies out of the face of his former partner and friend. Inside the ring, Flynn stomps on Sheridan’s ribs with enough force to break through her body. We go back outside, as Necce picks up Slim. He forcefully throws Slim into the barricade. Slim hits the padding so hard the it moves a bit, and slumps down onto the ground. Necce picks him up, and throws him into the other barricade with even more force. Slim grimaces and winces in pain, but his night is far from over. Necce picks him up again, and throws him to the other side. Slim hits the top of the barricade and flies over to the other side. Necce follows him, jumping over the barricade and walking into the crowd. Slim is trying to pick himself up with the barricade. As he does, Necce turns around and starts running at Slim full speed.} {Necce and Slim go flying through the barricade. The crowd are losing their minds. Holy shit chants erupt as Slim writes in pain on the ground. Necce walks over to Slim and drags him by his hair over to the announce table. He picks Slim up and throws his arm over his shoulder.} {NIGHTBRINGER RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!! We are minutes into the match and there is already sheer carnage. We cut inside the ring. Sheridan is starting to try to fight back, sending punches into Flynn’s stomach, but it does no good. He looks down at her and laughs. She makes it up to her feet, hoping to form some sort of a comeback. But as she does, Flynn moves out of the way. Necce comes flying in from the outside and runs right past her. He hits his chest on the ropes and swings his arm as fast as the speed of light.} {Necce takes Sheridan’s head off with the Morningstar Lariat! She isn’t down for long, as Necce pulls her up by her hair, and throws her towards Flynn.} {FKO!! Sheridan is laid out in the ring. That would be enough to end the match right there, but LOV aren’t done with this team just yet. Necce walks out of the ring and over to timekeepers area. He grabs a microphone and walks back towards the ring. He throws the mic towards Flynn and goes underneath the ring, grabbing a steel chair. He throws that into the ring as well, and walks over to Slim’s lifeless body. He grabs him by the hair, and drags him back over towards the ring, throwing him in. Flynn grabs the microphone and walks over towards the ropes. Necce reenters the ring and lays Slims body in the middle of the ring. Flynn drops down to one knee, and begins to speak.} Flynn: “PAY WITNESS, for before you is pain incarnate. You are witnessing two of BPZ’s top stars be beaten, and victimized by the Antichrist himself. The only capable power of stopping such fury, the good lord above himself and yet even he allows this to continue.... this violence. This is the fulfillment of a promise that we wouldn’t dare break. Of promise of pain, a promise of torture, a promise agony. This may be viewed as an ugly site, you may be disgusted by these turn of events but I promise you this is all necessary, it is indeed deserved. These two individuals have provoked us. We sent them warning after warning after warning, begging them not to bring this kind of torment upon themselves. And yet, because of their ignorance and their pestilence, our warning was left unheeded upon deaf ears.” {Slowly, Sheridan, dazed and confused, begins crawling towards Slim’s body.} Flynn: “So, I say in return, we repay their good efforts to create the monsters you see before you, we repay them in the same payment that they brought upon ourselves. A payment so grand, so great that it outshines all the riches and gold this world can offer. We repay them with pain and bloodshed.” {Flynn looks over to see Sheridan, as she inches closer to her tag partner.} Flynn: “Excuse me for a minute.” {He walks over to Sheridan and violently bludgeons her in the forehead with the microphone in his hands. He rolls her onto her back and continuously jabs the microphone with more and more power and anger then he did before. With her face bloody, and the light inside her dead. Flynn throws her on top of Slim. Necce grabs the steel chair in the ring and walks over to the team.} {He bashes them with the chair. Over, and over, and over again, until the chair breaks. He throws the chair into the crowd as Flynn goes to speak again.} Flynn: “I SAY, PAY WITNESS! FEAST YOUR EYES AS TO WHAT IS HAPPENING. DO NOT LOOK AWAY, THIS IS BUT THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA FOR THIS TAG TEAM DIVISION. A beautiful one. One not known for hard work and passion, but cloaked in crimson blood, and buried in the bodies of those who stood in our way. A Legacy of Violence left behind in our wake. You may not like it at first. You may hate it and hate us. But soon, your eyes will open. You will see that we are exactly what this company needs. And you will see that the reason we do this…” {A sinister smile crawls across Flynn’s face.} Flynn: “..is because we love you.” {Necce picks Sheridan off of Slim, and holds her in a kneeling position. Flynn sets the mic down on the mat, and runs towards Sheridan.} {He smashes her face in with the V Trigger, sending a few teeth flying out of the ring. Necce leans back first on the ropes. Flynn gets up and walks over to Slim, stepping on Sheridans chest as he does. He picks Slim up and kneels him in front of Necce. Necce looks down at Slim.} Necce: “What am I now Slim?” {Necce brutally slaps Slim with the power of a punch from Tyson.} Necce: “WHAT AM I NOW SLIM??? WHAT AM I NOW BITCH???” {Necce continues to scream in Slim’s face, viciously slapping every time he does. He puts his forehead to Slim’s and calmly speaks to him.} Necce: “I...am god now…” {Necce deadlifts Slim up into the air.} {He violently puts Slim down with an Antichrist Revolution. Necce stands up and both he and Flynn look at each other. Flynn speaks to the Antichrist.” Flynn: “Now...... let’s stop playing around.” {Necce picks Slim up and throws him out of the ring like he were a paper doll. Flynn walks over to Sheridan and drags her by her feet to the center of the ring. He rolls her onto her stomach and puts her in a camel clutch position. He uses her lifeless hand to wave to the hardcam, smiling and laughing all along. He gets off of her back, continuing to hold her wrist as she kneels. Microphone still in his hand, he continues his sinister sermon as Necce comes over and grabs her other wrist.} Flynn: “My dear, dear, Sheridan. It appears that no matter how many times you are taught this lesson, a refresher course is always needed. You continuously try to prove yourself in this company, and yet, the result is always the same, isn’t it? I hope that you take this lesson to heart, and that you finally come to realize what we have been trying to tell you since day one. When you dance with wolves, you will always, be bitten.” {LEGACY KILLER!! Both men stand up, facing opposite direction, and each place on foot on Sheridan’s chest.} 1...2...3 {The bell rings. The “match” is finally over. LOV doesn’t waste time in the ring. As soon as it’s over, they both go to exit the ring. Necce grabs his mask, and they walk up the ramp. A camera pans around the ring, showing the battered, broken, and bloody bodies of Slim and Sheridan, along with the carnage that these 2 men have created. We cut back up to the stage. Necce now has his mask on and faces the ring as Flynn faces the LED set. Flynn turns his head towards the camera, a sinister smirk emblazoned proudly on his face, he enjoys what they have done. Necce does his signature crucifixion pose. The camera hangs on these two men for a moment before fading to black. After one of the most dominant and violent matches in BPZ history, Necce and Flynn will take their Legacy of Violence all the way to BPZMania.}
  14. {We open on a bright and cheerful scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute.} {The camera focuses on the big red door of the Corner. Plain white text appears in the middle of the screen.} “FRIENDSHIP!!!” {The text fades away and we are left with the big red door. The camera slowly pans out, to show the rest of the entrance of the Corner. Suddenly, our jubilant host, Necce, makes his entrance. Wearing a smile as warm as the sun on a lovely spring day, and twice as shiny. He also sports a red sweater that looks like a cherry gummy bear melted. He stands at full attention in his usual spot in front of the door, hands clasped together tightly as if he was trying to make a diamond in his palms. Bursting with excitement, he addresses the camera.} Hello again my friends. After yet another extended period apart, I am happier than a pig in dookie to welcome you back to the most marvelous show in the whole wide world, Antichrist Corner! Where with each installment, we move one step closer on our journey to finding the YOU...in you. Today friends, as always, we have a very special show planned for you all. And that’s because I have a super SUPER duper special announcement for you all. As I’m sure you’ve all seen, there’s finally been something interesting that has happened in BPZ’s tag team division. Our dear friend Flynn and I have, once again, put our difference aside and joined forces! {A clip of children cheering plays for a brief second before cutting off abruptly.} Excuse me one second, I have something to attend to. {We cut to a shot of a dart board. We see a picture of Flynn’s face with his eyes scratched out stuck onto the dart board. In the picture, we see several sharp objects such as darts, pocket knives, large hunting knives, and even the spike that Necce once carried in his shoe sticking out of it. A gloved hand comes out from out of the frame and quickly snatches the picture off of the board. We cut back to Necce in the Corner.} Ok, that’s better. Anyway, while I know that it may be odd to see the fabulously famous frenemies that are Necce and Flynn team together in, the year of our lord, 2020. But what made us such fun rivals is what makes us much better partners. Flynn and I think alike. When faced with the same problem, we may go about solving it differently, but the ways that we approach the problem are impeccably similar. We can both sense when something becomes a problem, and we both know that the other is the only person that we’d rather call on. Ugh, the power of friendship is beautiful isn’t it? We both know that Creed is something scary, and we both know that the tag team “division” as it is is no match to take them on. So we both concluded that if Creed is scary, then the two of us together is something that will make you turn your nightlight on extra bright and grab your safety blanket extra tight. And we both knew that this gruesome twosome is what the tag team division desperately needs. You see my friends, Flynn and I are no strangers to the tag team division. While I’ve only touched the tandem titles twice, Flynn has held them many, many times, with many, many people, including yours truly, but we won’t talk about that just yet. So we weren’t at all shocked when we came to the same realization about the cornucopia of friendship in BPZ. HOT DOG is it a stinker! The BPZ tag team division is, and excuse my language friends, filled to the brim with doo doo. Teams thrown together with no thoughts at all about friendship, brotherhood, teamwork, and least of all quality. Everyone who joins forces with their fellow BPZ wrestler only has one goal, turning on their teammate in after a brief run with the championships so that they can emerge as the true star. You see it all the time. A team wins the titles because there’s nobody else around to actually contest them, and then they just break up. I mean, like at our dear pal Slim here. He forms tag teams on a weekly basis, each more forgettable and formulaic than the last, all with the expressed purpose of making himself look dominant. He chooses his victims and gains their trust, just so he can strike at their most vulnerable, because he knows that he could never truly match up to anyone unless he plays with their head. He’s such a meanie isn’t he? {Necce shakes his head in disgust.} I’m sorry for all the negativity friends. Usually it’s physically impossible for me to express such emotions and feelings here in the Antichrist Corner, a den of happiness and good feelings. But something has been stuck in my craw for a bit now. You see, our old buddy Slim has said some not very nice things recently, and it frankly grinds my gears. Slim tried to disparage the wholesome bond that Flynn and I have rekindled recently. He spoke of our past issues, and, in his words, our “fights, backstabbings, and violence.” But, as usual, Slim doesn’t know exactly what he’s talking about. He thinks that these things have and will drive Flynn and I further apart, but in actuality, these things have brought us closer together than anything. Our fights, our backstabbing, the violence we’ve inflicted on each other, and the pain that we’ve put each other through is the water and sunlight that lets the photosynthesis take action in this ever blooming flower that is Flynn and I’s relationship. Now Slim, you asked me something that has left me wondering for a long time. It’s a question that I once asked myself many moons ago. “What is my legacy?” Now, the old me would answer quite simply. “I am your worst nightmare, Slim. I am the cold that you just can’t shake, that cough that won’t go away. I am the shadow that stands stationary in the corner of your eye when you think you’re alone. I’m the only man who puts real fear into your heart, and the mere presence of whom puts a sinking feeling in the pit of your gut that won’t leave you until you’re alone in your bed. And even when it’s gone, I’m the feeling of uneasiness that haunts you as you try to sleep. I’m the reason that you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. And I’m the reason that you turn the lights on for just a second, just to make sure that I’m not really there to finally come and take you back to hell where you’ve always belonged.” But...that’s not who I am anymore Slim. The man that I am today would look at you and simply say “I am a picture of a beautiful bird, shamelessly graffitied onto a dark, dingy, and dank subway terminal wall. I am light, covered by a world shrouded in darkness. I am the hope that draws seductively draws you in, while the ugliness of your own machinations softly creeps up behind you, gently whispering that everything will be ok, as it sticks it’s dagger into your side.” {Suddenly, Necce’s eyebrows shoot up, and a tiny smile unfolds across his agape mouth.} Hey there friends, is that what I think it is? That’s right, it’s our word of the day! {A brief clip of children shouting “yay” plays, before being cut off abruptly. A large chalkboard is wheeled into the frame, and Necce pulls a large, metal pointer out from his back pocket.} Now, just like in a previous installment of our beloved Antichrist Corner, today, we have TWO words of the day. Golly gee will the fun ever stop?? One of today’s words of the day is: Machinations Now, machinations are; {Necce flips the chalkboard over to the other side, showing this word's definition.} “An act or instance of machinating.” Now, as I’m sure you’re screaming at your screen, clearly forgetting to use your inside voice. “Necce, what is machinating?” Well my loves, machinating is our second word of the day, and this one means.. {Necce flips the chalkboard over to the original side, revealing this new words definition.} “To contrive or plot, especially artfully or with evil purpose.” {Necce looks towards the camera with a worried look.} Hot dog friends, this word is really scary, isn’t it? But it’s ok, I’m here to guide you through it. You see, an example of machinating is the way that Slim recruits and disregards his companions. He draws them in with the allure of standing side by side with one of the most decorated men in BPZ history. The man who has been a pillar in the company, almost since day one. But that’s where his plotting begins. You see, Slim is nothing more than your common leech. He picks his victim, and he sucks them dry. He uses them for one more title reign, one more big match, one more big moment, anything that he can use to get people talking about his so that his cold and crippling self doubts don’t show their ugly heads. And when he’s fully satisfied, he throws you to the curb, not even worthy for the maggots that feats in roadkill to call you their dinner. He’s done it to me, he’s done it to Flynn, he’ll do it to Sheridan, and if you’re not careful friends, he may even do it to you! Speaking of unworthy of love, happiness, or basic human rights. It’s my pleasure to welcome this show's bestest friend and bestest co host. The world’s cuddliest man, Jervis Cottonbelly! {We cut over to the corner of the room that is covered with a long, black curtain. The curtain lifts, and we see our cohost, Jervis Cottonbelly, tied down to a long wooden table. Jervis has a rag over his face, and 2 men dressed all in black standing beside him and behind his head. One man is pouring water onto Jervis’s face out of a large glass pitcher and the other is holding Jervis’ head on both sides of it. As the pitcher is empty, the pourer steps aside and the man behind Jervis takes the rag off of his face, and lifts his head up so that he is facing Necce.} How are you doing today Jervis? {We Jervis makes no noises and doesn’t move a muscle. All we hear is an electronic buzzing sound in place of talking.} I see you’re taking another dip Jervis, but this one’s a little bit different, what do you call it? {The buzzing continues again. Jervis just stares in the direction that his head is being forced, completely lifeless.} Well since you’re now a proven water sports aficionado, are there any safety tips that you could give our friends at home so that they can be at their absolute safest when enjoying some fun in the sun? {The buzzing is replaced with the sounds of several different people whispering at the same time. Nothing is intelligible. Necce continues on as if nothing is out of the ordinary.} Well Jervis, I don’t want to keep you away from your leisure. Have fun friend. {Jervis’ head is once again placed back down onto the table and the rag is put on his face once again. The second man now has a full pitcher of water and begins streaming it onto Jervis’ face as the curtain is once again pulled down. We cut back over to Necce. A stool has now been brought out in front of the door. Necce has one of his legs perched on one of the rungs of the stool, as he leans on his knee with his arms. Smiling as always.} Well Slim, we’ve had a lot of fun today, answering your heartfelt question to me, your dear old friend. But now it’s time that I ask you a question. And to make it easy for you, I’m going to use one of your own questions. “What are you, Slim?” {Necce’s face begins to shift to a more serious demeanor.} And, if I can be frank here for a second. What are you Slim, you’re a joke. You’ve won every championship there is to win in BPZ. Every accomplishment that can be vanquished has been yours for the taking at one point or another. And yet at the end of the day my friend, you’ve always just been a loser in winners clothing. You know that you’ve deserved nothing that you’ve accomplished. You know deep down that everything you’ve done could’ve been done by somebody else, somebody with double your talent. But you wouldn’t let that happen, would you? You’ve spent your entire career, your entire life, making sure that no matter what, the name of “Slim” can never escape the speakers tongue. And every time it has, you show up again. You are the cancer that won’t die. But what I think you really are Slim, is you are jealous. You’re jealous that no matter how many championships you win, or BPZ shows you main event. Nothing you ever do will ever be half of what Flynn and I have done. With or against each other. You want so desperately to be considered one of us. You want to wear the badge of legacy now that we’ve dragged it back into a term of excellence, rather than in the muck where you let it reside. Slim, you don’t deserve to go under the legacy banner. Legacy once stood as a symbol of failure, a warning, an urban legend of what not to do when trying to make an impact. But Flynn and I have changed that, it now stands as a symbol of brotherhood, unity, and above all, friendship. Not spineless, gutless little parasites such as yourself Slim. What sickens me the most is how badly you want to be me. Even with twice the amount of accomplishments as me, you wish that you could walk one step in my shoes for just a minute. And it’s not a stretch to see why. It’s because every time we’ve faced off one on one, I exposed you for what you really are. I showed you and the world that above all the veneer of an elite pro wrestler, Slim is just a low rent Necce. Let me make this clear. You may think that you know Flynn, you may have beaten Flynn, and you may have faced me. But you don’t know me, you’ve never beaten me, and you sure as fuck have never faced...him. We all remember what happened last time that you got on his bad side. Or, maybe you don’t. You sure took quite a knocking on your noggin, didn’t you Slim? Perhaps we can rejog your memory at a later time. {Suddenly, Necce snaps back to his usual, happy self. He stands straight up, still looking right into the camera.} Well my friends, it seems that we have run out of time today. I wish it didn’t have to end, but if we didn’t say goodbye, we would never get another chance to say hello! Slim, I look forward to seeing you at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, along with all the other worthy competitors in the tag team match. I wish the best of luck to all of you. And as for you watching at home, I’ll see you later. But remember, just when you think I’m gone forever, I’ll always be back! Bye now! {Necce flashes one more cheesy smile and waves at the camera. He calmly walks out of the big red door that he entered through, and the camera lingers on the door. The music from the beginning begins to play and the Antichrist Corner logo appears before slowly fading to black.}

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