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    Greasing the monkey, Choking the chicken, jerckin my gerkin, slinging mayo, spanking and smacking it, under the cover hand time, making sweet love to my right hand.

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  1. See you soon.
  2. Necce


    You gettin’ an invoice in the mail for stealing one of my promo titles. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers soon.
  3. Necce


    Delete this plagiarism please.
  4. Necce


    {We open up on a scene in the BPZ Social Lounge where BPZ Reporter Josh Hutcherson sits, waiting to conduct a very special interview for BPZ.com.} Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the BPZ Social Media lounge. I am Josh Hutcherson from BPZ.com, and I am joined here today with a man that has been noticeably absent from BPZ television for over a month now. He is the current BPZ Universal Champion, the leader of Ruin, and known by millions all over the world as “The Antichrist.” Please welcome, Necce! {The camera cuts over to Necce sitting opposite the reporter. He sits back in the chair with both feet firmly planted on the floor. There is a separate chair right beside him where the Universal Championship Belt sits. He speaks in a low tone just above a whisper. His stare is intense and unflinching. He begins to speak.} Greetings and Salutations. Now Necce, as I stated before, you have been absent from any type of BPZ programming since your match with Brad and Sheridan at World at War. Is there any specific reason why? Family obligations. May I ask what those were? I’d rather not talk about that. Um...oh-ok. Well, let’s talk about what has happened since BPZMania 3 where you one your first championship since 2016 and your first major title here in BPZ. What do you feel your holding of the Universal Championship signifies for not only you, but BPZ as a whole? I think it represents a paradigm shift here in BPZ. Someone who this company, and society and general, has spat on, shoved down, walked on, and completely looked, can now be a top guy. They can lead the charge and take the spot as a face of the brand they’re on. I also believe that it serves as an inspiration for those who may not be the most popular, the best looking, the most athletic, or came from a troubled past like I did. They don’t have to watch on as the chosen ones call the shots day in and day out. They can do something about it. Though it may be a fleeting moment in time, I believe that as I hold this belt, that is what’s happening right now in the little bubble that we know as BPZ. What kind of seeds for the future do you think your title wins may be planting? Like I said, I think that this may serve as in inspiration for others. I think the little guys backstage may see this as a beacon of hope for them. They know they have the power to change things around here, it only took one person to actually do it. I was the guinea pig. I want fighting for myself anymore, I was fighting for them. And with my victory, I believe it could usher in a new era here in BPZ. One where the chosen few aren’t the only ones who can see the bright lights of success. One where any man with passion, love of professional wrestling, and who works their ass off day in and day out and enjoy the same fruits of their labor that others are simply handed. Do you think you’ve influenced someone like Ropati to start challenging for the Universal Championship? I believe so. That’s what worries me. Don’t get me wrong, Ropati is a great wrestler, and I believe that in the future, he could be a top name. However, notice how I said “in the future.” You see, I am not holier than thou. I feel greed and selfishness just like everyone else, and with this title around my waist, that greed and selfishness has shown itself to be stronger than ever before. I want the guys in the back to know that they have the power to challenge and possibly win any title they want, but when it comes to my title, that’s when the selfishness takes over. This belt...this a belt I fought tooth and nail for; and don’t get me wrong, Ropati fought valiantly in his Triple Threat match, but the thing is, how we’ve both gotten to this point is very different. He was placed in a triple threat match where the only man to get the pin fall or submission was the winner. I had to have my best friend stab me in the back before I was even thought of being in contention for this title. I had to fight 5 other men where whoever had the last win by the end of the match was the winner. Then I had to wait even longer to even get a chance to use that Number One Contendership. There is no similarities between him and I. He was given the opportunity, whereas I had to shed buckets upon buckets of blood sweat and tears for it. If he thinks I’m going to give it up that easily, then he will be in for a rude awakening when he is looking up at the lights as I have successfully defended this championship...MY championship for the second time. Well, you heard it here folks. The Antichrist is feeling confident here tonight as he goes into his title defense against Ropati at the Power Trip Cup. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing Necce? Yeah. In an odd way, Ropati is making me proud by challenging for this championship. He is fulfilling what I set out to achieve for everyone in the locker room. Their hard work and dedication can be rewarded, as they they scrape and scratch their way into becoming the top guy on Carnage, or any brand. But what he needs to understand is that, now, I AM the top guy on Carnage. It’s taken me 3 years to do it, but right now, I am on top of the world. I am the Universal Champion. And I plan to keep it that way come Power Trip Cup. I’m entering the show with this belt, and by the time the bell rings, whether it means I have to kill or die to do it, I will leave with it. Quote The Raven, Nevermore. {Necce grabs the belt that it sitting on the chair next to him. Josh tries to shake his hand as he walks away, but Necce just leaves, leaving the interviewer hanging. Josh puts his hand down awkwardly and looks towards the camera to end the broadcast.} I am Josh Hutcherson from BPZ.com, thank you for watching.
  5. You’re forget that BiC not only challenged for the world title, but won it aswell. We’ve had worse contenders.
  6. Necce

    Carnage Power Trip Cup | June 8th 2018

    Carnage Power Trip Cup Semi-Finals match card: Flynn vs Nanovirus Julius vs Echo Wilson
  7. Ladies and gentleman here at Carnage we are making history every month. We are progressing. Now we take it a step further and give to you the Carnage Power Trip Cup 2018. The winner of this tournament will receive a Universal Championship opportunity and also a vote advantage to go with it. It will be single elimination and take place on June 8th. For this history breaking tournament we head to the United Kingdom as we aim to sell out Manchester Arena.
  8. Necce

    What are you listening to right now?

    The people who live next door have sex because the walls are thin
  9. Necce

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Rebellion | May 11th 2018

    If Smith wins the EVOLVE Grand Championship, then I challenge him to a champion vs champion match.
  10. Necce

    The Official BPZ Brand Split Discussion

    As an added bonus after winning the triple threat match at World At War, I have requested that my pay be raised to 300k. Should be 350k for how decisive the match was, but you take what you can get.
  11. Necce

    Carnage Power Trip Cup | June 8th 2018

    I'm insulted that I was not invited into this tournament.
  12. Necce

    Carnage Power Trip Cup | June 8th 2018

    Who? Tim? The guy I beat in our first match which was 25-2?
  13. Necce

    Carnage Power Trip Cup | June 8th 2018

    You got no moves in. She made you her bitch and I made her mine.
  14. Necce


  15. Necce


    I accept too

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