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    The Antichrist
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    Metal,wrasslin,bad 90s pop music,dogs,cats,the African mongoose,I also like Converse.

    Greasing the monkey, Choking the chicken, jerckin my gerkin, slinging mayo, spanking and smacking it, under the cover hand time, making sweet love to my right hand.

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  1. Necce


    I’ll fuck you up, I’ll fuck Tom up, I’ll fuck Danny up, and I’ll even fuck up Xenu.
  2. {We open on a scene of an empty arena. Thousands of chairs are set up, and a ring is fully constructed in the middle of the arena. The building is the Spark Arena, the setting of the 3rd week of the Survival Games tournament. On this show, we will see the very first meeting between 2 legends of the business, as ‘The Antichrist’ Necce takes on ‘The Enigma’ Smith. We pan around to the hard cam side of the ring, where we see Necce sitting amongst the rows of empty chairs. He sits alone, all he has to accompany him is his peace and his thoughts. As he stares out towards the ring, he starts to spea
  3. Both of the Road Warriors are dead. One of the greatest and most popular tag teams in pro wrestling history is gone now. At least we still have Heidenreich. RIP Animal, thank you for all you’ve done for wrestling.
  4. {We cut backstage to the interview area. BPZ.com’s Peter Menthol stands with a microphone in his hand. Beside him are the 3 members of BPZ’s newest faction, and one that has already made several flashes in their short time of existence, Chimera. Peter looks straight into the camera as he begins to speak.} PM: “Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me today are one of BPZ’s newest and hottest acts. Separately, these men have made an indelible print on the very fabric of BPZ, taking part in numerous title reigns, matches, and some of the greatest storylines in BPZ history, dating all the way
  5. He’s been MIGHTY quiet ever since.
  6. Bro would drop the most mid shit and the entire forums would lose their goddamn minds. Couldn’t be me.
  7. We go to commercial every 5 minutes, every show is sold out during a pandemic, we have like 6 shows a week and also several PPVs a month, all sold out. ASWELL as some blood money from the fascist nations we run shows in. BPZ is rolling in fucking money.
  8. Allowing wins and losses to cloud my judgment and taking it too seriously. I lost sight in what’s really important, having fun, writing what I enjoy, and having fun putting together good stories.
  9. Necce


    I got the same feeling from reading things that I do when I achieve orgasm. Because I achieved orgasm.
  10. We need to get together and steal this dudes laptop. Something has to be done.

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