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  1. So I’m joining and also running the Music league (I won’t use any unfair tactics)


    {The scene opens up on a young man sitting outside. The man is wearing a black suit with a white tie, his hair is slicked back, and he holds a Venetian mask in one of his hands. In his other hand, he holds a cigarette that he continuously puffs on. His hand shakes as he brings the cigarette to his mouth, almost like he’s trying to calm his nerves. The scene cuts to someone walking down a set of stairs. The man looks up at the stranger, he says one, brief statement.} “It’s time.” {The man throws his cigarette away and goes to follow the man on the stairs. We cut to a wide shot, revealing both of them to be in front of an enormous mansion. Both men walk up the large stairs to the entrance of the house, the young man puts his mask onto his face as both of them stand outside of the doors of the home. The stranger says yet another brief statement.} “Enjoy.” {He opens the giant door to the foyer. A giant, crystal chandelier hangs above it with. Each of its hundreds of candles are lit, and it gives off the sight of a crystal teardrop coming from the ceiling. The man walks down a long hallway along, the room alive and vibrant with the light of hundreds of 24k gold candelabras that align the walls. As the man walks the corridor, we cut to a much darker shot of another man walking. His snakeskin shoes tap on the hardwood floor with every step he takes. We cut back to the first man as he goes through the corridor, immersing himself further into a lavish party that’s taking place within the mansion. Thousands of men and women, all wearing black and white, and all wearing Venetian masks. The room if filled with life and fun, a sensory overload of debauchery and entertainment. We see a man in an entirely white suit sitting at a piano. He wears a top hat that protrudes almost 5 feet above the brim. His mask is black and he plays the moonlight sonata, almost uninvolved with the rest of the gala. We cut back to the man in the dark hallway, but this time, it’s his back, showing the large fur goat that he wears. It’s individual hairs bristling with every step he takes. We cut back to the first man as he gets further and further into the heart of the party, men and women drink champagne out of large glasses converse amongst themselves in the most extravagant way. His eyes meet upon one woman who smokes a cigarette out of a large filter. Almost as if this place was a portal back to the roaring twenties. The scene immediately cuts to the man in the dark hallway smoking a cigarette of his own. His half-smoked cigarette lies between two fingers of a jeweled hand. Rings of gold, silver, diamond, and various embers. He wears rings on every single one of his fingers. It cuts to the other hand with an equal amount of rings, but in this one, he holds a cane. A long, mahogany cane with an entire diamond on the top. We cut back to the first man as he finally arrives into the center of the party. An even larger chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Men in tuxedos walk around with masks on their faces, and trays of drinks in their hands. He is overwhelmed by such grandeur. We cut back to the man in the dark hallway, this time, it’s the back of his head, he wears a wide brimmed hat with a 2 foot long feather coming out of it. We cut to the ride side of his head, a diamond earring hangs from his ear, jingling with every step he takes. A light at the end of the hallway looms ever closer as he throws his cigarette into a nearby ashtray. He continues to walk as the light gets brighter and brighter, finally, he walks through it. Revealing that he is walking onto the balcony that looks over the entire party. As he walks up to the rail, the entire party halts and goes quiet. We cut to the back of him as he grabs a glass of champagne.} “Ladies and gentlemen. The midnight howah is upon us, howevah, your night of indulgence and decadence has only just begun, daddeh.” {He downs the entire glass of champagne and holds the glass by the bottom with his index and middle fingers. Slowly, he lets the glass fall all the way to the ground and shatter. The crowd cheers as the party resumes to a new level. The two men meet eyes, as we get a full frontal shot of the man, he wears high waisted, white pants, a white shirt and black suspenders. The camera cuts to a black screen with red text in the middle of it as the scene ends.}


    {We open on one of the most familiar, yet obscure environments in all of professional wrestling. We are familiar with the surroundings, yet when we are engulfed in its darkness, we know we will run the gamut of the abyss. We will feel the evil and cold that suffuse from the bricks that build its foundation. We are in the boiler room of BPZ. The domicile of the Antichrist. We find him sitting there, as usual, confined in thought. He sits content in his own world, keeping his distance from reality, yet drawing us in to his own version of what is “real.” He begins to speak without looking up from the floor.} My mind is in darkness. {He picks his head up, but keeps his eyes on the floor.} A year. A collection of 365 days. A daunting stretch of time, yet it comes and goes within a blink of an eye. Many things can happen over the course of a year, yet it isn’t until you step back and look at it, that you realize what had occurred. One year ago, I was on top of the world. Every word I spoke was the gospel of the disenfranchised. Every match I had was my own personal sermon on the mount. And on my waist, I held a belt that had signified my climb to the very top. I was on fire in every sense of the word, but like all fire, it was extinguished. Set out without even a moment’s warning. For a fleeting moment, I stood at the apex of the professional wrestling mountain. I was the measuring stick for anyone here in BPZ, new or established. Then, with a simple blink of an eye, I was at the bottom, staring up at the peak where I once stood, forgetful on how I had even reached it to begin with. For a year, I have wondered where it all went wrong. What started my downfall? If I wanted to find the answer, I had to trace my fall from the moment it happened, follow the wire all the way back to the socket and find where I failed to connect it. It all started with a tournament. The best of the best on Carnage fighting it out to see who would challenge the champion. Not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, but it was certainly exciting. I watched each and every match of the tournament with bated breath, desperate to find out who was going to be the latest challenger to my title. I watched as the man I had beaten almost 6 months earlier ascended the tournament, knocking down and each and every adversary that had been placed before him. I watched from my seat at ringside, as he held up the ultimate prize of the tournament. The eponymous Power Trip Cup. It was a match I had gone through before, surviving only based on the strength of my will and the power of my determination, but survived nonetheless. A challenge that I thought I was ready to withstand once again, but was unable to match. I lied there on the mat. Defeated for the first time since the previous year, and without the belt I had promised I would walk out with. I was beaten down, broken, and sore, not only physically, but mentally. I sat in the dark of my dressing room, alone with only a pack of smokes and my thoughts. The adrenaline started to wear off and I was starting to come to my senses. The pain was setting in, my head beat like a drum, and the thoughts that were passing through the headache were moving at the speed of a runaway train. I failed myself, I failed everyone who believed in me, I wanted my best friend back, and I didn’t know what I was going to do in the future. It was one of the first times in my life where I had no set plans, but it was there, as I let the cigarette between my fingers burn slowly, that I made a solitary promise. Any chance that I got, I was going to take that belt back. It doesn’t matter how I was going to do it, whether it be by honorable or nefarious means, I was going to hold that belt in my hands again. Fast forward almost a year. I formed a tag team, won the tag belts, broke that team up immediately. Started my own Flock. Ended a career or 2. And I found myself in one of the biggest matches of my career. A triple threat match at BPZMania, a match where I could finally fulfill my promise. And once again, I came up short. I let everyone down, I put hope in myself, the people who believed in me, and the people around me, and I showed up empty handed. Yet again I had made a promise, and yet again I had made myself out to look like a fool. So I did what I always do, I walked away, and I thought. I thought about my promise, I thought the vow I made to myself, and I thought the tournament that started it all. So I decided to use the tournament that spelled my downfall, bounce back with something meant to be my end. I was the tournaments first victim. I won’t let that happen again, I can’t...let that happen again. Quote The Raven, Nevermore. {Necce continues to stare at the ground as the camera fades to black.}
  4. {We open on a bright and cheerful scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute.} {We are in a brightly lit room that’s disgustingly filled with colors. We face a door that’s opposite a window with smiling flowers and a big yellow sun facing into the room. The door opens, and enters Necce. He looks completely different from the last time we’ve seen him. He wears a bright red sweater, dark navy blue slacks, penny loafers shoes, and his hair is completely tied back behind his head. He holds big box with a big red bow on it in his hands, and he smiles to the camera with a big, toothy grin. He places the box on the ground and and stands in front of the door. The music ends as he begins to speak.} Welcome children, my name is Necce, and I would like to personally welcome you to the very first edition of “Antichrist Corner,” where each and every week, we move one step closer on our journey to find the YOU….in you. {Canned applause plays for a few seconds, before being cut off abruptly.} You see, for years and years, I lived my life in a cave of darkness, shrouded in evil and general no-goodness. Until one day, BPZMania 4 to be exact, I awoke to a realization. Negativity will get you nowhere in this life. So I set off to find a place where I can bring myself back to the good graces of positivity and optimism. And I found that place in the Antichrist Corner, where everyday is sunnier and happier than the last. {Necce pauses for a second before giving the camera a sinister smile. The camera hangs on this smile for several, long seconds, switching between several different camera angles.} Wait now children...it appears as if we’ve stumbled upon our word of the day! {Canned applause plays again as a chalkboard with a cloak covering it is wheeled next to Necce. The applause is once again cut off abruptly.} Since today is a very special day, being our first episode, we actually have TWO words of the day! {Necce takes the cloak down to reveal one of the words of the day on it.} “Shroud” Do you know what shroud means children? {Necce flips the chalkboard over to reveal the definition of the word on it. He pulls out a metal pointer and goes over each word as he says them.} It means; “Cover or envelop so as to conceal from view.” Basically, when someone shrouds themselves in darkness, they let it surround them, drawing them further from reality… {As Necce says the final word, the screen begins to have a wave of distortion. This goes on for a few seconds before clearing as Necce begins to show the second word of the day.} “Optimism” This one is my favorite word, it means; “Hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something.” When someone is optimistic, that means they are sure that the day that follows them will be filled with sunshine and cheer! Speaking of sunshine and cheer, it appears that it’s time for you all to meet our super special co-host of Antichrist Corner, and there’s no more fitting of a co-host than a man who hopes to spend kindness and warmth throughout all of Professional Wrestling. He is “The World’s Cuddliest Man” Jervis Cottonbelly! {The camera cuts over to a corner of the room that is covered with a large curtain. Suddenly, the curtain jerks up to find Jervis Cottonbelly kneeling down with his hands tied behind his back and a black bag over his head. A gloved hand reaches over from offscreen and rips the bag from Jervis’s head as he begins to look around the room frantically.} How are you today Jervis? {Jervis begins to talk, but the only thing we can hear is the sounds of static and heavily distorted audio until what he’s saying is unintelligible.} Are you enjoying your stay in the Antichrist Corner? {Jervis starts to talk again, but we still can’t hear him. His body begins to become more and more frantic and scared.} Well thank you for stopping by Jervis, we’ll see you again next week! {Jervis begins to protest, but the black bag is forced back onto his head and the curtain is once again dropped over him. Necce once again looks right into the camera with a sinister looking grin. All music and other noise stops as he stares into the camera with a plastic, wide smile.} You know children, for a long time, I was in a very dark place. Come to think of it, I can’t remember a single time in my life where I was truly happy, until I found the Antichrist Corner, a place where I can be free and express all of the happiness that I could never enjoy in the past. And to celebrate this occasion, I have decided to finally let go of the past, let go of all of the anger and pain that I have held onto for so long. {Necce walks over to the box that he entered with and picks it up. He then presents it to the camera, holding it out straight in front of him.} I got you a present, would you like to see what it is? {Canned cheering plays until being suddenly cut off. More gloved hands come from behind the camera and throw the top of the box away become grabbing what was inside of the box. Necce lets go of the box, letting it fall to the floor, and reveals what was in the box. A knife with a long, curved blade that is as sharp as a razor. He grabs the knife by the handle as the gloved hands once again retreat to behind the camera. Necce begins to walk with the knife over to a cardboard cutout of himself, the version of him that we are more used to seeing.} This represents everything that I used to be, and now, I’m going to lay it to rest with everything that I am now and everything that I am going to be. {Necce viciously stabs the cutout in the stomach, screaming violently as he does so. He holds his own stomach as he stumbles away from it, dropping the knife onto the ground as he does. He moves his hand to reveal blood pooling out from his stomach in the same spot where he stabbed the cardboard cutout, which is also beginning to bleed. Necce falls to the ground holding his stomach.} Thank you for joining us on Antichrist Corner, we’ll see you next week! {Necce passes out onto the floor as we cut to a wide shot of the room. The cardboard cutout has disappeared leaving only a bloody knife and Necce on the floor as the Antichrist Corner logo once again appears on the screen and the music from the beginning starts to play again as the screen cuts to black.}
  5. So, Wrestlemania 33 was a strange one wasn’t it? I mean, not a bad show by any stretch. It had great matches like AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon, Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg, and the Raw Women’s fatal 4 way. But it also had not great matches like Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt and the SPOOOOOOKYYYY PROJEEEEEEEECTIONS, John and Nikki vs Miz and Maryse, and THA BIG DAAWG vs THA BIGGEST DAWG IN THA YARD. Where a very wet Samoan beat up a 50 year old Emo cowboy in a match that really brought everyone down. And when you think about Wrestlemania 33, you think about everyone who was around at the time and the stories that were being built months before the show happens, you realize that it should’ve been the first mania to truly show the new era of WWE, but it rather built on nostalgia. I know Wrestlemania usually does that to an extent, but look at the biggest matches and moments of Wrestlemania 33. The Undertaker, a man who debuted for the company at the tail end of the hulkamania era, is in the main event. Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar, 2 men who built their careers in the Ruthless Aggression era, walked out as the top 2 champions in the company. And the Hardy Boyz, one of the biggest acts of the Attitude Era, returned out of nowhere and won the Raw tag team titles. So I decided think about what could’ve been for the first Mania after the second Brand Split. What would’ve happened if WWE had leaned into the “New Era” that they tried so hard to drill into our minds on their biggest stage. What would I have done if I was given the opportunity to book the world’s biggest wrestling companies biggest show from the Royal Rumble, all the way to the show itself. What if I got got to decide how everyone got to the showcase of the immortals and how they left it? So that’s exactly what I decided to do. Please join me as we look at... How I Would Have Booked Wrestlemania 33 Part 1: Royal Rumble 2017 So this one is pretty easy, as I wouldn’t change much of this show. There’s only 3 matches that I’d change the stipulation of; The Raw Tag Team Title match, The WWE Championship match, and the Royal Rumble match. The tag match is pretty much the same except Cesaro and Sheamus win. Now as for the WWE Championship match. Bare with me, as this is going to require a bunch of fantasy booking. So this scenario requires this match to have a stipulation that WWE wouldn’t dream of placing on a John Cena match, but I think it will build into the Wrestlemania match I have planned for him. So… John Cena vs AJ Styles - WWE Championship - If John Cena Loses, He Can’t Challenge For The WWE Championship Ever Again So the reason that I chose this stipulation is to build towards the story that WWE was building with John Cena for the previous few years. John Cena is desperate to match and break Ric Flair’s record of world title reigns. He’s getting more and more hungry with each passing year to place his name above, what is considered, the greatest man to ever lace up a pair of boots. Cena knows that he might not have much time left in WWE, and with his star growing every year, his official move to Hollywood comes ever closer and closer. Also, it’s builds into the feud between him and AJ. Up to this point, Cena has never pinned AJ in either of their 2 matches. So you could have Cena getting even more desperate to prove that he is truly better than this guy who just showed up a year ago. I would have the stipulation be Cena’s idea, have him say something like “The belt that you wear now has been more synonymous with me than anyone else in this companies histories, and if I can’t beat you, then I don’t deserve to challenge for it again.” Stipulation aside, I wouldn’t change anything about the match except for the ending. The original ending of the match sees AJ go for the Phenomenal Forearm, only to be caught by Cena on the ropes, hit with the AA, and lose the match. I would keep John catching AJ on the ropes, but when he goes for the AA, AJ lands on his feet and hits John with the pele kick. He quickly jumps to the ring apron and successfully hits the Phenomenal Forearm. Rather than pinning him right away, he picks John up and hits the Styles Clash. Because that isn’t really a finisher in WWE, AJ goes back to the ring apron and waits as John starts to get back up to his feet. Once he’s up, AJ hits a second Phenomenal Forearm and wins the match. As AJ celebrates at the top of the ramp, the cameras cut back to John as he lays on the mat, dazed and confused. He gets up devastated, and walks to the back with his head hung down. He knows that a large chapter of his career is over. He knows that this was his last chance to touch Ric Flair’s record. He looks around the arena with a forlorned look on his face. But then, he looks at the Wrestlemania sign. He looks at the Royal Rumble logo on the titantron, and suddenly, his look changed from one of sadness, to one of determination as he stands up and walks to the back. Royal Rumble Match So we get to the Royal Rumble match. We have the usual 47 year long introduction announcement where they go over the rules. Finally we get our first entrant in the Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn has the music that is meant to be the first one you here in a Royal Rumble. Also, with his loveable underdog character, he just seems destined to be number one in about 97% of the rumbles he’s going to participate in forever, heel or face. So Sami enters the ring, and the second entrant in the rumble comes out, The Miz. Not to Daniel Bryan’s music like so many, plumpy people thought he should’ve, but believe me, that story WILL play a huge factor in not only this match, but in the rest of The Miz’s journey to mania. Now I don’t really have a lot planned for this stage of the rumble, as unless it’s like the previous year’s match where AJ debuted at the 3rd spot, a lot of the first 10 or so spots are mostly doing Royal Rumbley things like kicks, punches, and trying oh so hard to push someone from the corner over the top rope. So I’m pretty much gonna rapid fire these entrances with a little bit of added scenery. Number 3 is Chris Jericho, who comes out with his list. He quickly writes Miz and Sami down onto the list, and then gets into the ring to tussle with them. Number 4 is Big Cass, introduced Muscles Marinara, the smacktalker skywalker, the certified G, the bonified stud, Real1, the Phoenix, and “alleged” rapist himself, Enzo Amore. Enzo does his entire opening, which I will not be doing here, and Large Cassidy enters the match. Jericho quickly goes over to his list in the corner, and jots down the unteachable one and Mr. Consensual Penis’ names. Jericho will do this for everyone who enters the rumble match from this point on. This is where we start a little sequence of entrances, as number 5 is Big E, number 6 is Cesaro, number 7 is Kofi, number 8 is Sheamus, and number 9 is Xavier Woods. These 2 teams fight each other as all of them enter. Xavier runs into the ring, and is immediately hit with the Brogue Kick, he falls backwards into Big E, who goes tumbling through the middle ropes onto the outside. Kofi tries to fight Sheamus and Cesaro by himself, but both men beat him down. Sheamus picks up Kofi and hits him with a Celtic Cross over the top rope, to the outside, and onto Big E. Kofi’s feet don’t hit the floor, so he’s not eliminated. Fair warning, Kofi is going to have a lot of his signature rumble spots in this match, so get ready for that. Big E grabs Kofi by the waist as he’s laying on top of him. Turns him around like he’s going to German suplex him, but instead, he and Kofi wheelbarrow all the way back to the ring, where Big E lifts Kofi up by his legs and puts his feet onto the apron. Sheamus goes to knock Kofi off of the apron, but Kofi pulls the top rope down, knocking Sheamus from the ring onto the floor. Sheamus has been eliminated Kofi jumps from the top rope into a diving crossbody onto Cesaro. Big E renters the ring and goes to give Cesaro the Big Ending. But Cesaro does one of those tombstone reversals where Big E ends up on his shoulders. Xavier and Kofi both try to stop Cesaro, but he hits both of them with E’s feet as they get close to him. Cesaro throws Big E over the top rope like he did to Big Show at Wrestlemania 30. Big E has been eliminated So because I need him to be there for a few more Kofi spots, Big E is allowed to stay at ringside for some reason. Maybe he goes over to the commentary booth to call the match. Who knows? So it’s the number 10 spot...and who else could it be? https://youtu.be/cQvrJGQN9JY SWERVE MOTHERFUCKERS! DOLPH ZIGGLER SUPERKICKS TYE AS HE MAKES HIS ENTRANCE. That’ll get Dolph some nuclear heat. There is no real reason for my to do this, but I just love fucking with the IWC. So Dolph runs into the ring and superkicks literally everyone standing there. Maybe he can do the ziggle wiggle when he’s done, it can be a fun time for all. So, Number 11 enters the match, and it’s Bray Wyatt. The lights shut off, and when they come back on, he’s already in the ring holding his little lantern. He gets to work immediately throwing out Big Cass after hitting him with a running tackle. Big Cass has been eliminated Xavier goes to try to attack Bray for some reason, and he throws him out aswell. Xavier Woods has been eliminated Kofi Kingston actually has a reason to fight Bray, as he’s just thrown out his friend, so the 2 start fighting. Bray goes for the Sister Abigail, but Kofi somehow reverses into an SOS. Kofi picks Bray up and attempts to throw him out, but Bray fights him. Bray scratches and claws to grab onto any rope that he could to try not to get eliminated. It looks like Bray may be going out, when Number 12, his best friend in the whole world, Randy Orton, comes out. Bray and Randy begin to double team Kofi, beating down on him with kicks before Bray does his running senton on him. Randy picks Kofi up and throws him over the top rope, but he lands on the apron. Big E and Xavier are now standing behind Kofi, ready to catch him if he falls. Bray knocks Kofi off of the apron and again onto Big E, but again, his feet don’t hit the floor. He keeps his feet up as high as he can to stay away from the floor. Xavier lies down with his legs touching Big E’s tricep meat, creating a bridge. Kofi stands up on E’s tummy, and steps into Xavier’s chest, once he’s there, Xavier holds up his hands, where Kofi puts his feet, and let's Xavier launch him onto the apron. Both men stand up as Bray once again knocks Kofi off of the apron, but he lands on E and Wood’s shoulders, each other them grab one of Kofi’s feet, and launch him into the ring over Bray. However, he falls right into an RKO from Randy. Randy picks Kofi up and throws him over the top rope on the other side of the ring. Kofi Kingston has been eliminated To complete the set, Luke Harper comes in at number 13, and the Wyatt Family goes absolutely bonkers. Bray hits a Sister Abigail onto Sami, Randy RKO’s Miz, Luke hits Dolph with a Powerbomb that he sells like death. They all work together to eliminate Jericho from the match. Chris Jericho has been eliminated The Wyatt Family stand there in victory. Randy and Luke stand on opposite turnbuckles doing their respective poses, and Bray kneels in the ring. They have assumed control of the Royal Rumble. Luke gets off of the turnbuckle and goes over to Bray, and Randy goes off to work on The Miz. Bray whispers something to Luke, points to Sami, and Luke begins to follow whatever instructions he’s just received. But as he walks away, Luke takes Bray’s head off with the discus clothesline. Randy sees Luke standing over Bray’s body, and he goes apoplectic, he attacks Luke like he had said a bad word about Trump. He goes for an RKO, but Luke manages to catch him with a hand on his back and throws him over his head onto the apron. He hits a discus clothesline onto Randy as well to finally eliminate him. Randy Orton has been eliminated As Randy hits the floor, Bray runs up behind Luke and eliminates him. Luke Harper has been eliminated As Luke hits the floor, Sami Zayn runs up behind Bray and eliminates him the same way Bray eliminated Luke. Bray Wyatt has been eliminated If possible, I would have Bray land on his feet, but not even acknowledge the fact that he was eliminated. He stands there with Randy and they both stare at Luke with referees between them. So I want a little bit of pallet cleanser, so Number 14 is, James Ellsworth. He walks down the the ramp, maybe even shoot a friendly smile and wave over to the wyatts, and enters the ring as everyone’s down. Ellsworth kinda walks around the ring at the other 3 men in the match, maybe lightly kicks them, but he doesn’t really do much until the 15th entrant, Baron Corbin comes in. James goes over to shake Baron’s hand, and Baron throws him at least 97 feet in the air with the deep six. Like you know how chef’s in a pizzeria throw the dough in the air? Well I want that to happen, but with a human man with no chin. Ellsworth hits the mat with so much force that it makes the other 3 participants spring up as a result, to which Baron responds by hitting him with the 3rd move in his move set, the big boot. He goes back to Ellsworth, deadlifts him off of the mat, and hits the end of days. He doesn’t eliminate him, but Baron Corbin has just committed homicide. He gestures to the ring, begging anyone to come from the back as the clock counts down. Number 16 is BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUN Big Bad Braun Strongjaw comes down to the ring. He’s no stranger to making Ellsworth’s night worse upon arrival, so he picks the child off of the mat, and flattens him with a Running Powerslam. Braun does the “RAAAAAAAAAAAW” thing to Baron, and they both stare each other down as Number 17 comes out. It’s everyone’s favorite dog, Roman Reigns. Amidst a sweet symphony of boos, Roman comes down to the ring and gets into the corner. He says to the 2 beefy boys with receding hairlines to pick up Ellsworth. They do, and Roman mows him down with a spear. Oouuaa. All 3 men stare at each other until number 18 comes out. Gong. The lights go out, a bolt of lightning shoots into the ring, and when the lights come back up, The Undertaker is standing in the ring as a clap of thunder rumbles throughout the Alamodome. Taker walks over to the pile of what used to be knows as Ellsworth, picks him up, hikes him so high in the air that he gets a little bit of cloud in this teeth, and slams him down onto the mat with a Chokeslam so strong that James flops onto his stomach like a fish. Taker goes into a corner and looks at the other 3 men in the ring with him. He looks at Big Banter, he looks at the monster among men, and he looks at the quite large dog. He rolls his eyes back into his head, and slides his thumb across his throat. Number 19 comes out, and it’s the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Brock goes into the ring, deadlifts Ellsworth in a belly to back position, and hits 3 consecutive German suplexes. Playing his part in the factory line of “brutally assault a husband a father of 2 like you’re jumping him into your gang.” Because Brock is such a greedy little sausage, he gets 2 moves on Jamie, hitting an F5 on him. And because Ellsworth is just a dainty little butterfly, he hits full intertia on the way down, likes it’s genuinely beautiful the way that he flies through the air down to the mat. Brock gets up, does his little dance, and waits along with the other monsters for the 20th entrant. Which is.. GOOOOOOOOOOOOLDBEEEEEEEEEEEERG Goldberg gets to about the end of the ramp and the beginning of the padded area when someone graciously picks up James to serve to the hungry William. Ellsworth is standing on spaghetti legs, his legs are so wobbly that he looks like a newborn giraffe learning to walk. But this doesn’t last long as Goldberg takes what life remained inside of James Ellsworth with a spear so strong that it could break through time and space. Goldberg gives one final “fuck you” to the man with 2 hands as he picks him up effortlessly and hits a jackhammer. Goldberg then bench presses Ellsworth over his head and throws him a solid 20 feet on the outside. James Ellsworth has been put out of his misery James lays on the outside motionless, he will stay there for the remainder of the match. After effectively killing a man, Goldberg turns around, and all 6 men stare at each other. Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, and Goldberg all in the same ring and the same time. Finally, Goldberg breaks the tension by nailing Brock with a viscous spear, and all the men implode on each other. Braun picks up Baron by his arms like he were a child and hoofs him out of the ring. Baron Corbin has been eliminated But the undertaker is behind Braun. He scoops him up and hits him with the snake eyes, before hitting Braun with the big boot and eliminating him. Braun Strowman has been eliminated Taker turns around and meets eyes with Goldberg. Both men stare at each other on opposite sides of the ring. Goldberg screams at taker, “YOU'RE NEXT” before taking him down with a spear. Now this next move is risky, but I think it would be a great spot. Goldberg picks undertaker up to hit a Jackhammer, and he holds him in the air for a while, when Brock comes from behind and hits Goldberg with a German as he holds the undertaker. Goldberg pops up and goes for a spear, but Brock counters into 3 release Germans. He then picks up Goldberg and F5s him out of the ring. Goldberg has been eliminated Brock can scream something at Goldberg like “THIS IS MY YARD BITCH” when Taker comes up from behind him and hits him in the dick. Brock falls to the mat and taker is standing in the middle of the ring, suddenly, Roman comes from behind him and hits him with a Superman punch. Taker staggers a bit, so Roman does it again. Taker staggers again, Roman goes for a 3rd Superman punch when taker catches him with a choke mid jump. Taker nails Roman with a chokeslam. He goes to give Roman a Last Ride out of the ring, when Roman slips out, runs to the other side of the ring, bounces off of the ropes and hits Taker with a spear. Roman picks taker up and throws him over the top rope. The Undertaker has been eliminated Boos pour over Roman like the water he pours over his head before every match. As he celebrates having thrown out an icon, Brock comes up from behind him and launches Roman Reigns across the ring like a little bitch baby. Roman recovers quickly, going for a spear, but Brock catches him and F5s him out of the ring. Roman Reigns has been eliminated Brock Lesnar stands alone in the ring, he is the alpha male in the yard that stands above all other alphas and Baron Corbin. The Miz, Sami, and Zigglypuff have respectfully bowed out of the ring for the time being, choosing rather to conserve their energy and not take the same prison beating that James Ellsworth has received. Brock does his little dance in the ring, as number 21 prepares to come out. You know they say all men are created equal, but when you look at Brock and you look at S’moa Joe, you can see that statement is not true. Brock and Joe just look at each other and get into separate corners opposite each other. They don’t break eye contact. Slowly, Brock takes off his gloves, and Joe unwraps his fists. The two men psyche themselves up like they’re Ali and Foreman going into the first round of the world title bout, and they begin to thump each other harder than two drunk fathers in the parking lot of their sons little league game. These two men are absolutely thrashing each other. They are punching, kicking, and kneeing each other as stiff as humanly possible. Eventually Brock does get the upper hand and gets Joe in position for the F5. When suddenly, Goldberg comes out of nowhere and flattens Brock with the Spear. Joe goes down with Brock in a Samoan drop kinda move. Goldberg picks up Brock, and hits him with a lightning quick Jackhammer before rolling under the bottom rope. As Goldberg goes up the ramp, he stomps on the carcass of James Ellsworth. Back in the ring, Joe picks up Brock and throws him over the top rope, eliminating him. Brock Lesnar has been eliminated So because so many eliminations have happened in such a short time, I want the ring to begin to fill up a bit. These guys aren’t really gonna have too big of spots, they’ll pretty much just be here to add a bit more excitement to the match. So numbers 22-28 are: Rusev, surprise entrant Johnny Gargano, Neville, surprise entrant Tommaso Ciampa, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and surprise entrant Tyler Bate. Sorry for the lack of spots between entrances, but like I said earlier, I’m just filling up the ring a bit. Everyone just kinda comes in and does that classic rumble thing where they come in like a house of fire, hit everyone with a bunch of moves, and then eventually get sidelined by someone wanting to push them into a corner. Things don’t really get interesting until we get to the number 29 position, where we hear… HNYAAAAAN CENA comes into the match. There’s no fanfare, no playing to the crowd, he doesn’t even have his t-shirt on. John is all business, he walks down to the ring with the look of determination in his eyes, his career may very well depend on how his following actions go. He gets into the ring and just starts clotheslining the shit out of people like I did in his match with AJ. Anyone who tries to do anything is going down. Seth Rollins goes for a flying knee, gets caught into an AA. Dolph tries to superkick John, he reverses it into an AA out of the ring. Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated The Miz goes for a Skull Crushing Finale, it gets reversed into an AA. Cena is not fucking around right now. Joe walks up to Cena and squares up to him, Cena is having absolutely none of it, AA. After Cena has killed almost the entirety of the ring, the clock counts down for the final entrant in the Royal Rumble match. Number 30 is about to come out. The entire arena chants along as the clock continues. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...EEEEEHHHHH Shinsuke Nakamura enters the Royal Rumble at the number 30 spot. The crowd goes banana sandwich for his arrival. He walks into the ring and nobody touches him. He goes for the YeaOH thing as Rusev rushes at him, so as he pulls the bottom rope down, Rusev he’s tumbling to the outside. Rusev has been eliminated...at least he wasn’t first this time Shinsuke has no time to waste, he officially kicks off his Royal Rumble debut going after his former NXT rival, Samoa Joe. Cena is still trying to kill everyone and puts Tyler Bate over his shoulder, but rather than AA him, Cena goes to do that Samoan Drop thing he does where he just drops them over the top rope. When he gets to the ropes, Dean Ambrose lifts Cena’s legs up behind him and throws him and Bate over the top rope. Tyler Bate has been eliminated John Cena has been eliminated Suddenly The Miz comes up behind Dean and eliminates him. Dean Ambrose has been eliminated It’s official, this Royal Rumble match is going to be won by someone for the very first time tonight. Current roll call of the match is; Sami Zayn, The Miz, Samoa Joe, Johnny Gargano, Neville, Tommaso Ciampa, Seth Rollins, and Shinsuke Nakamura Nakamura and Joe are still walloping each other, Miz and Sami are taking on DIY, and Neville and Rollins are fighting. Now I chose these specific people to be the final 8 men in the Rumble to fully show that WWE wants you to know that “The Future is Now.” 8 men in the ring, 2 former WWE Champions, and 7 former or future NXT champions are at the final stage of the rumble match. 8 gets cut down to 7 as Seth superkicks Neville out of the ring. Neville has been eliminated And then the number gets cut back down to 5 as Sami and Miz eliminate Gargano and Ciampa. Johnny Gargano has been eliminated Tommaso Ciampa has been eliminated Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura are still beating the britches off of each other. Shinsuke has Joe on the apron. Joe tries to hit Shinsuke with an Enziguri, but he gets out of the way, cashing Joe to crash down onto the mat. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa through the ropes and knocks Joe off of the apron. Samoa Joe has been eliminated We are down to the final 4. Each man takes a corner, in one is the number one entrant Sami Zayn, in the one opposite to him is the man that he started the match with, The Miz. And in the other 2 corners are Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura. All of the men look around at each other, realize that one of them is about to make history, and Sami bolts down the ring and nails Miz with a helluva kick. Sami goes after Shinsuke, but he hits win with a standing Kinshasa. The only two men left standing in the ring are Rollins and Nakamura. The two men fight for a bit, trying desperately to get the other to hit the floor. We get down to a point where Seth’s back is towards the ropes and he goes for a Pedigree, when suddenly Triple H runs into the ring with a sledgehammer. He hits Rollins in the face, and Rollins lays out with his torso over the top rope, and his legs in the ring. Shinsuke throws Seth’s legs up and Seth does a backflip to the outside. Seth Rollins has been eliminated Triple H looks at Shinsuke and nods. Shinsuke looks at Triple H and does his little smirk. Triple H goes to the outside, picks up Seth, and hits him with a Pedigree on the outside. Shinsuke is watching this when Sami Zayn shoots in from behind and hits him with a Helluva kick to the back of the head, knocking him out of the match. Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated Sami Zayn is kneeling in the ring. The fans are going crazy, he begins to shake is fists, rallying them behind him. They begin to chant “SAMI SAMI SAMI” as they think Sami Zayn is finally gonna do it, Sami is gonna do it! SAMI ZAYN gets hit with the Skull Crushing Finale from behind and eliminated by The Miz. Sami Zayn has been eliminated The match is over, Michael Mizanin has won the 2017 Royal Rumble. Now I know what some of you are saying out loud to your screen because you’re a loser with no friends, “why this Miz? Why not this person or that person or Baron Corbin?” Well I chose the Miz because he was at his absolute peak in 2016-2017. He was having the best matches, the best stories, the best promos, he truly made Smackdown must-see after the Brand Split. He did so much with the Intercontinental championship, that I think if you give him a little bit of trust, he could do a lot with a main event run. So Miz is in the ring and he’s surprised to say the least. He’s just won the Royal Rumble match that included guys like Roman, Brock, Goldberg, The Undertaker, Jericho, Cena, and Baron Corbin. He doesn’t even believe that he won, he looks around the ring waiting for someone to come in and attack him from behind, but there’s nobody. Slowly, his look changes from bewilderment, to a shit eating grin strewn across his face. He does the obligatory point at the Wrestlemania sign, before starting to do the yes chant as the cameras fade to black. Well that’s the end of Part 1. I’ll get Part 2 out whenever I can, where I will be going over the 2 B-shows between Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Thank you for reading.
  6. I’ve known you for 4 years now, and you always look like you’re ready for the sweet release of death.
  7. {We open on a shot of BPZ interviewer and BPZ Commentaries personality, Peter Menthol. He stands in front of a BPZ backstage interview set with a microphone in his hand, waiting to interview a BPZ Superstar.} Peter Menthol: “Ladies and Gentlemen, his release from BPZ and subsequent return not even a month later sent shockwaves across the professional wrestling landscape. His return with the BPZ Global Championship Belt would serve as the catalyst for an upcoming match at BPZMania, a match that the wrestling world has been talking about since the second that he and Echo Wilson stood in the ring together, each holding their own respective Global Championship belts. The man I’m talking about is, of course, ‘The Antichrist,’ Necce.” {Necce walks into the frame in his usual attire, and the BPZ Global Championship strapped around his waist. He wastes no time in getting the interview going.} I’m not gonna sit here and dance around my words or dilute my meanings as I usually do. When words matter the most, that’s when it’s time to cut to the chase. So I’ll start off this little powwow by addressing my good friend Daniel. I’ll make this short, as he’s not really worth my breathe, Danny, I could take your ass any day of the week, hardcore or not. I wasn’t running from you or whatever else you say I did to make yourself seem like some kind of boogeyman. I don’t need to run from you, because I know for a fact that the only time you were ever menace was when you were in my shadow, so let’s go ahead and sit your ass down so the real men can talk huh? But to be completely honest here Peter, this isn’t about Daniel, this is about what sits here around my waist. {The camera pans down and zooms onto the Global Championship, which Necce continuously points on with his index finger.} This here is the reason we’re here isn’t it? The very reason that one of the biggest matches in BPZMania history will take place. And I say that because.. {Necce takes his index and middle finger and nudges underneath the lense of the camera.} Up here bud. {Once the camera resumes its original position, Necce resumes talking.} I say that because this isn’t an ordinary big mania match. This isn’t the ultimate teacher vs student match in Bailey vs Flynn. This isn’t the first ever meeting between Flynn and myself. This isn’t the clash between two of BPZ’s most decorated men in Slim vs Smith. This is the battle between 3 of the very best this company has to offer. Of this era or any other. This is about 2 belts, and the only 3 men to hold both of them. This is about taking 3 men, all with claims to be the very best; not only in this company, but perhaps in the sport of professional wrestling as a whole, and truly finding out who is the best in the world, who is the true undisputed champion? {Necce lets out a little smirk.} Mmm, that’s quite the match isn’t it? {Peter nods as Necce continues to speak.} One month ago, I came to a crossroads in my career. I came to a point that I feel as if I’ve been nudged to every since I first stepped foot in this business. I had seen everything I had set out to see. I had accomplished everything I had sought to capture. There wasn’t a big match that I hadn’t been in, and there wasn’t a championship that I didn’t want that I hadn’t held. So what did I do? Well, I did what I do best. I took my ball, my belt, and I went home. I walked away from all of this. And for a while, I had convinced myself that I was done. I let myself believe that I had my fix of pro wrestling, it was now time to write another chapter in my life, find a new hill to conquer and possibly die on. But as a former junkie, I’ll be the first one to tell you that it’s never that simple to walk away from your vices. And that bug bit me not too long after I saw once face on my TV. A face that not only I, but everyone else believed we would never see again. The face that brought me back, was Echo Wilson. Just when I thought I had run my course, the bright lights and ropes had seduced me once again. A man I have never faced one on one, and a man that was going after the global title, MY title. But I can’t entirely pretend that it was just the return of Echo that brought me back. You see ever since I beat my own pupil for this belt, I knew the possibility of a match with a man who has eluded me his entire career. A man I have interacted with in passing, but never in a competitive environment. That man is the current, reigning and defending, Universal Champion, “The Villain” Bart. You see, I’ve watched Bart very closely since his arrival in BPZ. For nearly 2 years now, he has been considered one of the best this business has to offer. Every single time he steps foot between those ropes, he produces a type electricity that I haven’t seen since my time in the US division. He’s had the biggest matches, the best matches, and has silently been becoming the best Intercontinental Champion this company has ever seen. But I will tell him this right now, and I’ll only say it once because I know both of you are listening. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING that you do in your careers will mean ANYTHING until you beat me. I have never won a World Championship in BPZ. I have never had the final match on a BPZMania card. I have never won a Royal Rumble, a Money In The Bank match, or even the Intercontinental Championship. But despite all of that, I have had one accomplishment that has hung over my head since the second after the bell rang on my very first match in BPZ. That is being the best. The best in the ring, the best on the mic, and the absolute best in the world. I have proven that no matter who is world champion, in the last match of BPZMania, or even who the supposed top guy was, I was always the best. I was always the main event of every card I wrestled on. And at the grandest stage of all, with every eye of the wrestling world watching on, BPZMania 4, I will once again prove that I am the undeniable… {Necce chuckles a bit.} ...undisputed, Best. In. The. World. See you could see my walking out of the company as me taking my ball and going home. You could see it as me doing what I was always meant to do, fizzle out. But I see it as a chance to do something I have never been afforded, a clean slate. A chance to finally be reborn. But make no mistake boys, I am still the Necce of old. I am still filled to the rim with the same vile and venom that raced through my blood and brought me to the mountain top. I am still The Antichrist, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that when the final bells ring at BPZMania, I will be the undisputed king of BPZ. Quote The Raven, Nevermore. {The camera zooms in on Necce’s intense stare as the feed slowly fades to black.}
  8. {At first, there is nothing, then, the silence is broken by the sounds of church bells ringing in the distance. The haunting sound of centuries old steel rings throughout the arena. The bells continue as the titantron shows a video of a cemetery in the middle of the day in black and white. The camera cuts to someone walking through the thick grass of the cemetery from the waist down, all we see is a familiar site, beat up converse, a pair of jeans with holes cut out of the knees, and a flannel jacket tied around their waist. They walk through a flock of ravens, which all fly away. There’s a sound of speaking playing over the video.} “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was making you all believe he never existed.” {The person walks up to a grave and places flowers onto the tombstone.} “Well in part, you were correct. Because what he manifested was something far darker and more sinister than the devil ever was,” {The camera pans over the name of the tombstone.} “Lisa Ann Brave” {The camera then shows a white mask hanging on the tombstone.} “what he created was The Antichrist.” {The person stands up with the mask in their hand, and slowly, they put the mask on.} “And I’ll tell each and every one of you that the Antichrist is real, and you’re looking at him in live and in living color.” {The camera cuts to a picture of the flowers that where just placed at the tombstone. What was once a bouquet of live and vibrant flowers, are now dead and withered.} “I may be the Antichrist, but I am here to do the devils work.” {Finally, the camera cuts to the man wearing the mask. The scene cuts from the full mask to the eyes over and over again. Unknown music begins to play in the arena as the camera hangs on the mask.} {Suddenly, every light in the arena is pointed towards the entrance ramp where Necce stands there in his signature crucifixion pose, wearing the same clothes as he did in the video. Along with the clothes, he wears the Global Championship around his waist. The crowd goes insane, showing such adulation for someone, who barely a month ago, was hated by all of them. Necce takes the mask off and throws it onto the stage. The camera cuts to FDS and Echo in the ring, their in a state of shock, believing like everyone else that Necce was gone from BPZ. He slowly walks to the ring, walking around it like a predator stalking its prey. The gaze of FDS and Echo never leave the Antichrist. He rolls into the ring and just looks at the both of them. He then focuses on the new Global Champion, Echo Wilson. Slowly, Necce takes his global title belt from his waist and holds it up in the air, after a moment, Echo does the same. Both men have a dead stare into each other’s eyes as they hold their respective prizes in the air. Necce puts the belt back around his waist and goes to leave, but before he does, he quickly lunges at Echo and put him into a front face lock, looking to hit the Necce Effect. But before he can, he pushes him into FDS and rolls out of the ring. He walks back on the ring with a sinister smirk across his face. The camera cuts back to FDS and Echo, both men look at Necce with pure anger. Before Necce can leave, he turns around and does his crucifixion pose, with the entire crowd accompanying him with his signature catchphrase.} “Nevermore.” {The camera hangs on this image before slowly fading to black.}
  9. London Monarchs Week 2 @ Dallas Cowboys 1st Quarter (0-7) This week looked to start off the same as it did the previous week against the Atlanta Falcons. Dallas won the coin toss and decided to kick off to London. Jonnathan Necce looked to match the insane feat of Jonathan James the previous week to return it for a touchdown off the kick, but was stopped at Dallas’ 30 yard line for a gain of 70 yards. This, however, would come crashing down when Kieron Black threw an interception on the first snap to Dallas Defensive Back Anthony Brown. The Monarch’s defense did try to build some momentum by stopping almost every running play the Cowboys tried, but they had no answer for Dak Prescott's pass game as the Cowboys marched down the field for a touchdown and early lead. 2nd Quarter (0-10) The Monarch’s offensive line was still shaken after the first play of the game. They put up some good yardage with their running game, as James Ropati and Jonnathan Necce seemingly traded 1st Downs all the way to the Cowboy’s 45 yard line off their first drive, but where stopped after only gaining 5 yards in 4 plays. Rather than kicking a field goal, London went for it on 4th and where stopped again. Dallas continued to prey on the Monarch’s inability to stop Prescott as they scored another touchdown, raising their lead by 2 possessions. The Cowboys didn’t let up on the Monarch’s as Kieron Black was sacked 2 times back to back and the running game was nonexistent. This allowed the Cowboys to resume their dominance and kick a field goal to end the first half. 3rd Quarter (21-0) The 2nd half of the game looked to be the same as the first with the Cowboy’s eating up yardage off of their first possession, making it to the 1 yard line. Rather than running the ball to their 3rd TD of the game, the cowboys decided to throw it, which would be their downfall as it was picked off in the end zone by Jonathan James and brought back to the 50 yard line. Once the offense took over, Black wasted no time in getting to work as he threw a 30 yard reception to Ian Maasa. He then let Running Back James Ropati handle the yardage from there as he blew passed the Cowboys defensive line for a touchdown. The Monarch defense stepped their game up massively as they ate the cowboys offense alive with 3 sacks from Julius Jones. Necce would be allowed to resume his plan from the first quarter as he returned a kick for a touchdown. The London defense would shut Dallas down again and Kieron Black would throw a 50 yard touchdown pass to Ian Maasa to end the third quarter. 4th Quarter (14-0) The Monarch’s wouldn’t put it in autopilot for the final quarter of the game, as they continued to rack up point and yards on the Cowboys. Killing them with early yardage and marched down the field for the 4th TD of the game by and 2nd by James Ropati. Kyle Odd and Jamie Cole would shine in the 4th Quarter as they would victimize the Dallas offensive line the entire time. Dallas would begin to fall apart with Dak throwing 3 incomplete passes in a row. They began to pick up some steam with a few first downs, but the final blow was dealt when Dak threw the ball away to avoid being sacked into the open arms of Julius Jones, who would breeze through the offense for the 5th Monarch touchdown. The Cowboys continued to stumble throwing the closing minutes of the game. -Coach Notes- The team was shaken up in the beginning, but they really stepped up and took control in the second half. Kieron Black and Ian Maasa seem like they could be a great QB-WR duo going forward, with a bit of work, they could easily pick apart even the best defenses in the league. Ropati continues to impress, I believe if we lean in on him as a star Running Back, the Monarch’s running game could be a lethal blow to any team we face. Jonnathan Necce is a special factor in our game plan, I plan to have him play as many positions as possible to make him as effective as I can. We need to play like we did in the final half of the game for the entire 60, or the Chiefs will eat us alive next week. Final Score: London Monarch (35) - Dallas Cowboys (17)
  10. If I could rep it twice I would
  11. For those of you who haven’t seen any of Hideo/KENTA’s matches outside of WWE
  12. BREAKING NEWS: BPZ Superstar and current Global Champion Necce has been released from his contract this morning. There has not been given a clear reason for his release, but BPZ head offices have described the split as “amicable.” We wish Necce the best of luck in his future endeavors.
  13. {We open on a familiar scene. A scene we haven’t seen in nearly a month. A scene that lets us know we are about to delve into the darkest parts of our psyche. A world that few men choose to dwell in, but one that some have seen as their own sanctuary. This place is the boiler room of BPZ. The camera is pointed towards the wall, darkness consumes everything in the room, except for the light that beams from the camera. Slowly, the camera pans down to see the new BPZ Global Champion sitting on the floor. Necce stares off blankly, seemingly focusing on space as he rings his hands over and over again with his newly won title wrapped around his waits. He speaks in his signature hushed growl.} For many weeks, I have laid dormant. I sat in my domicile, and I watched as the world I helped build crumbled to ash. I watched the men I thought could one day take over BPZ as a unit, slowly turn on each other and blame everyone else for their actions but themselves like children without a guardian. They have blamed me for their downfall, they blame me for not leading them by the hand to the promised land, and they accuse me of leeching off of their popularity. Not understanding that they needed me more than I ever needed them. I gave them the tools they needed to succeed, I taught them what it means to be a champion, I gave them the killer instinct they lacked, and yet they pissed it all away. They say that I failed them, but they’ve never pondered whether or not they were even good enough. I didn’t fail you Marker, I didn’t let you down Ace, and I didn’t lead you astray Ryan, you failed me. You showed me that I should’ve just let you fizzle out like you we’re destined to do anyway, that I should’ve given my wisdom to those who actually deserved it and actually would’ve used it to be something other than a glorified group of curtain jerkers who had credibility on their roster. I gave you titles, I gave you big matches, I gave you my blessing to burn the world to ash, and what do I get in return? A group of jobbers with their hands out, asking why I didn’t give them the air I breathed and the clothes off of my back. I gave you the tag team titles, I gave you the global title, with one explicit goal; defend them, retain them, and what do you do? Crumble at the first obstacle. I’m ashamed of you all, I’m disappointed that I tried to help you and that I wasted my time in trying to make you the biggest thing in pro wrestling, only to fail at every turn. You failed me, you failed each other, you failed yourself, and you deserve it. The blame I am most surprised by however, is the man that I defeated for the belt that I wear now, Jason Ryan. But in a way, I can understand it. The man that you idolize, worship, made to believe that he can walk on water if he wanted to, has seemingly beat you, stripped you of your prize, and left you for your carcass to be picked to the marrow by the vultures. But believe me when I say Jason that I always saw the most potential in you, I always knew that you would be the one who could break out and forge your own legacy. But you were misguided, stuck in a preconceived notion that you must be the most talked about and the most shocking rather than the best, a habit that I tried to break, but you stubbornly adhered to. You see Ryan, in our match, you came up short, but even in defeat, you proved something to me. While you couldn’t keep up with my experience, with short bursts of offense, you had me on the ropes. In a way, you accomplished your mission of making me proud. You showed me that all of the knowledge that I had bequeathed onto you wasn’t all for naught. But you also proved to me that you still require my teaching, my guiding to ascend to another plane of excellence. So that’s what I will offer to you, I will continue to mentor you, but this time it will be different. I tried a different way, I tried to use positive reinforcement, but I see where that has brought the both of us. It appears that I have gone too soft on you Ryan, so now I must use the ways that I am most familiar. I learned discipline through brutal means, and that seems to be what you lack. Ryan, I love you. I love you like a brother, and I love you like a proud teacher watches his ace pupil fulfil his destiny. But you have taken my love for granted, and you have taken my kindness for weakness, so it is time that you learn the true price of my love. And now onto a man that I am very familiar with, a man I once called a teammate, a man I once considered a friend. A man who has quite a twisted and altered delusion of what he represents in my history. This man is of course, the hollow vessel that used to be FDS. The man who at one time was possibly the most dangerous entity in BPZ, is now an empty husk of flesh where a monster once stood. You left BPZ as The King of Chaos, and returned as something even less that just Daniel, you returned as an embarrassment. A sham of what once was a brutal monarch. And yet you still have the nerve to sit there and assume that I am afraid of you. What is there to fear Daniel? A man that I’ve beaten in the most brutal match type this company has ever seen? The match that he brought to BPZ. A man that I carried through a tag team tournament, only to hand him the belts when I saw no need for them? Daniel, I do not fear you, I never have, I simply pity you. I pity what you have become, and I pity what you could’ve been. You were a man with a legacy of failure who finally caught his big break when he let out the true him underneath the mask, only to have it snuffed out. And the fact that I now have to face you again just shows how far you’ve sunk. At one time you were a legitimate world title contender, and now what are you? In a match on a C level show against a man who holds a title that you helped create when the belt isn’t even on the line. You’re a joke Daniel, and your decision to allow me to choose the stipulation of our throwaway match is the biggest punchline. I thought long and hard at what our match should be. What stipulation would sting the most when I beat you once again? Should be a no disqualification match? No, too generic. A deathmatch? No, already beat him in that. I had to dig through the dregs of your forgettable career to find a match that would perfectly encapsulate your failure after the match. A match that would bring you back to the sparkle of decency that I once knew. A stipulation that could possibly give light to the rebirth of the most dangerous man in professional wrestling. Daniel, at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, you and I will face in an FDS’ Rules match. No disqualifications, no count outs, no pinfalls. The only way to win is to either make your opponent tap out or knock them out. One year after I defeated you in a deathmatch, I will do it once again, this time in your own match, and hopefully, it will light the fire inside of you that burned out long ago. There are many things that change with the birth of a new year. Many new opportunities that arise, and many chances to rebuild ourselves from what we were the previous year. But as the years and decades run along, we soon realize that there is one true constant in life. Kingdoms will crumble, Flocks will disperse, and frontiers will be conquered, but the Antichrist will always stand above the rubble. {Necce stands up, but the camera doesn’t move. Instead, the camera focuses on the center plate of the newly designed Global Championship that Necce wears around his waist. The belt flashes from the light of the camera as Necce delivers his final and signature line.} Quote The Raven, Nevermore. {The shot hangs on the Championship for a few seconds before slowly fading away to black.}
  14. Just take the slammy already
  15. “The lights are back on it seems” “Yeah, but it’s still sleeping.” “Isn’t that what you wanted?” “Well yeah, but I thought it would wake up eventually.” “Do you think you picked the wrong one to carry out your master plan?” “No….no….maybe.” “Can you tell me more about your plan? You haven’t let me in at all.” “The Øne True Villain is børn, and all that stand beføre him are drawn tø dust.” “Aww, that’s beautiful.”

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