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  1. WhiteGuy11

    [NFL] National Football League discussion

    Now now. Lets not get to a hold of ourselves here. Just because the Broncos got Chubb, that does not mean they will make it to the Playoffs. Their offensive line is still very questionable, and who knows how well Case will do. As a Broncos fan, I appreciate the wildcard, but I dont think this year is our year. Next, the 49ers? They wont even win their division. Thats got the Rams all over that one, plus the Seahawks are getting better. Maybe Wildcard, sure, but not 1st in their division, and defintley not first in the East! Texas will be good, yes, but I honestly dont know how they will beat either the Pats, Steelers, or the Jags. It seems like this is just a little bit to early to tell for sure. Plus, who knows how well Watson will come back. This is my predictions: AFC: 1. Pats 2. Steelers 3. Chargers 4. Jags 5. Ravens 6. Texans NFC: 1. Rams 2. Vikings 3. Eagles 4. Saints 5. Giants 6. 49ers
  2. WhiteGuy11

    [NFL] National Football League discussion

    WhiteGuy Mock Draft 1.0 #1. Browns: Saquon Barkley - RB. #2. Giants: Josh Rosen - QB #3. Jets: Baker Mayfield - QB #4. Browns: Josh Allen - QB #5. Broncos: Bradley Chubb - DE #6. Colts: Quenton Nelson - OG #7. Bucs: Derwan James - S #8. Bears: Minkah Fitzpatrick - CB #9. 49ers: Roquan Smith - OLB #10. Raiders: Tremaine Edmuns - ILB #11. Dolphins: Sam Darnold - QB #12. Bills: Mason Rudolph - QB #13. Redskins: Vita Vea - DT #14. Packers: Denzel Wars - CB #15. Cardinals: Calvin Ridley - WR #16. Ravens: Josh Jackson - CB #17. Chargers: Da'ron Payne - DT #18. Seahawks: Kolton Miller - OT #19. Cowboys: D.J. Moore - WR #20. Lions: Nick Chubb - RB #21. Bengals: Will Hernandez - G #22. Bills: Maurice Hurst - DT #23. Pats: Lamar Jackson - QB #24. Panthers: Hayden Hurst - TE #25. Titans: Harold Landry - Edge #26. Falcons: Taven Bryan - DT #27. Saints: Rashaan Evans - OLB #28. Steelers: Dalles Goedert - TE #29. Jags: Jaire Alexander - CB #30. Vikings: Isaiah Wynn - G #31. Pats: Marcus Davenport - RE #32. Eagles: Mike McGlinchey
  3. WhiteGuy11

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    Donovan Mitchell vs Ben Simmons Both of these men are such amazing ball players.. But who deserves ROTY? Hoenstly, it is fair to say both do, but why do they? Here are my personal 3 reasons why each player should and should not win ROTY. Ben Simmons should win it because: 1. Calling him a once in a generation star is insulting.. He is a once in a lifetime player! How can a rookie almost average a triple double? He's 5th in assists in the league, average scorer and top 15 in rebounds? As a rookie, that is not only amazing, it is phenomenal! 2. Not only is he amazing on offense, he IS the best rookie defender. His lockdown defense is super amazing. Having a player who can do it on both sides of the court is someone who can win MVP in the next couple of year's. 3. His consistency is great. He can put up triple double numbers almost every game. If he is not scoring to well, he has the court vision to find the open teammates and they can score for him. Ben Simmons should not won because: 1. He can't shoot the ball. Although he can score 15 ppg, he can only get that inside the paint. In a NBA where shooting is super important, he needs to expand his rage on scoring minus just dunks and layups. Keep the defense guessing. 2. He needs to calm down on that attitude and cockiness. If he keeps acting all hot shit, he's going to have a target on his back. As disgusting as it sounds, NBA players try to injure other players (Zaza to Kawai for example) He just needs to mature up a little before it is to late. 3. For being in the East, his numbers should be higher in every way. Put him in the West, all of his numbers drop. The competition is so easy for the young man, he easily should be the highest scorer on the 76ers.. Except he's not.. Donovan Mitchell should win because: 1. Best offensive rookie to come out in the draft is years. Ben's consistency is good, but Donovan's is superb. He can constantly give you 20 ppg along with 4 assists and a couple of rebounds. He can score in the paint and 3 point range. He is a offensive machine! 2. He is already the leader of the Jazz. These vets are playing behind him and looking up to him for answers. Hes their #1 option already as a rookie. He is super mature and can handle this kind of pressure already. 3. Imagine him in the East.. He could easily do 25 ppg. He's shown he can hang in with the best guards in the league. The West is no joke, and Mitchell has proven he can handle them. Donovan Mitchell should not win because: 1. Average defender. He still needs to grow on the defensive side of the ball. Ben can already do it amazingly on both sides, Mitchell can not. 2. He needs to Fucking stop with the bad shots. Even though he's the #1 option, sometimes his decision making is awful. Needs to improve on moving that ball around to his teammates. 3. He's not putting up MVP caliber numbers like Simmons is. Sure he's averaging 20 points, but undrr 5 in assists and rebounds. He's also gotta expand on his range instead of just points. Everything matters in the NBA. Honestly, I think both men deserve to win. They are both spectacular and both are going to be All-Stars in the next year or 2. But if I honestly had to make a decision, it would be Mitchell. No one expected this from the young man. People already knew Simmons was great, But Mitchell turned a Jazz team around. Went from "not having a shot" because Hayward left to 5th seed? He's carried and lead them better than Hayward has.. But I would not be mad if Simmons won.. Just no co-ROTY please. Brings down the prestige of the award.
  4. WhiteGuy11

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    Simmons has been very lackluster without Embiid to save his ass. ROTY my ass. Donovan AND Kuzma are the star players on both of their respective teams, Simmons has Embiid, aka the best player on the 76ers. Sure he is a once in a lifetime player and sure he's still a "ROOKIE" But to call him ROTY is beyond bogus for 3 reasons: 1. NOT A FUCKING ROOKIE. HE WAS DRAFTED LAST YEAR! That's calling 2. He's not even the best player on his team while some other actial rookies are (Kuzma, Mitchell, and Dennis Smith Jr) 3. His conference is so Fucking weak. 4 teams are good in the East while 9 teams in the West were good! Simmons had it easy compared to the rookies in the West. Overall, Ben is NOT my ROTY. Mitchell has deserved it a helluva lot more.
  5. WhiteGuy11

    NBA Roleplay

    Go play ball
  6. WhiteGuy11

    BPZ Predictions League

    Cass Neville Seth Miz Sheamus and Cesaro Braun Brock
  7. WhiteGuy11

    NBA Roleplay

    Name: Shawn Valentine College: University of Utah Position: Center Player Type: Defensive specialist
  8. WhiteGuy11

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    @BrendenPlayz Same for the Bulls fam. Also in other news. Curry is now 201 million richer.
  9. I got food poisoning today :/

  10. WhiteGuy11

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    5 year, 173 million 😷
  11. WhiteGuy11

    Funny pictures

  12. WhiteGuy11

    What's the next game(s) you plan on buying or just bought?

    Just bought Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection. Excited to continue my Borderlands grind 👊
  13. WhiteGuy11

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Prince! 15 man. You are getting old. Get a job. 😉
  14. WhiteGuy11

    BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest Season 4 Discussion

    Where is my plat from Tales from the Borderlands?
  15. WhiteGuy11

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: June 26th, 2017

    That segment with LaVar was god awful. So I agree. We need to keep people like that our of the WWE. Its not needed and no one wants it.

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