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  1. Suby

    September 7th

    Suby walks down to the ring, the crowd erupts for prepared for a rap even if its not planned September 7th, I make Amends to Joh for next Friday and this promo YO, Im pretty cold bro I better spit fire to warm everyone up like if everyone was in a cup, I drink you all up. Especially Joh he a hoe I didn't even pick him to fight and i'm not talking about fortnite (OOC: The Joke is that in fortnite there's fighting and pickaxes and Bailey setup the match) But theres no frown I be taking the crown cuz I'm the champion trapper of the match in fact make that the whole brand But don't get mad. Just cuz your Trash and cuz your face looks like a rat Crowd erupts with everyone saying OOoooooo But it ain't a moral conundrum and I ain't fumbling you a washed up tool lemme check yo stool (its a poop joke) yo a fool ill show you how to rule next Friday is coming Emerge or suffer, if you want half way through our match you can take your puffer. Suby Drops the mic while everyone in the arena goes insane from the sick bars he spit Suby Leaves the arena in his Private jet
  2. Suby

    New Day New Change

    The Crowd is filled with chatter of Sandmans Return and there waiting for a response after sandman left Suby walks out and quickly walks into the ring As my old friend Sandman said before Night of legends is coming and we are scheduled to fight at Night of Legends. And I am ready to paint my picture in the history books as the person who demolished the Sandman in mere seconds. I have been through the NXT Title, The US title, and the Premium title and I have yet to win one of those titles, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I need one more chance at the champion, maybe it might be the US title Or even better the Premium title but scouts I tell you a future Legend will be born at Night of legends, its not the Sandman, Its me Suby The Crowd rains Boo's on Suby At Night of Legends It will be the start of a new chapter in the History books, as a new day dawns and a new change starts all I need is one small chance for the biggest change, Sandman I tell you watch out for when the switch is flipped, you will be hit! Suby drops the Mic and leaves the arena leaving the crowd in awe
  3. Suby

    Smith's Graphics

    Can I get a Christian Avi, with my name at the bottom? Thanks in advance
  4. I would like to request a trade to carnage as Chris has no opponents I would make a phenomenal  rival  making carnage more active

  5. Suby

    The Champ is back

    One night after the royal rumble PPV A snowy dark afternoon in Toronto's Air Canada center, (that's the arena for Toronto) the lights turn off as red and white lights turn on. Suby walks out with a Canadian flag waving it around as the Air Canada Center erupts Suby places the flag in the flag post. WHAT IS UP TORONTO! The crowd erupts louder than before Last night, last night was the royal rumble. Miraculous things happened, my friend and former client Flynn won the rumble besting many other people. Also Slim continuing his unstoppable rain, soon enough though they will clash. All of that is irrelevant to me, what I really paid attention to was most disgraceful champion. A champion named the United States champion, the least predigest champion and horrid yet stupid Americans like Chris Spend there life after it. To be called the American hero, that is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. So what I've decided to do is to get rid of the plague called the U.S champion and every American in the BPZ universe and reconstruct it into the greatest empire In BPZ. U.S champion no more, PROUD CANADIANS RISE UP! CANADA ALWAYS WINS! Suby leaves the ring waving the flag once more as a Canadian crowd erupts with cheers repeating "CANADA" over and over again
  6. Suby

    BPZ Official Free Agents

    F/A for meh plz!
  7. Suby

    First Horror Movie You Ever Watched?

    I was 3 or 4 I watched freddy vs jason I wasn't scared at the moment I was quite bored but the night and the next couple of nights I was scared shitless
  8. I just got temporary blindness it was like for 7 seconds for so but I got it I am scared shitless now



    Pretty much I heard my newfew crying  upstairs I went there he stopped and I couldn't see and I fell on my couch beside my mom it looked normal though ahh I am going to tell my dad about this I am going to a hospital later #FREEHEALTHCARE

  9. WWE is a fucking comedy show now theres nothing that keeps it going other then fucking jokes and james ellmesworth Btw I fucking hate James hes just some fucking ploy to get money if he didn't have a funny promo he would of been dumped the only time Wwe listens to the fans is when they have comedy ideas to get a guys over who are "funny" instead of having ziggler as a champion. seth rollins is getting built up yet he is going to lose to Ko next time there is a title match from a screwy finish Wwe is bland predictable and slowly draining down the hole make the new day lose and make the club champions HELL Kalisto could make amazing matches yet every night we get the same bland shit.... at survivor series brock lesnar vs goldberg Goldberg idgaf about him brock lesnar everyone cheers but in reality he takes drugs for his UFC fights comes every 5th month fights in a squash match (unless its wrestle-mania) kills vinces bank account and leaves for another 5 months brock lesnar is a huge disappointment he has some amazing promo manger to do his promos and the only words he says aren't even words there loud screeches like a 12 year old going through puberty but people insist that brock lesnar is amazing...... survivor series guess what smackdown vs raw SMACKDOWN IS GOING TO WIN cause of James ellmesworth or lose CAUSE OF JAMES ELLMESWORTH you know why because the only thing that keeps smackdown running other then the women is James ellmesworth and it fucking pisses me off that a guy with decent wrestling skills doesn't fucking wrestle........ List of people that should be in the main event picture 1.Kallisto 2.dolph ziggler 3.the miz 4. appolo cruise 5. john cena (he should beat flairs record and hang up the boots ) 6.shinsuke nakumura 7. somajoe (when there done with nxt) 8.bray wyatt 9. luke harper these people right now are wasted and not doing anything rellivent instead we have dean ambrose aj styles rollins KO and brock who will keep on being overused time and time again WWE PLEASE CHANGE YOUR SYSTEM Sorry for my shit grammar I am Suby after all
  10. I am marking out so much you might think wrestling nope POKEMON SUN AND MOON  its going to be fucking epic as a huge Pokemon fan I can't wait if you haven't watched the recent trailer and your a Pokemon fan PLEASE WATCH IT  unless you want some spoilers but by far sun and moon is going to be one of the best games :mark 

  11. Suby

    BPZ 2K17

    at least your in the fucking game.
  12. Suby


    you can see suby in a dark empty room with a random game board theirs pieces on the board the names written is ryan and bash hahaha Hello for a poor excuse of a crowd. welcome to my office suby pulls out a sledge hammer and crushed the ryan piece you see in this broken company the popular thrive.... to take down the popular you have to take out the source..... no you have to take out the leader without a leader there's no team nobody to be the source.... you have to take them out take the throne. This company is not a normal company... no its a game and and to survive you have to play the game to the top ether it be take them out or be there bitch. but why play the game when you can manipulate the game suby burns the lighter burning whats left of ryans figure Ryan.. its time ... to play the game
  13. Suby

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    Ok 1 Chris jericho deserves to win MITB or royal rumble the guy has always proved to be a top guy 2 the undertaker should of lost but to someone else 3 John cena should beat ric flairs record 4 rollins balor and owens are to overated 5 brock lesnar is not helping the company by being a part timer but having a bigger paycheck then most and then only competing in squash matches 6 I never found D-bry entertaining 7 roman should leave the midcard 8 Chris beniot should not be in the HOF doing a double murder suicide is not excused for having good matches 9 dean is horrible and aj is not that entertaining replace them with dolph and cena 10 stone cold did not win 3 royal rumble matches HE WON TWO and so did bret 11 Edge is tied with MITB wins with punk He won the MITB not the ladder match but he won the bank 12 eva marie is trying so dont give her shit none of us on the forums could do any fucking better 13 I like jericos scarf 14 Punk is not coming back in wwe he hates wrestling in genreal and wwe more unless wwe pays him an absurd amount and the ceo/owner changes then maybe he will come back 15 edge's spear does not look devastating 16 rusev should be pushed 17 new day split up and one of them become first black WWE champion REGINS AND ROCK DO NOT FUCKING COUNT AS THE FIRST BLACK WWE CHAMPION 18 cm punk will reach a huge level in ufc if he trains hard enough

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