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  1. Improve The User Above

    Just keep making people hype about your diary (sorry that this sucks) and try and win some titles?
  2. Is there anyway to acces the old chat or is it just discord now?

    1. Ross


      Just discord now, the chat company stopped hosting it or something

    2. Ferb


      Oh that sucks thanks for letting me know 

  3. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Loving 205 live lately but I’m wondering about the UK stars are we gonna get a lot more maybe Pete dunne and/or Jordan devilin I thought Finn Balor would end up in it but he hasn’t but Roderick winning in it is a huge surprise I’m not sure who’s winning the big tournament but could very easily see some more big names such as gargano compia Pete dunne Zack sabre jr maybe the un injured Singh bro even though ephes not a big name either way I love cruiserweight wrestling so 205s improvement is something I’m enjoying
  4. Nia Jax VS Asuka

    I get the feeling nias in the mania match so maybe a count out or dq I’m guessing
  5. Happy new year guys

  6. WWE Role Play: My Version

    Running neckbreaker
  7. Official WWE Fantasy League Revival

    Wesley blake buddy murphy curt Hawkins undertaker tomasso compia Sawyer fulton james Ellsworth mark andrews
  8. Official WWE Fantasy League Revival

    Would I be allowed to join?
  9. WWE Role Play: My Version

    Name: Anthony johnson nationality: Chinese weight: 212
  10. I was just thinking about some of the things I posted before and my god were they cringy or disgusting and overall terrible 

  11. Smith's Graphics

    Looking great smith glad your still doing these awesome stuff!!!!
  12. After the Conquest (Roleplay)

    Name: gabriel House Name: Amon Gender: male Age: 24 Sexual Orientation: gay Region you Reside in: dorne Diplomacy (How you negotiate): 12 Martial (How you fight): 8 Stewardship (How you lead): 4 Intrigue (How well you get information): 5 Teaching (How good you will teach others):3 i think this is right however I lost track inform me if 3 makes it 31 points

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