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  1. Waiting for 2K to patch Universe mode so I can do another episode.

  2. Hope to run some more Sheepy UM this weekend :D

  3. Now doing 2K's entertainment for them...2K hit.
  4. The way Stokes just got out major lolz!
  5. Doing it against a shit SA bowling attack is good but not brilliant, you need to do this against a strong attack like Aussies/India then it would be special. It's just fun laughing at how poor Saffers are at the moment. I know every team goes through bad spells when they're in transition but this is just horrific for them. Wonder when the declaration will come as 600 is more than enough to win by an innings already.
  6. OOC: No worries Neb got a few more promo's prepared so it can wait.
  7. Wonder if the 01/01/16 thing will get mentioned in the next edition.
  8. FM 16, NBA 2K16 or GTA V which do I get?

  9. That post just made me not do what I was going to do sorry Bails
  10. New update of Sheepy's Universe Mode out tonight

  11. Also watched this Christmas morning was a good watch, and I love the fact that despite all his millions his son is still his world. Watching Frozen Fever with the kids granted it's only 7 minutes long but it counts.
  12. Not up for an award? Shocker

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sheepy


      #Sarcasm is lost in status updates haha.

    3. CPE


      You could win Sheep of the year

    4. Nebakos7
  13. Running Payback for UM ooh err.

  14. Considering Don Bradman Cricket for the PS4 just so I can annoy Bren and hopefully do a mini ashes haha

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