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Everything posted by Sheepy

  1. He needs to watch he doesn't go too Dutch this summer too. Too many players from the Dutch league at once will harm them going forward.
  2. 600* not even the great Brian Lara made 600 not out
  3. 71 posts away from 666

  4. There is that too. Koeman is looking Dutch again too if you believe the rumours. He's looking as Claise and Vilehena so that'll boost the midfield.
  5. All rumours at the moment. I believe Real have first refusal on him, but given how little he's played I can't see that happening. Southampton would be a good fit for him but I think he's possibly a step above Southampton.
  6. They won 1-0. Chicharito got the only goal of the game. Certainly a heavyweight semi final line up with Barca, Bayern, Juventus & Real Madrid there.
  7. I had a match like this not so long ago on my Universe mode, and Paige came out on top there so go Paige!
  8. That's off the limited pictures that are shown haha. Took a few today on a walk by the canal which makes things cuter
  9. All i've taken from this thread is Keeley is the perve of all perves and you're all a bunch of young gits for the stalkers out there (Yes that's you Keeley ) my pics are easily found...
  10. You're right Bash it should have said quality, but then i'll just get told i'm being cocky....oh wait hehe.
  11. 500 posts wahey....but as Bon Jovi would say oooh we're half way there.
  12. RCB? Bangalore? No idea but Mumbai are getting battered despite scoring well past two games, they've lost what 5 on the trot now oopsy.
  13. Nah not for me, thought it could be fun to see them put the Wyatts back together and let them dominate for a while and do Taker, Kane & Sting vs Wyatts at WM. That could be a great way to get 3 guys who are retiring put over in their last match.
  14. Lets be honest Natalya looks pretty decent when you consider who her father is
  15. The Manc derby was an excellent game of football bar the blatant play acting from Demichelis, shocking stuff that. I wanted someone to twat him the rest of the game.
  16. Richie made a massive impression over here too. Commentated on over 500 matches here by all accounts that's some effort. Always a top bloke that nobody had a bad word to say about. I'm nowhere near old enough to remember his playing days but he was the first player to score 2000 test runs and take 200 test wickets, what a guy!
  17. Going to have to blow my own trumpet and say me. Now I don't know if there's some secret forum about where I get praised but I get very little acknowledgement for what I bring to the forum. I also agree that guys like Sameer doesn't get the credit he deserves either.
  18. As Brian Charles Lara once got 400*
  19. So IPL has started, not much to note as of yet. However in real sad news, the utter legend Richie Benaud has died. Greatest commentator ever in my eyes.
  20. Ooooh tournament for the #1 contendership? That could be fun
  21. Pepe has always been very hit and miss anyway. Strange defender that one. Also with Hummels on the move I don't see why Real aren't sniffing about there either. Then again it's Reals policy to do attacking defenders isn't it. I mean look at Marcelo
  22. Suppose they do but at least Danilo can defender now and again Real have also been linked with Aguero....imagine a front line of Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema & Aguero though i'd imagine Bale or Benzema would get sold on if they went for Aguero. 34m euros.
  23. Madrid in splashing cash on a defender shocker.

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