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Everything posted by Sheepy

  1. Real Madrid have been kicked out of the Copa Del Rey for fielding an ineligible player. Oh dear someone in the management department needs sacking for that almighty cock up.
  2. Don't think it'll matter much to be honest. It's a win/win situation for him. He's not expected to produce miracles in his first managerial job, and it gives him 6 months experience of management no matter what happens. Plus being good pals with the chairman means it's an all round win for Gaz.
  3. If it works out well we'll probably see both of them managing England after next summer.
  4. Will be a great experience for him and he can't do worse than Moyes did at Sociedad either
  5. Nope it's Gary as head coach until the end of the season with brother Phil, who's already at Valencia as assistant.
  6. Gary Neville named new Valencia manager
  7. Wish this IBS flare up would sod off now.
  8. On the school run and a woman tells her child not to step in the puddles as they're wet....

  9. Going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark, awesome.
  10. Wouldn't say i'm underrated, maybe under appreciated at times but then again i'm of the old guard and see things differently but yeah haha.
  11. Who's getting sparked out Klitschko or Fury
  12. The little mermaid with the sprogs, oh how parents live.
  13. Hit 1800 and only realised as a briefly looked to the left of the screen haha.
  14. Find out about promotion today haha not hopeful though as i'm against people who've done the job for 10 times longer than me.
  15. Greek teams are always ten times better at home than they are away. I'd fancy your chances at taking the point you need to qualify with a home game.
  16. How annoying is it when you react to food you enjoy?
  17. Need to find a new fave Aussie bowler now MiJo took over from Brett Lee so meh ideas Bren?
  18. RIP Jonah Lomu all round legend.

  19. Former goalkeeper for 6/7 English teams, Marton Fulop has sadly lost his battle with cancer, he was only 32. Sad times.
  20. Had a shit record at Sociedad to be fair. Granted he didn't exactly have the funds to improve the squad and put his stamp on it either and a year in a job isn't the best of things either however Moyes will get a job in England without a problem and will no doubt do very well again, given the time to get his own ideas and team sorted.
  21. Pesky kids doing my nut in, roll on when they get to sleep.
  22. Sounded like a toss to win and BMac has always made questionable decisions. A pal of mine from NZ, currently staying in Aus of all places reckons thunderstorms for the next few days so is rain dancing
  23. Are you guys playing on a flat track Bren or just shocking bowling from the black caps? 4.5 an over in test cricket is a brilliant run rate. Meanwhile England prove they still can't play spin
  24. Someone give Ginge his trophy...though it's strawberry blonde not bronze I believe

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