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Everything posted by Sheepy

  1. This one time at band camp.....not sure why that's stuck in my head, and you young whipper snappers probably have zero idea what it's about haha.
  2. So i've noticed i've not been seeing all new posts that are being made and it's getting a tad annoying. When I come to this forum I always check 'New Content' as you know that's the logical place to start an all right and it shows me this: Then you you click out and see newest posts you get this: So is this a Chrome issue just being a royal pain in the arse or is it a software issue that has been missed? Update: Scrap that found out what the issue was
  3. Now at 1700 posts, not bad for an old git right?
  4. That should be a fun, brutal match too, roll on Extreme Rules.
  5. Got Lego Dimensions wrapped for the kids for Christmas so that'll be the next 'new' game in my system.
  6. Roast dinner day today however I want to be playing 2K16 yet too many people about
  7. Been catching up with Rizzoli & Isles recently haha. You Yanks have far too many crimes series going on.
  8. Had a couple of hours on WWE 2K16 this evening. Need to get used to the new submission system like everyone else haha.
  9. Annoyed my copy of 2K16 didn't arrive today, on the plus side i'm off to watch Welsh Wrestling tonight, could be fun haha. We are treated to a title match too wowzers.
  10. Someone goes missing on a tour of Anfield.....ironic huh?
  11. Bit of light hearted fun now, which is your favourite bit out of these two...A) Zeb Coulter coming out on a motorised scooter or Jerry Lawler telling Kane to use the Spanish announce table?
  12. I have vile acid and it's not fun.
  13. I need to wrap some christmas presents to hide away but really can't be arsed.
  14. Not been playing UT however have been playing a bit of Online Club mode with guys from another forum I use. We've been doing it for years and it's good fun, even if we get the predictable teams that quit when things don't go to plan.
  15. Would it be wrong of me to send the kids to school in their pyjamas as they're refusing to get dressed?
  16. R.I.P.D utter bollocks too. Mother in law wanted to watch it, last time I let her chose something we watch unless it's her house.
  17. Thanks for the birthday wishes, i've spent most of my day so far bollocking children for misbehaving.
  18. Is Hornswoggle trying to grow himself you outdid yourself there Bren. Though missing horny on TV oh deary me Plus I totally agree with the WWE bigwigs picking and choosing who they are fining/suspending for synthetic pot, which is what most were getting done for.
  19. Can you believe it's been over 2 and a half years since the last Wellness Policy suspension? Also how left field is Horny to be the guy to get stung?
  20. The boy could be on the ASD spectrum ooh err.
  21. Dealing with hyper children as it's the boys birthday and we're having a tea party grr.
  22. England did, unless he's talking about the women.

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