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Everything posted by Sheepy

  1. England did, unless he's talking about the women.
  2. Didn't have much to cheer then
  3. Why is it that when you have a day off you wake up feeling lousy as shit?
  4. I'm torn between Fifa 16 and NBA 2k16 as I only want to get one as i'll be getting WWE 2k16 so yeah that's my birthday stuff sorted haha.
  5. Didn't realise I hit 1500, says a lot about what I think of post counts.
  6. Yes well it still belongs here ;-)
  7. So I let the 3 year old do her thing....
  8. Nasty leg break for Luke Shaw tonight. Luckily he's got youth on his side so will come back, in all likelyhood next season.
  9. I'd fancy Ipswich to do Leeds to be honest
  10. Kids are great but when they're all in a hormonal state at the same time it's hard work.
  11. No loss for them there, he's always been a better ODI player.
  12. Has anyone tried the demo yet? I've heard mixed reviews on the game which doesn't help my decision lol.
  13. Standard stuff for Wenger, he's spent big past few summers so he was due on off
  14. Loving the fact that Real Madrid fucked up the De Gea transfer. Serves them right, it's about time they were on the receiving end of a transfer deal after so many years of just expecting any player they want to join them. De Gea will end up at Madrid at some point but it hasn't happened before the deadline haha.
  15. Arsenal are often crap away from home in Europe
  16. What goes around, comes around.

  17. They'll do Zagreb and will probably steal a point off Arsenal at home but other than that
  18. Man Utd should get out of their group without too much trouble, ditto for Chelsea. Arsenal are always Arsenal so will probably make it difficult for themselves even though they should get out of there group. Man City have a killer group Sevilla & Monchengladbach are going to be tricky ties, let alone the Juve game. Given Citys strength they should get through by the skin of their teeth though.
  19. Yup plus you know you're having one of them tests when Smith takes a wicket
  20. He probably will do with the Aussies set to win this test
  21. Brenden has gone rather quiet since we've stuffed them in the Ashes hehe
  22. Oh I missed that lol. Bash bashing one out for Takeover
  23. Why can't it be Friday already?

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