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Everything posted by Sheepy

  1. They'll need to play much better to have any hope of that happening.
  2. My mind needs sorting yeah that's on my mind.
  3. Slow progress considering my start but at 1400 posts not too bad an effort for an old man right?
  4. Bilbao battered Barca....have you seen San Jose's goal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf2wl7_YXqs
  5. Man Utd look so sluggish it's unbelievable lol, LVG needs to sign a couple more players by the end of this month if he expects them to get close to winning the title. They need a Striker and a winger at absolute worst.
  6. With all the technology out there how can this forecasters get the weather so fucking wrong?
  7. I'm too old to be friendly, i'm just grumpy now.
  8. She hasn't been fired has she? Just been demoted from the bench. Mourinho is just being a prick because she was doing her job and treated an injured player. So what if it left you down to 9 men for the whole 30 seconds it would have taken her lol. If he does get her sacked for this, there's one major wrongful dismissal case hanging above Chelsea.
  9. He would have ended up at Arsenal and being shite
  10. Wonder how long until the Man Utd fans break out Walking in Memphis for him?
  11. I put the mockers on Stoke vs Liverpool by betting on both teams to score at evens haha. As for Man Utd, they need to keep De Gea and sign a CB and a ST to have any hope of doing anything this season.
  12. Double standards everywhere.
  13. Di Maria is no loss, he did fuck all after the first 5 games of the season and Rafael was 3rd in the pecking order for the RB position. If United bring in Pedro and one other player, be it a CB or a ST they'll be fine.
  14. Wenger won't spend 40m on Benzema not a hope of that going down. They could pay that to get Harry Kane and he'd have sell on value :-)
  15. Was also too injury prone for the demands of English football, much more suited to Italy.
  16. It's only a couple of days to England avenge that defeat to Australia.
  17. Wouldn't say I watched this, but it was on in the background for the wife and kids, it was Pitch Perfect.
  18. No such thing as a friendly between Real & Man City haha. The other half of the clasico/derby game is tomorrow too, Barcelona vs Man Utd, some proper football being played then.
  19. Old, grumpy, and outspoken, awesome combination.

  20. At 1300 now, took my time getting there but hey life happens.
  21. The Sheep wants to know would you book the 3 vs 3 vs 3 Divas match for Summerslam or draw it all out until November for Survivor Series?
  22. Liverpool will need to change their style to suit Benteke which is where the problems may occur. Still plenty of silly money about it's getting ridiculous some of the fees and wages being paid.

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