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Status Updates posted by Sheepy

  1. Waiting for 2K to patch Universe mode so I can do another episode.

  2. Hope to run some more Sheepy UM this weekend :D

  3. FM 16, NBA 2K16 or GTA V which do I get?

  4. New update of Sheepy's Universe Mode out tonight

  5. Not up for an award? Shocker

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sheepy


      #Sarcasm is lost in status updates haha.

    3. CPE


      You could win Sheep of the year

    4. Nebakos7
  6. Running Payback for UM ooh err.

  7. Just for CPE #MintSauce

  8. British crowds put American crowds to shame #NXT

  9. On the school run and a woman tells her child not to step in the puddles as they're wet....

  10. RIP Jonah Lomu all round legend.

  11. Happy birthday to meeeee

  12. What goes around, comes around.

  13. Old, grumpy, and outspoken, awesome combination.

  14. Arggghhh that is all.

    1. Tamer


      I know that feeling.

  15. Finally donated to the kitty, now bring on the Ashes

  16. Hospital today ooh err

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    2. Sheepy


      Nah not for me lol the wife needs a ear operation so getting stuff sorted for that.

  17. On the ball day, what's all that about?

  18. It's amazing how one day life is shit, the next it all slots into place

  19. Just checking in...all is err shitty but I shall be back in due course, stick with me :/

    1. Tamer


      Hang in there dude.

    2. "The New" Mae

      "The New" Mae

      Good luck bro, if you need anything, we'll always be happy to talk :)

    3. Sheepy


      Hanging in there is the easy part, not getting pissed off is the hard part haha :D

  20. Life sucks :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. "The New" Mae

      "The New" Mae

      What happened bro?

    3. Sheepy


      Few family issues sadly.

    4. FDS


      oh dude that sucks man

  21. It's Friday that means it's time to let it all hang out woohooo

  22. So I finally got myself a PS4

  23. 71 posts away from 666

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