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  1. Brenden's NBA career mode has convinced me to buy the game.



      OH SHIT HIS BACK OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anyone watching ESL Cologne?

  3. Happy Birthday TheRomanPredator and Flynn.
  4. Happy Birthday Forums!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Forums!!!

  6. Middlesbrough. I want to see them batter City again.
  7. Since Robben's out for the rest of the season Barca are going through and Real are pretty much already in.
  8. FFS I hate wheelchairs

    1. Keeley


      are you okay?

    2. Keirso


      Ohh it was a and one yikes

    3. CM PUNK

      CM PUNK

      yeah I'm alright

  9. Sorry I haven't been on. Messed up my arm in a car crash.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Keeley


      wow hope your okay!

    3. Jonathan


      Hope you get a quick recovery.

    4. '1ofthekind' Brett Storm

      '1ofthekind' Brett Storm

      Hope you make a speedy recovery

  10. Can't get in the chat again. :(

  11. I've never met a Chelsea fan who hates United and City. Chelsea are a London club so they have a whole list of clubs they are rivals with but City and United aren't on that list.
  12. Well it is there decision.
  13. Manchester City were embarrassed 2-1 by Crystal Palace.
  14. Akki revealed his love to me. (Forums wouldn't let me upload the screenshot so I just Gyazoed it)
  15. Just waiting to see the results from the City game.
  16. We don't talk about that MK Dons game. Also where's leeds?

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