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    CM PUNK got a reaction from Flynn in Happy Birthday Thread   
    Happy Birthday TheRomanPredator and Flynn.
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    CM PUNK got a reaction from Cobra in Post Your Latest Trophy/Achievement   
    Damn you're good at this. I've only ever gotten like 2.
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    CM PUNK got a reaction from Cobra in Post Your Latest Trophy/Achievement   
    I never get trophies because I suck.
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    CM PUNK got a reaction from Joh in Football (Soccer) Discussion   
    Middlesbrough. I want to see them batter City again.
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    CM PUNK reacted to CobheadJake in Reporting and Reputation   
    I have noticed recently that some members of the forum have been having problems with one another more often lately. So, I would like to say that if any of you find someones post offensive, even if it just spam or inappropriate language, make sure to click the report button on the post so one of the staff members can see it and deal with it if it is needed. If something happens in the chat, message a staff member, probably someone who is online, and we will decide what to do... If you can, try to make sure you take a screenshot of what is said too so we can see. Please, do not respond in an aggressive way if someone is causing you problems because then you are likely to get warned as well as them.
    Also, if you like a reply to a thread, make sure you give it positive reputation at the bottom right of the post! Although it has no reward outside of some extra BPZ money, it is still a nice way for people to see when their comment is liked and to see if people are happy, or in some cases angry, with what is said. 
    Thank you.
    Edit: If you think someone is doing something wrong, whether it be spamming or abusive language or anything, don't reply telling them that they are in the wrong, as you are then spamming too! Just report it so a staff member can deal with it. If you don't then you are risking being warned too for spamming.

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