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  1. Guess whos back? Back again?
  2. STSMVs


    Always hop on and check the site now and then just never comment on anything. Anywho... How has everyone been here nice to still see this place running well.
  3. @Hans wins with a vote count of 1-0. Thank you to Arius for voting and thanks Hans for the match and well done on the win. Hopefully we can have another one in the near future.
  4. sts: Hans: Voting ends feb. 22
  5. @Hans I challenge you to a match, wallpaper of any current wwe/nxt superstar by Feb 12. Do you accept?
  6. Made for @The Crippler
  7. Made for @BrendenPlayz
  8. Here is a simple step by step tutorial on how to make a basic signature on Photoshop. STEP 1: SETTING UP THE IMAGE First off you need to set up your graphic. In this I simply set up a new Photoshop file with [450 X 150] pixels. Then I grabbed an image of Toni Storm off Google Images. STEP 2: ARRANGING THE IMAGE Next step, all you will want to do is allign the image so it is in the right position. STEP 3: SETTING UP THE TOPIC This is quite an important topic I could say What I will be doing now is simply masking the Toni storm render with the Pen Tool. To learn more on masking you can simply youtube a masking tutorial. STEP 4: MAKING THE IMAGE STAND OUT This is where alot of graphic creators seem to struggle. I always try to keep it simple, and in this tutorial, all I am simply going to do is make the background [BLACK AND WHITE] and add a small [VIGNETTE] (In the Vignette setting I simply changed the Layer Setting to [OVERLAY]) STEP 6: TEXTWORK Here is the hard part, this is where many people seem to rush. Now I have the background sorted out in a black and white theme I can simply have a black and white themed text, for this I am simply going to use the 'FIGHTING SPIRT' font for the "STS" text and the 'ANOTHER DAY IN PARIDISE' font for the "its my time" text. Next what I did was simply move the text around, changed the sides and added a black stroke to outline the text and a drop shadow, simply changing the colour of the "its my time' text. STEP 7: FINALIZING THE GRAPHIC Now we have everything set up we can amkae a few adjustments to make it look a bit more nice. What I will doing for now is simply adding a reddish overlay to give the Toni render a bit of colour. Also, added a black border behind the render to make it look more nice on the forums and make the Toni Render stand out more. FINAL PRODUCT:
  9. Not alot too say, they just seem very dull. Not really a fan of the fonts you used and how basic your text is. That velveteen dream avatar is veRyan range as the "THE" text is alot bigger than the "DREAM" text. My feedback for your future work could be follow what you did with your Nakamura one and that's try and make the image itself go with the character. That way it gives the viewer a better feel of what it's about - imagine that you are making it for someone who knows nothing about the guy (unless it's meant to send off a differenit message of course, lol).
  10. STSMVs

    Hans Graphics

    Wow man, these are really cool. They stand out alot and have a really nice design. The main part of your work that I like is your structure and layout. You make it stand out very well and blend everything together very well. The only thing I can pick out is your use of the using the wwe ppv logos in the match cards as they are really small and don't stand out as much, especially in the money in the bank one where the white logo is in front of alot of white effects.
  11. Not a huge fan on these, not in a harsh way but they seem very boring and simple. Nothing wrong either keeping it simple just try and make it stand out a little. Like maybe add multiple images, focus on making the graphic blend together more, instead of using basic red and yellow fonts, the main thing in a graphic should be the text as that's what it should be based around as it is what is delivering the message within the graphic. Will try giving more feedback as you post.
  12. STSMVs

    Maasa Graphics

    It's okay but there isn't really anything special to it. Try being a bit more creative, add a bit more colour, make the text stand out more etc. The more it stands out the better really, when I createll my graphics I try to hook the viewer at first glance.
  13. Glad to pronounce that I'm in the rumble. :)





    Ok, you caught me lacking - I'm not.

    1. Kieron


      How do you announce Rumble?

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