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  1. Name: Nio Shirai (A few will get this) Age: 18 Male/Female: Female You must choose which one you want to be D Class/New Trainees/Site Director/Head Scientist: New Trainee Race: Japanese (Yeh Joshi puro background) Hair Color: (Dark brown) Background: Need the money
  2. Nebakos and Hans in a graphic exhibition, of course I would be coming out of retirement to have a retirement match. Haven't made an impact at all for a non graphic match.
  3. To be honest, this year the clear winner must be Momo Wanatabe. While Stardom seems to be building up Giulia a lot as their new face, I feel Momo has not had enough spotlight this year. She has had some killer matches with her match with Mayu Iwatani from the 9th Anniversary being my personal match of the year. Having Momo vs. Konami or Momo vs. Tam in the finals would be killer too, or even having Giulia in the finals then ending her undefeated (singles) streak they have hyped a little would be great and look great on Momo. Momo only being 20 years old and being as talented as she is I feel s
  4. @Alex Costa, @Addy and my all time favourite @Nebakos7 whenever he is around.
  5. May be inactive, but I am always gonna be around😎

  6. Just look on my channel just kidding. Personally as an editor myself I view music videos a lot more differently than most, this is my favourite as of recent. This sort of vibe is my kinda thing and I am into music like this. The editing is great and the amount of effort that would've been put into this is tremendous. Also this just because I love Joshi Puro.
  7. hello, i am new here 

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    2. STSMVs


      I was joking around, all the OGs know I’m not.



      Yes I laughed haah

    4. Epic1237_


      You seen Cars 2

  8. *bump* :)

    1. Arius


      STS making the BPZMania return! My god!

    2. STSMVs


      aint got the time to return properly just decided to pop in to see if im HOF yet ;)

  9. Guess whos back? Back again?

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