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    Football and WWE. Food too.

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  1. Is it a good thing if you have a happy dream about your ex ?
  2. Just finished TLOF and about to tackle Left Behind .
  3. I've changed mine . PSN: Paul_BPZ
  4. I feel like banging Nicki lately . The fuck's wrong with me ?
  5. Well fun story tho... I actually dissed a bruh and he had this huge fuckin' head and I called him Paul (cause like paul the alien) but he left the school so they wanted a new Paul so they started calling me Paul . Almost every teacher calls me that . The "." I just put their because I thought it looked unique . The "™" I put there so no fool would steal my username . What happened to King Orcleod ?
  6. Was expecting a El Clasico final , but whateves...
  7. Oh hey! PS3 Controller-Head guy lol .
  8. Danielle, PM me please .

    1. Danielle


      I just have

  9. Snapchat: Paul_rsa

  10. Just got out of the friendzone .

    1. BrendenPlayz


      So she doesn't even want to be your friend now? Rough.

    2. Paul.™


      Lol . Its the other way around, she wants us to be the best of friends so.. Keep those comments to yourself Bren.

    3. CPE



  11. Manchester obv. But I don't who with, probably with some friends when I'm older .

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