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  1. Would be cool to feud with @FDS since I've never done that before An actual kayfabe feud with Julius would also be cool since it'd be an easy W Jonathan Arius/Kenji/Hans, all the new guys that are amazing And obviously Toxik
  2. Yooooo that Vegas logo its CLEAN bro, the background and blue along with the text is just straight bro, keep it up and make more like these because they are top notch!
  3. Its cool to see how you're booking this roster, although I don't really know any of these guys I like the format and think this diary has a real chance of popping off, keep it up FD
  4. BiC

    Hans Graphics

    Yooooo those match cards are CLEAN, that Neville vs Pete Dunne one is just a fuckin beaut man. Like I said in chat about the Royal Rumble poster, I feel like there is room for improvement on the render itself but that is defiantly one of the hardest poster designs to master but I feel like you did amazing, you should of chose a render of Balor without the title since you already had it in the center as well but such a clean design, keep it up man
  5. Literally all of my promos for PTC, I feel like I am better then I have ever been, and I feel like promos like "Passion" and "Fallen Angel", really capitalise that and I am hoping this story remains interesting
  6. BiC

    BPZ Battles

    Watchmen Wonder Women Man Of Steel Shazam Steel V Superman Batman Begins Justice League Green Lantern Dark Night Batman Returns Aquaman The Losers Superman III Suicide Squad
  7. BiC

    NJPW: King's Road

    Singles Match Katsuya Kitamura vs. Chase Owens Tag Team Match El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. Ryusuke Taguchi and KUSHIDA 8-Man Tag Team Match Michael Elgin, Togi Makabe, Satoshi Kojima and Yuji Nagata vs. Kenny Omega, Yujiro Takahashi and The Young Bucks 6-Man Tag Team Match Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI vs. Tomohiro Ishii, Will Ospreay and Rocky Romero Singles Match Juice Robinson vs. Jay White Semi-Main Event: IWGP Tag Team Championship Match EVIL and SANADA (c) vs. Kazuchika Okada and Hirooki Goto Main Event: IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki
  8. BiC

    WWE - The 'Reborn' Era

    Monday Night RAW - May 6th, 2019 The American Nightmare For the first time since 2016, Cody Rhodes would step out onto a Monday Night RAW stage and look out at the crowd who chants his name, Rhodes would come to the ring and cut a promo on his journey back to WWE, even name dropping places such as ROH and NJPW. It wouldn't be long until he would be interrupted by the current Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, who has had many wars in the past with Cody Rhodes. The two would exchange respect before Seth Rollins would welcome Cody Rhodes to a challenge any day, and the segment would end. Trouble For Aj Styles As the camera brings us backstage, we find Aj Styles laid out on the ground, knocked out. He is unable to respond and is put on a stretcher as fans wonder, who the hell attacked Aj Styles? All Americans vs The Revival - Tag Team Championship In the first match of the night it would be quite possibly the best, as the crowd would be left in awe at the fast paced and heart pounding match that saw Jason Jordan and Shelton Benjamin getting there promised tag team title rematch. Jason Jordan would showcase everything he had as Shelton Benjamin would be taken out early, getting thrown over the barricade leaving it to a 2 to 1. However, Jordan would keep the fight up and even hit a german suplex off of the top rope. However, The Revival would hang strong and nearly pin Jason Jordan after a Shatter Machine, but a save from Shelton would keep the fans hopes alive. As Shelton Benjiman hits a top rope moonsault to the outside, the referee would count to ten, and once again, The Revival would just barely walk away, however as they walk up the ramp. The Tag Team divisions general manager, Edge, would come to the ring with a microphone and announce that he will not have these shenanigans, and to restart the match! All Americans vs The Revival - Tag Team Championship As the bell rings and The Revival are pissed off, a hurt Shelton Benjiman runs towards Scott Dawson and hits a belly to belly, as he does this. Jason Jordan climbs to the top rope and hits a frog splash!! ALL AMERICANS WIN! As the bell rings and the crowd chants "You Deserve It", Shelton Benjiman and Jason Jordan celebrate. However, their celebration would be cut short by the theme song of the War Raiders, who come out on stage to chants of "War", and stare down with the brand new tag team champions. Karl Anderson Promo Karl Anderson would cut an interview style promo, announcing his plans and that he wants a match at the next "One Night Only" event, he says he will do anything to get said match and he wants to return to Japan and start his career over, and become world champion. As Karl Anderson is giving his interview, Fandango would come into view, making his return to a pop. Anderson would shake his head at Fandango before throwing him into a TV screen and walking off. Tomasso Ciampa vs Heath Slater Tomasso Ciampa along with his masked friend would come to the ring for one on one action as he takes on Heath Slater, it was announced that next week, in a steel cage match, Ciampa will take on Randy Orton once again. However, tonight Ciampa easily puts away Heath Slater and taunts in the middle of the ring. Instead of Ciampa being attacked, he would send his masked man up the ramp and guard him as he cuts a promo on what he is going to do to Randy Orton and how much thrill seeing the blood of his enemies brings to him. As Ciampa finishes his promo, he looks up on the ramp to see Randy Orton behind the masked man, he attempts to take the mask off, revealing a brown beard underneath before hitting an RKO on the stage and walking off. Leaving Ciampa in the ring alone. One Night Only: Under The Dome Hype Video Although the card is yet to be announced, we get our first bit of information, as Lio Rush will be holding a cruiserweight open challenge, and Shinsuke Nakamura will be returning to Japan to take on WWEs biggest underdog, Rey Mysterio. More matches will be announced in the coming weeks, and its sure to be a good one over seas! A Womens Right Another hype video would play, as this one introduces "The Sassy Southern Bell" Lacey Evans, who hasn't been seen since losing to Ronda Rousey at Elimination Chamber in her number one contenders match. Lacey Evans returns, next week! Aleister Black vs Apollo Crews In his RAW debut match, Aleister Black would take on PWE member Apollo Crews in one on one action and although the "Pure Athlete" known as Apollo Crews would be able to run his course with Black, the mysterious figure would take a pinfall loss to the rookie. After the match, Aleister Black would sit in the center of the ring cross-legged, and look up at the crowd with a stone face. As the lights go out, and Aleister, leaves his mark. Becky Lynch Challenges Seth Rollins Backstage, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins would be seen walking down the hallway with a smile on there faces and the titles on their shoulders. As Seth Rollins is walking down the hallway, Kassius Ohno walks up to him with Ric Flair behind him, Ric Flair shows Seth Rollins a business card, allowing him to join PWE, when he would refuse, Kassius Ohno would challenge him to the match. At first, Seth Rollins is questionable about the decision, before Becky Lynch reminds him that she defended the title against Sonya Deville last Thursday, and Seth Rollins would accept Ohnos challenge, even putting his championship on the line, NEXT! Seth Rollins vs Kassius Ohno - Universal Championship The crowd would be hyped as Seth Rollins makes his entrance and awaits Kassius Ohno, but as Ohno is making his entrance with Ric Flair by his side, Apollo Crews would slide in behind Rollins and take him out with a steel chair. Apollo Crews would dismantle Rollins with a chair, Kassius Ohno would come into the ring and stalk Rollins as the bell rings. Ohno would taunt the champion, and the crowd would look on in a state of worry, but the music of Roman Reigns would hit and the crowd would go crazy! Roman Reigns walks down to the ring and superman punches Apollo Crews, Roman Reigns dives into the ring and spears Kassius Ohno, ending the match as the returning Roman Reigns fist bumps Seth Rollins, congratulating him as RAW comes to a close.
  9. Holy shit nuggets this match was everything I've wanted from a money in the bank ladder match in the past decade. I loved this, the "Car crash" match style is by far my favorite in pro wrestling, and this is defiantly up there for a MOTY candidate for WWE so far, I want to see more like this from WWE. As for the winner, I thought it was cool, was it the best option? Nah, but it defiantly wasn't the worst, looking at you Baron. Its interesting to see where they will take this in the future, and I am 100% looking forward to it.
  10. BiC

    The Fallen Angel

    . 24 Hours After Power Trip Cup: Round 2 Boston, Massachusets The camera brings us to a silent, yet powerful sight. As we are stood outside of a downtown Boston pub, right above it, the gym that BPZ superstar BiC so desperately loves. Inside it, a fire rages, and although there is no audio. You can almost hear the sirens, the panic, and the crack of the fire. As the camera now moves, and the audio slowly begins to fade into audibility. We see the silhouette of a man the crowd can only assume is BiC, he is wearing a hoodie, and as the camera reveals his face, a small tear drips down his cheek. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the picture of his father, which is now half burned. BiCs handshaking in trama, as the building he grew up in, the one his father built, has burned to the ground. 42 Hours Later The message comes over the screen as we enter the bar, and sitting at the bar is a clean shaved man, in front of him a shot glass. Pinched between his right fingers, a lit cigarette. The sign in the background tells us this is the bar underneath the gym that was burned just 2 days prior. The man takes one more drag of his cigarette before taking down the shot and asking for another and when he does, the seat next to him is taken by BiC. Who has grown out his beard slightly and looks over at a staircase that leads upstairs, which is now blocked off by a sign. BiC ask for a shot before putting his head into his hands, the man next to him does nothing but slides over a card, on it, a picture of his father, BiC looks confused at first, before flipping over the card, the back of it reading. BiC takes a deep breath, as his shot is served and he sets down the note. He looks over at the guy who gave him it, whos sit is now empty, filled with nothing but an empty cigarette pack. BiC grabs the photo and runs out of the bar, looking for the mysterious man, but he appears to be gone. BiC looks up at the gym above, now littered in a black mess of burned memories. BiC walks forward a bit, each step putting even more weight of the situation onto him as he sits down on the curb. He takes out the half-burned photo he has kept with him for years, and smiles, the sight of his father always bringing joy to him. As footsteps can be heard from the bar closing, a man sits next to him, the same man who gave him the photo. Before BiC can ask any questions, the man begins to speak in a hushed tone. I met your father in high school, he was a great man. Was nice to everyone, got good grades, and when I saw him give that class speech during graduation I knew I had to be best friends with him. So I did, for 10 years, we went into the adult world together. Owned a business, was college roommates. He was the truest man I ever met, and then in 1996 you were born. He gave all his attention to you, until he continued his MMA career and left you behind on the bus bench. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I took you in. I loved you like my own son, and your father knew that. He eventually took ownership of you before you were old enough to even remember what happened, your father may have not been perfect. Hell he may of liked the taste of liquor a little to much, but he was no doubt an angel, and you, Bobby, are his son. When I heard that the gym burned down I knew you would be here, and I just wanted to see you one last time. You don't know me, and you won't know me after this. Just know, the whole world was saddened to see an angel fall. Your father was not forgotten. The man pats BiC on the shoulder before standing up, turning around and walking off as BiC struggles to get words out. He just shakes his head, and laughs slightly as the camera fades to black. 24 Hours Later As "BURN IT" by Fever 333 plays over the sound of a ruckus crowd, the former Intercontinental Champion BiC would make his Carnage return for the first time in months, as he has been touring the nation for the Power Trip Cup, and tonight he walks to the ring with a large smile on his face. He steps into the ring and looks at the thousands in attendance, pulling a microphone out from his boot and holding it up to his lips before speaking, the crowd hanging on every word. In just a few weeks I walk into Chicago, Illinois with one intention and one intention only. Move on to the finals of the tournament I wasn't even meant to be in. Its crazy to think about, that a man who wasn't even in the original bracket now has a chance to go into the finals. Life changes, it changes fast. Hell just three months ago, I hated you guys and you guys hated me but I realized that life is short, we only have some time to achieve everything we wanted to and I figured that if I spend the next year of my career, shaving my head over and over again and turning my back against you guys then I won't go anywhere, and then. My father passed away, and that just gave me that last little bit of motivation to take this shit show of a career and turn it into something great. in 2019 I figured out that, my passion is not pro wrestling, its becoming the best. Its living up to the legacy my father created in a boxing ring, and its simply making this company great. I've had people tell me my father was an angel, but others told me he was a devil. He had the perfect bit of both and being a decedent of such madness. Some say, that I am sort of a..Fallen Angel." BiC takes a deep breath and steps back, he looks around the crowd as he thinks about his Dad, and the crowd gives him a round of applause as he looks into the hard cam. "Enough of the sappy shit...Bob. I know you're in your inbred home somewhere over in New York watching this, just know that you stand in the way of my road to success and I will run you over, back up, run you over again and again if I have to. You're a good kid, your minds in the right place, but that doesn't mean I won't drive it into the mat and pin you. You've gotten through Necce, you've gotten through Yelich but this is where your runs stops. You're one of the best rookies I've seen, its just a shame you have to go up against a man like me.... Be seeing you Bob.
  11. BiC

    WWE - The 'Reborn' Era

    Thursday Night Smackdown - Mary 6th, 2019 The New Sheriff In Town Last night, Shane McMahon would give full general manager control to Ethan Carter III, who comes to the ring to kick off Smackdown Live, he would be wearing a nice suit and would introduce everyone to the next era of Smackdown Live. He wants to start his run off right, and announces that in tonight's main event, there will be a championship match! Thats when, the current WWE Womens Champion, Becky Lynch would come to the ring to loud cheers and would challenge Carter, wanting to defend her title tonight. Ethan Carter loved the idea, and would make it official. Becky Lynch will defend her title tonight, against an opponent that will be revealed later on. Luke Gallows vs Erick Rowan After Sunday nights Daniel Byran vs Johnny Gargano matchup, two of Smackdown Lives largest men would join the corner of either man and it would be an exciting war, but tonight, the two men are going to go head to head in a brutal war. Brutal would be the only word to describe it, as Luke Gallows would do well in hsi first match since his partner was sent over to RAW and Erick Rowan would hold his own against the 7 footer. But when Luke Gallows would hit his middle rope powerbomb finisher, he would pin and defeat Erick Rowan in the center of the ring. After the match, Johnny Gargano would come into the ring and fist bump Luke Gallows, thanking him for the help before the two would go separate ways. The Monster Tour Backstage, Braun Strowman would be found with his United States championship, holding it lightly as he introduces his open challenge idea, wanting to defend his championship every week against people to prove that he is a monster, and it starts tonight. Braun smiles, and says he is ready for the "Monster Tour" Daniel Bryan Is Heading To Money In The Bank Daniel Bryan would cut a backstage promo with Erick Rowan behind him, Daniel Bryan yells at him for losing his match earlier before turning towards the camera and saying that he is going to enter the Money in The Bank ladder match and get his WWE Championship back. Daniel would get interrupted by a WWE intern before hitting the coffee out of his hands and walking away, Erick Rowan close behind. The Revival vs Lucha House Party In tag team action, the current tag team champions would take on the Lucha House Party and although The Revival have been on top of the world since winning the tag titles, Kalisto and Lince Dorado would be able to keep up with the tag champions, using their speed and unique offense to nearly defeat the tag team champions. However, the crafty champions would hit the Shatter Machine out of nowhere and pin Kalisto in the center of the ring, Lucha House Party gave it there all and looked good, but in the end, it was once again the tag champions who remain tall. Raising their championships high in the air. Money In The Bank Promo A highlight video for the Money In The Bank PPV would play, the Money In The Bank PPV will be coming in July, and will feature the Money in The Bank ladder match, as well as many more amazing matches! Braun Strowman vs Mike Kanellis - United States Championship In the first "Monster Tour" match, Braun Strowman would take on a random opponent, that man would be Mike Kanellis. Who would answer the challenge with his wife by his side, and it is a brave move by Mike as he comes to the ring and stands across the "Monster". The match wouldn't last long, but Mike Kanellis would be able to get the offense in. Hitting a baseball slide after his wife would grab the legs of Braun, and sending Braun face first into the steel post, but when the action would go back into the ring. Braun would hit Mike Kanellis with not one, but two running Powerslams and pin Kanellis in the center of the ring, retaining his championship once again. Who the hell is going to stop this monster? Cruiserweight Classic An advert introducing the first 8 competitors in the cruiserweight classic would play, showcasing their talents they bring to the ring as the hype for this tournament only continues to grow. EC3s Office Inside Ethan Carters office, he would be sitting in his chair on the phone with a mysterious man, he talks about finalizing the contract before Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville would barge into his office, they would demand that one of them is put into the champions match main event. Ethan Carter would grab a coin, and flip it, but before it lands, the camera cuts out to commercial as we're left wondering who'll answer the challenge. Becky Lynch vs Soyna Deville - Womens Championship In the main event and the second title match of the night, Becky Lynch would defend her womens championship against Sonya Deville, who comes to the ring with Mandy Rose by her side. Soyna and Becky would have a very aggressive match, as Becky Lynch would not only beat up Sonya, but Mandy Rose as well. As Becky Lynch and Sonya Devilles war continue before the match could end, the lights would go out and on screen, a video of a treasure chest being opened would play, as it ends, and the lights come back on. Kairi Sane would be in the ring and would nearly kick the heads off both Lynch and Deville before hitting her signature elbow drop on Mandy Rose. Kairi Sane is here, and she arrived in a big way!!!
  12. BiC vs Aaron North - Second Round Match _ After the steller first-round matches a few weeks ago, its time for the second round matches and tonight its Veteran vs Rookie, as the young Aaron North with be taking on BiC in one on one action. As both men are in the ring, its time and the crowd is chanting "BiC" as the bell rings! As the bell rings, Aaron North slowly walks up to BiC. At the end of the last round, Aaron North laid out BiC in the center of the ring and tonight, he trashes talks the former Intercontinental Champion, before slapping him in the face. When he does that however, BiC snaps. Kicking Aaron over and over again in the head, to the point where Aaron cannot even stand and a referee has to pull him off. Slowly, BiC raises a finger gun to the head of Aaron, before hitting the "Fallen Angel" BiC punches the air as the crowd pops, chanting to "Finish Him", as BiC spreads his arms out and takes in the crowds reception, Aaron stumbles to his feet BiC pins Aaron North in the center of the ring, in only 2 minutes, and the crowd is in shock as BiC stands up. Aaron North crossed him and he got revenge and now, BiC is moving on to the Semi Finals of the Power Trip Cup, and based on his first two matches. I'm not sure anyone can stop him.
  13. Faucet Failure - Ski Mask Banger of a song.

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