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  1. Full WWE 2018 PPV Schedule

    MITB being co branded is what they should of done from the gecko, a 8 man MITB match with both RAW and SD Live superstars with a gold briefcase is a good idea, along with the white womens briefcase. MITB has always been one of my favorite match types, as for the other PPVs, nothing to fancy but its a good line up. Wish there was some new PPV names but thats alight.
  2. Simon Gotch was a good talent, now that he is going to ROH everyone is going to hop on his dick and say that WWE missed out like they do with everyone they release. Imo, Gotch was a good superstar, I liked the Vaudvillians gimmick but I think they should of made them not jobbers, and not dominating, make them a lot like early Usos. There kinda just there, I feel like Gotch will be over hyped in the indies much like many other WWE talent. Anywho, Jay Lethal vs Mart Scrull is going to be the match I watch from this show unless something else pops up.
  3. WWE Dreams Logo

    I think KB nailed it, I love his design and I think you should defo use that. Maybe try the Dreams in different colors @Kieron Black
  4. Who is Winning The Royal Rumble In 2018? Roman Reigns, Shinsuke Nakamura, Braun Strowmen, Bray Wyatt, all these names and 26 more, who is going to win the Rumble in 2018. Will it be the obvious route, with Roman winning the Rumble. We know that Brock will be facing Reigns at Mania and maybe this is the way they set that up, but that would make it the second time Reigns has won the Rumble and go on to face Lesnar. Will it be Nakamura, and win it for Smackdown? Going on to face Aj Styles or John Cena at the grandest stage of them all? Or maybe its John Cena, going to face Aj Styles or Jinder Mahal? Right now, I have to say John Cena to go on and beat Jinder Mahal, win his 17th world title and make history. I think the final 2 will be John Cena and Braun Strowmen, and the final four will be. Roman Reigns Randy Orton John Cena Braun Strowmen
  5. Since there is no RAW topic I'll put this here. I think this is awesome, according to Youtube comments {Very Reliable} WWE gets the rights to the gimmick on Dec. 15th and they are obviously going in that direction. I just wonder how this will play out when Jeff returns, either way I like it.
  6. Your Reputation Milestones

    1.7k Rep, I got it yesterday! Thanks everyone!
  7. Props to these two, The Usos are legit my second favorite thing going in WWE and this match raised it more, I am going to re watch this match tomorrow because I missed parts of it but from the 90% I saw it was amazing. I can not wait to see more of The Usos.
  8. The Shield VS The New Day

    Great match, nothing wrong with it imo. I would give it a 4/5, the ending was well done and so was the whole match. There was nothing to take away from it, amazing way to open the show and it set a pace that was kept throughout the show.
  9. This match was good, it wasn't BAD. It wasn't great, it was a mediocre match that did its job as a filler. It was nice to see Corbin win, although I still do not like him at all. Its good to see him being taken seriously. Nothing else to say about this match other then it was eh.
  10. Easily MOTN and maybe even WWEs MOTY, imo this is Brocks best match since his match with Punk, I do not think Styles carried Brock or vice versa, I think they both did an equal job to make this match amazing. Brock had a 15+ match which is surprising and didn't no sell to the point where its unenjoyable. They stuck to one F5 winning the match which is amazing as well. I loved every single bit of this match.
  11. I do not care what anyone says, this match was amazing. I was into it from start to finish, many feuds were teased. Storylines were told, stare downs were made, it was really really good. The part timers being last wasn't bad imo, the table spot was sick. I loved this match, plus that finish was one of the greatest I've ever seen. You have 2-4, it goes to 2-3 and then 1-3. You think Shane has a small chance, that he will get the comeback and then boom. HHH turns on Angle, and then he turns on Shane. Its the ultimate mind games which Triple H is great at. The match itself was great wrestling wise, the only thing I would of changed is KO/Samis interference. It was almost like they didn't even interfere lol, I think everyone had there rightful moments in this match. The Angle/Cena stare down was great, HHH/Roode, Nakamura/HHH, and all those were great. There is potential rivalries everywhere, Joe/Braun, HHH/Angle, HHH/Braun. Randy Orton looked great in the match, but some questions need to be answered. Where does Cena go? Whats next for him? Whats next for Orton? I am invested in WWE right now after this amazing PPV.
  12. I went into this match expecting a bad match and it was the complete opposite, this match was awesome and I think it really showcased the womens divison perfectly, Asuka being the Sole Survivor was predictable but in a good way because it adds to her character. I do not think Asuka will challenge for the womens title at the next PPV, but at the Rumble to make it special. Either way, this match is great.

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