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  1. BiC

    Dwindling Light.

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  2. BiC

    NXT Discussion: January 16th, 2019

    I love Keith Lee, he is amazing. I think he is a guy that WWE will push because he has the talent and size to be a guy that Vince would like. So far in NXT he hasn't had anything too notable but I feel his time will come and his match with Kassius tonight could help him get some attention. As for the rest of the show besides Gargano being in a match I don't see much else happening, although it is NXT so I'll be tuning in. Its been a good week for WWE lets see if NXT can hold up
  3. That opening tho, gave me attitude era vibes. Becky Lynch having her entrance to the arena highlighted was amazing, Lynch is the star of SD Live and WWE is showing that, Also, Otis has to be one of my favorite tag team guys he is amazing. Although he just looks stupid, Its hilarious. As for the rest of the show, it was really good. Lacey Evans debut wasn't very good, however, I do like how they are debuting. It may be able to be more special of debuts, but tonight with Nikki Cross pushing her crazy character over was good, it gets the crowd knowledge on these superstars and I like it, despite what other people say. The Mandy Rose storyline with Naomi is interesting, I don't really understand it or why they are doing it but its better then just doing some boring storyline, I'd like to see where it is going, however. I'm glad Samoa Joe is actually being looked like a dominant threat, he deserves a big push. Why is Andrade "Cien" Almes shortened to Andrade, I do not like it. But, that doesn't take away how amazing that match was. Andrade is amazing, the two have the best chemistry on Smackdown. That has to be one of the best Smackdown matches I have seen in a long, long time. Smackdown Live > RAW
  4. THAT SPIDERMAN TRAILER. I can not express how much I love Marvel movies and this looks amazing, the villains looks amazing and as Arius said I am so glad costumes finally are not looking goofy. So hyped
  5. 205 Live has been really good lately, its one of my favorite things in WWE right now and I am hoping this match is good. Buddy Murphy should defiantly walk away the champion and walk into Wrestlemania champion, he deserves it. Hideo Itami is amazing as well but I don't think WWE trust him to stay healthy, and Akria and Kalisto are here for the spots I am guessing. Just to make the match more exciting, WWE could make 205 Live something to look forward to on the main roster but I feel like they won't give them the time. Should be an interesting match tho
  6. I am glad Rusev is champion and I think he will lose it at Elimination Chamber, he is a great in ring superstar and I'm glad he has bounced back from that 7 second loss to Orton back at Summerslam. Shinsuke Nakamura is good, obviously, but I feel like he needs a repacking, some sort of booking that makes him a star because he was insanely over before he started low blowing everyone. Its a true shame, and as Bailey said he probably won't make the Mania card unless they have a multi man match for the title.
  7. BiC

    WWE 2006

    Interested to see where you go with this, WWE in 2006 was interesting and I think you'll get some good shows out of the talent. Cena is only 28 at the time
  8. BiC

    Intercontinental Championship Discussion

    Him and Rollins feuds continue around Universal this time, after Mania, they needed a shock to bring eyes to RAW and this was a good one. I agree with it 100%
  9. BiC

    Who I Think Should Win The Rumble

    Although I couldn't see Kofi winning the Rumble, Big E could be a real threat. I could see him turning on the New Day and becoming a huge star, but possibly the 3 men will end there careers as the new day which wouldn't be bad either. If any of the 3 members go on to become single stars it is defiantly going to be Big E, and I would love to see him win the Royal Rumble
  10. I agree with the first part, I don't think this match will be the best but it'll showcase Balors skills to stay in the fight. Brock Lesnar is a freak, plain and simple, people don't realize just how fast he is and I think this is a perfect match to showcase it. Will he go all out? Probably not, he has the match with Rollins at Mania to do that. This is just going to be a match to make Balor look good, have him almost slay the beast and not quite get it. Possibly move into a feud with Lashley, however this match is one I am looking forward to and one I wish Balor would win.
  11. Have you ever wondered what its like to be a BPZ superstar? Do you want an inside scoop on the most recent rumors, storylines, and everything else you ever wanted out of a generic kayfabe show? Beyond The Ropes is the show for you, repetitive interviews, false news, and maybe a couple funny jokes every once and awhile. Top 3 Superstars To Dethrone Julius For The World Championship Bailey Bailey is one of the best to step in the BPZ ring, the 5-time world champion deserves one last run with the championship and defeating the dominant Julius could prove beneficial for the company. He is a face currently and the crowd gets behind him, and seeing him win the title would change the mind of many fans on how they feel about Bailey, and as Money In The Bank holder, he is the clear choice. Bart Bart is hands down one of the best champions currently, he is the future of the company and wants he drops the Intercontinental championship it is time for him to move to bigger and better things, and defeating his partner Julius could very well be the boost he needs. He defeated him at Night Of Legends, and could be the face of BPZ for years to come. Echo Wilson Echo Wilson had it all before Julius would move past him in the rankings and take his spot as the top star. Echo Wilson who must have jealously running through him would be the perfect start to go over Julius. If Echo goes back to his babyface routes he would be an amazing underdog to defeat Julius and stop this monster reign.
  12. BiC

    Your Cultural

    100% AMERICAN BAY BAY Kidding I am like 30% French and 10% Irish or something
  13. BiC

    Happy Birthday Thread

    happy birthday Brad don't get to drunk
  14. BiC

    Bart's Shawn Michaels match reviews

    You got plenty of suggestions so I won't give you anymore but I will say that you're doing great so far and I can't wait to see more, you have a knack for making the reviews fun to read and enjoyable to the eye. I wanna see more, and maybe you broad out to more superstars and PPVs in the future? Keep it up Bart
  15. This mini feud between Andrade and Rey is amazing, glad Andrade is not being wasted and he defiantly deserves to win this feud. I watched RAW last night and it was really good so I'll be watching Smackdown Live, I am loving what Shane Mcmahon and The Miz are doing and I am sure I will enjoy the segment with them tonight. As for Carmella, I am not interested in whatever she does but I do like R Truth so hopefully, we see him. I want to see more of Daniel Bryan, R Truth, Shane/Miz, these are my favorite things in WWE right now