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  1. sorry i've been gone been busy vacuuming my ceiling

    1. Julius01


      I'm taking your Drew Gimmick 

  2. BiC


    A bright flash fills the arena as the image on the image on the titantron shows a lighting bolt, eventually the camera zooms out and enters a room that resembles a prison cell, a bed in the corner and a small metal toilet on the other side of it. On the bed sits a medium sized man who we can not quite make out. But from the little moonlight seeping into the room we can see his hair goes just past his shoulders and a large beard covers what would be his chin. We can't quite make out his face but he is wearing a prison jumpsuit and his hands are overlapped into each other. "Throughout my 15 years of being apart of this thing called profession wrestling I have overcome many, strong demons. Drug addiction, injuries, depression, but no demon. No demon has clung onto me, has haunted my dreams and my every thought. This demon has caused me to do things I never thought I would do, I lost my family, my house. And now I am stuck in this 6 by 8 room with nothing to live for.....but I don't regret anything. I do not regret because regret means you're weak. I only have one regret and thats not killing my demon off when I had the chance" Another lighting bolt strikes, this one causing the room to shake. The man stands up and turns around, jumping up and grabbing a bar as he begins to pull himself up, this goes on for some time before the man drops down, chuckling before taking off his shirt and looking at the ceiling, he puts his hair so it doesn't cover his back as he begins to speak once again as the lighting continues outside "Its not long till I come back, i've been stuck in this room, waiting to rip this demons skull open and watch the blood flow like a river. Because when I step back into that ring, I won't care if there is a ref to stop me, hell send the whole roster because I will not hesitate to kick everyone of there asses...its stuck on like a tattoo...cause I have no regrets" The camera zooms in on the mans back, and on it is a bloody tattoo, obviously made with cheap prison tools that spells out two words that would send chills down even the strongest spine. kIll StoRM
  3. BiC

    The BPZ Forums Fortnite Tournament

    If you need a spare or fill in anytime i will be in. Also I have some suggestions. PS: P1CkleCh1ps (new one) Both opponents are put in toa randomizer to decide who gets what servers (East coast, west, etc.) Do it like Myth, Hamlins, and them do 1v1s. Its a lot better and doesn't factor in as much luck, more skill based. Count me in if you need someone, but I really think we should do it more offical and more skill based. @KING if you don't know how to do it we can go ina playground match and Ic an show you
  4. {we are in the middle of buttfuck knowhere on either carnage or EVOLVE because I can't remember which brand I was on and the crowd is going absolute bat shit crazy because manager Ross drugged all the fountain drinks. Suddenly, a giant boogie bomb from the leading battle royal gaming in 2018 Fortnite: Battle Royale drops onto the ring and explodes, causing everyone in the arena to start dancing and a certain music start to play} {suddenly, just like every other promo a man walks out on stage, doing the worm as he comes onto stage. He has a giant Afro and pointy green glasses and his shirt sparkles as his pants match the lights of the arena. Ears in the arena begin to bleed as the music only gets louder and the man on stage begins to dance. Hitting multiple dabs and wiggling, eventually he goes backstage and the music stops. The crowd begins to regain there hearing before a loud honking is heard, HOLY SHIT ITS A BUS!} . {The bus flys over the ring and out jumps the same man as before, he lands in the ring and stands there before nodding his head and he begins to clap his hands and dance, as he gets handed a mic he begins to speak. And when he speaks, his voice is one of a dog toy. If a mouse were to come alive and speak this is what he probably what he would sound like} "WHATS GOING ON GUYS I JUST DROPPED DOWN, ON THE NEW LOCATION....THE CARNAGE AREA" "Thats right my name is Funk Ops and this is the start of my Brendenplayz Battle Royale career! I am so excited to try out this new point of interest and I am hoping to get the victory royale all the way to the LEGENDARY TITLE!" {OH NO! FUNK OPS LOOK BEHIND YOU ITS A MYSTERIOUS DANGEROUS LOOKING UNARMED BLACK MALE} {Funk Ops roles out of the ring hurt and the man stands in the center of the ring with the biggest, cheesiest smile on his face. The crowd cheers very loudly, must be the effects from the drugs. Because standing before them in the ring, with a little bit of a tan. Is BiC, a man we haven't seen since he got bitched out by Storm multiple times. And as BiC gives a thumbs up to the crowd, that ends this shitty promo.}
  5. BiC

    BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    Some graphics I made for two twitch streamers and myself.
  6. I imagine Daniel will get attacked by Cass or something and Rusev will be put into MITB, Jeff Hardy will more then likely get into it but who knows maybe we will see The Miz enter the match. I do hope Shelton quaflies however, could have some awesome spots. Excited to see what occurs with Styles/Nak as well, hoping we see a ladder match be made. Would be cool as hell to see
  7. BiC

    Bart's PPV reviews

    I don't agree with it being a 2 and a half, imo it was a 3 but it doesn't make much difference. I agree with you for the most part, I do think Randy/Jeff was a good match however. Loving these reviews
  8. Quickfire Results Smackdown Live - Week 3 Kenny Omega calls out Sting, match is made into extreme rules. Charlotte defeats Peyton Royce The Rock and Stone Cold Defeat The Mcmahons Rated RKO Defeat Titus Worldwide Kevin Owens attacks Aj Styles Kane Defeats Sheamus Sting Attacks Kenny Omega RAW - Week 4 Demon Finn Balor opens the show with a promo Ronda injures Charlotte, breaking her arm. Aj Styles Defeats Big Show Kevin Owens Defeats Mark Henry The Miz Defeats Apollo Crews Brothers Of Destruction Defeat Von Erichs Finn Balor attacks Paul Heyman Smackdown Live - Week 4 John Cena Returns, announces that he will be going for the WWE championship Sting Defeats Curtis Axel Aj Styles defeats Bo Dallas Mil Muertes Defeats The Hurricane Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjiman defeat Big Al Brock Lesnar Defeats Kevin Owens Payback Official Match Card - Streaming on my Youtube @ 6 30 Est. Tomorrow(Might be pushed back) Kane vs Aj Styles - United States Championship Kenny Omega vs Sting - Street Fight Bray Wyatt vs The Miz - Intarcontinal Championship Kevin Owens vs Aj Styles - World Heavyweight Championship Killer Smalls vs Andre The Giant vs Mr Mcmahon vs Rikishi vs Tyson Kidd vs The Hurricane vs Mill Muertes vs Goldberg - Million Dollar Championship Finn Balor Demon vs Brock Lesnar - WWE Championship Predict!
  9. Monday Night RAW - Week 3 Kevin Owens cuts a promo on Aj Styles Owens would cut an amazing promo on Styles, the champion vs the phenomenal one. Ronda Rousey Defeated Namoi Ronda would defeat Naomi with ease, looking dominant towards her match with Charlotte Luke and Erick defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno - Advances To Round 2 Luke and Erick would defeat Slater and Rhyno in 1 minute 30 seconds. Andre The Giant Defeated Mil Muertes Andre and Mil would battle for 15 minutes, but in the end Andre would get the win, giving him a momentum boost towards the million dollar battle royal The Miz Calls Out Bray Wyatt Would get sister Abigailed for his efforts Brock Lesnar Defeated Dean Ambrose Lesnar continues his assault on Ambrose after the match till the lights would go red and Demon Finn Balor would make his presence known.
  10. Smackdown Live - Week 2 Aj Styles Defeated Rusev - Will Face Mayor Kane at Payback For US Championship Since we are in Knoxville, Tennessee, the mayor Kane would come out and make a law that Aj Styles would have to defend his title at Payback. Making Aj Styles pull double duty Authors Of Pain Defeated New Day - Advances To Round 2 Very quick match, Kofi Kingston wouldn't be tagged in at all Goldberg Defeated Ryback - Last Man In Million Dollar Battle Royal Great match, would end via 3 spears. Alister Black and Velveteen Dream Defeated TM-61 - Advance To Round 2 Aliester Black and Velveteen Dream would maintain control for the entire 11 minute match. Demon Finn Balor Defeated The Rock - Will Face Brock Lesnar At Payback The Demon....The Beast...Payback!
  11. Monday Night RAW - Week 2 American Alpha Defeats Team Japan - Moves To Round 2 Of Tournament Amazing matchup, Shinsuke and Hideo fought good The Hurricane Defeats Heath Slater - Advances Million Dollar Battle Royale 45 second matchup #DIY Defeated Team Little Big - Moves To Round 2 Of Tournament Due to being crowd vote, Andre The Giant and Killer Smalls will be in the Million Dollar Battle Royal Ronda Rousey Defeats Sasha Banks - Will Face Charlotte at Payback Ronda and Charlotte will go one on one in a street fight Aj Styles/Bray Wyatt Defeates Kevin Owens/The Miz Champions vs Challengers, Bray Wyatt pinned The Miz.
  12. 3rd Annual Tag Team Classic This will be the biggest and best tag team classic yet! Where the winners will not only be crowned as the best tag team in WWE, but will get a NOC contender shot against the tag team champions! Round 1 American Alpha vs Team Japan(Shinsuke Nakamura and Hideo Itami) #DIY vs Team Little Big(Andre The Giant and Killer Smalls) High Flying Experience vs Hype Bros The Outsiders vs The Ascension The Revival vs The Usos The New Day vs Authors Of Pain Bushwackers vs Breezango The Colons vs The Faces Of Foley TM-61 vs Velveteen Dream and Alister Black Kyle O' Reily and Bobby Fish vs Adam Cole and Roderick Strong The Natural Disasters vs Gallows And Anderson Brothers Of Desturction vs The Von Erichs Shawn Michels and Triple H vs Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs Heath Slater and Rhyno Shane Mcmahon and Vince Mcmahon vs Stone Cold and The Rock Big Al vs Shelton Benjiman and Jeff Hardy Rated RKO vs Titus O' Neil and Apollo Crews Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs Brutus The Barber Beefcake and Tatanka Baron Corbin and Drew Mcyntire vs Killshot and Dante Fox Drago and Kalisto vs Will Ospreay and Lio Rush Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman vs Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Watt
  13. Smackdown Live Week 1 Vince Mcmahon Defeated Jack Gallagher - Advances To Million Dollar Battle Royal Vince Mcmahon Makes A Rule That Jack Gallagher Will Forever have To Come To The Ring Dressed As The Gobbely Gooker Mil Muertes Defeated Braun Strowman, Kalisto, and Woken Matt Hardy - Advances To Million Dollar Battle Royal Announce tables were broken, Kalisto Took The Pin NWO Sting Defeated Mankind Kenny Omega Would Attack NWO String(Don't ask) Demon Finn Balor Defeated Dean Ambrose - Will Face The Winner Of The Rock vs Undertaker Next Week Finn Balor wins Clean The Rock Defeated The Undertaker - Will Face Demon Finn Balor Next Week To Determine Number One Contender The Rock and Balor stare down
  14. Monday Night RAW - Week 1 Rikishi Defeated British Bulldog - Advances To Million Dollar Battle Royal Rikishi Squashed British Bulldog The Outsiders Defeated Authors Of Pain 15 Minute match with a lot of blood Sasha Banks Defeated Charlotte Ronda Rousey Attacks Both Women Tyson Kidd Defeated Vader - Advances To Million Dollar Battle Royal Tyson Kid Won By Countout Lio Rush Defeated Will Ospreay Lio Rush and Will Ospreay Shake Hands Bray Wyatt Defeated Seth Rollins - Number One Contenders Match For Intercontinal Championship Bray Wyatt Will Face The Miz At Payback Aj Styles Defeated Seth Rollins - Number One Contenders Match For World Heavyweight Championship Kevin Owens Attacks Aj Styles Thats all folks!

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