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  1. Some that instantly come to mind, just because of the songs themselves is Wrestlemania 23 Ladies And Gentleman - Salvia Royal Rumble 2013 (I think) We Own It - 2 Chainz Royal Rumble 2009 Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf Hell In The Cell 2009 Monster - Skillet Extreme Rules 2009 You're Going Down - Sick Puppies Wrestlemania 28th Can't remember the name
  2. BiC

    Burn It

    A black and white clip of the Amercian flag would fade into view, and slowly the camera would pan out, the sound of ambient sirens far off in the distance as color slowly comes into the lens of the camera, showing downtown Atlanta in shambles. The building's windows cracked, its cars flipped, civilians running wild on the streets, the video flips through different perspectives of Atlanta. Until showing the home of BPZMania 4, The Mercedz Benz Stadium, on fire, burning as it slowly collapses. As it collapses, the familiar theme of one of BPZs veteran stars begins to play. And as we switch back to the Carnage arena, the excited buzz in the crowd switches to a rumble of boos as the lights in the arena dim down to a dark blue. BiC steps out on stage, grinning his classic cocky smile. For the past month, his only goal has been to win the Intercontinental championship and we are only 1 week from that chance happening, BiC stands on top of the stage, tonight here in Atlanta BiC is not the favorite but if anyone is use to it, it is BiC.Who comes to the ring wearing an unzipped sweatshirt and black joggers, he stops halfway down the ramp and adjusts the collar on his sweatshirt, smiling at the booing fans before walking up to a young fan who is asking for a high five, its the same fan who was wearing the Prince shirt a few weeks ago, BiC goes up for a high five before flipping his wet hair into the face of the child. BiC enters the ring and poses on the corner, he gets handed a mic and lifts it up close to his lips, getting ready to wow the crowd with his words. It seems I upset some people with my actions at the press conference earlier this week, and management asked me to come out here and apologize for my actions, and I agreed. You see, not many of you know this but I do have heart, and I feel like I should apologize. Because at Super Bowl 51, my team, the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons With the mention of the New England Patriots, the crowd turns on BiC, chanting "Cheater", and "Asshole" at the former world champion Lets not forget that just two months ago, the New England Patriots walked into this very stadium and won there 6th Super Bowl, and it was then that I realized that me and Tom Brady half something in common. You see, both me and Tom Brady are the greatest at what we go, we are both former champions, and in 7 days when I walk back into this stadium, just like Tom Brady, I will walk out champion. The crowd once again boos, a "Matt Ryan" chant breaks out, the first time ever. When it comes to cities to perform in, I've performed in this city a handful of times, and every time it gets worse and worse. I can't even walk down the street without being scared that I will be robbed, I mean you guys promote worse rap music then Akki, if you want to see true talent, what it means to truly be an artist at what you do. Tune in to BPZ Mania 4, the Intercontinental Championship fatal four way, where I defeat not one, not two, but now THREE superstars because if management didn't already want my job to be hard enough, I now have to face an emo goth kid who can't even wrestle. Chants of "F D S" fill the Carnage arena, much to BiCs disgust I've faced FD a handful of times, and each time he gets worse and worse, and while he has beaten me in the past its only because he smells so bad I want to get the match over with. You'd think if you spend all that time alone with no friends, sitting in your room playing with pokemon cards and crying all day you'd have a chance to shower. But FD throws it out the window and decides to show up to work every day smelling like cat piss. BiC laughs at his own joke, moving his hair out of his breath and glancing at the BPZMania 4 sign with a smirk. In 7 days this 4 year long journey to the top ends, and I finally win every important title in this business. Bart, Prince, FD and whatever irrelevant star they decide to put in the match as well, I am walking out of BPZMania with a championship on my shoulder. I am going to change this business bring light back to where its dark, and SAVE this company. With that, BiC drops the microphone, nodding at the booing crowd before mouthing the words "A NEW KING IS HERE" and turning towards the entrance ramp, looking to leave the ring.
  3. Its always really cool to see former pro wrestlers do MMA or vice versa, because although the two "sports" are completely different they tie into eachother a lot and often help eachother out. As a man who use to watch a lot of MMA, he did good, and a win in his first match is always good. I think he could be successful if he trains, and its cool to see him use the "WE THE PEOPLE" taunt as well, I'll be looking forward to his run in the MMA
  4. Been watching some ruthless aggresion era PPVs, started with Wrestlemania 24, I'm not going to use any particular order or anything but I'm enjoying what I am seeing. Seeing Shawn Michels and Ric Flair go at it never gets old, and I believe its one of the most underated Manias of all time
  5. Kassius Ohno and Cesaro (In WWE) - I've seen there indy work, and these two became a team it would be awesome, although Cesaro has always been a tag team guy in WWE it'd be cool to see for a year or so! Roman Reigns and John Cena Bray Wyatt with The Ascension
  6. Damn you're grinding these out Arius, amazing work here! All your graphics are good and could use some minor work, such as the blending of colors, they all seem to be dark and the next becomes hard to see, my favorite one has to be the "Working Class Illuminati" for the BPZ vs Twitch mod, great work there. Kepe at it Arius, and try to find ways to make the Text pop more!
  7. Should WWE have an Offseason like many other sports?
  8. I saw this article and had a little debate with myself on if this is appropriate or not. I've seen some people talk about it in chat, so in your opinion do you think Wrestlemania should be 5+ hours long? Is it reasonable for them to be that long in order to fit everyone on the card? and if not, how long should they be?
  9. I was watching Impacts video, "5 Strangest Match Stipulations" and this thread came to mind, these matches for sure belong on this list, the only one I liked was the Prison Yard match, but the others ones are complete garbage.
  10. I agree 100%, WWE focuses to much on cramming everything in when shows should feel special. It gets to the point where the main event is going to be the dullest match of the night, because if the crowd is dead, and isn't reacting that immediately turns me off the match
  11. Lil Wayne and Kendricks Lamar "Mona Lisa" is a great song, it has a great mix of lyrics and beat which is hard to find in todays music. Kendricks verse around 3 minutes in is fire, and I recommend this song
  12. Win the Kayfabe and Intercontinental championship to be the first person to hold all the current titles (Post Mania) Become A Hall Of Famer Have a long running and active forums diary
  13. BiC


    Well just take a look at our own ArrowDream, kid HATES Daniel Bryan and believes in this Kofi Kingston storyline and is loving it, so maybe its just the illusion
  14. BiC

    4 Years

    My bad I forgot how to do basic math
  15. BiC

    4 Years

    I was going to post this on the day of March 31st, but I decided to post it beforehand because fuck it Looking at this before I take the time to type it out, this is a very nerdy thing to do. Write out a thank you to a wrestling forum that everyone has come to hate me on? Pathetic. But, as weird as it sounds the forums mean much more to me then some wrestling forum for a small Youtuber/Streamer. Nah, its been a huge part of my life. First things first, I want to thank all of you. Some more then others, but all of you have helped me through some tough times without realizing it. Although I am an asshole, staying up till 3 in the morning writing promos, diaries, talking to you guys in discord has been a blast. And although its been and on and off journey, where I was sometimes here sometimes wasn't. I've known you guys longer then I've known most of the people in my life. And I've met better people on here then I have in my life. I wanna give a special shot out to Julius, Smith, Ropati, Nate, Echo, all of these guys that I've come to know so well and they might not feel the same way but I just am so happy that this community isn't to toxic (At times) When I first joined, I shared jokes with Ginge, Keeley, Necce, and Brad and I soon befriended Brad, and although we hate eachother at times he really showed me around. Him and another guy thats, quite a funny story. I created some topics, made some post, and goofed around in chat. I was only 12 at the time, and thought I needed to be older to cool so I lied. Said I was 21, which isn't the best idea as many as learned. I left the forums for awhile, and came back around March of 2016 and thats where it all started, all I wanted was the NXT championship and I had fun doing it. A dozen gimmicks and a shit ton of loses later and I was a 2 time NXT champ, US champ, tag team champ, premium champ, everything but two belts and I won the world belt in the most, stupid way possible. While it may be looked at as the best voting on the forums, its when I started to become the person I am now, and I hate that person. And, this isn't meant to be a sob story so I'll end it with this. The past 4 years have been great, meeting people from all over the world of different cultures and learning about it (Even using some of you guys for a school (project), its been life changing and I'll never forget it. Thank you Brenden for making the forums and all your years towards Youtube, and I'm sorry for being an ashoole ily all. : )
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