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  1. what the fuck is this. i regret being traded... I want to be taken out of the match and PPV please
  2. Fortnite Gifs/Clips

    https://clips.twitch.tv/GloriousDistinctLaptopPipeHype Was streaming for the first time, and well, I got a sick snipe as well in the game but I accidentally didn't save the clip
  3. Wrestling Debate Discussions

    Was Seth Rollins A Better Face Or Heel? My recent post on the "Unpopular Opinions" thread I talked about Aj Styles as a face and it made me think of Seth Rollins, who has been discussed in many different topics just cause before Aj Styles he was probably the best in ring worker WWE had. But as a character, did he play Face or Heel better? His 2014 run after turning on The Shield was filled with crappy ending matches, but amazing promos, while his 2016-present run is filled with great matches and good promos. Imo, the Heel run was better. Everything from JnJ and his cocky heel laugh tied everything correctly, but what about you? What do you think?
  4. Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    Aj Styles is a better face then heel, now I don't really know if this is unpopular but based on Twitter I have seen that they like him as a heel better. Of course Aj plays a great heel because he is Aj Styles, but in my personal opinion I have enjoyed his work as a face just a bit more then his work as a heel. Since Dean Ambrose left and Dolph Ziggler turned heel Smackdown Live needed a top face and Styles filled the role better then Cena imo. Whether he is heel or face the crowd will cheer the crap out of him so it is smarter to make him face on WWEs part anyways. I think after Mania he might become a tweener once again to feud with Shinsuke. But for now, I think he should stick Styles cause its working for him.
  5. I need help creating this playlist, I added some songs so you guys can get a preview of what I like but basically any type of rap but mostly fast and lyrical with a good beat such as NF, Joyner Lucas, and stuff like that. I also like some of the, modern songs, like the mumble type of ones lol. Such as "Mr Clean" By Yung Gravy. Anyways, any suggestions?!
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Tbh who hasn't been listenting to this song recently, its pretty damn good not going to lie. The biggest line in the song is so catchy and fun to yell when you got some friends singing it with you, its defo a good song to jam to despite what some people are saying. Some other songs that I have recently added to my playlist is therapy session by NF, which is another amazingly deep rap song. I am kinda changing my rap preference to more lyrical stuff rather then just money and hoes. Paris by $uicideBoy$ is one of the best RapCore songs I listen to and recommend it, The Race by Tay-K is another good song. If anyone has any song suggestions similar to Drake, NF, Joyner Lucas, aka non mumble rappers HMU. I am working on a new playlist.
  7. Fortnite Discussion

    he big new addition is an "impulse grenade," which appears to be a sort of shockwave generating weapon intended to bust up bases and send your opponents flying. Epic's gameplay video highlights its ability to move players around more than its damage, so we'll wait a bit to see how it performs in game to evaluate how useful it will actually be -- right now the area of effect means that this will probably be a weapon that gets more play in team modes. Also, for Xbox One there will be 4K resolution
  8. BPZ Watch Party:

    For Future Notice I Will Be Taking This Over For The Time Being. The Same Watch Party Is Still Planned, I hope to see a big crowd
  9. BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    Made this for a streamer I watch, he plays mainly PUGB and Dayz, plus some random games on occasion if you wanna check it out.
  10. My heart goes out to the families of the victims of the Florida school shooting. 

    1. Smith


      Horrible event. Hopefully, the families are given the care they need and more attention is put towards improving mental health care as well as gun laws.

  11. BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    What do you want on it, what superstar, what colors and such
  12. Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    I don't know how un popular this really is, but I think we need a re draft which is prob coming soon. Either that or a shake up, been the same for to long now. I also think we should re model some titles such as the Premium title. As well as that, we should restrict to a 2 title limit. Having the most dominate man on the forums hold 3 titles is not only boring but it lowers the meaning of the Premium/IC title which is what the outcome usually is. Another thing on my mind is that people are wrestling like 4 matches per show, which is very un realistic and something we should attempt to change. Ofc that would be difficult
  13. {We are admist yet another Carnage LIVE show and we are on route to the St. Valentines Day Massacre PPV and the Carnage vs EVOLVE special PPV which can change the course of Wrestlemania. However, we have a long ways to go but despite that the crowd is still pumped, the energy in the building is high as the lights dim and the opening to one of the most infamous songs comes to life to many fans ears, along with the music, comes many, many boos. The Carnage crowd knows who this is all to well} {BiC, who has not been seen since losing his Premium Championship to Kyle Reeves, who is currently injured and of course BiC takes this time to return. He steps out on stage with his dark blue 3 piece suit and black fade haircut. He looks around at the crowd, who boos at the sight of the former World Champion. BiC walks down the ramp with intention} {BiC walks up the steel steps before walking across the apron and getting into the ring. BiC puts his arms to his sides and looks up, standing in a rain storm of boos. BIC adjust the cuffs on his suit before being handed a microphone} "Why are you guys booing? Maybe you forgot about me, in case you don't know my name is BiC. And what that stands for is Best In Class...and thats not only a name its a lifestyle, every single thing about me is better then you. My clothes, my mansion, my wrestling skills, the way I speak, the cars I drive, every single thing about me is better then anyone else. In my time in BPZ, this filthy company has been raised to the next level. I have won the NXT championship not once, but twice. I also won the United States championship, the tag team championships, the King Of The Ring tournament, the Premium championship. And of course the BPZ World Title. But thats just the beginning, I have beat the likes of Smith, Slim, FD, Natedog, Brad, Echo Wilson, Ark Universe, Joshsnow, and the list will continue. I am back to add more legacy and that legacy will begin with me winning back my Premium championship. But I will not be doing this at St. Valentines Day Massacre. I will be doing this at the biggest show of the year, BiC Mania!" {The crowd boos, obviously not liking the sound of BiC Mania as BiC points to the BPZ sign} "You already know the name, and you know the past, and now....you know the future. Me holding the Premium Championship high in the air for the second time, see all those people in the back underestimate me just because some loser got a lucky pin over me, and look where that man is now. In a hospital bed doped up on drugs, Brad, Echo Wilson, whoever the hell walks into Mania as champion will not be walking out with a title on his shoulder because the man is back. I can already see the ratings going up as I speak because whether you hate me or love me, and lets be honest you all do love me. I mean how couldn't you, I have the perfect physic, a thick wallet, and a shit load of wrestling talent. I have returned, the BPZ just got good again." {BiC adjust his collar and suit once again before throwing his mic and exiting the ring, BiC walks up the ramp as the crowd boos, BiC turns around at the top of the ramp and yells "BICMANIA" before exiting the arena]
  14. BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    A avi to go with the Sig above. Thoughts?

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