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  1. I gotta agree with the 9.8 rating, its defiantly one of my favorite superhero movies of all time and I wish they could of made more with this director and that the current Joker could match up against a good Batman (Sorry Ben).
  2. Wow. This is actually, kinda interesting. WWE hasn't produced to many good films, but there work on WWE 24 is some of the best things I have watched. This defiantly has an interesting concept, and ofc it has to be animated because if not that is just..weird and I am sure more WWE stars will be joining the cast. "The Main Event" also looks decent, I mean. If WWE can expand into this wrestling movie genre, such as Scooby Doo. It will be a good move for them, and I won't be mad.
  3. IT Chapter Two was the most recent movie I watched, and well. It got me, it wasn't creepy really, and I didn't really even think of any of the scares afterwards. It was my first horror movie in a theater. The storyline was simple, and the scares were pretty obvious but still got me. The movie defiantly relied on jumpscares and had way to much comic relief, I want to be spooked, not laugh. The zombie things were weird, not like "fucked up" weird, just weird. I didn't really get it, same with the "Baby" Pennywise. Which was just stupid, they result to bullying to defeat this monster? Pretty stupid imo. It was defiantly spooky at times, but it didn't leave a lasting impression. I do suggest it though, it is a good film, with some good scares. If you haven't seen it yet its not something to scary, you'll enjoy yourself! Another movie I saw recently was "The Good Boys" which turned out to be...eh. It was mediocre comedy at best and while it did get a couple laughs out of me, the only funny part was that me and my friends had the theaters to ourselves. So we could crack jokes the entire time, it wasn't on any level of "Superbad". But it wasn't BAD per say, it had a pretty good storyline, and if you do see this movie. I recommend being with friends or high, or both.
  4. "With no post limit" but is only available for NXT-US? While I think giving another title for people from middle of US to middle of IC to go for is a good idea, we already have enough votings as it is and we already have enough drama w/ those votings. The Euro Title was removed for a reason, and as cool as it would be to see it back, I just don't think it would work.
  5. I think this one is a no brainer, and based on others list people agree. Tom Brady is probably the greatest sports athlete of all time, hes been an elite quarterback for over a decade and has won multiple Super Bowls. He is surrounded by a good team and a A+ coaching staff, and while he may not be able to run fast, he defiantly can win games. Brady Is Money. Bo Jackson Some say he can bench 400 lbs A 4.12 40 yard dash and can lift 400 lbs He was an All Star player in just 3 years in Baseball, and was an Elite player in the NFL. He was an amazing competitor on "American Gladiator" he was an animal. Bo Jackson was the real deal, an amazing athelete. Michel Phelps Serena Williams Michel Jordan
  6. What Is "Too Far" For A Wrestling Storyline? We've seen some compelling storylines over the years, injecting feuds with drama and helping turn matches into cathartic events. But attempting to shock us, to gain publicity and ultimately to entertain, WWE has rolled out some unsettling angles. God vs Vince, Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura, Katie Vick, Eddie Guerros Death, WWE is riddled with it, along with other companies. But where do YOU draw the line? Should characters real life problems? What do you think?
  7. BPZ Network Presents: ✨ B.I.C - "Passion" ✨ The story of the rise of one of BPZs most interesting characters, ones whos backgrounds is still fuzzy, and one who is trying to right every wrong. This, is the story of "The Golden Heart" BiC. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Playing: Sunshine Our story begins with a skyline view of the Boston Harbor. As we can get a short montage of a man who is later to be revealed to be BiC training, hitting a punching bag and sparring with a man. The camera switches from that, to the inside of the Melbourne Cricket Grounds. As we see BiC in the training office, as a date flashes on screen. September 22nd, 2019 BiC is sitting on the training table, clutching his ribs as he looks down. That very night he snapped on his Bulletproof partner Bashka. And possibly cost the stable the matchup, and although the crowd loved it. BiC seems disappointed in himself, as he looks towards the camera. BiC: "Well, you know what they say. You can't shoot the bow without pulling it back" Still images of BiC in his independent days flash on screen, showing him hitting various moves and posing in the ring. He doesn't look to much different, his hair longer and his beard almost non existent. As the images turn into home videos, and clips of his BPZ trial. BIC begins to speak over the film being shown. BiC: "I've told the story a handful of times, of what has happened in my career but I have never said why. Why did I decide to go down this insane path, that has almost ended multiple times. Its simple really, I wanted to do something with combat. Not because I liked hurting people, but I always liked the idea of winning. I liked the idea of building myself up and finally getting that big victory, as all the work pays off and I guess it first started in high school football. The East Boston HIgh School Jets. Blue and Gold, inspired some of the attires I have worn over the years. It was a fun time, and I wanted to go into the NFL for a long time until I had my first MMA fight. Illegally, at the age of 15" "My dad being Joe Carter, world famous boxer who only lost one fight. The fight that took his life, and as much as he had a problem with drugs and alcohol I owe it all to him. He payed for my wrestling school, he payed for my MMA school, hell he is the reason I am where I am today and can support my family. As much as I wanted to run away at times, sparring with him in that gym had to be the funnest times of my life" The view changes to a picture of BiCs parents, his mom being the focus as he begins to talk about his mom. The camera every now and then switching to BiC sitting in a dark room talking. BiC: "Based on news reports, twitters, fan interactions, and more I've come to realize that a big reason fans like to support me is because I tend to be nice. Nice to everyone, and I have a good heart. The fans can look up to me because I never give up, I am a firm believer in that if you wan't something done you go out and get it done and I think that message radiates with the universe. My mother taught me that, she taught me to always dust yourself off and get the hell up, when she would mess up a batch of cookies or break a vase. She wouldn't be in the dumps about it, and although I haven't always followed that path. You better believe I follow it now. Thankfully this alignment with Hans has allowed me to get back on a winning streak, but theres no doubt that in BPZ I want to achieve everything and my mother gave me that mindset" The camera switches, as commentary takes over the voice of BiC and we see a battle between other BPZ superstar James Ropati and BiC battling it out at Mayhem 2016. BPZ Mayhem 2016: NXT Championship Match Commentator: "1..2...3. HES DONE IT!!! The rookie from Boston has sealed his fate and has won the NXT Championship! What a battle" The camera shows us footage of BiC being congratulated backstage, various BPZ workers from that time period patting him on the back as he raises the title. Everyone giving him support. BiC: "I mean, winning the NXT title twice. I never thought I would do something so different, I never thought I would be able to separate myself from the average star and just 3 months in I did just that. I thought that would be the peak, but then I went on to win the United States Championship. Premium Championship. Tag Team Championship. Hell, I was unstoppable. I was winning everything, then. Well..It all came crashing down at the highest point possible. Playing: Goodbyes The night after King Of The Ring 2017 The camera shows us the footage of BiC pinning Slim, the three count that finally gave BiC the big win he needed. He rolls over, its been nothing but success for BiC in his young career and on that night he won it all. BiC: "The night after I won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship my father was killed during a boxing match" News headlines showing posters for the fight, and his list of accolades show up on screen. "My father had a bunch of brain problems, from all the drugs I suppose and that final shot ended it all. It was devastating, I dropped the world title. I took a break from BPZ, and my career went down the drain. And it was a long, long journey. But I finally got back on my feet, I finally started to win again. Every day I go on, I know my father is watching me at every step. Smiling, same with my mom. Its been 4 years, 4 long years. But its been one hell of a ride. But I am not done yet" "BPZ Mania IV. I finally captured the one title that eluded me, the title I failed to capture 3 times. Falling, crashing burning for 3 different times and every single time I got back up and tried again and I walked out as the Intercontinental Champion at the biggest stage of all. It was the greatest moment of my life, but it did not...feel...right. As much as the crowd pleased me, as much as finally winning pleased me. I remembered that there was one man, one title, something that always eluded me" The camera flips through the years of BiCs careers quickly, Every win. Every loss. It ends with BiC once again in Australia. This time exiting the arena, he stops at a poster. A poster that shows the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. BiC looks at the poster, before smirking. As the BPZ 24 ends with the final words from BiC. "Despite the pain. Despite the hurt. Despite the things that are attempting to hold me back. This time around, I will not be stopped. Because its my time.... My time to finally..reclaim the gold"
  8. BPZ - Bad Blood Money In The Bank Ladder Match September 22nd, 2019 _______________________________ Its been one hell of an event here for BPZ, as superstars have fought there hearts out to retain championships, win number one contender matches, and more as this show is only going to continue as a short preview for Money In The Bank plays. Showcasing the horrors that this matchup brings along, as the ladders are placed around the ring and we are set for one of the most hyped up matches in BPZ. The Money In The Bank ladder match. Bulletproof Theme Song One of the favorites to win the entire thing, Flynn steps out on stage. Before looking behind him as both Bashka and BiC step out on stage. Who receive a mixed reaction as BiC still looks on with a little bit of doubt in his eyes as the three members come down as one. At some point, they will have to fight it out but for now. This Money In The Bank match may be Bulletproof. Hollow Theme Song The next man out would be the insane Hollow, who steps out on stage with a sadistic smile on his face as he stares at the ladders as if they are a 5 course meal. Blade is one of the most underated in BPZ and tonight is his night to prove that as he enters the ring and stares down the 3 bulletproof members. Joshua Scott Theme Song The crowd begins to boo as "Manchesters Favorite Son" steps out on stage, he yells at the crowd and calls them idiots. Before beginning to walk down the ramp, entering the ring and calling all men in the ring idiots. Julius Theme Song Maybe the second favorite if he is able to take out Bulletproof. He steps on stage and looks down at the ring before walking down and entering. Standing side by side with Joshua Scott and Hollow, an unusual force to take down Bulletproof. Money In The Bank 2019 The match begins and its nothing but a brawl, as Bulletproof would pick apart each member of the match with there numbers game as Bashka and Hollow battle up the ramp while rivals BiC and Julius trade shots in the ring. Flynn easily brings Josh out to the crowd as he throws him over the barricade and begins to chase him down. Throwing him at a shipping container before yelling at him, slapping him across the face multiple times before throwing him head first into electrical equipment. As Joshua Scott is taking out early, nearly killing the man. As inside the ring, BiC and Julius continue there war. Both men nailing there signature moves to nearly no effect as on top of the stage, Bashka and Hollow throw ladders at each other. And as soon as Hollow gets advantage, Flynn would hit a running knee. As Bashka and Flynn gather together and make there way to the ring. Julius is able to knock BiC out of the ring, holding his ribs as he looks around and realizes the situation he is in. As the 3 members of Bulletproof in this match surround the ring. Getting on the apron as Julius is all alone with the MITB contract hanging high above. BiC, Bashka, and Flynn enter the ring and despite a good fight from Julius. the numbers game would be to much, as Julius would get picked apart and we've seen this before. The crowd booing, and BiC exits the ring. Grabbing a ladder as Julius begins to fight back, but the power is to much as BiC comes in with a ladder and hits him in the back. Knocking him down as they set the ladder up, however Julius is able to knock both Flynn and Bashka out, and it would be Julius and BiC once agian trading shots as Julius bounces BiC head first off of the ladder before nailing a superkick. BiC would retaliate with a superkick of his own, before both men would superkick eachother and fall down. The first man to there feet is Bashka who enters the ring and sets up the ladder, only to get cut off by Hollow who dives into the ring and both men begin to trade shots. Hollow hitting an impressive german suplex, but Bashka would fight back with multiple forearms. Desperate to win this matchup as he runs up the ladder only to get taken down by Blade. As the two men continue to battle, Flynn would come back into the ring as this alliance once again comes into play as Hollow is sent into the ring post. But this gives enough time for Julius to tackle Flynn outside of the ring!!! Both men begin to brawl on the outside and into the time keepers area. Flynn and Julius a past feud coming to life as inside the ring, Bashka finds his way to his feet. The fight could continue, this time between Bashka and BiC as BiC goes to climb the ladder and Bashka pulls him down. The two men begin to push each other, obviously showing cracks between these two members as BiC backs off. Allowing Bashka to climb the ladder, before Hollow sneaks in and pulls Bashka down! Nailing him with a cutter! As Willow is trying to recover, BiC would hit him with a superkick from behind as he pushes the ladder over and it lands leaned up against the ropes. He hits the "Fallen Angel" on Willow before throwing him out of the ring. Looking at the Money In The Bank briefcase, before looking out where Julius has Flynn set for a move through the announce table!!!! BiC slides out of the ring and tackles Julius into the crowd!! Julius and BiC go crashing into the fans and the chairs as Flynn is dropped down, BIC and Julius trade shots as Flynn runs into the ring. Going to grab the ladder but Hollow is there again! Hollow nearly knocks Flynn out as he runs at him but he is flipped backwards!!! Hollow bounces hard as he rolls out of the ring, as BiC enters the ring. Staring Flynn down as the two men grab the ladder and set it up, and as Flynn climbs it. BiC looks down at his feet, keeping watch. The fans boo him for his actions as Julius dives into the ring! Pushing BiC back into the ladder as Flynn crashes down! BiC and Julius once again trade shots as the fans go crazy. These two have amazing chemistry and it is showing here tonight as BIC goes to the outside of the ring, looking for the "Tranquilo Sunrise", but he would be caught out!!! Julius nails him with a Celtic Cross as he begins to climb up the ladder! Bashka would interfere though, setting up a ladder bridge between the ladder and the middle rope as he begins to bring the fight to Julius. Both men nearly falling off but Bashka is able to catch himself on the ladder. BiC would come out of knowhere with a springboard drop kick, knocking Julius off the ladder as BiC and Bashka once again stare down. This time, Bashka allows BiC to climb up and attempt to get the briefcase. But Bashka would be taken out, this time by Hollow once again. As Flynn enters the ring again and the three Bulletproof members begin to take out Hollow once again. As the plan is going perfectly, as Flynn climbs up the ladder. But Joshua Scott comes out knowhere. He is bleeding from his head but he throws a punch at Bashka, only for BiC to nail a superkick and put him on Bashkas shoulders as Bashka climbs up the corner. Nailing a northern lights firemans carry onto the ladder as Joshua Scott is dead once again. Joshua Scott is taken out by medical personal, as Julius dives into the ring once again. As it is a 3 v 1 v 1 match right now. But Julius does not fight Bullet Proof, looking at the three men and looking behind him as Hollow stands next to him. The 5 men begin to brawl, Hollow and Julius somehow getting the upper hand as they grab chairs. Beginning to wack away at the stable, as Bashka is sent out of the ring along with Flynn as the two begin to beat down BiC. Focusing on the ribs, as BiC is hurt. That is when Julius and Hollow begin to fight away, Julius getting the upperhand with a claymore kick. Julius lifts Hollow up, powerbombing him onto the ladder bridge as chants of "Holy Shit" breakout. But before Julius can begin to climb the ladder, BiC nails him with the tranqiluo sunrise!!! BiC stands up, holding his ribs as he begins to climb the ladder. The crowd cheering, but as he gets to the top of the ladder, he stops and look down at Flynn who begins to climb once again. Flynn and BiC both stand on top of the ladder, as BiC begins to climb down to take watch as Flynn reaches up to unhook the briefcase, as Flynn does a double backflip off onto the outside of the ring and dies. The briefcase still hangs, as BiC and Bashka look on in a sight of fear. Before being attacked by Julius!! As Julius is able to hit the "End Of Days" on Bashka onto a ladder!!! BiC flips Julius around and locks in the Uncardiac Arrest!!! This is fast paced action and Julius is able to fight out of it. Julius grabs BiC by the hair and throws him out of the ring. Throwing a ladder at him, but BiC catches the ladder. ONLY TO BE TAKEN OUT! Everyone is down! As Joshua Scott crawls down the ramp and the crowd boos once again, as Joshua Scott begins to climb the ladder. But as he reaches the top, he pulls a microphone out of his boot. Joshua Scott: "FINALLY. ALL OF YOU AUSSIE IDIOTS CAN WITNESS GREATNESS. AS I GRAB THIS BRIEFCAS-" Josh is cut off by Bashka, who grabs his legs and puts him in an electric chair position. Dragging him backwards towards the corner where BiC is waiting. Holy Sh*t!!!! BiC somehow stands up, clutching his ribs as Bashka and BiC high five. Before Hollow comes in with a chair once again, taking out Bashka as BiC is able to stop him. Hollow and BiC trade shots, and trade moves. As both men can barley even move without wincing in pain, BiC is able to hit the "No Regret" nearly out of knowhere but when he begins to climb the ladder. Bashka stops him, and the two get into a pushing match before BIC NAILS HIM WITH A SUPERKICK! The crowd begins to chant "B I C" as BiC grabs Bashka by the head, dragging him to the outside and setting him on the announce table. What the hell is BiC doing?!?!? BiC has taken both him and Bashka out, as inside the ring. The ladder is still set up, and the first man to come in is Julius. Who the crowd is fully behind as in his home town, Julius slowly climbs the ladder. Not a single person there to stop him as he reaches up, and grabs the Money In The Bank briefcase. Julius, In front of his hometown, adds yet another accolade to his young career. _
  9. BiC

    WWE: Brand Warfare

    World Heavyweight Championship: Dean Ambrose(c) vs The Undertaker Triple H & Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins & Cesaro United States Championship: Rusev(c) vs Kurt Angle (I Quit) Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor RAW Tag Team Championships: Gallows & Anderson(c) vs The Hardyz RAW Women's Championship: Charlotte vs Becky Lynch(c) Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries(c) vs Mustafa Ali No Holds Barred: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn Preshow: Braun Strowman & Heath Slater vs Vaudevillains BONUSES: What match will open the show? (1pt) - RAW Tag Team Championships Who takes the pin in the tag team match (HHH/Joe vs Rollins/Cesaro), and by who? (2pt) - Rollins Pins HHH How many championships will change hands? (2pt) One Also, Aj Styles is going to attack someone.
  10. Honestly loving every bit of this Kenji, its an interesting take and is making me want to do a super hero diary of my own. keep up the A+ work
  11. BiC

    NJPW: King's Road

    Singles Match Hangman Page vs. Shota Umino 6-Man Tag Team Match Satoshi Kojima, Ryusuke Taguchi and Togi Makabe vs. Yujiro Takahashi, Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale 6-Man Tag Team Match SHO, YOH and Toru Yano vs. Jay White and The Young Bucks 6-Man Tag Team Match Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr. and TAKA Michinoku vs. David Finlay, Juice Robinson and Yuji Nagata Tag Team Match SANADA and BUSHI vs. YOSHI-HASHI and Kazuchika Okada NEVER Openweight Championship Match Hirooki Goto (c) vs. EVIL Semi-Main Event: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match Will Ospreay (c) vs. Hiromu Takahashi Main Event: IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii
  12. I just hit 4,000 the other day. Thank you!

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