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  1. I'd like to see Shaq make a special appearance, and the original theme song, and as for actors, Danny Devito is always a funny character and he could defiantly play something. I am SO hyped for this movie
  2. EVOLVE Superstar Flynn was found at a local meat market intoxicated, when found, he was laying on a bed of raw chicken and mumbling about the times of old. He was taken to a jail for holding before the company picked him up the night after. Rumors of Natedog and Joh having an affair have spread among the locker room Ropati was driving a Lamborghini when he crashed off a cliff, no injury occured. At a BBQ hosted by various BPZ stars, multiple food fights and food poising would occur. Arius would throw mashed potatoes at FDS, and Bart would pour his drink on Hollow. The 4 men were taken into food rehab, where Julius would break them out. They have been missing ever since. EVOLVE superstar Karico was found in an abandoned motel with a hooker next to him. A dog bit Sameer when he tried to explain to it that he was the big dog and not him. His hand is fine but the dog is dead
  3. Former Names: BiC, Kyle Reeves, Mal Hades Former Notable Gimmicks: EC3 - Cocky Rich Heel , Buddy Murphy - Pure Wrestling Tweener Finishers - Always been No Regret Former Notable Rivals - Ropati, Brad, Natedog, Slim, Ross, Julius, FD
  4. We all love food, what are some of your favorite food combos or recipes that you want to share! scrambled eggs and maple syrup
  5. BiC

    BPZ Battles

    Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) vs Steve (Minecraft) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) vs Abe (Oddworld) Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed) vs Vault Boy (Fallout) Blinx the Time Sweeper vs Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Marth (Fire Emblem) vs Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) Master Chief (Halo) vs Kirby Duke Nukem vs Jin Kazama (Tekken) Gordon Freeman (Half-Life) vs Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) vs Kratos Samus Aran (Metroid) vs Pikachu Solid Snake vs Bomberman Jak & Dexter vs Ratchet & Clank Monokuma (Danganronpa) vs Spyro the Dragon Pac-Man vs Rayman Shantae vs Clementine Captain Falcon vs Tony Hawk John Marston vs Doomguy Simon Belmont (Castlevania) vs Lara Croft Agent 47 (Hitman) vs Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause) Earthworm Jim vs Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) Conker the Squirrel vs Dante (Devil May Cry) Slime (Dragon Quest) vs Nathan Drake (Uncharted) Sly Cooper vs Banjo-Kazooie B.D Joe (Crazy Taxi) vs Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) Frank West (Dead Rising) vs Sonic the Hedgehog Morrigan Aensland vs Crash Bandicoot Donkey Kong vs Mai Shiranui Mario vs Max Payne Mega Man vs Link Bubsy vs Marcus Fenix GLaDOS vs Chun-Li
  6. BiC

    WWE Battles

    You've seen them all before, BPZ Battles @Arius, Superhero battles by @Sameer, and now, I am going to be WWE ones, with different categories!! You should already know how this works, just vote down below!! Best Match Types Comp. Inferno vs Money In The Bank Table vs Elimination Chamber Hell In A Cell vs Chairs Ladder vs Falls Count Anywhere Last Man Standing vs Punjabi Prsion TLC vs 3 Stages Of Hell Extreme Rules vs 2 Out Of 3 Falls Steel Cage vs Iron Man Singles vs Submission *Blank* On A Pole vs Lumberjack Street Fight vs Kendo Stick Match Buried Alive vs Ambulance
  7. This is the single greatest piece of art in the history of ever, may computer god always watch over this graphic and make sure it never gets lost.
  8. Have had a huge variety of what I've been listening to recently but here is some of my favorites.
  9. In madden 17 I made a Franchise team completely made of free agents with less then 75 OVR and attempted to make them a super bowl winning team, playing every game, and I could not do any trades for anyone 5 OVR or higher, was very challenging, it took a year and a half and 14 in game seasons, and 2 prior super bowl loses but I did it, and it was worth every damn bit
  10. Theres a handful of guys I would want to return, including everyone someone has said because the more people on the forums the better. But one I was surprised not to see was Alyx Wilde, easily one of the funniest and coolest kids that I have met on here we talk every now and then just to catch up on our lifes and hes talked about coming back, but he was an amazing contributor and had top notch kayfabe. He was a good moderator as well and was really just a sound guy,
  11. Randy Savage vs CM Punk Hulk Hogan vs Chris Jericho The Undertaker vs Ric Flair The Rock vs Steve Austin
  12. BiC

    WWE - The 'Reborn' Era

    Reborn Era is officially back and we are kicking things off with none other then the Money In The Bank PPV, its been a long road coming but its time for our superstars from both RAW and Smackdown Live to come together in Chicago, Illinois and make this the best pay per view yet. Money In The Bank Ladder Match Johnny Gargano vs Daniel Bryan vs Ricochet vs Lars Sullivan vs Sheamus vs Bobby Lashley vs Adam Cole WWE Championship Match Andrade Cien Almas (C) vs John Cena WWE Universal Championship Match Seth Rollins (C) vs Apollo Crews WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Pete Dunne (C) vs Cody Rhodes WWE United States Championship Match Cesaro (C) vs Braun Strowman WWE Womens Championship Ladder Match Becky Lynch (C) vs Toni Storm WWE Tag Team Championship The RevivalI (C) vs War Raiders Singles Match // Roman Reigns Return To The Ring Kassius Ohno vs Roman Reigns
  13. BiC

    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    Why does it always seem Jon Jones walks away from fights without a submission or KO, he always seems to have it go on the judges
  14. Ima be selling my after match bath water for u wrestling bois 😜
  15. Green arrow easy, Harley Quinn is a good Lillian to get behind but shes nothing more then eye candy really in recent films, Green Arrow all the way
  16. Rhino (c) vs Tommy Dreamer in a Stairway to Hell Ladder match for the ECW TV Title Mike Awesome (c) vs Steve Corino in a Loser Leaves ECW Match for the ECW World Heavyweight Title Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Juventud Guerrera vs The F.B.I and Kaz Hayashi in a Six Man Tag Match John Cena vs The Sandman Impact Players vs Crazy Kash (c) for the ECW Tag Team Titles AJ Styles vs Fit Finlay Billy Kidman vs Jerry Lynn
  17. BiC

    WWE - The 'Reborn' Era

    It was in late 2018 when WWE Reborn started, it was nothing more then a typcial WWE diary but it exploded into one of the most liked and popular diaries on the sight. We quickly got through PPVs such as Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, and Backlash and were on a high course until different plans came up and the writers. Smith, Julius, and myself went separate ways. While talk of bringing the diary back has been given a look, I will be taking the wheel of the diary once again and bringing it back bigger and possibly better then ever, once again booking Paul Heymans RAW and Ethan Carters Smackdown Live. As I bring it back, we're going to be diving straight into the PPV we left off of, Money In The Bank. I will go over the card at a later date but right now, lets officially....get Reborn. Monday Night RAW Monday Night RAW came off to a fast start when this new era came about, as superstars such as Seth Rollins, Apollo Crews, Brock Lesnar, and more truly came into the spotlight. At the first pay per view, Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar would face off for the Universal Championship only for Triple H to cost Braun the match. The Revival, Dean Ambrose, and Rounda Rousey would also walk out of the building as there respective champions and in the Royal Rumble match Seth Rollins would be the last man eliminated. As the weeks progressed and more stories began to unfold, Apollo Crews and Kassius Ohno would team up with the managment of Ric Flair and begin attacking various superstars while competing in the tag team division. Meanwhile in the tag division, the division would be merging between both brands and would have one major title to contend after and the two teams fighting for those would be The Club and The Revival. With Becky Lynch defeating 19 other women in the Royal Rumble match she would go on to face Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania while Seth Rollins would also take on "The Beast" Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and not only slay the beast but become the Universal champion and no one has been able to defeat him yet. With Pete Dunne still Intercontinental Champion, and the newly returned Cody Rhodes challenging him at Money In The Bank and Seth Rollins taking on Apollo Crews, this is sure to be one hell of a show. Smackdown Live Smackdown Live would go through some major changes, while Monday Night RAW would be moved to 2 hours, Smackdown would be moved to Thursday Nights and the dynamic would never be the same, as Daniel Bryan would defeat every comer for his WWE Championship untill the Royal Rumble winner, Andrade "Cien" Almas, would best him at Wrestlemania 36. While Ethan Carter is newly in charge and his commands will be taking place after Money In The Bank, he is sure to bring in some major talent, and along with Paul Heyman has announced that there is going to be an announcement at Money In The Bank regarding the brands. The united states championship has seen a few holders, ranging from Jeff Hardy to Cesaro. Samoa Joe was the most dominant of the bunch, retiring Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania before losing the title to Braun Strowman who would eventually drop the title to Cesaro. As for the tag team division, Edge has taken the hold of the GM, making a tournament to see who will face The Revival at Money In The Bank. Paige, the retired former womens champion is at the head of the womens division and the current Womens champion Becky Lynch will be taking on a friend in Toni Storm, who made he debut at Wrestlemania when she defeated Charlotte in a Falls Count Anywhere match. It is sure to be a great show, and there will be more news on the match card going forward! _
  18. Mal Hades got scrapped pretty early and I was hoping that one could of took off but other things came up.... *cries*
  19. Adam Rose was always fun. and Jack Swagger
  20. BiC

    Sameer's NBA Talk Show

    I know fuck all about NBA but this has always been an interesting take on it and a good read, really helping me understand the chats in discord a lot better. Keep it up man

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