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  1. BiC

    WWE: Brand Warfare

    World Heavyweight Championship: Dean Ambrose(c) vs The Undertaker Triple H & Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins & Cesaro United States Championship: Rusev(c) vs Kurt Angle (I Quit) Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor RAW Tag Team Championships: Gallows & Anderson(c) vs The Hardyz RAW Women's Championship: Charlotte vs Becky Lynch(c) Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries(c) vs Mustafa Ali No Holds Barred: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn Preshow: Braun Strowman & Heath Slater vs Vaudevillains BONUSES: What match will open the show? (1pt) - RAW Tag Team Championships Who takes the pin in the tag team match (HHH/Joe vs Rollins/Cesaro), and by who? (2pt) - Rollins Pins HHH How many championships will change hands? (2pt) One Also, Aj Styles is going to attack someone.
  2. Honestly loving every bit of this Kenji, its an interesting take and is making me want to do a super hero diary of my own. keep up the A+ work
  3. BiC

    NJPW: King's Road

    Singles Match Hangman Page vs. Shota Umino 6-Man Tag Team Match Satoshi Kojima, Ryusuke Taguchi and Togi Makabe vs. Yujiro Takahashi, Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale 6-Man Tag Team Match SHO, YOH and Toru Yano vs. Jay White and The Young Bucks 6-Man Tag Team Match Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr. and TAKA Michinoku vs. David Finlay, Juice Robinson and Yuji Nagata Tag Team Match SANADA and BUSHI vs. YOSHI-HASHI and Kazuchika Okada NEVER Openweight Championship Match Hirooki Goto (c) vs. EVIL Semi-Main Event: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match Will Ospreay (c) vs. Hiromu Takahashi Main Event: IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii
  4. I just hit 4,000 the other day. Thank you!
  5. My favorite show I have ever watched, I enjoyed every episode of this. Even the infamous "Fly" episode. This was a very good show from season 1 to its finale. The ending is perfect imo, and we get many stories in between and really interesting characters to grow with. My favorite being Jesse Pinkman. One of my favorite things about this show, is that no character is perfect. I mean, realistically they all suck. Its themes are so so good, its easter eggs and hidden meanings and its character development is simply just great. I highly recommend this how.
  6. XXXTentaction didn't make good music. Drake does not make good songs. Billie Eyelash has one good song.
  7. As much as I loved to tune into 205 Live now and then, it will simply just be a lot easier to keep track of the storylines because more people will be watching this rather the 205 Live. I think removing it and keeping the Cruiserweight title on NXT will help fill the 2 hour slot ad can add just a bit more to Takeovers. Either that, or you keep it an attraction title and have it defended every few weeks on NXT. Giving the show something to promote and giving more CW guys opportunities at the belt. I think this will give more exposure, which is surprising because, yeah they had an entire TV show for themselves and had an hour to showcase. But I feel like it never got watched, never got promoted right, and just felt useless. As HHH said, it can be defended on all shows and I think that could add something special to the cruiserweight moniker. They can appear anywhere, and excite every show they are on. It creates a whole new turn for marketing purposes and gives them more time to showcase there wrestling ability and bring some casual fans to the eye. For some stars I want to see improved by this change, are the following: Carilllo Oney Lorcan Swerve Scott Lince Dorado. I think this creates the opportunity for a potential new CWC, and a push for these 4 men. I, of course, am only speculating. And this could just lead to less air time for the 205 Live men, but my hopes are high. Which with todays WWE is never good but I really enjoy this division and want to see it do the best it can and not get canned.
  8. The Following Message Is Brought To You By Bullet Proof The scene opens us up with a Bulletproof logo, before fading into a video clip of BiC. One of the veterans here in BPZ who sits back in a black chair, behind him a black wall with "BPZ" logos put evenly as a few hundred reporters and fan stand in front of him. BiC looks almost as if he is dead, a zombie like aura surrounds him as he looks like he has not slept in days. His beard, fully grown out now, however his hair is still cut and his suit is still fresh. The reporters push to the front of the table that he is sat at, the fans still giving him a mixed reaction with the idea of him being apart of Bulletproof still in their minds. But BiC does not hide his shame, as he pulls the microphone forward ready to answer any question. Unnamed Report #1: "BiC, there has been leaked footage everywhere of you ignoring fans, not talking to fellow superstars, and ever since the attack on Yelich. Your social media has been on silent, what is the reasoning for thi-" BiC: "I love the fans. Let me get that straight. To think anything other than that is completely absurd and incorrect. But these past few weeks, despite winning those tag team titles. Has been some of the roughest weeks, joining Bullet Proof was one of the best decisions I've made in my 4 year career but it has also brought on a loss of sleep, a loss of motivation, and a loss of love for what I do. Whether its wrestling solo, or teaming up with Hans Clayton defending those titles. I love what I do in that ring but several days ago when I mauled Yelich. I felt something, I felt something I haven't felt in nearly a year when we ripped him apart. And he was laying there, lifeless....I felt...I felt alive. So, am I sick of the fans? No. But am I sick...sick of trying to impress the critics. To put on a good wrestling show, from here on out, I am winning. I am doing things for the greater good of Bulletproof because the greater good of Bulletproof is the greater good of the BPZ" BiC clears his throat and adjust his hair as the reports swarm to ask another question, but BiCs eyes are lost in the crowd of fans behind them. As he ignores any other question for a few seconds, before looking back down at the reporters. Unnamed Report #2: "At BPZ Bad Blood you take on a team of Brad and Monda, known as the United Nations. What are your thoughts on this team, do they pose any threat" BiC: "I mean of course, everyone poses a threat if they put there mind to it. But with that said I do not think Brad and Monda will be able to put there collective mindsets together because they simply lack the intelligence and that shows each and every time they try to speak. Yes, they are veterans of this company but its no telling that their time has come and gone. That they are withered shells of what they use to be and that was obvious when Brad returned from retirement for the 5th time in his career. Its a damn shame, I liked Brad. I liked his career, but then he pissed it all away by making up these stories. These stories of what he has done, and they are all lies. After the match with Kenji, he was fine. He played up the injury to try and get some sobs and some clicks because he knows with each and every match his career just goes further and further down the drain so he tries so desperately to change his look, change his entrance theme, and change his actions to try and get any sort of eyes towards him. Its embarrassing really...And Monda. Monda....hell I am a lost for words. I have never seen Monda wrestle, I have rarely heard him speak. I am embarrassed to even share the same passion for my country as that man and that is realistically all I could say about him because of the amount of irrelevancy he brings to that title. Brad...Monda. You both are interesting cases for sure, one of you is a so called mental illness ridden man who likes to pretend the scars on his face mean something relevant but also is suppose to represent Italy? Get your story straight for once Bradley..." Before BiC could elaborate anymore, a fan would come onto stage, getting past security as he yells out his question. Unnamed Fan #1: "How could you do this to your fath-" BiC would look down at his feet, watching the fan get dragged off stage as he looks at the crowd who looks on in silence. As BiC clears his throat and begins to speak. BiC: "John Carter. Multi time world champion boxer. Former owner of a billion dollar protein company. A loved man all around. And most importantly , my father. I've said it before, but in front of nearly 300 people right here. Right now. Let me make it clear that I burned down my fathers gym, because my father was a scumbag alcoholic. Do I use that to my advantage? Do I want some sort of sob story? No. I do not want him in my life, I do not want his legacy to follow me around. My father is not apart of me" The crowd is still silent, as BiC sits back and takes in what he just said himself. As pictures are taken as BiC runs his fingers through his hair, before leaning forward once again and speaking. Not waiting for any more questions. BiC: "When I first talked into this company my Dad supported me, I rose to the top of the card within the next year and won the World Championship and my dad was there for me. He hugged me as soon as I got into the guerrilla position. But when I gave up that title, when I took a break to rest my body he left. Never spoke to me again and he passed away with the thought that I was a failure. So no...Its not how could I do this to my father...Its how could my father do this to me....that is enough questions" BiC pushes the microphone off the table and walks off as cameras flash around the room and BiC stands up, obviously shaken from tonights rather odd conversation with the fans as he is still adjusting to the fame he has gained from his most recent run. He steps off the stage as the camera clicks off, with the lasting impression of BiCs anger still in the fans minds.
  9. My 5 year Browns franchise on Madden 19, finally made it to the Super Bowl with my 96 OVR rated team and lost to the Saints because Baker Mayfield fumbled the ball 5 times. 45-42, lost to a field goal after coming back from a 42-30 score at Halftime. best game I've ever played. Was pissed when Baker dropped that ball for the 5th time with 40 seconds to go
  10. BiC

    I'm Still Here

    Yelich lays lifeless on the mat, Flynn placing his foot on his head as Bulletproof stands over them. As BiC steps forward and picks up the mic, looking into the hard cam as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. As he talks in his Boston accent, his Bulletproof shirt standing out almost as if a beacon. "I know many of you don't like this. This quote on quote new side of BIC that has been showing up from week to week" {BiC points down to Yelich} "But people like him, people like Yelich need to be put in line. To get far in this company you need to be aggressive and I respect the hell out of Yelich but when you cross the line you cross the line and I won't let anyone take me down. I won't let anyone take Flynn down. I won't let anyone take Bashka down. And I won't let anyone take Hans down. Because our success as Bullet Proof is what matters most in the world right now, these tag team championships me and Hans hold onto mean everything. And we will not back down by not being aggressive enough and if we have to nearly kill a man every week to prove that you can guaran - damn - tee that we will do that very thing" {The crowd once again gives a mixed response, as Bullet Proof has become something for the crowd is watch. And are still wondering what to think of the group} "The same goes for the United Nations. Brad...Monda. I respect Yelich, and look at him. Just think about what will happen when me and Hans get our hands on you...See you at Bad Blood"
  11. The Original Xbox Halo Combat Evolved was probably the first game I ever played, the first game I never knew HOW to play anyways. I remember sitting in the basement and playing it with my two brothers for hours and hours, really really fun game. As well as MX Unleashed, one of the funnest games of all time imo. Two really fun games. Playstation 2 I feel like these two don't even need explaining. Xbox 360 Defiantly these two games PS3 Favorite game of all time. PS4 Xbox One Played a LOT of madden 16 on Xbox One Nintendo 3DS Computer PS1 Gamecube
  12. BiC

    WWE Reborn

    Thursday Night Smackdown "Summerslam 2019 Go Home Show" _________________________________________________________ Finn Balor Meets Bray Wyatts Monster To kick off Smackdown Live, Finn Balor would step into the ring. Last week, Balor was attacked by a mysterious creature. And many are speculating that this is the monster that Bray Wyatt has been referring to. Finn Balor enters the ring and cuts a promo on whoever this man is, challenging him to a match at Summerslam as Bray Wyatt appears on screen. "Finn...FInn..Finn. You have no clue what you have gotten yourself into, you have no idea what I have to show. The monster I have captured, the fierce. Ruthless. Side show attraction that world has feared, that children have had nightmares about and adults have run from. This isn't a clown...no no no...this is much...much worse. Because Balor...at Summerslam....you learn...that I am the f*cking monster" In almost an instant, "The Fiend" would enter the ring and attack Finn Balor. Hitting a sister Abigail, and disappearing into the darkness. __________ Jordan Devlin vs Fandango - Singles Match Jordan Devlin would make his long awaited in ring debut on Smackdown Live. The young NXT UK star is ready to take over Smackdown but tonight he has to get through Fandango, who surprisingly the crowd is behind. Doing his dance as he awaits Jordan Devlin. The match would not last long, but Fandango would be able to impress many with some of his new movesets. Possible changing his career, but Jordan Devlin would simply be to athletic and to ring smart. As he is able to use to ropes to his advantage in a creative reversal to defeat Fandango. Jordan Devllin may be a true threat in the future, as he poses in the ring. The crowd giving him a mixed reaction as we don't know what to truly think of him yet. As the match comes to a close. _______ The Champ Is Everywhere. As Jordan Devlin leaves the arena, Lio Rush walks past him. Stepping out onto stage as the crowd begins to boo, he is wearing a "PWE" T Shirt. He is without Bobby Lashley tonight as he raises his Cruiserweight Championship in the air. Lio Rush: "I am. I am. I AM. I AAAAMMMM THE MAN OF THE HOUR. And I am everywhere, RAW. Smackdown. NXT. 205 Live. Where I go, money follows and its just a fact. You see I have been hand picked by the G.O.A.T of this industry Ric Flair to be the spokesperson of PWE for a reason. This is the ERA of LUSH, this is the ERA of PWE. And tonight, when Kassius Ohno wins the fatal fourway match and goes on to defeat John Cena. PWE will hold both world titles, its time...for the takeover" Rush throws his microphone, exiting as the show is ready to continue. _____________ The Perfect Ones vs Darkness Rising - Tag Team Match At Summerslam, it will be a tag team turmoil matchup as any team can answer. And tonight, the new team of Tye Dillinger and Robert Roode will be taking on Darkness Rising in one on one action. As both teams are set, its ready for action. Roode and Dillinger would impress, being able to fight off the powerful team of Konnor and Viktor. Konnor and Viktor would be dominant though, taking on Dillinger and Roode separately but Robert Roode would prove his worth, fighting back and winning with the Glorious Bomb. Giving "The Perfect Ones" some momentum going forward. But after the match, The Colons would come to the ring with steel chairs. Taking out both men with steel chairs, as they are more aggressive than ever. And may be a threat to the tag titles, who will walk out of Summerslam the brand new Smackdown Tag Team champions?!? ____________ A Look At The Womens Triple Threat Possibly the most hyped up womens match in a long time, Becky Lynch, Toni Storm, and Sasha Banks will go to war in a triple threat matchup at Summerslam for the WWE Womens Champion. It has been war for the past 3 weeks and at Money In The Bank. Will Toni Storm finally get the win she needs, will Sasha Banks new aggressive side come to life? Or will Becky Lynch once again prove why she is "The Man" _______ Adam Cole vs Ali - Singles Match Mr. Money in The Bank would return to the ring just a few days before Summerslam, where there is two possible matches he would cash in on as tonight he has a big task ahead of him as he takes on Ali. One of the better wrestlers on the Smackdown roster. The match would be nothing short of amazing, as Ali would prove just why he deserves a title shot. And Adam Cole would combat that with his own style and skills, as he takes out Ali with multiple big moves. As Adam Cole truly is the future and he proves it, nailing Ali with the Last Shot and defeating him in the ring as these Smackdown stars put on yet another banger of a matchup. Adam Cole would pose with his Money In The Bank case, proving that he in fact, has the power here on Smackdown Live and possibly the WWE. ______________ Family vs Club The Usos would be walking backstage getting ready for an upcoming matchup, as The Club would attack them! Throwing them into multiple shipping containers and onto the catering table. Hitting them with steel chairs and more objects as they tear apart the twins. Aj Styles would come into frame, nealing down to the two Usos who are clearly injured. Aj Styles: "Big cousin Reigns isn't here yet is he? Well its a shame, he better be there Sunday. Because I talked to Bischoff. And its your sorry asses vs The Club. 3 on 3, good luck making it there. And for Reigns, I am sure he won't be winning that fatal fourway match" As hype as the announcement is, you have to wonder about the condition of The Usos after tonights attack. But its set, at Summerslam its. The Bloodline vs The Club. ____________ Sami Zayn vs Cody Rhodes, Intercontinental Championship. This Sunday! _________ Ricochet vs Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan vs Kassius Ohno - Number One Contender Match With the winner taking on John Cena at Summerslam for the WWE Championships. This match has huge implications, and while Roman Reigns comes to the ring with a target on his back in the form of The Club. He is ready, and so is Kassius Ohno, Daniel Byran, and Ricochet as we get for action. It would be one of the best matches of the year, as 4 of the best would rage war. A back and fourth contest with many near falls, and everytime Roman Reigns would come close to winning the match. The thought of The Club would distract him, as the match would go nearly 22 minutes with no wining pinfall. With spots such as Kassius Ohno being put through the announce table, and Daniel Bryan nearly making Ricochet tap out with his signature move. But as Roman Reigns and Kassius Ohno continue there feud from Money in The Bank and continue to brawl up the stage, it would come to an end as The Club attacks Roman Reigns on stage. As Aj Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows all battle it out as Erick Rowan runs down to the ring to help Daniel Bryan, and so do the injured Usos as well as PWE member Lio Rush. As everyone is brawling on the outside of the ring, Ricochet dives out on everyone. Throwing Kassius Ohno in the ring before hitting the 630. And winning the matchup. As Ricochet celebrates and the brawl continues, John Cena would step out on stage as the action stops. And amongst all the chaos, our Summerslam match is made. Ricochet vs John Cena, for the WWE Championship. This Sunday!
  13. BiC

    United Clowns

    The Following Message Is Brought To You By Bullet Proof Toronto Canada, The Clayton Estate "United Clowns" _ The camera opens us open looking at what has come to be known as Hans Claytons house, in front of it. Is parked several different vehicles. A 2016 Jaguar F - Type, 2007 Chevrolet Camaro, and the First Class Express party bus which has been repaired from the damages from the likes of Ark Universe and Blade. The door is open as the camera enters and BiC and Hans sit at a table, they are wearing nice clothes as they are expecting guest as they sip on solo cups of beers. Completely negating the professional aesthetic surrounding them, as August Bamford walks forward with two drinks in his hand and hands them to BiC and Hans Clayton. As BiC begins to speak. BiC: "I never should of sold my mansion, but, what're you going to do. This place is nice Hans, and speaking of nice. A team has finally grown enough balls to step up to the plate and take a swing at taking me and Claytons tag team titles. You see I was excited, I truly was. Until I saw the first class clowns that were named the challengers" A man rolls into the room in a wheelchair, dressed up as a clown. With a name tag on that reads "Hi, My Name Is Brad". He rolls in and stands up, pushing the wheelchair away as he begins to laugh. Clearly crazed, as this overweight version of Brad stands before the two men. BiC: "Now this, this is Brad. Now Brad has walked out of this company and then back in like he is Walter White in Breaking Bad and he still expects to be taken seriously. He likes to brag about how strong he is, how much will power he is. When in reality he is a clown who I am ashamed to share a country with. I mean, thats the entire story right? 4 men fused together because of the love of their respective countries? Riddle me this, how come a so called psychotic clown be working with an American, a Irishman, and a Australia. Why would 3 veterens of this company work with such a clown? Is it a desperate attempt to stay relevant? Probably. Brad likes to bring up the fact that I often give up my title reigns, or my body gives out on me. But Brad, there is one thing you forgot to mention. Atleast I win the titles in the first place. Now go worry about faking your psychotic disease and please don't take up to much screen time" The fake Brad steps away, as August Bumford rushes him out of the door. As Hans Clayton steps up and walks to a picture on the wall which shows the old wrestling ring that BiC and Clayton first wrestled together. Hans goes to speak before getting cut off by American Rock music. As a Monda look-a-like enters the room headbanging. Smoke coming in from behind him as he throws a joint to the side of him. BiC: "You smell like a high school kid. This, of course is Monda. One of the best members of United Nations, well. He would be the best if he didn't show up to nearly event high. Stoned out of his mind like its still 2016, he is a true American who hasn't worked a day in his life. He claims to love this country but then aligns himself with clowns such as FD and Brad. Now, if they ever get their story straight. It appears we will be taking on Brad and Monda. Easily the two worst members of United Nations and its a damn shame because when I am in that ring I want to face someone I respect, someone who knows what they are doing. Not some bipolar clown and a stoned out twig. When it comes to Bad Blood, its not going to be a wrestling match. Its not going to be the high flying spectacle you're use to with Clayton and I, it will be a simple beating that ends within a few minutes because Bulletproof has some partying to do. So scram" The fake Monda attempts to walk away but gets lost in the dining room, grabbing August Bumford by the shoulder as he leads him out of the house. BiC stands up, grabbing his drink and finishing it off before tossing it in a near by trash can and speaking. "The life of the party lives within Bullet Proof, and whether what I say to you is about my father, about my thoughts towards the fans, or joking around with Hans. Everything I tell you is the truth and it is what I believe in. I know Clayton shares the same thoughts, and as much as we want to go on that bus and party. Its time to train, follow us" as we follow him and Hans to a different room. Walking down a flight of stairs as Clayton flicks on a light, revealing a training room. The training room is full of everyday equipment, punching bags, and a ring in the center as music begins to play in the background. As both BiC and Clayton enter the sparring ring and before they get to work, Clayton turns to the camera and begins to speak. Hans Clayton: "We won these titles by a mix of hard work and partying, and well. At Bad Blood we will do the best of both worlds, Brad and Monda are jokes. As much as I want to say that I respect them, I truly don't, I respect the man standing right over there and my fellow Bullet Proof members. Hans Clayton, signing off" The camera clicks off, as BiC and Hans Clayton begin to train. Will United Nations be able to top this team at Bad Blood? Or will First Class Express prevail in their first defense?
  14. BiC

    WWE Reborn

    Monday Night RAW "Buying In" _________________________________________________________ Bobby Lashley Buys His Way Into The Main Event The show would kick off with a message from P.W.E, the resident thorn in the side of WWE for the past several months. As the RAW portion of the brand, featuring Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. Would come to the ring and announce that the financial advisors for P.W.E has announced that, for the small price of 700 thousand dollars, Bobby Lashley will be taking on Seth Rollins at Summerslam for the Universal championship. Lio Rush would go on to say this. Lio Rush: You see this? This Crusierweight championship? Hell yeah you do because I run this company, me and Bobby are going to take over the world in just a few days because heres some breaking news for you. 205 Live will return after Summerslam and guess who is headlining it......ME...LIO RUSH..THE MAN OF THE HOUR. And who is headlining Summerslam? THE DESTROYER...BOBBY...LASHLEY" Rush and Lashley leave the ring, could we see Rushes threat come true? The fans are certainalty not happy with the actions of Lashley tonight as we get into our first matchup of the night. _______________ Toni Storm vs Asuka - Singles Match One of the women competing in the triple threat match at this years Summerslam would come out to take on one of the most dominating women in recent WWE years. As Asuka would be taking on Toni Storm in a dream match on Monday Night RAW. Despite not being seen on TV for some time, Asuka would impress. Being as aggressive as she always is as she takes out Toni Storm using a number of dangerous moves. But Toni Storm, being the fighter that she is would walk away victorious after catching out Asuka from a running move and turning it into the Storm Zero. Pinning the former undefeated women in the center of the ring. As many expected, as Toni Storm celebrated. Sasha Banks would make her way to the ring and attack Storm, but the champion runs down to the ring attempting to save Toni Storm and as Sasha Banks escapes through the crowd. Becky Lynch holds Toni Storm up before hitting a Bexplex! Standing tall as we head into Summerslam! _______ Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio - Singles Match Last week, Drew McIntyre returned to take on The Miz and walked out victorious and tonight he takes on another veteran in the masked hero Rey Mysterio. Mysterio is back on RAW to win, and he won't go down lightly to the machine known as Drew. The match would be exactly what you would expect as Mysterio would almost take out Drew early on, nearly hitting a 619 but the stronger and better Drew would catch him. Flinging him to the outside like a toy as Mysterio crashes to the outside. "The Machine" would then go outside and hit a powerbomb onto the barricade. Before throwing Mysterio in the ring and hitting the claymore kick, pinning him in the center of the ring. McIntyre would walk out tonight dominate once again. As he looks forward to the future in WWE, as the segment comes to an end. ________ Who Is Lars Sullivan? A hype package for Lars Sullivan was played, showcasing his many feats of strength and his past here in WWE. Including defeated the legendary John Cena and eliminating 15 people in the Royal Rumble. Lars Sullivan is "The Freak" and he makes his return, next week. ____________ The New Day vs War Raiders - Number One Contender Match It would be war time, as the dominating War Raiders would be ready to take on Big E and Xavier Woods in tag team action. The winner going on to face The Revival at Summerslam. Both of these teams have had a chance at The Revival in the past, and now they step forward to take eachother on. It would be back and fourth, and Big E would matchup against the big men. Even nearly winning the matchup for the New Day but the host of UpUpDownDown couldn't get the job done. As Big E is thrown out of the ring and Xavier Woods is pinned in the ring after a powerbomb move. Meaning that War Raiders will be moving on to Summerslam to take on The Revival. Its going to be one hell of a fight, and the War Raiders are ready. ______________ A Retrospective Look At The Mind Of "The Swiss Cyborg" As the camera switches us backstage, we can see Cesaro. The current US Champion holding his title with a graphic behind him which reveals that Gran Metalik will be facing Cesaro in a 2 out of 3 falls, and Cesaro would begin to speak. "Summerslam. Me and Gran Metalik. 2 Out Of 3 falls that means I have to pin or submit Gran Metalik twice. And it will be easy, because if you have not realized I am a superhuman. I am a monster, I am the SWISS Cyborg and this United States championship, well its what I've been working for. I won't let some midget, wannabe lucha wrestler take the title from me. Thank you" The segment ends with Cesaro smiling, showing off his US championship. _____________- Buddy Murphy vs Seth Rollins - Singles Match Buddy Murphy would have the chance of a lifetime as he takes on Seth Rollins in the main event and Murphy has pinned Rollins before, as this one is going to be good and Murphy may move on the ranks if he can best the champion again. The match would be one of the best, easily match of the night in the main event as Buddy Murphy would impress once again. Reversing many of Rollins attacks and hitting big moves of his own, but Rollins is not champ for nothing. As he would fight back and be able to hit the pheniox splash for a very close pinfall. But the match would come to an premature end when Lio Rush would come to the ring with a microphone, distracting Rollins long enough for Murphy to roll him up and get the pinfall victory over the champion once again!!! __________ Seth Rollins Is Ready As the match comes to an end, Buddy Murphy leaves the ring as Lio Rush quickly enters. Getting laid out by Rollins as Bobby Lashley comes down the ramp. But Seth Rollins grabs a chair and begins wailing at his Summerslam challenger. With Seth Rollins hurt, he is able to take down Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. But as Seth Rollins is taunting, Buddy Murphy comes back into the ring and hits the Murphys Law!!! Helping Lio Rush up, has Buddy Murphy joined P.W.E? Can Seth Rollins defeat this force? Find out this Sunday at Summerslam!
  15. London Monarchs - A BPZ Dynasty London. A beautiful, life filled city that only the biggest and best explore. A team that has been crawling for an NFL Team for years, and finally. The NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell has bought out the Buffalo Bills and sold them to a pro wrestling company owner by the name of Brenden Playz. Who will be relocating the Buffalo Bills to the London area to become the brand new...London Monarchs. A dynasty waiting to begin, the Monarchs will feature walk on players (Sign Ups) and will be taking the role of a Buffalo Bills going forward. Taking there schedules, contracts, and coaches with them. Besides the head coach, who is being appointed to "Ryan Reeves". A young coach who is going to lead this team to potential gold. The London Monarchs are ready to take the NFL by storm. SIGN UP INFORMATION Please read other sign ups before hand to make sure not to do the same position as others. Name (First And Last) : Height (Maximum 7,0) : Weight (Maximum 400) : Skin Color: Is Your Best Speed, Strength, Agility, Or A Mix Of The Three: What Is Your Personality - Humble, Aggressive, Cocky, Other: What Do You Bring To The Team: Position - Choose One. The number is the maximum allowed QB (3) - HB (3) - WR (5) - FB (2) - TE (2) - MLB (3) - ROLB (2) - LOLB (2) - SS (3) FS (2) CB (4) RE (2) LE (2) Obviously not all spots will be filled, so I may take second sign ups and fill the team with people who couldn't sign up. Example: Tamer, Nebakos, Xavier King, etc. LONDON MONARCHS.
  16. CLOWN SEASON BOYS. Tom Brady's top wide receivers this season: • Antonio Brown • Julian Edelman • Josh Gordon
  17. BiC


    The Following Message Is Brought To You By Bullet Proof. Chicago Illinois, Carnage Wrestling "Respect" ____________________ We are about 1 week removed from the events of BPZ Summerslam 2019 and we have yet another great episode of Carnage in store for you tonight as we near the first matchups for the Survival Games tournament. The fans in attendance are electric as ever, with BPZ T Shirts filling the arena with kids and adults alike enjoying the show before them. As the lights in the arena dim and all attention is turned towards the entrance ramp, as the titantron clicks on showing a dark room. In it, sits 1/2 of the current tag team champions. "The Lionheart" BiC. BiC has a newly shaved haircut, and is wearing a black, clean suit. His beard has been trimmed down to fit his look better and he looks at the camera with a slight smirk. The bags under his eyes signaling a loss of sleep over the past few days. The tag team championships glistering behind him, the crowd is silent, hanging off of the fan favorites every word. "Let me tell you a story" The camera feed switches to old footage of BiC when he first arrived on BPZ. Hitting his finisher on James Ropati to win the NXT Championship. A title card comes onto the screen, as BiC begins to voice over the small video package showcasing BiCs rise to the top. " A man born just 20 minutes from Boston, born and taught from the age of 3 to love MMA. To fight the best fight you can, and to always train. I was just 13 years old when I fought my own fight, in an underground fight club underneath an old bar. But you've heard it all before, my rise to the upper mid card of this company. Winning every title I attempted for. Beating the likes of Smith, Slim, and more and I am still looked at as a mid card talent. And this ate at me, it bothered me for years. But then I realized, I realized what I was here for" "When I returned and took on Bart at the 2019 Royal Rumble. I thought for sure I had what it took, I thought I would walk out champion. But, much like a lot of my moments in my career I came up just short. Bart was able to top me in my efforts and what did I do? Did I take another few months off, no. I came right back at BPZMania 4 and ripped that title from his hands. I got back up, and fought my way to that title. Why? Because that is what my parents taught me and they might of been the worst parents possible but they did teach me that. They taught me to be the man I am today, the man that defeated Deadmans Hand last night with his best friend" "I realized that acting better then everyone else wasn't going to cut it, I needed to stop ACTING like I was better then everyone else and start PROVING it. I use to throw around my earnings that I was born into, use to drive fancy cars and spend all my time in my mansions but over the past 6 months I've realized that there is much more to life then that. I realized that when it comes to pro wrestling there is one thing you show off and thats the passion you have for this sport. You show off the love you have for your fellow wrestlers and the fans. I respect every single fan who is watching at home, in attendance, whether they hate me or love me. And I respect the majority of the superstars...key word...being Majority" The camera switches back to BiC, who now sits back in the black chair. Everything in the room dark besides his face, which lights up as he begins to speak" "Who do I not respect? In this vast, talent filled roster known as BPZ Wrestling filled with selfish, cocky, and sour talent that wouldn't do a thing for you. I respect them, but when it comes to the tag team division. I don't respect a damn soul. Deadmans Hand, United Nations, whoever the hell is going to be coming for me and Hans tag team championships well you have to take one look at the history books to know you won't come out on top. They are nothing but clowns, pure clowns" "I worked hard, so...very hard. To walk out of Summerslam with those tag team championships and it was the biggest party of the summer for sure and at Bad Blood we will mean business once again. Because to every tag team in the company who wants to come for Bulletproof. I sure as hell invite you tag along on this journey, and become yet another man, to fall victim. To the First Class Express" "Be Seeing You....tag team division"
  18. Cleveland Browns Breaking News Week 1: Sheldon Richardson Goes Out With Injury And Two Star Wide Receivers Fight In Practice ____ DT Sheldon Richardson Out For 5 Weeks It was in the 2nd quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers on a run play that Sheldon Richardson would be underneath a pig pile as multiple linemen fell on top of him. Breaking one of his left ribs according to the NFL medical team, he is expected to be out for 4-5 weeks and his starting position could be in jeopardy depending on how he recovers. We will have more news on the recovery of Sheldon moving forward. Odell Beckham Jr. And Jarvis Landry Get In Fight At Practice At a normal Cleveland Browns practice, Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. would get into a engagement according to teammates and management. There was only two punches thrown and no injuries suffered. But both men are being fined $600 dollars by Josh McDaniel for disturbing team practice. According to backup QB Drew Stanton. The fight came when Odell and Jarvis collided while running routes. It is not known who is at fault, but with both men being crucial members of the WR core on the Browns. It is important they get along, with Odell having this to say on Twitter. The Browns take on the Saints this Sunday in Week 2, and unless OBJ and "Juice" can get there problems sorted, it may result in another defeat.
  19. I think as a society we can't live in fear, and we should be able to broadcast this type of story, illness, etc. without having to worry about these events. I think that the movie, with its dark under tones. Will show that killing is not good, and I think we will see Joker star out as a nice guy and just be pushed by society. Which is a nice story to bring to the big screen because if anything I feel like it'll show people what not to do. If that make sense, I know there is media attention about it focusing on his disabilities. But I think it will handle it nicely based on critic reviews.
  20. NFL Regular Season Week 1 _ Cleveland Browns (0 - 0) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (0 - 0) 24 - 22 Loss Cleveland Browns Move To ( 0 - 1 ) _ "Battle In Cleveland Ends In Controversy" It would be an amazing start for Baker Mayfield and the Browns, scoring 13 points in the first quarter. But they would be in a drought from there. As the team wouldn't be able to score again until the 4th quarter. Where they would nearly tie the game. But arguably to a missed pass interference call they would run out of time. Giving the win to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The MVP of the game for the Browns would be star defensive player Myles Garret with his 3 QB sacks and fumble recovery, followed by Genard Avery and Terrance Mitchell who both had interceptions on the day. As for offense, Baker Mayfiled would throw for 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, gaining 234 yards in just 19 competitions. He had an up and down game, with a delay of game penalty and a 61 comp% rate. Kareem Hunt would have an excellent day of football getting over 70 yards and a touchdown. The game would have its up and downs, but overall the team looked impressive against one of the top teams in there division. And although it went down as a lost, the coach will only make sure they practice harder. And make sure to come out on top next week against the New Oreleans Saints

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