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  1. can we make a slammy for worst status update and put only Ropatis 

  2. Name: Xavier King Position: LB Age/Year in college: 20/Second Year Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds): 6'3. 240 Lbs Skin Tone: Black
  3. Ropati

    fuck luton and fuck Joshsnow

    1. Ropati


      negativity is ok when its directed towards josh bro

    2. Pogchamp


      It's good. Fuck Josh.

    3. JoshsNow


      I agree. I hate that Lutonian bastard

  4. if you win the title are you going to change it to the baddest fatherfucker
  5. Raw tag team championships DIY vs Hurt Business(c). Smackdown Tag Team championships Ziggler and Roode vs Bloodline(c). Aj Styles vs Matt Riddle. No Disqualification Match Daniel Bryan vs Damian Priest. Elimination Chamber WWE championship match John Morrison vs The Miz vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre(c). US championship match Elimination chamber. Jeff Hardy vs Keith Lee vs Bobby Lashely vs Ali vs Andrade vs Ricochet(c). Cameron Grimes vs Christian vs Sami Zayn contract signing for WrestleMania 37 night 1 ic championship match. Main Event Kevin Owe
  6. We are live following the events seen at the close of the tag team match at Carnage Wildcard, Joh has left the arena and at ringside Isaiah Carter sits with EMTs surrounding him. He leans against the ring with a disappointed look on his face, the EMTs offering to help him away from the ring but Carter pushes them off, walking to the back as the crowd sings a song. "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey....goodbye!" The scream would fade to black until later that night, where we see Isaiah Carter sitting inside of the doctors office. The doctor is a
  7. WWE Championship Match: The Rock (C) vs Drew McIntyre 7 Man Elimination Chamber WWE Championship Number One Contenders Match: Roman Reigns vs John Cena vs Finn Balor vs Jeff Hardy vs Adam Cole vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Roderick Strong Smackdown Women’s Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Asuka (C) vs Charlotte Flair vs Candice LaRae vs Kairi Sane vs Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos (C) vs Undisputed Era United States Championship Match: Tommaso Ciampa (C) vs Johnny Gargano vs Baron Corbin vs Ricochet Elias and Ziggler vs Bri
  8. i thought brad was in a wheelchair and got hella bitches and turned lesbians straight......idk some dude named brad told me that
  9. 4v4v4 Survivor Series Match: Team Carnage (FDS, Isiah Carter, Joshua Scott, Jack Bashka) vs Team Evolve (Necce, Ogre, The Tiger, Prince) vs Team Valor (KENJI, Arius, Eli Smith, Nebakos) BPZ European Championship Match: Raven (c) vs CJ Sellers vs Natedog vs Yelich BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match: Gunner (c) vs Angelo Caito BPZ Tag Team Championship Match: Chimera vs Firing Squad vs Killer Triangle Singles Match: Julius vs Bart Champions Clash: Sameer (c) vs Bailey (c) vs Slim (c) Bonus Questions: Who will be the first man eliminated i
  10. Carnage Wildcard Isaiah Carter steps out on stage with a smile on his face, the crowd booing the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion who looks unaffected by the crowds response. He walks down the ramp talking to fan members and the camera, entering the ring and standing in the center. Isaiah would reach down to his boot and pull out a microphone, the crowd letting out a collective groan as they once again are going to have to listen to Isaiah Carter speak. "HEY IDIOTS. LOOK AT ME, ONCE AGAIN, IN A HIGH LEVEL MATCH. You all thought, you ALL thought it was over after I unfairly
  11. Much like @BrendenPlayz booking challenge for AEW (thanks for the rules) I am going to run a Wrestlemania 37 booking challenge, I'll decide what the prize is later on but most likely it'll be a PSN/Steam/Xbox card or some sorts, anyways, here is what you need to do. Book your Wrestlemania 37 Night One and Night Two Cards Make a realistic/entertaining card of what you think would make a great show. You can use RAW, SD, and one NXT match if you want. Book up to 10 matches on each night, with a minimum of 6 each night. Provide a rundown of the storylines and backstory as
  12. We are at the home of BPZ Superstar Isaiah Carter, who sits on his couch dressed in just sweatpants and slippers watching the TV. On the TV, is the BPZ Neccework special that fans saw when the teams for the "Dominations for Donations: Human Rights and World Peace Tag Team Clusterfuck" were announced, "And teaming with former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Isaiah Carter...... Mirage" Isaiah drops his drink as it hits the floor and his jaw drops open, he sits up and rewinds the BPZ Neccework a few seconds to hear it again. "And teaming
  13. yeah i guess you can look at it that way, i meant the “endgame” for superstars to punch their ticket to Mania sorta thing. maybe we just call it Infinity War then 😎

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