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  1. PWE Warzone - Month Two, Week One - Episode 5 Flip Gordon Meets Andrade This weeks episode of PWE would begin with Corey Graves and his new client, Flip Gordon. As Gordon is a fan favorite, proving his worth in multiple companies over the years as he now is in PWE and has Corey Graves to support him. However, another manager wouldn't take to kindly to the screentime being taken up by Gordon. As Scarlett Bordeaux, followed by her client Andrade. Would come to the ring and challenge Gordon to a matchup, and it would be made official. Flip Gordons debut against Andrade Cien Almas, Tonight! _ Oney Lorcan vs Killian Dain Over the past few weeks, Oney Lorcan and Killian Dain would be teaming up to take on Corbin and Guevarra. However, at last nights "Heart Of Glory" PPV. Lorcan would pin Dain in the fatal fourway matchup, and tonight. Dain wants revenge. He wouldn't get it, atleast in the form of victory, as Lorcan would leave the match with a victory after an intense and hard hitting bout that would see blood come from the chest of Dain from the amount of slaps. Oney Lorcan continues to impress. _ A Monster Is Awoken We would see a found footage type video begin to play, as two young adults enter a cave. They walk down the cave before they hear rumbling, and before they can turn the camera around, a loud roar is heard as the camera is dropped. The last image being a giant man, or monster, running towards the explorers. _ Bischoff Has An Announcment Eric Bischoff would come to the ring to announce that next week he will be unveiling a brand new PWE Championship, one that is going to bring action, pride, and a new level of competition to PWE. Leaving us with the question, what could this new title be? _ MJF vs Kalisto Kalisto would return at last nights PPV to shut up MJF, and MJF wouldn't take to kindly to that and tonight. They attempt to settle there beef, not before a promo from MJF however. Who announces that he will be hosting the "MJF Show" next week with a special hardcore legend, Kalisto would make the save and the match would begin. Despite Kalistos best efforts, he would once again come up short. As MJF would lock in the "Salt Of The Earth" after 15 minutes and cause Kalisto to tap out, winning the match and pissing many people off as he walks to the back. _ Braun Strowman Debuts In The Main Event As Andrade and Flip Gordon compete in there main event match, as the two are nearly 20 minutes into in there back and fourth, nearly 5 star matchup as Bordeaux and Graves support on the outside, however. As the two men begin to trade strikes, the same roar that was heard during the cave video is heard as Braun Strowman comes out on stage. Strowman attacks Almas and Gordon, as he lays out both men with a double chokeslam before hitting a running powerslam. The show ends with this monster standing atop of the world, his hands raised above all. The monster among men, has arrived. PWE Warzone - Month One, Week Two - Episode 6 The Champion Has Arrived A metal throne has been brought into the PWE arena, and sitting upon it is Drew McIntyre. Who makes his return with his PWE Championship in his hand as he looks down upon the PWE arena, an intense glare in his eyes as he announces he is looking for a new challenger, as the show continues on. _ Sheamus vs Joseph Connors Joseph Connors attempting to get his first win, he challenges anyone to come down to the ring. That person, is Sheamus. Who last night defeated Moose after the two men would crash through Eric Bischoffs office. Tonight, Sheamus easily beats Joseph Connors. As Connors once again fails to pick up a win. However, before Sheamus can celebrate to much. Moose comes to the ring with a iron pipe in hand, hitting Sheamus over the back of the head with it before hitting the spear. As Moose stands tall above Sheamus, announcing he is not finished with him. _ Braun Strowman vs Andrade/Flip Gordon In the main event, it would be the monster among men Strowman going up against the team of Andrade and Flip Gordon. The two men he attacked last week, Andrade and Gordon argue through the match as Braun fights them off. Andrade would be able to knock down Braun for a moment, but he would be caught in mid air and thrown to the outside as Braun pins and defeats Flip Gordon. After the match, Andrade and Gordon would beat Strowman up with a steel chair before turning on each other. As Flip Gordon would hit a front flip DDT and stand tall before escaping from Braun, as the show continues. _ The PWE North American Championship Eric Bischoff would reveal PWEs newest championship, the PWE North American Championship, a mid-card title. The first holder of this title will be at PWEs next big event, as next week we will see four number one contender matches, the winners going on to face in a ladder match at the PPV! As the show ends with this huge announcement, we can only look forward to next month PWE Warzone - Month One, Week Three - Episode 7 Austin Theory vs Gran Metalik In the first number one contenders match of the night, Austin Theory and Gran Metalik would go head to head in the match of the night, as Theory continues to impress as tonight he picks up the winner over Metalik. Earning himself a spot in the ladder match at PWE Living In Sin. Austin Theory would cut a short promo after his match, thanking the fans and promising he will climb the ladder and win. _ Darby Allin vs Suicide In one on one action, Darby Allin would take on the masked man Suicide in a number one contenders bout. Very similar to Theory and Metaliks war, Darby Allin and Suicide would be very matched. As the two trade shots, and it would only come to an end once the daredevil Darby Allin would launch himself off of the top rope and nail a frog splash. Pinning Suicide and winning the matchup as the night continues. _ King Cuerno vs El Ligero Two luchadores would be facing off in another number one contenders match as King Cuerno takes on El Ligero. King Cuerno has been one of the top mid card talents here in PWE and tonight he proves it as he takes on El Ligero, going toe to toe with Ligero before nailing him with a "Hunters Call" and winning the match, as we now have 3 men, and we go right into the next matchup. ___ Brian Kendrick vs Oney Lorcan It would be the crowd favorite Oney Lorcan, who has been called the "Heart Of PWE" vs the weird and mysterious Brian Kendrick, who comes to the ring dressed like the mad hatter from Alice In Wonderland. In the match, Lorcan would have control and would nearly have the win before Kendrick would blow some sort of pink dust into the eyes of Lorcan outside of the refs view, rolling him up and pinning him to earn his place in the four man ladder match. After the match, Austin Theory, Darby Allin, and King Cuerno would come to the ring as the four men begin to battle. The man coming out on top being Darby Allin as he stands on top, who will come out on top in the ladder match? _ The Maxwell Jacob Freeman Show: The Show Thats Better Then You We would have our first, and hopefully last, episode of the MJF show complete with an entire Dr. Phil set up, as he introduces his quest, a hardcore icon. Terry Funk! The 75 year old hardcore icon comes to the ring, a miracle that this man keeps going, many believe he will go into he passes. As MJF ask him various rude questions about his age, Terry Funk would get upset and throw a punch sending MJF outside of the ring. As MJF quickly gets on the microphone and says that he wants a match at PWE Living In Sin, and he will get one, against Terry Funk?!?! MJF laughs, as Terry Funk accepts, this is madness. _ Drew McIntyre would step down from his throne, title in hand, to announce that next week, we are going to see a number one contenders match, as Andrade takes on Flip Gordon and Braun Strowman in a triple threat match! PWE Warzone - Month Two, Week Four - Episode 8 Austin Theory vs King Cuerno In a rematch to a match we saw a few weeks ago, Austin Theory and King Cuerno would go one on one, as both of these men will be apart of the huge fatal fourway ladder match in just a few days. As a win here will be huge in a momentum shift. Last time out, Austin Theory would pick up the victory, however, King Cuerno would learn from his mistakes and would be able to hit the "Call Of The Wild", one of the most deadly moves in the game, to defeat Theory and gain a huge momentum boost as he celebrates, will this be the scene in the ladder match? _ Moose And Sheamus: The Clash Of The Titans We would get a short preview of Moose vs Sheamus, a rivalry that started all the way back at Episode 2, countless attacks, hard hitting bouts, and even crashing through a roof. These two have been through hell and back and at "Living In Sin", it all comes to a close, in a Last Titan Standing matchup! _ Joseph Connors Worldwide A man with all the talent in the world who is 0-3, Joseph Connors will do anything for a win, and that includes join Titus Worldwide. Titus O' Neil management company not quite on the lines of Corey Graves and Scarlett Bordeaux, however, Titus O Neil promises that Connors will get a win by next week. _ Darby Allin vs Brian Kendrick In another preview of the ladder match this Sunday, we would see the "Mad Hatter" Brian Kendrick, who cheated his way into this matchup, take on Darby Allin. As we saw earlier, a win here can give you a huge momentum shift. That momentum shift would go to Darby Allin, who would lock in a crossface submission on Brian Kendrick, causing him to tap out. After the match, another huge brawl would start. As this time around, Austin Theory would come out on top, posing with the PWE North American championship as the show continues on. _ Sammy "Greatness" Guevara We would get a 24/7 esqe documentary for the brash and cocky Sammy Guevara, who cuts a promo saying he will come back to PWE real soon and begin to win, as he announces his alliance with Baron Corbin, and says they will take on any challengers. _ Flip Gordon vs Braun Strowman vs Andrade Cien Almes In possible the biggest match to date for PWE Warzone, Flip Gordon would take on Almes and Strowman in a triple threat match. As dominate as Strowman is, putting both men through ringside tables, it would take Almes and Gordon hitting a double suplex onto the stage to take out the monster, as it would be up to Flip Gordon to take out Almes as he moves out of the way of a moonsault, hitting his Frontflip DDT finishing move, he calls the "American Heart", as he pins and defeats Almes, earning himself a PWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Flip Gordon stands in the center of the ring, blood coming down the side of his head from the 25 minute matchup. Staring up at Drew McIntyre who stands up from his throne, making nothing but intense eye contact. As these two go to war, in just several days.
  2. 25 Minute Iron Man Match: Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Adam "Hangman" Page When Andrade made his debut, recently aligned with Scarlett Bordeaux, and came out victorious. Thats when Adam Page would come out on the stage and stare down the high profile superstar, from there, a challenge would be set and accepted. A full 25 minute match, the man with the most pinfalls by the end would come out as the winner. As Andrade and Page make there respective entrances, as they get set for there match. It would be a back and fourth matchup, as they trade pinfalls towards the 20 minute mark, until the final pinfall that would see Andrade win the matchup 3-1, gaining two last minute pinfalls over Adam Page. Andrade would celebrate his victory, as he won here tonight and has moved up the ranks of PWE with a huge win. _ Corey Graves Announces Flip Gordon As His Client We have Titus Worldwide, Scarlett Bordeaux , and now, Corey Graves. Three managers looking for clients, and Corey Graves has found his in the talented Flip Gordon. Who comes to the ring and cuts a short promo, as he promises to make waves in this company next to his friend Corey Graves. _ Baron Corbin vs Sammy Guevara vs Killain Dain vs Oney Lorcan Despite the recent tag team matches with these four men, the rivalry is going to spill over into a huge fatal fourway match that could have championship implications on the line. As the four men make there entrances, its easy to tell who the crowd is behind. As Oney Lorcan is easily the favorite, and its no wonder. As he proves it in the match with his hard slaps, headbutts, and more. Baron Corbin would bring a steel chair to the ring, and it would be used as a weapon throughout, even being set up in the sitting position as Killain Dain hits a celtic cross onto it. Sammy Guevara would bring a ladder into the ring, a huge spot for the fans as they go wild. It would come back to bite him however, as he is sent flying into it and then to the outside by Dain, as Oney Lorcan is able to roll up Dain and win the match. Oney Lorcan gained a huge victory here tonight, as the crowd is happy and so is he as he puts his finger in the air!!! _ Last Man Standing Sheamus vs Moose The battle of the titans, as Sheamus and Moose begin the match before the bell, brawling down the rampway and into the crowd. As the PWE Warhouse is barley able to hold the two beast in, as the community bar is torn apart. As Moose throws various liquor bottles and more at Sheamus. Its a true brawl, with the end coming nearly 20 minutes in. As Sheamus is able to climb up Eric Bischoffs office, taking Moose with him as he hits the Celtic Cross through the roof!!!! Both men would lay lifeless in the office, carnage all around them as Sheamus somehow gets his arm over Moose and gets the victory in a chaotic battle !!! ____ Maxwell Jacob Freeman - The Future From chaos, to annoyance. As MJF lives up to his promise of showing up to the PPV with a microphone in hand as he once again insults everyone, including Sheamus and Moose. However, he would be cut short by Kalisto. The man who the crowd got behind due to the amount of heart he showed in his matchup against Drew McIntyre. Kalisto would take out MJF and hit his finisher move, sending MJF running as Kalisto celebrates with the fans. ____ PWE World Championship: Drew McIntyre vs Mil Muertes Drew McIntyre and Mil Muertes. Two monsters, two machines, two superstars who earned there right to be in this match for the biggest prize in PWE. As both men are set in the ring, its main event time and the crowd couldn't be more ready. Its a war that would see McIntyre busted open and Muertes in more pain then ever before, as multiple Claymores would be hit and even more running powerslams. As the ultimate downfall would come when Muertes would go for a moonsault off of the top rope, only to miss and be caught out with a claymore as McIntyre pins and defeats Muertes. Becoming your first PWE World Champion! The first PPV ends just like the first weekly show, Drew McIntyre standing on top of the world. This time, with the PWE World Championship in his hand.
  3. We are in the middle of yet another exciting, action packed edition of BPZ Carnage. The flagship show that has ruled professional wrestling for the past couple of years, we are only a few days removed from the spectacle that was Night Of Legends and the fans haven't been happier. However, one theme hits and its met with a mixture of cheers and boos, as this theme hasn't been heard in some time inside of a BPZ arena. The theme belonging to that of the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, and Bulletproof member Isaiah Carter. Who steps out on the stage in front of the thousands in attendance with a smile plastered on his face. His beard is grown out a bit longer, and his hair remains clean cut as its thrown lazily to the side on top. He is wearing a white jacket, with a baby blue Bulletproof logo on the back as he is also sporting black joggers. Unexpected to be here tonight, the fans are drinking in all of his presence as he adjust his jacket and begins to step down the long rampway. Carter high fives some of the fans, despite all of the aggression and anger that happened in 2019. The fans still have a soft spot for Isaiah, who is clearly back in his element after suffering an ankle injury in his tag team match against fellow Bulletproof brothers Alex Costa and Mikey, but as he gets into the ring and begins to jump up and down, its clear that Isaiah Carter is as close to 100% as he will get. He is handed a microphone from the announcer and holds it a few inches from his lips, allowing the crowd to calm down as he speaks once again. I am home. With just three words, the crowd cheers once again, as cheers as "welcome back" begin to break out, despite the cheers, Carter shows no reaction, as he begins to speak again. Moving around as he speaks. I can stand here before you, in the brand new year, and announce that I my ankle is fully healed and I am ready to go anytime, anywhere, and against anyone. Carter takes a deep breath and nods before speaking again, a lot of emotion behind his words. I have a lot to catch up on don't I? I mean, in the past month, Bulletproof went from being just another stable, to an empire that has ruled over BPZ. Members such as Hans Clayton, Alex Costa, and most recently Bob Sparks have been a showcase inside of the BPZ product. The Firing Squad has become yet another name under the Bulletproof banner that is becoming a threat and the only that can stop it, is Bulletproof itself. That is what separates us from others, that is what separates ME from others. There is no stopping me, others. They can be halted, they can be tore down, but I can not be brought down for good because I will always scratch and claw my way back to the top. You can bring all the fire power, all the battles, but when it comes down to the end of the war I have more endurance then any other man on this roster and I have proved that time and time again. However, another thing happened while I was at home. I was watching the BPZ Slammys, and I saw who won tag team of the year. Carter lowers his microphone as chants begin to ring out around the arena, "First Class Express", a team many us to love, who now are apart of Bulletproof, have turned sour towards many fans, however the love is still there for some, as Isaiah Carter continues on. Hans Clayton is a man I grew up with in this world, despite living miles upon miles away, we always kept in touch after we met in wrestling school. After we won title after title in the independent scene, and after I convinced Brendenplayz himself to sign this young talent. And now, we are on top of the world. The best goddamn team in the world and we have the Slammy to prove it. Hans. Its been a couple weeks, why don't you come out here and show the world what a true tag team looks like. With that, Carter lowers his microphone. Awaiting the arrival of Hans Clayton.
  4. WWE Reborn Presents.... Survivor Series Preview Its time for RAW vs Smackdown, Heyman vs Bischoff, the biggest PPV since Wrestlemania and its going to be a big one. As the best stars from both brands will be battling it out in 9 matches, the winner getting the first pick in a Superstar Shakeup that will see superstars switch brands. My name is Eric Shun, and I am your WWE Reborn analysis and here we go _ Survivor Series Elimination Match Finn Balor, Jordan Devlin, Cody Rhodes, Samoa Joe, Tomasso Ciampa vs Andrade, Keith Lee, Buddy Murphy, Cesaro, Randy Orton The main event of the night will be the classic 5 on 5 Survivor Series elimination match as these 5 handpicked talents are going to go to war. The team captains, Finn Balor and Andrade. Spent the last few weeks picking the best of the best on either RAW or Smackdown, and now the diversity within styles on these teams is enough to please anyone. As Keith Lee, Jordan Delvin, and Cesaro have been standouts in the past few weeks. As these two teams are matched perfectly, and anyone can walk away with his victory. With a World Championship opportunity on the line for the sole survivors of the winning team, there is a lot on the line for these ten men, and anyone can win. _ Universal Championship Match Brock Lesnar (C) vs Kevin Owens Brock Lesnar dominates wherever he goes, as he would return to WWE after his absence and quickly win the Universal Championship back from Bobby Lashley. As much as Seth Rollins attempted to bring himself back to the title, it would be Kevin Owens, or "King Owens", who would win the King Of The Ring tournament and use his contracted match against Lesnar. As this dream match of sorts is coming to life at Survivor Series, as Lesnar is unleashed. No longer under control of Heyman, as Lesnar is privately contracted from WWE. Meaning the only man who can stop the best, is Kevin Owens. Can Owens topple the Beast? Or will Owens once again take down Lesnar. _ WWE Championship Match Adam Cole (C) vs Bray Wyatt The wild and mysterious circus owner Bray Wyatt would force himself into a WWE Championship match by kidnapping Smackdown GM Eric Bischoff with help from his "Little Helper" Liv Morgan. Leaving the leader of the Undisputed Era with no other choice but to defend his title against the dangerous Bray Wyatt. Adam Cole won the title at Summerslam, and has held it since and now may face his biggest challenger yet. Can Adam Cole fight off his demons? or Will Bray Wyatt have a new showcase in his circus. _ WWE Womens Championship Match Becky Lynch (C) vs Asuka The most dominant champion in Reborn, Becky Lynch has held her championship since Wrestlemania 35 and has defeated all challengers. Now, she faces possibly the most aggressive. For the past year, Asuka has been injuring, attacking, and causing mayhem amongst the womens division, even attacking the GM Paige. And at Survivor Series she has a chance to dethrone "The Man", as Becky Lynch attempts to shut down the rise of the empress. Who will come out as womens champion? _ Brand Warfare Match #1 Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan Two men trying to jump start there careers after losing there titles, Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan both have a lot to prove and are looking to do it at Survivor Series. As both men are representing there respective brands on the night and both men are amazing in ring competitors, meaning this one is going to be one to watch. Who will score a point for there brand and earn a mid card championship matchup? _ Brand Warfare Match #2 Charlotte vs Unnamed Smackdown Rep 2 weeks before the Survivor Series PPV, Paige would come to the ring and announce that Smackdown has decided to keep their representative a mystery. As the queen now looks forward to defending the RAW name in return for a shot at the Womens Championship in the near future, who will Smackdown choose, and can they defeat 'The Queen"? _ Brand Warfare Match #3 (Champion vs Champion) Dijak vs Ricochet The US and Intercontinental champions will be clashing in a one on one match, as its the large and dominate Dijak taking on Ricochet. As Ricochet attempts to take down the undefeated man who won the US title in his first match and hasn't looked back since, as either man attempts to get a win for there brand, who will come out on top in this champion vs champion matchup? _ Brand Warfare Match #4 (Champion vs Champion) War Raiders vs Undisputed Era The two best tag teams in WWE, the RAW and Smackdown tag team champions. Undisputed Era and War Raiders, two teams who have impressed so many people go to war at Survivor Series. It won't be there first match, as in the past they have faced at NXT Takeovers, but for the first time in WWE Reborn. Kyle O Reily and Bobby Fish will take on the War Raiders, who will come out on top? _ Brand Warfare #5 (Battle Royal) 24 Man Battle Royal 12 Smackdown Stars (Sami Zayn, Apollo Crews, Angel El Diablo, Etc.) 12 RAW Stars (Shinsuke Nakamura, EC3, Lars Sullivan, Etc.) ___ Predictions Board WWE Championship: Adam Cole (C) vs Bray Wyatt Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (C) vs Kevin Owens WWE Womens Championship: Becky Lynch (C) vs Asuka Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Smackdown vs Team RAW Brand Warfare: Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan Brand Warfare: War Raiders vs Undisputed Era Brand Warfare: Dijak vs Ricochet Brand Warfare: Charlotte vs ??? Brand Warfare Battle Royale: Bonus Questions Who Will Be The Sole Survivors Of The Winning Team: Who Will Be The Smackdown Rep Against Charlotte: Will Any NXT Stars Make There Debut:
  5. - WWF World Heavyweight Championship match Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels (c) - Hell in a Cell match Kane vs The Undertaker Owen Hart vs Triple H - WWF Intercontinental Championship match Ken Shamrock vs The Rock (c) - WWF European Championship match Dan Savern vs Steve Blackman (c) WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Marty Jannetty vs Brian Christopher (c) Cactus Jack vs Jeff Jarrett - WWF Tag Team Championships match New Age Outlaws vs Goldust/Mero vs Headbangers vs Los Boricuas Bonus Questions One of these matches will end in a No Contest, which match will that be? Kane vs Undertaker Which Superstar will get the highest in-ring performance? Owen Hart How many title changes will occur during the show? 0
  6. I just want it to be as simple as it was when chris jericho had his stupid idiot gimmick

  7. PWE Warzone - Month One, Week One - Episode 1 The historic first episode of PWE would kick off with four men standing in the ring, four men who personify what this company is. Hard working wrestlers who deserve the opportunities they desire, standing on top of the stage is non other than the owner and promoter of this very company. Eric Bischoff, who introduces the four men in the ring before saying that they will be fighting for an undisclosed opportunity in the main event of tonights show, and with one last thank you, the match is underway. The early advantage would go to Killian Dain, whos big size is matched with incredible agility as he throws around Oney Lorcan like an action figure. On the outside of the ring, McIntyre uses the steel steps and ring barricade to his advantage to take out Connors. McIntyre and Dain would go to war, trading heavy shots and kicks before McIntyre would take advantage, as the true highlight of the match would be Oney Lorcan. Taking out all 3 men with nothing but slaps to the chest as the fans quickly douse him with approval. However, the ending would come when Killian Dain would send both Joseph Connors and himself through a table ringside, allowing Drew McIntyre to hit the claymore kick and win the matchup. Looking well in the first match of his companies history, as he celebrates on the top rope, the first segment comes to an end. ____ The screen would be overcome with a pink haze as we transition inside of a luxurious home, which has a modern taste to it as one women sits on a couch in front of the camera wearing a long pink dress. Its none other than Scarlett Bordeaux, she sips on a glass of wine before speaking. She offers the men of PWE an offer. An offer to be represented by her and to be thrown into stardom. She promises that Scarlett Bordeaux and Success go hand and hand, and that anyone who offers to pay her for her services will not be disappointed in the results, she smiles at the camera one last time before sipping at her wine once again as the camera shuts off. ________ The energy inside of the Warzone would do a 180 once Maxwell Jacob Freeman would enter on top of the stage, as his smug face matched with his scarf around his neck is enough to make the fans pissed off knowing his history. MJF comes to the ring and introduces himself, before breaking down the concept of PWE and its fan. Insulting everything about it while also putting himself above everyone, his words would get caught off quickly though. As the music of hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer would hit and the crowd would go wild, as one of the most famous ECW legends of all time walks down the ramp with a kendo stick in hand. Tommy Dreamer would waste no time challenging MJF to a No DQ match, in which MJF would accept. As he would be taken on by a kendo stick to the back, as the fans cheer on Dreamer as he takes out MJF. MJF would be forced to not only roll to the outside, by hit a cheapshot lowblow on Dreamer. Sending him into the ringside barricade before hitting a nasty powerbomb on Dreamer showing off his strength. He would take the kendo stick and throw it into the crowd before bringing Dreamer into the ring and locking in the "Salt Of The Earth" submission move, causing Dreamer to tap out. As MJF stands up and celebrates his victory to many boos, he looked impressive here tonight. __________ After a short ad break we would see four more men inside of the ring, these four men would be Sammy Guevara, Kalisto, Darby Allin, and Moose. Four very different styles and sizes, as we are ready for the second fatal fourway match of the night, the winner of this one facing Drew McIntyre in the main event. As all four men start the match quickly, going at one another as Moose gets an early advantage due to his power, throwing around the smaller men as they attempt to take him down only to end up getting speared. As it would take all men to take him down, with Darby Allin getting the final shot in as he launches himself over the top rope onto Moose. Kalisto and Sammy Guevara would trade moves in the ring in an amazing sequence, as the young and talented Sammy would take out Kalisto before Darby Allin would attempt the put the match away. The match would continue on for nearly 15 minutes, as the four men would go back and fourth. Many near falls coming in the form of Moose who dominates the three men, even throwing Kalisto down a set of stairs near the stage. However, the masked man would make a comeback and would win the match with a selida del sol, pinning Moose in the ring with a huge upset as he prepares to face Drew McIntyre, and as McIntyre steps out on stage, the match is up next!!! ______ We would be interrupted by a video clip of one of PWEs biggest and best stars, that being the "Celtic Warrior" Sheamus. The video package features "Cut The Cord" by Shinedown playing over Sheamus doing workouts on an Ireland coast, it ends with him looking into the camera, the text "Coming Soon" hovering over the screen. ______ Its main event time! As Drew McIntyre and Kalisto are set, one of these men just removed from a brutal fatal fourway, the other competing in his match 45 minutes prior. As Eric Bischoff comes on stage, he announces that this match is actually a number one contenders match for the PWE World Heavyweight Championship!!! Kalisto would bring all he has to Drew, fighting with every last breath but the injuries would be to much. As his ribs would come into play with every throw, dive, and shot as Drew dominates. Even ripping open Kalistos mask and causing him to bleed. Drew McIntyre looked like a man possessed, as he would hit the claymore kick and defeat Kalisto. Leaving the ring without saying a word, the last image of this weeks episode being Kalistos bleeding face, halfway exposed for the world to see as EMTs come to the ring. Only one man to blame, and his name is Drew McIntyre. PWE Warzone - Month One, Week Two - Episode 2 The second week of PWE would kick off with a cold open, as we see a documentary like camera crew capture a BMW pulling up to a large condo. Scarlett Bordeaux steps out from the backseat and taps the hood before walking to the doorway and knocking. The man who answers is non other than Andrade Cien Almas, making his first appearance on PWE TV as he welcomes the beautiful manager into his home. Over the next several minutes, the two share a conversation and come to the agreement that Andrade Cien Almas will be managed by Scarlett. As this is a huge opportunity for both superstars. As the intro for PWE finishes, we are welcomed by Scarlett Bordeaux standing inside of the ring, who welcomes everyone to the show with an air-kiss before beginning to speak. She is wearing the same pink dress as before, and speaks of her brand new client, Andrade. Who she introduces and points to the entrance way, as "Mieten" begins to play and Andrade Cien Almas steps out wearing an all gold attire. A smile plastered on his face, tonight, he takes on Austin Theory. A young EVOLVE recruit who is looking to expand his career. Both men are talented, and they show it in this opening contest as many moves are reversed and the crowd is able to get behind both men. As sequences keep the fans on their feet as dropkicks, powerslams, and everything in between is hit as either man tries to get an upper hand. However, through all of the chaos and moves. One man would come out on top and that would be Andrade, as he hits the "Tranquilo" DDT and pins Theory right in the center of the ring after a long fought battle. Both Andrade and Scarlett would celebrate inside of the ring, before the music of another debuting star would hit. As "The Hangman" Adam Page would step on stage. Making direct eye contact with Andrade, as he smiles at him. The segment would end with these two top dogs staring each other down. ____ The screen would transition to a small cabin, filled with various wacky collectibles such as a large glass cat, a butterfly, and a ton of drinking glasses. The man in the middle of all this colorful, is Brain Kendrick. Who sits with a tophat on and a all purple suit, which is covered in feathers, he smiles at the camera. Looking out from underneath large purple glasses as he speaks about the prospect of reality, claiming that the only thing real is him, and we are all just pawns in his life. He leaves us with this "Its Brian Kendricks World, You're Just Living It _ The next matchup would be the largest yet, as 6 men would compete in a 3 v 3 tag match as Mil Muertes, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado take on Suicide, El Ligero, and Luchasaurus in what turns out to be a fast paced, electrifying match that sees body thrown everywhere as the two large men of the teams. Luchasaurus and Mil Muertes, stare down in the ring. As they begin to throw down in the center of the ring, Gran Metalik hits a huge electric drop on El Ligero outside of the ring, while Suicide takes out Lince Dorado. However, after 15 minutes of action. Mil Meurtes would hit a huge variation of a powerslam, followed by a jumping elbow drop to pin El Ligero for the victory after a hugely fought matchup. As the three men celebrate away from each other, Eric Bischoff comes to the stage with a microphone and announces that these three men are now going to face in a triangle triple threat match, the winner going on to face Drew McIntyre for the PWE World Heavyweight Championship. As these partners now turned opponents get set, its main event time. As the clash of styles is obvious as the speed in this matchup is intense, as bodies go flying everywhere as Mil Muertes dominates the two men. Even hitting a double chokes-lam, before he would pin Lince Dorado for the victory. This means that our first main event for our first PPV will be Drew McIntyre vs Mil Muertes for the PWE World Heavyweight Championship!!! PWE Warzone - Month One, Week Three - Episode 2 The wrestling world has been intrigued by the world of PWE, and tonight it continues, as we quick things off with a classic bull fight. As Sheamus would be making his debut in the ring as he takes on Moose. Both these men are large, angry, and ready to fight as the bell rings and the welts begin to grow. As the two men trade heavy shots and headbutts, as they try anything to get an advantage over one another. The match would come to a close 10 minutes in due to a double countout, as the ref reaches 20 and Sheamus and Moose have no care. Throwing each other into various objects ringside, including a pile of chairs. As well as near the bar that is set up for fans to buy drinks at, as they continue to tear down the "Warzone" order is to be kept, as a security team pulls the men apart, and a matchup is made for the upcoming 'Bounds For Glory" PPV., as Sheamus and Moose will battle in a 'No Holds Barred" matchup !!! ____ As the chaos dies down, we are greeted by Scarlett Bordaeux. We saw last week that her first client is Andrade Cien Almas. A young talented competitor, and now, Scarlett sits in a wooden chair in a dimly lit room. With Andrade standing behind her as she speaks, she talks about "Adam Page". Claiming that he is a parasite who deserves to be traded away, and that shouldn't even be in the same ring as Andrade. However, Andrade must prove himself. And who better then to take down the man with all the hype. Scarlett proposes a 25 minute Iron Man match, and Andrade grabs the microphone, speaking spanish aggressively before the camera cuts out. _____ As the fans wonder if Adam Page will accept Andrades challenge, Suicide would come to the ring for one on one action against Joseph Connors. Two men who are 0-1, attempting to get a victory here tonight. As Suicide is impressive, hitting springboard moves on Connors as Connors tries to slow down the match with submission moves. Including a huge backbreak move that goes for a 2 count. However, Connors wouldn't be able to put away Suicide. As Suicide is able to hit a huge 450 splash for a near fall. Joseph Connors would fight hard, but in the end, Suicide would hit his "Death Upon Light" finisher, as he pins and defeats Joseph Connors after an impressive match. As Joseph Connors looks defeated in the ring, as he is greeted in the ring by non other then Titus O' Neil, who comes to the ring and ask Joseph Connors to join "Titus Worldwide", however, Connors would shake his head and ignore the superstar. Leaving the ring, defeated once again. ____ Its been an amazing night of action and now we top it all of with a 2v2 matchup, as Oney Lorcan and Killian Dain. Two men who competed in a fatal four way last week, take on Sammy Guevara and Baron Corbin. Two cocky stars the fans hate, as the match gets under way, Lorcan and Guevara kick it off with intense slaps and kicks. Dain and Corbin couldn't resist fighting, as they begin to fight on the outside of the ring before Lorcan would hit a huge power bomb onto Guevara, almost closing the match as Dain and Corbin leave the arena. Making this a one on one matchup for several minutes. However, as both Guevara and Lorcan are tired from the brutal match. Corbin would return to the ring and hit a "End Of Days" on Lorcan as the ref is looking away, allowing Sammy Guevara to go for the cover. However, Dain would come in and break it up last second. As Dain would enter the ring and put it away with his finisher, hitting Baron Corbin with a running powerslam before pinning and defeating Corbin. Giving the team of Lorcan and Dain the victory, but that wouldn't please Guevara and Corbin. Who enter the ring with steel chairs and take out the two men, standing over the two holding the chairs up in the air with smiles on their face. _______ To end the show, we would get a video package showcasing the best skills from both Drew McIntyre and Mil Muertes. The two men who will be facing off for the PWE World Championship at "Heart Of Glory" and these two men are large, fast, and dangerous. Are going to tear each other apart, all in two weeks! PWE Warzone - Month One, Week Four - Episode 4 The night would begin with a 3v3 tag team match, as Sammy Guevara would team with Baron Corbin much like last week, this time with the addition of Sheamus. Taking on Oney Lorcan and Killian Dain, as well as Moose. As these 6 men will be in there own respective matches and tonight they take each other on. It would be a fast paced, exciting match, but in the end Sammy Guevara would pin Oney Lorcan for the victory. Earning himself a huge win. __ The next segment would feature Kalisto, as it highlights his in ring talents before announcing that he will return soon, as he hasnt been seen since the brutal attack from McIntyre. However, the hype video would be interrupted by MJF who comes to the ring to announce he will be at the Heart Of Glory PPV. _ MJFs promo would be followed up by Adam Page with words of his own, as he quickly accepts Scarlett and Andrades challenge to an Iron Man match before going on to say he is the next big thing, and this victory means everything to him. _ At Heart Of Glory, Mil Muertes will take on Drew McIntyre for the PWE World Heavyweight Championship, and now he takes on Jungle Boy in one on one action. Despite Jungle Boys heart, Muertes would easily defeat Jungle Boy. Only to get knocked down by a claymore kick right after the bell, as Drew McIntyre makes his presence known, knocking down Muertes and staring down Catrina in the eyes! _ PWE is the Land Of Opportunity and two men get that chance in the main event. As Austin Theory takes on King Cuerno for a future shot at a championship in PWE. Its a fast paced, hard hitting match that allows both young stars to showcase there talents. However, in the end, it would be Austin Theory hitting a elevated powerbomb who would get the win. Pinning and defeating King Cuerno in an intense 20+ minute matchup. As the first go home show comes to an end with Austin Theory on top of the world.
  8. 30 Men Royal Rumble: McIntyre (Black, Cena, McIntyre, Balor) 30 Women Royal Rumble: Becky Lynch (Lynch, Banks, Sane, Ember Moon) WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy Universal Championship Match: Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles Shane McMahon vs The Miz RAW Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey vs Asuka Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Natalya vs Bayley vs Charlotte RAW Tag Team Championship Match: American Alpha vs KOZayn
  9. Eric Bischoffs Pure Wrestling Elite Boston, Massachusetts Adam Page - Andrade "Cien" Almas - Drew McIntyre - Sheamus - Braun Strowman Baron Corbin - Darby Allin - Flip Gordon - MJF - Killian Dain - Sammy Guevara Kalisto - Lince Dorado - Gran Metalik - Suicide - King Cuerno - Mil Muertes - El Ligero - Luchasaurus Brian Kendrick - Austin Theory - Joseph Connors - Jimmy Havoc - Moose - Oney Lorcan Jungle Boy - Titus O' Neil - Mark Henry - Tommy Dreamer - Orange Cassidy _______ Eric Bischoff - Scarlett - Catrina - Corey Graves
  10. Happy new year boys (and one girl), and I guess I've been wanting to say this for awhile. I defiantly am not anyones favorite member, I've done some questionable things and have been rude to many of many people on here. Which isn't fair at all, now this isn't a "Sorry" post. Its a thank you, in the nearly 5 years that I've been on the forums. Its been such a roller coaster, from meeting some amazing people such as Julius, Hans, and Sheridan. To arguing with others, its all been one hell of an experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Others may look down on it, I mean in concept, its stupid. Some of my closest friends live miles upon miles away and I barley know what they look like, but its so fascinating to me, that I've learned so much about culture, about sayings, and about pretty much anything through chat and discord. At the end of this year, as many of you know, I fell on hard times. I won't go to into detail of it, but the amount of support and love I received from some of the members was insane to me. More than my own family, with people still checking in on me to this day. Its crazy to me, that people who at first, our only mutual interest was either Brendenplayz or Pro Wrestling, have become people I look to for advice, for laughs, and for memories. From Akki releasing "Sobbing", Brenden and Keeley getting drunk on new years, and even a guy literally faking his death, we have seen it all and that honestly makes me so happy. This community, as stupid as it can be sometimes, is a place I like to call home, it has people I like to call family. The 5 years I've spent on here, whether it be writing a new diary, typing up a promo, or arguing over some petty stuff. Has kept me sane, its quite literally saved my life at times, and I would not trade any for it for the world. Now, 2020. Its going to be a big year, I'll finally graduate high school, get into college, turn into an adult, and start to build my foundation for a bigger and better life, and you best believe you guys will be there every step of the way. Have an amazing 2020 everyone ❤️
  11. Name: SPIF 133 - (Atom) Age: Unknown Force Sensitive?: Nah Appearance:(Note you can be other species within the Star Wars Universe- Check Wookiepedia for reference.) Class: Thief (SPIF) Backstory: SPIF 133 was the last AI creation from the planet Juerig. Which was destroyed in an accident that the origin is not known, he was advanced, more advanced then any of his predecessors or creators. Whoever that may be, they are long gone now, as Atom was the only AI to survive the accident. As he has been roaming the galaxy as a highly skilled killer, taking any under ground fights he can find to make any credits he can muster. Even stealing from some of the richest in the land, as he has gotten a hefty bounty on his head. He is valuable to any army, or emperor due to his high level of skills and the rare metal that his suit is made out of, as if it were to be melted down and replicated, could power entire cities. Atom himself, is nice to anyone he meets, and is very very smart. He is able to see any patterns needed, and never acts without thinking. Any pre-existing relationships to other characters?(Note this is prior to Star Wars Episode I: A Phantom Menace.): NAH
  12. Someone Will Either Leave Or Join Undisputed Era. Brock Lesnar will lose the WWE Championship and win it again. John Cena will have a proper big time matchup. A huge WWE star will jump ship to AEW NXT will continue to be the best brand.
  13. Isaiah Carter


    "What is this some type of sick joke?" "I work and I work, I fight and I fight. But it seems every damn time I begin to climb the ladder of stardom, someone comes and kicks the legs out. It seems to me that being a workhorse simply doesn't pay off, that doing what your asked doesn't work, that you have to do more. You have to go above and beyond and even bend the rules, it seems that to be successful in this company you have to be sat right in cooperates lap" "But thats all changing, I promise you, I promise each and every one of you. Brendenplayz Wrestling is under doing changes in the next few months and it will be under the heel of Bulletproof. You've seen the damage, you've seen the effects. We are the most dangerous faction in all of BPZ and whether you want to admit it or not, the loss at Survivor Series didn't hurt us. The loss at Survivor Series only proved one thing and thats that Creed needed the win. They needed the win to stay together, to prove to themselves, but Bulletproof? No. We don't need valediction, we don't need victories, all we need to do is look at the run of Bulletproof ever since its formation. We go out there, and we kick ass" "I haven't been myself, I haven't had the drive to fight, but that all changes. That all changes with this tournament that First Class Express will succeed in. The Thundermans are a joke, plain and simple. They can not compete with First Class Express, NO ONE in this tournament can compete with First Class Express" "I am done, being the 'Nice Guy'" "I'm not waisting another breath on these pathetic pieces of sh*t, get the camera out of my face"

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