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  2. Welcome To Valor Pro Wrestling. In todays intense battle of the pro wrestling world, its no better time for anyone interested to put their name up for grabs. And what better way to bring a new version of pro wrestling into this world then why not make it unique. Full of blue chip prospects, legends, and established stars, Valor promises to be the perfect mix of classic in ring action as well as supreme storytelling that wrestling fans have wanted for years. In an interview on famed podcast, Talk Is Jericho. Multi-billionaire and pro wrestling fanatic Kurt Sanchez spoke on his ideas for the company. This is all Kurt Sanchez has announced regarding the product, promising that more information will be released soon. As for now, we can only sit and wait for Valor Pro Wrestling to take off. OOC: As many of you know, I won't have a laptop for an uncertain amount of time and this is one of the diaries I want to spend a lot of time on when I get back, as for the sign ups, you can either do your BPZ character or an original character. Whatever you think would be best. The better the sign up, more likely you'll be pushed. Sign Up Sheet Name: Nickname: Figurehead: Alignment: Wrestling Style: What Is Your Gimmick/Background?: Signatures: Finishers: Theme Song:
  3. WWE Reborn ⎜Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Night One "Shakedown" by The Score begins to play as we are welcomed to the first night of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, a special on the Network that when concluded, will grant the tag team a huge opportunity of their choosing. As tonight, we have four matches that could easily be the highlight of the entire tournament and it all kicks off with a team that many thought would never be inside a WWE ring, as a custom version of the Young Bucks theme song plays and out on stage is Matt and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks vs Brit-Am Strikers - Round One Despite the hype of their arrival, they have a long ways to go in order to win this thing and it all starts with the tall task of taking on the strikers. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, two of the hardest hitting men in the company. With Mauro Ranallo at commentary along with Hall Of Famer Edge, the action is fast. Oney Lorcan suffering a super kick early on, while Danny Burch takes the fight to Nick Jackson on the outside. The Young Bucks would prove why they deserve to be here, there electrifying offense fitting right in with this crowd. As they eventually hit their finishing move and pin Lorcan in the center of the ring, as The Young Bucks walk away victorious in an impressive win. The Young Bucks celebrate their victory as Edge and Mauro Rannallo go over some of the other top teams in this tournament, some from WWE, and some from outside of WWE. Right now, we get an in-depth look at one of our foreign teams. G.O.D Give Their Thoughts On TM61 We would get a short video package for one of Japans top tag teams, G.O.D, who are finally making their way to WWE for the tag team classic and in round one, they are going to be taking on TM61. They insult their name, "mighty", before saying why they are indeed mighty. Listing off some of their accomplishments before saying its about time they come to WWE and tear to to shreds. Nick Miller and Shane Thorne are on Guerillas Of Destinys "Hit List" War Raiders vs Kings Of Wrestling In our second match of the night its two WWE stars finally teaming on the big stage as Cesaro and Kassius Ohno take on an established and well rounded team of the War Raiders. The former NXT and RAW Tag Team champions would take on Ohno and Cesaro in a hard hitting battle as four of the strongest men in WWE would battle it out. Hanson even hitting a dive to the outside on Ohno, but a brutal 'European Uppercut' into a spinning elbow from Ohno would be enough to put Rowe out and pin him. As Cesaro and Kassius Ohno defeat the War Raiders and walk away with a round one victory, celebrating their victory as they look towards whats next. Kings Of Wrestling finally in WWE. Backlash Coming Soon Wrestlemania has come and gone, and its time for the next season in WWE and with the brand new RAW and Smackdown rosters, who is going to come out on top? With Bray Wyatt defending his Universal Championship against Kevin Owens, Adam Cole defending his WWE Championship, and much more, this show promises to be a great one as the WWE roster prepares for Backlash. The Club vs Heavy Machinery One of the best tag teams in WWE, The Club, would take to the ring as they get on the mic and cut a promo about the injustice they see as they were not drafted to either RAW or Smackdown. So they are done with WWE, and once they win this tournament they are going to dominate NXT. However, they have to get through the team of Otis and Tucker. As the match begins, its clear that Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are the better team. Taking out Tucker and focusing on Otis, who just won his career back last week at Wrestlemania. However, he isn't as successful on this night, as the "magic killer" would be enough to put away Otis. As The Club may very well live up on their promise to take over NXT if they continue their dominance throughout this dominance. The New Day vs Lucha House Party In what some would call the least anticipated match of the night would be the main event, as The New Day take on the highflying team of Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado. Surprisingly this would be the match of the night for a lot of people, as Gran Metalik is the star of the match. Cleary outmatched tag team wise against the New Day but kicking out of nearly everything, including a Midnight Hour which usually puts everyone away. Through all of it however, the end would come when Lince Dorado would be caught out in a trouble in paradise. Pinning the masked luchadore and celebrating with his brothers BIg E and Xavier Woods. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods all stand in the ring and dance as they truly are one of the best tag teams in the world and may go far in this tournament. As the first night of action comes to a close, we thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!! PREDICTION RESULTS @Alex Costa 3/4 @BobdaBomb 4/4 @Echo Wilson 4/4 @Addy 1/4
  4. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Night One Match Card The New Day vs Lucha House Party War Raiders vs Kings Of Wrestling The Club vs Heavy Machinery The Young Bucks vs Brit-Am Strikers
  5. WWE Reborn - Smackdown Episode 50 "Glitter And Gold" begins to play as a brand new Smackdown intro begins to play before we transition to the full crowd cheering as pictures of Wrestlemania 36 begin to show before Nigel McGuinness, Tazz, and Renee Young welcome us to Smackdown. As they give us a preview of what tonight entails, before 'Im Back" would play through the PA system, as the Smackdown GM joins us in the ring for what he promises is a huge announcement. The 8 Man Tournament The man who has been general manger of Smackdown for some time now steps into the ring to a mixed reaction, as he has been the GM for several months now and plans to continue his reign as he is proud of the roster he drafted and in the next four weeks, he wants to see what they are made of. So he has picked out the top 8 stars on the blue brand too compete in a tournament, the winner of that match will be crowned as the number one contender for Adam Coles WWE Championship. The likes of Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and more will get a chance at the title and it all starts tonight. But before we could get on with the action "Undisputed" would begin to play to boos. As the man who retained his WWE championship at Wrestlemania would come to the ring followed by his crew, Bobby Fish, Kyle O' Reily, and Roderick Strong. Adam Cole says that there is a new section in the Smackdown arena, pointing to the ringside area where by the time keepers area, they have a Undisputed Era themed area, with four seats. Adam Cole says like the champion he is, he will be watching over this tournament and hopes to find his next challenger. Adam Cole then goes and takes his seat as our first tournament matchup is underway. Daniel Bryan vs Shelton Benjiman One of the newest members to the Smackdown roster, Shelton Benjiman, is looking to prove himself here tonight as he takes on one of the best in the world in Daniel Bryan. And with a spot at the second round in this tournament on the line, both superstars are going to give it there all for sure. As its Bryans technical skills vs Benjimans wrestling background. Throughout the match, Benjiman is a different man, a lot more aggressive as he nearly puts Bryan on the shelf by throwing him into the steel steps, even forcing the match to be paused. But despite his possible injuries, Bryan continues on and fights back with kicks. The crowd fully behind the American Dragon who eventually reverses a top rope move from Benjiman into the 'Lebell Lock', causing Benjiman to tap out. As Daniel Bryan wins the round one match and celebrates, making eye contact with Adam Cole at ringside. Are we going to see Bryan and Cole battle it out once again? Either way, Bryan has won, and tonight the tournament continues. The Air Bourne Artist Returns To Smackdown Soon At Wrestlemania 35 last year, Evan Bourne would return to the cruiserweight division and would win the title in a ladder match, and now, he is ready to take the next step as a video package plays featuring some of his best WWE moments. The man who many say WWE should of never passed up on, is coming back to Smackdown. Cesaro vs Randy Orton There is no shortage of action here on Smackdown as now, its another round one matchup between two of Smackdown stars. As the underutilized and young Cesaro takes on the veteran Randy Orton. Orton is attempting to bounce back from a brutal loss to Aleister Black, while Cesaro is trying to finally grab that brass ring. The match is a slow paced one but hard hitting, Orton attempting to wear down Cesaro with every move while Cesaro heats up the crowd with his amazing strength. Despite multiple RKO attempts, and even a boston crab submission. Cesaro fights through and hits the 'Neutralizer ' on Orton, pinning him and getting what many would call an upset tonight as he moves one round closer to a WWE Championship match. As Cesaro celebrates his win, Undisputed Era look on as we cut backstage to Eric Bischoffs office. Bo Dallas Wants A Contract Eric Bischoff would smile at the TV, watching Cesaro celebrate before Bo Dallas would storm into the office, not a member of either RAW or Smackdown. Bo Dallas wants a contract for Smackdown and he says he will do anything to get it, Eric Bischoff would laugh at Dallas before telling him to get into the ring, the crowd cheers for Dallas as he comes to the ring ready for a match for a title. The Pinnacle vs Bo Dallas The former NXT Champion, Bo Dallas, would be waiting in the ring before '"The Rising" would hit and Akam And Rezar, along with Seth Rollins would come to the ring as for the first time. "The Pinnacle" would step out on Smackdown. Rollins cuts a short promo about Akam And Rezar, before they enter the ring. And as lovable as Bo Dallas is, he was outnumbered and outmatched as Akam And Rezar pick him apart. Defeating Dallas in just seconds, before posing as Seth Rollins and his boys return to the back. Not even looking at Undisputed Era as the night continues on. Johnny Gargano Is Forever The current Intercontinental Champion, Johnny Gargano would come to the ring to a huge ovation. As 'Johnny Smackdown' would hold his title high and enter the ring, as he promised he would elevate the title to what it use to be and he sure has done that. After an amazing match with Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania, Johnny is looking for what is next. Gargano would be interrupted by one of Smackdowns newest tag teams, The A - Listers. The former RAW Tag Team champions would cut a promo on Gargano, as they insult his NXT background. All of the talk would be silenced however, as Gargano would land multiple kicks and take out The Miz and EC3. Throwing them out of the ring and posing with his belt as The Miz and EC3 walk up the ramp pissed off. Kairi Sane vs Ember Moon In her return to Smackdown, Kairi Sane would come to the ring to many cheers as she is a crowd favorite among many. As well as her opponent Ember Moon as tonight, both women are going to have a tall task in defeating each other. Kairi Sane uses her high risk moveset to combat Ember Moons athletics, even nailing a springboard kick. Ember Moon would lock in various submissions and even nearly hit her 'Eclispe" finisher. But by the end of it all, it would be Kairi using a brand new submission move to cause Moon to tap out as she is victorious here tonight. Sane celebrates her win and poses on the top rope as she has returned from injury tonight and looks great, but she would be interrupted by the arrival of one of Smackdowns newest, and most terrifying superstars Shayna Blaszer would make her debut here on Smackdown by attacking Sane, a women she has a rich history with in NXT and nearly choking her out before stomping on her ankle. As both Ember Moon and Kairi Sane have been knocked out with only one women standing, Shayna Blaszer. Walter vs Kassius Ohno In what could be a huge chance for either man, Kassius Ohno would be in the ring awaiting his tournament matchup opponent when the crowd, along with the commentators would be shocked as Walter makes his WWE debut. Entering the ring against Ohno in what should be a hard hitting matchup. Walter proves to everyone why he deserves to be on Smackdown, bringing the chops to Ohno while Ohno uses his forearms to try and slow down Walter. But the former United Kingdom champion is far to talented, and is able to put away Ohno with a huge powerbomb here in his debut as he moves onto the second round of the WWE Championship tournament. Sasha Banks Has Made It At Wrestlemania we saw the climax of the 'Smackdown Circuit' when Sasha Banks put away Io Shirai, and now, we see Sasha Banks sitting in the VIP section of the Smackdown lockeroom with a glass of wine. An interviewer ask Sasha Banks about her win but she ignores any questions. Only answering with sighs and smiles, before finally speaking, telling her to get away. As Sasha Banks is no longer interested in speaking with anyone it seems, as we get set for our main event. Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins In the fourth and final match of the first round of our tournament, the leader of ;The Pinnacle; would come to the ring looking for revenge as at Wrestlemania, he lost to Undertaker in just 8 minutes. And his opponent, Roman Reigns, defeated The Rock in the main event of Night 2. And now, both men come to the ring. Rollins being drowned in boos while Roman gets a mixed reaction, and just like the other times these two have stepped in the ring. Its an instant classic, Roman Reigns using his power and even taking out Akam And Rezar with a dive, while Rollins uses his wits to get any advantage he can. The match would eventually come to a close as Roman Reigns would get distracted by a mysterious masked man running into the ring, allowing Rollins to nail 'The Stomp' and pin Reigns. Smackdown comes to a close with Seth Rollins posing with The Pinnacle, with Reigns looking pissed off in the ring as the masked man is knowhere to be seen. However, Smackdown comes to a close as Seth Rollins is moving to the second round, the screen fading to black.
  6. Smackdown Episode 50 Preview: Post Wrestlemania, Adam Coles Reign Continues On Just a few days after the biggest event of the year, a brand new Smackdown roster looks to capitalize on Friday nights with Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era at the forefront. As well as Sasha Banks running the womens division, Smackdown may be on the rise. ~ Who Is Going To Stop Adam Cole? ~ ~ Kairi Sane Makes Her Return Against Ember Moon ~ ~ Whats Next For The Intercontinental Champion Johnny Gargano? ~ ~ How Will The Brand New Smackdown Roster Pan Out ~
  7. WWE Announces 32 Team Tournament ; Specials To Air On The WWE Network Alongside NXT A huge announcement from the desk of Paul 'Triple H' Levesque, the annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is going to have a huge twist to it this year, as not only will it crown brand new NXT Tag Team Champions. But 32 Teams from all around the world, from several wrestling companies and several countries will be competing in this classic tournament. Much like the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016, this is going to air on the WWE Network on Saturday nights and will conclude in a final contest at NXT Takeover: Boston, the winner being able to call themselves NXT Team Champions. Along with this, we are going to be seeing the return of 'NXT' to the WWE Network on Wednesday nights, and with WWEs third brand more exciting than ever, this is huge news for Wrestling fans. The full bracket for this event will be revealed soon, but Night One will be taking place this Saturday! As well as the return of NXT this Wednesday !
  8. WWE Reborn - Monday Night RAW Episode 50 "Across The Nation" begins to play over a video package of the top stars from the red brand as we kick things of here in Los Angelas with an electric crowd as Corey Graves and Micheal Cole welcome us to the show. We would see pictures from last nights 'Wrestlemania' event before turning our attention to the ring where Paul Heyman stands with a smile on his face. Paul Heyman Welcomes Everyone Back To The A Show Paul Heyman has been the general manager for RAW for some time now and he is proud of it as he talks with enthusiasm, listing off various members of the RAW roster from the likes of Bray Wyatt to Keith Lee. Giving everyone praise before saying that he believes four men are deserving of a world title shot, so tonight, we are going to have a fatal fourway. As its going to be Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and a mystery man going head to head. The winner will be the one who challenges Bray Wyatt at Backlash. Paul Heyman would thank everyone before leaving the ring, as we are set for an amazing night of action and it all kicks off next. As "Ain't No Make Believe" begins to play as John Morrison makes his way to the ring for one on one action. Buddy Murphy vs John Morrison The first match of the night and its going to be an electric one, as "Opposite Ends Of The World" begins to play as the young Buddy Murphy, who made his debut this time last year, comes to the ring to try and get the jumpstart he needs against a veteran in Morrison. As the two men are ready, the bell rings and the two begin to lock up. Buddy Murphy, despite his strength, is still a cruiserweight and is able to keep up with the athletic speed of Morrison. The kicks from Morrison are what gives him a huge advantage early on, as he is able to daze Murphy multiple times and survive against 'The Aussie Star'. But after a 12 minute, all out matchup. Buddy Murphy would pick up the win with the 'Murphys Law' as he pins Morrison in an impressive victory. As Murphy celebrates his big win, the crowd gives him a mixed reaction, still not quite sure what to think of Murphy as we cut backstage. Drew McIntyre Is Tired Of Being Held Back At last nights Wrestlemania, we saw a huge 5v5 tag team match that saw Drew McIntyre give the performance of his life. Despite this, in a backstage interview, he is ready for whats next. As tonight, he competes in the number one contenders fatal four way match, ever since making his debut last year as Triple Hs bodyguard. Drew McIntyre has felt he has been held back, and now, he looks to capitalize. And speaking of capitalize, up next, its Cedric Alexander defending his United States championship against the one and only, Velveteen Dream. Cedric Alexander (C) vs The Velveteen Dream - United States Championship Both of these men are beloved by the RAW crowd as last night, Cedric Alexander pulled off a shock win in one of the most brutal Wrestlemania ladder matches we have seen and the scars are shown. As both men come to the ring with various body parts taped up, but if you think that will slow them down you're mistaken. As the match begins and its fast paced right off the start, Cedric using his speed while Dream uses his height advantage to take out the champion. Dream held the title for a short time and is looking to reclaim the gold, but Alexander is not going to go down easy as much like our opening contest. This is another all out match that sees everything from a boston crab to a springboard 450. Despites Dreams best efforts, the match would come to a close when Alexander would catch Dream out with the 'Lumbar Check', pinning the challenger as he retains his championship and proves himself to the world as a legitimate champ. As Alexander celebrates with the fans and his championship, we cut backstage as we are ready for a sit-down interview with the brand new womens champion, Toni Storm. Inside The Mind Of The Champion After a grueling 30 minute ironman match, Toni Storm would be able to come out on top against Becky Lynch and end the year long reign of 'The Man', and tonight, Micheal Cole caught up with Toni Storm to ask her about what being the champ means to her. Toni Storm would thank many people, from trainers to the fans themselves before saying that she plans to defend her championship against anyone who earns it. Toni Storm is here and she is ready to fight, who will step up to the challenge? Either way, we are ready for more action as we cut to the ring and see The New Day standing in the ring, the New Day were apart of the winning team of the 5v5 along with Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles and tonight along with an electric crowd, they celebrate. Saying that they want to spread the positivity by taking on any team, whether it be RAW, Smackdown, or NXT, right now. Beer Money Inc. vs The New Day To the shock of everyone in the arena, 'Beer Money' would play through the PA system as graphics pop up on screen and the shock debut of James Storm would leave fans chanting. As he isn't alone, as his tag team partner Bobby Roode is close behind. As one of the greatest tag teams in the world has finally made it to WWE. As they enter the ring and the two get ready for action against one of WWEs top teams. Despite this being his first match in WWE, James Storm does not look out of place. As he uses his experience to overpower Kofi Kingston, as the two teams perform at their best. Big E even hitting the 'Big Ending' for a nearfall. But the former RAW Tag Team champion Bobby Roode would give them the advantage, hitting the 'DWI' as they put away Kofi and celebrate their winnings in classic Stone Cold fashion. Despite the loss, the New Day shake hands with Beer Money Inc. as the veterans are respected and may make a huge impact now that they are in WWE. We cut to the commentators who congratulate Beer Money Inc. and give us a run down of Wrestlemanias biggest moments, including Brock Lesnars dominance over Matt Riddle, Toni Storm getting a huge win over Becky Lynch, before mentioning that next week. We are going to see Dakota Kai make her in ring RAW debut against Carmella, this would be followed by a short video package before we cut backstage with Cedric Alexander. The Alexander Open Challenge The man who earlier tonight, defended his United States championship against Velveteen Dream was very proud of himself in an interview with Charly Caruso. As he says that defending the title brought him so much joy, and seeing the excitement on the fans faces was enough to convince him that he needs to defend this title against anyone he can. So, much like John Cena in 2015, Cedric Alexander will be hosting open challenges to anyone on the WWE roster to try and take the title from him, but, he won't go down easy. The first open challenge is next weekend, who is going to step up and challenge Alexander? Samoa Joe vs Rusev Two of RAWs largest athletes, Samoa Joe and Rusev are both ready to make a name for themselves as both men are former United States champions and are looking for that next step. The crowd is in full support of 'Rusev Day' as he takes the fight to Samoa Joe. Compared to the fast paced matches we saw earlier, this was one hell of a bullfight. Rusev would use his strong kicks to slow down the agile Joe, but Joes scary mix of speed and power would be too much for Rusev as Samoa Joe locks in the 'Coquina Clutch' which may very well be the deadliest move in WWE. As Rusev passes out, and Samoa Joe is the winner. The celebration however, would be cut short as "Dominance" plays and the former Undisputed Champion would return to the red brand. Bobby Lashley would come to the ring and being to brawl with Samoa Joe, not even saying a word as the two trade strikes. Bobby Lashley eventually taking control as Joe has exhausted himself in his matchup, as Lashley hits mulitple spears before nailing him with the 'Dominator'. Bobby Lashley is back and he is back in big fashion, as he poses and we fade to black. The Firefly Funhouse Celebration Episode The cheerful intro to 'Firefly Funhouse' would start as the brand new Undisputed Champion would appear, in his Mr. Rogers inspired suit, Bray Wyatt would introduce everyone to his brand new version of the Funhouse. Which is decorated in various objects from his past, including the circus that he ran last year when 'The Fiend' was first introduced. Bray Wyatt talks about his win last night and that whether he faces Kevin Owens again or a new opponent, 'he' will not be taken down. The episode ends with a creepy warning to the entire RAW roster to 'Let Him In' Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre vs Pete Dunne - No. 1 Contenders As the former champion Kevin Owens comes to the ring, he is met with many cheers as the fans still have major respect for Owens who since last year has been a symbol for change inside WWE. Despite this, he takes on AJ Styles and Drew McIntyres. Two RAW superstars who are hungry, and the fourth member. Who is revealed as former UK and Intercontinental Champion, Pete Dunne. Who after his final run in NXT, is back on RAW!!! The fatal fourway is underway with some of the best wrestlers in WWE and one of these men is going to take on Bray Wyatt. As the announce table is even used as a weapon as Drew McIntyre puts Styles through the table. Pete Dunne using his joint manipulation to his advantage as he nearly wins the match on several occasions, as its one hell of a main event but by the end of it all, it would be Kevin Owens hitting a pop-up powerbomb on AJ Styles for the win. As the former champion is going to have one more shot as he poses in the ring, after this amazing episode of RAW, one man stands tall and thats the former Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Can he do the same at Backlash? That is all to be told, as we end the show on a high note, as the show fades to black.
  9. Austin Aries vs Jerry Lynn - ROH World Heavyweight Championship The American Wolves vs The Briscoes - ROH World Tag Team Championship Tyler Black vs Chris Hero w/ Claudio Castagnoli Kevin Steen, El Generico, and Colt Cabana vs The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) PAC vs Prince Devitt Roderick Strong vs Sonjay Dutt Bonus Questions: A major star will debut in tonight’s show, who will that star be? Petey Williams Which match will open the Anniversary Show? The American Wolves vs The Briscoes Who will get the highest performance of the night? Tyler Black vs Chris Hero
  10. Round Of 16 Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe Jason Jordan vs Roman Reigns Apollo Crews vs Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose vs Neville Chad Gable vs John Cena Mojo Rawley vs Shinsuke Nakamura Rusev vs Tye Dillinger Aiden English vs Randy Orton Quarter-Finals Joe vs Reigns Crews vs Neville Cena vs Rawley Rusev vs Orton Semi-Finals Joe vs Neville Cena vs Rusev Finals Nevile vs Rusev
  11. RAW Episode 50 Preview: The Night After Wrestlemania, The Age Of Bray Wyatt, And More. Out of all of the RAWs of the year, only one can create such an atmosphere such as the 'Night After Mania", filled with surprises, intense matches, and more. Every year this promises to be one of the best RAWs and with the brand new RAW roster, this one will be no different. ~ The Age Of Bray Wyatt Is Upon Us, Who Will Step Up To The Champion? ~ ~ Cedric Alexander Defends His Newly Won United States Championship Against The Velveteen Dream ~ ~ How Will Toni Storm Adjust To Being The New RAW Womens Champion? ~ ~ Buddy Murphy Takes On John Morrison And Samoa Joe Goes To War With Rusev ~ ~ Who Will Shine On The Red Brand As We Enter This New Era? ~
  12. how can i vote sameer with all these sexist and body shaming comments?

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      Smh it’s comedy Karan 

    2. Nebakos7
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      you don't 😉

  13. Brad vs Addy and Amai Maestro vs Arius Mikey vs Bob Hans vs The AntiChrist - Street Fight Slim vs Tamer - Winner gets an Undisputed Championship shot Carnage Matches Bailey Open Challenge: Bailey vs ??? Echo vs Raven KENJI vs Buddy Ace Broken Nate vs Nebakos Flynn vs Jason Ryan - NO DQ, BPZ Universal Champion
  14. WWE Reborn Season 2 Wrestlemania 35 has come and gone and it is time to yet again pick up speed here in WWE as superstars try to make their claims for the championships as well as new champions build their legacy. With Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff still in charge of their respective shows, who will come out on top? Who will be the face of the WWE by the time Wrestlemania 37 rolls around? We find it all out on the new season of WWE Reborn! Monday Night RAW Roster Universal Champion: Bray Wyatt United States Champion: Cedric Alexander RAW Tag Team Champions: American Alpha RAW Womens Champion: Toni Storm AJ Styles - Akira Tozawa - Aliester Black Andrade - Angelo Dawkins - Austin Aries Becky Lynch - Big E - Bobby Roode Bray Wyatt - Buddy Murphy - Carmella Cedric Alexander - Chad Gable - Dakota Kai Danny Burch - Dolph Ziggler - Drew McIntyre Erik Rowan - Hanson - Heath Slater Io Shirai - Jason Jordan - John Morrison Kalisto - Keith Lee - Kevin Owens KIller Kross - Kofi Kingston - Mandy Rose Oney Lorcan - Peyton Royce - R Truth Rey Mysterio - Rowe - Rusev Samoa Joe - Sheamus - Sin Cara Sonya Deville - Tamina - The Velveteen Dream Toni Storm - Tyler Breeze - Xavier Woods Friday Night Smackdown Roster WWE Champion: Adam Cole Intercontinental Champion: Johnny Gargano Smackdown Tag Team Champion: The Usos Smackdown Womens Champion: Sasha Banks Adam Cole - Akam - Alexa Bliss Alexander Wolfe - Apollo Crews - Austin Theory Bayley - Bobby Fish - Cesaro Charlotte Flair - Curtis Axel - Dana Brooke Daniel Bryan - Dash Wilder - Dominik Dijak EC3 - Ember Moon - Fandango Finn Balor - Gran Metalik - Isaiah Scott Jey Uso - Jimmy Uso - Jinder Mahal Johnny Gargano - Jordan Devlin - Kairi Sane Kassius Ohno - Killian Dain - Kyle O' Reily Ligero - Luke Harper - Matt Riddle Mustafa Ali - MVP - Nia Jax Otis - Randy Orton - Rezar Roderick Strong - Roman Reigns - Sasha Banks Scott Dawson - Seth Rollins - Shayna Blazer Shelton Benjiman - The Miz - Tomasso Ciampa Tucker - Zack Ryder WWE PPV Schedule Royal Rumble - No Way Out - Bloodsport Wrestlemania - Backlash - Money In The Bank Vengeance - Summerslam - No Mercy Survivor Series - King Of The Ring - Starrcade
  15. The question that I am proposing his how do we push Scott Steiner over the next five years and how heavily does he involve himself with the main event scene? With stats like that, Steiner deserves a lot. If he is able to hold up and mix well with your roster (I am not sure how TEW exactly works so bare with me), he is going to be a huge ally for you ratings wise. And he can pretty much only get better, he is only 33, so he is good for at least another 7 years. I think at this point in the series is where you truly take off, and start going down a more creative route. Feuds with guys like Undertaker, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and some mid card guys to boost him up could really benefit him. So maybe start him out in the upper mid, continue to go on with your main event booking. As for the formating/writing of the diary, I'd like to see more pictures of the stars/maybe the description of some matches (whatever TEW does), to break up the chunky writing. As for PPVs, I'd like to see more as well. I really enjoy the "stables of WWF" thing you wrote so more things like that would tie this diary together really well, as always, keep up the great work sherdog.

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