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  1. Amazing idea here Bailey Team Lebron: Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Joel Embied Team Kawhi: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Kemba Walker Team Durant: Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingus Team Giannis: Giannis, Devin Booker, Rudy Gobert Team Curry: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Drummond Team Harden: James Harden, Karl Anthony Towns, Bradley Beal Team Jokic: Jokic, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler Overall, I am thinking Team Giannis will pull off a huge upset and win the entire thing against Team Curry in the finals.
  2. I know this match was weeks ago, but I did not know where else to put this... Keith Lee is my favorite wrestler right now, he has moved past Andrade and Samoa Joe and seeing him doing a frontflip over the top rope onto a crowd of people reminded me of just why. He has such a unique, stand up out of your seat style that I am in love with. I really hope he is a star on the main roster and there is no doubt that he will be, he has an amazing theme song, amazing chants, and a great nickname. He has a decent enough gimmick and although I do not know much about his mic skills, but seeing his work from Beyond Wrestling, he is simply great. This weeks NXT was good as well, but I really just wanted to express that I am now a Keith Lee mark
  3. NWA Powerr is great, I love every bit of it. The feel, the wrestlers, the stories. It is a fun company and is different from what we are use to, but what superstars should go there? What superstars would you like to see in NWA? Realistic or not? Some guys I would like to see, who I think fit the style are Austin Theory, The Revival, Heavy Machinery, Swoggle. Some more come to mine, but who do you want to see?
  4. Network Nights So this has been an idea that has been explored before and sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. I think it would be a really cool idea to all watch an older WWE pay-per-view together, whether it be the 2015 Royal Rumble PPV, or Wrestlemania 19. I think it could help out the discord and maybe get some more people talking, does this seem like a good idea? Obviously not everyone has to participate, and we could make a separate channel for it or use livewreslting.
  5. - WWF World Heavyweight Championship match Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels (c) 30 Man Royal Rumble Match Triple H - WWF World Tag Team Championships Falls Count Anywhere match New Age Outlaws (c) vs Legion of Doom - WWF Intercontinental Championship match The Rock (c) vs Vader -WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Brain Christopher (c) vs Taka Michinoku No Disqualification Match Steve Blackman vs Goldust Bonus Questions: Which match will score the highest rating on the card? Owen Hart vs Shawn Michels Which wrestler will get the highest in-ring performance? The Rock Who will be the final four in the Royal Rumble match? Ken Shamrock, Vader, Rock, Triple H Which wrestler will have the most eliminations over the course of the Royal Rumble match Ken Shamrock
  6. WWE Announce Superstar Shake - Up For Night After Survivor Series PPV At the Survior Series PPV, it will once again be RAW vs Smackdown. As the two brands will go head to head to see who has the better rosters, its Heyman vs Bischoff. RAW vs Smackdown, and its a huge PPV! With huge implications this year as the brand that wins the Survivor Series, will get the first pick in the Superstar Shakeup, and this year. Everyone is eligible, not only that, but the winner of Survivor Series will ALSO get the first pick from NXT, that is right, after Survivor Series, there will be two NXT call-ups. One to RAW, and one to Smackdown! Superstar Shake-Up Rules RAW And Smackdown Will Each Be Able To Choose 2 Superstars From The Separate Brand To Bring To The Roster. RAW And Smackdown Will Each Be Able To Choose 1 Superstar On The NXT Or 205 Live Roster To Bring To Their Roster.
  7. Have you ever wanted to get a CTE? Relentlessly practice, just to be hit over and over again, messing up your body for the rest of your life? Do you want to play a game that our own referees do not know the rules well? Then I got a place for you. The NFL, the top name in American Football, and we want you!! Your name in the bright lights, your name on the roster sheets, you will be a star player to wherever you get drafted! Its simple, just fill out this sign up sheet and you will be a star! (No Promises) Sign Up Sheet Name (First And Last): Height: Weight: Positions (QB, HB, WR, TE, DE, MLB, LOLB, ROLB, CB, SS, FS, K): QB (Quarterback) QB Types (Choose 1): Balanced, Mobile, Strong Arm, West Coast, Field General HB (Runningback/Halfback) HB Types (Choose 1): Balanced, Speed-back, Power-back, Elusive-back WR (Wide Reciver) WR Types (Choose 1): Balanced, Deep Threat, Possession, Red Zone Threat, Slot Receiver TE (Tight End) TE Types (Choose 1): Balanced, Vertical Threat, Possession, Blocking DE (Defensive End) DE Types (Choose 1): Balanced, Run Stopper, Speed Rusher, Power Rusher LB (Line Backer) LB Types (Choose 1): Balanced, Left Outside Linebacker, Middle Linebacker, Right Outside Linebacker LB Type (Choose 1): Balanced, Pass Coverage, Run Stopper, Speed Rusher, Power Rusher CB (Cornerback) CB Types (Choose 1): Balanced, Man To Man, Zone Coverage, Slot Corner S (Safety) S Type(Choose 1): Free Safety, Strong Safety S Type(Choose 1):Balanced, Zone Coverage, Run Support, Hybird K (Kicker) K Type(Choose 1): Balanced, Power, Accuracy Your stats will be decided on your position and "type", if you have any questions about positions, their strengths, etc. Shoot me a DM or ask me in chat, thank you!
  8. WWE Reborn Presents.... King Of The Ring 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada _____ The Revival (C) vs Undisputed Era - Smackdown Tag Team Championships After the pre show analysis and a video package, the commentators would welcome us to the show as we kick things off with a huge tag team match. As it's going to be Undisputed Era, the current NXT Tag Team champions, taking on The Revival. The Smackdown Tag Team Champions and arguably the best WWE tag team of 2019, as they come to the ring ready for a war. As The Revival attempt to hang on to their tag titles for a bit longer, while Undisputed Era looks to become the first team to hold both the NXT and Smackdown tag titles at the same time. It would be classic tag action, as Scott Dawson and Bobby Fish start off the match going at each other. Trading hard shots as The Revival live up to their "Just Fist" motto, taking the fight straight to Undisputed Era while Undisputed Era attempts to make frequent tags and submissions.The match would eventually pick up the pace as the two teams begin to hit more moves, as the two non-legal men begin to fight on the outside as the tension grows. The first near fall would come when The Revival would hit a power bomb clothesline combination. The match would only go on from there, as the two trade tag team moves and near falls for nearly 15 minutes. The match continues on, as these two teams continue to prove why they are the best as they take each other to the limit. The Revival would eventually hit the Shatter Machine, but unknowingly on the non-legal man as the match continues. Allowing Undisputed Era to hit the Hi-Low finisher for a 2 count. Kyle O' Reily would prove his worth, fighting from below and taking out Dash Wilder. Locking in a armbar and nearly ending the match. The true ending would come when Undisputed Era would catch The Revival perfectly in duel submissions, as the tag team champions have no other option but to tap out and give up their titles. As Undisputed Era has taken over Smackdown. As they walk up the ramp, holding both their Smackdown and NXT Tag Team championships. ________ Keith Lee vs Drew McIntyre The first non title match of the night would come in the form of one hell of a battle. As it is going to be the rookie, Keith Lee, who defeated Cesaro at the Reborn Reunion PPV, taking on Drew McIntyre. The beast who after returning from a suspension, has dominated the WWE. Both men would start the match of trading shots, as Lee shows off his impressive power taking out McIntyre early on. However, Drew would fight back with knife edge chops. Some of the hardest hitting in the company as he even hits a power bomb on Lee before Lee would hit a jumping DDT, before the 320 pound Keith Lee would hit a moonsault to a huge pop as the match continues. Both men hitting multiple moves and impressing many. Drew McIntyre would even hit the claymore, but Lee would roll out of the ring, allowing him to stay alive for a few minutes longer. As the ending would come when Keith Lee would go for a top rope move, only for McIntyre to be caught out and be kicked with a claymore. The second one of the match, as McIntyre defeats Lee. Drew McIntyre continues his dominance since returning to WWE, as he walks up the ramp as a winner here tonight. Raising his arms in victory before walking through the curtain. Inside the ring, Keith Lee stands up, taking in the crowd applause at his performance tonight as the rookie looks towards whats next. ____ Cody Rhodes (C) vs Ricochet - Intercontinental Championship One more shot. That is the tagline for this upcoming matchup as Ricochet has had multiple title shots in the past months, and has come up just short. This time, he has put any championship opportunities on the line. If he does not defeat Cody Rhodes here tonight, he will no longer challenge for WWE championships. As Cody Rhodes comes to the ring, being one of the best champions in Reborn. Ricochet and Rhodes would have amazing chemistry in the ring, and would trade shots early on and it would be faced past. Ricochet hitting various high flying moves, taking Rhodes out as he is truly on fire to start the match. But Rhodes would come back, pulling Ricochet down onto the ropes as he takes advantage and attempts to slow down the match. Hitting various drop kicks, and headlocks as he tries to retain his title. Ricochet would get the first near fall with a springboard DDT, but Rhodes would kick out, saving his title for the time being. Cody Rhodes would even hit a cross rhodes, but Ricochet would leave the ring before being pinned. As Ricochet makes a comeback, hitting perfect kicks and a sequence as the crowd gives the two a standing ovation as Ricochet climbs to the top rope and hit a 630. Getting the 3 count and defeating Cody Rhodes!! Ricochet stands up, grabbing the Intercontinental championship with tears in his eyes as for the first time ever, he is a WWE champion!!! _______ Becky Lynch (C) vs Mandy Rose - WWE Womens Championship One of the most blood fueled matches of the night, these two have been talking trash for the past couple of weeks ever since Mandy Rose has attempted to steal Becky Lynchs spotlight. Tonight, Lynch tries to shut down yet another challenger as her reign continues on. Mandy Rose would be impressive, proving she is more than just a 'hot body' as she takes the fight to Lynch early on, stomping away at the champion and even throwing her into the steel steps. Before hitting a crossbody for a near fall. It would seem as if Rose would walk away with the victory, that is until Rose would get to cocky and would slap the face of Lynch. Causing her to go into a fit of rage as she picks apart Rose, eventually locking in the "Dis-Arm-Her" and causing Rose to tap out. The shortest of the night, this match only lasted 8 minutes but Rose fought hard. As Becky Lynchs dominance continues, she has held the WWE Womens championship since Wrestlemania and there is no stopping her unless someone at the top of their game shows up. _________ Bray Wyatt vs John Cena The monster that Bray Wyatt has introduced with his carnival, Bray Wyatts "Fiend" is a deadly force and tonight, John Cena looks to stop him. He has promised to stop Bray Wyatt, and finally get the big win he needs. As its the face of evil, vs the face of WWE. As Bray Wyatt makes his entrance, his last victim, Finn Balor. Now has his head twisted, and morphed into a lantern. Bray Wyatt would be dominant off of the start, destroying John Cena at every turn. From running clotheslines, to powerslams. The Fiend picks apart John Cena in such an eerie and concerning way that the referee almost stops the match. As John Cena would only be able to fight back with a few punches that don't leave any mark, as Bray Wyatt would lock in the sister Abigail and hit it for the 3 count. The dangerous monster that is The Fiend would drag John Cena by his neck up the ramp as the lights flash and his theme music plays. The Fiend stops at the top of the ramp and turns towards the camera, as he drags John Cena into the darkness. The same way he did to Finn Balor months ago. _______ Adam Cole (C) vs AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns - WWE Championship One of the biggest matches in WWE Reborn history, it would be three of the top stars on Smackdown. Adam Cole, the WWE champion, defending against AJ Styles and Roman Reigns. Both of these men took place in a war just 3 weeks ago in a Hell In A Cell match. And now, they have the opportunity of a lifetime. As its been a long time for both AJ Styles and Roman Reigns, to be WWE Champion. It would a car crash from the start, as both Styles and Cole team up on Roman Reigns, taking out the Big Dog as they throw him to the outside of the ring after hitting a brain buster/superkick combo. Then, it would be a WWE dream match from the indies. As AJ Styles and Adam Cole trade shots in the ring and eventually, Styles would get the upper hand. Hitting a springboard DDT and going for the Phenomenal Forearm but Reigns would catch him out, hitting a superman punch. As the match continues and the three men would trade big moves, Roman Reigns even hitting a double superplex as he takes out Cole and Styles. The match would become even more chaotic when the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Bobby Fish and Kyle O' Reily would rush out to the ring and begin a beat down on Styles and Reigns. Only for The Usos and The Club to also come to the ring. As its The Club, Undisputed Era, and The Bloodline battling it out as the match reaches 20 minutes. Amongst all the chaos, Adam Cole would be able to hit the Last Shot on Roman Reigns, sneaking a pinfall and escaping through the crowd as this chaos continues. ________ Dijak (C) vs Cedric Alexander - United States Championship Since his debut at Reborn Reunion, Dijak has been dominant. Defeating Cedric Alexander in just a few seconds and doing the same to the likes of Sin Cara, as tonight, he takes on yet another cruiserweight attempting to take his title. As Cedric Alexander comes to the ring, attempting to prove that he has the best heart in the company. Cedric would surprise many, as he takes the fight to Dijak and even nearly beats him quickly. Hitting some of his classic moves and even some new ones, as he is able to send Dijak to the outside of the ring. It would be when he would go for a diving move, that Dijak would catch him out. Throwing him through the barricade as Dijak takes advantage from there on. The ending would come at the 11 minute mark, as Dijak would lift Alexander onto the top rope, only for Alexander to fight back with kicks. Attempting to hit a moonsault off of the top rope, only to be caught out and be hit with the 'Feast Your Eyes" as the United States Champion retains his title, but take nothing away from Alexander tonight as he put up one hell of a fight, but for now. "The Monster" Dijak, is still champion. _ Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe - King Of The Ring Finals Its been a long road, and these two warriors have fought their way to the throne and now one man will be named "King". As Kevin Owens makes his entrance first to a huge ovation, in the past few months. The crowd has truly warmed up to Owens has he has been shown to be some what of a outsider in recent months, but his opponent. Possibly the most dangerous man in WWE, Samoa Joe. Who comes to the ring ready to play no games, and to win this match. It starts off as you would expect, a hoss fight. As the two men trade monstrous shots and kicks, sending each other into separate corners as they leave marks on each others bodies. Both Owens and Joe would get worn down early on, but would battle through as the match continues on. Kevin Owens would even hit a moonsault, a move we rarely see as he is pulling out all the stops, but the speed from Joe would be to much as his MMA like strikes send Owens outside of the ring as Joe dives out onto him. Eventually, the two would go through an announce table as Owens hits a senton bomb, sending both men through the table. The match would only continue on, as Joe would hit a muscle buster for only a 2 count, and would continue to take control. As Owens would be forced to make a comeback, hitting a total of 4 super kicks before hitting the pop-up power bomb for a near fall. The match would continue on, as Samoa Joe attempts to lock in the coquina clutch, which if he is able to would end the match for sure. As the match reaches 20 minutes, both men are tired. As the match would come to an end with Kevin Owens hitting a package piledriver, pinning Samoa Joe in the center of the ring as he has finally one the big one. Kevin Owens celebrates, rolling out of the ring and walking up the ramp as he sits down on the throne. Breathing heavily as the show comes to an end, Kevin Owens sitting in the throne. As the era of "King Owens" has begun in WWE.
  9. As Mikey and Flynn now stand in the ring, they turn their attention towards the entrance ramp. Where the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Isaiah Carter stands with his champions in his left hand. Shortly after, Hans Clayton would step out behind him with his ribs taped up. Still feeling the effects of the ladder match just a few weeks ago. They stands on top of the stage and look down at their Bulletproof brothers. Carter is dressed in his classic white suit and Clayton is wearing his in ring gear as they walk to the ring slowly, taking in every chant, boo, and cheer from the crowd who is still giving First Class Express a mixed reaction as they enters the ring. Carter flashing his Bulletproof ring towards the camera as he holds up a finger gun "Best In The Business Baby" Isaiah Carter grabs a microphone and fist bumps both Flynn and Mikey before turning towards the crowd, lifting up the microphone as now all four members of Bulletproof stand in the ring together, all stemming from this Flynn open challenge. "Feast your eyes, on the greatest faction in the company" Carter lowers the mic, allowing everyone to truly take a look at the dominant force that stands before them. As Carter once again begins to speak. "This isn't some sort of tagline, or promotional tactic. This is Bulletproofs world and you're living it. Day in, day out. Bulletproof continues to be the most elite group in the pro wrestling world and nothing will change that. We may be standing in this ring a few pounds lighter with the loss of our tag team titles, but look at each and every man standing behind me. Hans Clayton, he came into this business with all the hype in the world and he has lived up to the hype every damn second. He is a former NXT and United States champion and he IS the reason First Class Express is such a success. He is the heir to the throne of Bulletproof. This man is the biggest workhorse I know." Carter pats Hans Clayton on the shoulder, nodding at him as he moves his attention to Mikey. Point towards the United States championship that rest on his shoulder. "Mikey..Mikey..Mikey. Look at this mans shoulders, can we get a camera shot of that? Take a long look because that is the United States championship, this man. Right here, is better then every other superstar in that division. He is the best rising star this company has and he is working his way up to the main event faster than anyone, I've done sparring with Mikey and I can personally tell you that he hits hard, he hits fast. And that he is Bulletproofs weapon. Mikey, Hans Clayton, the future of the BPZ, and they are Bulletproof" Isaiah Carter then fist bumps the two men before turning to Flynn, the two men stare at each other as the crowd goes silent. The tension between the two is obvious, as both men are considered the leaders of this stable. But soon, both men begin to laugh and then give each other a hug. Pulling away as Carter begins to speak once again. "The man who created it all, Jeremiah Flynn came up to me backstage a few months ago and pitched the idea of Bulletproof. Knowing Flynn and his antics, I didn't know what to think. But then I realized that this man, the Undisputed Champion. Is the mastermind of BPZ, he has a brilliant mind and as much as I want to stomp his teeth down his throat for what he did to me in 2017. I know it was for a reason, and that we have a much bigger enemy. Jeremiah Flynn, is elite" The BPZ World Heavyweight Championship is lifted up in the air as Carter holds it up for all to see, standing on the middle rope as he begins to speak. "Then, there is me. The best in class, the ass-kicking machine, the black lion, the star boy, whatever you want to call me. I am the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and that means I hold the top prize in this entire company and I look at the members of Creed and I see four men who are at the top of their game, three of those men are former world champions and look who is stepping up to the plate to face me for world....no one. Not a single soul, this BPZ World Heavyweight Championship is a title that is meant to be defended, a title that is meant to be worked for, and I will hang on to this championship for life and its a shame that this roster is too scared to challenge for it. This title, along with Flynns Undisputed championship, and Mikeys United States championship. Is a small portion of why Bulletproof is so god damn good" Carter jumps down from the middle rope and joins his brothers, giving each and every one a "two sweet", as he pulls his microphone down and speaks to Bulletclub personally as only people watching at home could hear. "Its us four till the end, I love you all like brothers" Pulling away from Bulletproof, Isaiah Carter puts his World Championship on his shoulder and stands in front of the three men who now join him in the center of the ring as Carter takes in the crowd reaction, receiving genuine boos for the first time in a long time, which catches him by surprise. "Its so weird, hearing that once again. Hearing my name being chanted, but now in negative ways. I thought I changed my ways, I thought that the changes I made in my career were good, but then, I finally realized what was the problem. The problem was that I trusted all of you way too much. I trusted each and every single one of you, and just like that, you turned your back on me and followed Creed blindly. THAT is the real thing that bothers me, not Creed, not losing the tag titles. Each and every slob of a wrestling fan is what itches at my skin, because you have no idea what the truth is. You have no clue who really is the 'Good Guy". Well let me tell you something, I am not a good guy. I am not a bad guy. I am a man with an agenda to rid the BPZ of Creed and I won't stop until that mission is accomplished whether you're with me or against me" "Day in, day out. I dream of stomping my feet into the chest of the members of Creed, each and every one. I lay awake at night, thinking of different ways to put an end to the nightmare that you all have bought into. This giant lie that has been fed to you and you ate it up like a Thanksgiving dinner, they claim to be the hardest working stars. The workhorses of BPZ, the good hearts. Creed is an excellent stable and I will never go against that, but they are not us" "Survivor Series. Bulletproof proves that WE are the workhorses, WE are the elite, WE prove that we are better than the Creed.... Day In...Day Out"
  10. Legendsorigin and TastefulChain really be the most under rated members of the forums

    1. Mikey


      That's not an opinion, it's a fact

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      Thank you, that's nice of you to say.

  11. I gotta say, this diary is sick. And not just cause Samantha Carter is an ANIMAL!!! I mean, with the last name Carter, you would expect her to be GOATed. But fr, the presentation on this diary is good and its very easy to read. Keep up the good work Sheridan
  12. Add a "Download" button to download threads/post, maybe it turns them into a word document onto your computer, because I would love to be able to download some of my diaries/promos, just to have them saved just in case the forums ever crashes I can still have these write ups I sunk so many hours into, Idk it may be stupid, but I think it could be a good feature that you wouldn't have to use if you don't want to.

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