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  1. "Buddy, whats going on my man" The voice belongs to non other than 'The Heart Of BPZ' Isaiah Carter. Still bruised up from his BPZMania match and the assault given to him a few days ago. He sits down on a stool next to Ace, looking up at the bartender "Just a Moscow mule please" Carter takes a deep breath before speaking to Buddy. "The best thing about losing Ace, is that you learn that it actually helps you. It makes that fire under you roar louder than ever and burn hotter than before. You came out to that ring and saved me on a 3 on 1 attack. That took guts, the type of guts that only come from someone who knows how to lose and wipe themselves off and keep on moving." "Whiskey is great. But its not the answer, I think we should do this together. We should climb back to the top together, the only two tag teams I have been in....well...I've won gold with both" Isaiah is handed his drink and he thanks the bartender, he takes a big swig before setting it down and looking back to Ace. "You're the future of this company Ace. The fans love you, management loves you, and if it wasn't for a hall of famer ruining your moment, well you'd be sitting here with a championship around your waist. So, lets forget about the what ifs...and focus on how we are going to kick Bulletproofs ass" Isaiah Carter and Buddy Ace share a drink, both sitting at the bar as a group of men playing poker in the back can be heard, one of the men places down his hand. "Aces High...pay up" Carter smiles, looking at Ace. "Aces High...I like that.....I'll drink to that" The glass of the two mens drinks clink together as their night begins, as they share drinks and stories. The segment comes to an end.
  2. Smackdown Episode 46 Preview
  3. WWE Reborn | RAW | Episode 46 Becky Lynch Isn't Scared Of Toni Storm To kick off Monday Night RAW, we would see Becky Lynch. And with only 2 weeks until the Bloodsport PPV. We are going to see a lot of matches developed here tonight, and the champ will have a close eye on her land. As she comes to the ring, the Wrestlemania sign glowing in the background. "Every single week, I have come to this ring and told you all the same thing. I am unbeatable, form a wee little diva in the NXT ring. My orange hair flowing as I wore a steampunk attire. To now, I stand before you the longest reigning RAW Womens champion in history. I stand before you, as 'The Man' who has defeated every obstacle, every barrier, and I've sure as hell kicked everyones ass. What I'm saying is I am not afraid of Toni Storm, I am not afraid of anyone. Let me tell you this, I will be facing Toni Storm at Wrestlemania. And it will be the same result it was at Backlash, at Money In The Bank. With her being stretched out....Man Out." Becky Lynch leaves the ring to cheers, as she has been on top for some time now, will it continue past Wrestlemania 36? _ New Day vs War Raiders - Number One Contenders At Bloodsport, EC3 and The Miz will be defending their tag team titles and up next, we find out what team it'll be. Either the former champions the War Raiders, or the 8 time tag team champions, the New Day. Its a classic tag team match, as Big E is able to go toe to toe with the large team, while Kofi uses his speed and takes out Rowan. Leaving Hanson to be set up for the 'Midnight Hour' as the New Day become number one contenders!! What a match! And what a win for the New Day! _ Luke Harper Challenges The Champ Luke Harper would be seen inside of a strange room, a butchers room, as dead cows, meat, and more surrounds him. He stares into the camera before speaking about Dominik Dijak, calling him a 'Strong' fighter. But not strong enough, as 'The dawn' will be upon him soon, and Harper will be the one who brings it upon him, at Bloodsport. Will the champion accept this challenge? _ Chad Gable vs A Listers Its a two on one handicap match. If Chad Gable wins, he is taking on Shelton Benjiman at Bloodsport. Its going to be tough, as The Miz and EC3 are both great competitors and it shows. As they double team Gable early on, taking him to the outside and even throwing him into the steel steps. But a 'divide and conquer' method would help Gable, as he throws EC3 into the crowd, locking in the ankle lock on The Miz. But as The Miz is about to tap, Shelton Benjiman enters the ring! Benjiman attacks Gable, planting him with a german before hitting a STO finisher called the 'Price Range'. The A - Listers stand tall over Gable, smiles on their face. But either way, Gable vs Benjiman is on for Bloodsport. _ Bianca Belair vs Ember Moon Bianca would have her first true test against Ember Moon, who is returning here tonight after a big fight against Lynch at the Royal Rumble PPV. As this match is hard hitting, showing off Belairs brawl style. Eventually, the match would come to an end, as Belair would hit her finisher on Moon. But as Belair is celebrating. Toni Storms music would hit as she comes to the ring, staring down Belair and yelling in her face before getting on the mic and challenging her to a match in two weeks. Belair would laugh, before accepting the match. As a dream match has just been made. Toni Storm vs Bianca Belair...Bloodsport!!! _ Randy Orton Will Silence Aleister Black We would get a backstage promo with one of the veterans in WWE. A future HOF, Randy Orton. Who begins to speak about a man he has had problems with as of late, Aleister Black. He says that he is tired of playing games, and he is going to put an end to the 'Sinister'....next week. _ Seth Rollins vs Cedric Alexander 'The Messiah' would come to the ring, a smile on his face as he is surrounded by the Authors Of Pain. In the past few weeks, Rollins has stood tall over the likes of Matt Riddle with the Authors Of Pain by his side. And tonight, he gets on the mic and speaks about how things won't change. That the two men beside him will be the men who bring him back to the top, and he challenges anyone to stop him. The man who would step up is Cedric Alexander, who comes to the ring and brings the fight to Rollins. Putting up an amazing effort against the former Universal Champion. But despite Cedrics best efforts, he would get hit by the curb stomp. As Seth Rollins picks up another win here tonight and may be unstoppable with this new phase. _ Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio Its the main event, and of course, its Brock Lesnar time. The man who has a match with the Universal Champion in two weeks, would take on Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio was the man who stepped up to take on Lesnar, wanting this chance to prove himself against one of the best on RAW. The kicks from Mysterio would slow down Lesnar for some time, but the number of German Suplexes combined with knees to the head would slow anyone down, as the F5 would be the final nail in the coffin for Rey Mysterio. As Brock Lesnar stands tall. As Lesnar is celebrating his win, Kevin Owens would come in behind! Nailing a low blow! Kevin Owens takes out Lesnar and hits a pop-up powerbomb!! Kevin Owens stands over Lesnar who rolls out of the ring and up the stage, as RAW comes to an end with Lesnar looking pissed off at Owens. Can Owens stop The Beast?
  4. WWE Reborn | Smackdown | Episode 45 Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans - Block A Match Last week Paige would announce the 'Smackdown Circuit' and it would quickly pop off with two amazing matches and now, it continues as we kick off Smackdown with Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans. Both women would come to the ring prepared, trying to get points early on in this tournament. As Evans would use her long legs to her advantage, but no one can outdo the queen. As she locks in the figure eight leg lock and makes Evans tap out, as the opening match comes to a close with Charlotte Flair on top. Earning herself 2 points. _ Jordan Devlin Wants The Celtic Warrior We would cut backstage to Jordan Devlin standing with Renee Young, as she ask him about a man who attacked him at the Starrcade PPV 2 months ago and has yet to answer any of Devlins challenge. Jordan would look into the camera, and call himself the true Celtic Warrior. Will Sheamus make an appearance? Or will Devlin be stuck only wishing for revenge. _ Undisputed Era vs Darkness Rising A huge tag team match would take place on Smackdown as UE takes on one of the monster tag teams of Smackdown, Darkness Rising. As they come to the ring, they look dominant and it doesn't change in the match. As they pick apart Kyle O' Reily, Bobby Fish only coming in later to try and save his partner. But it would be to late, as Konnor puts away Fish with a huge powerbomb, followed by a splash from Viktor. As the match comes to a close and Darkness Rising gets a huge victory here tonight. They celebrate, the lights flashing white and red before going out, when they turn back on, the ring is empty. _ Sasha Banks vs Natayla - Block B Match In the second Smackdown Circuit match of the night, it would be Sasha Banks taking on Natayla as two veterans here in WWE are trying to get a possible Wrestlemania moment and get some early points. Natayla would bring the fight, but Sasha would end up winning the match. Putting Natayla away with the "Bank Statement" _ Roman Reigns Is Smackdowns Big Dog We would go from in-ring action to backstage, as Roman Reigns is standing by with one of WWEs resident interviewers, He is asked questions about the show of shows, and how he plans to get there. He announces that there is still 2 months, and that he promises, that he will be in a high profile match. _ Roderick Strong Open Challenge Roderick Strong would come to the ring alone and with a mic, as tonight, he takes on anyone who steps out from the back. The man who would answer is one of NXT UKs best, Joe Coffey. The scottish warrior comes to the ring and Strong is going to have his hands full tonight. The match would be a long, grueling one and one of the best in Smackdown history. As Coffey would give it his all to win the Intercontinental Championship here tonight, but when it comes to a close, it would be Roderick Strong hitting the heart breaker to win the match, putting away Coffey after a valiant effort. Retaining his title here tonight. _ Oney Lorcan Speaks Out With Danny Burch Last week, we saw the debut of Danny Burch as he came to the aid of his friend Oney Lorcan against The Club. In a backstage interview, Burch tells everyone why they are here, they are here to win the Smackdown Tag Team titles, and if they have to take out The Club to do that, they will. So next week, its Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs The Club! _ Tomasso Ciampa vs Angel El Diablo - Street Fight A match that has been building for weeks, the mind games are over, and now its time for a fight. And a fight it would be, as both men bring out weapons early on. Angel El Diablo using a kendo stick on Ciampa, while Ciampa pulls out a steel chain! He would choke out Angel, but the match would continue on. As blood comes from the back of Ciampa, and the match continues on for nearly 20 minutes. The match would come to an end once Ciampa would hit the 'Fairytale Ending' onto steel steps!!! Putting an end to Angel El Diablos undefeated streak in one of the most brutal Smackdown matches in a long time. The show closes with Ciampa standing tall, his back bloody, a smile on his face, as Smackdown fades to black.
  5. Night 1: Universal Championship Match: AJ Styles (C) vs Alesiter Black SD Women’s Championship Match: Lacey Evans (C) vs Charlotte Flair Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor (C) vs John Morrison vs Bobby Lashley SD Tag Team Championship Match: Samoan Strong Style (C) vs Rey Mysterio and Ricochet vs #DIY vs Undisputed Era Adam Cole vs Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre Street Fight: Randy Orton vs Shane McMahon John Cena vs Goldberg Women’s Memorial Battle Royal ASUKA Night 2: WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (C) vs Roman Reigns RAW Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (C) vs Andrade Cien Almas vs Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander RAW Tag Team Championship Match: KOZayn (C) vs Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Boss N Hug Connection (C) vs The Bella Twins vs Trish Stratus and Lita The Undertaker vs Sting No Holds Bar Match: Triple H vs Edge Jeff Hardy vs The Miz Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Dominik Dijak Bonus: Which Match will Open Night 2 Will any NXT Superstars be in the Battle Royals Yes Who will be the final elimination of both Battle Royals Mandy Rose and Mark Henry Will The Rock Show up? Yes How Many Championship Changes Will there Be 5 How Many Matches will go over 20 Minutes? 8 Will there be any surprise matches? Yea
  6. Liv Morgan vs. Natalya (Kickoff) Cesaro vs. Drew Gulak (Kickoff) Women's Tag Team Championships: Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley Elias vs. King Corbin Raw Tag Team Championships: Street Profits(c) vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza Jr. SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Miz & Morrison vs. The Usos vs.The New Day (Ladder Match) Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn(c) vs Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley(c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans vs. Naomi vs. Tamina NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley(c) vs. Charlotte Flair Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch(c) vs. Shayna Baszler Edge vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing) John Cena vs. The Fiend (Firefly Fun House Match) The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar(c) vs. Drew McIntyre Universal Championship: Goldberg(c) vs. Braun Strowman Bonuses: Will Ronda Rousey show up? No Will Gronk interfere in any matches? Yes How many title changes will we get? 7
  7. My name....well thats a funny story. Something so common, yet, in my world. It could be so damaging telling anyone, anyone at all. Ever since I was 20, I've been here. I graduated college and moved to New Mexico. I followed a high school friend down here and he got me involved with some real bad people, doing some real bad things. It truly happened too fast, and there was no going back. I stole 80 million worth of drugs from the biggest drug empire in New Mexico. I didn't do it alone, and its how I ended up here, laying under 8 feet of trash, covered in blood, the US National Guard walking over me. ~ Empire ~ 6 Years Before The Heist I jolted awake at the sound of the train roaring past my studio apartment, every morning, it shakes the walls at exactly 6 in the morning. I glanced at the clock and you guessed it, 6 in the morning. I sat up groggily. Looking around at the dirty floor of my apartment with thoughts of annoyance, if I ever find the time to clean any of this up, it would be a gift. But today, today was one of the best days of my life. I walked over to my desk and opened my laptop, the screen blinked at me. Asking for a password. I logged on and the tab was already open, in giant, green letters. It read "Your package has arrived to your location. Congratulations !!" I let out a laugh, slapping my desk. I finally did it, I ran down the stairs of my apartment complex, all the way to the mailboxes. As I stepped outside in the cold winter, I realized I forgot to put pants on. But it was 6 in the morning, and the streets were empty. So I quickly grabbed the envelope and ran back upstairs. As I entered the apartment, I grabbed the letter and read it outloud to myself. I finish the letter, and smile. I finally have my certificate in Human Services. 2 long years of online schooling, and its all worth it. I look out the window, it wasn't much for a view. But if I am at the right angle, I can see the ocean through the maze of train tracks and buildings. I can see the rising sun bouncing off the waves, and I can't help but smile. 12 Hours Later Its been a day of celebration, I was so pleased with myself, I almost forgot about the scummy life I live. As my phone rings, I see its from an Unknown Caller, it can only mean one thing. "Myles. Its time" "Idk if I can do it man, I finally did it, I got my certificate I don't need this anymore" "What the fuck did I say about making other commitments? You owe me you dipshit, now get here...now" I let out a huge sigh. Clicking my tongue as I hold back tears, has my life really come to this, where my greatest accomplishment is being squashed. All by some 300 lbs dude in a suit. "Be right there"
  8. Smackdown Episode 45 Review
  9. WWE Reborn | RAW | Episode 45 The Pinnacle To kick of Monday Night RAW, '2nd Sucks' would begin to play as coming out on stage to a new theme song, is Seth Rollins. Joined by the two men who helped him defeat Matt Riddle last week, Akam..Rezar. The Authors Of Pain. The three men walk into the ring and Rollins seems untouchable, as he begins to speak. Seth Rollins: "My boys are finally with me. It feels great, for months, I have been planning this. For months, I have been thinking, plotting, and creating this. This plan to become the best...I am a leader, an innovator, I am a man this company can trust. I am a MESSIAH. I had a vision and now, its all coming true." Seth Rollins continues talking, before he is cut off by 'Broooo' as Matt Riddle steps out on stage, challenging Rollins to a rematch. Rollins, however, would refuse. As he says that Akam And Rezar are going to be doing his dirty deeds for him, as Rollins kicks back in a chair, Riddle will take on A.O.P in a one on two handicap match, later tonight! _ Chad Gable vs The Miz An on-going feud between the RAW Tag Team champions and Chad Gable would continue on tonight as Gable takes on a former WWE champion in The Miz. Gable would take the fight to The Miz, as he is trying to get his much wanted revenge on Shelton Benjaman. The Miz would put up a good fight, and despite some cheating on part of EC3. Chad Gable would make Miz tap out with an ankle lock. As The Miz and EC3 leave the ring, they make an announcement. Next week, Gable takes on The Miz and EC3 in a 2 on 1 handicap match, if he wins, Gable faces Shelton Benjiman at Bloodsport. _ Tyler Breeze Is The True Dream We would cut backstage to see Tyler Breeze in the same purple room we often see Velveteen Dream in, Breeze would cut a promo about Dream. Calling him a phony before saying the reason he attacked him was because he is taking his spotlight that he deserves. Tyler Breeze promises the Dream will be gone forever. _ Bianca Belair vs Sailor Meko One of the most dominant women in this years Royal Rumble match, and a women whos been attacking various superstars. Bianca Belair, would take on a local competitor in her debut, as she easily lifts the women up and slams her to the mat easily. Meko would last maybe 15 seconds, before a powerbomb would put her out of action as Bianca Belair picks up a huge win here. _ Luke Harper vs Rusev In one on one action thats sure to be hard hitting, Luke Harper would come to the ring to take on 'The Brute' Rusev. Harper has been attempting to pick up a big win for some time now and as he takes on Rusev, his win may be right here. Harper and Rusev share heavy strikes, before Harper would send himself out of the ring towards Rusev! God damn! Luke Harper has opened up a new level of skills here tonight, as he brings Rusev in the ring and hits the discuss clothesline!! Harper pins Rusev in the center of the ring, but as he is celebrating his win, the lights would go out. As the United States champion appears in the ring! Dominik Dijak lays out Harper! The United States champion has set his next target, and its Luke Harper! _ Face To Face Toni Storm would come to the ring with confidence on her face, as no matter what happens over the next few months, she has a Wrestlemania match confirmed. As she stands in the ring and awaits Becky Lynch, the crowd chant her name. As 'The Man' would make her way as the two begin to promo one each other. Lynch bringing up the fact Storm has never beaten her. Lynch would eventually leave the ring, walking up the ramp before Bianca would attack Toni Storm!! Bianca Belair once again sneak attacks Storm, and Becky Lynch isn't helping Storm! Belair hits her finisher on Storm, standing tall as Becky Lynch looks down to the ring. Potential looking at the future. _ The Champs Thoughts On The Beast We would get a sitdown interview with the Universal Champion, Kevin Owens. Who last week found out his next opponent, Brock Lesnar. Who is trying to win back the title he lost, Kevin Owens gives his thoughts on Lesnar. Saying he is a intense, hard hitting opponent but he has been beaten. And he hasn't been able to win in a long long time and it won't change at Bloodsport. Kevin Owens promises he will defeat Brock Lesnar. _ Matt Riddle vs The Pinnacle Of Wrestling In a 2 on 1 handi-cap match, Matt Riddle would be taking on the new era of the Authors Of Pain, now lead by Seth Rollins, and going under the moniker The Pinnacle Of Wrestling. Riddle is hyped up, wanting revenge on Rollins as he takes on Akam in the ring. The numbers game would eventually catch up to Riddle, as Riddle is taken out. But he would fight from below, and hit one of the nastiest elbows on Rezar. Busting him open as he takes out Akam, nearly winning the match before Rollins would enter the ring and start kicking him down!! Matt Riddle is overcome by The Pinnacle. As they hit a combination of the powerbomb into a stomp. As they once again end RAW, standing tall, as we may start to see a pattern here.
  10. WWE Reborn | Smackdown | Episode 44 Will Roman Reigns Find A Wrestlemania Match? As a highlight reel of the Royal Rumble concludes, Smackdown would kick off with 'The Big Dog' Roman Reigns, stepping out from the back. At the Royal Rumble PPV, Roman Reigns failed to not only capture the WWE Championship, but to win the Royal Rumble match as his cousin 'The Rock' would throw him over the top rope. Tonight, Roman Reigns comes to the ring to discuss his future. "Its not question to say I don't feel like a million bucks, in fact, I don't know if I've ever been lower. Ever since returning 10 months ago, I haven't quite been myself. I haven't been able to win the matches I need to win, and I certainly haven't made Smackdown 'my yard'. I need to find that fire, I need to walk into Wrestlemania and walk out with a victory. And I will do whatever it takes to make that happen." Before Roman Reigns would leave the ring, the theme song of one 'Samoa Joe' would begin to play. As 'The Destroyer' steps out of the backstage area, with a pissed off look on his face. After only lasting a few minutes in the Royal Rumble, he too, is looking for redemption. The two men would continue to exchange words, before eventually Roman Reigns would challenge Joe to a match in tonights main event. Samoa Joe would agree, a smirk coming across his face. As the opening segment comes to an end. _ Oney Lorcan vs Finn Balor An ongoing feud on Smackdown for the past weeks, Oney Lorcan would come to the ring and finally get his rematch against Finn Balor. Who has been on a winning streak as of late, but tonight, it may be in danger as Lorcan may be able to dethrone 'The Prince' as the action begins and both men bring the heat. The match would go on and would entertain many, Balor hitting over the top dives while Lorcan keeps the match to the ground with chops and headbutts. Finn Balor would look to plant Lorcan into the mat with the '1916' but Lorcan would roll him up, scoring a 3 count on Balor!! The crowd goes nuts, but before Lorcan could celebrate, he would be attacked by Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. As the 'The Club' are not happy about the loss to their leader, but here comes one of Lorcans best friends!! Danny Burch!! He is making his debut here tonight as he enters the ring and begins to take out The Club, hitting a 'London Bridge' on Balor!! Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are back together!! _ Paige Makes A Huge Announcement Ever since the womens draft after the Starrcade PPV, we have been awaiting what was the word on the Smackdowns Women Championship. Paige announced that the winner of the Royal Rumble would be crowned Smackdown womens champion if a Smackdown roster member won it, however, that didn't occur. So tonight, Paige announces the 'Smackdown Circuit'. A 10 women, point based tournament that will conclude at the biggest show of the year. Wrestlemania! The tournament will take place over the next 8 weeks, as each women will compete in 6 matches. The points will work as follows. 2 for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. The matches kick off NEXT! _ Nikki Cross vs Asuka - Smackdown Circuit Block A In the first match of this history making tournament. It would be Nikki Cross and Asuka going head to head, Cross would have an impressive showing in the Rumble. As she comes to the ring screaming like a lunatic, ready to take on Asuka. Asuka brings the aggression, wanting the Smackdown Womens championship to be heres once again. But as the match goes on, Asuka would get more and more cocky before Cross would hit a armtrap german out of know where, picking up a huge and shocking win! The crowd would go crazy, as Nikki Cross has become an underdog to many and here tonight, she proves why. _ Roderick Strong Will Face Anyone We would get a backstage promo from Undisputed Era, the top faction in all of WWE. As they hold all of the Smackdown championships, as all three members who defended their titles at Royal Rumble retained. But as they are talking, Strong steps forward, holding up his Intercontinental Championship and announcing he will hold an open challenge next week and defend it against anyone. _ Dakota Kai vs Nia Jax - Smackdown Circuit Block B The first Block B match of the tournament, it would be Dakota Kai. Who made her debut at the Royal Rumble event taking on Nia Jax. As the hard hitting, confident Kai would take on Jax in singles action. Trying to score some points here as she takes Jax out with any means necessary, eventually beating the giant with a roundhouse kick that could knock out a horse. Dakota Kai picks up a huge win here in her Smackdown debut, and quickly gets 2 points on the board. _ Ciampa vs Diablo Next Week We would get a short backstage promo from Tomasso Ciampa, as he speaks on Angel El Diablo. A man he has had problems with recently, where he would announce that next weeks main event is Tomasso Ciampa vs Angel El Diablo!! _ Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns In what should be a slobber knocker of a match, its two of Smackdowns biggest stars going head to head. Gunning for any sort of momentum heading in Wrestlemania. It would be hard hitting main event, as Samoa Joe would even lock in the coquina clutch but Reigns would fight out of it. Eventually hitting the spear and putting the match away, gaining a much needed win after two huge losses at Wrestlemania. As Roman Reigns celebrates, the crowd wonders, how will Roman Reigns get on the Wrestlemania card?
  11. When posed the question, 'whats your favorite ice cream', I immediately thought of many flavors. Cookie Dough, Cookies and Creme, and the classic Vanilla. But while I sat in quarantine, and gave it a good thought, I realized that only one flavor could come out on top as my true favorite, and that is Ben & Jerrys S'mores flavor. In this essay I will explain why Ben And Jerrys not only creates a phenomenal ice cream, but a convenient escape into a gateway of memories and nostalgia. Sitting by a campfire during the summer, the smell of firewood burning hitting my nose, there was only one snack that could fill my needs. That being the magical combination of a fire cooked Marshmallow, melted chocolate, all safely tucked between graham crackers. There truly is nothing that compare and it is a huge highlight of summer. In my 18 years of life, I have had many s'mores, and many different ice cream flavors. But nothing combines my childhood memories along with an excellent snack as much as this tub of greatness. A brilliant base layer of chocolate ice cream allows a perfect mixture of ingredients to make an amazing snack. Fudge chunks that when you bite into, give a small crunch before melting into your mouth, graham cracker swirls that are surprisingly the best part of the entire tub, and of course. The marshmallow swirl. The perfect stick to the roof of your mouth topping that rounds over the entire flavor. It all mixes together to create one of the most mouth watering, sweet ice creams that Ben And Jerry makes. What sets it apart from other ice creams? From cookie dough to raspberry swirl, I've tried them all. But nothing beats walking into the convenient store and grabbing a container of Ben And Jerrys, being able to crack it open on car riders, working out, and playing video games in just seconds. There is no need for bowls, sharing, or anything of the like. As long as you have a spoon, you can eat this brilliance. I've ordered it off of their website and driven long distances just to get a taste, it is hard to find, but worth every bit of effort. There is not many ice creams that one bite sends you into heaven, but the combination of creamy and crunchy in the right parts, the entire thing can be taken apart by a spoon, and when inside of your mouth. It melts perfectly, it is truly, the perfect ice cream. I hope everyone on this thread has a chance in their lifetime to taste this ice cream, because there is truly nothing that compares to it. Gotta say this topic truly got me thinking, and it shows just how diverse the forums is in thinking of new topics and this one truly stands out both in my eyes and heart. Thank you Ropati4 for bringing it upon us, what a brilliant platform this is.
  12. Isaiah steps forward and looks Hans straight in the eyes, not acknowledging the two men standing behind him as he mouths a simple phrase. "Last night. You were the better man." "I'm glad you came out here to back up your boys, cause they sure of hell needed it. But you, Hans you're a different story. You're in your prime, the top of your game, you're a guaranteed top three draft pick. But you wanna know the worst thing about being on top? "You're bound to fall, and when you do. It is going to be a long, painful crash. FD may of beat Smith at the Royal Rumble, and I will give him that. But what has he done since then? What has either of these men done since their last win? The only man standing in front of me that deserves even a bit of respect is you Clayton" "But even with the little respect I have for you, it doesn't mean I don't want to return the favor you just promised me. It doesn't mean that when the next time we face off, I am going to drive a chair straight into your skull. I want to make you bleed, I want to make you have have that realization of failure." "And what better way to do that, then in a match made for blood, a match made for moments like this. A match, made for war." "I look in front of me and I see 3 men looking for something to prove, 3 men out for blood against me, and I see no better time, and no better reason for me to find myself 2 other partners to go up against you, in one match, a match that will change all of our careers......" "Wargames" The crowd pops, as Isaiah Carter drops his mic, waiting for Bulletproof response. Hans looks at Bob and FD and nods, a smile coming over his face before the three men attack Carter! Its a three on one assault as Bob picks Carter up and throws him into the corner, as the three men look at Carter who struggles to get up, before dragging him over to the Undisputed Champion, who grabs his arm, possible looking to do the same move he did last night!! Thats Buddy Aces music! What the hell is he doing! Ace runs down the ramp as the crowd cheers, last night, he failed in his BPZMania match but tonight he slides in the ring and starts taking out the three men! He sends Bob flying out of the ring and the same with FD, before nearly hitting his finisher on Clayton, but FD pulls Clayton out of the ring! Did Carter just find himself his first partner in the form of Ace!?? Bulletproof stands on the stage, looking down at Isaiah Carter and Buddy Ace who now stand side by side. As the segment comes to a close with the hype of Wargames at an all time high.
  13. Carter looks down at his boots, before around at the crowd, and then straight into the eyes of the "Silencer" "For a nickname like the Silencer you sure as hell talk a lot...these people? Thats what you're referring them to as? The people who have kept you in this company even though you've been a dying flame since 2016, they've allowed you to put dinner on your table for the past 5 years. These people are the reason you're employed" "They cheer me not because they are paid too, not because of some men in suits, no. The fans cheer me because I give them what you lack. Respect. A respect for them, a respect for this business, and a respect for the art of pro wrestling that you could never match. And it is been that way since I met you. Whether you were throwing your arms out to your sides, holding up middle fingers, or now being a wannabe Tamer. It is honestly a disgrace that this company refers to you as a Hall Of Famer" "There is no denying that we've had some wars in the past, and you've bested me in some of those battles. But now, in 2020. Look at us, you're still floating around in catering, being handed the GIFT of being recruited to Bulletproof. And what did you do with it? You didn't gain a single win, I truly, can not remember the last time you won. I can honestly say I did not know whos music was playing until you stepped out on stage." "Replacement? Disappointment is more of the word I would use. I mean, when I was apart of Bulletproof. I was the co-leader, I took the helm and lead us straight into battle. I made us one of the most feared factions this company has ever seen and I built a god damn empire, and now. Now you want to say you REPLACED me? No, you apart of a class who came in at the death of it all. And now look at you, desperately trying to glue this mess together, in an attempt to try and 'humble' me? I do not think I am a wrestling god FD...I just know what the hell respect is...." "I respected you for awhile. Even though I wanted to kick your ass more than anything, I truly did respect you. But now? I think you're nothing more then a veteran trying to find his place amongst a sea of new talent, and you just lost your floaties. And now you're drowning" Carter lowers his microphone, as FD shakes his head, before Carter begins to speak. Looking at both Bob and FD who stand side by side. "I look at you two. And I see two people who are from separate generations. But in the same sinking boat, where you're so desperate for some recognition that you have come to an old foe, looking to somehow through your name in the hat. But the truth is you won't have any sort of success until you learn respect, and if I have to kick your ass to prove that to you...then so be it" "And one la-" Isaiah would once again get cut off by a theme song, as another one of BPZs elite talents makes his way to the ring, this time, one Carter knows very well.

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