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  1. As Mikey and Flynn now stand in the ring, they turn their attention towards the entrance ramp. Where the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Isaiah Carter stands with his champions in his left hand. Shortly after, Hans Clayton would step out behind him with his ribs taped up. Still feeling the effects of the ladder match just a few weeks ago. They stands on top of the stage and look down at their Bulletproof brothers. Carter is dressed in his classic white suit and Clayton is wearing his in ring gear as they walk to the ring slowly, taking in every chant, boo, and cheer from the crowd who is still giving First Class Express a mixed reaction as they enters the ring. Carter flashing his Bulletproof ring towards the camera as he holds up a finger gun "Best In The Business Baby" Isaiah Carter grabs a microphone and fist bumps both Flynn and Mikey before turning towards the crowd, lifting up the microphone as now all four members of Bulletproof stand in the ring together, all stemming from this Flynn open challenge. "Feast your eyes, on the greatest faction in the company" Carter lowers the mic, allowing everyone to truly take a look at the dominant force that stands before them. As Carter once again begins to speak. "This isn't some sort of tagline, or promotional tactic. This is Bulletproofs world and you're living it. Day in, day out. Bulletproof continues to be the most elite group in the pro wrestling world and nothing will change that. We may be standing in this ring a few pounds lighter with the loss of our tag team titles, but look at each and every man standing behind me. Hans Clayton, he came into this business with all the hype in the world and he has lived up to the hype every damn second. He is a former NXT and United States champion and he IS the reason First Class Express is such a success. He is the heir to the throne of Bulletproof. This man is the biggest workhorse I know." Carter pats Hans Clayton on the shoulder, nodding at him as he moves his attention to Mikey. Point towards the United States championship that rest on his shoulder. "Mikey..Mikey..Mikey. Look at this mans shoulders, can we get a camera shot of that? Take a long look because that is the United States championship, this man. Right here, is better then every other superstar in that division. He is the best rising star this company has and he is working his way up to the main event faster than anyone, I've done sparring with Mikey and I can personally tell you that he hits hard, he hits fast. And that he is Bulletproofs weapon. Mikey, Hans Clayton, the future of the BPZ, and they are Bulletproof" Isaiah Carter then fist bumps the two men before turning to Flynn, the two men stare at each other as the crowd goes silent. The tension between the two is obvious, as both men are considered the leaders of this stable. But soon, both men begin to laugh and then give each other a hug. Pulling away as Carter begins to speak once again. "The man who created it all, Jeremiah Flynn came up to me backstage a few months ago and pitched the idea of Bulletproof. Knowing Flynn and his antics, I didn't know what to think. But then I realized that this man, the Undisputed Champion. Is the mastermind of BPZ, he has a brilliant mind and as much as I want to stomp his teeth down his throat for what he did to me in 2017. I know it was for a reason, and that we have a much bigger enemy. Jeremiah Flynn, is elite" The BPZ World Heavyweight Championship is lifted up in the air as Carter holds it up for all to see, standing on the middle rope as he begins to speak. "Then, there is me. The best in class, the ass-kicking machine, the black lion, the star boy, whatever you want to call me. I am the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and that means I hold the top prize in this entire company and I look at the members of Creed and I see four men who are at the top of their game, three of those men are former world champions and look who is stepping up to the plate to face me for world....no one. Not a single soul, this BPZ World Heavyweight Championship is a title that is meant to be defended, a title that is meant to be worked for, and I will hang on to this championship for life and its a shame that this roster is too scared to challenge for it. This title, along with Flynns Undisputed championship, and Mikeys United States championship. Is a small portion of why Bulletproof is so god damn good" Carter jumps down from the middle rope and joins his brothers, giving each and every one a "two sweet", as he pulls his microphone down and speaks to Bulletclub personally as only people watching at home could hear. "Its us four till the end, I love you all like brothers" Pulling away from Bulletproof, Isaiah Carter puts his World Championship on his shoulder and stands in front of the three men who now join him in the center of the ring as Carter takes in the crowd reaction, receiving genuine boos for the first time in a long time, which catches him by surprise. "Its so weird, hearing that once again. Hearing my name being chanted, but now in negative ways. I thought I changed my ways, I thought that the changes I made in my career were good, but then, I finally realized what was the problem. The problem was that I trusted all of you way too much. I trusted each and every single one of you, and just like that, you turned your back on me and followed Creed blindly. THAT is the real thing that bothers me, not Creed, not losing the tag titles. Each and every slob of a wrestling fan is what itches at my skin, because you have no idea what the truth is. You have no clue who really is the 'Good Guy". Well let me tell you something, I am not a good guy. I am not a bad guy. I am a man with an agenda to rid the BPZ of Creed and I won't stop until that mission is accomplished whether you're with me or against me" "Day in, day out. I dream of stomping my feet into the chest of the members of Creed, each and every one. I lay awake at night, thinking of different ways to put an end to the nightmare that you all have bought into. This giant lie that has been fed to you and you ate it up like a Thanksgiving dinner, they claim to be the hardest working stars. The workhorses of BPZ, the good hearts. Creed is an excellent stable and I will never go against that, but they are not us" "Survivor Series. Bulletproof proves that WE are the workhorses, WE are the elite, WE prove that we are better than the Creed.... Day In...Day Out"
  2. Legendsorigin and TastefulChain really be the most under rated members of the forums

    1. Mikey


      That's not an opinion, it's a fact

  3. I gotta say, this diary is sick. And not just cause Samantha Carter is an ANIMAL!!! I mean, with the last name Carter, you would expect her to be GOATed. But fr, the presentation on this diary is good and its very easy to read. Keep up the good work Sheridan
  4. Add a "Download" button to download threads/post, maybe it turns them into a word document onto your computer, because I would love to be able to download some of my diaries/promos, just to have them saved just in case the forums ever crashes I can still have these write ups I sunk so many hours into, Idk it may be stupid, but I think it could be a good feature that you wouldn't have to use if you don't want to.
  5. Isaiah Carter


    Mikey vs ??? Smith vs Slim- No DQ Kenji vs Julius (C) - Television Championship Arius vs Yelich Hans Clayton vs Brad BiC vs Sameer (C) - World Championship Bonus Questions Who will answer Mikeys Open Challenge? Meko Will both titles change hands? No Will someone interfere in Smith vs Slims matchup? Yes (Bart)
  6. WWE Reborn Presents: King Of The Ring Preview It was a long way here, but we made it. King Of The Ring finals, Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe. The winner getting a shot at a world title of there choosing at Survivor Series. Both of these men have been on a path of destruction since Wrestlemania. Where one man retired Jeff Hardy, the other one defeating a former best friend. But this is not the only match, as Adam Cole will be defending his WWE Championship against Roman Reigns and Aj Styles. "The Fiend" will be facing John Cena, Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee rage war, and Becky Lynch takes on Mandy Rose. All this and more, this Sunday! Prediction Sheet Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee Cody Rhodes (C) vs Ricochet - WWE Intercontinental Championship Becky Lynch (C) vs Mandy Rose - WWE Womens Championship The Revival (C) vs Undisputed Era - Smackdown Tag Team Championships Bray Wyatt vs John Cena Dijak (C) vs Cedric Alexander - WWE United States Championship Adam Cole (C) vs Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles - WWE Championship Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe - King Of The Ring Finals
  7. Friday Night SmackDown Episode 32 l Daytona Beach, FL A World Championship Match Is Announced To kick off the show, we would be in Eric Bischoffs backstage office when Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era would come into the office as Bischoff begins to talk to him about King Of The Ring and who he will be facing off against. He says that two men who has caught his eye are Roman Reigns and Aj Styles, he took it to the board room and he couldn't decide, so both men will get a shot at the title at King Of The Ring, as Adam Cole takes on Roman Reigns and Aj Styles in at triple threat match. ______ The Usos vs Undisputed Era It would be tag team action as Undisputed Era would leave the GMs office to head to the ring, where they would be taking on one of the best tag teams in the world, The Usos. As in just 3 days, UE will take on The Revival for the Smackdown Tag Team championships. As two of the best teams in the WWE go at it, the match would be just as you would expect. As both teams have amazing chemistry as they take each other out and even bring the match to the outside. As the match would eventually come to an end when The Revival would come down the ramp way, distracting Bobby Fish long enough for Jimmy Uso to roll up and pin Fish, earning a huge victory. After the match, The Revival would silence UE by hitting the Shatter Machine and raising their RAW tag team championships high in the air. _______ The Fiend Says Hello We would once again go to Bray Wyatts carnival, as he welcomes us to the show. In the background, kids throw darts at pictures of John Cena, as his theme music can be heard in the background. As Bray Wyatt talks about the huge mistake John Cena made accepting the challenge because "He" won't be happy. The "HE" he is talking about is The Fiend, the monster of the circus that has been on showcase. The same pink baseball bat is behind Bray Wyatt, this time with barb wire wrapped around it. The video would end with an image of The Fiend, as he stares deeply into the camera, holding a single burning picture of John Cena. _______ Sonya Deville vs Becky Lynch In just a few days, Mandy Rose takes on Becky Lynch for the Womens Championship but tonight. Its Sonya Deville who gets her shot at Lynch, as Deville and Rose come to the ring ready for a fight against the womens champion. Becky Lynch would face many interferences from Rose, who tries to cost her the match every chance she gets, before she would be punched in the mouth. As Deville continues to fight her own battle and look impressive over Lynch, but eventually Lynch would win the match. Only to get attacked by Rose as Rose and Deville stand on top over Lynch, could this be the scene at King Of The Ring? _____ Samoa Joe Is Ready To Be King As we return to Smackdown, Samoa Joe would be in the ring with a microphone and would cut a promo on Kevin Owens. Insulting him at every sentence as he claims why he is going to win this Sunday. As he points to the throne, only for Kevin Owens music to hit and for the RAW superstar to come out on the Smackdown stage as the crowd chants his name. Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe stare each other down before brawling, as the superstars fall out of the ring and continue to swing at each other. As they fight into the crowd where eventually they would be split up due to the roster pulling them apart, this is going to be a hoss fight! ____ El Diablo El Diablo, The Devil, one of the most mysterious, yet scary men to come through NXT. He won the NXT Breakout Tournament, and is now coming to the blue brand. A video clip begins with him sitting in a chair in the center of a room, no sound, nothing. Before El Diablo looks up and begins to nod, answering to a mysterious force from above as he replies with simples "Yes", and "No". As he grabs the cross on his neck and smiles at the camera, before the video cuts off. _____ Ricochet vs Jinder Mahal vs Rowan vs Sami Zayn IN a number one contenders fatal fourway, Ricochet would stand tall over his three opponents as they battle it out. Rowan using his power to put Zayn through the announce table and take out Ricochet early on, as Jinder Mahal gets many near falls but is never able to put it away. As Ricochet is the one who is able to get the final 3 count on Mahal after hitting the 630 splash, becoming number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship and will be facing Cody Rhodes at King Of The Ring. Smackdown ends with Ricochet celebrating his victory, and backstage. Adam Cole preps for his upcoming match in 2 days against two of Smackdowns best, as King Of The Ring is this Sunday!
  8. Survivor Series Card Team RAW (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho) VS Team SmackDown (The Miz, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Randy Orton, Rusev) (Men's Survivor Series match) Team RAW (Paige, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair) VS Team SmackDown (Maryse, Becky Lynch, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan) (Women's Survivor Series match) Team RAW (American Alpha (Gable/Jordan), The Bar, Balor Club (Gallows/Anderson), 3MB (Slater/Jinder), Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens) VS Team SmackDown (British Strong Style (Tyler Bate/Jack Gallagher), New Day (Big E/Xavier Woods), The Usos, The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt/Bo Dallas), The Ascension) (Tag Team Survivor Series match) Samoa Joe VS John Cena (US champion VS Intercontinental champion) Finn Balor VS Pete Dunne (World Heavyweight champion VS WWE champion) Bayley VS Charlotte (RAW Women's champion VS SmackDown women's champion) The Revival VS The Hardy Boys (RAW Tag team champions VS SmackDown tag team champions) Nia Jax/Tamina VS The IIconics (RAW Women's tag team champions VS SmackDown women's tag team champions match) Cross brand battle royal (All remaining superstars compete) Kane . . Bonus question: Will there be a Money in the Bank cash-in tonight? (Roman Reigns is Mr. Money in the Bank) If so, on what champion and will it be successful? No Who are the survivors for each Survivor Series team? (1 point for each survivor guessed correctly) Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, BSS, New Day
  9. Bray Wyatt is fucking awesome. Plain and simple, I was doubtful at first. But this feud with Daniel Bryan, that Miz TV promo, that Firefly Funhouse promo. Was amazing. Simply amazing. Bray Wyatt screaming "Yes" going from angry to happy was phenomenal and I can not wait for this match. I imagine Bray will win and if not its trash, but I love this storyline. The rest of SD was decent as well, but for me, this was the highlight
  10. Adam Cole and Roderick Strong vs. Lars Sullivan and Andrade "Cien" Almas Akira Tozawa vs. TJP Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals: Red Dragon vs. DIY 2.0 Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Hideo Itami NXT Tag Team Championships: Authors of Pain (c) vs. Heroes Eventually Die NXT Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Bobby Roode
  11. Monday Night RAW Episode 32 l Austin, TX The Rattlesnake Returns To Monday Nights The show would be kicked off with one of the most satisfying sounds in WWE history, glass breaking. As Stone Cold Steve Austin comes to the ring with a microphone in hand. As he cuts a promo on the importance of King Of The Ring, and what it does for peoples careers. Before he could finish his promo, the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar would return to the ring. Standing across from Stone Cold, one of his friends, before hitting him with an F5. As EMTs, referees, and more rush to the ring. Brock Lesnar walks through the crowd. Why the hell did he just F5 Stone Cold?!?! _____ 20 Man Battle Royal - Number One Contenders Match With the winner going on to face Dijak at King Of The Ring, 20 of RAWs superstars ranging from former champion Gran Metalik to Randy Orton would compete in a battle royal. The match would be fast and furious, as big moves would be hit left and right as the likes of Sin Cara, Mojo Rawley, and The Miz are thrown out early while Randy Orton, Luke Harper, and Shinsuke Nakamuara are stand outs. The final four being those three plus Cedric Alexander. Who is able to outlast the three men by last eliminating Randy Orton after an amazing final two sequence. Cedric Alexander would celebrate as this could be his big break, as at King Of The Ring he takes on Dijak for the United States championship on the line. ________ The Eclipse Of The Empress Ember Moon would appear in an unknown location as she looks into the camera with fire in her eyes, cutting a promo on Asuka. Who she defeated last week, saying that the war isn't over and that Asuka is a threat that needs to be shut down. Ember Moon ends her promo with the threat that she will go after Asuka and will not let anyone get in her way. ______ Eric Young vs Gran Metalik Eric Young would, nearly return to the ring. As before he could enter the ring, Elias would return. As at Summerslam, he would be kindapped by Eric Young and would be held capture before escaping last week. Now, Elias attacks Young with a rope. Almost going insane as he chokes out Eric Young, before leaving the arena to many cheers. As Elias is back. _______ The Prizefighter vs The Destroyer We would get a match preview for the upcoming main event for the King Of The Ring PPV. As it will be Kevin Owens, a former NXT, IC, USA, and Universal champion taking on Samoa Joe. One of the most dangerous wrestlers in the company, who will win this battle and be named, King. ______ Paul Heyman Fines Brock Lesnar We would cut backstage to see Paul Heyman yelling at Brock Lesnar, and Brock Lesnar not caring. Until Paul Heyman would tell Brock Lesnar that as GM, he has to fine him for 2 million dollars. This is when Lesnar would attack Heyman, pinning him against the wall. As Lesnar lets go and walks away, leaving Heyman stunned backstage. _______ Keith Lee And Drew McIntyre Brawl From chaos, to more chaos. We would switch scenes to inside the ring where Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre are fighting. Throwing wild shots at each other as the two are going to be facing off at King Of The Ring and now, they put each other through an announce table as Keith Lee tackles Drew into the time keepers area. The brawl continues to the backstage area as we switch gears. ____ Andrade vs Rey Mysterio - Reborn Championship Throughout the chaos, it is time for pro wrestling. As the show would be given its time by Andrade and Rey Mysterio, who come to the ring to opposite reactions and Andrade decides to put his Reborn Championship on the line in the main event match. What a match it would be, nearly 25 minutes. As it would take up 1/4 of the show and for good reason. As it would be a PPV worthy matchup on the go home show for KOTR. As Andrade hits Rey with fantastic moves and Mysterio is able to hit the 619 for a 2 count, it would come to an end when Andrade would hit the "Tranquilo DDT" for the pinfall victory after an amazing war. Andrade would celebrate with Zelina Vega, looking impressive here tonight as he walks up the ramp with his title in hand. Leaving Mysterio disappointed inside of the ring. _______ Lynch And Rose Sign Their Contract To end the show, Becky Lynch and Mandy Rose would come to the ring and sign their contract given to them by the womens roster GM, Paige. Who cuts a promo on the importance of the womens championship, before Mandy Rose would interrupt and say she is very busy. Before going to leave the ring, Becky Lynch would stop her, but Rose would get the advantage and hit a middle rope moonsault finisher, standing tall on the go home show as RAW comes to a close.
  12. Friday Night SmackDown Episode 31 l Greensville, SC John Cena Will Take On The Fiend John Cenas theme song would once again kick off Smackdown, as he would come to the ring with microphone in hand and talk about his recent losses. He would talk about how he missed out at Wrestlemania 35, and that despite winning his 17th World Championship. He feels like he still needs to add something to his career. That is when he would challenge Bray Wyatt, who last weeks set out to destroy the face of WWE. John Cena would claim that although he hates to being refereed to as the face, he eats, breaths, and lives the WWE. And he won't let The Fiend ruin it. So its official, Bray Wyatt vs John Cena at King Of The Ring. ___ Jordan Devlin, The Irish Ace We would get a short montage of Jordan Devlins time in WWE so far, including his work in the NXT UK branch and Progress. He would cut a promo over the montage, listing off his talents, as well as saying that tonight, he will defeat Samoa Joe. Later tonight, he takes on Joe in the King Of The Ring semi finals. _____ Sami Zayn vs Kassius Ohno In the first matchup of the night it would be two of Smackdowns best mid card talents going head to head, as PWE member Kassius Ohno would come to the ring with Apollo Crews to take on Sami Zayn, the underdog from the underground who is trying to get some wins under his belt. The match would be a classic, as Sami Zayn takes the fight to Kassius Ohno and the battle falls to the outside as Kassius Ohno uses everything from the barricade and steel steps to take advantage. The winner of this match moving on to a fatal four way no. 1 contenders match, as Zayn fights to get another shot at the IC title as he rolls up and pins Kassius Ohno after a helluva kick. Earning his way to the No. 1 contender match as he celebrates his win. Sami Zayn looked impressive tonight, as he walks up the ramp and hugs various crowd members, as inside the ring. Kassius Ohno wonders what is next in his career. _____ The Revival Are Leaving Smackdown In a backstage interview, The Revival would show off their Smackdown tag team titles before announcing that if Undisputed Era is able to defeat them. They are going to be leaving the blue brand and going to win the tag team titles somewhere else. The Revival take on Undisputed Era at King Of The Ring and it has potential to be one hell of a match! _____ Erick Rowan vs Mustafa Ali In a battle of David vs Goliath, its Erick Rowan vs Mustafa Ali as both men try to gain some momentum in this match, as Erick Rowan comes to the ring with Daniel Bryan by his side as these two have been a threat inside WWE for some time now. As Ali tries to silence Rowan tonight. Despite an amazing battle from Ali, Erick Rowan would pick up the victory with multiple powerbombs. It would take 5 powerbombs to put away Ali as he would kick out of multiple moves and even take out former rival Daniel Bryan, but he would be caught out by Rowan and eventually pinned. As Rowan wins the matchup and will be moving on to the fatal fourway No. 1 match next week. ___________ Jinder Mahal vs Aiden English Two men who could easily be called "jobbers" on the Smackdown roster go head to head, the winner moving on to the fatal four way next week as the former WWE champion Jinder Mahal comes to the ring to take on Aiden English. Surprisingly, Aiden English would be able to keep up with Mahal. As Mahal would experience Aidens newly found high flying moveset, however. English would take to many risk, as Mahal would be able to catch him out with the Khallas, winning the matchup and advancing to the fatal fourway. ______ Samoa Joe, The Destroyer Much like the montage for Jordan Devlin earlier in the night, his opponent, Samoa Joe would get a montage of his own highlighting his journey to WWE including Ring Of Honor, TNA, and NXT. As this is his chance to become a star, as tonight he takes on Jordan Devlin. _____ Ricochet vs Apollo Crews In the final qualifying match of the night, it would be Ricochet and Apollo Crews. Two elite athletes going head to head, as Ricochet and Crews make their entrances. Crews hoping to do better then his PWE partner Ohno did earlier. Ricochet would be at the top of his game, as ever since losing to Andrade at Backlash. Ricochet has been one of the best stars on Smackdown, as he takes the fight to Crews and eventually beats him after one hell of a matchup. Hitting the 630, after the match. Ric Flair would come to the ring and offer Ricochet a PWE contract. Ricochet would refuse the contract, before Ohno and Crews would attack him. Hitting their tag team finisher on Ricochet, before leaving the arena. ____ Samoa Joe vs Jordan Devlin - KOTR Semi Finals The match that has been building on Smackdown for months, they fought the battles. And they made it through the opponents, as this one will come to an end with Samoa Joe and Jordan Devlin. As Jordan Devlin comes to the ring first, the crowd fully behind him as Devlin is here tonight to make his dreams come true, but if Joe has anything to say about it. Devlin will fail. The match is an instant classic, one that would break the internet. As Samoa Joe and Devlin are a perfect match inside of the ring and Jordan Devlin is able to shock many with his performance, even causing Joe to bleed when he would through him in the steel steps. As he goes for the Irish Call, only for Joe to kick out. It would continue on from their, as Devlin stomps on the throat of Joe, but it would come to an end when Samoa Joe would lock in the deadliest submission in WWE, the coquina clutch. Samoa Joe would win, becoming a King Of The Ring finalist, as Smackdown comes to a close with the final image of a bloody Samoa Joe, ready to face Kevin Owens in just 2 weeks.
  13. CM Punk is one of the best to ever do it, despite his bad reputation, and his history with WWE. He has returned to WWE Backstage, which is obviously run by FOX but is supported by WWE. The talks of him returning to the ring will surely be high now as he is now working with WWE. Do you believe CM Punk will return to the ring? And if so, against who? When?

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