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  1. Anyone who likes Jinder as champion is a bandwagon fan

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    2. Kieron
    3. The Akki

      The Akki

      The Maharaja hasn't failed me! Now I will talk to Jinder's people and my people in the language of Hindi/Punjabi "Kahlia Jinder humluk ke digeis he, ki oe sabse truley champion he! Our Jinder sabke harraw ga!" 😋😂

    4. Elliot


      It's not really "bandwagoning", and that's an ignorant accusation. When someone comes out of their shell and shows promise, people become fans. Nobody gave a shit about The Miz originally, he was vastly hated for being annoying and a lacklustre performer in the ring. He came out of his shell, found a character and improved his in-ring performance and people became fans. Everybody starts somewhere, and just because people get on board with somebody doesn't make them a "bandwagon fan".

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