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  1. [NFL] National Football League discussion

    Once again, the best team in the league is heading to the super bowl. ONCE AGAIN the GOAT will lead this team to yet another super bowl victory. The game was good, and I love the Jags. But what are you going to do? Glad to see Patriots go once again, you can call us cheaters all you want. Just know that will are going to win the superbowl once again.
  2. BPZ Fortnite Challenge

    UPDATED RULES -Firstly, the points have been updated, check them out- -In the 4 Day Time Frame, you will play 15 Duo games with your partner. And ONLY 15. You will send me a screenshot asap before the tournament so I can see you did play 15 games and only 15 games.- -The points will be added up from those 15 games, and whoever has the most points will be deemed the winner of there game- -Kills will be factored in for extra points, which is as follows.- 1 Kill- 10 2 Kills- 20 3 Kills- 30 4 Kills- 40 5 Kills- 50 6 Kills- 60 7-10 Kills- 70 11+ Kills- 100 -The 7 day period is changing to this Thursday to Sunday at 8 PM. There will be a duos- -Each duo team will face another duo team for round one, it will work as a league. Your opponents are chosen on randomizer, thank you for signing up-
  3. BPZ Fortnite Challenge

    Yeah thats true, ok so only 15 games. Thanks for the suggestions
  4. BPZ Fortnite Challenge

    1. That is a good idea, but you can play more then 15. You just have to show me 15 screenshots so you are able to play as many as you can in the 7 day period, and you can choose your best 15 from those 7 days. But, you should have to screenshot your duo stats at the start and the end just to make sure. So everyone, please take a screenshot of your current Duo stats and send them to me in DM
  5. Fortnite Discussion

    This is my second m8
  6. Fortnite Discussion

    We out here BEASTING and FEASTING! First win on the new nap, gotta love it. My favorite place to land has to be Junk Junction
  7. BPZ Fortnite Challenge

    I can confirm this
  8. BPZ Fortnite Challenge

    BPZ Fortnite Battle Royale Challenge Fortnite is one of if not the most popular game out right now, many forums members have been playing it and its time for a challenge. Who is the best Duo on the forums? This is where we find this out, in the Fortnite Battle Royale Challenge. Here are the rules. -How it Will Work- Two players will team up and face another set of two, the "matches" will be played like this. Each match will be 3 days and in those 3 days you will have a max of 15 games. From the 15 games you will get points based on where you placed, which will be revealed shortly, the challenge will start when we get enough players. Here is an example Player 1 and Player 2 got 300 points in there 15 games, while Player 3 and Player 4 only got 280. Meaning team 1 wins, so each team will have 3 days to play 15 games. You can play more but only 15 will count, you can choose what 15. The points are as follows 80-70 Place- 0 Points 70-50 Place- 3 points 50-30 Place- 5 Points 30-20 Place- 10 Points 20-10 Place- 15 Points 9-6 Place- 20 Points 5th Place- 30 Points 4th Place- 40 Points 3rd Place- 50 Points 2nd Place- 20 Points 1st Place- 100 Points Sign up with a friend!
  9. UFC Official Discussion

  10. Monday Night RAW 25th Anniversary Discussion

    As you said on your podcast Hogan could be that surprise, I think Rock showing up would be awesome and would probably be the biggest pop of the night. But you gotta think, how are they going to fit a Rock promo into this show? He is 90% staring and looking away from the mic in his promos
  11. 2017 NXT Year-End Awards

    TakeOver: War Games Female: Asuka Male: Aleister Black Overall: Aleister Black Tag Team: Authors Of Pain Breakout Star: Velveteen Dream Future Star: Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne Match: Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne (Takeover Chicago) Rivarly: Aleister Black vs. Velveteen Dream
  12. BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    BPZ TLC Predictions The Club vs The New Day: The Club Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose: Dean Ambrose Nia Jax vs Becky Lynch: Nia Jax RhyKO vs Gable and Benjiman: Gable and Benjiman Roman Reigns vs Edge: Roman Reigns Braun vs Aj vs Cesaro: BRAAAAAUUUUUUUUN Bobby Roode vs Drew Mcyintire: Drew Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe
  13. Red Arrow Reviews

    This was awesome RA, your descriptions are great, the next few PPVs you should do is Extreme Rules 2009 and the 2015 Royal Rumble.
  14. Monday Night RAW 25th Anniversary Discussion

    MVP coming back will be awesome, I loved MVP and think WWE missed big time when they released him. He had an awesome gimmick as well, this show is getting better and better.
  15. What game are you currently playing?

    Mafia 3 Been playing a lot of Mafia for the past 2 days and I have been enjoying it, the story to it is nice and I love the stealth in it. This game got sorta bad reviews but I enjoy it, the controls can be wacky sometimes but you can get use to them and the gameplay itself is good enough for me. The city is perfect and is super fun to explore a long with all the cars, the over all feel of the game is nice and it was only 15 dollars at Gamestop, so it was a good buy.

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