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  1. Kyle

    Last Time

    {An unfamiliar theme rings out through the Carnage arena the fans stand up, trying to get a good view of the stage to see who will walk out. And when the guilty steps out from behind the curtain the crowd explodes into cheers, as the man who Storm has called out in this promo, Kyle Reeves walks out. This young man has proved his worth here in BPZ multiple times and he is looking to do so again by winning the Carnage cup. Reeves is wearing his normal attire tonight, and ever sense being attacked by Echo Willson, he has a bandage over his right shoulder since he landed hard on the cold hard concentre. Adding to the list of injuries this man has been competing with. Reeves walks up the steps, yelling to some fans before getting into the ring and standing across from Storm} . {As Kyle Reeves grabs the mic, the crowd chants his name. Chicago loves Kyle Reeves and Kyle Reeves loves Chicago} "Storm. I understand where you are coming from....being underestimated. But you have to prove yourself...you have to prove to the hates that you are not what they think you are...you need to win your matches, fight through the pain, and prove everyone wrong....but Storm. You do none of that" {The crowd laughs and Storm looks pissed off, almost ready to attack the 5 Star Wrestler.} "Storm all you do is complain. You complain that you don't get opportunities, that no one likes you. But then you do things like this, attack people behind there backs, call people bitches. Its a shame really, I had hope in you. I thought you could really be something in this business but with this type of attitude it will not happen. The demon doesn't scare me, Storm doesn't scare me, in fact almost nothing scares me....when we go into the ring all this talk of kicking my ass, of sending me to my family, it all goes away and the real Storm. The scared, little man who is not ready for the big show will cower down. Because if anyone is the bitch here...its you" {The crowd begins to chant "Storms A Bitch" and Reeves claps his hands along with the crowd before speaking once again} "You're right Storm. I will be returning to my family, I will go ringside. Hug my girlfriend and thank my father...I earned there support by having one thing...Respect. And whether I have to kick in your teeth, make you tap, or pin you in the ring...I will teach you some respect. Because Storm....if you say I am your bitch again...I will rip your head off." {Kyle Reeves drops his mic and turns around, leaving the ring and walking up the stage. These two have reached a boiling point and they have their match in the first round of the tournament. Kyle Reeves turns around before entering the guerrilla position and takes a look at the cheering crowd and the camera, he mouths "Bare Witness" before the camera would fade to black}
  2. Kyle

    BPZ Inside Source

    BPZ Inside Source, the newest kayfabe show that will air 3 episodes before dying out! On this show we will feature breaking news, the best list around, and of course the classic interviews! Inside Source strives to be the best and reliable source for news for the best wrestling company in the world. BPZ. I am Kurt Sanchez...and this is Inside Source. If any BPZ superstar would like to have an interview on the show, we have 3 different interviewers. We have Mike Collins with "Road Talk" where we get a look at just what its like to work for the BPZ and be a superstar!, then, we have BiC returning for BiC TV! Were we will see the best kayfabe interviews around. And finally...we have "Real Talk"...with the real underboss...real life BPZ superstar Julius! But not only that, I, Kurt Sanchez, will use my ninja like abilities to get the greatest news faster the any other news source. Because this is inside source and we are the best kayfabe show since..........the last one that was made.
  3. Kyle

    Kayfabe Moveset Thread

    Wrestling Style: Johnny Gargano, Daniel Bryan, any cruiserweight style moves, hard hitting knees, submissions, all that. Signatures Bicycle Knee - "Sweet Dreams" Slingshot DDT Finisher Double Knee Facebuster - "Gods Gift" Arm Trap Crossface - "The Limit" Rare Finisher Running Somersault DDT - "Future Endeavors" Theme: Written By Wolves "Not Afraid To Die"
  4. Dope episode here Ross and the KOTR tourne should be awesome. Elias beating Cesaro was a shock and a well deserved one, keep up the great work
  5. Kyle

    Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan

    I could honestly see The Miz getting involved and maybe paying Big Cass to be his body guard, do I want to see it? I would rather not, Cass is amazing and he proved it with his promo on Smackdown. If he can cut promos like that whenever he is needed to he will go far because he isn't bad in the ring either. To be far he is not the greatest in ring, but there is always room for improvement and I feel he could be a main eventer on Smackdown. Possibly being the body guard to The Miz, The Miz winning the WWE title and Cass turning on him eventually. I expect Daniel to win this but wouldn't be mad to see Cass come up with the upset. Should be a good one
  6. Kyle

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    No shit. I was saying it was a good choice.
  7. Kyle

    Your Posting Milestones

    4,000 post....Jesus man I never thought I would get here!
  8. Kyle

    Fortnite Gifs/Clips

    https://clips.twitch.tv/IncredulousImportantPassionfruitFutureMan A little late but heres my prank on Ropati. Lets say he wasn't pleased lol. I would love to bring this thread back
  9. Didn't watch much SD this week but I did catch Big Cass cutting his promo on Daniel Bryan and damn it was good. It was a surprise to see him perform so well, he has a future in this business thats for sure. If you didn't catch it you have to go back and watch it, also, Shinsuke Nakamuras new theme is pretty lit.
  10. I would love to see the forums member begin to rate match write ups with the "Rate This Topic". I understand it would be rough to get everyone to do so at first and for people to do it fairly but I feel we could get it to work and it would add something to match write ups and even kayfabe(We could add 5 star matches to our resumes). This may be a stupid idea(Probably is), but I think it could be cool.
  11. Kyle

    Music Discussion

    KOD Honestly this album disappointed me like it did many, but I do not think its trash. KOD, Kevins Heart, ATM, FRIENDS, and Photograph were the only ones I thought were at least decent. The rest were...well lets just say I wouldn't wanna listen to them again. But for the rest they wouldn't be on my skip list and I have added them to my playlist as they are not bad, have nice beats, and the rapping itself isn't to bad. I feel this album is getting a lot of hate that isn't deserved as it is not horrible in any way
  12. Kyle

    BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    Loved Elimination Chamber, was super fun to watch and react to. It was a very good PPV and was done right, Samoa Joe winning was awesome and Taker being in final two was surprising for me. And speaking of surprising Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman at Mania is going to be sexy. The Miz losing his US title didn't really make much sense. he is the most MUST SEE superstar on universe mode and he is getting screwed on every episode!!! But other then that, it was an amazing show and Mania is going to be....

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