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  1. Alexa Bliss has passed Maryse as the Bingley killer.
  2. Well hello Nurse Dana also on my Maryse post that will be soon have been busy since I posted that
  3. Just watched Superstars why don't know.

  4. I hope Ryder gets a push I am desperate at this point till then OHHHHHHHHHHH Radio tell me everything you know WWWYKI.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nyelator


      end of 2011 lost it in beginning of 2012

    3. Keirso


      Ryder deserves a push off a cliff.

    4. Nyelator


      Well he would survive it WWWYKI plus can't wait til Styles's WWE career get put down by Cena 

  5. Not enough Maryse ..... will fix that soon
  6. pleas use the tag tittles from 02'10 from the brand split era to make it like that era and please use great khail just for the fun of watching him lose and one more thing talk things as if it started after wrealsemania 28 . just suggestions no hate please

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