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  1. Respect?

    Monda looks at Bailey's handshake proposal and accepts, and goes in for the hug. Bailey returns one back. I am glad we could get along now. Whether win or loss, I can say you have my respect as well. I am glad I can call a glorious man like you a brother. I would love to stay on your brand, but I need a little bit of time to heal from my wounds. Monda looks towards the crowd. I came here with a mission and I settled it. If I do not return for a little while, you all know to stay on your toes as I can pop out of my "cave" at any time. Good night, people! Monda walks to the back with a look of success in his face, not knowing what is about to happen...
  2. [NCAA] College Football Discussion

    (Maybe get this thread going again) CFP is getting tight and very very interesting now, as Notre Dame and Georgia were both upset last weekend. Currently, here are the top 10: Alabama (10-0) Best team in college football, no doubts. Saban has Bama rolling once again. Clemson (9-1) In my opinion, overrated. This Clemson team is clearly weaker than the Deshaun Watson-lead squad from yesteryear. Miami (9-0) Very good team, destroyed Notre Dame 41-8 last weekend. A CFB title contender, for sure. Oklahoma (9-1) Baker Mayfield has brought the Sooners back into the top 4 while also contending for the Heisman. Definitely a contender if OU's defense can learn how to play football. Wisconsin (10-0) Despite being 10-0, Wisconsin has only 1 win against a ranked team (Iowa). If they beat Michigan this week, take care of business against Minnesota next week, and win the B1G championship, they'll make the top 4. Auburn (8-2) Auburn played very well against the former #1, Georgia, winning 40-17. They have a very important game against Alabama next week, which can determine whether they make the CFP. Georgia (9-1) Notre Dame (8-2) Ohio State (8-2) Penn State (8-2) In the top 10, Wisconsin is the only team facing a top 25 team this weekend (Michigan). Notre Dame should be on upset alert facing a very good Navy team. I only wrote for the Top 6 as that is the first 2 out and the playoff. My end of season prediction (entering the playoff): Alabama (13-0) Alabama has a cupcake game this weekend against Mercer but then plays Auburn in the Iron Bowl. They will face Georgia in the SEC CG and win, leading to a perfect 13-0 record and #1 ranking. Miami (13-0) Barring an upset from UVA or Pitt, the matchup against Clemson in the ACC CG will be a humongous matchup of #2 vs. #3. I think that Clemson doesn't have the firepower to keep up with Miami's stout defense, leading to The U finishing the 2017 undefeated. Cue the bandwagon. Oklahoma (12-1) Oklahoma should destroy Kansas this week, but an upset from a streaking West Virginia squad is possible. Oklahoma-TCU II should result in another OU win, propping Mayfield against the Canes in an intriguing matchup. Notre Dame (10-2) This is an odd pick, but will be explained soon. Notre Dame will most likely end the season with wins against Navy and #22 Stanford. Notable cuts: Wisconsin, Auburn, Georgia, Ohio State Wisconsin - I think that Wiscy will lose in the B1G CG against Ohio State Auburn - Loss in the Iron Bowl to Bama Georgia - Loss in SEC CG to Bama OSU - Upset loss at the Big House to Michigan, win B1G CG (prob ends 5 or 6.)
  3. [NFL] National Football League discussion

    Zeke should have been suspended weeks ago, there's clear evidence against him and this whole situation was handled poorly. I must say, however, the NFL must significantly improve their investigative and legal team if they want to be taken seriously in cases like this.
  4. Respect?

    No music plays. The lights are dimmed. Monda walks down to the ring, mic in hand, with a small limp. He enters the ring and begins to speak. Well, that happened. As you can see, I'm still beat up a bit from Redemption. But man, did I miss being in the ring and competing. The energy that you fans gave me was a huge factor in my performance. I guess you guys knew I needed it, haha. Anyways, I am out here to congratulate Bailey on his win. You beat me fair and square and I am willing to admit and accept that we cannot be brothers. You have earned a lot of respect from me, just know that. I'd like to invite you out to the ring to chat about a couple things. First, what is my future here? If we still have problems, I will gladly step back from kayfabe again. Second, and more importantly, have I earned your respect?
  5. [NFL] National Football League discussion

    This stung: Great YouTube channel for sports content btw. Anyways, Giants are beyond finished. Poor Eli is being pounded because of an atrocious offensive line. At the end of the season, we need to fire McAdoo and put Reese on the hot seat. Last year is our last chance. The Devils have started well, though.
  6. Major Spoiler regarding Team RAW Women

    My meat isn't ready for Paige's return
  7. Monda's Music Evaluation

    Vocals: 1/4 Instrumental: 2/4 Mixing: 2/2 Total: 5/10
  8. False Reports

    Monda sits in the locker room alone, pondering to himself. He looks at a referee that is walking by and signals the ref to come over to sit by him. Hey man, have you ever felt betrayed? But, for a reason out of your hands. I'm just feeling stressed out about this whole brother thing with Bailey, and the match he scheduled at Redemption. I'm not nervous about the match, no, I'm nervous for Bailey. Monda turns towards the ref and begins to delve deeper. I think he has taken this the wrong way, or my approach was too quick and aggressive. I chose a time where he was simply doing his job, hoping for no distractions, and dropped a nuclear bomb full of information on him. He is the General Manager, after all, I could have just went to his office. Or, maybe I could have eased him into our brotherhood. Either way, I think I messed up. Monda looks at his worn out wrestling gear. Or maybe it isn't. Maybe this match is a good thing for my career. This is my brother doing me a solid, giving me a pay-per-view match as my come back match against a prestigious worker. Yet, there was no need to fake my handshake. And to suplex me. And call me a washed-up bum. Ref, I have things to take care of. Thanks for your time. Monda gets up and storms to Bailey's office, breaking down the door to see Bailey sitting as his desk. Listen up, Bailey. I want to call of this match at Redemption. I was too aggressive with things, and we have both had our issues with each other over the past week. I know learning you have a long lost brother at such an age is big and hard to believe information, but you have to stop being so stubborn and rude towards one of your employees and family members. Now call off the match at Redemption or else things will get physical sooner than later.
  9. Family Issues

    We aren't family in your eyes. I view this as my little brother acting up in school and mom made me fix things. We get it, you can't reach the Capri-sun, no need to throw a hissy fit, Bailey. You call me a loser because I haven't reached the same "titles" you've reached. What does that matter? I don't need those titles to feel good about myself because i know that I have the verbal and physical skills to hold my own, as my Hall of Fame ring shows. Not relevant? How is it that I receive multiple messages to return for a storyline? I decline each time because I know I need real material to work with. Considering I thought our real life brother bloodline could be good for YOUR brand, I returned to help family, and this is how you respond. Isn't it silly you say, "you need time off because you aren't good enough to hang around and stay relevant," yet everytime I make a return with an original storyline it makes waves? I play characters to entertain YOUR audience. Earn YOU money. You wouldn't be held in any high light if it wasn't for your big wins. That is what I will give you, however. You've won some matches. Congrats. I am proud of you brother. But face it, you're insecure Bailey. All I've seen and heard you do is brag about this. "I won the Money in the Bank ladder match", "I won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship". You need these titles because you are nothing without them. You're just some wannabe tough guy. Your front of "best in the world" is overplayed and cliche. Nobody cares what you think about yourself because your aura is made and kept by the fans. You need material things to justify your existence. I have only 1 title win on my record and I'm still held in high in the same light as you. I have only won one match, yet we are in the same Hall. Where would you be without the gold? I was willing to give you a chance. Change your ways. Maybe this phase of yours might be over. You'd turn over a new leaf, stop acting like an angry child, and we could be buds. But I guess not. Bailey, I'll take you on at Redemption. Win or lose, you'll realize who I am to you.
  10. BPZ Music League 2

    ik im late but can i join?
  11. Family Issues

    Monda sits in shock, looking at Bailey with anger rising through his blood. It didn't have to come to this, Bailey, but you brought it on yourself. Monda brings out the papers and stares down at them. I wasn't out here for a tag team. I wasn't out here to insert myself into a match. I wasn't out here to doubt or challenge your authority. I could've come here months ago and said this. I have had these docs for months. I refused and refused until I built up the courage to come out here and tell you what I believed to be important to both our lives. Have you ever wanted a brother? I did. I found out I had one. All this had to be was some acknowledgement. I get it, thought. You need to keep up this "act". Grandpa, that's an exaggeration of my personality. American, that's an exaggeration of my personality. Those are gimmicks, Bailey. They got me over, won me a slammy. Got me to the Hall of Fame. Monda unlocks his wheelchair and moves towards Bailey. I change things up, unlike you. Bring out different sides of me to present to an audience of fans that can capture an imagination. You're just everyone's fake high school big boy who everyone knows has personal problems. We get it, you couldn't get any sort of female love so you resort of cheap insults and riding your high horse. You're no better than anyone else here. Unlike you, I know my place. These glorious people would be tired of me if I were to stay around. I wouldn't have time to take off and refill my creative tank. It's clear you need a break. Maybe take after your big brother and cancel this match, take a vacation, and enjoy some family time. Oh wait. Monda wheels towards the back. I get why we were never notified of our relation. You're a prick. I'm not. I can be a normal citizen. You can not. This isn't about your brand, this is about us. This isn't comparing us. This is about family. If you don't face the facts, I'm going to have to bring something special into this. Monda sits and waits for Bailey to respond.
  12. Monda's Music Evaluation

    Vocals: 3/4 Instrumental: 3/4 Mixing: 2/2 Total: 8/10 Vocals: 3/4 Instrumental: 2/4 Mixing: 1/2 Total: 6/10
  13. Face Reveal Thread

    is that the Great Khali on your shirt
  14. Monda's Music Evaluation

    Vocals: 1.5/4 Instrumental: 2/4 Mixing: 2/2 Total: 5.5/10 Vocals: 3/4 Instrumental: 3/4 Mixing: 1.5/2 Total: 7.5/10

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