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  1. Carnage returns from commercial break as the tron shows a train running through a tunnel on its tracks, inside are a bunch of New York people and standing out are Angelo Caito, Joh, and Monda, aka United Nations. They sit on the chairs in the train, looking out the windows of the brick walls outside. Angelo: "We could of took my car dog." Monda: "And miss all this? This is America brother! Riding trains in New York City!" Monda: "We'll be fine Angelo. Why? Are you scared of trains?" Angelo: "Not scared. Just…… uneasy" Monda and Joh shake their heads as the train them stops. Everyone gets off and United Nations walks up the stairs and passes the gates, getting to Grand Central Station. They all look around before walking outside of the building and looks around at Time Square. Monda waves down a taxi and it stops beside them. They all get in and Monda tells the guy a name. The taxi driver laughs and gives a thumbs up before driving off. He then arrives at a diner and stops. Joh and Angelo look at each other than at Monda, who's licking his lips before storming in. Angelo and Joh shake their heads before walking in and seeing Monda already sat at the counter, ordering. They sit beside him and order a coffee each. A waiter arrives with two coffees, a burger, fries, and coke for Monda. Monda begins to devour the burger and fries as Angelo and Joh watch on in disgust Joh: "Calm down lad. You're going to choke." Monda: "Nonsense brother. You see, this is the best quick American meal you can get. Nothing more American other than steak is this diner and their burgers and fries. And this is why I fight for American in BPZ. This diner, this food, this city, and our next location." Angelo: "If it's that strip club you kept blabbering about for the past week." Monda: "HEY HEY HEY LISTEN BROTHER!" Joh: "Oi oi easy lads." Angelo smirks as he finishes his coffee while Monda finished his burger and fries. He pays and then they exit the diner and Monda waves down another cab. When the cab stops, the three get into the cab and Monda tells him ferry. The driver then drives off and arrives at a ferry station. They walk over to the booth and pays for their spot on the ferry before boarding. When everyone is seated, the ferry begins moving, slowly going north. The ferry then arrives at New York's biggest highlight, the Statue of Liberty. Monda leads Angelo and Brad to the top of the statue before they continue to speak. Monda: "Ah. Statue of Liberty. The biggest gift the United States ever gotten from our partners at France. Showing how United France and America was. Now we show how United Italy, Ireland, and America is when we become the tag team Champions. Funny thing about our opponents, is that they aren't United, just teaming up because like a un-united country, cannot succeed on their own. Plus ones from ALABAMA! WHAT THE HELL IS EVEN IN ALABAMA BROTHER?!?" Joh: "Plus these guys don't have the legacy's we have. Angelo and I have been tag team Champions before and we would love to be it again. Monda here, he would love to be tag team Champion for the first time ever. And that road starts at King Of The Ring when we take three out teams and kicks their arses." Angelo: "That's right. The Savages Of The Night will rise and will crush the other three teams. Only one last thing to ask. Monda, want to ask them?" Monda: "Hm? Oh yeah. WHAT YOU ALL GONNA DO WHEN UNITED NATIONS DESTORY YOU?!?!?!
  2. happy 5 years 

  3. Monda

    Rep Ratio Post

    wow, my ratio is way higher than I expected, especially with how little content I do post and how i did much more in the older days where rep really wasn't used much.
  4. @Nanovirus and @Joh are my tag partners I agree
  5. Monda

    United Nations

    Monda gets out of his seat, lowering his napkin from his chin while finishing his steak Well gentleman, you have both said what had to be said. We are three absolutely extraordinary gentleman, and we all have pride for our countries. We fight for what’s right, even if we put ourselves in danger. We must fight for country, the men and women those countries also fight to protect. As a group, we must bond together and show unity among all countries is possible. Joh, we might not have much history but the amount of respect I have for you and your career is large. Brad, we’ve known each other for a while, and this is great to have the chance to actually tag with you. Monda sits back down, as the cameras fade out of the restaurant
  6. Random Recordings 6/16: The Chats - Get This In Ya [Self-Released] Spotify Link: The Chats are an Australian punk band from Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Their hit song, "Smoko" went viral on YouTube amassing over 7 million views. The Chats is composed of Josh Price on guitar and backing vocals, Matt Boggis on drums, and Eamon Sandwith on bass and lead vocals. I know the Chats due to the Smoko video, and the song is pretty good too. Australia's music scene is absolutely scorching right now with acts like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Amyl and the Sniffers, etc. Good stuff from down under. Let's see how this is: Smoko: 5/5 - Smoko is an absolute heater of a track. There's a reason this is the song that got them fame internationally. Guessing that Smoko is the Australian term for a smoke break here. Great tune, good intro to the band. Also the longest song on the album, clocking in at a nice 3 minutes. Nambored: 4/5 - A good song, you'll like it if you like Smoko. What keeps that extra point away from it is the chorus and how similar to Smoko it is. The breakdown at the minute mark is sick, though. How Many Do You Do: 4.5/5 - Rifftastic bassline here, reminiscent of Yonder Is Closer To The Heart by Parquet Courts. Songs got a bit of an odd build-up for a punk banger, though. Otherwise a great tune about picking up chicks. Bus Money: 5/5 - Another great bassline, seems to be a theme here. Sandwith's voice sounds great here too, the thick Australian accent is surprisingly good for punk. Song structure is very similar to the last one, but the length of the songs doesn't hurt them. This songs another banger. Casualty: 4/5 - Good little punk ditty here. Nothing bad. All good. Left Right: 4/5 - Cool little surf-punk song here. Good stuff man. Not mch new, but you can tell they've found their style by this point. Temperature: 5/5 - Another banger, a la Smoko. This is actually their next big tune after Smoko I believe. Great chorus, good vibes, overall great closer. Overall - 90 You'll enjoy if you like punk music or Australian accents. Next up, Reader Recommendations: Malibu Ken - Malibu Ken, requested by Nate
  7. Warriors in 5 (Curry) Clippers in 5 (Leonard) Nuggets in 7 (Jokic) Lakers in 6 (LeBron) Bucks in 5 (Giannis) Celtics in 6 (AD) Nets in 7 (Butler)
  8. Binnington should've gotten the Conn Smythe

  9. First game I ever owned, Gran Turismo 3; A-spec. Game still bangs to this day.
  10. The Blues win their first cup in franchise history, what a season. Blues were dead last in January, and ended up winning the Finals.
  11. Crazy how Toronto won... thing I don't like is how the cameras for NBC were more focused on the sad Warriors players rather than the joy of the Raptors minus Kawhi... Kawhi looked straight bored out there
  12. Monda

    Hurt Locker

    Carnage returns from commercial break to Monda walking backstage. He appears to be letting people through the backstage door. Three US soldiers appear, and Monda welcomes them in and begins to walk with them through the backstage area. This over here is the snack area. Feel free to grab whatever you like. Hope you guys enjoy the show tonight, some great things coming up ahead. Monda continues his tour of the backstage area, showing the armed forces personnel through the locker room. This here is my locker. you can check out whatever's in there I've got nothing to hide. The soldiers look at the red, white, and blue locker as someone walks up behind them...

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