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  1. Team Tardy: Onix Mudbray Hippopotas Wooper Gible Diglett-Alola Drilbur Cubone
  2. BPZ returns from commercial break as the tron shows inside of a strip club, where all body parts, such as the boobs and their cats as we see Monda sitting in a chair with a beer in his hand as he watches the girls dance. Monda: This is more like it. Wait…. Where is Brad? HEY BRAD! Monda looks around, but then a loud scream is heard as a stripper runs out of the back room, followed by Brad. Brad: Where you going chica? I asked if you wanted to see my big scar! Monda: Brad! You're going to get us kicked out! Get over here and sit down. Brad sighs as he walks over and sits down on the chair beside Monda, who hands Brad a beer and drinks his. Monda: Look I know you're insane and all but you need to be focused. We got a tag match up coming up in the matter of days and you're over here worried about trying to scare children with your scars and yelling Quack at people. Brad: DID YOU JUST SAY QUACK?!? Monda: Yes why? Brad: DON'T BRING UP THE DUCKS AGAIN!!!.... they're watching. Monda sighs and face palms before drinking the last of his beer bottle and smashes it over Brad's head, causing people to gasp and the DJ to stop, while Brad holds his head. Monda: Listen to me Brad, you acting like this is putting everyone on edge, hell it's putting you farther from the United Nations, something you were there to help create! Now you're acting like a complete jackass Brad. You need to get your head straight and get your act together! Everyone watches as Brad looks at the ground, blood trickling down his face from the glass as he grabs Monda by the throat and looks at him. Brad: ..... Thank you. I'm ready for this Monda. I'm a man of hurt soul that hides Myself behind laughs and jokes, but this pain is Killing me. LOOK AT ME! I'M A FREAK! AND I LOVE IT! And you… you're a drunk American, and you love it. We're ready for those tag team Championships. We're ready to bring gold to Untied Nations. And I'm ready to bring pain to BiC and Hans, leaving their careers, scarred for life. That's… the United way. Brad let's go off Monda, who rubs his throat and smirks as he grabs another beer bottle and cracks it open and clinks beer bottles with Brad. Monda: Let's go win some tag titles.
  3. tomorrow boys don't forget to set your lineups
  4. Nate, I present you with the greatest mixtape of all time: https://soundcloud.com/big-mozz/sets/mondays
  5. Saturday 5:30 EST? That works for me.
  6. So a couple have said they can’t make that draft time, anyone wanna throw out a date and time?
  7. bro don't be that picky man thats 1 overall point off lol
  8. I think the problem with Rose is that's like all he did. Not consistent enough to get a high rating.
  9. Monda

    The Regeneration

    Name: Monda Age: 39 Nickname: The American Patriot Signatures: American Legdrop, Stars and Stripes Slam Finishers: Chokeslam from the USA Attire: American stuff
  10. As a draft date, how does August 31, Noon EST sound? Also, still looking for 1 more person minimum!
  11. im happy you said this: It proves how little you know about the Giants, considering they said he will not be starting (as of now) He will not start by the end of this year. The Giants won't be fantastic, but I'll be damned if they throw him into any sort of risky situation, the Giants are a conservative minded club when it comes to issues like these. Jones is similar to Eli in the fact that he has a great mind. He's not similar to Eli in the facet that he isn't as of a risky passer as Eli is. His college tape shows him rarely throw the ball into any sort of hard coverage. He's very smart. The Giants keeping him for 15 years must indicate SOME sort of success, which is cool with me. There's a reason guys like Eli, Big Ben, Rivers, Brady, Rodgers, hell even Matthew Stafford and Tony Romo (while he played) plays so long for one club. Success.
  12. Remember this? Lets do it again because I got 2k19 for $3. Except maybe less screenshots? i'll figure something out. Excerpt from the old thread: This time around, however, to keep the thread somewhat clean I have made a google form for you to fill out. I have downloaded the projected 2k20 rosters, (so Kawhi on LAC, AD on LAL, etc). I'll add badges to help your guy depending on what type of player they are. Cheers.

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