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  1. my friend mentioned this to me the other day and I was saying I hope it feels more like an arcadey-game, sort of WWE Superstars 2. Looking back at games like NFL and FIFA Street, and how fun they were, I think if it succeeds it could possibly bring that genre back. RIP EA Big
  2. reminder that draft is tomorrow morning.
  3. reminder that draft is tomorrow morning.
  4. Draft: Friday, 8/24/18, 9:30 AM EST.
  5. gonna keep it as a reminder for how long we've done this. 5 years is impressive.
  6. We are back for another year (our fifth to be exact). A recap of last season: 2017 was a season of top-heavy teams, as Big Baller Brand, Squad of Summer, and Fuck Cam all ended at 9-4, tying for league best. Zeke and Destroy was right behind at a modest 8-5. WIth 4 playoff spots taken, 6-6-1 Team Monda and 6-7 Team Blade sneaked in as well, leaving 6-7 CFL Rejects and 5-7-1 Da Belichick Boys out of the dance. Team Monda managed to surprise Zeke and Destroy in the first round while Team Blade was handled by Squad of Summer. Second seeded Fuck Cam handled Squad of Summer while Big Baller Brand was upset by Team Monda, which leaves us with a finals of Flynn vs. Monda, aka Team Monda (6-6-1) vs. Fuck Cam (9-4). I won 102-90. Who's in? Obviously first come, first serve and we can go up to 20 teams in a league. PM me your email address if you have NEVER been in the league before and would like to join. If you were in the league last season and have the same ESPN account and would like to use said account, just say you're "in". (Going to tag everyone who was in last season: @bailey14 @BrendenPlayz @Flynn @Ropati @ICON @Hollow @Echo Wilson @Yelich @Johnny Kills ) WWE Division: Team Monda ( @Monda ) Squad of Summer ( @Echo Wilson ) Zeke and Destroy ( @bailey14 ) Team Blade ( @Hollow ) Big Baller Brand ( @KING ) TNA Division: Fuck Cam ( @Flynn ) The CFL Rejects ( @Yelich ) Team Ropati ( @Ropati ) Da Belichick Boys ( @LAOCH )
  7. A twitter notification pops up on your phone as you see "@MondaBPZ has started streaming". You click on curiously to see what he has to say. What's up everyone, thanks for joining me here. I'm just in my home, back in Jersey, and off the road right now. Just got a workout in, feeling good, decided to see what some of my viewers have any questions for me, so this is an impromptu "Ask Me Anything." I will answer all and any questions. Fire away!
  8. Nashville-Vegas series would tear the world apart. Red Wings really needed that rebuild... finally got away from resigning really old vets. Dylan Larkin looks to be a star, though. That's good.
  9. Monda respectfully lowers Josh's hand to his side. I am sorry, but I cannot make that promise. But I'm sure with a great supporting role at Bragging Rights, Bailey will notice you, just like the rest of the world. Monda pats Josh on the back as he is seen saying, "see you at Bragging Rights", as he walks to the back.
  10. Monda's expression returns to anger as he looks back at The Commonwealth. He points both his index and middle finger at the two, signaling for their attention as he speaks. Look and listen to me, you two. Don't you dare disrespect these fantastic people like you just did before. We are in America, this is my home, and their home too. You are welcomed here. When Carnage eventually makes its way to Britain, I will not go against their customs. Our countries have respect towards each other. And as you both have helped out my brother in recent months, I've learned to put your xenophobic statements in the back of my mind. I am just asking for both of you to not turn this crowd against us. They are Americans, and since it seems to me you are both living here, you are as well. Isn't that right? Monda gestures to the crowd as they chant "U,S,A! U,S,A!" Now that that's out of the way, we are all on the same team here fellas. And I hope you're listening too, Julius. While we all have our respective egos, Brad is our captain. And just like the President, or the King, we should listen to what he has to say. Brad, just know that this will be a democracy. Monda looks at the crowd and points at the packed arena. THIS IS CARNAGE, AND WE WILL RETURN WITH A VICTORY AT BRAGGING RIGHTS. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT, AMERICA. The Star Spangled Banner plays as Monda storms out of the arena, waving his American flag all about and high fiving audience members. The screen fades to black and we see a commercial for Bragging Rights...
  11. The titantron lights up red, white, and blue and visuals of the American flag hit the screen. Monda walks out and cuts the music quickly by motioning his hand at the cameraman. I don't want to waste my time, your time, or any of these glorious Americans respective time, but as you stomped out here with a chair I was watching from a TV in the back and I realized you weren't on the card as well. I thought about the card, and how packed it is at the moment. Even if you received a match, do you really want to go out there and fight for, like, 3 minutes? The next match would kick you out. I think you're a good talent and you still haven't hit your peak here on Carnage. Before you really screw something up with your brother, I'm going to do everyone a favor. Josh, would you like to join Team Carnage as our OFFICIAL mascot? Think about all the opportunities. Monda takes a list out of his pocket and begins to read it out Your face will be in front of the camera, as you'd be walking out with Team Carnage and would be ringside, being able to do whatever you want! (As long as you don't hurt Team Carnage's 100% probability of winning) Your name and picture could show up on promo material! As a bonus, you wouldn't be "sat around" at Bragging Rights, you'll be standing help out your brand. Money! Of course showing up will earn you a paycheck. Think about them sweet, sweet merch sales. So, what do you say, Josh? Monda holds his hands out, waiting for a response from Josh.
  12. If you ever wanted to start watching Hockey, this is the season. Every league always has that couple year stretch where the future becomes really clear and that's what the NHL is entering right now. Younger teams like (my) New Jersey Devils, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Philadelphia Flyers are starting to rise. Some of the veteran teams like the New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, and Los Angeles Kings are starting to fade away and will go through some big time changes. The deadline this year is looking to be MASSIVE. For us longtime fans, this season has been a rollercoaster if your favorite team is in the metro. Every team in that division can play some really good hockey. Tampa returned to form with Kucherov at about 78 points right now. Vegas is really good. Makes me question whether the league is rigged. Any thoughts on this current season so far? Are there actual hockey fans besides me on here? We shall find out.
  13. We return to the Carnage arena to a huge flag featuring Carnage's logo and we hear the sound of snares over the speakers. Horns begin to squeal and it begins to sound like the national anthem of the United States. The American flag comes on the titantron as the light shine down on the crowd in the colors of Red, White, and Blue. Red, White, and Blue pyro lights up the arena as we see Monda decked out in a new singlet, coated in American icons. The American flag in hand, we hear a bald eagle screech across the speaker and Jimi Hendrix's version of The Stars Spangled Banner turns on. Monda slowly walks his way down the ring, waving around his gargantuan American Flag, with a Carnage branded microphone in his pocket. He climbs up the top rope and plants the flag in the conveniently placed stand in the corner of the ring. AAAAAMMMMMEERRRIIIICCAAAA!!! How is everyone doin' tonight? It's good to be back on your screens. Since my defeat at the hands of Ross at Night of Legends, I've been absent except for an odd call-out from Akki, which I'll get to another time. What a basket case. I guess that's why he's on Evolve, he fits right in. Anyways, everyone here knows my love for my country. I've shown my American pride multiple times in the past, and with the current political climate, it's about time I start informing all of you about my thoughts on what's going on. But first, as you all know, Bragging Rights is coming up. Yes this match and that match are happening, but no one really cares about those. The real meat and potatoes of that show will be the 5 man tag match, pitting An American, Me, an Italian, Brad, a Kiwi, Ropati, a Canadian, Peter Wilchester, and an Australian, Julius together against... well, it doesn't matter. The names of the so-called "wrestlers" on the other squad don't need to be said as nobody remembers the losers. Despite not having a fellow American on this roster, each man is from an honorable land. Brad, I am part Italian, believe it or not. Italy is a fantastic country and their generous donations of pasta and loud speaking voices has graced American households. To both Ropati, New Zealand has never done anything wrong. I salute you for that. To Mr. Wilchester, Canada and the US are best friends and neighbors. Great allies. We salute you for your services in helping us during D-Day in World War 2. And to Julius, America and Australia's history ties back to being owned by Britain, but both freeing ourselves from an evil King. I salute you and your country for that. Gentleman, if you would like to come out and speak some words alongside me to our enemies, you are welcome to do so. As for my teammates, to become acquainted, here are some gifts: for Brad, a poster signed by famous Italian-American movie star Lou Ferrigno. For Ropati, an American-made cricket bat. For Peter, a signed jersey of American hockey superstar Patrick Kane. Julius, here's a fresh copy of Kangaroo Jack, a modern classic in America cinema. Just remember, and this goes out to Team Evolve, it doesn't matter what country we are all from. This is not about that. We are all under the Carnage flag. That is what makes us united. Watch out. Now for Team Carnage, want to come talk strategy for these beautiful people? Monda leans back on the ropes and drinks from his water bottle, waiting to see if anyone will join him in the ring.
  14. shit if I saw in time I was going to be kicker. oof. Definitely looking out for this, though.
  15. I want to see Monda on the card. I believe this would be the first time. Hello world

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