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  1. [NHL] National Hockey League Discussion

    If you ever wanted to start watching Hockey, this is the season. Every league always has that couple year stretch where the future becomes really clear and that's what the NHL is entering right now. Younger teams like (my) New Jersey Devils, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Philadelphia Flyers are starting to rise. Some of the veteran teams like the New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, and Los Angeles Kings are starting to fade away and will go through some big time changes. The deadline this year is looking to be MASSIVE. For us longtime fans, this season has been a rollercoaster if your favorite team is in the metro. Every team in that division can play some really good hockey. Tampa returned to form with Kucherov at about 78 points right now. Vegas is really good. Makes me question whether the league is rigged. Any thoughts on this current season so far? Are there actual hockey fans besides me on here? We shall find out.
  2. We return to the Carnage arena to a huge flag featuring Carnage's logo and we hear the sound of snares over the speakers. Horns begin to squeal and it begins to sound like the national anthem of the United States. The American flag comes on the titantron as the light shine down on the crowd in the colors of Red, White, and Blue. Red, White, and Blue pyro lights up the arena as we see Monda decked out in a new singlet, coated in American icons. The American flag in hand, we hear a bald eagle screech across the speaker and Jimi Hendrix's version of The Stars Spangled Banner turns on. Monda slowly walks his way down the ring, waving around his gargantuan American Flag, with a Carnage branded microphone in his pocket. He climbs up the top rope and plants the flag in the conveniently placed stand in the corner of the ring. AAAAAMMMMMEERRRIIIICCAAAA!!! How is everyone doin' tonight? It's good to be back on your screens. Since my defeat at the hands of Ross at Night of Legends, I've been absent except for an odd call-out from Akki, which I'll get to another time. What a basket case. I guess that's why he's on Evolve, he fits right in. Anyways, everyone here knows my love for my country. I've shown my American pride multiple times in the past, and with the current political climate, it's about time I start informing all of you about my thoughts on what's going on. But first, as you all know, Bragging Rights is coming up. Yes this match and that match are happening, but no one really cares about those. The real meat and potatoes of that show will be the 5 man tag match, pitting An American, Me, an Italian, Brad, a Kiwi, Ropati, a Canadian, Peter Wilchester, and an Australian, Julius together against... well, it doesn't matter. The names of the so-called "wrestlers" on the other squad don't need to be said as nobody remembers the losers. Despite not having a fellow American on this roster, each man is from an honorable land. Brad, I am part Italian, believe it or not. Italy is a fantastic country and their generous donations of pasta and loud speaking voices has graced American households. To both Ropati, New Zealand has never done anything wrong. I salute you for that. To Mr. Wilchester, Canada and the US are best friends and neighbors. Great allies. We salute you for your services in helping us during D-Day in World War 2. And to Julius, America and Australia's history ties back to being owned by Britain, but both freeing ourselves from an evil King. I salute you and your country for that. Gentleman, if you would like to come out and speak some words alongside me to our enemies, you are welcome to do so. As for my teammates, to become acquainted, here are some gifts: for Brad, a poster signed by famous Italian-American movie star Lou Ferrigno. For Ropati, an American-made cricket bat. For Peter, a signed jersey of American hockey superstar Patrick Kane. Julius, here's a fresh copy of Kangaroo Jack, a modern classic in America cinema. Just remember, and this goes out to Team Evolve, it doesn't matter what country we are all from. This is not about that. We are all under the Carnage flag. That is what makes us united. Watch out. Now for Team Carnage, want to come talk strategy for these beautiful people? Monda leans back on the ropes and drinks from his water bottle, waiting to see if anyone will join him in the ring.
  3. BPZMania III Match Card Predictions

    I want to see Monda on the card. I believe this would be the first time. Hello world
  4. [Later in the night, we see Monda backstage with a backstage interviewer. He appears to be unamused and looks to just want to get the interview over with. He continues to chew on a toothpick as he talks.] Yes, you haven't seen me in a bit. Don't worry about that for now. I've been called back from my break to feed my attention to a "visitor". I'd call him more of a pest. Like most of these guys on the roster, I've known him since he started out. It was his lack of speaking skills and unkept promises that made me shy away from associating myself with him. [Monda flips his toothpick out of his hand and gives a stern look the interviewer] He's a bit more established now, and I guess he thinks I'll be his stepping stone like I have been for some other before. This is where that ends. Akki, save your strength for the ring before a real security team does their job. I'm not going to waste any more time, I'm going to talk to Bailey about upping our security. [The show cuts to commercial as Monda walks off quickly to the right.]
  5. Hi! I’m Noy!

    Welcome to the forums, Noy. Don't hesitate to ask for help or anything of the sorts.
  6. [XFL] Xtreme Football League Discussion

    as @SummerGamz said, St. Louis and San Diego would be very smart places to put teams. Both recently lost their team. Maybe Oakland as well, but that's too close to SD. One of the other. Looking away from NFL cities, biggest markets I can think of is Salt Lake City (MLS and NBA teams), Alabama, and Oklahoma City (NBA)
  7. [XFL] Xtreme Football League Discussion

    Any predictions for where the 8 teams will be? I think they'll have 4 on each coast. Maybe: East: New York/New Jersey Obvious tie-in because it's the biggest market in America and WWE HQ is close to it Florida Not sure where in Florida, but places like Orlando can definitely field a team, especially being close to the Orlando Magic and Disneyworld. Philadelphia/Pittsburgh Most hardcore fans in any area but may be tied into the NY metropolitan market. Toronto For the risky pick, the XFL could ring in a huge Canadian following by putting a team up there. Toronto has the name value and fan base there. West: Chicago Big time city and hardcore fans for any sport Texas From San Antonio to El Paso, there are tons of places in Texas to put a pro football team. Could even be 2 teams if Vince isn't creative. California Like Texas, plenty of places to put a team. Large area with large fanbase potential. Mexico City Proven to enjoy pro football via the NFL's adventures down there, the XFL could really stretch across all of North America. Other Possible Locations: Minnesota/Wisconsin Big time fans, don't think so because of Vikings AND Packers in the area. Michigan Too many big-time football teams (Lions and all of the Michigan colleges) to support. Vancouver, Toronto, Ontario, Quebec City Toronto is more popular London Too far away from other cities Nebraska, Colorado Not enough fans The Bible Belt Enough football teams, but not surprised of one of the states get a squad.
  8. [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    LeBron and Kyrie with KD and Russ on the same team lmao. I don't see anything happening from this but I hope something does. And I think team Curry will win from pure shooting %.
  9. Face Reveal Thread

    Peep your man at the Rumble
  10. [NFL] National Football League discussion

    The worst possible season for a Giants fan. I pray the Eagles are slaughtered and Brady improves Eli's legacy... again. At least we have a new coach and my cautious excitement can grow.
  11. Real Question: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

    yes. a filling between two pieces of bread. duh.
  12. Raw has the hotter divas but Smackdown has a better time frame. Raw has Strowman and Lesnar while Smackdown has Jinder and not Roman Reigns. I'm going with Raw here.
  13. BPZ Music League 2

  14. Count to 2019 before 2019

  15. Your BPZ predictions for 2018!

    I will win at least 1 match Forums have a huge spike in sign-ups in the early quarter of 2018 I have a successful diary There will be a surprise HoF entrant Someone surprising will have a HUGE kayfabe year (maybe someone like FD, Bart or Prince)

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