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  1. Born: 14th september 1999 Set to debut: September, 2017 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: English Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Technical High-flier Body Type: Muscular Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: light heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: The Romanizer (450 splash), Great British ArmBar Face Gimmick: Underdog, Heel Gimmick: Disgruntled wrestler Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wrestler
  2. TRP comes out to the ring. Much to Storms surprise. Walking to the ring it becomes apparent that he is carrying a bag. Well done bro. real motivating speech. Well I guess you could do that after leaving your partner in the dust after he puts his body on the line to gain the tag team championships. I guess after putting my body on the line. Shortening my career for them titles, I wasn’t good enough was I? TRP starts pacing the ring, storm just stares at him blankly. I guess the HellRaisers just wasn’t good enough was it? Storm looks up. Looking guilty he brings the mic to his mouth. It was always good enough. You’re right we are brothers. The HellRaisers will always be the future of the division. TRP and Storm embrace. With a swift movement TRP storms throws storm to the floor and starts unloading punches onto storm. Storm tries to fight back but the swift surprise attack has left him floundered. TRP hits a knee to the temple and goes to get the back which is left in the corner of the ring. Out the bag he pulls a bag of thumb tacks and throws them over the ring. TRP picks up Storm and throws him onto the thumb tacks. Storm writhes in agony as his bare skin is impaled by multiple thumb tacks. YOU REALLY THINK THE HELL RAISERS WERE ETERNAL! Storm tries to crawl out of the ring but TRP boots him in the ribs. Storm drops, clutching his ribs. TRP once again goes to the bag and pulls out A BARBED WIRE BAT. YOU REALLY THINK THAT WE COULD BEAT ANYONE! TRP brings the bat down onto Storms head. Storm yells in pain as the barbed wire cuts into the skull. TRP continuously brings the bat down onto Storms head and soon both the ring and bat were a crimson mess. TRP then picks up storm and leans him against the rope. By the time I am finished with you. You’ll not want to set foot in a ring ever again. TRP ties Storm up in the ropes. Picking up the bat once again storm looks up in agony. Please… Don’t…. Taking no hesitation TRP once again starts to repeatedly beat storm with the bat. With shots to the body and the head soon TRP was also covered in Storms blood. Security start to rush the ring and have to pull TRP off the now unconscious Storm. EMTs have to rush to storm and untangle him from the ropes. His face is cut and spewing blood. All is left is TRP sitting in the ring. Watching sadistically as Storm is carried out. What a joke. That’s what fighting a man is like. You held me down for so long. Now my career can begin.
  3. The arena goes black. Oh how wrong you are. The lights come back on and TRP is standing on the ramp, staring down the Jason Ryan and Marker in the ring. You’re right, I’ve been away. However, I have not grown irrelevant, for I have been training, learning from the mistakes made in the tag team match and coming one step closer to being an unbeatable machine. And what have you been doing while I’ve been away? Well if its anything like what you just spouted I’m surprised the ring staff haven’t moved you to landfill. TRP starts walking to the ring. Now at Mayhem, me you and the irrelevant one go into a match for the vacant NXT championship. Now you say that you and your partner, Jason Ryan, are the only viable candidates for the title. After listening to that I do have to wonder, what do your two brain cells actually do up there, because they can’t even see the biggest threat they’ve faced when he’s standing right in front of them. Now for both of you, if you think for a second that teaming up to take me out is a good idea, just remember, only one of you can have the championship. Are you going to take him out before he can do the same to you. Are you taking that risk? Just gonna leave that on your minds.
  4. TheRomanPredator


    NXT brings you a message courtesy of TRP The crowd cheers at the highly anticipated return of TRP not seen since backlash. Sitting in a warehouse was TRP, bruised and battered from Backlash he looks around, alone. With a vacant look on his face he’s murmuring to himself. NXT….NXT….NXT…. It has plagued me for my entire career… So close yet so far…. The previous NXT championship matches TRP has been in show up on screen At each attempt, I come up short…. TRP looks up, battered from the war with Ruin at backlash. But now, I am ready. My time has come, the NXT championship is coming to TRP. I have never been more prepared to step up, take the gold and bring the championship to new levels. And no one can stop me. I’m in a division of false champions, boys blatantly trying to be men, now. Any of you, meet me in the ring, I’ll give you a taste of what facing a champion is like.
  5. The screen goes black. TRP and Storm are sitting in a dimly lit room, smoke pouring over the ground. A small ray of light lands at TRP’s feet, he looks up. TRP: Its cute you know, you calling us jobbers, calling us scrubs. Saying that we have no chance when there’s not a competitive win between you. Look at yourselves, compared to us, you’re nothing. Hell when storm fell from that cell he came right into hell. And I was here waiting, arms open smiling at a chance to run amok on the surface world. Storm: Falling into hell is the best thing that has ever happened. You don’t understand. I was made for the underground. When Julius threw me off that cell I became anew. I was reborn. And now me and TRP will bring hell for anyone in our path to glory. TRP: And if you think we’re gonna lay down, let you take the pin, let me make this very clear to you. We will unleash a beating on you that you have never experienced. And if you think we’re just pure scrubs? Well you must be drinking a bit too much of the whisky my friend. Storm: I just think there’s something you don’t understand. When hell freezes over, its only after someone’s openly chosen to sit down and listen to you talk. Actually hell freezing over happens more regularly. You call us a comedy act? Me and TRP think you need to have your sense of humour checked. Because laying out beatings is not even funny to us. TRP: And when you face us, you’ll get a true introduction to hell… In fact I think the HellRaisers will give you a taster right now. SERVANT! A worried servant runs into the room. Servant: You called masters? Storm hits the servant from the back with a baseball bat. Falling to his knees the servant looks up. Servant: No master, please not again. TRP: GET THE TABLE Storm grabs a table from the back of the room. Setting it up TRP drags the servant towards it. He viciously pulls him up and powerbombs him through the table. The servant, unmoving, is dragged out the room by two other servants. TRP: Marker, Jason. The scene you just witnessed is the future of your careers at backlash. I have to warn you. You will not be victorious. It will be your reckoning A storm is coming. It will take you in its stride and not lose speed. We are he hellraisers.
  6. Here we are on the 18th April 2020 on what seems to be a monumentous occasion outside WWE HQ. The McMahons have called a press conference to discuss what they call a game changing day for the company. We cut to the press conference live here at ABC news. Stephanie McMahon: Now thank you for coming, time for an explanation for why we have called you all here. As you may know since my father, Vince McMahon, retired and later very sadly passed away, the control of the WWE has been with me, my brother Shane and husband Paul Lévesque. Now as you have been aware that since then, well, the company has never been the same. We could not pull the crowds we used to, we couldn’t sign the talent and as a result, as of officially today… Ring of Honor pro wrestling is the largest company in the United States. The press buzz and cameras flashed, chatter filling the room. Shane McMahon: Now obviously for us the owners this puts a lot of strain on us as we have stock holders to keep happy and crowds to keep. The three of us would personally like to carry on with the company and improve it back to what it was 5 years ago, however, the majority share holders do not have as much faith. Triple H: After numerous meetings with the board. The board have made a decision. The three of us have agreed to step down as CEO’s of the company allowing someone new to step through and take over the reins. Unfortunately, for the first time in the companies’ existence. The company will not be run by a McMahon. Now we will not be completely leaving the company. Shane will be helping the new owner get to grips with the company and Steph will be organising staff backstage. I will still have a hand in NXT however the new CEO will have overall control. Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to introduce to you, the new owner of the WWE, James R. Predator. The press buzz and take pictures as James R. Predator walks to the stage. James: Now thank you, I just want to say what an honour it is to be taking control of such a historic company. My full aim is to get a new roster of fresh faces which we can build on to get back to where we once were. However due to us not being the biggest show in America this will be much more difficult than before. However, I am confident that we can get it there. Now any questions? Mr predator, is there any particular talent you are looking at hiring James: That is for me to know and you to find out on the coming episodes of Raw, NXT and Smackdown. What direction are you looking at taking the company into? James: A positive one hopefully. A murmur of laughter fills the hall James: Now jokes aside, looking at the emergence of online wrestling, something which has allowed ring of Honor to grow exponentially, I will be looking to move episodes of raw and smackdown onto the WWE network. This will allow the company to grow once again on an even greater level, however the pay per view events will stay on the same format. Both on box office and the network. Now last question. What would you like to say to any performers who are looking at joining the WWE in this escapade of expansion. James: Sign up, we are holding try outs at the performance centre very soon. Come along and who knows, you might just become the next Adam Cole or Lio Rush. Now thank you for coming, that brings an end to the press conference. On that night’s live stream of Ring of Honor. Bully Ray: Now ladies and gentlemen. As I’m sure you are aware a certain press conference was held earlier this week regarding the owner of the WWE. Now this has sent shockwaves through the entire wrestling world and has actually changed things here in ROH. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the new owner of Ring of Honor, Paul Levesque or as you may know him, Triple H! Now if you would like to become a part of either the WWE or ROH roster then please fill out the following form (please note real wrestlers will also be used in both promotions to fill out rosters) Name: Age: Gimmick: Ring attire: Face/Heel: Finisher: Wrestling style: Wrestling Avi (will be used for match promos): WWE/ROH:
  7. Finally, a fight. Well, ruin, you say that no one ever wants to point a target to your chest. Well. TRP raises a finger and points it right at Johnny’s chest. Consider us the first. And honestly, thank you for the invitation to the dark side of BPZ. Frankly that invitation is going to be something you will soon regret. See me and storm are something that Ruin, Marking the empire. Hell anyone on BPZ has ever experienced. Me and storm are going to take this division by storm. We have more power, more confidence, hell. TRP pauses for a second We even look better. Now you say you have gone through ladders, been put through tables and chairs. Trust me Johnny, when you’re laying on your back and you can just about hear the ref calling 1,2,3 you will be wishing you’ll be back in those moments compared to the pain you’ll be feeling in that moment. We’re coming for those championships. You’re in for the fight of your lives because it’ll be a relentless onslaught until we have got what we desire. You are the unfortunate victims that hold them and for that I am sorry. But that will not stop us from tearing you apart to hold them championships you hold so dearly above out heads. TRP pauses for a second letting the challenge sink in. Now you may not have heard. But a storm is coming and anything in its way is getting destroyed. You’re in its way. TRP drops the mic.
  8. good storyline, now how would you book the debut and continuation of the club?
  9. TheRomanPredator


    HellRaisers music hit as the pair walk down to the ring. TRP: In the short time that we have been here me and my partner Storm have noticed a few details about this excuse of a tag division. FIRST, no one seems to want to fight. We call out Marking the Empire, no response. It seems no one wants to fight around here. Storm: Now, this, this is a problem Storm starts pacing the ring angrily, like he is about to explode with frustration Storm: How can there be a tag division when there is no one to answer the call. How can you call yourself contenders if you don’t fight anyone else in the division. But we know what you do want. We know that theres one thing you want more than anything else. You want the gold, you want the glory of holding them high above you at the end of the night. TRP: Well we’ve got something to say about that. Personally we would not like you to make it to the event. But as we cannot destroy you before then we’ve got another offer for you. Storm: So here is what we propose; the next event. Marking the Empire, Ruin, HellRaisers. Triple Threat tag match up for the tag team titles. Frankly, we know you aren’t looking for a fight. TRP: And just to let all four of you know, A Storm is Coming and you will be destroyed. WE, ARE THE HELLRAISERS
  10. 1. Name: James R. Predator 2. Gimmick: Hired gun/ brute 3. Finishing maneouver: spear off the ropes 4. Wrestling style: viscous, however prefers fists to weapons 5. Favourite weapon to use: If needed a baseball bat 6. Employment history: floated around the UK independent scene for the last couple years
  11. From the depths rises a sinister foe. A menacing stare pierces the audience as he walks to the ring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mjlM_RnsVE Grabbing the mic the music drops. For those who do not know me. I am TRP, the biggest threat to grace this division in a long time. There’s a gap, and I am filling it. There is not a single team on the roster which can destroy the division or opponent like we can. To step into the ring with us is taking the one way ticket to the emergency room. Now me and Storm would like to challenge the team of The Marker and Jason Ryan, who apparently want to be known as Marking the Empire. Now this pair of lovely gents have decided to beat us to the punch. YOU DARE CHALLENGE THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. WE ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS OUTFIT IN THIS DIVISION, IF ANYONE IS CHALLENGING THE CHAMPS IT WILL BE US. BUT AS YOU HAVE GOT THERE BEFORE US I GUESS WE WILL HAVE TO OBLITERATE YOU TO GET TO THE CHAMPIONSHIPS. THIS WILL RESORT IN ENDLESS PAIN AND SUFFERING ON YOUR PART. BY THE TIME WE HAVE FINISHED TEACHING YOU A LESSON YOU WILL WANT TO BOW DOWN AND PRAY FOR MERCY. And after we are finished pummelling their faces into the mat. After we have let them leave the arena on stretchers. Then we will challenge for the championships. Storm and TRP move to the centre of the ring. A STORM IS COMING. ANYONE WHO FIGHTS IT WILL BE DESTROYED. WE ARE THE HELLRAISERS.
  12. Name: James L. Roman Shortened Name: J. Roman Nationality: British Age: 29 Height: 5"10 Weight Class: Middleweight Allegiance: Tweener Speaks: Yes Gimmick (No Unique): AJ Styles Role: Upper Midcard Wrestler looking at a push to the main event Alliance (If Any) : Fighting Style (Options: [Japanese Or Russian] Strong Style, Agile Technician, High-Flying Brawler, Pure High-Flyer, All Around, Ring General, Brawler, Jobbah): Japanese Strong Style Attributes [Select Maximum Of Three] (Options: High Spots, Superstar Look, Announcer, Shooting Ability, Diva, Booker, Fonz Factor, Menacing, Trainer): High Spots, Menacing Vintage Moves: Superplex Signature 1: Running clothesline Signature 2: Superkick Finisher 1: RKO Finisher 2: Styles clash Tag Team Finisher: Double superkick
  13. I honestly prefer the way the divisions are shaping up on raw more than smackdown. I think Smackdown did slightly worse off for their draft post mania and haven't had the star power to push them all the way through, meanwhile raw has had a decent mid card and has added to it with nakamura, sort of feel like whoever loses in the nxt championship match in the preshow will be going up though as both are established enough to make an impact. And although I do agree the brand bringing in higher ratings should be given prizess I also think that the show not drawing as many numbers should be given help to boost ratings.
  14. Right so after Monday Night Raw last night it is apparent that new general Managers will be needed (Yes this may have been apparent for a while but its just been announced officially to my recollection). Now who do people think it will be. Obviously we've seen appearances from Teddy Long and John Laurinitus in the last few weeks but do you reckon it will be an experienced general manager like Teddy Long or someone with no experience. Now when I think about who could possibly be general manager of Raw or Smackdown a few names run through my head with reasons as to why they could be General Manager or why they couldn't (In no particular order). Teddy Long: He's an experienced General Manager and was one for a long time. I think he could be GM because he loves a tag match and he could really boost the division back to the old way. With the division arguably not being at its strongest this could be what it needs. I also remember his willingness to give people a chance. I mean look at who won championships when running smackdown. Although I do remember when he did appear on Raw I don't know if it was the scripting or just him but he didn't seem his normal self. Now either of these seriously hamper his chances of being general manager. Daniel Bryan: Imagine the ovation he would get if he would get if he was announced for Raw or Smackdown (I think it would more likely be smackdown). He was an excellent wrestler whose career was cut way too short and he even said he wanted to return to something in wrestling. I think he would be a good general manager because I feel he would be willing to give underdogs, the dolph zigglers, the sami zayns major pushes to achieve what they could achieve and do deserve to achieve. However on Raw he was also announced to be on the Cruiserweight Classic. If this is a permanent thing for the rest of the series then he is more than likely not going to be able to be a General Manager from the beginning which I feel is what would be needed. Triple H: Now there's a few reasons why I think Triple H could be a General Manager, first of all he is related to Vince via being married to stephanie, that is a serious edge over everyone else. Second he has been general manager for a while and sure it was to start a people power movement all over raw and ultimately brung a close to the original split between the brands. Third look at the success that NXT has had. I guarantee WWE would not have the majority of the new up and coming talent without the success of NXT. People like Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Finn balor all currently in NXT, alos look at who's come out of NXT, the entire shield, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens. And all the matches that have gone on, Kevin Owens Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe Finn Balor, and the upcoming Shinsuke Nakamura Finn Balor just to name a few, he books amazing matches That all gives him a major advantage. But on the other hand that could be why he could not be general manager, with Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Bailey, and many others potentially top NXT stars moving up to the main roster its more than likely that Triple H will want to stay on NXT to make sure it doesnt go under again. Also just after coming out of a storyline where he had control of raw and smackdown and lets face it it didn't do as well as I'm sure the WWE hoped and it may have brought on the draft who knows. This makes it quite unlikely. A returning legend: Now this would boost ratings for the show as it would add the star power from them running the show. If they wanted they could even compete in some dream matches which no one ever thought would happen. When I think who could return on a regular basis I think Shawn Michaels most of all. I mean I dont know about anyone else but i'd be interested in Shawn Michaels vs Seth Rollins. Or even Shawn Michaels vs Aj Styles. I think a returning legend whose done the rounds in the company would know what the fans want to see because they would have competed in many themselves and would know generally what type of wrestlers match well together. However I do think with having a legend in charge they retired from the company and theres not many who would be willing to do it or would have the time. I mean the rock is off way too much shooting movies and other legends might not bring a star power after a while. John Cena: First of all can I say I dont think this will happen and it will be a major swerve if it is john cena. I see him being in WWE forever, unfortunately we're never getting away from the multicoloured shirts, now I dont think that John Cena should take the job now, he's still got some good wrestling years to go until he may think of hanging up the cargo pants for a suit and tie. Now this is not saying that 5 years down the line (I reckon he'll wrestle for four and take a year off) he wouldn't get the job and who knows he may be good at it. But I can't see him being the general manager of Raw or Smackdown just yet, he's got a few years to go before its even a possibility. Now obviously this is only my opinion so please dont hurt me if I missed someone or you really wanted John Cena to run smackdown. But also put who you think could be general manager who I haven't thought of; I personally don't really know who it could be these are just some ideas I've thought of.
  15. I agree, I get Benzema is currently serving a ban from international football but I have no idea why Lacazette was not included in the squad. Especially over Gignac. Sure he didn't have a good season as the one before but it was still really good. Tbh I have not been impressed by any big teams in the group stage. England lack managerial skill. When it was good it won us the match but that was on half of football over 3 matches, Spain impressed me up until last night when they lost in the first big game they played. I have been disappointed by Belgium. I thought they would do much better than what they have. Italy have been the best so far. The might be able to go far in this competition. Germany haven't been at the standard of the world cup but I still think they are still favourites to win by my account. Am glad 3 UK teams are in last 16 though
  16. Honestly hope they have Adam Blampied on stories. The ideas he has are phenomenal
  17. I believe after all this that erick rowan should just be world champiom
  18. Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): James Roman Weight: 350 pounds Height: 6ft Finisher(s): Gravitys adjustment (spear off the ropes) Heads will roll (GTS) Signature(s) Powerbomb Gimmick: The mercenary. Not trusted easily Attire: walks in wearing tight vest. Heavy boots. Hair slicked back. Cargo Jeans Alignment (heel/face/tweener): tweener Tag Team: Only if part of a stable
  19. I don't particularly mind it if they bring back veterans everyone wants, although if its just old jobbers then I'm not too interested
  20. Havent been here in a while, but now its timer for a return

  21. At wrestlemania The Rock and Rousey feud with HHH and Stephanie McMahon was a big talking point, its been 4 months now and it hasn't gone any further, do you think that WWE has dropped the feud or will it come back at summerslam or something
  22. yeah apparently de gea has started telling team mates he wants real madrid
  23. milner is a rm, gerrard is a cdm, if they wanted a replacement they would sign someone like pjanic from roma

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