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  1. Done. •Beat Smith •Beat Bart again •Beat Bailey again •Beat Slim again •Win whatever I want to win •Beat Sameer again •Maybe even Beat Julius again •Keep beating the top dogs until they get it through their damn skulls that I can beat them when ever I want to •Probably start a proAm 2K20 Team.
  2. How many times do I gotta beat the people ahead of me on all these god damn lists before I’m accepted as number one.
  3. Flynn

    Thank You

    The crowd erupt as finally, it appears we’d get the anticipated face to face between Champion and challenger as Flynn’s very own “Devil” by Shinedown echos through the arena. Bart appears ready for a fight himself, obviously from the recent string of attacks and beatdowns, the Undisputed Champion has not been in any type of talking mood. However finally after what feels like an eternity, Flynn does not step out. The music cuts off before the titantron reveals Flynn, standing in what appears to be somewhere backstage. Flynn almost right away begins screaming through the camera, everything directed straight toward his challenger. HEY BART, I’m up here you dumb son of a bitch. Now there should be absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t already be down there in that ring stomping a damn mud hole in your cowardly ass. But you see the higher ups, they came to me just moments before I was gonna interrupt that bullshit speech of yours and kick a hole in your. They asked and they pleaded, “please spare Bart, save the face off for when we can advertise it, for when we can market IT!” You know Bart to a scumbag like yourself you may not fully be able to comprehend what the hell im spitting at you. For you, it’s all about sneaky beatdowns and backstabbing attacks. You may think that I’m trying to avoid you, that I’m going against my own word. I can promise you that I’m not, and I can promise everyone I do not fear Bart! This is met with a string of boo’s as after a week of Flynn seemingly attacking other competitors in search of Bart, Flynn himself is nowhere to be seen when Bart is in the ring. You see I am the star of this company and I take that role extremely seriously. I see the reasoning for the wait that the execs want. I see the reasoning for why they don’t want me to come down there and stomp a mud hole in you just yet. These business decisions that I make, they are what keep this company alive. I bring in the income, I put the food on all of your families tables in that locker room. I am the reason that you have the house you live in Bart, I AM THE DRAW, I AM THE GOD DAMN MONEY MAKER YOU DAMN COWARD! Honestly I’d appreciate some respect but from a lowlife like yourself Bart, I wouldn’t expect it. So I watched your little video of what happened, how you make the bogus claim that I attacked you prior to our match, and you know what, YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID. Not just that, I did the only thing that does matter that happened on that night, because the HOW is not what matters, ITS THE WHAT. What did I do? I kicked your ass pillar to post and I TOOK THIS F*CKING UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP AND I MADE IT MINE! You know you sat in that ring just now and you said a lot of crap, but I think the biggest crap of them all was the claim that I just don’t have it anymore. It’s the same claim you made just two months ago Bart and what the hell happened? A guy you said doesn’t have it anymore BEAT YOU. A guy you said doesn’t have it anymore BEAT JULIUS. A guy who you said doesn’t have it anymore defended this championship three times the amount that you did within the exact same span as you holding it. It’s disgusting, it’s JUST GOD DAMN PATHETIC. And you know what Bart? You’ve beaten everyone I have, except you’ve never beaten me. That’s where my advantage comes into play. I’ve beaten you on multiple occasions now and both times I’ve heard two sorry ass excuses. Both times I kicked your teeth and sent your ass to obscurity. You make the promise to not disrespect me this time just moments after making the bogus claim that I am out of my prime. Honestly it sorta feels Bart like your suffering from mixed emotions but that’s fine because you will have all the chance to fix those emotions when I’m kicking your ass, pillar to post showing you absolutely ZERO respect. I’m gonna spit on you I’m gonna but you if necessary. I will do whatever the f*ck it takes to make sure you NEVER hold this Undisputed Championship again.
  4. To the shock of the crowd and BPZ wrestlers, Flynn’s very own theme hits, echoing throughout the arena. Hans and Slim step to the side as the Undisputed Champion, and the man who over the past few weeks has ran rough shot all over BPZ comes marching out onto the stage. He stares down both Hans and Slim before marching straight down to the ring. He rolls straight into the ring before snatching Blades own microphone out of his hand. He pays absolutely no attention to one half of the Tag Team Champions as he looks directly at the hard camera. BART! Bart you cowardly son of a bitch. I have been lookin for your ass all over this damn arena, I’ve waited for you to come out to this ring. I know your back there, why don’t you get your ass out here RIGHT GOD DAMN NOW and take this beating like a man. Flynn looks toward the entrance ramp however only finds a confused Slim and Hans. He turns around to find an equally confused Blade, who has sat by in shock as Flynn has seemingly interrupted and ignored this tag team altercation. God Damn are you all just gonna stand around with your damn mouths hanging open. I mean my god you’ve been flapping your gums for twenty minutes, ITS BORING. This is BPZ, this is the damn problem with this place. This place is suppose to be about kicking ass and taking names. You, Slim, you are a man who does too much god damn talking. Simply put, I’ve had enough of this shi- FKO TO BLADE. Flynn lays him out before turning his attention back to both men on the stage. Do you both see what just happened? I JUST FKOed BLADE. One of the hardest, toughest and most accomplished men in the back not because I don’t like him, not because he was asking for it just because I’m god damn PISSED. Bart you’ve pissed me off and this segment of bickering p*ssies has pissed me the HELL OFF! The longer I’m kept waiting, the more everyone in that locker room is gonna lay one by on- BLADE! Blade is back up and he’s laying into Flynn with rights! He has the Undisputed Champion on the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, Flynn ducks! LOW BLOW. Flynn a swift kick to the under region of Blade. FKO! GOD DAMNIT LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO BLADE! This is a healthy reminder to this locker room and to everyone watching, I am the Undisputed Champion, I run this show and as long as you are standing in this ring. You are not safe. Flynn exits the ring, before leaving through the crowd. A massive statement made to all parties involved.
  5. You’re pretty good at having your lines written out for you so you’ll be great in Hollywood.
  6. Survival. In BPZ, Survival is everything. Following this years Summerslam, BPZ hosts one of its most stacked tournaments in history, The Survival Games. Taken from the original 2015 tournament and revamped, the Survival Games are a round robin tournament to decide a number one contender for the Undisputed Champion at this years Night of Legends. Beginning immediately the week following Summerslam, the Survival Games will feature some of BPZ’s most elite talent taking each other on week after week leading to the eventual Survival Games Show. The talent pool has been separated into two separate blocks, block A and Block B. From here we will see the members of each block duke it out in singles competition week after week, racking up points. Once all participants in the separate blocks have faced off, the participant with the most points from each block will be taken and will compete in the Survival Games Finals AT this years SURVIVOR SERIES! From there, the winner of this Finals match will be granted a Number One Contenders shot for the Undisputed title at Night of Legends. Not just this, but we can confirm the Undisputed Championship and North American Championship will be on the line at Survival Games! All this and much more in what is set to be an action pack few months of BPZ. You can view all of this Live on the BPZ network! Below Are the Two Chosen Blocks of Participants: Block A TBD is Bart/Flynn & Block B TBD is Arius/Yelich Advertised: Flynn, Slim, Smith, Bart, Julius, Bashka And etc... Venue: Spectrum Center: Charlotte, NC
  7. We are live on the BPZ network, the camera panning over from the window, it’s rainitn heavily outside. We can here the wind brush across the glass, it’s howl leaving a slight echo. The camera pans over, the room is dark, nothing can be seen besides a figure who is sat in an old wooden chair in the center of said room. The camera stops, filming the figure for what feels like an eternity. There is no movement, no sound besides the constant beating of the rain against the window. Finally the sound of thunder cracks across the scene, the crackling lightning lighting up the room briefly. We see a bed flash in the background, and the face of the figure we find ourselves studying..... It is Flynn, the Undisputed Champion. The last time we saw the Champ, he was laid out by the newly returned Bart, who cashed in his rematch clause for the Undisputed Championship at Summerslam. Now both rivals are on a collision course in what is a rematch from their thriller from just two months ago. Finally, he speaks, his voice low, however his words leave an almost uneasy feeling. This company. Two words I find consistently lingering in my head. This..... Company. The company that made me rich. The company that made me famous. The place that offers me the ability to do what I love and that’s kick the ass of whoever the hell I want. Yet, despite years of being on top, years of accomplishment, it’s still not enough. I feel....unsatisfied. I asked myself why, I searched within myself, I talked to people, I wanted to know WHY THE HELL AM I STILL HERE. I said, “Flynn, you’ve accomplished it all, you’ve beaten them all, what more is there to give?” And then I realized. There’s nothing else for me. Bart, the coward, the bastard son of a bitch. He blindsided me. He attacked me and he made an example of me. He got a lucky shot on me and then he continued the burning fire in me that Julius started. Two months ago I beat him for this Championship and ever since then the Undisputed Championship’s stock has sky rocketed because I’m a star, I’m a god damn champion and Bart is a god damn placeholder. He’s god damn chump change. He’s here to make me look good. That’s it. The proof is written on the wall. Julius and Bart, the Kingdom DESTINED for greatness. Julius, one of the companies longest reigning champions, Bart, the first Undisputed Champion and the man who lost that title in his second ever title defense to a man he has now lost to in a TWO CONSECUTIVE BOUTS. Two opportunities you’ve blown. You had the opportunity to challenge Julius for that BPZ World Championship and you failed. You had the opportunity to show what kind of Champion you are, that you can take on all comers AND YOU FAILED! Just one week ago I beat Julius, two weeks before I took out Jonathan and sent him on vacation. I stomped MUD HOLES in that locker room in between. Coward. I know it, I’ve said it for months. You fear me and if you truly don’t, then your as stupid as you look. Now I’m gonna give you a little bit of advice you dumb son of a bitch, don’t show up at Summerslam. If you do choose to do it, I will not hesitate to stomp your ass, and show the world the fraud you are. You aren’t anything special. You’re another Alyx Wilde without the flashy cool name. Now as for where I am.... Bart’s attack woke me up however before I walk into Summerslam I needed to visit an old friend. He and I go way back, we’ve stomped mud holes in each other. I’ve whooped his ass halfway across the world and back. And in these times of heart ache, a familiar face is exactly what I need...... Flynn stands up, maneuvering across the room. He turns the light on revealing the bed from earlier to be a hospital bed. Brad lays in the bed asleep however the light appears to slowly wake him up. Flynn is revealed to be wearing a doctors outfit. His face is now covered, as he speaks. Flynn: Wake up sunshine. We have a bright and early start today Brad. Brad:What the hell, it’s the middle of the god damn night. Why the he-...... OH NO GOD SOMEONE HELP M- In a shocking turn of events, Flynn pounces on the heavily injured Brad who sports several casts and is wrapped up all over his body. Flynn is pounding on Brad before slinging him off his hospital bed, stomping an absolute mud hole in the screaming Brad u til he is rendered totally unconscious. Finally, a nurse comes running into the room, finding Flynn standing above Brad, the Undisputed Champion breathing extremely heavily. Ma’am, this place needs some better damn security. Flynn marches directly out of the room. A shocked nurse and a laid out Brad left in his wake.
  8. ”Devil” by Shinedown echoes throughout the Carnage Arena. We are following a night of extreme action as Emergence has passed and we are now welcomed by the very man who successfully defended his Championship against the King of the Ring, Julius. Flynn marches out, no smiles per usual nor waisting anytime as he makes a B-line directly for the ring. His Championship firmly over his shoulder, it has been hyped up all night that he would be revealing his big Summerslam plans following such a monumental title defense. He rolls into the ring and his eyes turn right for he hard camera. He stands there for several moments, giving the world a long look of a bruised cheek, and a slight cut over his eye that is bandaged up. This man went to war with one of the most dangerous and dominant men in all of BPZ history, and for the third time in a row in singles competition, he came on top over the death machine. Finally he lifts up a microphone... You should all be bowing for your GOD DAMN KING. Last night Julius and I raised hell all over this arena, and if I’m being quiet honest, that remains one of the toughest SOB’s I’ve ever stepped in this ring with. That however does NOT change the result. I beat him, I stomped a damn mud hole in the boy and I retained this Undisputed Championship. I did each and everything I said I would over the past week. The locker room is talking about me. You people are talking about me and that means ALL EYES ARE ON THID DAMN UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP! I have the opportunity to now walk into Summerslam, and Main Event the whole damn show for this here Championship. There’s a pressing issue, Houston, we have a god damn problem. I beat the toughest SOB, in the company today last night. There’s not a god damn man who’s earned the opportunity, there’s not a god damn man who has the ability to challenge me for this championship. As far as I’m concerned 80% of that roster is full of p*ssies, and the other 20% are too busy to get their asses kicked by me. I am the champion of BPZ. I’m The King. I won’t reduce myself to an open challenge with the Main Event of Summerslam on the line. I don’t have the time or the patience for some mediocre talent like Hans. Like Arius. Like Kenji. Like BIC. Like Bashka. Like the very BPZ World Champion we have right now. So I leave you with my Summerslam announcement....... I won’t be facing a god damn person. Flynn drops his microphone however the exact moment we here the thud of the drop, all lights go out.....
  9. Match Card: Cruiserweight Championship: Drew Gulak (c) vs. Oney Lorcan Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair United States Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs. Ricochet Finn Balor vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon (If Owens loses, he will quit WWE) SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Randy Orton Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya (Submission Match) WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins Bonus Questions: First Match (Non Pre-Show)?: Styles vs Ricochet Second To Last Match? Bray Wyatt vs Balor Will Roman Reigns have a match on the show and if so, against who? Yes, Rowan Who will be 24/7 Champion by the end of the show? Carmella Will Randy Orton use the Punt to finish the match? No Tie Breaker 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the NXT Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs. Johnny Gargano NXT Women’s Championship Match: Shayna Baszer (c) vs. Mia Yim NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Street Profits (c) vs. Undisputed Era  Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai Triple Threat Match for the NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream (c) vs. Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong  Bonus: What will be the third match stipulation if used? Last Man Standing
  10. My NBA Regular Season Awards Predictions: MVP: Jokic DPOY: Paul George ROTY: Zion COTY: Doc Rivers 6MOTY: Spencer Dinwiddie MIPOTY: Lonzo Ball East Champs: 76ers West Champs: Clippers
  11. I’m popping off 

    1. Sameer


      How many times do I gotta tell u the same thing FLYNN. 

    2. Flynn


      Open in the corner.

  12. We are live in the carnage arena falling a night of chaos as Flynn has made several appearances, attacking and brutalizing many of BPZ’s own roster members all to send a message to BPZ’s own Killing Machine, Julius. Flynn marches out to a rambunctious crowd, everyone on their feet, all awaiting to see what exactly the Texas born native has in store for us tonight. He looks to be taking no crap, marching out and directly down the ring. He rolls straight into the squared circle, before pacing around the ring, posing with his Championship for the crowd. He removes a microphone from his boot however doesn’t speak. Instead he takes a good long while to stare directly at the hard camera. Finally a small smile cracks across his face before quickly disappearing. Instead he shows absolutely no happiness, entirely replaced by anger. Tonight I cranked up the god damn heat. You see earlier this week I made a promise. I made a promise to come to Carnage and out everyone on notice and that’s exactly what I’ve done. I said no ones safe and I stomped a mud hole in whoever the hell I wanted to prove it. Whether they had it coming or not I don’t give a damn, Carnage is my show and BPZ is my damn company. You see as Undisputed Champion, I take myself as sort of a locker room leader and that means that locker room represents me just as much as I represent them and to be quite honest, that locker room has been making me look like shit. Whether it was Arrow or Sheridan or Bashka, I have had god damn enough of the weak, and the pathetic “wrestlers” in this company. That’s why TOMORROW, it all changes, because tomorrow I walk into this ring and I stomp a mud hole in a man that, that locker room fears. I show this company and everyone in it and all of you at home that I AM THE GOD DAMN UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, THE CHAMPION OF BPZ, and I am the toughest SOB in the god damn world! That’s not the only reason I’m out here. You see I marched into managements office, I threw some people around, I reminded them of who the hell I am and I got what I really came for here tonight. Because you see at Emergence, it won’t just be Flynn vs. Julius because simply put I’m not interested in just out wrestling the son of a bitch, I want to kick his ass. I want to leave him stomped, and unable to stand. I want to be the LAST MAN STANDING. That’s why I have made this match, a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH! Julius, I just want to thank you yet again for waking me the hell up a few weeks ago. You kicked some sense into my ass when you took my head clean off my shoulders and in return I’m going to shove this title straight up your ass just before I leave you unable to stand. Emergence, I walk in Champ, and I walk out Champ, and there’s not a god damn person who’s going to stop me. I have put you all on notice, I have struck the fear into that locker room that it needed and I have shown exactly WHO FLYNN IS GOING FORWARD. I said no ones safe, and I showed it. You see unlike 99% of the babbling idiots in the back, I don’t come out here and waist your time speaking on various topics boring you all to death for a god damn near half hour. I have a message, I say what I mean and I follow through on it. I don’t need smoke and mirrors, video packages from my child hood home, crying about why daddy wouldn’t hold me. I come out to this ring, I speak the truth and the truth is, I’m just getting started. If you don’t like it, if you disagree, well I just got one thing for ya. Flynn drops his microphone sending his message directly into the camera, and to everyone at home and in the building tonight. The Undisputed Championship match is set, Flynn vs Julius in a Last Man Standing match.
  13. Sheridan is smiling high fiving members of the crowd. She is waking up the ramp having just made a massive statement for Emergence and following several impressive showings against BPZ’s elite, many wonder if this is finally the moment she breaks through to success here in BPZ. She stands center stage, posing for the entire crowd, many cheering and clapping with very little to no boo’s. Sheridan appears extremely shocked however quickly turns toward the entrance way ready for a fight. Flynn has had several hit and runs tonight with the likes of Bashka and Arrow suffering from his promised run through of the BPZ locker room on his way to Emergence. However Flynn comes from behind, blasting Sheridan in the back of the skull with his Undisputed Championship! He waists little time, ignoring boo’s from the crowd, he sets a chair up before slowly lifting Sheridan up..... MY GOD! FKO ONTO THE CHAIR! Flynn now leaving Sheridan totally laid out, he hoists his Undisputed Championship above his head. Several medical officials and security come out, attempting to have Flynn removed, he simply blows past all of them back to the back. Yet another individual suffering from Flynn’s wrath.
  14. Flynn comes matching directly out onto the stage. His eyes are focused forward as a surprised Arrow stands directly in the center of the ring. One must wonder if Arrow actually struck a nerve with the Dallas Native. Flynn with annoyance in his eyes, rolls directly into the ring. Arrow standing there just as confused as everyone in the arena. He points at Arrow before rebounding off the ropes, SPEAR! FLYNN SPEARS ARROW RIGHT IN HALF. He picks up Arrows own microphone, screaming into the mic. Nobody cares about the god damn Seahawks, just like they don’t care about you, ya dumb son of a bitch. Flynn tosses the microphone, leaving directly for the back as he has laid out yet another BPZ superstar on his road to Emergence.

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