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  1. Really just created Ace Entertainment without Buddy Ace.
  2. We are live on Carnage, and heading straight into tonight main event where Universal Champion Jeremiah Flynn is set to team with former Bulletproof comrade Alex Costa to take on former Tag Champs in their own right in Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace. The arena is electric for this big bout between four of the best athletes Carnage has to offer. The first man out is Carnage’s resident ass-kicker himself, and the man who’s been at the throat of the Universal Champion for several weeks now, Jason Ryan. He oozes confidence and looks absolutely cool, calm and collected for this bout here tonight. He stands just a little over a week away from stepping into the ring with Flynn in what should be a brutal street fight. He is quickly followed by the also confident, and always ready for a fight, the “Hangman” Buddy Ace. He steps out onto the stage, the crowd cheering the young star on as he marches directly to the ring, just days away from his big clash with Alex Costa. It’s his confrontation last week with the Universal Champion that sealed the deal and set up tonight’s big match. Both men would take to their corner before shaking hands. A reunion like this in most cases would lead seemingly an obvious result however the it is known that Jeremiah and Alex are no strangers, as they were apart of one of the most dominating groups in BPZ history. Alex steps out next, a cocky smile spread firmly across his face. He eyes down Buddy Ace as the memories of his sneak attack just last week linger on, clearly pleased with himself gaining the edge and looks to continue to do so here tonight as they head into their tournament match-up. Alex circles around the ring before looking up back to the stage, awaiting the “Painmaker”. The Universal Champion, Jeremiah Flynn marches out onto the stage and isn't waisting any time, as he B-Lines it straight to the ring. Bloodshot eyes, he’s looking directly at Jason Ryan. Both men have been at one another’s throats for the past few weeks, a clear turf warfare being out on as both fight for who is the alpha here on Carnage. He stops just at the apron before giving off a sinister smile, circling back around to his corner with Alex, as he allows his former Bulletproof brother to start the match against Jason, the bell ringing. *DING* *DING* Alex and Jason circle the ring, both eyeing each other down. Before either lock up however, Alex would quickly swing around and strike Buddy with a cheap shot right hand, sending the man crashing off the apron. Quickly, Jason would sprint at Alex however he’d be prepared, side stepping before clinching Ryan. He’d be able to overpower Costa however, flipping him around into a side-headlock only for Costa to be a step ahead, quickly sliding out of it before landing a quick kick to the back of Ryan’s leg. Ace now would roll into the ring completely pissed, but the referee would quickly step into his way. Costa would take an early advantage of this, quickly raking the eyes of the knelt down Jason, before spring boarding off the ropes, He’d quickly fall for the cover only for it to be a 1 count. Alex now would lock Jason Ryan into a headlock, attempting you keep the big man grounded however Jason wouldn’t have any of it. The big man would stand directly to his feet, carrying Alex with him before tossing him straight to the side. He’d quickly tag in Buddy Ace as both men would eye Costa down now. With Flynn forced to watch on, Ryan would Irish Whip Costa as hard as he could, straight into a devastating forearm by Buddy Ace. Now with the opportunity to Dish out a little bit of revenge, Buddy would lay in several rights before lifting Alex up by the back of his hair. Alex would quickly break free however, leaping high and landing a devastating drop kick sending Buddy Ace back. He’d quickly tag in Jeremiah Flynn and like a hungry animal the champion would attack. Flynn would bomb rush the ring, clotheslining Ace straight over the top rope, quickly eyeing things up before following him to the outside. Jason Ryan and Alex Costa would seemingly watch one as Flynn, would quickly pounce on the downed Buddy Ace, not allowing him to pull himself to his feet and instead bashing his head straight into the ring-side railing. Jeremiah now with a sick sadistic smile on his face, would point over to Jason Ryan, seemingly signaling that “he’s next”, before grabbing ahold of Ace and rolling him back into the ring. He’d quickly signal for Costa, picking Ace up as the high-flyer would springboard off of the ropes, landing a sick clothesline on the elevated Buddy Ace. Jeremiah now would fall for the pin, 1...2, NO! Buddy Ace would kick out just at the count of two, before sitting straight up. Jeremiah however would give him no time to catch himself, quickly hopping to his feet, before landing a nasty boot straight to the side of Ace’s skull, seemingly paralyzing the man. He’d quickly tag in Costa, who now would begin to pick apart his Power Trip Cup opponent. Costa would land several quick boots, before quickly spring boarding off the ropes for a moonsault, connecting on Buddy Ace however would not go for the cover. He’d instead lock Ace in a headlock, before barraging him with rights straight into his forehead. Now looking over, Jeremiah Flynn would be begging to be tagged back in, screaming that he wants to finish this one early. Alex would obliged, Jeremiah now screaming for an FKO. However, as he’d leap, Ace would shove Jeremiah straight into the ring corner, sending him crashing into the turnbuckles. He’d quickly sprint off of the ropes, looking to mount some sort of comeback, before actually laying the champ out with a massive big boot! He’d quickly collapse, realizing the situation that he’s in, he’d begin to crawl for the tag to Jason. Jeremiah however would be back on the hunt just before he could get it, launching himself at Buddy Ace, however he’d get the tag off just in time. Jason Ryan would now enter the ring with Jeremiah Flynn, a smile firmly on his face. He’d begin laying rights into the Universal Champion, before quickly turning his attention to Alex Costa who’d be springboarding into the ring for a clothesline, Jason ducking underneath before sending Costa crashing outside the ring with a big drop kick. He’d reproach Flynn who’d be trying to lift himself to his feet, before suddenly, JEREMIAH GOES LOW! The bell rings, and the match ends prematurely as Jeremiah Flynn yet again low blows Jason Ryan. He rises over him, before grabbing him solid by both of his arms, and landing a devastating knee strike! Buddy Ace however, with a chair in hand, with rush straight into the ring swinging like a mad man. Jeremiah would quickly high tail it, rolling out and retreating up the ramp, Costa not too far behind as Buddy Ace stares down both men. Jeremiah with a sick smile across his face retrieves a microphone from an official on the stage. Breathing heavily he leaves us with one final statement for the night. “Jason....Jason that’s just a taste you dumb son of a bitch. Mayhem, MAYHEM ITS YOU AND ME ONE ON ONE, Buddy Ace can’t save you, no one can save you for what I’ve got planned. As for you Buddy Ace, keep in mind everyone’s days are numbered. I’m going to rip you in half just like everyone else, ALL WILL BOW TO THE KING OF CARNAGE, or it will be your King’s Will that ends you.” A blatant low blow, a clear plan out together tonight by Jeremiah Flynn. Buddy Ace standing over Jason fuming, as Alex Costa stares on with a sick smile across his face. Tonight’s action cut short, but a grander statement made by the Universal Champion.
  3. When people make these, in your predicting, do I just die and fall off the planet?
  4. Flynn


    We are live on this weeks episode of Carnage. The fans in the arena are buzzing as the bright crimson lights shine down across the thousands in attendance here tonight. Last week, Jason Ryan came back following Jeremiah Flynn’s viscous low blow, brutally assaulting the Universal Champion backstage before leaving him a bloodied mess. With tensions falling and the Power Trip Cup kicking off in just a little over a weeks time, many wonder how the champ will respond. Waisting little time, the Universal Champion looks absolutely pissed off here tonight. With the crimson gold gripped tightly in his right hand, he marches directly down to the ring, a cold expression given towards each fan that locks eyes with him. Clearly embarrassed following Jason Ryan’s last week sneak attack, he appears to not want to play any games here tonight. He demands a microphone be handed to him, before seemingly locking eyes directly with the hard camera. “I am not a boastful man. I am not a man who enjoys dragging out certainties. So let’s go ahead and bring all certainties forward, JASON RYAN I AM GOING TO RIP YOU IN HALF. I am by all means a vengeful man, and I am no man to be trifled with. Last week you attacked me from behind like the damn coward you are. More importantly you embarrassed me on my own show live for the world to see. I came here tonight Jason looking to fight you but I was just made aware that tonight, you aren’t in the building.” Theres a clear shower of boo’s from those in attendance tonight, the impending clash between both men seemingly being delayed further. “Thats ok Jason, that’s alright because I like to think of myself as a patient man. I will wait for you Jason, in fact I already talked to Julius about it as well and he too is sick of your god damn sorry ass, so that’s why me and you got us a little match set up. MAYHEM, Jason Ryan goes one on one with Jeremiah Flynn IN A STREET FIGHT! It will not be for my crimson gold because let’s just be honest, you don’t deserve a shot at the crimson gold and that will become our so apparent when I’m ripping your ass in two and ending that pathetic ass career of yours in the most brutal match of your life. I have spent now a month hearing this brand up to be the A-Show and ever since you showed up you’ve done nothing but try and piss me off. That’s fine because you will be made into the first example of what happens when one of the bugs in that locker room step out of line. KENJI was the first star to be dimmed, you are just a man who’s fallen out of the pecking order. Don’t worry though, when this is all over your spot at the back of the line will be oh so obvious.” “More importantly-“ Jeremiah would suddenly be interrupted by an unexpected theme.
  5. Their on occasionally in the discord chat you must of missed them.
  6. Flynn


    We are live on Carnage, where we sit weeks before BPZ’s annual show, Mayhem. Last week we saw the revival of the Universal Championship, as well as the return to Carnage of old seemingly, as its holder is none other then Jeremiah Flynn. During the Gold’s reveal, Jeremiah would actually be confronted by Carnage star Jason Ryan, who’d challenge Flynn as the “toughest S.O.B.” on Carnage. The segment would close with Flynn cheap shotting Ryan, leaving him lying where he stood. We open up backstage on the titantron where one Jeremiah Flynn stands, the Universal Championship firmly over his shoulder. “There seems to be an overwhelming amount of disappointment stemming from Backlash just a little over a week ago.” Jeremiah sports a crimson suit tonight, favoring his brand and championship clearly. His eyes are opened wide focused directly on the camera. He shares only a slight smirk before anger seemingly clouds his face. “Did I not explain for weeks what the future of this brand was? Me tearing that dumb son of a bitch KENJI in half, and hoisting up a true piece of hardware, Gold wrapped in crimson blood. MY UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP BACK WHERE IT BELONGS! Yet the cry of pissed off fans is god damn disgusting. Comparing it to the likes of 2017, people crying for “change”, and how they are sick of ME! Well let me make it oh so clear to each and every single one of you, and this goes to all the sad fucks in that locker room, if you are sick of me, or you don’t believe that I am the god damn best on this show, then you can meet me in that ring just like Jason Ryan did last week, and you can get laid the fuck out just like he did last week.” “The Power Trip Cup begins in nearly two weeks time and I must say I am excited for it. I feel a.... special connection considering the fact that I am the first ever winner of the Power Trip Cup, something that won me a shot at winning this here Universal Championship two years ago. So I’ll say this, to all competitors involved, keep in mind that at the end of the tunnel, is a beating like you have never experienced in your life.” “Moving on, I have received an outcry of questions concerning Jason Ryan, and his challenge towards me last week. I wouldn’t waist the time of day on a pathetic loser like him. I am the most dominant man in this company today, I don’t play around with losers. He’s a small fry in a big frame, there’s not a god damn thing that’s special about him and last week he got everything he was asking for. Hopefully the dumb son of a bitch took the hint and stays the hell out of my way going forward. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like the way I do things or the way I carry myself. I am the Universal Champion, I am “The Painmaker” and I will make it RAIN pain and suffering on this locker room.” As Flynn finishes speaking, a large figure seemingly comes hurdling at him from out of nowhere.......
  7. Creed were the better team bro, I think you are the only one hung up over my loss lmao.
  8. Bailey is a little too high is my biggest complaint.
  9. We are approaching the near end of tonight’s show, when a video package airs. It opens showcasing KENJI winning the BPZ North American Championship at Wildcard, followed up by his months as Champion. Dominance, heart and glory shown defeating the likes of Raven, Bob Sparks, Joh and Buddy Ace. It goes on to showcase KENJI being the number three pick for the Carnage brand, before showcasing his first ever encounter with Jeremiah Flynn. It is clear that tonight is different just from the tape. Jeremiah Flynn is leagues above the level that anyone KENJI has faced to this date, and many wonder tonight if the champion is taking his challenger as seriously as he should be. The first out is none other then Jeremiah Flynn, a sinister smile across his face, he stands high on the stage. His eyes pan across the crowd, bloodshot and fired up. He marches directly down to the ring, waisting little time. He sports an all black and crimson outfit, along with black laced combat boots. He rolls directly into the ring, absolutely fired up he turns back towards the ramp and screams for KENJI, negging for the champion to come out and fight. For a brief moment he goes unheard, before finally..... The North American Champion steps out, calm but determined. His eyes are fixed on Jeremiah Flynn here tonight. He matches down the ramp and rolls directly into the ring, both men stepping right into each other’s faces. KENJI, hoists his championship up high but Flynn seemingly laughs as a response. This seemingly goes beyond the gold here tonight for the challenger. He hands the title over as both men slowly back into their corners. *DING* *DING* The bell rings and like a raging bull Jeremiah Flynn sprints across the ring at KENJI. The champion however, quickly side steps, sending his challenger crashing into the turnbuckles. He follows it up with a back hand straight across the back of Flynn, a loud slap echoing and sending shutters through the crowd tonight. However Flynn turns around seemingly unaffected, grabbing ahold and locking arms with KENJI. He drives the champion across the ring into his corner, before suddenly with another side step, KENJI pushes Flynn into the turnbuckles before following it up with another stiff back hand, this time straight across the chest of Jeremiah Flynn. The sound of the slap is vicious in its own but once again, Jeremiah only responds with a smile, shocking the champion. He would proceed to grab ahold of KENJI by the throat, before lifting him up for a choke slam, however KENJI would evade the move last second, pushing away from Flynn as he was being lifted. He’d quickly get off a swift kick to the gut of Flynn, before locking his head in a hold and attempting a vertical suplex. However, he’d quickly be overpowered, instead once again drove into the turnbuckles, before Flynn would ram his shoulders several times into KENJI in the corner, forcing him to release Flynn. Flynn would quickly go for a clothesline in the corner however KENJI would evade, ducking under the challengers arm before sprinting across the ring. He’d rebound off the ropes before suddenly being absolutely trucked out of nowhere by the explosive Jeremiah Flynn. KENJI would quickly pull himself to his corner where he’d look up to see the “Painmaker” a growing grin across his face as he’d look down at KENJI. He’d surprisingly take a step back, seemingly mocking the champion allowing him to stand to his feet. KENJI now with his eyes locked on Flynn, would once again look to lock arms. Quickly however he’d slide by Flynn, clinching the back, before suddenly eating a stiff, nasty back elbow to the side of the skull. The shot looked like it could have concussed the champion before Flynn seemingly follows through with a disgusting forearm straight into KENJI’s cranium. He’d suddenly lock KENJI in his own head lock and begin to just squeeze on the champions head, restricting it from all oxygen and air following seemingly concussing the man. He’d slowly move him into the corner where he’d set him up leaning into the turnbuckles. With a smile upon his face he’d laugh at the champion, before suddenly in an unexpected explosion, receive a massive slap across the face, taking Flynn back a step as KENJI seemingly still showing his challenger no respect here tonight. Flynn suddenly in a fit of rage would with KENJI with a barrage of fists, beating down on the champion before sprinting across the ring.... Just absolutely flattening him! Jeremiah would step to the center of the ring as KENJI would come crashing down to the mat, his eyes seemingly blurry, unable to fully comprehend what just hit him as he struggles for a breath of air. Flynn now with his hand over his jaw from the thunderous slap, circles KENJI like a piece of meat. KENJI who’d begin crawling towards the ropes, would be cut off by Flynn, who’d step on his way. Quickly, Flynn would grab ahold of KENJI by the back of his head, lifting the champion to his feet before suddenly throwing him through the ropes out fo the ring, his head slamming against the concrete floor hard, the match becoming more and more uncomfortable to watch. Jeremiah would roll out of the ring and follow KENJI, who’d crawl towards the time keepers area and pull himself to his feet. Suddenly, much to the surprise of everyone, KENJI would explode with his own signature Spiral Bomber! Flynn would seemingly take a step back, the echo of the loud fist colliding with the skull of Flynn sending fire into the champion. He’d quickly land a pump kick straight across the skull of his challenger, sending him down into the barricade. Quickly, KENJI would take a moment to reset the referee’s ten count, before going in the offensive. Flynn slowly using the barricade to pull himself to his feet, would shock the champion as he approached him, grabbing him by the throat, lifting him up and Choke-slamming him through the timekeepers table! All of KENJI’s sudden fire is sucked out of him as The “Painmaker” rises to his feet, a growing smile across his face. The broken splinters of wood beneath his boots, several other shards stabbing directly into the back of the broken champion. Jeremiah would lift KENJI back up before carrying him back to the ring. He’d roll him under the bottom rope before following him back into the ring. He’d seemingly motion that that is it for tonight, screaming for KENJI to get up to his feet, demanding the champion accept his fate. Flynn would quickly sprint past the champion as he’s picking himself up, rebounding off the ropes going for his signature “King’s Spear”, only for KENJI to yet again side step, Flynn going flying into the ring post head first! He’d crack his skull hard before turning around revealing a brand new crimson mask, blood now spewing from the forehead of Jeremiah Flynn. KENJI, beaten but not out, would sprint at Jeremiah Flynn, landing a Pumping Bomber! KENJI however would drop down over his challenger and lay in a barrage of stiff punches straight into the open cut of Flynn, the blood pouring out more and more. KENJI, with his right hand covered in Flynn’s blood, would stand back to his feet and let out a warriors cry, before lifting Flynn up by his arm, and ducking him skull first with a vicarious knee! Now, with fire in his eyes, he’d go to lift Jeremiah up, seemingly calling for Dragon’s Hoard, but out of nowhere, Flynn would deck KENJI with a disgusting headbut, before following it up by lifting KENJI high on the air and slamming him down with a Texas Tower Bomb! He wouldn’t be finished their, grabbing him by his arm, lifting him straight back to his feet and slamming him down with the Guillotine! Instead of pinning the champion however, he’d step straight over him, going to the edge of the ring and with blood covering his face he’d stare straight into the hard camera. Flynn yet again shows that sinister smile, this time paired with a crimson mask, a truly demented individual. The challenger has shown no interest or attempts in going for a pin fall or finishing this match, instead choosing to continue to drag it out more and more, and has given KENJI little opportunities himself to attempt to close this match. Flynn now, would grab ahold of both arms of KENJI, before in sickening fashion, lead a rainfall of big boots straight into the already punished skull of KENJI. Flynn tonight is seemingly on a mission to kill the champion here consistently focusing on damaging this mans skull. Finally the referee would pull Flynn back who’d slowly saunter over back to his corner, allowing KENJI to be checked on. KENJI would be allowed to pull himself to his feet, but clearly seemed out of it. He’d insist that he could continue before shoving the referee and stumbling across the ring, Flynn quickly taking advantage, grabbing the man by the throat, and putting him back down, with an FKO. Flynn now would crawl for the pin, his eyes locked with the hard camera... 1...2... NO! KENJI would kick out of the FKO! Flynn however would seem unsurprised, instead grabbing ahold of KENJI by the top of his hair and slamming his skull hard into the mat! Disgusting and the lack of empathy or emotion being shown by the challenger grows more and more disturbing as we continue the match. He’d pull himself to his feet as he’d lay back in his corner gritting his teeth, looking down at the injured, struggling KENJI. He’d begin barking at the champion, commanding him to get up. “GET THE FUCK UP” would be continually barked down at the champion, who’d slowly use the ropes to reach his feet, before spinning around straight into Flynn’s “Legacy Killer” looking to absolutely butcher and murder KENJI’s title reign tonight! The thunderous knee would rock across the skull of KENJI, as Jeremiah would fall for the cover... 1...2... NO! Jeremiah once again waisting no time would get on top of KENJI, this time slamming the back of his skull into the mat serval times. He’d pull himself to his feet, now becoming seemingly annoyed, pacing around the ring. He’d go to grab ahold of the champ yet again but he was prepared! ROLL UP! 1...2... NO! Jeremiah would kick out in a state of shock, but before he can even retaliate, KENJI would rock him with a thunderous forearm, before following it up by lifting him with all the strength he can muster, and planting him with Dragons Hoard! 1...2... NO! Jeremiah Flynn would kick out! KENJI slams his fists against the mat, frustration clearly building by the missed opportunity. Flynn however would already be pulling himself to his feet, KENJI seeing this, would quickly kick his challenger straight in the ribs, causing Flynn to go crashing back into the mat, and roll out of the ring to catch his breath. KENJI would reach over the ropes this time, grabbing Jeremiah by the back of the hair and attempting to pull him back into the ring, however Jeremiah in a show of strength, would pull KENJI directly out of the ring, to the outside, before slamming him hard into the ring side barricade! KENJI clutching his back, would be unable to defend himself as he’s laid out with a SECOND FKO OUTSIDE THE RING! Both men now completely laid outside the ring, would be subjected to the referee’s slow count to ten. Jeremiah would reach the ring first, slowly taking a break as KENJI would just barely make it at the count of nine. Flynn now reaching his feet, standing high above KENJI, would help the champion to his feet, before quickly rebounding off the ropes, and planting him with THE KINGS SPEAR! Flynn falls for the cover.. 1....2... NO! KENJI IS STILL ALIVE! Flynn who has seemingly dominated the champion is failing to put the man down. Frustration clearly slowly setting in, he’d in a show of no hesitation once again grab ahold of KENJI by both of his arms, as he had done early, only this time lifting him straight from the mat and HITTING THE “LEGACY KILLER” UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! Jeremiah Flynn in a show of zero mercy however would refuse to pin the champion, lifting him straight back to his feet, and PLANTING HIM WITH A THIRD FKO! He’d fall for the cover 1...2....3 NO! WHAT THE HELL! KENJI JUST GOT HIS SHOULDER UP! The champion just barely raised his right shoulder high, seemingly saving his title reign and for the first time in this fight, absolutely shocking the challenger. Nobody has ever kicked out of such an onslaught of finishers by Jeremiah Flynn. No one has ever kicked out of more then two FKO’s until tonight and KENJI just kicked out to three! KENJI, his body broken, but his spirit still alive as he’d shake his head in defiance, refusing to allow Jeremiah to strip him of everything he’s worked so hard for. Flynn now standing above KENJI, would let out a laugh, clearly impressed and amused by the fight he’s been in tonight. He’d go to reach down and grab KENJI, seemingly looking to finish things here, BUT WAIT! KENJI pulls Flynn in, one last trick up the champions sleeve, HE LOCKS FLYNN INTO THE “BERMUDA TRIANGLE”! Flynn would be trapped in! KENJI now fighting for everything he believes in with everything he has left! He is wrenching down on Flynn, who is seemingly, slowly passing out, before suddenly, in one final explosion, Jeremiah Flynn lets out a loud war cry, lifting KENJI with all his strength high in the air, FOR A “KING’S WILL POWERBOMB”! Jeremiah would fall for the cover, 1.....2..........3! ITS OVER! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! Jeremiah Flynn would be brought his newly won North American Championship, and with disgusting in his eyes, he’d send it flying high into the stands. Struggling to walk around the ring, his face covered in blood, he demand a microphone be handed to him. Several medical officials would tend to the champion as Flynn would snatch the microphone, waisting little time to speak. “EVERYONE IN THE GOD DAMN BACK..... I HOPE YOU WERE WATCHING. That was THE BIGGEST obstacle on ALL of Carnage. KENJI is better then everyone in that overhyped Carnage locker room.... LOOK AT HIM, LOOK AT THE POOR BASTARD! There’s not a man one on one in this company that can touch me in this ring, and I just fucking proved it. Everyone on Carnage, the Isiah Carter’s, the Baileys, hell even Nebakos, you will all step up and you will all be DOMINATED, BRUTALIZED AND BEATEN! I AM THE PAINMAKER.... I AM THE CHAMPION, I AM THE KING OF CARNAGE!” With a smile across his face, and and blood covering him. Jeremiah Flynn would stand tall, seemingly ending KENJI’s long standing North American Championship reign before chucking the championship into its formal retirement.
  10. Flynn

    Baptized in Fire

    Jeremiah Flynn seemingly completely taken back from the situation, slowly raises the microphone to speak. “Jason Ryan I want you to listen very carefully. Are you listening? Good because-“ A LOW BLOW BY FLYNN! Jeremiah Flynn with the quick cheap shot, gaining Jason Ryan’s attention for just a moment. Jeremiah looks absolutely pissed, hiding his true emotion clearly until he had the perfect moment to strike. Quickly, he’d grab ahold of Jason... He hoists the big man up in an incredible show of strength before planting him, with the King’s Will Powerbomb! He’d quickly pick up the chain, along with his microphone, before standing over and looking down on the now broken Jason. He’d begin to speak, his voice barking at Jason. “Never, AND I MEAN NEVER, put your god damn hands on me again you son of a bitch. I don’t owe you shit. Someone get this guy the hell out of my ring.” Jeremiah Flynn would drop the microphone on Jason, adding insult to injury. He’d leave the ring, Jason Ryan’s plan seemingly falling apart at the hands of the Universal Champion.

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