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  1. We are nearing the end of Carnage, the crowd buzzing after a night of intense action and promos. All night it has been advertised that’s a flynn will be sending yet another message straight to his BPZ Mania Challenger Necce. It wouldn’t take long however as the theme of Flynn bursts into the arena. Flynn marches straight onto the stage absolute pumped. “The King” of BPZ throws the Universal Championship straight above his head, his crown and symbol of dominance over this company that Necce seeks to take away at BPZ Mania. Flynn walks straight into the ring before laying the title down right in the middle of the ring. He removes a microphone from his boot, waisting little time tonight as he just begins speaking. Just a few days ago I sent a message not just to Necce but to all of BPZ. I am on top of the world, firmly in my throne where I belong and there’s no one who’s taking that from me. Necce you may of took my World Championship from me at December to Dismember when you aided Smith in defeating me. You may of taken my Royal Rumble hopes when you, someone who wasn’t even a participant in the match, eliminated me when I was minutes away from winning back to back Royal Rumbles. But this Universal Championship, it’s staying with me. Because you see this is more then just a Championship, this is MY Championship. I created this title, I have forged it in my own image and it is forever apart of my lasting legacy. A legacy that if you were to become champion whould be tarnished. You see when that bell rings and THIS is on the line, I kick things into another gear. My crown means everything to me and I will do anything to keep it. I can go from a king to the most desperate man in BPZ in just seconds. Remember that. Because tonight, I’m putting it all on the line..... Flynn points at the Universal Championship laying in the middle of the ring. I lay this title here and I dare ANYONE to come and take it because tonight officially marks what may be my final UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP OPEN CHALLENGE. You see the Championship isn’t just on the line tonight, my spot at BPZ Mania as champion is. So I’m out here asking this, who wants it? Who wants that main event spot at BPZ Mania? Who thinks they can take it all from me. Do not waste my time, is there anyone who believes they want it more then me and if you do, come and show me. Come, and take my Championship. Now! Flynn points down at his championship before daring anyone to come out and take it. The open challenge has been laid out. Who will take it?

    We are live on Carnage television. The arena is buzzing before suddenly the lights become dim, the crowd now entrenched in darkness as The dim lights soon cut off. A voice begins to echo, the voice belonging to none other then “The King” himself. “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings, look on my works ye mighty and despair.” A beam of light his the stage, Flynn’s words echo through the arena, as he is now seen sitting on a massive throne, royal garb covering him as firmly resting around his waist is the Universal Championship. He sports a crown as well as several royal guards surround the throne. All there the gaurd “The King” My name is Flynn, King of Kings, and I am GOD! The boo’s begin to crawl in from the black mass as still no one in attendance can be seen. Flynn looks forward, a look of disgust planted firmly on his face as he sits high on his throne, a symbol for what he has done for nearly a year on Carnage. One year ago, I was a broken man. Dethroned at BPZ Mania and sent into an abyss known as Carange. Sent, to DIE! Slim slayer me, and left me here to rot. He believed this would be my hell. However, this became my kingdom. I signed a deal with the devil, and I took everything that I could from it. Everyone believed I was done. That Slim was the man that had taken my spot on top. One year later, and here I am. The King, on top. I turned this place into a Kingdom and I created an army. An army I led straight to EVOLVE, and used to take back my throne. For years I haven proven that I am the very best. That I am not just the ruler of that ring, I am the god of it. BPZ is my kingdom however that ring, it’s my battle ground and when I go to war, I win! However for the past two years, I, THE KING, have been robbed. Robbed of my own BPZ Mania moment. I should of walked into BPZ Mania I World Champion and defeated Nebakos and relished as THE KING. But I was robbed. I should of won the World Championship at BPZ Mania II but I was robbed. It’s all one mans fault..... Necce The crowd in attendance buzz just by the mention of Necce. The former best friend of Flynn who he brutally assaulted at Survivor Series just last year, following a devestating loss. Necce after in his return match following the assault warned the right to challenge Flynn anywhere for the Universal Championship, an honor he chose BPZ Mania for. Necce, you are a horrible friend. Because friends, they are suppose to be there for you. Friends are suppose to have your back through thick and thin. WHERE WERE YOU NECCE? Slim tortured me for a year and you were never there for me. Until when you were. Survivor Series Necce and what did you do? You were a bad friend. You tried to apologize for when you got me eliminated but it wasn’t just that Necce. You went on to show me that when Slim beat you, you were nothing more then a filthy, piece of shut druggie who didn’t deserve my friendship. I wish you died Necce. You told that little story where I saved your life. I wish I didn’t. Because you don’t deserve life. You are the scum of the earth. The very worst. You offer nothing for society. You aren’t even considered special to these people. They think your interesting and cool for a week yet none of them give a damn for the months at a time that you are gone because you yet again overdosed and now are checked back into rehab. None of them give a damn. They just want to know when their jester will return to The King’s Court to entertain them. Read off his stupid little poems and riddles before overdosing yet again and disappearing. No one gives a shit about you Necce. NO ONE! At one time I may of, but now? Dead. You are dead to me. Necce at BPZ Mania, you aren’t facing your best friend. You are stepping into the ring, and facing The King’s Will. And I promise, The King will show you just as he did Slim, absolutely no mercy. Flynn stands, before the lights cut off. Flynn’s voice picks back up however it is cold, hate and desperation are carried heavily in every word. “And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming, And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor; And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted—NEVERMORE”
  3. Big Shot

    We are live on Carnage following Bragging Rights. All night we have been expecting the Universal Champion who at Bragging Rights went through the most brutal match of his career when he took on Slim in what was a Champion vs. Champion match all to determine who truly is “The King” of BPZ, and to finally finish their year long feud. In the end it was Flynn who emerged victorious, thanks in partly due to the assistance to his newest “best friend” Ross. “The King is Coming” emerges on the titantron however tonight it is not used as a way to get inside the mind of Slim, but a direct statement to the entire BPZ Locker Room. Flynn believes he’s “The King” and no one can say otherwise. The crowd are all in anticipation until finally the Universal Champion steps out, linking following a brutal war at Bragging Rights where Flynn defeated Slim in a brutal three stages of hell match. His ribs and shoulders are wrapped in tape as well as his left knee as he hobbled to the ring, The Universal Championship around his waist. Flynn gets straight into the ring before demanding a microphone be brought to him. He’d start things off shouting to the entire audience. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE KING OF BPZ, THE MAN, THE GUY, THE LONGEST REIGNING CHAMPION IN BPZ HISTORY, FLYNNNNNNNNNNN! The fans do not greet Flynn with a welcome as he throws his Universal Championship high above his head, clearly ignoring the large amounts of pain his body is in. It may not look like it, but I promoise you all I feel like a million freakin bucks baby. Because at Bragging Rights I finally proved once and for all who is the best, who is the top guy not just in Legacy but in all of BPZ. For all of History there will be debates of Batman vs. Superman, or Godzilla vs King Kong but there is no question here because last night you got your definitive winner, your guy, and the man who has called himself THE KING SINCE DAY ONE, ME, FLYNN! I BEAT SLIM! I didn’t just beat him, I destroyed him. This monumental victory was a year in the making however how was I rewarded? The exact same as the rest of those losers in the back, as if because we all won our matches we are equals. Echo Wilson, Prince, Andrew Richards, and those five losers on Team Carnage none of them went through the hell I went through yet Bailey, that idiot, believes it was because of him we won last night. NO! It was because of ME! Because one year ago when I showed up to this pathetic show, your roster was nothing. Just a year ago it was this very show that got its ass clean sweeper! And so for the year I’ve been here I’ve forced not only the talent that was here to improve just to keep up with me, but I’ve forced Bailey to go out of his way to acquire talent to comepete with me. However I won’t sit by and take this disrespect. I should be having a parade in my honor. Bailey you should be on your knees kissing my ass right now thanking me, because without me this show, and this Universal Championship would mean nothing. However I’d liek you all to take notice that I left two names out of that list of men I mentioned earlier two men who I have opposite opinions towards. Ross, my best friend possibly had the most underrated victory of the night, a match no one, NO ONE BUT ME, thought he would win when he took on and defeated the World Champion Smith. Ross I would just like to say, while you sit at home tonight and rest, it was your victory that motivated me to defeat, no, destroy Slim and take back my throne at Bragging Rights. Because you see back to back together we defeated the Main Event of BPZ Mania shoeing the Stars we are. Flynn looks down for a moment as now a look of disgust edges across his face. And Necce. Bragging Rights, you had what had to be the most overrated victory I have ever seen. You defeated the Intercontiental Champion And the most hardcore man in BPZ, so what? No one gives a damn about you Necce, how many times do I need to say it. You see a few weeks ago you aired a little video going on and on about the past you and I share. Our lives before BPZ...... and it was just disgusting. You cling to the past like a pathetic roach. The past, a time when you were almost a star however what even are you now Necce? A part time midcarder who by no means is on the caliber to actually deserve to be in theMain Event of BPZ Mania. Yet that is where you are all because you are the LUCKY little sap who is facing the guy for his title. However Necce let me go ahead and spoil this little dream I know you are fantasizing about in your head. A dream where you go on to BPZ Mania, you defeat the man you believe stabbed you in the back and you end his unstoppable reign at the showcase of the inortals and you hold the Universal Championship high as the hero who saved the day. News flash, you aren’t a hero Necce and you never will be, just like you never will be Universal Champion. For a year, I have taken this Championship through it all to make it the most relevant, prestigious championship in this entire company. Challenger after challenger, supposing champions even all have fallen. And you think after everything I’ve done, I’m going to allow some little freak in a boiler room to take it all from me? Necce, at BPZ Mania, it’s time you let go of the past. Stop crying like a little bitch for your old pal Flynn because simply put, he’s dead. He sold his soul to the devil a long time ago and is never coming back. In his place, you have the greatest fighter on the planet. A man who’s going to break you piece by piece at BPZ Mania. For two years my BPZ Mania moments have been taken from me. However this year, it will all finally be made up for because I will proudly get to hoist up my title, a title I CREATED, over your dead carcass, and I will get to proclaim myself the greatest competitor in BPZ History. This is the biggest oppertunity of your career Necce. The Big Shot! And I’m going to gladly spoil it and continue to prove why you are nothing more then a pathetic piece of shit that I have been using since the very day I met you. Flynn drops his microphone raising the Universal Championship above his head. He goes to leave the ring but before he can the lights shut off. A cold air entering the arena.
  4. We find ourselves in heavy anticipation as following a fantastic match between Ross and Smith, which saw Ross get a massive upset over the World Champion, it is now time for the main event. With Carnage winning all six of its matches so far tonight, massive amounts of pressure have been set on the shoulders of Slim, who is EVOLVE’s only hope from not being clean swept. The theme of EVOLVE Global Champion Slim echos as he steps onto the stage of Bragging Rights to a massively split crowd tonight all excited for what has been named the final installment of this five star match series. Tonight however for the first time these men will compete in hardcore rules as they face off in a three stages of hell match. Slim reaches the ring before taking to his corner. He looks focused and ready as he prepares to take on his career rival. The words “The King is Coming” that usually signify the arrival of Slim appear across the tron, clearly Flynn trying to get inside the head of Slim, who only looks annoyed. Finally an unknown new theme hits. ”King Kunta” echoes as Flynn steps out, confidence all over his face as he heads into this match with mountains of momentum following several dominant victories over Universal a championship challenges as well as seemingly being in the head of Slim through this entire match. Flynn rolls into the ring before raising the Universal Championship high above his head, however Slim responds the same with the Global Championship, neither man giving and edge as they stair coldly into the other eyes, a rivalry for the ages. Finally each man takes a step back into their corners, the first match now being announced as a No Holds Barred match! Starting things off strong as they each prepare for what may be the most brutal match of their respective careers. __________________________________________________________________ No Holds Barred Both rivals slowly approach one another, neither backing down as each know each other respectively well. After briefly trading insultes, the first shots are fired as Flynn shoves Slim. Slim quickly attempts a clothesline however Flynn ducks, before shoving Slim into the corner turnbuckles. Flynn would hit a corner drop kick sending Slim face first into the turnbuckles before reaching around his waist for the German Suplex. However, Slim would hit a quick and nasty back elbow to the front face of Flynn, before spinning around and connecting with his own Dragon Suplex! Slim would bridge it into the pin, however Flynn would quickly roll out at the one. Flynn would bounce to his feet however Slim would be there to meet him, running for a big boot however Flynn would duck out of the way. Both men would rebound off of opposite ropes, this time Slim running into Flynn’s own Big Boot, flooring the Global Champion. Flynn would quickly lift Slim up before tossing him through the ropes to the outside, his body landing hard on the concrete floor. Flynn would follow suit leaving the ring as he would look to take full advanatage of the No Holds Barred Rules. Flynn would retrieve a chair that was handed to him by a fan, now looking to main Slim. However before he could, Slim would explode with a swift back kick to the gut, followed by a knee to the side of Flynn’s skull, collapsing the Universal Champion. Slim would roll Flynn into the ring before picking up the chair himself. He’d follow Flynn into the ring, looking down on his opponent before nailing him right in the spine with the chair. Flynn would scream in pain as Slim would follow up with several shots, breaking down his rival. Finally he’d stop, throwing the chair down before rolling to the outside and searching under the ring, trying to find another weapon, this time pulling out a table much to the crowds delight! He’d place it in the ring, however Flynn would be there to meet Slim, running at Slim before hitting him with a nasty forearm. He’d land several kicks and jabs, breaking the Global Champion down however Slim with a sudden burst of energy, would explode shoving Flynn back befor econnecting with a Superman Punch! Flynn would look to be out cold as Slim went for the pin however Flynn would easily kick out at two. Slim would begin setting the table up before laying Flynn down on it. He’d connect with several right hands, attempting to make sure Flynn will not be able to get up as Slim scales the ropes, looking for some high flying maneuver to put Flynn away. However, Flynn would quickly jump to his feet, sprinting across the ring before grabbing hold of Slim and throwing him across the ring through the table! Flynn would take a moment as he himself would lend hard on his back, which earlier had already taken several chair shots, now crawling into the pin. 1...2...No! Slim would look to still be in it. Flynn would grab hold of Slim off the ground, slowly lifting him up before connecting with the deadlift German Suplex! Flynn instead of going for the cover however would stomp away at Slim. Before yet again throwing Slim outside of the ring. He’d follow Slim, continuing to stomp on him this time on the outside floor. He’d lift Slim up before throwing him hard, spine first into the barricade. Slim would now attempt to fight back, landing a mean uppercut on the jaw of Flynn, however Flynn would duck down before driving his shoulder into the gut of Slim, running and driving Slim straight into the ring apron. He’d proceed to then yet again throw Slim into the barricade, this time looking for his cannonball. Flynn would back up, giving himself enough space before connecting with the maneuver! Flynn would attempt to lift Slim back into the ring however by the time he did, Slim would easily be able to kick out. Flynn now would look extremely desperate as he’d begin scaling the top rope, looking for his classic Frog Splash. Flynn however would take too long, giving Slim enough time to recover as he’d meet Flynn at the top rope. Both men would duke it out however Slim would get the better of Flynn, before slowly hooking the arms as he’d look for the Dragon suplex form the top rope, the same maneuver that transitioned into Slim defeating Flynn at Judegment Day last year! Flynn however would hit a backwards head but, connecting just off the nose of Slim sending him crashing to the mat. Flynn now looking down on Slim, would stand to his feet, the crowd all following in anticipation as he’d leapfor the maneuver however Slim would bounce to his feet befor econnecting with a devestating uppercut! 1....2.... No! Flynn would just barely kick out as Slim in a fit of rage would go ham, stomping all over the Universal Champion. Slim would roll tot he outside this time retrieving a Kendo Stick! He’d enter the ring and beat down on Flynn letting out tons and tons of frustration that has been building for not just weeks, not just memonths but an entire year! Slim is looking to break Flynn as he beats welts into his body. The stick would actually break however Slim would just take the two token pieces and slap Flynn’s alien with each one final time. Hed toss both out of the ring before he himself would point to the rope rope, the crowd cheering as Slim would follow suit. He’d scale to the top, mocking Flynn’s own Frog Splash however, he’d reverse, looking for some type of back flip maneuver however before we can find out what, Flynn meets him, landing a nasty forearm to the back of Slim’s skull. Flynn would quickly lock Slim’s head in his arm, before lifting him high on the top turnbuckle, an dropping him on the canvas! Flynn would quickly scurry to the pin however Slim would still kick out! Flynn now looking to be desperate realized there are two more stages to go, freaking out, he’d call for his signature spear! He’d like the maneuver up, awaiting Slim to finally reach his feet, however Slim still to hurt from the top rope maneuver doesn’t. Flynn growing frustrated, would crawl over to Slim to lift him up himself. As he would deadlift Slim however, it would be revealed Slim was playing possem! Slim would nail Flynn with a nasty uppercut to the throat! Before shoving Flynn back and connecting with a CCS Enzenguri! He’d quickly grab hold of Flynn’s skull before planting him into the mat with Endgame! Slim however instead of going for the pin knows what he must do. He’d slowly lift Flynn up, calling for the Essential Eliminator! Slim would deadlift Flynn into position however before he can connect Flynn would flip Slim over his back, Slim going I’ve rthe top rope and his spine clipping the ring apron before he hits the floor! Slim would grab hold of his now hurt back in what was a nasty bump. Flynn would lay on the mat in pain, attempting to recover just as Slim does. Slim would slowly roll into the ring exhausted just as Flynn would lay back in his original corner. Both men would slowly crawl to their feet before finally facing off yet again. Slim would hit Flynn with a nasty uppercut stunning him. Slim would as Know for Flynn to return the favor however Flynn’s own uppercut seems to do nothing, as Slim bounces back with a. Left hand flooring Flynn. Slim would yet again ask Flynn to hit him, however this time Flynn would do so, right where the sun doesn’t shine, with a nasty low blow! Flynn would look to follow things up lifting Slim in King’s Will position! He’d match around the ring however before he could land the maneuver Slim would slip out. Slim would quickly tackle Flynn to the mat with a nasty clothesline to the back of the skull before lifting him up for the Elimnator again! Flynn would once again flip out of the move, bouncing off the ropes before connecting with the spear! 1....2... No! We are only in the first stage and still these two are killing one another. Flynn now waisting little time would begin stomping all around the ring, calling for the FKO! However befor ehe could connect, Slim would shove Flynn into the ring post shoulder first befor econnecting with a Dragon Suplex! Flynn would be out cold however Slim wasn’t finished there, yet again calling for the Essintial Elimnator! He’d stomp on the skull of Flynn several times before holding him up by his hair, telling Flynn that he will beat him! He slowly lifts Flynn into posistion, however before he can, Flynn for the second time LOW BLOWS SLIM! In one quick motion, Flynn would throw Slim up in Powerbomb position before connecting with a turnbuckle King’s Will Powerbomb, INTO AN FKO! 1....2....3! Flynn has taken the first fall! _______________________________________________________________ Both men would lay exhausted in the ring, a quick break now being given to both competitors who had just put one another through hell. As both recover in their corners, it is Slim who looks worried, now knowing he must overcome the next two stages in order to win this match and not let the all of EVOVE down. The referee would finally take the center of the ring before announcing the second stage would indeed be, a Falls Count Anywhere match! Finally he’d ring the bell, calling for the second stage to begin. ____________________________________________________________ Falls Count Anywhere Match Right out of the gate Slim would come out strong, running in and connecting with a Superman Punch! Slim would pound away on Flynn, picking right up where we left off as we now see just how desperate Slim is. He’d grab Flynn by the skull before pounding his skull into the mat face first several times. Flynn has yet to do anything has he is just taking a beating in the first round. Slim clearly trying to finish things quickly, would toss Flynn to the outside before following up with a huge dive, something Slim almost never pulls out of the bag! Taking full advantage of the stipulation, Slim falls for the cover however Flynn kicks out! Slim continuing to freak out would only respond by arguing with the referee claiming “BrendenPlayz paid him to screw him”. Flynn would take advantage, now wielding the chair from earlier in the match up, with connect across the injured spine of Slim! Slim would scream in pain, Flynn following it up by throwing Slim over the barricade, both men now fighting into the crowd! They’d brawl around the crowd heading deeper and deeper into the mass, far from the ring as the referee follows. Slim would land several nasty uppercuts stunning Flynn before lifting him up, going for Flynn’s one Powerbomb onto the concrete floor! Flynn however would power out, just before connecting with a smashing forearm! Flynn now scaling the balcony where fans sit, would dive off, using the environment to try and out Slim away! Flynn would fall for the cover however Slim would kick out! Flynn would proceed to crawl back to his feet as would Slim as both men would continue to brawl, this time into the backastage area. Slim in a huge show of power would lift Flynn into his shoulder and drive him into a brick wall! He’d follow things up with a nasty spine buster into the concrete floor! Slim however in a huge show of power again, would deadlift Flynn straight from the floor, before finally PUTTING HIM DOWN WITH THR ESSENTIAL ELLIMINATOR! Right on the concrete floor as now Slim pins Flynn 1....2....3! Slim has evened the score! _______________________________________________________________ Both men would lay out on the concrete floor in pain, Slim however recovering first after dominating Flynn in the second stage. He’d begin to slowly make his way back to the ring, bloodied and exhausted. Meanwhile back at the ring, the Hell in a Call would slowly be lowered as it is announced the second round will indeed be a Rage In a Cage Match! A combination of Hell in a Call and Last Man Standing And a fitting ending to this war. However the fight would continue before the stage can begin as backstage Slim would be making his way to the ring before out of nowhere being FKOed onto a car! A nasty cheap shot as Flynn looks to get the upper hand! Several security guards run in directing Flynn to the ring and pulling him off Slim who now looks badly injured. Flynn would make it back to the ring befor entering the cold cell. He’d wait for several minutes before finally Slim would come hoing our holding his skull tight. He’d limp to the ring in pain and just as he reaches the door, Flynn would roll to the outside, the bell ringing as both men begin fighting in the doorway! ___________________________________________________________ Rage in a Cage Flynn would quickly grab hold of Slim’s skull before slamming it into the cage door! He’d follow things up with using the door as a weapon as he’d slam it agaisnt the possibly concussed skull of Slim several times! He’d quickly drag Slim inside the cage, before lifting him up and connecting with a King’s Will Powerbomb on the ringside apron! Flynn would demand the referee begin counting to ten, however as he did, Slim would already begin making it to his feet at the count of 7! Flynn, now totally deranged after everything these men have been through tonight, would scream at Slim to stay down! Tears flowing from his face, he’d stomp on Slim until blood started spewing from “The King’s“ skull. Flynn looking down on Slim, would quickly look straight up, high in the air before nodding, knowing what he must do. Flynn would leave the cell through the door before beginning to climb the structure! Once reaching the top he’d hold his arms high for all to witness before screaming for Slim to follow him up. Slim, bloodied and injured would somehow find the strength to pull himself to the top, both of these King’s Showing just why they are the two best in this company. They would each meet face to face on top of the cage, befor eyet again brawling, laying one another out with rights and lefts! Flynn would go for an FKO, however Slim would push him off. Before landing a low blow! Payback for earlier! He’d quickly grab Flynn before hitting the Essential Eliminator on top of the Cell! The referee would begin counting 1.....2......3.....4.....5... Slim now is back to his feet and holding his arms in victory 6......7...... Flynn is begging to stir, much to the shock of Slim....8.....9.....10 NO! Flynn just hops to his feet, the crowd going insane as Slims face says it all. Flynnn motions for Slim to bring it on and he does laying Flynn out with a sliding forearm to a kneeling Flynn. He’d quickly hold a Flynn by the throat and look at the referee, screaming “I WILL KILL HIM”, however the referee refuses to stop the match and in response.... SLIM THROWS FLYNN OFF THE CELL! The referee begins to count however Slim doesn’t look to be finished, truly wanting to be done with Flynn tonight once and for all, he calls for an elbow off the cell! Slim points down at Flynn his emotions clearly getting the better of him as Slim seems to be out of his mind.... NO! ROSS JUST SAVED FLYNN! Slim just went straight to the floor and now is out cold as Ross has pulled Flynn to his feet! Ross begins screaming to Flynn to wake up before pointing down at a Slim, Flynn realizing everything that ya sharpened, calls for Ross to help him put Slim through the announce table to finish this once and for all. Ross clears the table, and Flynn unable to lift Slim into the King’s Will himself, has Ross give him aid..... Ross holds his best friend up as he can no longer stand, the referee counting all the way to ten as Slim is dead. Flynn has won and Carnage has clean swept! ____________________________________________________________ The cell would rise as Ross would carry Flynn into the ring. Flynn finally vanquishing Slim in what was possibly their best match yet. There no longer is any question as “The King” title has been decided. Ross holding Flynn’s hand high as Bragging Rights comes to a close, Flynn holding his Universal Championship as well.
  5. It’s Time to EVOLVE

    We are Live on EVOLVE TV, where in the ring, WWE234 faces off head to head against Aidanator in what is considered an exciting main event here on EVOLVE. Both men are duking it out before out of nowhere a hooded man hits the ring, Superkicking WWE234, just before hitting a nasty Spear on Aidan. The fans are buzzing as the unknown aslanthas ruined EVOLVE’s Main Event before finally ripping his hood off, revealing himself to be none other than “The King of Carnage” Flynn! Flynn looks pumped standing in the center of enemy territory, just before removing a microphone from his boot and speaking. SLIM! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! The crowd give a huge pop, everyone excited to see the two Kings duke it out. I come on to your show, I save what was yet another dumpster fire main event and yet here I stand with no welcoming commitee? DISGUSTING! Now, I’d like to go ahead and say despite my hostile entrance, I do indeed COME IN PEACE! You see Slim, I came here tonight, I took these men out all for one thing, and that is..... to talk. Man to man, king to king, we tonight need to talk. You see, for too long have we waged this war, for too long have we sacrificed it all just for the simple gratitude of saying we are better then the other. At Bragging Rights, this ends. Flynn takes a bit of a break, the fans buzzing before continuing. So tonight Slim, I propose soemthing, RIGHT HERE LIVE ON EVOLVE! It’s time we EVOLVE past this. This time, we bury the hatchet. My proposal, to ensure FINALLY, we know the answer to who is the best.... a THREE STAGES OF HELL MATCH! You and I, let’s do it, let’s take each other to hell and back, until only one man is left standing. Last year, we set the bar in BPZ in just a singles match, this year, let’s do it again. So Slim, get your ass down to this ring and accept my offer. However I must say one more thing. If anyone is to follow, or Nate you even attempt to have me taken out of this building, I promise you that I did not come alone, and in a single moment, you will realize what that statement means. With that being said, Slim, get your ass out here NOW! Flynn begins pacing back and forth awaiting Slim.
  6. Reunited

    ”The King of Carnage” steps out, Ross applauding him as he steps onto the stage, oozing confidence just a few short days from his match against long time rival Slim. He strolls onto the stage with his crimson title firmly around his waist before heading down to the ring. Flynn would enter the ring before walking straight up to Ross and hugging his former friend and foe. They’d shake hands before finally Ross would hand Flynn his microphone. Flynn would turn his attention toward the sea of fans, taking a moment before finally speaking I must say, if you told me just four months ago that Ross and I would be reunited in this ring once again, I would not at all rn surprised. Ross and I, we never really had any dislike toward one another, no it was Bailey that was the problem. Bailey drove a wedge in between two best friends who bonded over beating the shit out of people, but here we stand, reunited and I must say, it feels good. However Ross I must say, do not quarrel over Smith, he is nothing more then a pathetic sap that allows men like Slim and Nate to manipulate him, and is nothing more then a pawn in on EVOLVE, a nice placeholder until a true World Champion comes around to take what he holds. He quickly found out what it’s like to be in the ring with a Carnage athletes as apposed to those little men over on EVOLVE, when I laid him out without even breaking a sweat. So Smith, I can here by guarantee will not be a problem for Ross. Ic even in the ring with both men and I must say, Ross is much more powerful, faster, smarter, basically he’s just better. Flynn paused for a moment, looking around the arena as a “Slim” chant breaks out. As for Slim, the only thing I have left do you buddy, is you WON’T be defeating me at Bragging Rights, it won’t even be close. You see Slim it’s not luck that innour last two encounters, it’s been MY hand raised in victory when all was said and done, and you were the carcass carted out of here. It’s because I am the one true KING. The god of BPZ, ME! There is no one better and 2018 is my year. And alongside my best friend Ross, I’ll prove it. Flynn drops his microphone before hugging Ross to end the segment.
  7. So Lesnar couldn't be bothered to show up

    I feel Lesnar had a legitimate excuse for not being there as he’s stated in his past it is a job to him, and he doesn’t have the type of character not to follow through with his that he’s paid to do. However I think they spun it in a great way to get people behind Reigns as honestly it did add some interest into the match and get me a bit more behind Reigns then I was before.
  8. I... Will.

    Just as Mil Almas is marching to the ring, he is ambushed just before he reaches the ring apron by Flynn! Flynn lifts Almas up just before throwing him into the ring steps. He’d quickly grab hold of his skull, just before throwing his feet onto the ring side barricade and delivering a DDT! Flynn quickly walks over and retrieves a microphone, Slim watching on as Nate Long and the fans are shocked by “The King of Carnage’s” appearance. You see Slim, Mil Almas is the most devestating luchador in the world and would of easily defeated you, and so just like you saved my reign, tonight I have returned the favor. However this is the final favor I’ll be doing for you, because at Bragging Rights I’ll be doing exactly what Almas should of when I put you and your career six foot under, courtesy of the FKO. Holla at you later playas. Flynn quickly hops the barricade before disappearing through the crowd, security unable to reach him in time. Another message sent, Flynn can strike at any given moment, and is always watching.
  9. We are live on Carnage television as it has been announced earlier today courtesy of the BPZ Twitter account that Universal Champion Flynn will be holding an Open Challenge a mere days away from his bout with EVOLVE Global Champion, Slim. An extreme amount of confidence as if he were to lose he would not only no longer be the one facing Slim, but he could pick up a possible injury heading into a match in what has proven to be his greatest rival to date. The theme of “The King of Carnage” blast trough the arena, signaling that it is indeed time for the Universal Championship Open Challenge as well as Flynn’s thirteenth Universal Championship match over the past 11 months. Flynn struts onto the stage, the Universal Championship firmly around his waist. He waists little time, the fans back and forth with dueling positive and negative chants for the longest reigning champion in BPZ history. He rolls into the ring, clearly not interested in waisting any time before demanding a microphone be brought to him. For nearly a year I have taken this Championship to unparalleled heights! Slim, he wants to make a lot of claims over on EVOLVE about how if it wasn’t for him this title wouldn’t even belong to me. Slim, tonight I want to prove that on any given night I can come down to this ring, and prove that I am still the KING OF CARNAGE! I want to prove that on my own no one came take this from me. That I don’t need anyone’s, even your own help to hold on to this. I will defeat the fool tonight that tries to take this from me, and I will defeat you. While you make claims, I do what a real King does, and back them up. So please, if you want this, I officially lay down the challenge for anyone in BPZ to come and take it! There is a long silence, everyoennin angicipation for who will take on Flynn’s Challenge, in what is a massive oppertunity. Finally, just before Flynn can pick the microphone back up, it is answered. “The Franchise” himself! The fans erupt as Nebakos steps out looking pumped, who hasn’t been seen in BPZ since Bad Blood of last year. He comes sprinting down to the ring before sliding in and getting right into the face of his former rival and partner Flynn, who is a bit taken back however keeps his composer. Finally, the referee directs both to their separate corners as the fans tonight are in for a treet. With both ready, the bell rings. _______________________________________________________________ Each man would circle the ring, neither giving the other any give as both prepare themselves for the war that is about to take place. Finally, they lock up, however Flynn quickly rushes forward, driving Nebakos into the corner before delivering several shoulder tackles to the ribs of Nebakos. Flynn quickly sprints back to his corner before looking to greet Nebakos with a corner clothesline however Nebakos is there, taking Flynn out with a disgusting clothesline. Quickly, Flynn jumps to his feet before being taken aback by several Rights From Nebakos, who appears to have found his element as he whips Flynn into the ropes before delivering two separate shoulder tackles and a slam to Flynn in a very fast paced sequence. Finally he’d call for his signature “Five-Knuckle Shuffle”. However Flynn attempts a maneuver only for Nebakos to reverse it into a wicked Rock Bottom! Nebakos instead of attempting a pin however scales the top ropes, knowing it will take much more to take out “The King of Carnage”. He awaits Flynn to reach his feet as he calls for his vintage leg-drop, however Flynn sensing the maneuver, quickly rolls to the outside. Nebakos hops down from his perch, rolling to the outside to retrieve the Champion. Flynn however is ready, landing a swift elbows to the gut of Nebakos just as he approached him, before lifting up the Greek and delivering a thunderous German Suplex on the outside floor! Nebakos slowly attempts to reach his feet, however Flynn greets him with a thunderous knee to the skull! Flynn would quickly roll his challenger into the ring just before scaling the top rope as he calls for his Frog Splash. He points down to the unconscious Nebakos before leaping, however Nebakos would be ready, rolling out of the way leaving Flynn to crash and burn face first into the mat. Nebakos would quickly leap to his feet before rebounding off the ropes and delivering the five-knuckle shuffle! Flynn would bounce to his feet before crawling to his corner. Nebakos would take a moment to catch his breath before lining things up from the corner. He’d sprint, landing a disgusting clothesline that looks like it nearly killed Flynn. He’d take a step back before lining up another one, however this time Flynn was ready, catching Nebakos with a corner STO! Flynn would fall into the pin 1...2... No! Nebakos would remain in it however Flynn would waist little time, jumping on Nebakos and laying waist on the Greek freak with several forearms to his skull. Finally Flynn would take a step back befor ecalking for his signature Spear. He’d like things up calling for Nebakos to reach to his feet. Finally, he’d attempt the maneuver however Nebakos would kick Flynn right in the skull at the last moment before delivering a nasty right. Quickly he’d remind off the ropes and deliver the second Five Knuckle Shuffle of the match. He’d proceed to lift Flynn straight up into his patented Attitude Adjustment, however Flynn would slip out at the very last moment, shoving a Nebakos into the ropes before delivering the Spear! Flynn would go for the cover over Nebakos however it would yet again be for only a two count. Flynn running out of options, would call for the FKO, stomping his boot all around the ring, Nebakos slowly climbing to his feet. He’d attempt it however Nebakos would shove Flynn away and straight through the middle ropes, sending him onto the apron. Nebakos would hit several Rights before grabbing hold of Flynn, attempting to Suplex him into the ring, however Flynn would fight Nebakos off, before attempting to Suplex him form the apron to the floor. This would fail as well before both men found themselves at a stalemate. Finally Flynn would hit a nasty uppercut before leaping into the ring, and flooring Nebakos with a quick German suplex. Flynn would yet again call for the end of the match, attempting the King’s Will Powerbomb... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT FROM NEBAKOS 1...2...3 NO! Flynn just barely survives as Nebakos keeps Flynn hooked rolling over and looking for a second! Nebakos dead lifts Flynn to his feet as he sets him up for the second Attitude Adjustment! FKO! FKO! Flynn hits it before crawling for the pin 1...2...3! He’s done it! Flynn has yet again retained the Universal Championship. _________________________________________________________________ Flynn climbs to his feet and his greeted by his Crimson Championship, a smile firmly over his face as he has yet again successfully retained his Universal Championship, continuing his historic reign heading into Bragging Rights. Flynn would quickly take a microphone as he’d get again look to speak. WALK IT LIKE I TALK IT BOYS! I came to this ring, and I promised you all that I’d yet again retain my Universal Championship, and like a real king, I delivered on my promises. That was a former THREE TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! A HALL OF FAMER, however not even he could handle my FKO. Slim, tonight was my warm up. At Bragging Rights we go to war, and we finally settle who is the best in BPZ. Flynn drops his microphone before throwing the Universal Championship above his head, a clear message sent straight to Slim yet again.
  10. The Killer Instinct

    As Smith and Ross trade an aggressive, heated staredown, finally it is Ross who drops his microphone, inviting Smith into the ring as he’s clearly sick and tired of all the talking. Finally it is Smith that looks to make the first move, springboarding from the apron off the top rope however out of nowhere “The King of Carnage” himself appears greeting Smith with a disgusting FKO! Flynn stays looking down upon Smith, a look of hate and disgust, staying on his knees as smith remains motionless. Flynn slowly picks up the microphone left by Ross, who now stands across the ring staring at the Universal Champion. Smith, you believed you were just so clever figuring out that Ross would be the third member of Public Enemy now didn’t you? So much so that you boast this right here on Live Television and pointed out just how “obvious” it was. You know what was obvious Smith? That the longer you stayed out here, on my show, the sooner your own demise would come not at the hands of Ross but at the hands of me. We are in a war and you believe you can just casually walk down here like you are the top guy in this company? You aren’t even the top CHAMPION in this company, I took that mantle months ago and I’ve been carrying it ever since. Smith is now awake, trying to break free of Ross however can not, Flynn still looking down upon him. I look down my nose on you Smith. You are beneath me. Because you stand by on EVOLVE allowing men like Slim to call themselves “The King” and make a mockery of your show every way he can. And you let it happen. It’s disgusting, and you are a disgusting Wolrd Heavyweight Champion. Instead you choose to go after a man you sit here and say has never really proved himself in this company, however where is the hypocrisy in that? You say these things while only months ago deeming him a worthy partner of yourself or is it just another example of your own acceptance of mediocrity? Is it- Finally Smith breaks free of Ross and goes sprinting at Flynn however the Universal Champion is ready, ducking Smith who rebounds off the ropes straight into a Pop-Up Kings Will Powerbomb. Did you feel that Smith? That is the pain ushering through your body after receiving the most devestating maneuver in BPZ History, even Ross can attest to that. After just one of those, there is no more “Savior” there’s a new BPZ Wolrd Heavyweight Champion. You see Smith, I want you to take what I’ve taught you tonight, as a lesson you will tell all of EVOLVE. This is a war and if you ever return to my damn show, you better be ready to face the consequences. Tell Slim, tell Bart, tell them all that Carnage will not be an easy mountain to climb and we will be ready at all times. Ross now hands Flynn a Crimson Rose. He holds the rose high before placing it on the chest of Smith. You are on top of the World right now Smith, World Champion, BPZ Main Event spot, just tell me, how do you feel? Flynn drops the microphone next to Smith’s mouth, who remains unconscious. He begins laughing before shaking hands with Ross, leaving medical staff to tend to Smith. Flynn’s message sent straight to EVOLVE, and more specifically Slim, no one is safe.
  11. Authentic...

    Ok but you were a top performer in NJPW at this time, you aren’t just born a top performer lmao.
  12. Authentic...

    This man has been wrestling in BPZ since he was 17 and just 2 years ago in BPZ was described as having years of background in NJPW before BPZ, which basically means this man has been Pro-wrestling at a Main Event scale since he was atleast 15. This also means he had years to work up to this, most likely training and working lower on the card since he was 12. Damn. You know how to kayfabe.

    1. JoshsNow


      Erm, you tied with Slim on the 19th and beat it on the 20th so you have been longest reigning champ for 3 days

  14. LEGACY

    We are LIVE on the first episode of Carnage following Saint Valentines Day Massacre, where Flynn dropped Slim as his Tag Team partner in preparation for their war at Bragging Rights, and on the exact same night, Necce announced that he will be facing Flynn for his coveted Universal Championship at BPZ Mania III. The crowd are taken back as the theme song of the infamous stable “Legacy” hits. The stable, consisting of Flynn, Slim and Necce in an attempt for three young stars to take hold and run the company, however was squashed when Flynn dropped his partners and won his first World Championship. Finally, Flynn would step out, sporting a Legacy T-Shirt, the Universal Championship over his shoulder as the fans are unsure of what to think. He has no smiles however as he continues to match to the ring before entering. He’d pave back and forth, clearly a lot on his mind before climbing the top turnbuckle to a mixed reaction, something Flynn has become extremely familiar with over the past year. He’d hop back down to the center of the ring before raising the Universal Championship high above his head. He’d quickly roll back out of the ring before demanding a microphone and chair, both quickly handed to him before he rushes back to the ring. He’d set the chair up before taking a seat, cotniiung to stair straight into the hard camera with a cold, unholy stare. Finally, he’d break his silence. Let me tell you a story about Legacy. A group that broke everything that prior to it, this company had stood for. A group that had it all, the talent, the promise, the hunger for success. A group that on its first night DESTROYED Evolution, a group that is often considered the greatest faction this company has ever seen however why isn’t Legacy? Because Legacy with all its perfections, had one flaw and that was me. Because you see, I didn’t see what Legacy could of became, I saw how it could benefit me, how it could take me to that next level and as soon as it did, I ditched Legacy. Necce and Slim, two men who before they came to me, had NO success in their career. They had absolutely nothing going for them and so it was I that taught them to have that killer instinct, that drive to be the best. However at the time, I only saw them for what they appeared to be, pawns in my game to get to the top and once I did, I cut them off. Little did I know, the sins of my past would return. Slim, our story has been written for the epic as it is, and Necce, my former friend ours appears to be drawing its climax. You two, you took what I taught you, and you would go on to become the two greatest talents I have ever seen. You have exploded your peers in the back ten-fold and even then, you are still not as good as me. Legacy, we could of been the greatest thing this company has ever seen however only one man can be on top in the end, and I don’t like sharing the spotlight. So Slim, at Bragging Rights, I finish this once and for all between us on WHO IS THE KING OF THIS COMPANY, when I FKO your ass straight to hell and I finally can get past this never ending war we have had together. Flynn takes off his Legacy shirt as he stares deeply into the logo before continuing to speak, looking deeper into the hard cam. Necce, unlike Slim, I don’t respect you. You are in every way everything I am against. Chaos, destruction, pain and sadness. You by no means deserve to face me at BPZ Mania because you are beneath me. At Survivor Series, I wanted to end your career because that was the last time you were going to disappoint me. Even in Legacy, you were still the weakest member of our group and that is because you are to stupid to realize your own limitations. You don’t know when to stop and you actually believe these people have your back. I’m going to end you Necce, just like I ended Legacy. Flynn drops the Legacy shirt, stomping on it. Because Legacy is only a small part of my own LEGACY! I am the star of this story, the man who will finally beat both of his peers BACK TO BACK and PROVE I am the greatest of all time. Slim, Necce, I’m going to destroy you both, and PIECE BY PIECE, perfect my LEGACY. Flynn lowers his microphone, giving a final cold stare into the camera. We are on the road to BPZ Mania, and with things heating up, will Flynn live up to his promises?
  15. A woman struts the vacant BPZ Tag Team Championship’s down to ring side as it is now time for the Semi-Finals of the BPZ Tag Team Classic. After a brief moment, the theme of the Commonwealth hits as we get things underway. The crowd do not greet the two foreigners very lightly as Ropati and Peter Whilchester step out, confidence written all over their face as tonight they look to settle some unfinished business with both members of the Public Enemy, a feud brewing since both teams formations at Night of Legends. They take center ring, staring straight down the ramp as they await their opponents, clearly not at all bothered by the overwhelming powers they are about to meet. First out was the Universal Champion and the self proclaimed “King of Carnage”, Flynn. Confidence all over his face, he pauses on the stage, before throwing his Universal Championship high above his head and pointing back, calling for his partner, the 2018 Royal Rumble winner, “The King”, Slim. Slim steps out to a mixed reaction as he stands alongside his “best friend” Flynn as both Kings nod toward one another before marching directly toward the ring, looking for a fight here tonight and to punch their ticket to the finals at Mania. They would roll straight into the ring before getting right into the Commonwealths face. The referee would direct both teams to their separate corners before ringing the bell, getting this match underway. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Slim would start things off for his team just as Peter Wilchester would start things off for the Commonwealth. Peter would lock-up with “The King” however Slim would quickly show off his strength, easily breaking Peters hold, pulling him in before delivering a nasty Belly-to-Belly suplex. Peter would quickly climb to his feet however be greeted by a nasty running forearm into the corner before Slim would follow up with another Suplex. Slim would tag Flynn in just as Peter would scurry across the ring to tag in Ropati. Ropati would hop the top rope and meet Flynn, the first interaction between each of these men in their entire careers. Ropati surprisingly would unload on Flynn with rights and lefts, stunning the Universal Champion. He’d go to Irish Whip Flynn however he’d reverse, Irish Whipping Ropati. Flynn would attempt a clothesline however Ropati would suck before catching Flynn with a nasty neckbreaker. Flynn would hop to his feet however Ropati would attempt to tackle Flynn into the Commonwealths corner, only for Flynn to overpower him, instead catching Ropati’s head into a headlock. Instead of wrenching it in further however he’d quickly throw Ropati’s legs over the middle rope, just before delivering a hanging DDT! Flynn would quickly go for the pin however it would be broken up by Peter Whilchester. Peter would stomp on Flynn several times before dragging Ropati to their corner and tagging himself in. He’d quickly rush before dropping a nasty knee on the skull of Flynn. Peter would drop to his knees before pounding the skull of Flynn into the mat, clearly no love lossed following his embarrassing victory to Flynn at Night of Legends. He’d quickly drag Flynn to the Commonwealths corner where he’d begin laying his boot into Flynn. Peter would tag in Ropati who’d proceed to do the same before lifting Flynn up alongside Pete and slamming him into the mat. 1....2... No! Flynn kicks out as now Ropati looks to finish things with a Running Knee. He’d stand in the corner screaming for the maneuver however it would be a few moments before Flynn found his feet. Flynn would turn around and receive a devestating Running Knee! However, Ropati knowing that won’t be enough to put Flynn down, calls for a second knee, Flynn yet again slowly crawling to his feet. The second time however would not be as successful as Flynn would reverse into a Pop-Up King’s Will Powerbomb! Flynn would fall to the mat in pain, Ropati now out cold as neither man would move. After a brief moment, they’d each begin crawling to the others corner before tagging in their respective partners. Peter would sprint straight across the ring at Slim RIGHT INTO AN ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! 1...2...3 AND JUST LIKE THAT, SLIM FINISHES THINGS WITH A MASSIVE STATEMENT! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Slim would stand to his feet looking down on Peter in disgust before looking up and throwing his arms in the air in victory. He’d begin screaming several statements to the fans before..... FLYNN JUST FKOED HIS OWN PARTNER! Flynn now stands over an unconscious Slim just seconds after sealing their spot in the finals of the Tag Team Invintational. Flynn would just stare down at Slim before finally speaking, not taking his eyes off of Slim. The best. I want to be the best, not on Carnage, not in BPZ but in the whole wide world. 2018, I plan to make that a reality. No more second place, I AM the greatest in the world, and Slim at Bragging Rights I’m going to begin that quest when I break you and I prove that “The King” is no match for the KING OF CARNAGE. Because at Bragging Rights, I walk in, destroy EVOLVE and show them they made a massive mistake trading me one year ago, and I FINALLY TAKE CARNAGE TO THE TOP OF THIS BUSINESS WHERE IT BELONGS. Flynn would throw down his microphone before snatching Slim, lifting him up and planting him with the King’s Will Powerbomb! Finally Flynn retrieves both the Universal and Global Chamoionships. He’d look down at both before throwing the Global Championship down into the mat and stomping on it, disrespecting EVOLVE’s Championship before throwing the Universal Championship over his head.

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