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  1. GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THIS RING! YOU WILL NOT DISRESPECT ME AGAIN! The Bailey pauses raising a single eyebrow as he looks back at the furious Flynn. I am baffled at just how low you will sink. You bring out some sort of sex handcuffs all thinking I’d entertain you? Do you find me amusing CHAMP? I am the god DAMN FIVE TIME WORLD CHAMPION. I am your SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY AND YOU KNOW IT. You achieve a single fluke victory over me and steal my championship, your only victory over me in OVER THREE YEARS AND YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT? You have lost your damn mind. There’s only one word to describe such a simple, forgetful mind such as The Bailey’s. FICKLE! The Big Baller Brand is a power flex. There’s a reason the three of you didn’t band together before. You didn’t need to. However now it’s clear and while I may be the only one saying it, I know in your heart of hearts that you know it Bailey. You three NEED each other. You make these claims that I use people, that I have betrayed so many but what about you Bailey? You are only using your former friends to keep me from taking you out for good. I don’t need friends Bailey and you are correct, The Saviors aren’t my friends however you know what they are? Two men who see exactly what I see. That you are a plague to this company. They share my ideology of BPZ, they are my intellectual superiors and two of the most dominant men in BPZ, The proof being of their DOMINANT victory over the Big Baller Brand at BPZ Mania. I tapped into these two men, I pushed them to their limits and I made them a better Tag Team. They know this, they believe this and that is why in return they will aid me in destroying you. Yet you still try to make the same old excuses about how units stick together. You know the old Flynn tried the nostalgia act with you Bailey. Evolution returned and you told me we would take down the Kingdom, but the truth was my two old, pathetic partners couldn’t hang with The Kingdom and YOU LEFT ME HANGING. You are a snake in the grass and I know it. The old Flynn did everything you ever asked of him. You wanted him to carry Carnage on his back and he did. Make the Universal Championship matter, I DID. I took men out in the locker room, I buried anyone you needed me to six feet under. You are the one who let me down and at World at War, you WILL let Brenden and Sameer down. You see when we all step into that cage and that door seals, THE SAVIORS ARE DONE TALKING. WE ARE PUTTING EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU IN YOUR PLACE. AND WE WILL STAND TALL WITH OUR TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE. Because if you a smell what THE NEW FLYNN is.... cooking.
  2. We are a full week removed from BPZ Mania live in the Carnage arena. We show quick highlights of the fallout episode of Carnage following BPZ Mania, ending things off with the big brawl between BPZ’s two Alpha trios, The Saviors consisting of Ropati, Julius and Flynn, and the Big Baller Brand, consisting of Bailey, Sameer and Brendenplayz. Following the quick highlights, we are greeted by none other then “The Fallen King” Flynn, who unlike the week prior, carries a large grin firmly across his face. He stands center stage to an encore of boo’s before beginning his march down to the ring. He wastes little time, rolling directly into the ring and demanding a microphone be brought to him. He snatches it from the ring-side crew member that hands him the microphone before turning his attention to the hard camera. For four years I have been here, proving each and everyday that I am the best this company has ever seen. Yet despite countless World Championship Reigns, a Hall of Fame induction and multiple Mania Main Events I remain the most under appreciated, overlooked man in BPZ HISTORY. Consistently I’ve been forced to take the backseat to less talented, overrated pieces of garbage. The case at hand, a past their prime, pathetic last ditch attempt to pretend that they still matter, I of course speak about the “nostalgia act” that is the Big Baller Brand. A trio of three men who in a three on one I can DESTROY with both arms tied behind my back. However I have been practically forced to face them in a six man tag match at World at War, risking my life and career in the barbaric War Games match, defending the Tag Team Championships alongside my two great friends, The Saviors, Julius and Ropati. WHY? What is it that I earn from this? The opportunity to get a vicTory over three legends well passed their primes? Or maybe to strengthen the tag title reign of the Saviors? No, I earn nothing from this. I am simply being used to get these three losers in yet another main event to further their own dying brands. It’s pathetic. However I see the light. Because I don’t plan to walk in and just beat these three men. We will incapacitate them, break each and everyone of their limbs, and PERMANENTLY END THIS LITTLE FAIRY TALE FOR GOOD. We will send all three of them to the god damn retirement home for good and afterward I’ll be forced to take this god damn company over because Brendenplayz will be physically enable to. I might as well reclaim my World Championship as after this weekend there will no longer be a healthy defending World Champion. I am saving this company each and every week, I speak the truth and in return I am insulted, berated and undervalued for my gifts. I am your hero, I am YOUR SAVIOR! At World at War I make yet another sacrifice as instead of furthering my career and legacy, I will put my own life on the line in a barbaric showing, to eradicate the cancer that is the “Nostalgia Act” known as THE BIG BALLER BRAND!
  3. Game is amazing and tons of fun. Definitely recommend if you are a fan of the soulsborne games.
  4. As The Bailey poses in front of “the millions” the sudden impact of the former BPZ World Champion is felt as out steps Flynn. Flynn looks visuably exhausted, as if he hasn’t slept in days. His eyes are fixed on Bailey as he has a microphone in his hand. He stands on the stage before taking said microphone andproceeding to scream at the top of his lungs. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You did NOT beat me! You are unrightfully calling yourself the BPZ World Champion and more importantly unrightfully posing with my BPZ World Championship, a title that’s prestige somehow in just a short twenty-four hours has been dumped down the drain as it is held by someone who should of NEVER laid claim to it again. I am the rightful BPZ World Champion. I am this companies SAVIOR, I AM THE PEOPLES CHAMPION, NOT YOU! All you did was prove to the world that your stroke backstage is clearly still more powerful then your pathetic punches in that ring. At BPZ Mania I tore you apart in front of the millions, I physically and mentally dominated you pillar to post just like I did at Night of Legends, just like I’ve been doing to you FOR YEARS! You make the claim that you are unaware of who your next opponent is? Do you really believe that you can just take MY championship and not suffer the consequences? No all you did was seal your fate. You see Bailey in this business it pays to have friends. Unfortunately for you, I realized how much it pays to have “The Great One” as a friend. A costly mistake that will never be repeated. In your place, I as you know have acquired two new friends. The most dominant tag team in this company. YOUR NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. THE SAVIORS OF BPZ..... Out steps both Ropati and Julius, each man now carrying the twin Tag Team Championships. They stand alongside Flynn as the trio now eye down Bailey in the ring. Flynn slowly begins marching to the ring, continuing his rant as Ropati and Julius follow. You know Bailey, it didn’t have to come down to this. You could of had all the spotlight at BPZ Mania but in the end you didn’t do what you should of. Instead you STOLE my championship and proceeded to parade it all around this arena as if you truly are the best in this company. Now you will pay the price. The price being? A one way trip to the hospital for the next six to nine months- Flynn throws down his microphone. The Saviors all surround the ring, each man taking a different side as the posistion themselves for an attack. Bailey stands center ring, prepared for a fight.
  5. Name: Joshua Flynn Nation: United States Skin Tone: White Height: 6’3 Weight: 202 Position: Point Guard Strength: Driving Weakness: 3 Point Shot Make me Russ Bitch you can’t just say “none” to your weakness
  6. Flynn after a long pause, with a smirk on his face, speaks. His eyes are fixed on his BPZ Mania challenger, who has just unloaded his declaration to defeat the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. So blinded by your own ego Bailey, that you forget the facts. You so desperately hold onto that one single win you have over me from all those years that you place that above anything you have ever achieved. Because it is your biggest achievement Bailey. That was the high of your career. Do you believe defeating you was mine? The fact is the last time we stepped in the ring for this BPZ World Championship, you didn’t walk out on top. No that was Summerslam of the same year, 2016. I was yet again BPZ World Champion. I walk in with three challengers. Yourself, Bashka and Jonathan. Three of the most elite in BPZ history. An opportunity as the time to say who was the top dog in the company, and I came out BPZ World Champion. From there I’ve beaten in in head to head match-ups in a variety of ways. I’ve beaten you in the stat sheets, I’ve beaten you in comparisons of wins and losses. Night of Legends wasn’t anything special, it was just a different type of way that I beat you. See Bailey I have absolutely nothing to prove here. I know I’m better then you, whether anyone of these people want to admit it or not, I’m the top dog in this company, I have been since the moment I kicked you to the curb four years ago. A couple months ago when I lost to Necce, there were those that made the claim that I had finally fallen off. How did I respond? I beat you, then I beat 5 of BPZ’s best one being Bart who all of you nerds at home are always tweeting about how he is the next big thing and deserves more opportunities. WELL GUESS WHAT, HE HAD IT AND I PUT HIS ASS DOWN. Then I went on and I put Julius away who you didn’t have the balls to ever cash in on. I didn’t even need a briefcase, just one shot and I capitalized. You talk about the big moments, that’s why you work your ass off? Bailey I was born for these moments, I was bred for them. Even if, somehow you do defeat me Bailey, and you earn what will yet again be the biggest victory of your career. But then what? You’ve proven several times over that you can’t hold the fort down anymore. You can’t lead anymore. Your body, your mind can’t handle it anymore. Anytime I have ever been in question I’ve proven the doubters wrong. You’ve only proven them all right. 2015 was the greatest year of your career. There is no singular year that you can claim was my best. Bailey you are forced to respect me. I have done too much for you not to go into this knowing that this will be a cake walk. But I hold zero respect for you. Because since Saint Valentines Day Massacre three years ago, you’ve done nothing to show me why I should even reconsider the thought of you beating Me! Flynn throws the table out of the way from between the two as now nothing stands between them. This is it. No more running our mouths. BPZ Mania is upon us and I will make the claim that it is in this match that I show the world that the real Bailey never is, and never was the GOAT. He was just my placeholder. The biggest match in each of our careers is upon us. WHO IS THE MAN? WHO IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME? Good luck Bailey, you are going to need every bit of it. Flynn throws his Championship high above his head, the thousands in attendance on their feet as we are set for the biggest match in BPZ history. Flynn vs Bailey for the BPZ World Championship, in the main event of BPZ Mania.
  7. Flynn


    You continue to mention something, and at this point it is simply.... baffling. You mention my loss to Necce, as if you were the one that defeated me. You mention it nearly every single time we come face to face. That I shouldn’t be where I am. Does that not make my current position all that more impressive? Five months ago, you and everyone in that locker room thought I WAS DONE! Now I stand here YOUR BPZ WORLD CHAMPION AND THE MAIN EVENT OF BPZ MANIA! You believe you handed me this championship? I’m a FIVE TIME CHAMPION FOR A REASON? I don’t need luck, I’m the best god damn talent this company has, and to be the best you have to find ways to win over and over again and that’s what I did at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. And you say you created me? I dumped you to the side all those years ago because you held me back. You prevented me from accomplishing my true goals, you were never going to allow me to flourish under you. And you think I regret any of that? I became the most successful man in the history of this company. You are by every means a fraud who so desperately wants to be able to say that you are my mentor that created me. No I created me, five months ago when I killed the Old Flynn, and The New Flynn was BORN! You want to talk about my failure to get it done in the main event of BPZ Mania? How about yours. You were the champ, you stepped in the ring with Nebakos and he obliterated you! It was pathetic, he decimated you corner to corner and he took this title from you. Atleast I have the ability to say that I was robbed of my chance to become champion in a four way, you? That’s stuck with you forever. That’s ok though, because at BPZ Mania, lightning will strike twice and you will be decimated again. And when all is said and done, I’m going to put you away for good.
  8. 1. Me 2.Me 3. Me 4. Me 5. Sameer
  9. Flynn


    As “Devil” blasts through the arena, we are greeted by the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Flynn. He steps out, alone carrying his BPZ World title firmly around his waist. Flynn makes his way down to the ring waisting little time. He rolls directly into the ring, removing the microphone from his boot as he circles the ring before looking directly into the hard cam. Here I stand, your BPZ World Champion, your self-proclaimed HERO, and the man who for nearly four years has been the only true constant in this company. For months I have preached about how I am saving BPZ by removing these false idols and exposing them for what they really are. It all began with Bailey. Bailey is a man for years who simply put, has overstayed his welcome. This company may be called “BPZ” but it belongs to me. There’s no one in the back that would dispute that claim either. I am the man, the CONSTANT. I exploded onto the scene when I first showed up to BPZ. I took on everyone and I took out EVERYONE. No stone was left unturned, no one was safe. However I was never publicly acknowledge as the man, that belonged to Bailey. Of course came Bailey’s great fall from grace, a time period where I still reigned supreme over anyone that stepped into the ring with me, however it was then that the mythical name of “King” was given to Slim. And like all false idols, he fell and has never truly recovered. Four years, two supposed “Kings” and you people still believe me to just be another cog in the wheel. No I’m the man who makes the wheel turn. Anytime this company needed anything, I gave it to them. You need the Universal Championship to be given relevance, I MADE IT THE MOST RELEVANT CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE DAMN COMPANY. Yet I am forced to listen to “The Bailey” come out here week after week and speak so confidently on how he is going to beat me. Bailey, you haven’t won a real match IN SIX MONTHS. And who knows the last time you won anything before that? It’s SAD, it’s PATHETIC! You aren’t the GOAT. The GOAT mantra belongs to someone who can own up to it, someone who exemplifies that they truly are the greatest to have ever stood in this ring and god damnit that’s me! You are a nostalgia act with crappy one liners that you didn’t even come up with. You aren’t special, there’s nothing about you that makes you unique. Your strongest attribute is how well you kiss the boss’ ass. Yet these disgusting people eat it all up, they attempt to believe this is the Bailey of old but I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, it’s not. However it’s not like the old bailey was any good to begin with. He was more someone Brenden believed in what never truly showed what the package promised. Let’s be honest though, it’s not like Brenden ever had a true eye for talent anyways. For years I’ve listened to criticism backstage about my style of work, my limited schedule. But the honest to god truth is, whether I am here five days out of the year, or 365, I’m still outperforming, outshining and accomplishing more then any of those “superstars” in the back. I mean just look at all the current champions aside from myself. You have a nostalgia act as the Tag Team Champions in Sameer and Brenden, both men that wouldn’t ever dare to step in this ring with me one on one. You have the Universal Champion and Intercontinental Champion Bart, a man who has single handed lyrics made the Championship I built one of the most irrelevant titles in this company. No one even cares about the Global or Premium Champions and even I have no idea who the NXT and United States Champions are. Yet I am plastered about being an “irrelevant” champion.... I’m the only Champion in this company that matters. I’m the only true relevant one. I’m the only one with any type of credibility. Come BPZ Mania, if Bailey gets his hands on this companionship, that all goes away. I am keeping this company afloat singlehandedly currently, and Bailey’s greed and jealousy of myself can be what ends us all. It’s why I will defeat Bailey and remain your BPZ World Champion. Because I have to, because you people need me to.
  10. Flynn


    The nerve... THE AUDACITY! Your ego is almost trifling, it’s.... insulting. You stand so far, yet you talk an unimaginable game. I mean are you really this delusional Bailey? Has your ego truly made you this blind? Well thankfully I have deemed myself as the hero of the masses and like any true hero I will reveal the truth. The blabbering moronic imbecile standing on the stage currently, has won one single match in the past FIVE MONTHS. ONE. This match being the Royal Rumble. Not a match where you must defeat your opponent via pinball nor submission, but a match where multiple men must throw each other over the top rope in order to win. A numbers game and a match based off pure luck. That is the SOLE REASON why this total piece of garbage currently relies in the Main Event of BPZ MANIA. Yet he calls himself a winner. No you are no winner, you are no GOAT. I proved that when I knocked your ass out at Night of Legends and proved to the world WHO THE GOAT IS! Flynn throws the BPZ World Championship above his head, an empathic statement sent straight to The Bailey. You insulted me, belittled me and made the claim that The New Flynn is no different then the old. You were righteously shut up. What did I do from there Bailey? How did I EARN my spot in the main event of BPZ Mania? I defeated BPZ’s most elite to EARN my shot. Then? I overcame all the odds you set in front of me, I overcame your biased refereeing and I won my FIFTH World Championship. You aren’t a winner, this, this right here is what a winner looks like. Amd to answer your question Bailey, these two men are two men YOU have wronged. Two men you have cheated. Ropati should be main eventing BPZ Mania, he EARNED that shot but you robbed him in the Royal Rumble, obviously flexing your power to give yourself a later entrance in the Rumble while making him, the clear favorite come out at number one. And you followed it up by sticking your nose in the main event of Saint Valentines Day Massacre not only because your ego was insulted that Julius and I’s match was overshadowing you, but to screw me over. And you being the imbecile that you are, fell for my trap and aided me into becoming world champion. It is absolutely disgusting. These two men, they will do anything to ensure you no longer abuse your power to steal this World Championship, a title you do not deserve to hold and a championship I have dedicated myself, since December to Dismember to ensure that you do not get ahold of it. You claim nothing wI’ll stop you? Well I’m sorry to disappoint you Bailey, but I am the man who can and will stop you. I am the true GOAT of BPZ, wether any of these idiots in the back or watching around the world want to admit it, I am the greatest and most talented superstar BPZ has ever seen and come BPZ Mania I will walk in and walk out BPZ WORLD CHAMPION! If you smell, what The New Flynn is cooking.
  11. Flynn


    We are Live on Carnage a full week now has passed since Saint Valentines Day Massacre, where we witnessed Flynn dethrone his protege Julius, ending the second longest BPZ World title reign in history and claim his fifth World Championship. Since then, it has been made official that we shall witness possibly the two greatest to have ever done it clash in the main event of BPZ Mania, for the BPZ World Championship as the 2019 Royal Rumble winner Bailey will be challenging Flynn. ”The New” Flynn, THE BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, opens the show, stepping out holding his newly won championship. He stands center stage, a cocky smile placed firmly across his face, proving all the doubters wrong, as well as the many men before who had made the claims that Flynn was on a regression. Here he stands, on top of the world. He finally begins marching directly to the ring, waisting little time as he rolls under the bottom rope and with a microphone in his hand, he speaks to the world. I have for nearly four years, preached that I was the best wrestler in the world. I beat nearly everyone that stepped in this ring with me. However I was wrong. At Survivor Series last year Necce showed everyone just how weak I really was. He exposed me and I will be forever thankful for it. Because of Necce, the old Flynn died. For the greater good. The New Flynn was born from the ashes and since that moment, BPZ will never be the same again. We’ve entered a new era that I am personally leading us into. An era where all of your false idols will die, so I your true hero can rule. You allowed freakshows like Hollow to make you believe that this is some type of form of escape from reality. I shower Hollow the only reality is that he doesn’t belong in the ring with the elite of BPZ. You had false prophets such as Yelich, who use flamboyance as a shadow to cover up his shortcomings in this ring and because of that I exposed him in a mere seconds. I then went on to defeat the most elite of BPZ in a multi-man match, showcasing that if there was still any doubt that I wasn’t the best, well it was certainly confirmed. I put this company on notice, and I pledged to save it from the injustice that was an unworthy champion but more importantly this company was leading toward yet another Bailey championship reign. One that foreshadowed the possible demise of this company. And so Bailey apppinted himself to be the referee in my championship match not to ensure that nothing shady would go down, but to ensure that I would not get ahold of this BPZ World Championship because Bailey knows that he can’t beat me. I proved Bailey can’t beat me at Night of Legends merely one month ago, when I put him away right here in the center of this ring. Our paths from there took two very different turns. He became the luckiest man in the world by winning the Royal Rumble, and I earned my main event spot at BPZ Mania by defeating the most unstoppable force this company has ever seen. Overcoming consistent interference by the matches own referee to get the job done! However now, no one is going to stop me from accomplishing my final goal. Defeating Bailey, in the main event of BPZ Mania. When I began this journey, I seemed to destroy each and every one of your hero’s. Now? I will expose the figurehead of them all, your so called “great one” in the main event of the showcase of the immortals. It will be there that I become your hero, that I become YOUR SAVIOR. However, I’ve come to learn that as the days go by my list of enemies only grows. Bailey is one of the dirties players on the game and I know to ensure that I defeat him I would need aid. Every great hero, never truly accomplished his mission all by himself, and these two men are my angels. Messengers sent from god himself to further push my message. All of your hero’s must die, in order for BPZ to survive. So please, put your hands together for the most elite tag team in BPZ....
  12. We are over twenty minutes into our thrilling main event. In which, Julius has been absolutely dominating Flynn for the most part, however has slowly became gassed as he’s failed several times to put Flynn away. Finally, it appears he has Flynn exactly where he wants him as he eyed up for the “Hell’s Welcome”..... Could Julius finally be putting away his mentor! No wait Ropati rushes onto the apron and Bailey, our special guest referee is there to stop him. Bailey begins arguing with Ropati on the apron telling him to “know his roll” and get back to Flynn’s corner. Julius in a sudden fit of rage, spins Bailey around, screaming at “The GOAT” to “do his job”, before shoving the referee. Bailey, in a sudden fit of rage shoves Julius back which is quickly taken advantage of by Flynn with the quick roll up! 1...2...3 NO! Julius just barely kicks out! Flynn now waisting little time goes to rebound off the ropes before catching a massive shoulder tackle from a pissed off Julius. Julius now screaming at Bailey for almost costing him everything. However from behind, it is Ropati that shoves Bailey straight into Julius, causing both to bump heads. Bailey for a brief moment is dazed as Ropati throws Flynn the BPZ World Championship to use as a weapon! IT CONNECTS! Flynn slams the title straight across the skull of Julius before quickly falling to the pin. Bailey however before even counting points out the championship belt laying in the ring. Flynn now furious his plan doesn’t fool Bailey, begins to berate the guest referee who now holds the championship. Flynn begins to mock him, before seemingly slapping Bailey and calling him “FICKLE”! Bailey quickly lunges forward, clearly having enough of Flynn tonight, however Flynn dodges and instead Bailey clobbers Julius with the BPZ World Championship! Flynn quickly takes advantage, with a swift FKO to Julius! Flynn with a smile on his face, looks up to Bailey before slowly crawling over the pin. Bailey looking absolutely shocked, is seemingly forced to drop down to the mat, as he makes a slow count... 1.......2.............3! Theres a sudden silence in the arena....... ANNNNNNND YOUR NEW BPZ WORLD CHAMPION, THE FIVE TIME CHAMPION, FLLLLLYNNNNNNNNNNN! Flynn with a massive smile on his face, is handed the BPZ World Championship. However before he has any time to relish, he is shoved back by Bailey who is absolutely pissed! Bailey now in the face of Flynn, shouting out an onslaught of insultes. Ropati quickly rushes the ring to take defense of Flynn, standing in front of Bailey as now the two men seemingly corner the Royal Rumble winner. Ropati and Flynn however before they can take advantage of the numbers advantage, are greeted by Julius! Julius stands alongside Bailey looking absolutely pissed as his 8 month title reign has seemingly been robbed from him. NO WAIT! JULIUS! CHOKESLAM TO BAILEY! Bailey is absolutely laid out as now Julius eyes down both Ropati and Flynn. Julius, with a crazed look lifts up the BPZ World Championship, a Championship he fought for and held the past 8 months, before handing it to Flynn! He proceeds to raise “The New” Flynn’s hand high in the air to an encore of boo’s. With Bailey laid out in the middle of the ring, Flynn stands tall with both Ropati and Julius, his newly won World Championship in his grasp.
  13. Flynn

    “Last Legs”

    The titantron in the Carnage arena cuts to a replay of Brendenplayz’s “handpicked Number One Contenders” match to the BPZ World Championship, featuring some of the best in the world today. The closing moments showed Flynn, locking in a choke hold submission maneuver and forcing BIC to tap out, earning his shot at Julius at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. “The Fallen King” The New Flynn steps out onto the stage, his eyes panning over the thousands in attendance as he bears battle scars from his previous outting, where he defeated five other top tier BPZ names to become the Number one Contender to the BPZ World Championship. Flynn waists little time requesting for a microphone, having his theme song cut off. He looks directly at the hard cam, as he begins to speak. Julius I’m opening this letter, no, this message to you, with a request. I request, that tonight when you go home, you kiss your children, you hug them, you tell your wife that you love her and you enjoy every minute with them. Because it will be one of the final times that they witness their father, at his peak in life. Because coke Saint Valentines Day Massacre, the decline begins. I have said FOR MONTHS that I am the New Flynn. I am not, the weak, sap who had lost to Necce at Survivor Series many months ago. I am A NEW MAN. I destroyed Bailey, Hollow, and Yelich with EASE. Now, now I stand here as the Number One Comtender to the BPZ World Championship. You could say I have the world in my hand. And while many believe the Main Event of BPZ Mania will be Julius vs Bailey, and even you Julius can expect that, I’m the apostale from god, sent to destroy all expectations. Mans how coincidental, that the same battlefield where “The King” Flynn truly perished, and haven the weak sap he was, Saint Valentines Day Massacre, where he allowed Bailey to defeat him and take his true love, his BPZ World Championship, HIS CROWN! The place where I, “The Fallen King” was born. It is where I will not only RESURECT THE KING, take back his crown, it is the place and the moment that I right every mistake Flynn ever made. And it all comes down to Julius. The man Flynn took under his wing, and the man who left him lying in his own pool of blood. Flynn’s retaliation? To allow him to continue to prosper. No. Not the New Flynn. I’ve come to expose you. I’ve come to show the world that you are not what anyone believes. The old Flynn was your maker. I am your destroyer. These people, they still don’t believe in me, and I’ve allowed to to be my fuel. Julius, I’m going to call you out to this ring, not to talk. For you and I, speaking face to face ended a very, very long time ago. No, I’m going to allow you to enter this ring, and then I’m going to beat the hell out of you. These people.... they laugh at that. They see you as some sort of god. I’m a god killer. So please, come down here, ready for a fight, that’s all I’m asking. It should be no issue, after all, I’m on my “Last Legs” aren’t I? Flynn drops his microphone as he has just challenged the most dominant BPZ Superstar possibly of all time to a straight up fight!
  14. Damn I got the most Tag titles ever the disrespect. Would love to team with @I Can't Odd
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