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  1. Flynn


    Flynn however quickly cuts off Carter, slamming the locker room door before meeting him face to face. BIC: “Yo dog watch out! I gotta go defend my BPZ European Japanese Championship against Julius in the Power Trip Cup! I gotta hurry dog!” Flynn: “Have you lost your god damn mind.” BiC looks generally confused at Flynn for a moment, before once again attempting to step around him before being cut off. Flynn then continues to speak. Flynn: “Listen bro are you okay? You drink a little too much of the brewski’s brother? Is this some kind of rib? I know I roughed you up a little bit the other day but hey that was kayfabe brother.” Carter: “The hell you talking about? Are you questioning the top champion in BPZ today? I’m the GOAT ISAIAH CARTER!” And just like that, Isaiah follows it up with a loud slap across the cheek of Flynn. His eyes within an instant boil red, before he quickly turns back to Carter. Carters face turns to worry before he puts his hands up, attempting to plea however Flynn isn’t gonna hear none of it. He grabs Carter by his throat and pulls him into a nasty head butt! For a brief second, Carter looks up and his goofy expression is gone. Carter: “Damn I must it blacked out after Flynn hit me with his belt... where the hell am I.....” He suddenly turns to a pissed off Flynn. Carter: “WAIT WE ARE STILL FIGHTING WHAT THE FU-“ Flynn clocks him with a forearm, Carter seemingly loosing himself once again. Several officials bust in and begin pleading with Flynn to let Carter go. With rage in his eyes, he grabs ahold of Carter, lifting him high before throwing him once again into all of the officials. Flynn looks down at the pile of bodies before once again leaving, the damage done.
  2. Here you will find seven pro-wrestling companies with their own custom rosters, located around the world competing for the right to be the top Wrestling promotion on planet earth.
  3. Jigglypuff Herdier Galar Linoone Trainquil Loudred Helioptile Munchlax Stufful
  4. Flynn


    Flynn seemingly still unsure left alone, turns back to Isiah Carter who’s slowly recovering on the mat. Flynn surprisingly goes to help him up, lifting up Carter. “Are you okay? Hey man get up.” Flynn now helps Carter to his feet who looks at Flynn, hurt but completely confused for a moment. Flynn now attempts to shake the hand of Carter, BEFORE PULLING HIM INTO A DISGUSTING FOREARM. Anger swells across the face of Flynn again, as he grabs Carter by the throat, before throwing him over the top rope to the floor below! Flynn quickly rolls under the bottom rope, eyeing up Carter and laying him out with a big boot! He grabs Carter by the throat again, throwing him up like a rag doll before choke slamming him into the announce table! Flynn now, once again returns to a look of worry, screaming for a medical official to come and help Carter who is seemingly dead. Suddenly, several backstage officials run down, demanding Flynn leave the arena, along with security. Anger once again swelling up, he runs over and grabs ahold of Carter. The officials and security plead with Flynn, who gives them a middle finger, tells them to “go fuck yourselves”, before lifting Carter up..... Jeremiah Flynn has left a pool of bodies here tonight. FDS has awoken the Painmaker, and Isiah Carter has become another victim in his path to Summerslam.
  5. Flynn


    The theme of the BMF Champion rings time the surprise of many in attendance. Jeremiah Flynn steps onto the stage, a sly smile and wild eyes. Flynn carries his gold over his shoulder before strutting down to the ring. He pauses half way down the ramp, staring Isiah straight into his eyes before continuing. He climbs to the top turnbuckle, posing, seemingly taunting Isiah Carter. Flynn now steps down into the ring, microphone pulled from his boot. The crowd in anticipation before finally he begins to speak. “Well you certainly have my attention.” A sinister smile now grows across the face of Flynn as he continues to speak. “You have a set on you son I’ll tell you that. Coming down to this ring, attacking that man right there who we all saw put your ass out of commission for two damn months. So what’s your genius plan but to actually go ahead and puss him off? He didn’t even care about what he did to you. But I get it Isiah, you want to make a big statement and challenge for that Universal Championship. Now whether your owed a shot or not well that’s up for debate I mean look at your lack luster record in the last two Championship matches that I add you were handed. Plus you gotta think about how you spent half of the last year as my personal bitch..... and then the other half either nursing a little booboo or getting your ass handed to you by Hans Clayton. I mean hell I’d be pissed off too I guess. Hottest thing on Carnage. That’s bold. That’s actually incredible for a guy who hasn’t been here since getting his ass laid out by once again, that man Raven right there.” “You know what listen I’m just going to cut the shit. My name as you know is JEREMIAH FLYNN. I AM THE BMF OF CARNAGE. I’m the King of this bitch and you’ve caused a ruckus in my Kingdom. Isiah Carter there’s a solid reason I had that trigger pulled on you oh so very many months ago and that’s because you are more of a problem then an asset. You always have been. So following you saying my name I made the executive decision I’d come down to this ring, and show you this championship right here. It’s the BMF Championship. It’s the top belt on the Carnage brand because I said it is. Take a good look, get in close buddy it’s as close as you’ll ever get to it.” Flynn holds the championship out on his shoulder, Isiah mockingly leaning in BEFORE GETTING CLOCKED BY THE BELT! Flynn just ambushed Isiah Carter. Carter collapses before Flynn quickly speaks again. “Oh I also came out here to beat your ass.” Flynn drops the microphone before falling on Carter, laying into him with rights and lefts. Before lifting up Carter who despite trying to fight back, is completely overpowered and slammed down hard into the mat. Isiah now within seconds lays dead on the mat, Flynn looking down on him. He slowly circles around, lifting the microphone back up before speaking. “Well you certainly caught everyone’s attention Carter. Welcome to Painmaker City. Carange bitch. FDS is gonna get his trust me, but I’m first in line son.”
  6. Flynn

    To Bring Him Back.

    The figure lunges at FDS, clobbering him with a barrage of rights and lefts. The camera being knocked out of frame, we are left with the sounds of a clear scuffle before finally it focuses. Jeremiah Flynn is revealed to be the attacker and he is beating the hell out of FDS. FDS quickly with a jab to Flynn’s ribs sends him back, before he quickly grabs ahold of the chair that was previously used by the Universal Champion and swings it straight into his skull. He now quickly grabs ahold of him, before throwing him face first into the TV mounted on the wall, blood now splintering down the face of the champion. Flynn looking like a mad man, takes the chair before setting it up once again, before refocusing on a stunned FD. He quickly grabs ahold of him, before laying him out with an FKO onto the chair! Suddenly Flynn’s eyes widen. A look of worry washing across his face. “Somebody get this guy some help. HEY SOMEBODY GET THIS GUYS SOME FUCKING HELP..... FD this is what you wanted. You beat me FD. We could of just went our separate ways. Get your ass healed up brother. Get patched up, I’m sorry man..... but this shit ain’t over. We are just getting started boy. Flynn’s look of worry seemingly runs serious. A clear message sent and seemingly everything FDS has asked for. The war between the champions has begun.
  7. Really hope we get something over Smith. I’ve heard a lot of rumors(the selling his body for cash stuff is the most interesting imo) and hope we get to hear about him more.
  8. Summer Struggle Night 5 Preview: Main event: NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship tournament: Los Ingobernables De Japon (Shingo Takagi, BUSHI & SANADA) vs Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, El Desperado & DOUKI) LIJ have to be the hot favourites in this eight team tournament for the NEVER 6-Man Championship gold. After all, BUSHI, Shingo Takagi and EVIL looked to be dominant champions until EVIL defected to BULLET CLUB and vacated the gold. With SANADA teaming effectively with Shingo in recent events, it seems as if Cold Skull will slide neatly into a no doubt championship worthy team. Yet Suzuki-Gun’s devious ways and outright brutality are not to be overlooked. After Minoru Suzuki won an all out brutal war against Yuji Nagata in Korakuen Hall on July 31, the King stated that he had brand new plans in mind; could they come in the form of NEVER glory? 5th Match: NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship Tournament: CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada, SHO & Toru Yano) vs BULLET CLUB (Yujiro Takahashi, Jado & Gedo) CHAOS take on BULLET CLUB in the night’s other tournament matchup. When Jado’s presence in the corner of Gedo and Yujiro Takahashi was looking to pay dividends on July 31, Toru Yano evened the odds for the CHAOS side, and we now have a formidable trio with some very different wrest;ling philosophies combating BULLET CLUB. Will it be the disparate approaches of the CHAOS team winning out, or the united (and corrupted) vision of Yujiro and tag team legends Jado & Gedo that advance in the NEVER 6-Man tournament? 4th Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi & Yuya Uemura vs Suzuki-Gun (Zack Sabre Junior, El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) Golden☆Ace continue a long standing issue with Dangerous Tekkers in the fourth match of the night as the two teams engage in non-tournament six man action. Friday in Korakuen Hall, another lacking performance by Hiroshi Tanahashi led to a frustrated Kota Ibushi leaving the Ace alone on the floor as he walked out, adding fuel to the fire that this once dream team might have turned into a nightmare. With a 6-man tournament match coming up the next night, can Tanahashi turn his fortunes around tonight? 3rd Match: Satoshi Kojima, Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma vs CHAOS (YOSHI-HASHI, Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano) The CHAOS side of Ishii, Goto and YOSHI-HASHI get a tune up match for Friday’s tournament battle against Makabe, Honma and Taguchi’s one night substitute Kojima here. The CHAOS trio will be grateful for the chance to develop some combinations without the tournament pressure, but at the same time, coach Taguchi will be able to take notes and be relatively fresh for Friday. 2nd Match: Master Wato & Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs Yota Tsuji & Ryusuke Taguchi Tag team action in the second match of the evening sees some interesting factors at play. Wato is in his first direct tag team matchup with Hiroyoshi Tenzan since Tenzan came in support of Wato at the New Japan Cup finals in Osaka Jo Hall. That night, Wato was making his in-ring return after Mexican excursion; an excurion Yota Tsuji hopes to make some day, albeit as a heavyweight to Wato’s junior status. It should make for an interesting mix of styles in Korakuen. 1st Match: Yuji Nagata vs Gabriel Kidd The night kicks off with singles action as Yuji Nagata takes on Gabriel Kidd. After main eventing in Korakuen on July 31, Nagata will start the evening on August 6, but will continue fight with his all, and teach some valuable lessons to Gabriel Kidd. For the promising young Briton, a learning opportunity, and one to send further messages to the man he really wants to compete with in singles action: Togi Makabe.
  9. New Japan Cup USA Preview: Originally planned for the first round of the New Japan Cup in Japan when it was first announced in March, Karl Fredericks finally takes on KENTA one on one in the opening round of New Japan Cup USA. Since the Japanese version of the New Japan Cup was postponed, Karl Fredericks has undergone a significant transformation, leaving behind the Young Lion black trunks and coming into his own with a new appearance and attitude. Although that new attitude was brought into check by Jeff Cobb at the season finale of Lion’s Break Collision, Fredericks is nonetheless in peak form going into this bout with KENTA, and with strong personal motivation. The influence of Katsuyori Shibata on Fredericks is no secret, and KENTA’s betrayal of his former best friend to join BULLET CLUB almost one year ago is still fresh in the young ‘Alpha’s’ memory. Throughout Lion’s Break Collision, Fredericks was insistent that the faction system at play in New Japan Pro-Wrestling was not for him, and that he wouldn’t be rushing to join a group for acceptance in the same way that he feels his first round opponent had. Can Fredericks score the biggest win of his young career and move a step closer to IWGP United States gold? Or will it be KENTA stamping his authority on NJPW STRONG? Originally scheduled to face Togi Makabe and David Finlay respectively when the New Japan Cup was originally announced for Japan, Jeff Cobb and Tanga Loa now face off in the first round of New Japan Cup USA. A former six time IWGP Tag Team Champion, Tanga Loa’s singles record is of bigger question; believe it or not, this will be Tanga Loa’s second ever singles match in NJPW, and the first in three years (for the record, that first match in New Japan Cup 2017 against Yuji Nagata ended in a loss). For his part, Jeff Cobb is on fine form, having scored a hard fought victory over Karl Fredericks in the main event of Lion’s Break Collision’s season finale. Already with NJPW tournament experience after last year’s G1 Climax saw him to a respectable eight points, Cobb is defeated one on one in NJPW thus far this year between new Beginning USA and Lion’s Break Collision, and he’s looking to ride that wave on the way to a Tour of the Islands for one half of GoD. The only pairing in the New Japan Cup that isn’t a first time meeting, Chase Owens and David Finlay’s sole singles meeting was nevertheless way back in 2016, and ‘Big Match Debbie’ has progressed a long way since his defeat to BULLET CLUB’s Crown Jewel all those years ago in Iwate. That said, his proudest achievements of World Tag League 2019 victory and the IWGP Tag Team Championships have been attained with Juice Robinson at his side. With the Flamboyant One injured for the time being and taking the every man for himself format of the New Japan Cup into account, Finlay must deliver in only his second singles match since returning from shoulder injury in late 2019. Appropriately enough that singles contest was a battle for the IWGP (United States Heavyweight Championship against then title holder Lance Archer; Finlay now gets a chance to reset and start another drive for the red and gold. Owens is no opponent to be looked past however; the canny in-ring style and ability to bend the rules in his favour could make Owens the dark horse of this tournament; don’t forget that in last year’s New Japan Cup a victory over Juice put Owens on his own path to challenge for the United States title last spring. Both men will be highly motivated to move on in the cup and leave a solid mark on NJPW STRONG in the process. Our final first round matchup sees ROH’s Brody King face off against Tama Tonga. NJPW fans were first introduced to Brody King during last year’s Best of the Super Juniors tour, where his incredible size, strength and power made his lucha influenced style and high flying ability all the more impressive. Now on STRONG King has the opportunity to make sure his name is on the lips of every NJPW fan once more. Standing in his way is Tama Tonga. The fourth BULLET CLUB member in as many first round matchups, Tonga is no doubt intent on ensuring that the Cup, and subsequently the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship, makes its way to the faction by any means necessary. Should the ‘Good Bad Guy’ himself make take that spot, so much the better for Tonga.
  10. Five years later and it’s been great. Still thankful for the opportunity I was given. Have absolutely loved being your longest tenured moderator.
  11. Flynn

    A Fight

    Fire is in the eyes of the BMF Champion here tonight. He stares now at the Universal Championship that FDS holds, reality seemingly setting in for the former champion. He nods for a brief moment, seemingly calming down as FDS was speaking. Slowly he picks his microphone back up, looking into the eyes of FD as he speaks. “Madness? You want brutality? Bloodshed? Okay....okay, okay, okay, okay, OKAY YOU’RE ON!” Flynn now is nodding his head like a mad man, frantically pacing back and forth before continuing to speak. “The Crimson Gold, is the premier strap on Carnage and in my own professional opinion in the entire damn world. But this, this BMF Championship, it represents the man who’s willing to go the distance to truly hurt his opponent to win a match. Pain and suffering is something he inflicts and no one wishes to actually challenge him. Yet here you stand, tall and mighty fresh off conquering and defeating me, seemingly begging for more. You are either an idiot or a madman. It doesn’t really matter because at Summerslam you’ll be a deadman. You won’t take everything from me FDS. I will do everything it takes to keep my BMF Championship. Anything.” “As for the match stipulation. I want to punish you. More importantly I promised to beat some respect into you at King of the Ring and I clearly failed at that. Well that’s ok because I’ll make sure I do it this time. Summerslam, for the BMF Championship, Flynn vs. FDS IN A TEXAS DEATH MATCH.” Flynn tosses the microphone before raising his BMF Championship high above his head. FDS now, with a sly smile raises his Universal Championship, clearly mocking but also showing Flynn that he has no intentions of backing down. Their Summerslam rematch set, and the stakes have been raised. Who will survive the Texas Death Match.
  12. It should be the Diamond Championship.
  13. Flynn

    A Fight

    The camera opens to the Carnage crowd as we are coming off one of BPZ’s biggest events of the year. The audience is buzzing and everyone in attendance is excited to begin building to another huge event in Summerslam. Quickly, the camera cuts to the stage where we are greeted to the slow, menacing walk of the former Universal Champion, Jeremiah Flynn. His hair his wild and he looks like he hasn’t slept in days. He carries his BMF Championship in his right hand however the loss of his Universal Championship must weigh heavily on the man who’s held said Championship for 450+ days of his career. He reaches the ring, where he climbs to the top turnbuckle, his eyes peering across the thousands in attendance tonight. He reaches the center of the ring where he stands staring at the hard camera. He doesn’t make a move for a solid twenty seconds before finally removing a microphone from his boot. He stands there holding the microphone for the longest time, frozen, unable to speak. The fans sit in anticipation as Jeremiah seemingly is struggling to even get a word out. He begins to frantically pace. The writing is on the wall, the former Universal Champion is seemingly a broken man. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, he speaks. “I lost.” Jeremiah pauses now, lowering the microphone once again as now an applause rains down. He nods approving of the show of appreciation from the crowd before continuing to speak. “Last night..... last night FDS hit me hard and I didn’t recover. Last night FDS kicked my ass. Last night FDS TOOK MY UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP FROM ME. Congratulations to FDS. You are now the fifth man ever to hold the Crimson gold. More importantly you are the second man ever to defeat me for that belt, and that I know for a fact is no easy task...... but..... heh.” Flynn lowers the microphone again, taking a moment to think before speaking again. “FDS you are testing me. When you defeated Nebakos to became the Number One contender that was you finally utilizing all of your talent to the fullest. Yet when I came to shake your hand, you left me high and dry. At King of the Ring we beat the living hell out of each other and even in defeat, you refused to shake my hand. That’s ok, I can take a hint but you weren’t done there were you? Because I saw what you had to say after the match. FDS wants the real Jeremiah Flynn back. The same man who for the last two years put nearly every man he competed in this ring with in the fucking hospital. Just ask your boys Raven and KENJI what it’s like to face that man. Ask them what it’s like to get in the ring with the “Painmaker”. What you are asking for isn’t a wrestling match. ITS A FIGHT!” “So if you want to fight me, then why don’t you just get your ass out here right now. You can come alone, you can bring FD-GUN, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ANYMORE. LETS FIGHT YOU SON OF A BITCH.” Flynn drops the microphone, looking up to the stage as he has requested a fight with the new Universal Champion here tonight.!
  14. The Wrestlers involved in the four separate NA Qualifying matches have submitted their own stipulations that are intended to give them an aided boost in said matches. Now it is time for you the fans to decide which stars will be receiving said benefits in these matches taking place just one week from today!

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