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  1. Flynn

    I am gonna win

    Just read what everyone else’s promos are like and read yours. I think you’ll quickly understand the difference.
  2. Flynn


    We are live on EVOLVE, two weeks following Bad Blood where Flynn made his grand return, laying out current World Champion Julius before challenging him for the World Championship. Flynn however since has been absent from TV, choosing to work in silence as opposed to openly working on EVOLVE each and every week. Until tonight. Flynn steps out wearing a fully black suit, a look of determination on his face. The EVOLVE crowd greet “The Omega” with a massive ovation as he steps onto the stage. He enters the ring before being handed a microphone by the ring side crew. He circles the ring before speaking for the first time since Bad Blood. I’m a wanted man here in BPZ. For the past year I’ve done nothing but make more and more enemies through the most unintentional means. Whether it be Julius, a man I only wanted to see succeed, or my own former best friend Necce, who hurt me more then anyone ever could. Now, I’ve decided what Necce did was entirely warranted. I had it coming. Because what I did to him, was still a far more evil deed that I still can’t make up for and now I know that. And so Necce, I really do hope we can just leave it all in the past, and move on with our careers without interacting ever again. You fooled me and mentally I was destroyed and now I do understand what I put you through. Now that that’s addressed, let’s talk about the bad blood that will be dealt with. Julius, at Halloween Havoc I’m coming for you and that BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. You’ve beaten almost everyone you’ve come across in BPZ, except me. You want to know why you couldn’t beat me Julius? I’m sure it’s been eating you alive for months now. How can you dominate so many and yet I, a smaller, weaker man, still put you away in such a dominant manner. Because I’m the best in this company. I was the King of Carnage. I am the King of EVOLVE but most importantly I’m the KING OF BPZ. I’ve been busting my ass in this company for 3 very long years doing this battling and putting away men exactly like you. You aren’t special. Your road to the top isn’t by any means original. I did so three years ago. The difference? I won every title there was to win on my way to the top. Not just that, but when I won that World Championship, I did it all on my own. No one backed me and no one wanted to see me succeed. You? You needed the Kingdoms aid in order to defeat Slim. You did something however that I could never. You needed Slim, permanently. You then put away Angelo Caito in extremely dominant fashion. Two of my greatest rivals back to back without seemingly breaking a sweat. However they aren’t and never will be me. I’m the god damn bar. I set the fucking standard in BPZ, in this ring and on this microphone. There’s no one that can lace my boots when that World Championship is on the line. At Halloween Havoc, the Monster will meet his worst nightmare. There will be No Recovery from what I do to him. For too long has he sat too comfortably as the King of the Kingdom THAT I BUILT. I built the throne you sit so highly on. Now I’m gonna burn it all to the damn ground. Flynn drops the microphone before forming a finger gun and “shooting the camera”. “The Omega” has spoken. Will Julius respond?
  3. Flynn

    EVOLVE Global Series: 28th September (Votings)

    Voted for myself and Josh
  4. Flynn

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    Can I get one.
  5. Flynn

    I am gonna win

    It’s 2015 Flynn.
  6. Flynn

    The Return

    I think I owed you this one. Don’t be so hypocritical so quickly Julius.
  7. Flynn

    The Return

    The FKO has been my finisher for two years now. It’s not like you are the first person to ever FKO anyone after their match is it?
  8. Flynn

    The Return

    Following Julius and Angelo’s brutal war, we find ourselves with the result that has at this point became the trend, Julius putting his opponent away, and continuing his World Championship reign. Julius is proudly celebrating in the middle of the ring just before...... ITS FLYNN! Flynn has not been seen since Summerslam, where his best friend and tag team partner Necce, betrayed him, stuck a knife in his back and left him lying in the middle of the ring. Flynn is now standing over Julius, the crowd going berserk for this big return. Flynn begins pacing around the ring before pointing his hand down and “pulling the trigger”, AND FLYNN NAILS JULIUS WITH A DISGUSTING OMEGA TRIGGER! Flynn now with a microphone in hand screams into it- I AM BACK! Something happened one month ago that changed my world. My own best friend, took the love u gave him, and he did to me exactly what I did to him. And honestly, he had every right to do the things that he did. Necce, I forgive you, and honestly if you want nothing to do with me, that’s fine. However tonight, I’m here to put my career back on track and that begins, with this..... Flynn slowly looks down to the BPZ World Championship, the crowd now going berserk, as Flynn lifts up Julius’ championship. I only need to win this championship one more time, to tie the all time record. However that’s not all that this is about. Julius many months ago you betrayed me, and left me lying in a heap of my own blood. Since then you’ve claimed I fear you, and that I am in fact scared of you. Tonight I make a statement, I am still the most dominant wrestler in all of BPZ. That’s why.... AT HALLOWEEN HAVOC, IT WILL BE FLYNN VS. JULIUS FOR THE BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Flynn throws down the microphone, holding the World Championship up high to close the show.
  9. Flynn

    EVOLVE Global Series: 13th September (Votings)

    Is it the amazing work or the fact that the other two haven’t promoed at all.
  10. Flynn

    WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

    To be fair Joe did beat AJ at Summerslam. I think if you defeat the champ that should usually warrant a title shot.
  11. Flynn

    The Global Series

    Flynn looks on in horror for a brief moment as Slim is seemingly looking to take out Flynn’s good friend and fellow ROA member Ross. Slim tonight has laid out a tricky proposition for Flynn however before he can make any type of choice, Necce lunges forward, breaking up the hold! Necce grabs hold of Slim before laying him out with a series of eight hands. Slim stunned begins to fight back, tackling Necce to the ground before turning around straight into a V-Trigger from Flynn! Slim lays out cold. Flynn looks over to Ross who is beginning to recover. Flynn extends a hand and it is accepted. Flynn helps Ross to his feet before he focuses on the rest of the participants surrounding the ring, all of whom are now on their toes, all waiting for a potential brawl to break out at any moment. Flynn picks up Slim’s microphone before speaking. Like I said. You have no idea just how quickly I can take you out. The Golden Legacy was strong apart, but together we are unbeatable. Slim, we can talk about all the excuses for past losses on another date. NONE OF IT MATTERS COME SEPTEMBER 14. When we step foot in that ring one more time, the world watching. As for the rest of the competitors in the field. Take this as a proper introduction to each other. Tonight a crowd stands together but in the end, only one of us will stand tall. Piece by piece you will all fall. Flynn drops the microphone. Both of Golden Legacy leaving Ross with an unconscious Slim in the middle of the ring.
  12. Flynn

    The Global Series

    It’s the Golden Legacy! The lights cut to a black, before a golden beam of light hits the stage, revealing “The Omega” Flynn. However after a brief moment, emerging from the darkness is Necce who now stands behind the posing Flynn. Both men now head straight to the ring, which by this point is fairly crowded as most of the Global Series participants stand scattered around. Both men pause just outside of the ring, a smile firmly on Flynn’s face, while Necce shows no sign of emotion, “The Antichrist” clearly only hear to back up his partner Flynn. Both members of the Golden Legacy enter as the mood shifts, tensions beginning to slowly rise. Flynn removes a microphone before speaking. Boys... boys calm yourselves. So much hostility yet we are still an entire month away before any of us even get to start living up to all of these crazy claims. First things first, I’d like to give a shout out to my ROA brother over there for not just putting together an incredible tournament but being an amazing General Manager here on EVOLVE. Secondly, this weekend at Summerslam I’m not sure what all of you losers here in the ring have going on but me and my best friend here are going to be becoming your WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, kicking all of the Kingdoms ass in the process! Now let’s get down to why I’m out here. If any of you couldn’t tell from this past year, I am an iron man. I was this years iron man at the Royal Rumble. I fough through injury and still won the Carnage cup and I have had several hour long matches with a certain man in this ring right now... Now Jason Ryan I’d like to stress to you that unlike Slim, I’m not just naming off random accomplishments to boost my ego. Everything I say, it matters buddy, shout out Buddy Ace in the corner right there, your face still hurting from that V-Trigger? Anyways as I was saying, this tournament, it suits me because I can not just survive the grind, I flourish in it. However that is my case for why I will be a strong contender in this tournament, as if that really was a question. Now is the part where I must choose to pay notice to the talent that surrounds me in this ring. You all want to be Global Champion. For me? It’s just another notch on the belt. I’m drowning in accomplishments, so while this wouldn’t be the biggest victory of my career, it does make a statement. The statement being that I am the best in EVOLVE. Flynn looks around the ring, his eyes locking with Slim. Not you. Anyone in this ring that thinks they can beat me, is delusional. Jason Ryan you may fuck me up but at the end of the day I promise your ass you’ll be down on the mat for the 1.2.3 after a single FKO. Buddy Ace you’ve felt my power first hand and you know just how quickly I can put you away. JoshsNow the pecking order begins behind me and that’s exactly where you will remain as long as I’m on this brand. Ark Universe you are a man who’s blown opportunity after opportunity and to continue to see yourself as anything more then what you are now is doing an injustice to your intelligence and your incredible athletic ability that you will continue to waist. Slim..... In case you haven’t paid attention over the course of the past 365 days, I have your number. Piece by piece I will pick you all apart and I will become the Global Champion.
  13. Flynn

    Current RAW & SDLive Tag Team Division Situation

    Well I’ll be honest when I say I’d love to see a different team face the Bludgeons at Summerslam. Sanity just showed up so it’s fair to make them wait. The Bar have had like 4 tag reigns in the past year in a half so it’s fair to make them take the back burner to other teams as well. I don’t understand the continued treatment the Club received which has totally destroyed their credibility. The whole Rusev situation is a travesty in its own right and something I don’t understand as well. All I can say is that the New Day is only there to lose to the Bludgeons and continue their reign, where hopefully a more deserving team eventually dethrones them.
  14. Flynn

    Current RAW & SDLive Tag Team Division Situation

    Who exactly do you want them to italics I mean even Dallas and Axel have become champions.
  15. Flynn

    Current RAW & SDLive Tag Team Division Situation

    That would give teams less of an opportunity to be champions. The New Day and The Uso’s are the literal faces of the tag team division in WWE. They are what Edge and Christian and The Hardey boys were. Their also honestly, if you added in the Bar and their multiple reigns, all three the best in ring tag teams in WWE and consistently deliver. I’m surprised you didn’t realise how much they deserve what they’ve been given just based off that fantastic match against the Bar.

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