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  1. Friday Night Smackdown: Roster, Personel, Champions(Flynn) Men: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman AJ Styles Omos Drew McIntyre Randy Orton Sheamus Cesaro Big E Jimmy Uso Jey Uso Edge Bray Wyatt Sami Zayn Erik Ivar Dolph Ziggler Robert Roode Buddy Murphy Chad Gable Otis King Corbin Cedric Alexander Shelton Benja
  2. Praying you get what you want bro.
  3. Are the forums too soft??

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      Are you too soft???

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      Your mothers too soft

  4. He ain’t gonna fuck u bro he banned from the chat leave him in peace.
  5. Clearly Hulk Hogan and I mean that in every way you can think of.
  6. Is Bob a jobber to the stars???

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      Oh damn Flynn in his feelings

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      hope everyone here had a good easter

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      appreciate that akh

  7. vs. Kabu Teams With Good Brothers in Massive Six Man Action Following a groundbreaking episode of Carnage, we witnessed the shocking betrayal by Epic Obama on Jeremiah Flynn. There we also saw the Grizzled Young Vets seemingly find themselves in the right place at the right time as they pounced on the unsuspecting Flynn and Ropati, leading a beatdown alongside Epic. To the shock of everyone, new North American Champion Abdul Kabu would come to the rescue, having just defeated both members of GYV to win the title at BPZ Mania. However Abdul would suffer a very similar fate,
  8. The Supernova Takes on Fujimoto Another big match-up has now been made official for Hero’s Immortales as Carnage looks to put two of the best athletes, and rising stars on the brand in KENJI and Ena Fujimoto. This promises to not just be a showcase of absolute peak athleticism, but showcases two of its foreign stars pitted against one another. While Fujimoto is a relative newcomer, he has already shown potential to be a main player here in BPZ. KENJI on the other hand has already established himself as one, instead he looks to rebound off of a devastating loss at BPZ mania where he lost
  9. One night removed from the showcase of Immortals, and the sheer atmosphere of BPZ is absolutely electric. Goosebumps run up every fan's neck as the excitement begins to boil over all for that one simple question… What’s next? A non-stop train, BPZ rolls on through its hottest event and looks towards an even more exciting spring. Of course a major match taking place at the show was Jeremiah Flynn who went one on one with Joh in BPZ’s first ever Bull Rope Match. Beautiful destruction, two forces so alien to the other, set on a collision course with one goal in mind, victory over the other. Jerem
  10. Universal Number One Contenders Official! It is now official. Carnage pits Isaiah Carter and Joh against one another with the winner taking on Julius for the Universal Championship at an undecided date. These two men who shockingly teamed and defeated former tag team champions Julius and Flynn nearly two months ago look to lock horns. Of course this isn’t too surprising, as Joh laid Carter out following that match. Both men have started 2021 in very up and down fashions, however now they look to seize this moment and go on to become Universal Champion.
  11. Wins and losses don’t matter 

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  12. This card looks so stacked, sucks undisputed’s been ruined. But everything else has been really good great work guys. Even the contribution matches have had some great stories coming into this.
  13. Flynn

    Black Coffin

    “D’Artagnan Motherfuckers!” __________________________________________________ A single light hands above a small workshop. It lights it just well enough to make out most of the contents in the room, and most importantly the large object that rests in the center. A black coffin sits, clearly just recently it has finished being painted and looks to be in top shape. Sitting next to the coffin, a wooden chair and a man sitting in that chair. He sports cowboy boots, jeans, and a button up dress shirt. Slowly the man removes two leather gloves, dropping them between his feet in front of

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