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  1. Flynn

    Who Am I?

    The titantron in the arena cuts to a black and white scene. We are live on the BPZ network as “The Fallen King” Flynn’s cold eye stare blankly into the camera. We are only days away from December to Dismember where Flynn will take on the Madman known as Hollow in what is seemingly set to be a brutal battle between two old foes. Flynn most recently targeted Hollow, claiming that he would end the madman and make him “The Fallen King’s“ first victim. Finally, after a long, long silence, Flynn speaks into the camera, his voice dead, showing absolutely no emotion. Hollow is right. You know, for a crazy person, you sure do know your stuff. But maybe that’s why, they say crazy knows crazy. And you seem to completely understand me. I am not the same Flynn. To call myself Flynn IS an insult to who Flynn was. Because Flynn was a proud man, he was a powerful man who defeated all challengers but..... Flynn is Dead now. Necce killed him. You people, your great hero, “The Omega” has perished. In his place, as Hollow said, is “The Fallen King”. So, who am I? Who is the Fallen King. I am the lowest of the low. I am a man who has lost everything. A man who has made the ultimate sacrifice and suffered the ultimate humiliation. I’m a man who has been on top of the world, and kicked all the way back down to the gutter. I am the man who everyone wanted to be, but now they’d rather be anyone else. I was the man who had it all, but now I’m desperate to have anything. So who am I? WHO AM I....... I’m the most dangerous man in BPZ. Hollow, I really do hope you know what you have gotten yourself into. Two years ago in our last one on one encounter we faced off for the Intercontinental Championship. I defeated you in seconds. That was out of mercy. The old Flynn was a merciful man. I am not. I’m going to beat you within an inch of your life. I’m going to make you sane Hollow. I’m going to beat some sense into that dim witted skull. And at the end of it all, I’m going to make you tap out. I’m going to humiliate you like Necce humiliated me. I’m going to humiliate you as well as all of these sheep that cheer you on. Hollow you see me as weak. You think that the New Flynn, is my weakest form to date. You are wrong. I am a combination of the athleticism and skill of the old Flynn, as well as the brutality and desperation of “The Fallen King”. I am at my PEAK. Yet you and all of these sheep see me at my lowest. You laugh at me, you ridicule me and you boo me. Hollow I’m going to Dismember you piece by piece and I’m going to enjoy every second of it. You can all boo me, and you can cheer on that idiot but I promise you, by the end of the match, you will be able to hear a pen drop. The camera cuts out, Flynn’s statement made. A war between to psychopaths heating up as the fans are left to wonder what the new Flynn has in store for Hollow come December to Dismember.
  2. Flynn

    Narratives for BPZ Wrestling Mod

    Flynn’s jealousy of up and coming talents possibly being seen to take his spot at the top of the card leads to a more cut throat, darker edge. Making him more willing to do what ever it takes to keep his place on top in the company.
  3. Flynn

    A Proposal

    We are LIVE at the 3rd annual Tag Team Invintational Classic. Tonight our two main attractions happen to be both semi-final matches to determine which two teams will be heading to the finals. The first match, the newly united Revolution of Attitude vs. the unlikely duo of Bizzy and Hollow. Hollow steps out, twirling his umbrella as he looks ready for a war tonight. He reaches the ring before setting his umbrella in his corner, claiming it for his team. He awaits his partner. Bizzy’s greeted with a thunderous ovation as the crowd are extremely excited for the fan favorite. However after a few minutes, Bizzy’s theme cuts off, with no Bizzy in sight. The crowd looks on confused, Hollow joining in as his excitement for the match quickly fades. The camera cuts backstage to what appears to be a backstage cut of just minutes ago, Bizzy is walking backstage to the ring before being assualted by a man in a hoodie. The man brutalizes Bizzy, throwing him straight into a garage door before stomping his skull into the concrete floor several times. The man quickly removes his hoodie revealing himself to be Flynn! A sick smile placed firmly across his face. Flynn looks directly into the camera before speaking, sending a message directly to Hollow. Hello Hollow. Now this may not exactly be what you were expecting for tonight but I come with a proposal. Why fight in some pointless tag team match in a stupid tournament that I’ve already won once before when I have a better proposal? One that I find far, far more entertaining of someone of your aptitude. A chance..... at revenge. Revenge for your partner who can’t continue in this tournament, now leading to your own elimination and my disqualification from it. So what is this proposal? December to Dismember, you and I one on one. I give you your opptertunity for revenge and even a chance to prove to the world that you can defeat the great Flynn. What do I receive? The satisfaction in destroying one of BPZ’s biggest flops. And a chance to show the world exactly who “The Fallen King” really is. So the question has been left at your feet Hollow. Will you accept my proposal or prove to all these fans that you are nothing more then a coward? The titantron cuts out Hollow left in the center of the ring. Flynn’s proposal made.
  4. Flynn

    Flynn’s Open Challenge

    The EVOLVE crowd are buzzing tonight following a weekend of spectacular tag team wrestling. With the first round match-ups of the Invintaional over, we are now left with only four teams in the tournament to decide who will challenge The Flock at December to Dismember. ROA, AK-17, Bizzy and Hollow, and The Beasts. Tonight, Flynn has promised that he will be here live to not only address his dominant and brutal victory alongside Ross over 5 Star wrestling, but he will be further addressing “The Fallen King’s” future here in BPZ. The crowds mood turns sour, as our steps possibly one of the most despicable men in BPZ. He has a large smile on his face, nodding slowly to the nasty greeting the fans rain down on him, several chanting “sellout” while others only look on in disappointment. However there are still many fans who remain cheering the four time World Champion, still failing to see where the World Champion has truly done anything “wrong”. He reaches the ring apron before directly entering the ring. He slowly circles around the mat, staring down every fan in the arena, giving an earie, godawful chill through everyone in the building. He smiles, requesting a microphone be brought to him. He snatches it from the crew member, before a large smile once again appears. He laughs to himself for a moment before finally he speaks. Predictable. You people are all so predictable. I mean, just two days ago, I brutally destroyed two of BPZ’s latest signings possibly ending their careers before they could even begin here. All for your entertainment. And yet as I step out here, I am booed out of the building by you imbeciles. And then there are those who cheer me. Not to support me, but in hopes that by them cheering my name, I will return back to my pandering ways, lying to them and telling them how much they mean to me and how they are the real reason I won. But that would be dishonest of me. Look into my eyes, accept it. I don’t need any of you. None of you have ever done anything for me. You think by cheering me on that would help me win matches? How did that turn out at Survivor Series? No. You win matches by any means necessary. I can accept that now. I have pandered to you people all year and it has costed me everything. Now? I know what must be done. I have to not just beat, I have to hurt all of your hero’s. I have to break them piece by piece until they are begging me, BEGGING ME for mercy. I’ve been holding punches, I’ve been too nice. Not anymore. My next two opponents are Bizzy and Hollow and honestly Ross, you can sit at home for this one. These two men came into this company around the same time as me and had all the promise in the world. They were set to take this company by storm. What happened? Well the brutal truth is, they reached an early peak. Now both are jokes, in and out of BPZ thought the past few years, all for a pay check and another chance to show exactly the type of FAILURES that they are. However I feel failures is being a little too lenient. Jokes, bafoons, clowns, losers, deadbeats, flops, flooks. You get the picture, they are horrendous. And yet I have to waist my time, my valuable in-ring ability, on of my once in a lifetime matches against them. How idiotic does it get? Is the result just by reading the match not obvious enough. I alone can OBILITERATE these men. With Ross? They may never wrestle again. Literally. It’s laughable. Can any of you idiots actually take this seriously? First things first, let’s look at “the mad man”. A perfectly good example of what happens when you smoke just a little too much of the good stuff. I mean isn’t it obvious? The guy is clearly on SOMETHING and yet this company continues to keep him employed. It’s a disgusting biased that I to this day do not understand. And we move on to Bizzy, a total loser who has bought into his own imaginary hype. Bizzy is his own number one can simply because he has no other fans. I mean does anyone actually give a shit about this dude anymore? I didn’t even know he ever left the company, let alone returned. It’s sad. I’m going to walk into the second round of this tag team tournament, and I won’t even need to tag my partner in. I won’t just break both of these men, I’ll make them both tap the hell out. I’m going to embarrass these men and expose this tournament. Ross and I aren’t just the best tag team, we are the greatest individual wrestlers in this company. Separated, we dominate BPZ. Together? We control everything. Inside and outside the ring. You are all staring at a changed man. A changed man who is on a mission to break apart everyone in this company. Your heroes are weak. The only way to survive is by any means neccisary. You have to be brutal, you have to be smart. There is no place for weakness. And tonight I want to give everyone in this arena a first hand showing of what exactly “The Fallen King” is talking about. Tonight, I want to hold an open challenge for anyone in this company to come on down and shut me up. Anyone at all. The opportunity of a lifetime has been laid out. Take full advantage while you can. Flynn closes his eyes and nods his head, awaiting anyone to come out and accept his open challenge to a fight.
  5. Born: September 14, 1995 Set to debut: September 14, 2015 Gender: Male Race: White  Nationality: USA Based in: USA Active Wrestler   Style: All Around Body Type: Muscular Size: Heavyweight Minimum Size: Light Heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: "King’s Will” Powerbomb, “FKO” RKO/Cutter Face Gimmick: Sorta like Balor, a great athlete who focuses more on in ring skill. Heel Gimmick: Psycho Mask: None Hair: Yes  Favoured Role: wrestler  Images:
  6. Flynn

    The Returning Kings

    The figure Ross pointing to of course emerging to be the “Fallen King” Flynn. His hair a mess, as well as a sick smile placed firmly across his face. The fans around the arena boo in discomfort, clearly not too pleased with the change Flynn has undergone all to keep his career alive. He aproches the ring, looking at Ross before slowly nodding in approval. He rolls into the ring before pacing back and forth, clearly speaking to himself. The General Manager seems entirely unfazed, almost as if he fully embraces this clearly unhinged, mentally unstable side of Flynn. He hands Flynn his microphone who almost immediately begins to speak, his wild eyes fixed on the hard cam. Seven, long months I have waited. Waited, to continue exactly what we started. I attempted to carry on our Revolution, I really did. I thought that with these people it was possible. But I realized these people were the worst type of replacement. Because you see, they weren’t willing to actually put in the work and get our message across. They only wanted to WATCH from the sidelines. They wanted to simply say they were apart of the movement, my movement, OUR MOVEMENT. It’s disguting and because of these people, ROA died. This right here, is a resurrection. A resurrection of a movement, a revolution that you and I began. A revolution to change this company..... “for the better”. Well now Ross, there’s been a change of plan. A Revolution, to create chaos and destruction upon anybody put in our path. I want to hurt people Ross, and you want to win and at the end of the day I feel like our two ideals go firmly hand-in-hand. First things first, the Tag Team Invitational Classic. A tournament I have already won. A tournament that I have never lost in. Ross has been to the same finals of this tournament where he faced me. Due to Ross having an inferior partner, they failed. However now, you are teamed with the “Fallen King”. Nothing can stop us. However I’m only stating the obvious. A couple of days ago, I made a statement to this entire roster. EVOLVE..... it belongs to me. The first step? Bludgeoning every fucking team in our way. We aren’t just out to win. We will victimize these men. They will be examples of what is to come. These Tag Team Championship’s? They are only the beginning of a long line of trophies for the wars we plan to go through. We have the authority and the mindset to do as we pleased. Good luck to the rest of you, you are all going to need it. Flynn drops his microphone, a grim smile firmly across his face as now Ross and Flynn, the newly reunited ROA, stand firmly together, their statement made and their mission clear, the Tag Team Championships.
  7. Flynn

    2018 Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational Classic

    @Ross And I will be bringing back ROA.
  8. Flynn


    We open EVOLVE following one of BPZ’s largest events of the year. An event that saw every championship on the show retained as well as the official arrival of the young crop here in BPZ as The Kingdom defeated Evolution. However, the biggest story had to come in the closing moments of the show, when Necce defeated Flynn in a career match, forcing Flynn to retire from in-ring competition. The crowd was absolutely heartbroken as one of BPZ’s biggest stars for the past three years will never step foot in a BPZ ring again. Finally, to open the show, Flynn steps out onto the stage to a massive ovation. No theme plays as it is not needed, the sounds of the cheering fans echo louder then anything That could play through the loud speakers. Thousands of fans stand on their feet, clapping and cheering on the man who went to hell all to keep his career alive last night. Flynn nods before marching down to the ring. Many fans can be seen crying whole others are in awe as tonight may be the final appearance Flynn ever makes in BPZ. He reaches the center of the ring before simply standing still and hearing out the thousands of screaming fans. A small smile appears across Flynn’s face, clearly the affection of the fans breaking through what appears to be real sadness in his eyes. Finally, possibly for the final time, Flynn speaks. Last night I went to hell and I fought the devil. I didn’t just fight the devil, I beat the hell out of him. However, let’s not try and sugar coat this, I lost. And we all knew the stipulation for last nights match, and now I.... I must retire from BPZ. And damn, the past twenty-four hours have really made me realize what a fucking ride it was. From the moment I entered BPZ, you people accepted me like no one else ever had. You gave me a home when I didn’t have one. And when I won the NXT championship, it was like a dream had cake true. I truly felt like I was on top of the world, that no one could stop me. I was a BPZ Champion. Never in my life did I think I would be able to say that..... and now look at me. I am one of the most decorated men in BPZ history. I went on that very same year to become the BPZ World Champion. Now that wasn’t a dream come true, it was THE DREAM. My life’s purpose was to one day be the BPZ World Champion, and it only took my seven months in the company to do it. Add a few more to the resume, and next thing you know the kids are putting me in GOAT contention. Championships weren’t everything however as there are real bonds I’ve built in this company. My brothers in the Shield Ryan and Tim truly were great friends to me. While now they each have reached their own forms of retirement, they are both men that I have nothing but respect for. Bailey and Ginge of Evolution, while we’ve had our rough patches, and despite our loss last night, I have to say that making up what happened three years ago and going to war one final time together couldn’t of made my night anymore perfect. There are so many people I could thank however I’ll save those for my own personal agenda later in the week. Tonight by no means is a look back, it’s a good bye. Flynn, lost to Necce. And now he must leave BPZ, forever. I..... I love this. By no means do I want to leave. In this ring, I truly do believe that I am the best. I believe that I have YEARS of not DECADES left in the tank. I’m not ready to stop wrestling. However for as long as Necce see’s it, I must stay retired. I love each and everyone of you. If I could go back and change anything..... the mistakes I made, to the most triomphous moments, I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Because at the end of the day, it was all worth it. With that all being said..... thank you all. You are the ones that made my dream come true. Without any of you, I’m nothing more then some kid from Dallas. You brought worth to my life. You gave me a purpose. Thank you all.... and goodbye. Flynn drops his microphone, tears now flowing down his cheeks, clearly heartbroken after being literally forced to retire. Before he can even leave the ring, Sandman, a former in ring competitor turned BPZ commentator leaves the table and embraces Flynn. Both me were actually signed together and are both natives of Texas. Each debuted against each other as they faced off at the first ever official Judgement Day for the vacant NXT Championship. Sandman would take a step back, Flynn nodding and saying “thank you”. Sandman nods, showing respect to a good friend and former rival. Sandman goes to step out of the ring before he is suddenly stopped by Flynn.... WHAT THE HELL? Flynn just landed an absolutely disgusting low blow on Sandman! Flynn now is smashing his skull into the mat, seemingly questioning what he just did. However finally, a sick smile slowly creeps across the face of Flynn. He begins to stomp on Sandman who is already crying in pain. The fans look on in shock, unsure of what is truly going on. Flynn, with a slow tone, picks his microphone back up. Do you have any fucking clue who I am? DO ANY OF YOU? I see it in all of your eyes. PITY. I don’t need anyone’s god damn pitty. He was right, NECCE WAS RIGHT. Twenty-Four hours ago, I was left lying in that ring, broken and destroyed. I didn’t sleep last night and it was because of this that I could truly ponder the ultimatum that was given to me by none other then the only man that controls my career, Necce. Following our match, Necce came to me, and he gave me a proposition. Either I retire, and I remain retired for the rest of my career or tonight, I come out here and I show the world who I truly am. I embrace what I am. Not the hero, or the mighty warrior of BPZ. I expose myself as THE DEVIL OF BPZ. I show that I am everything that he has said I am. And in return, I can continue to live out my career. And so.... here I am. I never cared for a single person in this arena. I really, really tried. I wanted to be the hero, I wanted to be the good guy, but I’m not. You people, have always and will forever disgust me. Why? Because you all almost cost me everything. Last night you are the ones that pushed me into taking on Necce with my career on the line and if it wasn’t for this proposition, I would be another loser in the retirement home. But now, I’m not just not retiring, I’m embracing what I am. A Fallen King. “The Fallen King” of BPZ. Do any of you think this makes me happy? DO I LOOK LIKE I’M TAKING ENJOYMENT OUT OF THIS? The war I and Necce have gone through over the past year isn’t my fault. It isn’t Necce’s fault, it’s all of your faults. You are the ones who embraced it, you are the ones who fueled us, changing that stupid chant “fight forever”! It was through my loss last night, when all of you clapped me down that aisle to the back, that you were living through me. Stealing my passion, my dreams from me for yourselves. Moments that none of you earned. Moments that I EARNED, FOR ME! You stole them all from me. No more. These moments, THEY BELONG TO ME NOW. ME- Flynn quickly pauses as he notices Sandman beginning to make his way back to his feet. Flynn in a sudden rage, lunges forward before taking him out with a disgusting FKO! Take a good long look at him. This.... this is what all of you wanted me to become? Some forgotten relic, forced to sit on the sideline for the rest of my life, knowing that I’m better then everyone of the losers in this company. Tonight, I openly admit defeat to Necce. You destroyed the King. And so I fell from my thrown. As for what’s next? Stay tuned..... Flynn drops his microphone. A sick smile firmly planted across his face. Following a year long war, Necce has seemingly destroyed the proud man Flynn once was. Left in the rubble, “The Fallen King”, a man with absolutely nothing left to lose.
  9. Flynn

    Fate and The Fearless

    Before Julius can even speak however, he is entirely cut off by the sound of an all too familiar song.... Flynn who hasn’t been on Carnage to deal with the Kingdom in a few weeks now stands all alone, standing center stage as he stares down with the Kingdom. His eyes are cold, showing no signs of enjoyment from this as Flynn appears to be all business tonight. He begins to step down the ramp before haulting. He appears to begin to turn around as if he’s going back to the backstage area before shaking his head and heading straight for the ring. He haults just as he reaches the ring apron, all three members of the Kingdom looking down licking their lips, almost daring “The Omega” to enter the ring. He instead chooses to walk around the ring, circling it before taking a microphone from the time keepers area. He proceeds to tear apart the announce table before standing firmly on top of it. Flynn breathes heavily as he now stares down all three members of the Kingdom who are only a short ten feet away from him. For weeks I’ve let all of you talk. However all three of you have continuously brought up the same excuses. That I betrayed Evolution. That I betray everyone. That the reality is I have no friends and that all this is is another plot to use Bailey for my own personal gain. So let’s talk about it because it seems since three years ago the stories gotten a little murky. Three years ago I stood tall as one of the sole survivors alongside my Evolution brother Bailey. The next night I betrayed Evolution and began my legacy as one of the most destructive and hated men in all of BPZ. However you seem to refuse to reveal the aftermath or what were the reasons for what I did. I was so sick and tired of being known as someone who had to ride the coattails of others to succeed. I was told that I needed Bailey to be successful. So I cut “THE GOAT” Bailey off and then what happened right after? I became the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, in what was one of the fastest rises in BPZ History. However Bailey and I, we went to war soon after and through that war we earned each other’s respect and we buried the hatchet. Respect, something at one point I had for you Echo. Before you caved in. You see the difference between myself and all three of you, is I cut my loose ends and I accomplished what I wanted to ON MY OWN. The three of you? Have never accomplished anything on your own. Let’s start with you Bart. Have you ever actually been on your own in this company? I mean, you jumped from riding the coattails of Prince, who didn’t just cut you off, but defeated you just after and left you high and dry. How did you bounce back? You became Slims bitch. You were handed a nothing title and while you may think you went on to prove yourself to be a worthy champion, you were always outshined by either myself or Necce here on Carnage. You Bart are the prototypical example of a leach, who now leaches off clearly two superior athletes waiting until they realize they don’t need you anymore, so you can jump onto your next host. Speaking of one of his hosts, Echo Wilson you seem to be a very brave man for someone that’s proven on multiple occasions to be the VERY BEST at coming in second place. I mean just think about this Echo, your biggest accomplishment isn’t winning that Universal Championship, a championship you worked for an entire year to finally obtain, its tying with me. You understand how pathetic that is? Do you understand how pathetic it is, that they had to fully remove me from Carnage so you could finally win that Universal Championship, a title that I never lost. Because let’s be honest Echo, if I was still on Carnage, you’d still be known as the guy who just couldn’t get the job done. Even when I left, it still took siding with the two next to you in order for you to get it done. However let’s talk about the ultimate leach in the ring, the man who when given the ultimate opportunity to show that he is the man here in BPZ, had his fucking skull cracked and put to bed for the 1-2-3. I am of course talking about the front man, big bad Julius. Now I must say Julius, you have had one hell of a year, and you are welcome for it. However don’t even think for a second that that little victory at Halloween Havoc, you know the one where I was just a split second from taking that Championship from you before my man Necce showed up, will ever make up for our initial battle at the Carnage Cup this year. Julius you’ve fooled almost everyone into thinking you are the new king of this place. You’ve kicked Slim off the mountain and now you believe no one can touch you. Yet here I still stand, a prophet that tells the true story. I am an anomaly, a glitch in your perfect system. You would love for Necce to end my career because without me here, you then can finally put to rest the idea that you are the very best in this company today. But you aren’t, because I am. I always have been and as long as I’m here I always will be. Bailey and Ginge, they were my best friends and through many wars we’ve put to rest what I did. However the three of you? Nothing more then three soft bitches who could only dream of coming close to the legacy we have left here. You’ve all seen what I would do to my own friends, so what do you think I will do to you three come Survivor Series? I’ve heard enough talk for weeks from the three of you yet never once have any of you brought up anything remotely original. You’ve all promised to destroy me in your own individual ways, well here I stand, take your best shot. Flynn opens his arms wide, awaiting some sort of response from The Kingdom.
  10. Flynn

    Breaking Point

    The EVOLVE crowd are on their feet! “Unsettling Differences” hits signaling the arrival of “The Omega”, Flynn aka possibly the baddest man in BPZ of all time. Flynn stands center stage, the crowd following his last address now fully behind him screaming “FIGHT FLYNN FIGHT” as he possibly shares one of his final moments in a BPZ arena. Flynn rolls straight into the ring before pacing back and forth, sweat pouring down his forehead as he looks to be pumped with adrenaline. Finally he haunts in the center of the ring, his head nodding as he locks his eyes with the thousands of screaming fans. Finally after a long brief moment, he speaks. I have never been one to really bullshit any of you with smoke and mirrors. Now, what I mean by that is I never needed to appear up on that titan tron and put together some little spooky video package or smoke a cigarette to show just how edgy I am to appeal as being cool. No, I did so by verbally and physically tearing my opponents apart in this ring, LIVE IN FRONT OF THE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD! However there are those who simply couldn’t do that. They would try, however at the end of the day, whether it was they just weren’t good enough or the fans, all of you, just saw through everything they said was to be bullshit. I’ve never shared much of my personal life prior to coming to BPZ.... and I do not plan to start tonight. No instead tonight I’m sharing some insight on the man who has been given the opportunity, to call himself the one who ended “The Omega’s” run here in BPZ. Necce my friend I do hope you are watching. Around a week ago my best friend Necce appeared on that titantron, and he told you all a story. He told you that two things drive us. Power and Control. I’m here tonight to set the record straight. These two things are not what drive me, and they are not what drive my opponent. No, because Necce your entire narrative put the two of us on an equal playing field. You presented us as two of BPZ’s legends. But we aren’t Necce. I’m not just a legend, I’m the fucking GOAT. I am the greatest to ever step foot in a BPZ ring. Name someone more consistent, name someone who’s dominated for as long as I have and never once had any sort of slump. And you? You aren’t a legend. Necce, you lost my respect at Summerslam, and by doing so I don’t recognize you as anything more then a lazy, inconsistent piece of shit who’s rode my coattails for three years. Without me Necce, YOU ARE NOTHING! And while the narrative has become murky to this point, I’ll clear it up for you, you’ve become exactly what you’ve fought against. You are now the scum who hides behind worthless grunts. You didn’t make this match for a Global Title opportunity to better motivate myself in any way, ending your ducking career was already plenty. No, you did so to better feed your greed because that’s all that drives you anymore. GREED. You present us on two equal fields because you thirst for the fame and success that I’ve accomplished here in BPZ. I’ve built a mountain that you can only dream of coming close to matching. And yet you come out here week after week with these stories on a moniter. You paint a fictional picture that I’m this ring you can never truly match. You aren’t a wrestler, you’re a storyteller. Who needs weapons and violent stipulations in order to further mask your own limitations. That’s all ok though, because you are getting in a cage with a very violent man. We are going to Hell Necce however I’d like to finish a point I made earlier before moving on. I’ve revealed what it is that truly motivates you, but what is it that motivates me? Money? Fame? These fans? None of it. Only a small child’s dream of making his parents proud that he accomplished their own dream. It’s a driving factor that will keep me going forever because it’s a goal that may never get accomplished..... You use your video editing skills and your prop backgrounds to tell your shitty little stories Necce. I’ll continue to do it out here in this ring week after week after week putting on a show all with this microphone. You can “Quote the Raven” all you’d like, here’s a quote from Flynn that no one will ever forget. I shall step into the gates of hell and battle the Antichrist himself, and I shall leave standing on my own two feet, with my head held high, through victory or defeat. God Bless to the millions around the world, I love you all. Through thick and thin, whether you booed me or you cheered me, I have remained consistent on this microphone and in this ring. No one in BPZ has performed on my level for the length of time that I have and it is all because you people here in BPZ deserve it. Good luck to Necce at Survivor Series, you are going to need it. Flynn drops the microphone, taking a bow as the fans cheer him on, leaving the BPZ ring. Possibly one of if not his final addresses to the BPZ Universe.
  11. Flynn

    Plan B

    Flynn is the final member of Evolution to speak. The camera pans over to “The Omega”, his eyes fixed directly at the camera. I’m a man with a lot on my plate currently. Survivor Series may possibly be my final night here in BPZ however for the past few months I’ve had a consistent thorn in my side I’m the form of the Kingdom. Every way I go it appears that a member of this group was there to step in my way of achieving something. However this outgrows small pests as the front man of the group is my very own protege, and the very man who stabbed me in the back. Now who am I to really bash someone for those actions? I mean I’ve done things that even I regret. However, that does not mean that there just won’t be any repercussions. And these repercussions come in the form of a group that has never been defeated, nor topped. Evolution. A group that was designed by one of the greatest, to create diamonds. And Bailey, I think it’s safe to say, you stand beside two diamonds. Julius, Bart, and Echo, you’ve pissed us off. You’ve even somehow managed to pull my brother Ginge back from the dead and that I commend you for. It shows just the type of superstars that you are, however it is your greatest mistake. Because this man, alongside Bailey and I, form an unstoppable unit. And what a coincidence that you call yourselves the Kingdom. The top dogs, because it was just three years ago, that Evolution stood over all. And at Survivor Series, we will yet again. So now we present you with the ultimate choice, adapt or you perish. You decide.
  12. Flynn

    Unsettling Diffrences

    We open the EVOLVE following Halloween Havoc, the crowd buzzing after a blockbuster show that saw not only Necce screw Flynn out of winning the World Championship, but the reformation of Evolution to close the show. The fans explode in cheers as to open the show, the original entrance theme of Flynn, “Unsettling Diffrences” plays, a theme that has not been heard in nearly three years. Flynn slowly steps out, his eyes baggy and his beard untrimmed. His face telling the story of a man who hasn’t slept since Halloween Havoc. He stands center stage, the fans cheering him on however he shows no happiness to the ovation, only pain and sorrow. He rolls into the ring, slowly pacing back and forth, contemplating and thinking about everything he’s gone through the past few months, stemming all the way back to losing his Universal Championship to Necce at BPZ Mania. Finally, he picks up a microphone laying in the center of the ring, and he speaks. Three years ago, I walked into that locker room and I met a man. Now many of you may know this man, he went by the name of “Sheepy”. Sheepy was a unique character here in BPZ, however when I first arrived here he gave me some advice that I will never forget. Prior to my first ever match, he took me to the side and he told me, “kid, if you want to be successful in this business, you gotta fight. You gotta fight and you never quit fighting no matter what. Because that moment you quit fighting, you are done. You put on a show, and you never quit and I’m regurn you will accomplish what you’ve set out to accomplish.” And so I fought. I busted my ass and there was a time where every time I stepped into the building it would rain down with the chant..... “Fight Flynn Fight, FIGHT FLYNN FUGHT, FIGHT FLYNN FIGHT, FIIIIIGGHHHHHT FLLLYNNNN FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!” I busted my ass week in and week out and I was on top of the whole fucking world. However over time I changed. I started taking the easy way out of the fight. I became this slimy scumbag who was desperate for a victory. And I lost the respect of everyone around me.... except one man. Flynn paused, a single tear rolling down his face. He whipped it away before continuing. When the whole world was against me Necce, you were always there to defend me. You never had any reason to. What the hell did I ever do for you? Nothing, but you were there for me. And how did I pay you back for putting your body on the line for me at Survivor Series a year ago? Or for coming to my aid against Evolution three years ago? Or all the times I needed someone to talk to because I felt like leaving this business because I couldn’t truly handle all the pressure that was out on me week in and week out? I put you in the hospital. I..... I have had everything coming to me. However I thought.... I just thought I could save us Necce. That if I showed you that I do love you, that I could save you and that we could ride off into the sunset, the Golden Legacy that can never be tarnished. We would win the tag team championships, show that we are stronger together then apart and then we can finally be best friends again. And we did, we reunited, we won the tag team championships... and then everything went black. I woke up the next morning in a hospital bed suffering from a minor concussion. I see a news headline on the TV, “Golden Legacy Split, Necce leaves Flynn lying”. Well if it helped, you finally got that news headline I think you wanted. However, what came of it? You took my Universal Championship from me. You haunted me for months and when I try to show you compassion, you left me lying. And so I sat in that bed wondering what more you wanted.... and I discovered my answer. I buried it, I decided to move on with my life, with my career and to submit my legacy as the all time greatest by winning the World Championship for the fifth time in my career. Amd then..... you were there. So now here we stand, you wanted my fucking attention? YOU GOT IT. For the past fucking year, you’ve hanged me. HAUNTED ME FOR THAT NIGHT. It’s taken me a year and two BRUTAL WARS to figure it out but you didn’t just want to take my Universal Championship, or take away any of my opportunities, you want my fucking career. Well if this is what I must do to end this, then so be it. I’ve spoken to BRENDENPLAYZ HIMSELF, and it’s official. AT SURVIVOR SERIES, IT WILL BE FLYNN VS. NECCE, THE LOSER LEAVES BPZ FOREVER. This isn’t a battle for the Universal Championship, or a match to see who is the better wrestler. THIS IS A FIGHT, A FIGHT THAT WILL END THIS ONCE AMD FOR ALL. THREE YEARS IN THE MAKING, SURVIVOR SERIES, the event three years ago where I walked backstage following being the first ever sole survivor and I looked my best friend Necce in the eyes and I said, “we made it”. The same event where a year ago I put you in the fucking hospital. We both walk in, however only one is leaving with a fucking job. I’m sorry it’s come this far my friend, however it really couldn’t of ended any other way could it? “Do you remember the days? We built these paper mountains Then sat and watched them burn I think I found my place Can't you feel it growing stronger Little conquerors“ I love you Necce, and I love BPZ. I apologize that these unsettling Diffrences have led us down this path. Flynn drops the microphone, his shocking statement made. Flynn vs. Necce III is set, the stakes higher then they’ve ever been.
  13. Flynn

    I am gonna win

    Just read what everyone else’s promos are like and read yours. I think you’ll quickly understand the difference.
  14. Flynn


    We are live on EVOLVE, two weeks following Bad Blood where Flynn made his grand return, laying out current World Champion Julius before challenging him for the World Championship. Flynn however since has been absent from TV, choosing to work in silence as opposed to openly working on EVOLVE each and every week. Until tonight. Flynn steps out wearing a fully black suit, a look of determination on his face. The EVOLVE crowd greet “The Omega” with a massive ovation as he steps onto the stage. He enters the ring before being handed a microphone by the ring side crew. He circles the ring before speaking for the first time since Bad Blood. I’m a wanted man here in BPZ. For the past year I’ve done nothing but make more and more enemies through the most unintentional means. Whether it be Julius, a man I only wanted to see succeed, or my own former best friend Necce, who hurt me more then anyone ever could. Now, I’ve decided what Necce did was entirely warranted. I had it coming. Because what I did to him, was still a far more evil deed that I still can’t make up for and now I know that. And so Necce, I really do hope we can just leave it all in the past, and move on with our careers without interacting ever again. You fooled me and mentally I was destroyed and now I do understand what I put you through. Now that that’s addressed, let’s talk about the bad blood that will be dealt with. Julius, at Halloween Havoc I’m coming for you and that BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. You’ve beaten almost everyone you’ve come across in BPZ, except me. You want to know why you couldn’t beat me Julius? I’m sure it’s been eating you alive for months now. How can you dominate so many and yet I, a smaller, weaker man, still put you away in such a dominant manner. Because I’m the best in this company. I was the King of Carnage. I am the King of EVOLVE but most importantly I’m the KING OF BPZ. I’ve been busting my ass in this company for 3 very long years doing this battling and putting away men exactly like you. You aren’t special. Your road to the top isn’t by any means original. I did so three years ago. The difference? I won every title there was to win on my way to the top. Not just that, but when I won that World Championship, I did it all on my own. No one backed me and no one wanted to see me succeed. You? You needed the Kingdoms aid in order to defeat Slim. You did something however that I could never. You needed Slim, permanently. You then put away Angelo Caito in extremely dominant fashion. Two of my greatest rivals back to back without seemingly breaking a sweat. However they aren’t and never will be me. I’m the god damn bar. I set the fucking standard in BPZ, in this ring and on this microphone. There’s no one that can lace my boots when that World Championship is on the line. At Halloween Havoc, the Monster will meet his worst nightmare. There will be No Recovery from what I do to him. For too long has he sat too comfortably as the King of the Kingdom THAT I BUILT. I built the throne you sit so highly on. Now I’m gonna burn it all to the damn ground. Flynn drops the microphone before forming a finger gun and “shooting the camera”. “The Omega” has spoken. Will Julius respond?
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