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  1. Thursday Night Thunder | Month 1 | Episode 1 “Who is The Guy?” We kick off the very first episode of Thursday Night Thunder with a bang, with our GM Paul Heyman in the ring. He has the entire STACKED Aces High roster on the stage, where he makes the grand announcement that in just four weeks will be Aces High’s first ever PPV, New Years Revolution. At this PPV we will hold a fatal four way to crown the first ever AHPW World Champion. Tonight, we shall hold a series of singles matches in order to decide WHO those men in that four way shall be. _________________________________
  2. The Elimination Chamber rises, Tamer has escaped with his championship intact, overcoming five other men to do so. He exits the ring before heading to the back, leaving the final eliminated participant Jeremiah Flynn stumbling around the ring. The referee is attempting to help him up but Jeremiah simply shoved him straight across the ring. He screams: “WHERE'S MY BELTS”. Flynn continues to stumble screaming for his title. Embarrassed and pissed the hell off here tonight, Flynn has been upset by Tamer. He is quickly handed his BMF and Tag Team titles, both pieces of gold he throw
  3. We open to a blazing hot Arizona Desert. A long highway, and miles upon miles of nothing but the hot sun. The roar of an engine can be heard. We see a bright red, 1965 Ford Mustang burning at top speed down the freeway. The camera zooms in as it comes to a sudden stop. The door cracks open and out steps two large hosses, both men surprisingly carrying the BPZ Tag Team Championships. Both men are unrecognizable, they sport blue jeans and red matching jackets. Both men look directly at the camera, the slightly shorter one beginning to speak. “OH BOY, OH BABY! THAT'S RIGHT! YES SIR YOU ARE
  4. Impact World Championship: Eric Young (c) vs Rich Swann Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Kylie Rae Tag Team Championship: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs Good Brothers vs The North vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton X-Division Championship Scramble: Rohit Raju (c) vs Jordynne Grace vs Willie Mack vs Chris Bey vs TJP vs Trey Miguel EC3 vs Moose at an undisclosed location Ken Shamrock vs Eddie Edwards Call Your Shot Gauntlet: Rhino at #1, Hernandez at #20, Heath, Tommy Dreamer, Brian Myers, Cody Deaner, Cousin Jake, Johnny Swinger, Alisha Edwards, Tenill
  5. Sameer is the human equivalent to Pandas. Pandas are so stupid and bring no positives to this world. Pandas are so dumb sometimes they roll over and crush their children. That is what Sameer is, a dumbass, who may crush his children (if he can somehow trick a woman to being impregnated).

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      Sameer is the human equivalent to Pandas. Pandas are so stupid and bring no positives to this world. Pandas are so dumb sometimes they roll over and crush their children. That is what Sameer is, a dumbass, who may crush his children (if he can somehow trick a woman to being impregnated).

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    I hope everyone really appreciates this.
  8. Really been enjoying GPW lately. They’ve got a lot of names I enjoy IRL at the moment so I feel that really drew me in. Lance Archer vs Roman is a bit of a Dream feud of mine especially given both current characters. Overall I believe most of you have been doing a good job and I’ve enjoyed popping in to see a lot of unique and cool storylines. Especially Bailey and KENJI, they’ve got some real killer storylines.
  9. As Julius was speaking, Flynn was seen on the outside now bullying a referee. He looks up as Julius finishes speaking, tossing the poor man over the barricade, and then rolling into the ring. Jeremiah is handed the microphone as Julius takes a step back. Flynn looks around as now Josh and Slim have left for the backstage area, a wicked smile across the BMF Champions face. With that wicked grin, he slowly begins to speak, however rather than simply relish in his latest victory, he cuts straight for his future. “TAMER, TAMER BOY I HOPE YOU ARE WATCHING!” “I have been on a fucking tea
  10. This had to be one of my favorite nights of wrestling in a good while. I have never seen such brilliant storytelling told by WWE in such a long time, as I did in that final segment. No microphones were needed yet I felt and understood every beet between Roman and Jey. While we are praising Roman for seemingly being the best heel since CM Punk, I feel props go to Jey Uso. He has been incredible during this entire feud. “You love me? I love you too” before the chair swing was one of the most impactful and brilliant moments in WWE history. This truly feels like a story, a tv show with storytellin
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  12. Chapter 4: Let Me In Coming out of Backlash, Roman Reigns has successfully put down Joe for good, ending off that entire arch of his reign going back to when both men originally teamed up to take on the Uso’s. Roman now stands once again unmatched on top of Smackdown, that is until he is called out on the following Smackdown. We open to the newest edition of the FireFly Funhouse, where one Bray Wyatt is there to greet us. Bray goes on about how Roman still holds something that belongs to him, something that Roman stole a good while ago. So on the following week's Smackdown, Roman is set t
  13. It just clicked with me, Westbrook is still ass. 

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  14. I am once again so sorry.

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