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  1. Spider-Man 2 in the movies is my earliest memory honestly. I can’t really remember much before that, but I remember being amazed and becoming the biggest Spider-Man fan afterward.
  2. Flynn


    The now all too familiar theme song of Ozymandias. The last time we saw this man, he dethroned Julius for the Universal Championship, and sent himself and James Ropati to hospital rooms. Something that is now proclaimed as “The Death of the Good Brothers”. The spotlight hits the stage where the entire group is back together. Ozymandias stands center stage in an all white suit. By his side Richard Jackson holds the KOD Crown carefully in his hands, Main Event Steph carries Ozymandias’ DEFIANT Hardcore Championship, and Kabu rests the Universal Championship over his left shoulder. However it is the fifth man that completed things tonight, the returning Bashka. Bashka who doesn’t have to hold a single thing, and stands in front of everyone next to Ozymandias. These five men begin a slow march, Ozymandias leading the way all heading toward Alex Costa in the ring. It was months ago that Richard Jackson expressed interest in Costa, and even considered him a possible future ally of Ozymandias. It is also widely known that Main Event Steph is indeed the next challenger for the Atlas Championship. All five men enter the ring however it is only Ozymandias that takes a microphone. They take all to one side, giving half the ring away to Alex Costa. Ozymandias stared at the BPZ World and Atlas Champion for a brief period before speaking. “Hello Mr. Costa, please relax…..Tranquilo. We are not here to harm you. No instead I come, following my monumental victory over Julius for the Universal Championship, with a massive opportunity. You see standing before you is a collective I have hand picked, a group of individuals brought together each for very specific purposes. Main Event Steph, my right hand man and a man who I can pass my wisdom off to. Kabu, the man that watches over me, and everyone else in this ring. Richard Jackson is by all accounts our voice backstage and sometimes in this ring, a man who ensures I get the matches I desire. Bashka, well I’ll allow Bashka in a moment to fully explain himself but rest assured we share a common perspective and outlook on this company and those that dwell within it. Back on the good news, I suppose there is by all accounts a job opening for yourself Costa. You could become a real Main Event player, a true workhorse for my collective. You currently hold the World Championship and I can ensure you continue to do so, should you accept my offer.” “Join us.” “You join us, and life becomes half as easy, maybe even more so. Kabu will always be watching your back, I will be at the helm to continue to ensure you develop and see greater heights. Allies all around you in a place where you can’t trust anyone. However your entry fee comes with a cost. That Atlas Championship, you hand that over to your next challenger this man right here MAIN EVENT Steph, and the deal is struck. It’s that easy, I’m sure that championship doesn’t mean as much to you as you believe anyways. However I don’t want you to rush to decisions. Please think this over and listen to the advice of this man right here ....” Ozymandias now hands the microphone over to Bashka. Reply planned
  3. We are in the deep end of Ozymandias vs Julius. We’ve seen chairs, tables, lighting, the wrestling Matt completely removed to expose the hard wood and ropes pulled off the posts. The arena is an absolute mess thanks to these two men ripping each other apart. Now both sit on their knees across from the other, too weak and tired to make a move. They’d begin to exchange slaps, both men showing zero respect for the other, their slaps ringing through the arena as the fans watched on with horror. However eventually Julius appears to be in control, with a hard Slap folding Ozymandias body. He’d go to finally rise, the fans actually slowly getting behind the Universal Champion, as he’d need the help of the chair to pull himself to his feet. He’d fall to the corner as he’d begin to call for Claymore. The fans would wait in excitement, this would certainly end things for good. Ozymandias would rise to his feet, Julius would sprint forward and-NO WAIT! SUPERKICK TO JULIUS! IT'S MAIN EVENT STEPH! Main Event Steph stands in the ring, as he just knocked Julius out cold. He’d look at Ozymandias who just folds back to the ground, still clearly recovering. Ozymandias however would look up and scream at Steph to “Close It!” Steph would not, climbing to the top rope for the big splash….. JULIUS HOPS TO HIS FEET! CLAYMORE! HE LOOKS AT OZYMANDIAS! CLAYMORE! HE JUST CLAYMORED MAIN EVENT STEPH AND OZYMANDIAS! WAIT NO! Julius would crawl to the cover before the camera-man would drop his camera, and pull Ozymandias out of the ring. Shock and awe would come across the face of every fan as this hooded cameraman just saved Ozymandias. Julius with rage in his eyes would pull himself to his feet before being struck in the spine with a chair! A now pissed off Main Event Steph stands behind Julius holding that chair, before he begins to beat on Julius. The hooded man would roll into the ring before taking the chair. He’d circle around Julius who’d still slowly begin to pull himself up, the unstoppable monster unable to be put down. Julius would manage to get to his knees before he’d stare up at the hooded man, who in return stared back. Slowly, after a long stare down, he’d slide the hood off….. IT'S BASHKA! Bashka stands here staring down at Julius, a smile on his face. Julius would manage to mount one final reaction: “You Son of a Bitch!” *WACK* A chair shot directly to the skull of Julius! He doesn’t go down though! He remains on his knees, staring up at Bashka, WHO WOULD RESPOND WITH ANOTHER CHAIR SHOT TO THE DOME! ANOTHER ONE! Julius now crumbles, but Bashka is still laying into Julius with the chair! Ozymandias pulls himself slowly into the ring, before telling Steph to once again go to the top rope! MAIN EVENT SPLASH! This has now just become a three on one beat down! No wait, James Ropati would be seen on the stage marching down holding a chair! He’s coming to save his Good Brother, WAIT NO! KABU JUST BLASTED ROPATI FROM BEHIND! Kabu now tosses Ropati’s chair far away from him, before lifting him up for a thunderous chokeslam on the ramp! James Ropati now would be lifted up by Kabu and tossed into the ring, where Bashka would begin to beat on him with the chair. Ozymandias would tell Steph to stack them on top of each other before demanding he’d hit another Splash! And he did! Onto both men this time! He’d now demand Kabu and Bashka tie them into the ropes on both sides of the ring, in which they’d comply! As Ropati is tied up, he’d receive five disgusting Superkicks from Main Event Steph, before being untied, and Powerbombed from the ring to the hard concrete floor by Kabu! Julius on the other hand, would eat 8 unprotected chair shots to his skull, his body unable to just collapse due to being stuck in the ropes. Both men are no longer near consciousness, they are retaining severe brain injuries, the possibility of them being fine is long gone after this horror scene. Ozymandias now has Julius untied, as he collapses to the mat. They retrieve Ropati where he is placed on top of Julius, before both men are seemingly stacked and pinned! The referee who was forced to watch the scene, falls to the glass and blood covered mat and counts the pin… 1….2…..3 Ozymandias is your new Universal Champion. Joined in the ring now by Kabu, Main Event Steph and the returning Bashka, all four men pose. Ozymandias wears his KOD Crown on his head, as he carries both the DEFIANT Hardcore, and Universal Championships high! Julius' unstoppable run ended in an awful way. This man proves he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He quickly hands his two belts to Main Event Steph before he actually takes a microphone and begins to speak. He breathes heavily as he tries to still catch his breath. In the background we can see as James Ropati and Julius are being put in stretchers and taken away “Calm yourselves, calm yourselves. I’d like to take this moment to pay our respects to the biggest group of trash this company has ever seen. First a few words for Julius of course. The poor bastard was too stupid to understand that I was not gunning for the win, but for his head on a platter. James Ropati, a man who is maybe the least charismatic, least special, least talented man in Human history. Slim, who when faced with a real challenge, folded easier than a lawn chair. Jeremiah Flynn who I promise you all is burning in hell. These four men, they were cancers. Disgusting monsters holding BPZ down. I am your saving grace, and while you boo me you will learn like these three men to accept me and my truth. I am now your Universal Champion and that is oh so wonderful. Honestly I do feel like this place, it’s so much better without them all. Let’s just be real, they were a cancer. I am the cure to cancer, Ozymandias cured cancer tonight. I beat it to a pulp and I killed it. You’re welcome. Now, let’s all settle down…tranquilo! Some words, from this man….” Ozymandias now hands the microphone off to Bashka. REPLY PLANNED
  4. Interrupting both mens little squabble is the now all too familiar theme of one Ozymandias. As the lights go black, anticipation builds. This is the final confrontation between Ozymandias and Universal Champion Julius. This is by far Julius’ most unpredictable challenge to date. Despite being signed for months, Ozymandias has still only taken part in one single match prior to this one. Knowledge of his skill set remains unknown, and his tolerance for pain is up in the air. What it takes to beat him is a complete mystery. The same May not be able to be said about Julius. We’ve seen Julius conquered before, we know at some point he had a threshold and that can be exposed. Ozymandias arrived at the ring, standing across the table from Julius who stood straight on his feet. There is no Kabu as we’ve seen in recent weeks, just the two men that shall take part in the Lights Out Match. Ozymandias would lift up the contract before a slow smile would creep across his face. He’d lift the microphone up before looking past Carter right at Julius. “Are you ready to pay your penance?” “I am so….excited! Now, under any normal circumstances I am not the type of man to relish in violence. I mean you saw myself against Sheridan she had to pry that part of myself out of me. I didn’t want to do what I did to that poor woman but it’s been done. You? You deserve it. You stand out here days removed from a Lights Out match against me and you are making jokes with this clown. You are by all accounts making a grave mistake. So grave in fact I no longer consider this a punishment for you. No, I have heard enough of your bullshit. Consider this a fairy tale ending, one where you the monster are once again vanquished. The difference being, I have no intentions of ever seeing you return. This place is changing and there is no longer a place for you in it. Jeremiah gone, Slim gone and I will be very happy to see you gone with them. My vision, my BPZ doesn’t include any of this old guard that’s run it for so long.” “Not only will I find spiritual peace in what’s going to happen to you, but I will finally feel emotionally complete again. You are a man who will help me bring peace Julius if that is one thing that you can take away from this all. You will bring me happiness. And while I cannot offer you such pleasantries, I can give you something no one has done in a good bit of time. I can give you the fight of your life. A war so brutal and deadly, you will rest assured you’ve hit your peak, and you shall never and I mean ever, reach it again. As for you…” Ozymandias turns his head over to Isaiah Carter. His smile completely faded as he looked into the eyes of the Carnage General Manager. “You…. You refused to leave when the man requested you to. Why? You heard everything he said, and he was right. You are more than likely going through this table. However, it won’t be either of us putting you through it. JULIUS! You’ve signed, I’d like to ask you to just….leave the damn ring, go home and prepare for our fight. Bring everything you have, and bring even more. I promise you it still shall not be enough.” With one final stare down Julius understands, the fight is official as Ozymandias signs the contract. There’s no more verbal sparring, these two men know exactly what they're walking into. Carter attempts to leave behind Julius with the contract however he is stopped. “Not you. As I said, you seem to fail to understand simple instructions much like that idiot on Valor. I’m not going to hurt you though I just want you to listen. My stay here in BPZ I thought maybe it would end here but I plan to actually extend my time for a great deal. You see, I want it all. Legitimately everything from that Universal Championship, that World Championship, that Triple Crown Championship, I legitimately want everything. As the General Manager I want you to understand that so let’s make things perfectly clear. Now while Kabu is not here tonight, the man behind you is and he’s well, take a look actually.” Before Carter can even spin around he is blindsided by Main Event Steph! We haven’t seen this man with Ozymandias since Summerslam. He is now stomping on Carter, not giving the man a chance. He lifts Carter up slowly and Irish Whips him into the ropes…. ONLY FOR CARTER TO RETURN WITH A SLING BLADE! He’s mounting a comeback! NO! Ozymandias throws a chair straight into the skull of Carter, allowing Main Event Steph to jump back on top of him with a flurry of punches. Ozymandias directs Steph to “finish the job”, loading Carter onto the table as he takes to the top rope. FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE! Julius watches on from the stage, Ozymandias staring him down as Main Event Steph makes his reunion with his boss here tonight! Ozymandias vs Julius signed and official as a Lights Out Match!
  5. New Frontier Month 34 GPW Gift of the Gods Championship: Roman Reigns(c) vs. Yuji Nagata We kick the show off with maybe the biggest match of the night. Roman Reigns faces off against Japanese legend Yuji Nagata. Nagata has made it his mission to ensure Reigns cannot corrupt KAIZEN like he has GPW in the past. Nagata went as far as to bar himself from competing in the World Championship tournament, a tournament he was a favorite in, in order to do this match. This would be a hard hitting match early on, with Reigns beating on the old man, however Nagata would shock everyone by being able to actually keep up with Reigns for a bit. Eventually however, Roman would begin to dominate. Landing multiple Superman punches in a row, he’d have Nagata right where he wanted him, locking in the Guillotine and putting Nagata to sleep, who’d refuse to tap out. Roman Reigns retains his championship to open the show. Result: Roman Reigns Win’s Via TKO TNT(Terrence and Terrel Hughes) w/ D-Von Dudley vs. Mexicools(Psicosis and Super Crazy) w/ Jueventued Guerrera Next up, we’d witness a veteran tag team here in KAIZEN take on an aspiring young duo. The sons of the great D-Von Dudley, a tag team specialist himself who’d coach them from their corner here tonight. Early on the Mexicools would take control, using the rookie's own mistakes against them. They’d dominate for a bit, until TNT would mount a big comeback. While they lacked experience, they showed heart, and in the end that would power them to victory, Terrence pinning Super Crazy for the big win. TNT would celebrate, before being blindsided and attacked. D-Von Dudley would try to make the save as two hooded men beatdown on TNT. Eventually the Mexicools, despite losing, would run into the ring and help out TNT, sending the hooded men running. Result: TNT Win Via Pinfall Future Stars Showcase: Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Brock Anderson vs. Sefa Uso Next up, a triple threat match between three second generation wrestlers. These three men would start off fast, Pillman and Brock slugging into each other as Sefa would watch on. Dominance would rarely be held by one sole person, the momentum of the match constantly changing. The finish would actually see Brock hit a massive spine buster on Brian Pillman Jr before Sefa would land a nasty super kick on Brock and throw him out of the ring. He’d quickly pin Brian Pillman following Brock’s spine buster, and steal the win. Brock would appear extremely upset outside of the ring as he allowed his victory to be stolen. Result: Sefa Uso Wins Via Pinfall Josh Briggs Open Challenge: Josh Briggs vs. Lance Archer The Open Challenge held by Josh Briggs would be up next. He’d step out to the ring before stating there’s absolutely nobody that can take the big man down. That was until a familiar countdown would hit, and out would step GPW’s own Lance Archer. He’d throw multiple people to the side on his way to the ring, before stepping up to Briggs who’d actually appear with a bit of fear in his eyes. Archer would actually dominate most of the match, with Briggs attempting to but getting in very little offense. For a brief moment in the closing of the match, it would seem like Briggs was going to mount a comeback, until eating a big running lariat, followed by an EDB Claw to put him away for the KO. After the match, Archer would claim he’s gunning for Pentagon in his return to GPW! Result: Lance Archer Wins Via KO The Bloodline(Hikuleo and Sean Maluta) vs. Bear Country(Bear Bronson and Bear Boldor) Next up would be our second tag team match of the night. The Bloodline would go to war with Bear Country, a spin off following Nagata vs Reigns earlier in the night between the Dojo and Bloodline. This would be a back and forth match, but the closing moments would showcase rising star of the Bloodline Sean Maluta well, who’d land a nasty Super Kick on Bear Boldor for the pinfall victory. Result: The Bloodline Win Via Pinfall KAIZEN World Championship N1C: Eric Young vs. Odyssey Jones Next up would be the third place match-up between Eric Young and Odyssey Jones of the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament. The winner would challenge the winner of tonight’s main event at a future date. A veteran of the business in Eric Young would look across the ring against aspiring young talent, but clearly still a force much larger than him in Odyssey Jones. Jones would dominate Young most of the match. Young like Lio Rush this past week would target the left leg, looking to break it down and use it to secure his victory. Eventually locking in a Calf Killer on the leg, Jones was close to tapping out before breaking free, and hitting a massive lariat. He’d lift Young up and plant him with a disgusting Powerbomb for the win. A future World Championship match now promised to the rising star. Result: Odyssey Jones Wins Via Pinfall KAIZEN Women’s Championship Six Pack Challenge: Bayley vs. Diamante vs. Red Velvet vs. Jazz vs. KiLynn King vs. Britt Baker This match would be an all out war. All these women desperately want to be the first ever KAIZEN Woman’s Champion. The story: pin an opponent for the three count before someone else can. The match is not elimination and that stipulation showed, Pinfall consistently being broken up, women trying to incapacitate their opponents for the remainder of the match. At one point, Jazz would be put through the announce table by Britt Baker and KiLynn King who’d show a strong alliance. This would force Red Velvet and Diamante to come together. We’d witness Diamante spear KiLynm King off the stage, taking both women out. Things would break down into a three way, with Bayley eventually picking up the pinfall victory on Red Velvet and becoming the first ever Woman’sChampion in her debut match here in KAIZEN! She’d celebrate holding the title up proudly to close the segment. Result: Bayley Wins Via Pinfall KAIZEN World Championship Tournament Final: Lio Rush vs. Low-Ki w/ Hernandez vs. Roman Reigns Following tonight’s entrances for Lio Rush and Low Ki, we’d see Paul Heyman bring out the belt before making an announcement. He’d state that tonight, a third man will join the match following an impressive opener, and that would be the GPW Gift of the God’s Champion, Roman Reigns. Low Ki and Lio Rush would show resentment to this announcement, having clawed through a tournament to get to this point, while Reigns simply walks in. Clear favoritism however this may come to bite him. Rush and Low Ki would team up straight away on Roman Reigns, taking him out of the match following an onslaught of offensive maneuvers. However Low Ki and Lio Rush would begin to focus on each other now, showcasing a beautiful clash of high flying offense. They’d take each other to the absolute limit, and it would look like Lio Rush would have Low Ki beat. He’d climb to the top rope for a big splash, up until he’d be caught with a spear by Roman Reigns! Reigns would toss Lio Rush out of the ring, turning and Spearing Low Ki. He pinned Low Ki and won the match, becoming the first ever KAIZEN World Champion and the official winner of the tournament! He’d be joined by Hikuleo, Sean Maluta, and Sefa Uso, the Bloodline clean sweeping and winning fifty percent of the matches that took place here tonight. Result: Roman Reigns Win’s Via Pinfall
  6. Booking Division | Month 34 Episode 1 Yuji Nagata vs. Jueventued Guerra We kick the show off with what’s being described as a battle of veterans. Two legends from their respective parts of the world coming together and facing off in KAIZEN’s first ever match-up. It would be a slow paced but hard hitting bout, a mix of strong striking against high-flying. In the end Nagata would pull out the pinfall victory, ending the first match ever in KAIZEN history. Result: Yuji Nagata Wins Via Pinfall The Bloodline is Here Roman Reigns, Hikuleo, Sefa Uso, and Sean Maluta all come out and announce the Bloodlines official takeover of KAIZEN Wrestling. As they came to the ring, there was a brief altercation between Nagata and the group as Nagata went to leave, however no violence ensued. Reigns would state tonight he’s facing a “fallen” legend who he’s going to permanently knock out of the wrestling business for good. He leaves with the rest of the group announcing a bit of a permanent stay here on KAIZEN for the foreseeable future. Britt Baker w/ Reba vs. Diamante Britt Baker and Diamante is the first ever Women’s Championship Match here in KAIZEN Wrestling. A match that features two of the most underrated and badass women in the sport today. In the end, Britt Baker would force Diamante to tap out and earn herself a victory. Hernandez Has a “Guy” Hernandez is interviewed backstage where he announces that next week he has a talent that’s going to take over KAIZEN Wrestling. The World Championship Tournament Begins! Next week it is announced a KAIZEN World Championship tournament for the men will begin. The bracket is as followed: Eric Young vs. Brian Pillman Jr. Juventud Guerrera vs. ??? Lio Rush vs. Alberto El Patron Odyssey Jones vs. Chase Owens Gift of the Gods: Roman Reigns(c) vs. Alberto El Patron In our first ever main event, we see the return of one of wrestlings former top stars in Alberto El Patron, going up against one of the best in the world today for his Gift of the Gods Championship. This would be a hard hitting match between both men, each one physically and mentally trying to break their opponent down. In the end however, Roman Reigns would reverse the cross arm breaker with a massive Powerbomb followed by a spear. He’d pick up the pinfall victory and end the first ever episode on top. Episode 2 KAIZEN World Championship Tournament: Eric Young vs. Brian Pillman Jr. Next up, we’d see a former World Champion in Eric Young take on an upcoming rising star in Brian Pillman Jr., the son of the late great “Loose Cannon”. The young gun would come in fast and hard to start the bout. Clearly realizing not only what a massive opportunity this is but how dangerous his opponent is. However in the end, the veteran Eric Young would hit a spike piledriver for the victory, advancing to the semi-finals. Result: Eric Young Wins via Pinfall Yuji Nagata Calls Out Roman Reigns Yuji Nagata would be interviewed backstage where he’d be asked why he’s not taking part in the World Championship tournament. He’d state while it be an honor, his sights are set elsewhere. On the Gift of the Gods Championship, and Roman Reigns. He’d state that Reigns has “polluted” GPW, and won’t allow him to do the same to KAIZEN. A massive challenge laid down by the legend. Red Velvet vs. KiLynn King Next up, another woman’s showcase with two young up-and coming women in the industry Red Velvet and KiLynn King. This would be fast paced, and showed two women trying to establish themselves and build momentum here in KAIZEN. In the end Red Velvet would pick up the pinfall victory, establishing herself big time. Result: Red Velvet Wins Via Pinfall Alberto El Patron Will Bounce Back We’d cut to see El Patron being interviewed backstage where he’d state that despite last week's loss he will bounce back. He’d say he’s a little rusty but plans to bounce back next week in this World Championship tournament. He’d state he’s happy to be back, but will be happier to be back on top. D-Von Dudley Has Brought the TNT We’d cut to see one D-Von Dudley, a legend in this business. Behind him his two sons Terrel and Terrence. He’d state he’s brought them to KAIZEN to hone their craft. He’d also state their open to all comers and will be the most dominant tag team in KAIZEN Wrestling. KAIZEN World Championship Tournament: Jueventued Guerra vs. Low-Ki w/ Hernandez In our main event, Jueventued Guerrera would take on Hernandez mystery man. This man would turn out to be none other than Low-Ki, one of the most talented and skilled wrestlers in the world. This match saw two fast paced men battle it out, Jueventued clearly extra motivated following last week's loss, while Low-Ki wants to make an impact early. In the end Low-Ki would pick up the pinfall victory, closing the show submitting his ticket to the Semi-Finals. Episode 3 KAIZEN World Championship Tournament: Odyssey Jones vs. Chase Owens We open tonight’s show with two debuting wrestlers. One rising star Odyssey Jones, who towered over Chase Owens. This would actually end up for the most part being a one sided battle. The young Odyssey Jones after a bit of time would pick up the win and move on to the second round to face the winner of tonight’s main event. Result: Odyssey Jones Wins Via Pinfall Roman Reigns Sends a Message to Nagata This week, we’d see the Bloodline once again take to the ring consisting of Roman Reigns, Sefa Uso, Hikuleo and Sean Maluta. Reigns would go in on Nagata’s challenge last week, stating he had just smashed Alberto El Patron, and had no interest in smashing some crazy old man. That was until Nagata would step out and make the challenge once again in person, stating that Reigns would be scared of some “crazy old man.” Annoyed, Reigns would accept the challenge, only if Nagata could defeat Hikuleo one on one. Nagata would accept the match made official for two weeks from now. Diamante and Jazz vs. Reba and Britt Baker Tonight, Diamante would get a second chance at Britt Baker this time with help from debuting legend Jazz. They’d have a nice back and forth match, until Jazz and Diamante could trap Reba in the ring. In the end, they’d use this to their advantage, with Diamante picking up the pinfall victory in the first ever Women's tag match. Result: Diamante and Jazz Win Via Pinfall TNT Are Challenged by the Mexicools Once again D-Von would take to an interview however shortly he'd be interrupted by Psychosis and Super Crazy, aka the Mexicools. They’d state the young talents don’t have what it takes before laughing at them. D-Von would hold his sons back from a fight, stating this will be settled in the ring. Josh Briggs Claims He Has Arrived Next up we’d see a video package for one Josh Briggs. Briggs would be shown working out, his voice speaking over the footage. He’d state he’s coming to KAIZEN and he’s coming to take over. KAIZEN World Championship Tournament: Alberto El Patron vs. Lio Rush In the main event, El Patron would take on the high flying Lio Rush. While Patron would be the heavy favorite, we’d actually see him make a few fatal mistakes, showcasing his rust. In the end, Patron would miss a top rope stomp, followed by a big splash from Lio Rush. Rush would pick up the upset win and close the show ending the first round matches. Result: Lio Rush Wins Via Pinfall Episode 4 KAIZEN World Championship Tournament: Low-Ki w/ Hernandez vs. Eric Young Our first of two World tournament matches begin here tonight. Low-Ki faces Eric Young, both men picking up solid wins to open the first round. This would be a back and forth war, with the winner heading to the finals at KAIZEN: Chapter 1. In the end, Low-Ki would pick up the pinfall victory, submitting his ticket to the finals. Eric Young on the other hand will have a second chance, a third place match spot for the tournament now made with a future championship shot promised. Hernandez’ “guy” backing up his big talk so far. Result: Low-Ki Wins Via Pinfall First Women’s Championship Match Made Official Next up, we’d see several of the women called to the ring by GM Paul Heyman. Heyman would announce we’ve seen several excellent women's matches the past few weeks, enough to help decide who the women are that shall compete for the KAIZEN Women's championship at Chapter 1. This match would be announced as a Six Pack Challenge with the participants being: Britt Baker, Diamante, Jazz, Red Velvet, KiLynn King and…. The debuting Bayley! Bayley would gain a big ovation from the crowd as she announces her presence here in KAIZEN! Yuji Nagata vs. Hikuleo Nagata would take on the towering Hikuleo. If Nagata wins, he gets a Gift of the Gods Championship match at Chapter 1. Nagata would take a beating however keep coming back, unable to be out down. In the end he’d actually get a roll up victory, defeating the big man and earning his Gift of the Gods championship opportunity at Roman Reigns. Following the match, Sean Maluta and Sefa Uso would hit the ring and attack Nagata, up until Bear Country would make the surprising debut to save Nagata. Bryan’s Dojo is coming together even here in KAIZEN. Result: Yuji Nagata Wins Via Pinfall TNT and Mexicools Have a Heated Confrontation We quickly cut to the parking lot where we see the members of TNT and the Mexicools in a heated brawl. D-Von would eventually lead a team of referees in pulling the fight apart, before stating both teams will get to hash things out at Chapter 1. Josh Briggs lays Down the Open Challenge Josh Briggs would make his first live appearance being interviewed backstage. He’d state he’d be making his debut at Chapter 1, where he plans to hold an open challenge. He’d state no matter who you are, you don’t stand a chance. KAIZEN World Championship Tournament: Lio Rush vs. Odyssey Jones In our main event, we’d see the ultimate story of David vs Goliath. Lio Rush would be towered over by the massive Odyssey Jones, who’d early on dominate him and toss him pillar to post. Eventually however with well placed strikes, Rush would take down the left knee of Jones. This wouldn’t take the big man down for the count, who’d prove to be extremely resilient himself. However in the end, Rush would lay out the big man with two super kicks to the knee, before landing back to back splashes for the pinfall victory. Low-Ki would step out, getting in the face of Lio Rush, our World Championship match set for KAIZEN: Chapter 1. Result: Lio Rush Wins Via Pinfall KAIZEN Chapter 1 Official Card: KAIZEN World Championship: Lio Rush vs. Low-Ki w/ Hernandez GPW Gift of the Gods Championship: Roman Reigns(c) vs. Yuji Nagata KAIZEN Women’s Championship Six-Pack Challenge: Bayley vs. Diamante vs. Jazz vs. KiLynn King vs. Red Velvet vs. Britt Baker KAIZEN World Championship Number One Contenders: Eric Young vs. Odyssey Jones The Bloodline(Hikuleo and Sean Maluta) vs. Bear Country(Bear Bronson and Bear Boldor) Josh Briggs Open Challenge TNT(Terrel Hughes and Terrence Hughes) vs. The Mexicools(Super Crazy and Psicosis) Future Stars Showcase: Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Brock Anderson vs. Sefa Uso
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    Light’s Out

    Ozymandias' voice hits hard like a semi-truck. For minutes now his expression has not changed, as he’s sat back and listened to everyone speak. However now he pipes in. That stale look molding, his annoyance and anger coming to the surface. “I have found this to be oh so entertaining. James Ropati you wonderful tool, you’ve lightened the mood and for that I am grateful. Things were getting a bit gloomy and depressing for everyone I’m sure. Except I don’t know what it is but….there’s something seriously wrong here. It’s just in the air and I’m sure Kabu feels it too. I can’t exactly put my finger on it….oh wait. That’s it. Kabu, don’t you see it. It’s these two. It’s their partnership. It’s the name itself, “The Good Brothers”. It’s everything they just said lumped with everything they’ve been saying for months. The countless shoutouts to a dead friend, the mourning on live television and the oh so amazing Oscar worthy speeches in honor of and here’s that name again, fallen “GOOD BROTHER.” You take it all, and Kabu do you know what you get?” “A pile of horse shit.” “James Ropati I’m going to go ahead and save Kabu the effort, he most certainly accepts your challenge good brother. I don’t even doubt there was a moment wasted to even ponder that answer. You see… I sat here for a brief period now and I listened and I listened well. I mean my God I had to hear Julius' response from last week. He’s the exact type of man I accused him of being so I highly doubt my accusations are too far off good brothers. You don’t give a damn about the dead, correct Julius? So why even try to mourn them in the first place? We all saw your parting words to a dead friend. The pain in your eyes and I’m sure that was real….somewhat anyways. I mean let’s just be real you aren’t a very good person and the idiot next to you has zero clue how much more you actually use him than he already uses you. So let’s get to what this means. I’m Ozymandias, I’m the KOD and I hate sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong. We are all the type of people I’m sure who know how to take care of people who speak on our personal business. The difference being Julius, you had an opportunity to save yourself. You felt so strong, so fucking courageous giving that speech. You had no idea you single handedly helped me understand not only what I must do just to beat you, but what I must do to ENSURE you get exactly what you deserve.” Ozymandias takes a moment, staring at both men who could care little to nothing for his threats and promises at this point. “I make a lot of money to hurt people. They call that “Expensive Pain”. I’m gonna make a whole lot of money hurting you and it will be EXPENSIVE PAIN! Or so I thought I would. You see, I don’t even like to raise a hand unless I’m making money doing it. However the situation and the circumstances at hand, I’d happily beat both your asses for free. In fact a Lights Out unsanctioned match, I’m not making a dime. So consider the beating coming your way Julius, on the damn house. We’ll see you both at Survival of the Fittest. I hope you both take it a bit easy on the booz, we don’t need another reckless “Good Brother” missing the show.” With that, Ozymandias drops the microphone. Kabu vs James Ropati official, and the Lights Out stipulation officially strapped to Ozymandias vs Julius.
  8. I thought Dynamite this week was really fun and overall a pretty stacked show. The opener was really good and sets up the Black vs Cody rematch nicely with the entire Nightmare academy officially taken out. I actually am hoping Black wins that rematch as well because I feel there’s no need for Cody to be the first person to beat Black, and I don’t think a second loss hurts him at all. CM Punk vs Team Taz looks like it can be a ton of fun. Him vs Ricky Starks and Will Hobbs I feel like can be some really fun matches. It looks like for now he wants to go on a little run against all the young guys in the company, which I’m totally down with. Makes you wonder though if Starks will lose back to back major matches in feuds, with the Cage rematch coming up that he will most certainly lose, and then there’s no shot he beats Punk. Bryan looks to be the next challenger for Omega. They’ll more than likely drag that out till Full Gear which I’m all for. It has Match of the Year written all over it look at the two competitors involved. Will say I still believe with all the new additions that Hangman is the guy to beat Omega, but I would not be mad at all if by chance Bryan Danielson did so. The main event was badass, Suzuki and Mox over the past two years have built a great rivalry that I could see play into future matches between the two. Great closer and looking forward to Rampage.
  9. Episode 2 Predictions/Preview Guest Star: Aquaman(Prince) Predict Who You Believe Will Live and Die Episode Two: Team 1: KGBeast(Hans) Killer Moth(Akki) Team 2: Bloodsport(Slim) Black Manta(Ropati) Calendar Man(Yelich) Solomon Grundy(Julius) Captain Cold(Bashka) Deathstroke(Sameer) In this next episode, we witness the events in Atlantis' throne room continue to unfold, while diving deeper into Zoom's evil plan.
  10. Episode 1: Operation Atlantis Amanda Waller(Sheridan): “Mission Successful, get Kite-Man back home. Location of Zoom’s compound secured.” Assistant: “Holy shit Condiment King just popped like a water balloon. Uhm it appears Waller that both KGBeast and Killer Moth are still alive. It appears they are being taken hostage. Waller I hate to say it but…..they could become major issues. If they reveal our plans the entire mission could go to shit. I think it’s better if we just-“ Amanda Waller(Sheridan): “We are not killing them…yet. We blow their skulls off their bodies that’ll be an immediate red flag that he’s dealing with the Suicide Squad. If the group of dressed up morons wasn’t enough. No, hopefully they’ll hold out just long enough, besides we have mics planted in with those explosives. We know everything they say, if they slip up then we deal with them. How’s team two?” Assistant: “Bloodsport took some convincing after last time but he’s on board. The rest of the psychopaths are dying just to get out of their cells. You’ve got a pretty elite line-up mapped out. Any more use for Kite-Man going forward?” Amanda Waller(Sheridan): “No, he’d be dead in ten seconds on the mission task force X is about to embark on. As for the team, get them geared up. It’s time for Operation Atlantis.” We cut to a large arsenal of weapons and suits. Two men quickly get geared up next to each other. The first Slim, aka Bloodsport. His father raised him to be a killer since he was five years old. He doesn’t miss. The other is known as Ropati, the Black Manta. One of the most dangerous mercenaries in the world. A specialist when dealing with the oceans, and knows a considerable lot about Atlantis. These men have taken out Justice League members Superman and Aquaman on different occasions. They don’t share a word with the other, both simply looking to begin the mission. They head over to the shooting range where they light it up. Neither man misses a shot, they actually begin to compete with the other. That is until every target is seemingly frozen within seconds. They both look to the far right, Bashka, Captain Cold putting his cold gun to good use. Captain Cold(Bashka): “That’ll take a moment to…cool off.” A look of annoyance can be seen on both the faces of Manta and Bloodsport. Suddenly a man who is arguably the most dangerous in the room enters, Sameer, Deathstroke. A man who has taken Batman to the absolute limit on multiple occasions. He raises his fist before shooting out small shots at the ice blocks, which proceed to explode into pieces. A look of annoyance now can be seen on Cold's face as Deathstroke shows him up. All four men begin to grow a little disgruntled with the others before… Calendar Man(Yelich): “Boys, please relax. We are just four days away from the International Day of Peace. Besides, we are all a team are we not?” Deathstroke(Sameer): “Fuck are you doing here Calendar Man? Pretty sure Waller can keep us up to date if we’ll make it home for Christmas.” Calendar Man(Yelich): “That is true, however look around you. All this firepower, you four alone are equal to a thousand man army. We are heading into something dangerous, and I imagine my mind will come to great use. Especially if we are to indeed attempt to take down Zoom.” Bloodsport(Slim): “Zoom? How the fuck are we suppose to take down a Speedster? Isn’t that more of a Justice League thing? Is Superman too busy saving that reporter bitch again? Arrogant fuck.” Captain Cold(Bashk): “Well I don’t know about the rest of you, but the opportunity to kill a speedster sounds like it’s right up my lane. Of course I too am a little curious, why isn’t the Flash dealing with this?” Calendar Man(Yelich): “I do not know, I believe Waller is looking to show that the Justice League is not in fact “needed” to solve such high level threats. That the government can do it themselves. However before we take on Zoom, we have a meeting with Oceanmaster in Atlantis I’ve learned.” Black Manta(Ropati): “And that’s where I’ll come in. The Oceanmaster I heard is back in charge of Atlantis. Hostile takeover, he’s got Aquamam held prisoner in the city. If we are freeing that son of a bitch, I’m not interested.” Calendar Man(Yelich): “No I don’t believe we are. Instead we need to discover a supposed connection going on between Oceanmaster, Zoom and Zooms scheme he seems to be hatching. Speaking of fire power….” ???: “Born on a Monday…” The next man to enter the room drew all eyes. Julius, now known as Solomon Grundy. A real life monster, towering over all other men in the room, he is believed to be immortal. No one says a word as Grundy enters, staring at everyone with the full intent to smash them to bits. Solomon Grundy(Julius): “Team?” Calendar Man(Yelich): “Yes Grundy, we are-“ Solomon Grundy(Julius): “Haha oh boy! We are going to have some fun!” Amanda Waller(Sheridan): “A lot of fun Grundy. I’m sure Calendar Man has given you all a brief rundown. You are all being shipped out to Atlantis. Oceanmaster we believe is funding Zooms project and compound in the Amazon. Your job is to find out why, and neutralize the problem. Cut Zoom off of Atlantis’ support, and it makes him vulnerable. Manta, you’ll be intel and the team's guide for this one. Think you're up for it?” Black Manta(Ropati): “I love killing Atlanteans. You couldn’t pick a more perfect man for the job.” Bloodsport(Slim): “That’s fine and dandy in all, but hold on a moment Waller. You are putting us against two of the most dangerous men on the planet. The Oceanmaster and Zoom are two powerful mother fuckers. They can very easily fuck up everyone of us. What’s the deal? Ten years off our sentence isn’t exactly fair payment here.” Amanda Waller(Sheridan): “You’re right, that’s why it’s 20 years for this mission. I-“ Bloodsport(Slim): “Still bullshit, you know this is much deeper than the usual bullshit you put us-“ Amanda Waller(Sheridan): “You’ll take that or nothing at all. Successful completion of this assignment guarantees everyone an opportunity of freeing yourselves with clean records on a follow up mission if this one is to be successful. Of course that opportunity only arises should you successfully defeat Zoom. You’re bird out of here is ready outside, I expect you all to be on it in the next five.” Bloodsport(Slim): “Fucking crock of shit.” Black Manta(Ropati): “Isn’t it always.” Grundy(Julius): “Haha little man angry.” Calendar Man(Yelich): “So the games begin.” The entire squad gathers their things and loads the chopper, heading straight for the great blue Atlantic Ocean. _______________________________________________________ We cut to a submarine hovering in the shadows miles out from Atlantis. The team is suiting up for a stealth mission into the water. Grundy, Cold, and Calendar Man all stay back, the squad consisting for this task of Bloodsport, Black Manta, and Deathstroke. Their task: shut down Oceanmaster and Atlantis’ funding of Zooms Amazon project. The team is made aware of a nearby Atlantis vessel bringing in supplies. We proceed to watch Manta shoot out a small metal device which proceeds to hack into and shut down the vessel. Men slowly empty, attempting to locate the source of the problem. Atlantean soldiers are extremely strong and skilled in combat, and the Suicide Squad was looking at ten Atlantean Soldiers. Manta however, considers himself a bit of a specialist in this department. Bloodsport(Slim): “What’s the plan Manta, that’s a good bit of men. We’re in their territory.” Black Manta(Ropati): “No. they’re in mine.” With that, we see Manta’s boost push him forward at a superSonic speed, and within about five seconds we witness him decapitate two men. Deathstroke would quickly move forward to jump in on the fun. Bloodsport stayed back to watch the work. All eight men disclose on Manta, that is until a sword would cut one straight in two. Seven. Three Atlanteans rush forward now on Deathstroke, who slices them all up in seconds. Four. Manta removes his harpoon gun and sends a flying hook straight through the skull of two more men at the same time. One. The final Atlantean now shaking in fear raises his arms for a fight, until his head explodes. A shot fired off by Bloodsport meters out. Bloodsport(Slim): “That’s enough now ladies. Manta, shut down your device and get this thing working. Either of you know how to handle one of these?” Black Manta(Ropati): “I can. Get your asses inside and stay in the back. I can get us inside. Don’t do anything stupid and this we will be in and out in no time.” Bloodsport heads inside the vessel, while Deathstroke takes a moment, staring blankly at Manta. His face covers whatever emotion he’s displaying. Black Manta(Ropati): “You got a fucking problem?” Deathstroke(Sameer): “Not Yet.” With that, Deathstroke enters the vessel behind Bloodsport. The three men take the vessel, where Manya successfully enters the city. We proceed to watch the three men arrive outside the main citadel where Oceanmaster sits atop the Atlantean throne. Black Manta(Ropati): “Alright there’s a secret passageway, should take us straight to the Oceanmaster throne. He will be heavily guarded but nothing we can’t handle. It’ll be the man himself that should be the real challenge. He’s extremely powerful, he’s more than likely to kill the both of you. Luckily you have me. Bloodsport(Slim): “How lucky we are. And what’s to keep the entire Atlantean legion from coming down on us the moment we reveal ourselves?” Black Manta(Ropati): “Luckily we will have a very strong Trump card in that department. Today, in exactly ten minutes, the trial of Aurthor Curry begins. Aqua man is to be judged and sentenced by Oceanmaster himself. We break in during the trial, take out any guards on standby, free Aquaman and aid him in taking back his throne.” Deathstroke(Sameer): “You want to aid Aquaman?” Black Manta(Ropati): “No, but I’d rather my fucking head not be blown up or Oceanmaster rip us all to shreads. He’s our best option. Only one small problem could occur.” Bloodsport(Slim): “That being?” Black Manta(Ropati): “He doesn’t try to kill me. The last time I saw him I aided Oceanmaster in taking the throne. I also killed his wife Mera. So I imagine he’s a little upset with me right now. Nothing he didn’t deserve honestly.” Deathstroke: …. Bloodsport(Slim): “We are fucked.” We watch as the team heads through the secret tunnels, eventually arriving at a compartment that sits above the throne room. We witness Aquaman be brought into the room where a smiling Oceanmaster stares down on him from the throne. Oceanmaster(BiC): “Aurther Curry, better known as''Aquaman ``. What is your defense for stealing the throne, holding it hostage for years, and pretending to be the great King of the Seven Seas! What is your defense to defying and usurping my Throne…bastard? Before Aquaman can let out a word, before Deathstroke bursts down into the room, straight away putting bullets into two guards next to Aquaman. Manta and Bloodsport would scream what the fuck is he doing, Deathstroke clearly done waiting. However as Black Manta and Bloodsport take to the floor, we witness Oceanmaster fill with rage. That however was only the second most angry man in the room. Black Manta turns straight into the sight of Aquaman who is now free. Aquaman(Prince): “You son of a bitch.” Oceanmaster(BiC): “KILL THEM ALL, KILL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!” Bloodsport(Slim): “Son of a bitch!” Solomon Grundy(Julius): “BORN ON A MONDAY.” In that moment the throne doors burst open, Solomon Grundy, followed by Captain Cold in some sort of Aquatic-Cold Gun suit burst into the room, a pile of bodies left behind them. Aquaman tackles Black Manta, as both Deathstroke and Bloodsport begin combat with the guards. Chaos and hell rains down as we fade to black.
  11. Week 1 pick: Packers
  12. Flynn

    The Heist

    Sometimes I get caught talking to myself.
  13. RK-Bro to Smackdown for The Street Profits, Asuka for Sasha, and Sheamus for Cesaro would be some solid moves I feel. Sheamus would be a really fresh face on Smackdown considering his only run on the show during the brand split came as apart of the Bar, so we haven’t seen a singles Sheamus on Smackdown yet. Plus there’s a ton of faces for him to put on some bangers with. RK-Bro opens the options of an Uso’s feud, and an Orton vs Reigns feud which could be killer. Asuka would just be a another good babyface which I feel the Smackdown roster needs right now with just Bianca carrying things on that side of the spectrum.

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