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  1. Thunder Championship Wrestling | Month 1 Hardcore Championship Six-Pack Challenge: Cactus Jack vs. Shane Douglas vs. Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm vs. Steve Corino vs. Terry Funk We open the show with the crowning of our very first champion here in TCW, the fans in attendance are on fire as the six men all come out individually. The crowd in attendance was firmly behind Cactus Jack here tonight. This match promises and delivers on being a pit of violence. Early on it would turn into an all out brawl, with Douglas and Jack going at it for the majority of the match. Candido and
  2. Thursday Night Thunder | Month 1 | Week 1 Bob Backlund Kicks Things Off We kick off a new era of professional wrestling with none other than one of the industries largest legends standing in the middle of the ring. Backlund would claim that TCW is the home for the best of the best in the pro-wrestling industry. He’d follow up by announcing a mega match for tonight’s main event, as the Mega-Powers would reform to take on good friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. More importantly however he recognizes the diversity of the roster, and that’s why at TCW’s first ever PPV, they will crown th
  3. Thunder Championship Wrestling Matchmaker: Bob Backlund Full Roster: “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan “The Macho Man” Randy Savage “Big Daddy Cool” Kevin Nash “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz “The Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley The Ultimate Warrior “Ravishing” Rick Rude “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle “The Franchise” Shane Douglas “Rated R Superstar” Edge “Captain Charisma” Christian
  4. Booking League: The Attitude Era Inspired by the Booking League, this is another rendition of that exact thing however with a big twist. We have fallen back and drafted the late 90’s or as some would call it “The Attitude Era” of Pro-Wrestling. This era had a massively rich crop of talent to reap from, and it is here that we will showcase our booking skills and provide our own twists and storylines for all these characters in our own fictional companies. While we will be keeping score of our own booking, the readers leaving feedback on our rosters and shows would be greatly appreciated a
  5. These BPZ Commentary guys really think we give a fuck who they are.
  6. Universal Championship Match Set for Wildcard It has just been announced that Baileys next opponent is already revealed. Current BPZ Tag Team Champion KENJI, the very same man who defeated Bailey at Summerslam last year has laid down the gauntlet and BPZ Management has made it official. Bailey since this has been in a war with stable mate of KENJI, FDS, a feud that featured three title changes for the Universal titles lineage. This challenge however proves to be Baileys toughest to date, as well as the biggest match in the young KENJI’s career. Who will prevail? Tune into Carnage Wildcar
  7. Kevin Owens. This mainly because I was new at the time and wanted to become the NXT Champion, so I of course used the actual current NXT Champion.
  8. Flynn

    I Lost

    We are backstage on Carnage focused on the private locker room of what many people have begun to dub “The Good Brothers” of BPZ. That of course consists of former two time Tag Team Champions, Julius, James Ropati and Jeremiah Flynn. Just earlier tonight we heard a brash statement by the very unhinged Joh about his victory at Night of Legends over Jeremiah followed by a warning to the rest of the locker room. Slowly the door opens and our steps both Julius and Flynn. They are quickly greeted by one Josh Trenton, BPZ’s head interviewer. He’s quick to seemingly “ambush” the Good Brothers who do n
  9. OFFICIAL SHAKE-UP RESULTS: Ladies and Gentlemen Night of Legends has concluded and what an event it was to open the New Year. Now however just nine months into this brand new BRAND SPLIT, we are looking to shake things up! That is why below are the official SHAKE-UP RESULTS: Going to Carnage: Sameer Yelich Addy Ogre Crippler Going to Valor: Bailey Prince Alex Costa Kieron Jo Nathan Jason Ryan Now of course comes the confusion. Bailey is indeed the current Universal Champion, however has signed
  10. Whatever number the winner puts themselves at in the write-up.
  11. Flynn

    Royal Flush

    Flynn is visibly shaken. The last time we saw this man, Joh had laid him out and left him out cold. He once again attempts to speak but clearly can’t find the words to come out. Julius and Ropati simply watch on as the former BMF of BPZ has seemingly lost himself. “United...we...we are United. You know what tonight I’m not going to talk about that son of a bitch. Night of Legends Joh, I’ll see you, and we will finish what we started weeks ago. Right now I want to talk about these two men standing next to me. You see tonight is a little bit of a reunion for myself because I haven’t gotten
  12. Flynn


    As the guitar strums throughout the arena, it signals that the man himself, Jeremiah Flynn has indeed arrived. The self-proclaimed King strums out once again in alligator boots and jeans, as well as a cactus printed pattern on a button up dress shirt. He carries himself well, however looks to be anything but happy by the words of Joh here tonight. He matches directly down to the ring, wasting little to no time. The lights have now returned as both men are eyes locked with one another. Joh standing tall in the center of the ring and a clearly annoyed Jeremiah standing just outside at t
  13. Aces High Pro Wrestling | Month 5 Tag Team Rumble We’d have the first ever Tag Team Rumble here in AHPW to open the show. The winners of this match have been promised a future Tag Team Title match at an event of their choosing. The first tag team out would be none other than the Uso’s, followed up by their rivals the GoD. These tag teams would go till the end of the match. The mystery tag teams debuting here tonight would be: Butcher and the Blade, The Bollywood Boys, and the Best Friends. The final six tag teams would see: The Hardy Boyz, KES, GoD, The Uso’s, The Dark Order, an

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