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  1. Flynn

    BPZ Predictions League

    Bludgeon Brothers Rollins Reigns Asuka Ronda Lashley Cass Natalya Miz Nakamura
  2. I don’t see having ten title defenses in the past 435 days as champion a bad statistic for Brock Lesnar. I mean Okada in total had 13 in two years, so by that calculation Lesnar will most likely have more defenses if his reign does reach the length that Okada’s does. 

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    2. JoshsNow


      It’s because people like to complain about WWE but NJPW are apparently fine

    3. FDS


      its also due to NJPW not running weekly shows and not every Pay-Per-View has the world title on it, where as in lesnars case he was opposite a regularly defending world champion on smackdown. Overall its a different standard for each champ.

    4. Name Redacted

      Name Redacted

      Not regularly competing, he has spent like 30 minutes in the ring over the last year or so 

  3. Flynn

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout | 13th July 2018

    I bought a ticket!
  4. To be fair the V-Trigger is more of a signature move so Julius only kicked out of one finisher, that being the FKO. Also FDS is acting out on his own, it’s like whe Echo and Bart will betray you. You’ll be confused Bc who woudl betray someone as great as you.
  5. We are now approaching the Main Event of tonight’s show. Necce has jus successfully defended his Universal Championship against challenger James Ropati and now is sat at the commentary table as he looks to witness first hand who his next challenger will be, ROA member and bitter rival Flynn, or fellow ROA member and young up-start, Julius. The arena erupts as the theme of “The Underboss” of BPZ, Julius, steps out onto he stage for what is the biggest match of his career. He looks over to the commentary table, his eyes fixated on current Universal Champion Necce. He nods before heading straight down to the ring. Julius eyes pan across the crowd before he steps up the steps and enters the ring. The former two-time NXT Champion would take to his corner, waisting little time for his massive opportunity tonight. Out next is his opponent and BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Flynn. Flynn, who took Julius under his wing several months ago, now must put away the monster he set loose in this tournament in order to get his rematch with the man that took the Universal Championship from him, Necce. Flynn approached the ring before pausing at the bottom of the ramp, directly starring at Julius who smiled in response, the battle that is about to commence heating up further between the two tag team partners. Upon entering the ring, Flynn would come face to face with Julius who towers over him. Flynn while often being he one who is able to overpower his opponents, won’t be doing so tonight. Flynn takes to his corner as tonight’s main event begins. Julius and Flynn would slowly approach one another, the crowd electric for this encounter. Flynn surpringly would challenge Julius to a test of strength, which Julius appears humored by before accepting, locking up with Flynn. Flynn however would slide behind Julius before shovin him away and leaping high in the air, nailing a drop kick to the back of Julius’ neck. Flynn would bounce back to his feet only to be taken back by the fact that Julius would spin around, unfazed by Flynn’s dropkick. Flynn now nodding would lock up with Julius again, this time attempting to overpower the big man, however Julius no longer looking to play Flynn’s game, would grab hold of Flynn before throwing him to th either side of the ring, striking literal shock in the eyes of Flynn. Flynn would nod pulling himself up in his corner however he’d look up only to be greeted with a massive corner splash from Julius! Julius wasn’t finished there as he’d run back across the ring, before spending and smashing Flynn in the corner with another corner splash, Julius is not holding anything back tonight! Flynn would collapse as now Julius has things firmly under his control. He’d lift Flynn up by the back of the neck before pointing at Necce, implying that he is next. He’d turn to see Flynn sprinting at him only to floor the World Champ with a nasty big boot. Julius would fall for the cover however it would only be just barely by the count of two. Julius not shocked at all would lift Flynn up before putting him in a fireman’s carry posistion, looking for a Samoan drop, however, Flynn would quickly slide out before nailing a stiff forearm to the back of Julius’ skull. Flynn woudl quickly sprint before spring boarding off of the ropes looking for a European uppercut however Julius would catch him mid-air before planting him with a running powerslam. Julius would cover Flynn however yet again it would only be for a two count. Julius would begin pacing around the ring, contemplating what to do next as he is absolutely dominating the World Heavyweight Champion. He’d begin toying with Flynn, doing little nothing kicks, almost disrespecting his tag partner. The Omega however would have none of it, leaping to his feet before landing several forearms to the skull of Julius which barely phases the big man. Flynn would quickly land several mor however Julius would respond by laughing in Flynn’s face. Flynn would then slap Julius, which only severed to piss the big man off as he’d lift Flynn up before planting him with a disgusting choke slam. He’d proceed to play his foot on the skull of Flynn, punishing him for the slap. He’d the drag him and lean him against the turnbuckles before landing another corner splash. Julius would throw his arms in the air as he is seemingly going to win this match with little t no offense from Flynn who hasn’t been able t get things going since the opening bell. He’d begin calling for Hell’s Welcome, his fishing maneuver. He’d slowly lift Flynn up, before forming a finger gun much like Flynn does before putting his opponents away, he’d point it at Necce, taking a bit of attention away from Flynn before pointing it back at Flynn and pulling he trigger, however as he’d pull Flynn in, Flynn would leap up and land a nasty V-Trigger! Julius would only begin to stumble by the massive maneuver! Flynn would look to take advantage, rebounding off the ropes before landing another V-Trigger! Julius would collapse onto the ropes yet again however still would maintain his balance on his feet. Flynn growing increasingly frustrated would scream before finally flooring Julius with a massive Spear! Flynn would pin Julius, 1...2.... No! Julius would throw Flynn off of him as Flynn would look down in disappointment. Flynn would begin stomping on Julius however it only appeared to be a matter of time before Julius was back on his feet. Flynn would begin looking around in desperation for something he could do to keep the monster, his monster, down. He would surpringly begin climbing the top turnbuckle before calling for his signature frog splash. Julius with a massive Uppercut! Julius however instead of pinning Flynn would lift him up to his knees before locking into the Vice Grip! Julius would squeeze on the skull of Flynn should scream in agony and pain. For why seemed like eternity, Flynn would refuse to tap out, staying in the hold until he seemingly passed out. Before Julius could take the KO victory however, he’d release the hold. Throwing Flynn down to the mat. He’d look to, like Flynn, climb the top turnbuckle and land a Samoan splash, something that would almost definetly end tonight’s contest and seal Julius’ title match against Necce. FKO! FKO! FKO! FLYNN WOULD LEAP TO HIS FEET AND CONNECT WITH THE FKO! 1....2...3! NO! Julius kicks out of the FKO! The first man since BPZ Mania to kick out of the maneuver and only the second man this year. The first being Necce who is now extremely interested in what is about to transpire. Flynn would look on in total shock as slowly Julius would already look to regain himself. Flynn would stomp on he skull of Julius several times before attempting his infamous “Omega Bomb”, his infamous Powerbomb that has put all opponents away. However he’d be too weak to lift up the larger Julius, who’d explode with power out of nowhere, throwing Flynn up and planting him with a soamoan drop! Julius would let out a loud war cry, lifting Flynn straight back up before finally planting him with Hell’s Welcome! Julius would collapse upon hitting the maneuver and before he can pin Flynn, “The Omega” would roll out of the ring and onto the outside floor. The referee would actually before counting slowly to ten, however once Julius would reach his feet, he’d leave the ring, not wanting to take a cheap victory tonight and really show that he is the not dominant competitor in BPZ by putting Flynn away. Julius would slowly lift Flynn up however Flynn would drive hi shoulder into the gut of Julius befor Erin in him spine first int the ring apron. Flynn would proceed to lan several forearms on Julius which appear t be having much more of an effect on the big man then earlier in the match. He’d drive Julius into the barricade before taking to the ring nd attempting a suicide dive! BUT JULIUS WOULD CATCH FLYNN! Julius would plant Flynn spine first before throwing him back into the ring. He’d pin Flynn however it would only be for a two count! Flynn now seemingly dead, looks t have little to no hope as Julius would lift him up for another running powerslam. However, the champ would slide out before locking in the coquina clutch! Julius would stumble aroun the ring before collapsing to the mat! No one has ever broken out of Flynn’s clutch which has even been dubbed “The Slim Killer” as it was primarily invented to take out former World Champion Slim. Flynn would wrench on Julius and finally looks to have the match in the bag, however in a surpring show of power, Julius would explode, pulling himself to his feet before running Flynn into th turnbuckles, BREAING THE HOLD! Julius is now the first ma to break out of the “Slim Killer”. Flynn would climb the top turnbuckle however Julius would quickly rush up to meet him, looking for some type of top rope superplex. Hed grab hold of Flynn from the top rope before pointing to Necce again, seemingly thinking this is the end however this would prove to be another rookie mistake by Julius, as Flynn would flip over Julius before sliding under the big man and grabbing hold, HAVING HIM IN POWERBOMB POSITION! Flynn would walk across the ring holding Julius up showing great power before finally nailing a corner “Omega Bomb” INTO AN FKO! Flynn however would lift Julius up before leaning his skull against the turnbuckles. Flynn now looking to send a message, would form a gun with his hand, pointing it at Necce before Julius, and pulling the trigger... 1....2......3! Flynn has put “The Underboss” away! Flynn just barely would be able to make it to his feet as now he’d be presented a massive trophy for tonight’s victory. Confeti would rain down following the battle that just took place. Flynn would begin celebrating however he’d quickly focus on Julius who after several minutes would be back on his feet. Both men would stair each other down, before finally shaking hands and embracing with a hug. Julius would proceed to leave Flynn and head to the back, leaving Flynn to celebrate his massive victory, and the first ever victor of the Carnage Power Trip Cup! Flynn would however quickly tie to the stage, where the current Universal Champion, the man who ended Flynn’s long standing reign, Necce would be. Former best friends turned rivals would now stair down, the tension in the air boiling over as now the fans would chant “YES” excitement at an all time high for this rematch. However just before Necce woudl tun away and leave.... BLOODY RAINMAKER TO FLYNN! ITS FDS! FDS now stands firmly over Flynn, Necce standing on the stage in shock as FDS, fellow or possibly former member of Ruin stands over the brown body of Flynn. FDS, now looking down on Flynn would slowly lift up Flynn’s newly won trophy before smashing it over his skull! FDS has split Flynn open as blood is pouring out. Necce watches on is complete shock as now FDS lifts up the BPZ World Championship, his intentions clear, he wants the World title and will do anything to get it!
  6. Flynn

    Carnage Power Trip Cup | June 8th 2018

    Another round where my opponent was predicted over me yet I come out on top. That’s how it goes boys.
  7. Flynn

    I Am The Man

    We are only moments away from the main event of the Power Trip Cup show, where Flynn is set to take on protege and hired muscle Julius to see which member of ROA will go on to face Necce. An interviewer for the BPZ Network enters the World Champs locker room, asking him for his thoughts on tonight’s big match. Flynn: “This is what I love for. For Julius, this is the biggest match of his career, for me? It’s just another day at work. Now that doesn’t mean I’m taking thi massive opportunity any lighter then him however to gives to you a grasp of the situation. Julius is going to go out there with the intent to beat me to a pulp, and take that Cup for himself. However the biggest question is how will Julius react under the spotlight. Julius all eyes are on you my friend and while usually we’d be together prior to a match preparing together, planning together TONIGHT you are not my ally, you are my enemy.” “I am the BPZ World Champion. You are a man who just two months ago was still in NXT. It is my job as the World Champion to show all that I am the top dog around here. That no matter the size, the strength or the speed of an opponent, I as the World Champion can overcome such an obstacle, get the job done and walk out victorious because it’s my job..... because I am the man. For three years I’ve been proving it, and tonight I’ll do it once more. Whether you believe so or not Julius, tonight your going down for the 1...2...3, good luck and good night!” Flynn walks off camera, now heading to guerilla possition prior to the main event.
  8. Flynn

    World Cup Sweepstake

    I’m in
  9. Flynn

    Sami Zayn VS Bobby Lashley

    I actually think this will be a great match and while many aren’t to keen on it simply based off that horrible segment, I honestly feel like the low part of this feud is tha Lashley is possibly the most clean cut babyface on RAW next to Bobby Roode. After following what a great heel he was in IMPACT and even a good babyface, I’m surprised that they’ve made him just so generic, especially in today’s times were the crowd often turn on these character types. Many believe Lashley wins here however I actually see Zayn stealing a victory to further pogress the feud.
  10. Flynn

    Music Discussion

    Have to say I’m really diggin this beef that Drake and Pusha T have at the moment. Both are going right after the other showing no restraint and it’s providing us some great rap disses to listen to. Here are the three so far in order.
  11. Flynn

    Sat Between God and The Devil

    We are live on Carnage TV following Mayhem, a destination of several title changes one of which being the coveted BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Flynn, the now former Mr. Money in the Bank, successfully cashed in the night before and won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Not just that but he defeated long time rival Nanovirus, advancing himself to the finals of the Carnage Cup. With the spotlight once again planted firmly on him, what will “The Omega” do next? The Carnage crowd are on their feet, a massive ovation raining down as Flynn slowly steps out slowly turning his back to th crowd showcasing the coveted BPZ World Heavyweight Championship that he proudly sports. He spins around, no smile, instead a stone cold face hidden behind a pair of black shades. He saunters his way Dow the ramp, rolling directly into the ring. Oozing an aura of confidence and swagger. He climbs the top turnbuckle, lifting the championship above his head for all to see, his crown, his prize for are to pay tribute to. A microphone is handed to him as he returns back to the mat. He juggles it between both hands, contemplating the many emotions rushing through him, before finally.....breaking his silence. My moment. This is MY MOMENT. Does it not feel right? From the moment I entered this company I was seen as a prodigy. A young upstart who would go on to not just beat the best but become the best. For the entirety of the year of 2018, I’ve been proving that I am just that. I don’t need to state the plethora of accomplishments I’ve made, no all you need to see, was last night. Last night where I fought through hell to further accomplish my goals and aspirations, where I turned the world upside down and I became for the fourth time in my career, World Champion. I am riding an Ultralight beam of energy, there may be a god above me, but I AM THE GOD OF THIS RING. If there ever was a spot between God and The Devil I’m occupying it. Untouchable, unbeatable, unmatchable, all describe my performances in this squared circle. I’m so sick and tired of people talking about Slim. Tired of hearing that Slim is the man in this company, NO! I AM THE MAN. I’ve said it from day one and I still state it. Last night, I defeated Slim for the FOURTH time in a row in singles competition. You could say I just have his number, but the truth is I got this whole damn companies number. Men like Slim, they fight simply for their own vanity and greed. Men like Smith, they fight for a blind and false cause of good against evil. I..... I fight because I love this. Now it may seem like I’m all over the place right now, but it comes back to the same point. This is my moment, Mayhem, was my moment. And I am living it up. This isn’t a moment for just me, but all of you. A moment for all of you to witness the GOD sitting firmly in his throne again. This right now, is BPZ balanced. A place where order rules.... where ROA rules. Julius, my friend I know you are back there. Flynn looks directly to the back, now firmly focused on his right hand man and opponent at the Carnage Power Trip Cup, the unstoppable monster Julius. The crowd heat up thinking about both partners eventual clash. This is a business and our relationship while becoming close friends has always rested firmly on business. And so I say, if I have to step on your throat, until you reach the point of unconscious all to get my rematch against Necce, I will. I set you loose in this tournament and now I shall come face to face with my own monster, and unlike the rest, I’ll put him away. Now Julius I’m sure you’d love to share your own insight on this match, and so I welcome it. Step into my right brother, and share your thoughts on what is th biggest match of your entire career. (For Julius only to reply)
  12. We are far deep into tonight’s main event, where Nanovirus has challenged BPZ World Champion Slim to a title match. Both men have practically emptied out their move-sets, nether budging for the other. Slim appears to have Nanovirus ready to put away with an Essential Eliminator however before he can execute the maneuver, Nanovirus in an explosion of power, throws Slim onto his shoulders before planting him with an F5. Both men now lay on the mat in pain and exhaustion, for many seconds the fans away for the first man to reach their feet however.... ITS FLYNN! Flynn who just earlier in the night defeated Nanovirus to advance to the finals of the Carnage Power Trip Cup, now stands on the stage, Money in the Bank briefcase in hand, Julius firmly by his side as now he marches to the ring. Flynn slides into the ring before handing the referee his briefcase demanding to be added to this match, and he is! The announcer announces that this is now a “Triple threat match” as Flynn noticing now however that both me are recovering rolls out of the ring, watching as the two men continue their war, unknowing of Flynn’s addition, Nanovirus would trade rights with Slim before finally kicking him in the gut, lifting him up and planting him with a running Package Piledriver!!! Nanovirus seemingly has the match won however before he could go for the pin, he’d be nailed in the back of th skull by a wicked knee! Flynn would pin Nanovirus 1....2...3! FLYNN HAS DONE IT, FLYNN IS BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AGAIN! Flynn would leap to his feet in celebration, the fans all on their feet in shock, Flynn not just cashing in but for the fourth time in his career, winning the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Julius joins Flynn as he closes Mayhem having out smarted Slim and Nanovirus and stolen the World Championship.
  13. Flynn

    King’s Never Die

    We are LIVE on the go-home show of Carnage LIVE just prior to Mayhem, a night extremely essential to the Carnage brand as it marks the semi-finals of Carnage Power Trip Cup, one of the two matches featuring two former bitter rivals in th form of Brad who has recently gone through a total makeover in the form of Nanovirus, a much more sinister, darker side of Brad. His opponent, bitter rival and arguably one of the greatest to ever do it, Flynn. Due to multiple attacks at the hands of Nanovirus, it has been in question as to whether or not Flynn will be ale to compete due to a possibly several injured knee. Nanovirus has recently came out and said that he is the “Bane of the Fallen King” and has inserted a type of fear kno Flynn that will seal his face come Mayhem, if he even is to show up. The Carnage crowd erupts! “Evacuate now!” echoes through the arena as the crowd anxiously await the arrival of Mr. Money in the Bank and “The Omega” Flynn. Finally Flynn does step out however his leg is severally wrapped and he rests firmly on a crutch as many in attendance boo this sight, the fear of Flynn suffering a possible permanent injury creeping further into their minds. Flynn is able to slowly make it to the ring, maneuvering his way through the ropes before having a microphone brought to him. Before he can even speak, “KING FLYNN” rains down from the crowd as they show a tremendous amount of respect for the injured star. Finally with a look of frustration he begins to speak. Its hard.... it’s really really hard to come out here and say this. For my entire career I’ve fought through it all. I’ve busted my ass week in and week out all to prove that I am the best, that I am the unquestionable KING of this wrestling ring...... How can I say that with this, this leg which for weeks and weeks many have questioned as to whether or not if it’s truly healthy. If I need to take some time off because I’ve been doing this for three years straight, no extended time off working almost every damn show I was asked to work busting my ass all to prove to you people that I’m th best. My knee gave out as I was crying th carnage band on my back for nearly one entire year. It gave out and Nanovirus you targeted it and you tried to make it t where I would never walk again. You claim to have distilled fear into me, and in a way it worked. No I don’t fear you, I fear the possibility of never stepping in this rig again. I feared that I wouldn’t get the chance to prove to you for the thirteenth time that as long as I’m in your way, you’ll forever remain beneath that final step to reach the top. I say I feared, because now I know..... Flynn looks down in disappointment, the worst case scenario creeping into everyone’s minds before finally Flynn looks up. Many fans in attendance beginning to chant “thank you Flynn” as he smiles, however before he continues to speak, he drops his crutch straight the canvas, standing up straight, an audible gasp filling the building. Flynn would then in a showing of fiery passion, rip off the tape around his knee, the fans beginning to cheer as he throws the tape out of the ring, slapping his knee several times showing no signs of injury. I KNOW NOW, THAT I AM FINE! The crowd now riding an emotional rollercoaster explode with cheers. Nanovirus, you believed it was the easy? Beating down on a knee of a wrestling GOD would be enough? HELL NO! I have come t far to stop now, worked too hard for it all to be thrown away like this. I am the Omega, I am the next BPZ World Champion and I am the man who at Mayhem will punch his ticket straight to the finals of the Carnage Cup! My knee is perfectly fine however after this weekend Nanovirus, you certainly won’t be. Flynn throws his microphone down, throwing both arms in the air as he is fully healed and ready to take on Nanovirus at Mayhem. Can Flynn overcome the man from Hell itself?

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