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  1. In with the 16 Warriors.
  2. The Fiend should win here. Bray Wyatt has done an absolutely fantastic job with his new character and I believe putting the title on him was the right move since Summerslam. I believe this match absolutely makes Rollins title reign however as this his his third opponent now in a row that is a true credible challenger. This is exactly what world title programs should be. Rollins, the Champion, facing some of the strongest kayfabe wise in WWE. From Lesnar, to Strowman, to Wyatt. However in no way, shape, or form do I expect Wyatt to win here unless of course hey just wanna totally fuck up this new character. Either way, it’s looking like we will be getting The Fiend vs Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series which is absolute HYPE!
  3. The Orlando Magic are a pretty awful organization overall. Any star they’ve ever had could never lead the organization to any success due to the fact that they have no idea how to build around their stars. Good luck pal, you’ll need it.
  4. What could of easily been the best match of the entire show, and what felt like it was going to be was instead turned into a completely unneeded, unnecessary squash on the pre-show. There’s serval problems with this, obviously with the first being that you put AJ Styles on the pre-show. The second being that this has totally derailed Alexander’s push that he’s been getting, and for all purposes seemingly buried the guy. You had Styles squash him but proceeded to have the OC beat on him after the match. No War Raiders save even though I thought that was a feud they were going with, nothing. It feels more like this was just to have a title match and have AJ Styles on the card for the United States Championship, since that’s the rules of the show. Hopefully we have a better program for the belt going forward. Seems like they’ll probably continue Strowman vs Styles. As for Alexander, I don’t see a very bright future for him following this showing.
  5. Extremely excited for the draft. I’m guessing champions will be brand exclusive from this? That or tag titles and women’s titles will just have to be traded/vacated which sounds like it could really make things confusing and complicated. Anyways a few things I would love to see: 1. Brock Lesnar’s return to Smackdown. If I’m not mistaken, Lesnar has not been on Smackdown since his original stint in WWE in 2004, which means he has not appeared at all on the blue brand in 15 years, which is pretty insane to think that he just never showed up once during his most recent stint. Anyways I think it would totally freshen Smackdown up and the Brock Lesnar character to move him to Smackdown. 2. A total shakeup of the rosters. I want the entire card for each show to come across as fresh. No more Baron Corbin vs Seth Rollins, McIntyre vs Rollins, Reigns vs Joe. I feel like I’ve been watching the same matches/feuds on repeat for three years now, despite the brand split existing. Hopefully this keeps things new and interesting. 3. Tag divisions restored. This goes more for the RAW Tag division rather then Smackdown which has always been treated rather well aside from a few dry periods. RAW’s Tag division needs to be treated more fairly and the TAG TEAMS of the division need to get more title opportunities aside from the same random singles stars that pair up. I’d start this all by building around Ziggler and Roode going forward. 4. Don’t split the Club up again. Like don’t, it ruined Gallows and Anderson being away from Styles. Dividing and conquering didn’t work. KEEP THE OC TOGETHER.
  6. Went with Steve Austin here. He was the hottest act and top babyface going into Wrestlemania, where he had a stellar main event against the Rock, before going on to be the hottest heel in wrestling as WWE Champion. You gotta remember that while a heel, he was still the most popular thing going in the company so he wins 2001 for me by far.
  7. Three big matches announced for Pilot! It has been officially announced by NXT, that their pilot episode will feature three big matches. The first announced being the returning Neville going head to head with a Lucha Libre legend in Rey Mysterio! Not just that, but later in the night Kota Ibushi for the first time ever will take on Drew McIntyre. These two matches are not just first time match-ups but they reveal four more additional members of this NXT roster featuring Mysterio, Neville, Ibushi and McIntyre in what is a mix of entirely different styles of wrestling. Finally in the Pilot episodes main event, Adam Cole will defend his NXT Championship against none other then Johnny Gargano! These two have a largely heated past and a plethora of historical moment for that NXT Championship, so is there any better way to kick off this new era then with some old rivals? This will all premier October 2nd on the FOX Network!
  8. This ended up being a pretty entertaining match. I was really wondering if Seth would beat Braun clean since Braun is practically the most protected guy in terms of who he loses to next to Brock. Nice to see Seth follow up the big win over Brock with another on Braun however it makes you wonder what comes next. The Fiends attack was a bit expected however I don’t see Rollins overcoming this challenger. Unless of course they want to totally ruin how overBray Wyatt currently is of course, which wouldn’t surprise me at all. Overall loved the match and ending, and really excited for Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins which I hope actually see’s Bray win the Universal title as he is the hottest thing going on RAW and should be the champion of the show.
  9. Flynn

    I'm Still Here

    The mood of the arena changes. Yelich, as well as the thousands in attendance turn toward the stage. All eyes are on the stage entrance as the BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Bashka steps out, his eyes deranged. He is followed by both of the Tag Team Champions as Hans and BIC flank him. All three men look to be all business as they slowly march to the ring. Yelich appears more and more uneasy as time goes on, however isn’t even given a chance to put up a fight as he’s planted from behind by Flynn! Flynn with a steel chair lays Yelich out! He begins laying into Yelich further with the chair, like a deranged lunatic! Flynn drops the chair, before stepping over Yelich’s broken body. The camera now firmly on him, the rest of Bullet Proof joining him in the ring. Flynn’s body looks broken, his hair is a mess and heavy bags appear underneath his eyes. The Undisputed Champion shows scars not just from his match with Echo but the bloody and brutal beatdown he suffered from following the match at the hands of the Antichrist. Flynn is staring directly into the hard camera, his eyes blood shot, and a noticeably shiny black eye. He turns back toward Yelich, grabbing ahold of Hans and whispering something to the United States Champion. Hans nods, as he and BIC now zero in on Yelich. BiC grabbing ahold of him, before suddenly slapping Yelich straight across the cheek. The impact like a shock of lightning in the arena, before suddenly lifting him up, Hans catching Yelich with FIRST CLASS FLIGHT! Flynn now is pacing the ring, his hams over his head as he is muttering to himself. He appears to be in an extremely unstable state here tonight, before suddenly out of nowhere, Bashka gets in Flynn’s face. He’s screaming at the Undisputed Champion, Flynn seemingly nodding like a mad man in response, turning directly around to see BiC holding up Yelich. Hans now hands Flynn his steel chair, all three encouraging the Undisputed Champion..... STRAIGHT ACROSS THE SKULL OF YELICH. Yelich collapses to the mat, and rolled straight to the floor by Bashka, showing no mercy to the poor man who has seemingly been brutalized and attacked at the hands of Bullet Proof for no reason. Flynn is them handed a microphone, anger and resentment in his voice, as we hear him speak for the first time since his brutal attack. I have been forced for an entire week to heal in a hospital bedroom. I have been FORCED FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK, to ponder everything that happened to me last week. I HAVE BEEN FORCED FOR THE LAST WEEK TO HEAL, TO PONDER, AND TO WAIT FOR THIS EXACT MOMENT! AND IF YOU THINK, ANY OF THIS IS ABOUT THAF STUPID PIECE OF CRAP LAYING OUTSIDE OF THE RING, THEN YOU HAVE OBVIOUSLY NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION! Flynn is screaming at the top of his lungs, his face turned a bright red, his fists balled up ready to fight. Quickly all three members of Bullet Proof surround him, attempting to calm him down. Flynn after a brief moment begins taking deep breaths before nodding. He collects himself before returning to the middle of the ring. I do apologize. It is not often that I am forced into such a barbaric state however even you sheep must understand the predicament I have been placed in. A week ago I have Echo exactly where I want him, I am just moments away from practically putting down another one of BPZ’s pretenders before I am blind sided, broken down and left to rot by none other then that psychopath Necce. Following that, I learn days later that Echo Wilson has been granted a FREE Championship opportunity despite NOT defeating me SS was the purpose of the match. Echo, a man who I had beat HANDED a FREE championship opportunity all because of what? Necce hit him before he hit me? Who is the idiot that made that call? Not only that but I’m forced to listen to doctors who have no idea what the hell they are talking about, forcing me into an extremely uncomfortable hospital bed. Where I was forced to stay until several of my minor injuries had resolved themselves. I do hope my pity story has cleared up exactly why I was FORCED to do what I did to Yelich just then. My brothers and I have consulted. Necce has made it all very clear as to what it is that he wants. I have listened to my brothers inputs, their thoughts and opinions and using it, I have formed my epiphany! Necce, you can get your title opportunity at Survival Games. IT WILL BE FLYNN VS NECCE VS ECHO WILSON FOR THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP..... IF! If.... only if you do one thing. At Bad Blood. I want to go face to face with the Antichrist. You meet me there, and you allow me to look you in the eyes, I’ll add you to the match. However, I am not done there. Bad Blood, I continue my mission of saving BPZ. Later THAT SAME NIGHT, will be Money in the Bank. A barbaric showcase, of some of BPZ’s most brutal, disgusting moments. I am announcing myself for the ladder match, as Bullet Proof’s representation. I will NOT however be putting my body on the line. I will NOT go through the punishment that the ladder match promises. Most importantly, I will NOT be there to open the match. I will wait. I will watch. And then when everyone is broken, demolished and injured, I WILL WIN! Because you see Money in the Bank is the most powerful weapon in BPZ history. Just look at your current BPZ World Champion. He has been riding a massive wave of success and finds himself at the very top, but what got him there? Exactly my point. Hans and BiC quickly roll out of the ring where Yelich was beginning to be carted off. They circle around Yelich, seemingly scaring several of the medical personal away. Quickly in a disgusting show of disrespect they rip him off the cart, before rolling him back into the ring. They begin stomping him down into the corner as Flynn continues his monologue. I realized a long time ago in BPZ that actions speak louder then words. This company, it needs me because I’m the one who’s keeping it all from crumbling. Men like Necce, if they had ahold of my Undisputed Championship, this company would be in pure chaos. I keep the order. I keep things in line. At Bad Blood, I will put EVERYONE IN LINE- Flynn suddenly spins around, Yelich is thrown forward by both Hans and BIC, AND RECEIVES A NASTY KNEE TO THE SKULL! Flynn now, the deranged look returning as he and all four members of Bullet Proof stand over Yelich. Flynn’s proclamation made, his brothers, the Tag Team Champions and Intercontinental Champions all firmly backing him.
  10. Match Card: Seth Rollins (c) vs Braun Strowman: WWE Universal Championship Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton: WWE Championship Bayley (c) vs Charlotte Flair: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks: WWE Raw Women's Championship Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode: WWE Raw Tag Team Championships New Day (Big E and Xaiver Woods) (c) vs The Revival: WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz: WWE Intercontinental Championship AJ Styles (c) vs Cedric Alexander: WWE United States Championship Drew Gulak (c) vs Humberto Carrillo vs Lince Dorado: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville: WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Roman Reigns vs Eric Rowan: No Disqualifications Match Bonus Questions: Which Match is the Preshow match: Cruiser weight title match Which match starts the show: AJ Styles Vs Cedric Alexander which match ends the show: Seth Rollins Vs Braun Strowman will the fiend make a appearance at the end of the Universal Championship match:yes Will The Revival Cost Kofi Kingston the match: No
  11. The show called Clash of Champions, will be closed by a match that has no championship, nor any business being he main event of a PPV. I’m guessing if it actually is closing the show, something big is going to happen. Just please don’t give us Backlash 2018 where Roman just beat Samoa Joe clean and that was it. In 2019, I don’t think anyone gives a single fuck about watching Roman Reigns overcome the monster heel and beat him with a Superman punch and spear.
  12. 1. Basketball 2. American Football 3.Soccer @Smith
  13. Flynn’s Top 5: 1. Tom Brady: A forty-two year old man who dominates his sport to this day. No one has been able to stay on top longer, and continues to have found as much success as Tom Brady. At the rate he’s going he won’t be slowing down anytime soon either. 2. Floyd Mayweather: 50-0 Is the most impressive record in Boxing history. By that account alone Mayweather is by far the GOAT of his sport. Not just that but he’s done so by almost never being knocked down, or seemingly struggled in his fights. 3: Michael Jordan: The GOAT of basketball and in many’s opinions the GOAT of all sports. Two separate three peats. He was dominant offensively and defensively. Not only this but he was a pop culture phenomenon, and to this day his sneakers remain some of the most popular shoes to wear. 4/5: Michael Phelps/Pele: Tremendous athletes, dominant in each of their sports. Nothing comes close to what these two have each accomplished.
  14. Early Week 3 Predictions: A Block: Jonathan vs. Bart: Bart FDS vs. Kenji: Kenji Julius vs. Prince: Julius B Block: Sameer vs. Hollow: Sameer Slim vs. Hans: Hans Smith vs. Bashka: Bashka
  15. Simply seeing 4 SINGLES STARS be the participants for the RAW Tag titles at the one show of the years that’s strictly about Championships is just depressing. These titles have really suffered over the past few years. I feel like the last time the RAW Tag Team division actually had Tag Teams competing for it were the days of The Bar as champions. They had feuds with the New Day, Anderson and Gallows, the Hardy’s and The Shield buy more importantly, while they were singles stars thrown together it took them months of learning how to become a Tag Team before they became The Bar and more importantly won the titles. This right here is the exact opposite. The champions teamed together for the first time, were granted a free title shot with no experience as a Tag Team and more importantly BEAT THE CHAMPS. The challengers, teamed together FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, and beat THREE established teams in a row. It’s embarrassing. It makes it seem like it doesn’t matter if an established tag team has been around, they stand no chance against the singles stars, so why even have them? Kayfabe wise it already makes zero sense as to why they can beat all of these tag teams. The Club have been a Team for YEARS! They couldn’t beat this team that doesn’t even like each other and have never teamed together. It is the Team Hell No effect but atleast that was about the Tag titles. The entire purpose of this is to better prop up and add stakes to the Universal Championship match. Which diminishes the value of the tag titles and makes them look like nothing more them props. I do hope Roode and Ziggler win the titles and from there they can actually establish the two as a strong tag team.
  16. Flynn


    I read the promos too dog.
  17. This at the very least has been a very INTERESTING feud. I believe they totally fucked up the build to this by having some random guy with a beard revealed as the attacker, only a week later to show A BLURRY VIDEO OF A GUY WITH A RED BEARD, and totally pretend like the previous week didn’t happen. I mean Bryan and Rowan could of literally said that the guy they found was the one in the video. Why would they. Absolutely ridiculous. Rowan turning on Bryan has me feeling like we are on the verge of a Bryan face turn which is fine. I don’t want the same old face Bryan if this is the case. I would love the deranged, heel Bryan to just be transitioned into a more face role. If that is the case, then Harper will most likely return here and help Rowan warm the victory, with a Bryan return on Smackdown to set up a tag team match. Either way I feel Rowan should defiantly win this match. Modern WWE is missing what every other era of WWE has had and that is dominant monsters. All we have is Braun Strowman. When looking back, we had the likes of King Kong Bundy with Andre The Giant. Kane with the Undertaker. Mark Henry and The Big Show. These dominant monsters help fill out the roster as they provide incredible challenges for faces to overcome. I do believe Rowan is talented enough to be one as well as he’s showed to be well around in the ring and on the microphone(his promo skills aren’t bad, but they are really weird). However a fun twist of fate I could see is in an eventual Harper and Rowan vs Bryan and Reigns match, Bryan simply turning on Reigns to reveal he was the mastermind behind it all along.
  18. Overall this feud has been booked exceptionally well. Ortons character since turning heel last year has been fantastic and this honestly is the culmination of it all. The feud against Kofi not only fits him hating the hero’s of the WWE and the underdog type characters, it also really helped that these two have a ton of history. I actually think that ten years after what can be considered the burial of Kofi and what was the match that sent him down the card in 2009, it’s so fitting that these two are feuding ten years later for the WWE Championship. With that all being said, I don’t think Kofi will walk out of Clash of Champions with the title. The way things are going, they’ll want to continue this to Hell in a Cell and I don’t think they want another no contest. Orton winning the championship here, is the perfect set up for the third match in the Cell. It shows that Orton was right all along and plays heavily in the heels favor. More often then thought and this is exceptionally true in 2019, we see the face win clean but for some reason the feud continue on the next night(Rollins vs Corbin). Having Orton win here plays a lot of dividends into the story of Kofi. I’d have him win the championship back at Hell in a Cell but it will set a ton of unpredictability into what has been a fantastic feud.
  19. Absolutely horrendous build for this match. The most recent Smackdown perfectly capped it off when it was a segment of Mandy Rose explaining to everyone that she is beautiful and Nikki Cross isn’t. If that doesn’t reek of desperation or a lack of ideas I don’t know what does. Something I just don’t understand is why did they have Alex and Nikki defeat the entire division in their short few weeks as champions(including fire and desire which makes this match that much stranger and perplexing). I want to see Alexa and Nikki retain here because something this division has lacked is true strong champions over a consistent amount of time. That should of been Bayley and Sasha but for whatever reason they ended that early on. The Iconics spent the entire summer off TV. This division needs a long running strong title reign 1. For the entire division to build around and 2. To truly establish and build the prestige of the titles as they have none right now. Hopefully however following this they begin investing in more women’s tag teams. It’s looking like two big ones could be hitting the division with Charlotte and Becky, as well as Sasha and Bayley again.
  20. From an in-ring standpoint, this should be fantastic. While it does feel thrown together, I’ve enjoyed the booking of Alexander and the booking of this match as it felt very natural and organic. He’s been given a lot of spotlight since his feud with McIntyre and this will continue to show just how good he is. I fully expect Styles to win here but not without some OC involvement and I would love to see this continue to Hell in a Cell. It would really spotlight Alexander as well as flesh out his character which so far, is just the RAW version of Mustafa Ali, expect he doesn’t cut weird promos on street corners.
  21. Bayley seemingly has not fully gone heel just yet. She’s committed two acts so far that would signal a heel turn but her character has not changed in the slightest and that was most obvious in her segments on Smackdown with Ember Moon when she explained she’s the same person, and proceeded in the match to show that she is the exact same Bayley. Charlotte meanwhile has done nothing to show that she is a face. It’s an extremely interesting dynamic as both seem to be in a sort of tweener(if not Charlotte is still the same heel). Tweeners are extremely rare in modern WWE however that seems to be the route their going with Bayley for now. I believe Bayley should win here. She’s got a great opportunity to continue to go down this road with Sasha and I see a dynamic champion duo incoming from the two. Something that could really help Bayley be elevated from the mediocre storylines she’s been given the past few months.
  22. I actually don’t see a clear winner here. The feud has been built well however I never saw the point in Rollins and Strowman teaming up and then having to face each other. I understand the story and dynamic but I do not feel these two are the right type of players for this feud. It has worked in the past, with obviously the best version being the mega powers. This just feels like a rushed, thrown together version of the mega powers. It’s not original, and even with the involvement of STEVE AUSTIN, has been that good. How can you throw Austin into a feud, and still not produce anything entertaining? They'll lose the Tag titles earlier in the night to Ziggler and Roode who I believe will be running the Tag division going forward. I actually see The Fiend getting involved here, taking out both men and causing a no contest setting up a triple threat match. He’s been teasing a lot of involvement in this feud and the only reason I believe it’ll end up being a triple threat between the three is because he isn’t focused on just the Universal Championship in his promos. He is mentioning both Braun and Seth as if he’s coming for both of them. I think that will be the most fitting ending to this match as neither man will have to lose to the other and sets up a fantastic triple threat Hell in a Cell match.
  23. Chad Gable was someone I had lost all hope for. His stint in NXT showed that he is charismatic, entertaining, and can be absolutely brilliant in the ring. This King of the Ring run is showing that brilliance excellently however I do believe the way his character is being booked is very poor. He is humiliated and made fun of weekly and never stands up for himself. He consistently puts on a pouty, crybaby face every time he is insulted. I feel like it is made to build sympathy but you’d think by this point he’d build some type of confidence for himself. I do believe that he will be robbed if he loses to Corbin as you’ve clearly built him up for the big win. To give it to Cronin here would just be a waist as we’ve seen in the past with big Corbin wins(ATGBR, MITB, Angles Retirement) they never exactly do anything for him and he remains on the exact same level as he was prior to them. Gable on the other hand can use this to push himself into more angles and feuds and more importantly get himself on TV. Overall though I’ve loved this tournament and do believe Corbins performed well despite what many think about him. His matches against Miz and Cedric were both very good and the booking of the three way suited his character well. Looking forward to the finals for sure.
  24. Paul Levesque Announces Massive Signing! In shocking news, the CEO of NXT, came out today to announce several signings for NXT’s new brand, as he has come to a multi year deal with none other then SETH ROLLINS! This is a massive move as Rollins is arguably one of, if not the best in ring worker today. Going further, he announced that all of Undisputed Era will be returning, their Championship titles with them as Adam Cole will return as our NXT Champion, as well as the entire faction will still be the NXT Tag Team Champions, picking up right where they left off. However, before he ended the press conference, he would have one more big signing announcement...... That is right, AJ Styles! AJ Styles will be joining the Undisputed Era and Seth Rollins on Wednesday night. There was a ton of speculation as to where the “Phenomenal One” would be going following the fall of WWE. However it appears the relationship built with Paul Levesque over the past few years was strong enough for him to sign on with NXT. NXT premiers October 2nd on the FOX Network!
  25. Undisputed Championship Match Set! Following the controversial ending to this past weeks match between Echo Wilson and Flynn, which saw “The Antichrist” Necce brutally beatdown both men, leaving the final decision of the match up in the air. Following further review, it has been decided that Echo Wilson shall receive a title opportunity as Necce had struck Echo first, giving him the DQ victory and earning him a Championship opportunity. Many wonder however following such a brutal beatdown, how will Necce respond to the announcement of this Championship bout?

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