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    First Shot

    We are backstage following Saint Valentines Day Massacre’s Tag Team number one contenders match. Several reporters surround a table where the winners of said match, Flynn and Necce are suppose to be interviewed however only Jeremiah Flynn appears walking out of the locker room. He beams red, sweat trickling down his forehead, however he shows no signs of any battle wounds. He appears in tip-top shape after what was a disturbing and dominant performance. He stares around at several cameras as he takes a seat, downing a bottle of water before looking straight into the hard camera the viewers at home are watching from. “There’s not a god damn thing better then the sweet delicate taste of victory. More then that there’s nothing better then revenge. Out there just now, Legacy of Violence put on a clinic, we did exactly what we said we’d do. We brought the violence. For the first time in this shows history, there was a massacre. For this first time in this companies history, I didn’t hold back. Necce has unlocked my true potential, the real me and I feel better then I ever have. However I’m not one to dwell on the past and that victory was fine and all but now we look to the show of shows, the showcase of the immortals. BPZ Mania we shall witness the Legacy of Violence take on Creeds resident dyad, Bart and Smith. When Bulletproof first formed, Bart and Smith were two of the first casualties. They fell within the cross fire of our war to purge this place of its weaknesses. Through it, Bulletproof made them stronger, it made them ban together which was something we had not planned for. Creed since has proven to only be an annoyance, and something that has yet to be eradicated from this companies history books.” “So I say, if you want it done, you must do it yourself. Smith and Bart are each overrated, boring and mediocre talents that banned together turn “decent” into “good” but that’s where the positives end for this tandem. They show a lack of charisma, little to no drive, their in ring work is sloppy and yet with all the talent they hold it is consistently waisted every time they step in that ring. They are held back by their ideals and the fact that they choose to fight for those people. They see themselves as hero’s, and that’s good because they will die at BPZ Mania on that humble hill they choose to sit on. What we did tonight, is NOTHING compared to what we have in store of you two. This is something I’ve been waiting months for, dreaming and salivating over. We aren’t some rookie tandem, we aren’t some thrown together duo with a shitty backstory like the two of you. We are Legacy. Necce and I’s brotherhood runs with the history of this company, from the near beginning to the coming future.” “You two see yourselves as the best. You see yourselves as the elite. You are wrong. WE ARE THE BEST, WE ARE THE ELITE. The last time a power trio held those Tag Team Championships in the Kingdom, we tore that Kingdom apart. And you two are no better in fact I’d say you are a bit of a step down. Tonight I have a sermon as the Antichrist damned Sheridan and Slim to the depths of hell. At BPZ Mania, We will bless you both with pain and bloodshed. We will spill your blood on the biggest stage of them all and together we will take those Tag Team Championships from you by force, and with ease. I’m done here.” Flynn jumps to his feet, turning away from the cameras and storming off back into his private locker room. Leaving a short but simple message as the first shots have been fired for this BPZ Mania mega match.
  2. Flynn


    We open on a bright and cheerful scene. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers wave in the breeze of another beautiful morning. Jangly guitar music begins to play followed by the sweet tones of a flute. As the camera pans over to the big red door however, the the music quickly fades. Instead we are left with a long deafening silence as all light begins to go dark. We are left in a black mass with only one single visual in sight: the red door. Suddenly the door knob is pulled on, however it appears to be locked. Suddenly the unknown party begins to slam on the door. A horrifying screech is heard as they slam against the door, unrelenting, each pound on the door growing more and more powerful. Suddenly after one final slam, everything stops. We teleport to a rainy scene somewhere else however there is one consistency: the red door. The door however this time slowly opens, the camera entering a black room. It became a quickly recognizable, the Antichrist Corner however in a much different state. It has seemingly been torn apart and destroyed, overrun with insects and rats. Spiderwebs hang as several blood stains are spotted around the room. Suddenly as the camera pans out, Jeremiah Flynn comes into view. A black leather jacket and pants, no shirt and combat boots. He stares deep into the camera. Hello, and welcome to OUR corner. This is where we reside, where we wait and where we plan. Who is WE you may be asking yourselves. It is of course myself and...... him. ”The Antichrist” himself suddenly comes into view, however just as quickly as he arrived, he disappears. He’s been waiting a long time for this you know. Saint Valentines Day Massacre. The day he reminds you Slim of everything you’ve ever said and done to him. He’s going to make you pay. He’s going to break you like never before. I’m going to break you like never before. You pulled a clever little stunt, that segment with Sheridan. You knew that when Legacy reunited, the true Legacy, it wouldn’t be long until we came for you. So you threw yourself in our path, you aligned yourself with management and you believe that by doing these things, you can prevent the inevitable? That’s all this is, an inevitability. You will suffer an unworldly beating, you will walk a mile through hell itself and you will be beaten with ease. By me. By him. By us. You aren’t alone however in this and while Necce shows no concern and is primarily focused on ripping you apart Slim, I actually do care for your tag partner. Sheridan, sweet women, you sent me down this path. The man you see before you, is a product of your own vanity and greed. You took my position of power because I was deemed selfish. Yet now you stand on a high horse looking down on all of us, blood thirsty and the promise to beat us down to a pulp. To place your boot, upon all of our throats, and watch as we squirm beneath it. I find you to be repulsive. You are a liar and a cheat, you stripped me of my championship and now you show allegiance to the literal scum of this company. You are going to pay just as dearly as Slim will. Greed, is a disgusting sin. One that will cost the both of you. I find this match, this tag team massacre you are both about to step forward into so fitting. Necce and I, we are on a mission of revenge. A mission, to finish the fights that we each began. So how fitting is it, that we finish unfinished business by ripping you two to shreds to begin this bloody journey to the top. You have made yourselves sacrificial lambs to the gods. Sheep walking directly into your own slaughter. I promise you both, this will not be quick and easy, and this will not be a close match. We aren’t hear to put on a show. We are going to severely hurt you people. Then we are going on extremely embarrassing fashion, beat you in front of the world in such ease and quickness that it will be indisputable as to the fact that you are not in our league. Yet I still ponder, what is it that drives you specifically Sheridan? You step into those lights in front of that crowd and you tell the same story we’ve heard for months now. How hard you’ve worked, the magnitude of the matches you’ve been involved in. Yet every time you tell it, I believe I care less and less and I began not caring in the first place. You believe you’ve given me the opportunity to show you respect? No. That’s just not true. I’ve given you the opportunity to earn my respect and you embarrassingly fail each and every time. You won’t get the opportunity this time. I’m not laughing at you, I and Necce, we do not find this to be a joking matter no, I’m serious about everything I’ve said. We are going to hurt you. We are going to break you. When all is said and done you will look to the stars, you will look to the Legacy of Violence, the figurative gods of that ring. We are the hierarchy. We are the elite of the elite. At Saint Valentines Day Massacre, WE ARE THE MASSACRE. Pain is a disease that we will infest this company with. No one will be able to save you, not even god himself. A loud thunderbolt is heard as we cut to black. A final message sent just before Legacy’s big tag team bout this weekend.
  3. That’s the exact same question you can ask for Drew McIntyre. When’s the next time he may get this shot, you have no clue.
  4. Myself and @Necce are Legacy of Violence.
  5. We are coming off what was an absolutely epic night for BPZ Wrestling, a night that crowned our brand new Undisputed Champion, the leader of Bulletproof, Hans Clayton. However Bulletproof as a whole did not experience an extremely successful night as earlier on we witnessed all three members of the Firing Squad come up short. Tonight, Jeremiah Flynn, has promised the world exactly what his future entails. The “Supreme Ringleader”, the former Undisputed Champion would step out full of confidence, his eyes ice cold and his veins pumped for whatever his announcement is tonight. He stands high on the stage, staring around at the thousands in attendance, a sly smile given before quickly being washed away by a more serious, more intimidating grimace. Marching directly to the ring, he sports an all white leather jacket and pants. He paces himself down the ramp, eyeing down several fans before focusing just on the ring. He circles around before rolling under the bottom rope, placing a single palm on the mat. He sits in this position for just a moment before taking to his feet, his music quickly cutting off as he begins to speak. “I watched Wildcard, as an outcast of this company. A man that held the entire world in his hands, left with nothing. I watched on in horror as to what took place for my brothers in the Firing Squad. Yet through it all, despite what this company would have you believe the best of us came through to the end and our fearless leader, Hans Clayton retrieved Bulletproofs property in the Undisputed Championship. A piece of gold that has marked the very founding of this great dynasty going back to Summerslam of last year. Yet now here I stand wondering what is it that is left for me? Unfinished business. You see I’ve learned in life that if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. At Wildcard, I witnessed history repeat itself. Creed defeated Bulletproof, again. With sadness in my heart I witnessed the first group of disgusting rebels to stand up to our order, continue their string of success. This is something I wish- no, I must correct.” “When you live by the Creed, you die by the Creed. You two rough riders, you believe yourselves to be superior. You reign over these people as THE BPZ TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! You’ve defeated everything I’ve thrown at you. And through it all, you stand proudly with Bulletproof property. Our BPZ Tag Team Championships. You stole those titles from the First Class Express and while that duo suffered a sour expiration date, I am an individual who recognizes the banner over the brands that fall under it. I came to this ring one week ago and I made a deceleration, that not even god can save who I’m coming for. No one can. Bart and Smith, you have met your end. Jeremiah Flynn, a man I know you two oh so desperately wish to avoid, and a man who gladly will prey on that. Sadly it takes two to tango so I’m fully understanding that if I wish to take those Tag Team Championships from Creed, I can’t do it alone.” “Bulletproof is full of perfect suitors to be my Tag Team partner, but I want to make a statement. I want to send a message to everyone. I don’t want to beat Creed, no I want to hurt them, I want this to be an extremely unenjoyable, and painful experience for the both of them. I’ve spent my entire career building a legacy of gold. My golden legacy covers a vast vault of prizes and riches, championships and money. However now, I find myself with a new craving, a new mission. A Legacy of Violence, one of pain and suffering for those who wrong me, and all of Bulletproof. So when it came down to it, choosing who I wish to go down this road with, was pretty god damn easy.....”
  6. Carnage Wildcard: The Night That Can Define BPZ Mania? We sit just days before the second ever iteration of Carnage Wildcard, a Carnage Super-show that has promised to bring us four championship bouts. Much like the first iteration it will only feature championship matches and from top to bottom looks to be a stacked card with several first time ever matches. Now it’s easy to looks at this was just another event but when you really break things down, you look at all the participants involved you realize just how important this night could be in the make-up or this years BPZ Mania. Overall I, Flynn, will look this card up and down and carefully explain how each match is so important in the grand make-up of this companies biggest show of the year. The first and most predictable result of the night comes in the form of a brand new Intercontinental Champion. This was a clear and obvious booking move by BPZ’s booking team to take the Intercontinental Title off of Arius BIMM coming out of his Royal Rumble victory and give it to another massive name in Slim to set up a big BPZ Mania match. This will allow Arius to go on and challenge Julius in his years main event as well as allow the title to go on and be featured in a separate bout earlier in the night. Of course there’s there’s the second option BPZ has on its plate, where Arius retains in a big defense just before BPZ Mania and heads into his bout with Julius as Champion. This sets up a massive Champion vs Champion bout possibly for both Championships. It would be the first time in years that an individual would hold both straps however would be all the more fitting for the fifth installment of BPZ Mania. This would free Slim up to move on to other opportunities, such as a Premium Championship, Tag Team Championship or Undisputed Championship match at BPZ Mania. While this is the most clear cut of the bunch, things begin to get a bit more interesting in the next match-ups. The Firing Squad take on Creed in what is yet another exciting Tag Team bout in the reign of Smith and Bart. While this is a first time match up, there’s months and months of history here dating back to Summerslam of last year, when Bullet Proof first came into being, screwing Bart out of the Undisputed Championship. Now, the supposed “frontline” of Bulletproof, the Firing Squad have seemingly run rough shot through the BPZ roster over the past few months. With Jeremiah Flynn coaching the young tandem, they’ve proven to only excel as a tag team as apposed to singles stars. Now there’s obviously two ways this can go. Creed yet again retain on the road to BPZ Mania, further elevating the straps to a main event level and setting up possibly a massive Tag Team bout at BPZ Mania with a team yet to be revealed. Several rumors have gone around that BPZ is in contact with teams such as the Clapspircay to make a return for a BPZ Mania dream match. This would leave the Firing Squad without much to do however aside from a possible tag team match lower down the card, unless the company decided to split up the young tandem. The second option however could be just, or possibly more interesting. Smith is coming off a big loss to the returning FDS. This came off as The Firing Squad has actually injured Smith leading into the bout itself. That same injury could come into play again here, seeing the Firing Squad steal the championships and head into the show of shows with the straps. This sets up either a possible rematch and redemption story for Smith, or the Creed members could split apart heading into BPZ Mania in separate singles bouts. We could witness the likes of Bart vs Slim for the Intercontinental Championship, or a host of other possibilities featuring both men. The possibilities are endless for the two elite talents who could practically be paired with anyone and it would almost certainly be a barn burner of a match. The most underrated match of the night, could possibly be the best from a sheer in ring standpoint as two of the most hard hitting, and dominant men in the company today are set to go at it for the BPZ North American Championship. This is possibly the most unpredictable match of the night as the challenger for the North American Championship at BPZ Mania, Buddy Ace could be paired with either KENJI or Bob Sparks and you’d have two very different, but distinct feuds. Bob Sparks winning three championship here would certainly feel like payoff following his brutal war with Bailey, and big win over Raven at the Royal Rumble. However at the same time KENJI’s journey in BPZ, to winning the North American Championship, and since being champion has been one of the most captivating and emotional journeys in the companies history. Either could win or lose here with a plethora of options for the loser, and that’s why while it remains the most unpredictable, it holds the least weight in the grand scheme of all of BPZ. This is a diamond in the rough and both of these talents careers are just beginning here in BPZ. The BPZ Undisputed Championship was left without a holder in controversial fashion just a month prior to this event. Now we are set to witness four of BPZ’s elite in Hans Clayton, Bailey, Sameer and FDS lock horns to decide who will be the next Undisputed Champion. This is an extremely interesting bout as it will arguable decide one half of one of the biggest bouts at this years BPZ Mania. It has already been chronicled that Sameer will almost definitely be facing Brenden himself at this years BPZ Mania, and so this creates an extremely interesting scenario as to if they wanted to make that bout for the Undisputed Championship just to make it feel even bigger then it already is. This would leave Hans Clayton to most likely go on and face Isiah Carter possibility’s for his Premium Championship, or nothing at all. The second option of this match could see the self-proclaimed GOAT claim the Undisputed Championship, almost likely setting up a possible bout with Smith, a clear rematch from last years Summerslam, a bout with Flynn, a rematch from last years BPZ Mania or even a bout with a returning Necce who is highly rumored to be making a return for this years BPZ Mania. There’s a plethora of options for Bailey should he became champion Or not champion as he seems to be the most flexible star in this match. Hans Clayton claiming the gold would almost feel like a crowning moment for his long journey here in BPZ Mania. He has been arguably behind Arius the second biggest rising star in the company with already three separate, impressive championship reigns in just one year. This would put his rumored BPZ Mania bout with Isiah Carter on another level. This feels like, with the Sameer situation, another clear cut match however that leaves us with the biggest mystery of the bunch. FDS, returned and in shocking fashion, joined Bulletproof, replaces Isaiah Carter and almost right after defeated Smith in a huge singles match. This shows possibly that big things are on the horizon as the company has never shown the BPZ legend this much faith up until this point. Now he is set as possibly the next BPZ Undisputed Champion, with a possible big defense at BPZ Mania on the way. There’s any number of names you could put against FD and you’d certainly have a money match on your hands especially with the new look and backing he seems to currently have. Overall there’s a lot of ways this show can go down. We are on the road to BPZ Mania and I’m extremely excited to watch for the twists and turns that it has in store for us.
  7. Maybe everyone counts you out, because you consistently put yourself out of the fight. Except it doesn’t go to commercial break. Jeremiah Flynn walks out onto the stage, the BPZ Undisputed Championship over his shoulder. He seems a bit disappointed, as he walks directly down the ramp toward the ring, continuing speaking. You just came out to this ring, and you rambled on and on and on for some ten or so minutes but what did you really say? That you are the best? That you are going to be Undisputed Champion and that your opponents all suck? All of that summed up in two sentences. TWO! That’s it. You said, you make your messages in that ring. That’s funny because for 8 months I too made statement after statement in that very same ring week after week. Where were you Bailey? “Hollywood” making hit movies right? Or there was that period were you were literally getting your ass kicked by everyone you came across in BPZ. But no, that’s YOUR RING, right? This right here is your ring, because why? You’ve won two matches in a nine month span. You are deservingly counted out of this match, because you fucking suck. You had the ultimate high when you defeated the greatest in ring performer in BPZ history in the Main event of BPZ Mania for the BPZ World Championship last year and then what? Nothing. Consistently is key and you are by no means consistent. A consistent loser maybe but by no means a man who can hold it down and you’ve proven it. So tell me, what made you believe you could come down to my ring, and claim it as your own? I understand I’m throwing a lot of questions at you and you may not be able to juggle all of them at once. That’s no knock on your intelligence, more of your ability to fly straight and remain focused on the task at hand, sadly an ability you’ve always shown to lack. You said a variety of bullshit you fed to these people just now so I thought I’d shed some light upon it all. You see you talked about my good brother FD, you asked what is it that he’s done. You compared your own accomplishments to his. FDS is a multiple time Champion here in BPZ. More importantly he did exactly what you couldn’t, he silenced and defeated Smith at the Royal Rumble. And I sense resent in that. You fail to mention it, you skip over it like you didn’t witness it yourself, because you didn’t want to believe it. You stepped in this ring with Smith at Summerslam last year and got your ass handed to you. Embarrassed and beaten for the world to see. FDS came in here and put Smith down like the dog he is. Something you still can’t do, something you’ll never be able to do. It’s a god damn joke and a travesty that you consider yourself an elite player with the losses you have on your resume. So by just that alone I agree with FD, you are an overhyped, over paid, over produced, MASSIVE EXTRA. Sadly, that was only where you started. You continued on this stupid path that I believe only a god damn moron could by into, and you attempted to insult my fearless leader, Hans. You see Hans overlooking the beautiful city of Vancouver, his home, gave a heart wrenching speech on how that city has carved and created the elite athlete we know today. And what was Bailey’a response to it all? About how hard he’s training for this match? No one, and I mean not even any of those family members you are bumping butts with in the back, GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HOW HARD YOU ARE TRAINING. There’s not a god damn person on this planet that cares I don’t even believe your mother gives a fuck Bailey. Then, you pulled a double whammy because you said exactly what the hell every single other person in that locker room has said. “Hans isn’t the leader, it’s Flynn!” And what? You make that statement, a statement I can only guess thousands of others have said yet you do exactly what the rest do, prove what a hollow, empty statement it is. What does that mean? Why does that matter? It doesn’t. That won’t save you. A statement like that isn’t going to help you here. The only thing you are doing when you say that is show everyone just how unoriginal and ordinary you are. There’s nothing special about you there never has been. And you know what, while I believe Sameer is one of this companies biggest dirt bags, you still failed to cover exactly what is wrong with him. You talked about the countless interviews he does? So fucking what? How on earth does that matter? Obviously I don’t blame him for betraying you. You are a tool. A tool I used years ago to get to the place I’m at today. I didn’t give a shit about you, I showed it once I put a knife in your back for a second time one year ago. You are a repulsive human being, one of the worst people I’ve ever encountered on this planet. Luckily I’m clearly not the only of individual to see that. Sameer saw it, he used you and when the time came you stood in his way so he took you out. Then when gifted the opportunity for revenge he kicked your ass for a second time. It was sad, watching you grovel, at your lowest but showing the world for what you really are. A loser. You call a man like Sameer a “flash in the pan”. That’s all you had. He’s a worm, a parasite and it’s clear as day. You are a tool however just as I said earlier. Even Bob Sparks knew how to use you to make a name for himself. You are legitimately being used as we speak by the very same man who set Bob against you, yet you are too stupid, and egotistical to see through it. Everyone comes out here and you talk about Bullet Proof, you talk about all of our “problems” and how we will crumble. The truth is we don’t give a shit, I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. I don’t give a damn about any of the other stables that form around us because the truth is they won’t be around in two months, but we will. There’s strength in numbers, and we outnumber you Bailey. You can’t take on the world you can hardly handle one of us in a street right. This match isn’t about you, it’s about using you as a launch pad for the next champion. It’s about keeping the most prestigious piece of gold in all of BPZ in the most prestigious stable in all of BPZ. You mock the name Bulletproof yet you can’t keep it out of your mouth, no one can. You can’t stop talking about us because we are all there is to talk about. We are an anomaly and a virtuoso. Flynn standing in the center of the ring, looks at the Undisputed Championship sitting on his shoulder before nodding. Turning back and facing up at the hard camera. To invoke my name, and to slander it is a death wish. This is exactly what you asked for when you spoke my name in the middle of this ring. You insult everyone around you, you carry yourself like your somebody but no one buys it because you god damn suck and you prove you suck each and every time you pick up a microphone and every time you step in this ring for a match. You are an embarrassment to BPZ, spoken by Brenden himself. Your words carry no weight because their see through. You are see through. You are walking into a slaughter house at Wildcard. No one can or will help you. You’ll only have yourself when that bell rings, and no ones betrayed Bailey more, then Bailey himself. A joke, an extra, a nobody. I agree with them all. You aren’t shit. I hold a Championship that no longer even belongs to me, yet right now it’s more mine then it will ever be yours. You can say I’m “pretending to be champion” but the way I see it, you are pretending to be a legitimate challenger. Because there’s not a god damn person who believes you deserve this. Today I wanted to point something out. I just walked down to this ring, no future in sight and responded to you for a match I find myself having no business being apart of yet here I am, making a bigger impact and splash then you ever could for it. I just wanted to show you, that honestly and I keep saying it because it’s the damn truth, no one gives a shit about you. When the Don sticks that knife in your back, maybe finally you’ll figure that out.
  8. Flynn


    To a sudden shock to some in the arena, the next man to step out is the aforementioned former Champion himself and the man who never lost the Undisputed Championship, Jeremiah Flynn. He steps out, a growing grin with a nod of approval. An all white attire, he begins marching directly to the ring, all eyes on the man himself. He reaches the apron, circling the ring eyeing everyone within it down, making his way over to the time keepers area. Retrieving a microphone, he quickly enters by rolling under the bottom rope, now coming face to face with several familiar faces. Two being his own Bullet Proof brothers, the other three being extremely familiar enemies of “The Ringleader”. Slowly raising the microphone up, he speaks. “The way I see it, you ALL want a piece of what rightfully belongs to me. I believe we can all agree upon that statement, correct? I look around this ring and all I see are familiar faces. It feels almost, like a welcome back party for the man who’s ran this show for the past year. Sheridan even brought the balloons. However I can’t help but feel the bitterness in it all. On one side of the ring, I see two good brothers, fighting for the right to show everyone they are the elite of this company and I like the good lord above knows they are. Then we have our lovely general manger Sheridan who honestly I do hope we can keep our past behind us and start the new year..... well anew. I understand I, as well as the rest of Firing Squad laid you out and while I know for the most part the only time you are used to being laid out was naked with a paying customer, I deeply apologize.” “Then we have these two assholes across the ring. The first one just completely sold his soul to BPZ’s biggest bitch before coming out here with some toy guns. Son let me tell you something you Mafia boys may like playing with toy guns and pretending to be gangsters, but when you step in the ring with Bullet Proof it’s all god damn business do you understand me? I mean what the hell have you turned into. Talking about family, talking about having each other’s backs. It was two weeks ago you cried on and on about trusting no one. It was two months ago you had your ass embarrassed and laid the hell out by Bob Sparks. A man who hasn’t even been. Here a year yet he kicked your ass pillar to post in what I consider the luckiest victory in your career at Night of Legends. You went on and on about who you outsmarted everyone, but what did fooling anyone actually get you? Thrown out of the Royal Rumble by Arius? Maybe it was that embarrassing run in the Tag Team tournament? You are a damn joke. You can’t handle being the Undisputed Champion, you had your last World Championship reign ended by this clown.” “Sameer, Creeds heart and soul and one of the four men that kicked my ass at Survivor Series last year. The way I see it I, as well as my good brothers in this ring owe you a receipt but this is no place for an all out brawl. No this is my opportunity to explain to the world exactly the type of person you are. You walk down to this ring, you claim how happy you are to be here, YOU RALLY THESE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU AND YOU HIDE THE GOD DAMN COWARD YOU ARE. You insult my friend FD because he beat the ever loving hell out of Smith and pinned his ass to the mat at the Royal Rumble. There’s no excuse, this woman standing right there could of stopped him and maybe saved him from yet another ass kicking but she didn’t. The way I see it, this man showed exactly why that cowards been hiding in the tag division ever since he took that embarrassing loss at Survival Games all those months ago. You then however proceed to insult my good brother, the man who has pinned you TWICE IN SINGLES ACTION, let’s just be honest he has your god damn number, the leader of Bullet Proof, HANS CLAYTON. Possibly the greatest athlete I’ve ever seen in this ring, you brag over him of pinning him at Survivor Series. You insult FD for his beating on an injured man then proceed to brag upon winning in a two on one situation. You are a coward and a fraud. These peoples cheers only prove it.” “I don’t give a damn if Bailey is crazy or who’s ass Sameer is kissing this month. Too be quite frank, that Championship should be firmly over my shoulder right now, as a matter of fact....” Flynn walks over and surprisingly to the shock of the General Manager herself, picks up and throws the Undisputed Championship over his shoulder. “I believe I will be holding onto this. Next week, at Carnage Wildcard I will be sitting ringside right there in the time keepers area WITH THE BPZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. Why? Because I personally want to hand this title over to the victor, shake their hand and wish them to have an incredible reign. I see it only fitting, as I will be the shadow that forever looms over this beautiful piece of gold. Good luck good brothers, good luck losers. You will all need it.” Flynn makes his way out of the ring and out to the back, title in his grasp and a shocking turn of events playing out here. The former champion gone, the title with him.
  9. Flynn

    State of Mind

    Jeremiah Flynn steps out to a thunderous reaction, the “Ringleader”, BPZ’s undisputed top dog. The last time we saw him he had defeated CJ Sellers in what turned out to be an absolutely spectacular bout, however ending in a strong Flynn victory who only proved exactly why there is a disparaging gap in terms of talent between the two. With confidence in his eyes, and his future wide open, Flynn stands upon the stage staring back at every member in the crowd. His neck seemingly snaps, his eyes now directly focused at the ring as he makes a match straight down the ramp. Upon rolling under the bottom rope into the ring, he’d take to one of the turnbuckles. Climbing up to the middle turnbuckle, he’d stare across the sea of thousands in attendance tonight, a cold glance given to every viewer in attendance at home. Upon returning to the middle of the ring, he’d waits little time removing his microphone from his boot. He’d heavily breath into the microphone, seemingly taking his time before finally he’d break his silence. “How cliche must you all be? Nearly every individual that works for this company, want to be the bad guy, they desire to be the bad guy, THEY PUT IT ALL ON THE LINE TO BE THE BAD GUY. They think it’s cool to be the bad guy. They think they are the cutting edge. They see themselves as the antihero who’s the baddest to ever lace a pair of boots. Yet each and every man I’ve ever faced, has painted me as the devil. There are individuals in the back who would claim that they are the most diabolical men in this companies history yet when they came face to face with me, they saw what true evil is. Last year I stepped in this ring with “The Villain” of BPZ himself, and he became your hero. Who am I to all of these “bad guys” we have that fill that locker room...... I’m their worst god damn nightmare. I am the last individual that anyone in the back wants to face and I think that the obvious answer to that is written on the wall. Yet we still have individuals come to this ring and run their mouths, invoke my name and place themselves in danger and in almost every case, find themselves on the opposite end of the ring with me, absolutely shitting themselves.” ”To step in the ring with me, and to walk away victorious you must all understand is an extremely LUCKY achievement to make. There is no beating me without a little bit of luck. However I can run all over anyone, and I don’t need a god damn inch of luck to do it. Take a moment to comprehend that. That’s a harsh pill this roster needs to come to accept. Now with all of that information now put out there, the question remains: what now? The way I see it my road to BPZ Mania has several junctions. Because you see I could do exactly what I did last year and challenge for the BPZ World Championship, and I’d take it without a doubt in my mind, because let’s just be honest this is one of the worst champions in the companies history right next to Isaiah Carter. No, I am a man who finds no enjoyment in repeating history. I could go and insert myself in that Intercontinental Championship match between the mighty champion Arius, and Slim. And while this too comes without a doubt, that I’d place both men in the IR in a short fifteen minute bout, I find the Intercontinental Championship to be far.... FAR beneath me.” “No the way I see it, there’s one clear path that’s calling upon me. I do not believe ever in my career I have felt the need to make a statement. BPZ’s landscape is changing. Unions are farming, alliances are breaking and all hell is breaking loose in between. Yet through it all, I promise you, I’ll make you all fully believe just how god damn “Bulletproof” I fucking am. They believed they could strip me. They believe they could suspend me. They left me for dead, kicked down the card left to work with some bum who they felt sorry for. They’ll pay the price for their actions, I promise you. As for what comes next, BPZ Wildcard is next week. I say, let’s enjoy the show, but please stay for the firing works. Only god can save them now.” Flynn drops his microphone, his statement made, a message sent but to who?
  10. Flynn

    Cosa Nostra

    OOC: Actually I can 100% promise after reading these statements, Bailey lost his mind a long time ago.
  11. Flynn

    The Return

    We are live on Carnage the night following the BPZ Royal Rumble, am extremely impactful event that saw the likes of multiple twists and turns, with what felt like a massive culmination of the past year when Arius would go on to win the Royal Rumble. However as we come off a massive night, we are now officially on the road to BPZ Mania, a road that continues directly into next weeks BPZ Carnage Wildcard, where we will discover a brand new BPZ Undisputed Champion. More importantly, tonight marks the return of the former champion himself..... Speak of the devil himself and he shall appear. Jeremiah Flynn, the self proclaimed “Ringleader” of BPZ, makes his official triumphant return from his suspension. Over the past month it was revealed that in just a few days Jeremiah would face CJ Sellers in his first match of the new decade. In a shocking turn of events Flynn would make it his mission to consistently insult and belittle his opponent, even breaking his suspension and facing a fine just to assault his opponent. With a smirk across his face, he steps onto the stage, all eyes on the man himself. He no longer sports the similar trunks and T-Shirt, completely abandoning the simplistic look that he had come to own throughout all of 2019, instead now sporting a black leather jacket and pants. His eyes scurry across the thousands in attendance as he enters the ring, a place he had come to call his one true love, his life. With a microphone in his hand, he pans around to the thousands in attendance, nodding slowly before finally when the music cuts off, he speaks. The landscape of BPZ has shifted. Battle lines have been drawn and the road to BPZ Mania has finally begun. So how fitting is it that I am the first face all of you people see the night after the Royal Rumble. I at the very least found it to be oh so very ironic. Three weeks ago I was stripped of my BPZ Undisputed Championship. Three weeks ago I watched as seven months of blood, sweat and tears were taken from me by the exact same people I took it from in the first place. Because you see seven months ago I went against the system, I went after the next golden boy of this company, the man known as Bart, praised by management, destined for success..... and I beat him. But you see when I did that I didn’t just take the title from Bart, I took it from BPZ’s management, I took it from those corporate fucks in the back and I ran this show with that piece of gold over my shoulder. Hell, I became the god damn management around here. Until three weeks ago, when I was stripped of my championship, handed back to the management in the back, and left a man without a title I had never lost. You see most of you have most likely seen it, I was forced to come out and give a formal apology for my actions to you people and to the company itself. I’m here now to say, THAT I MEANT ABSOLUTELY NONE OF IT. I am not god damn sorry for a DAMN THING I have done. The only thing I’m sorry for is not fighting back harder to keep that championship like I know I should have. This is all fine because next week everything in BPZ has the ability to return to how it should be when Bullet Proof and all of the Firing Squad wall into Wildcard and walk out with all the gold. However that is next week and tonight is tonight. CJ SELLERS, do not believe I have forgotten about you. You my friend have severely fucked up when you signed the dotted line to step foot in the ring with me. Bold claims that I require others to handle someone like yourself? Sellers, have you not been watching for the past five years. I battled with titans, I do not need a damn person to handle a bug like yourself. Last night I took great liberty in witnessing first hand in you fail so miserably yet again this time at the Royal Rumble for the NXT Championship. You make such a bold claim that I am some sort of clown to you, how you plan to bludgeon me in a multitude of violent ways. I must admit that excites me because I plan to brutalize you as well buddy. In fact I’m willing to take a bit of a step forward just for you, just to show everyone in that locker room exactly what I have planned for them this coming decade. I’m going to end you CJ. I’m going to break you down until you are a shell of your former self, and then I’m going to make you snap for the entire world to see. Just as this company has done to me, I shall take everything from you in one night. As for what comes after, stay tuned....
  12. To the surprise of many, two individuals who Sellers hadn’t spoken about step out onto the stage in response to his brief monologue. Both men however appear to be in no mood for talking however and instead seem to be itching for a fight. Sellers seemingly confused at first realizes the reality of the situation he is in. Jeremiah Flynn has sent Mikey and Alex Costa to do exactly why he brought them into Bullet Proof. Both men slowly make their way down the ramp, seemingly relishing in the moment, Sellers preparing himself for a fight following his already brief match tonight. Suddenly however in a shocking turn of events, Mikey and Alex stop at the bottom of them ramp. Time seemingly stands still for a moment as “The Chancellor” attempts to figure out their game plan before suddenly- AN FKO BY FLYNN! FLYNN IS HERE TONIGHT! With a sick sadistic smile across his face, Flynn has broken his suspension just to get his hands on CJ here tonight. Slowly bringing himself to his feet, he admires his now unconscious future opponent, ordering Mikey and Alex to guard the ramp for Amy security that is sent down. He would grab CJ by his right arm and drag him like a rag doll into the middle of the ring, removing a microphone from his boot- “Descent is painful, but it is made all the more painful in the ways in which you fall. Quoted straight from the Chancellor himself, and what a quote it is. The amount of irony in such a statement is too much to be ignored CJ, it’s incredible really. Because it is you that just when it feels that your career is on the come up, just when you feel you are finally in the drivers seat, it going to be me that wakes you up, and sends you back the the bottom where you belong. You know more often then not, I think I’d like you CJ. Young, hungry, ready to take BPZ by storm and show the world that you really are the god damn best! Sadly, you‘ve pissed me the fuck off. Accusing me of showing you no interest, that my mind is everywhere else well tell me CJ..... does it feel like my interests are still split?” CJ now reaching the ropes slowly pulls himself up, Flynn setting his microphone down slowly however doesn’t appear contempt with allowing him to do so, quickly rebounding off the ropes of the opposite side of the ring- A brutal running Knee straight to the skull, CJ crashing straight back to the mat. Flynn however remains entirely too calm. Jeremiah appears to be entirely unbothered by this ambush and everything he is inflicting upon the young rookie. He would calmly pick his microphone back up, clear his throat before beginning to speak again. “Now CJ I’d like to please ask you to remain flat out on the mat. I have not enjoyed this so far and I’d like to continue this as a neutrally friendly conversation and I’d prefer things to not escalate past that. Now to continue my point, I wanted you to know as of right now, you are my clear goal. While I do not need to beat you, I have an extremely strong desire to do so. Why? Because you despite having what has to be the biggest match of your career in front of you, remain having your own interests split. Speaking on the Royal Rumble, the NXT Championship. Am I nothing to you CJ? Just another hurdle in your conquest of taking this company over? AM I A FUCKING JOKE TO YOU CJ? No I don’t think so. So consider this all a warning and a lesson. Even when I can’t be here, I can. Just when you think you are safe, that’s when you are in the most danger. I am going to inflict a centuries worth of pain upon you and I will enjoy every bit of it.” Jeremiah would drop his microphone, CJ once again recovering however this time he’d motion to Alex and Mikey. The Firing Squad would enter the ring as Flynn would leave it, exiting quickly through the crowd before security could stop him. CJ quickly coming back into consciousness would strike Alex out of nowhere, attempting to fight back against his attackers before suddenly being floored by Mikey. Both men would lift him up, laying him out with a Magic Killer. Jeremiah Flynn making an example out of Sellers tonight, just a little over a week before their eventual clash.
  13. Flynn

    CJ Sellers

    A video uploaded to YouTube earlier today from a newly made account, would surprise many by what they would see. Revealing to be made by BPZ Wrestler Jeremiah Flynn. He would upload this video as a direct response to the most recent broken news of his return match to BPZ, and what is billed as the stars first match of the new decade. What came as the shocking part to many was his new look, who within the past couple of weeks has totally reimagined himself in direct response to his suspension. Whether this was a corporate move or possibly his own decision he has seemingly taken a much darker turn. Below are the contents of the video posted. Warnings for explicit content are being made now, and please remember that this is not a direct product of BPZ’s own studio and instead made by and released by Flynn himself. *Video Begins* We open in a dark room. Smoke fills the floor as a wooden table slowly pans into the frame. Stop the table sits a bottle of whiskey, as well as a shot glass next to it. Jeremiah Flynn is found sat in the leather chair directly right of the table. He is seen mumbling several things to himself, unable to make out exactly what it is he’s saying. The camera slowly pans around him, he takes a quick shot of the formerly mentioned bottle of whiskey before with a slight twitch, he goes eye level with the camera and with a harsh bark, he begins to speak. “January Twenty-Eighth, I return to BPZ following a ludicrous suspension, no not to challenge for my BPZ Undisputed Championship, a title that was ripped from my very own possession. Not for some big event against a fellow box office draw. No I, Jeremiah Flynn, former Three Time Intercontinental Champion, five time World Champion and former Universal Champion, WILL GO ONE ON ONE WITH..... CJ Sellers. So tell me, just who the fuck is CJ Sellers. That very thought has been ringing inside of my brain for days now. Upon being told this news, I don’t think I have ever been in a more confused and shocked state then I am currently. I just could not truly grasp why I have been placed in such a position. I went from main eventing Night of Legends, from being the premier athlete in this company, to being told I am “lucky” to be getting this match against some rookie. I am disgusted.” “I have been placed so low on the current totem poll that BPZ’s premier duo of absolute god damn boredom themselves, Smith and Bart are considered above me in the Undisputed title rankings. SMITH AND BART ARE ONE FUCKING DIMENSIONAL CHARISMA VACUUMS WHO HAVE NO RIGHT GOING NEAR MY UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP GOD DAMNIT! This is the situation I find myself currently in. I know I’ve been set up, and I’m fully aware that someone in management has it out for yours truly however I also understand I must work with the cards dealt to me. So that leaves me with dealing with exactly what I have been DEALT, CJ Sellers, rising rookie, and from all I can tell, win-less in the new decade.” “CJ you have never throughout your entire career stepped into the ring with a man like myself. You have never throughout your career experienced what it’s like to go one-on-one with a “Supreme Ringleader” like myself. Allow me to spoil that for you now, you will be out through an immense amount of pain, and then you will be defeated soundly and unquestionably right in the middle of the ring, no questions asked. I will move on with my career and go on to experience much more success while you like so many others are left to watch, unable to accept the many ways I abused and battered you and how you could do nothing to stop me. These are the harsh realities you will soon find yourself facing CJ. However I come to you now, with an ultimatum. Do not show up on January Twenty-Eighth, forfeit this match and save yourself and you career from what I’m bringing with me from this ridiculous suspension. Don’t be the first of many to fall beneath my boot. Save yourself now...... or perish. The choice is yours.” Flynn grabs ahold of the camera before chucking it across the dark room. His feet seen marching off as the video cuts to black.
  14. You’ve turned into a spot monkey, these are new lows for you mate.......
  15. Japan World Wrestling Pro is one of the worlds largest Japanese based pro wrestling organizations. Tonight, may be one of the biggest nights in the companies history in terms of gaining foreign eyes toward the product as they have scored and advertised one of the biggest names in the United States in BPZ’s own Jeremiah Flynn. Flynn most recently suspended from BPZ, has been given free reign in his short break to continue to do what it is that he loves to do outside of the company during this grace period until next month. Flynn takes on one of JWWP’s top stars in Kaito Yuuto. This has been heavily hyped up on its build and a sold out crowd in Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center in Sapporo. With tons of hype building to this event, many feel within the company that Flynn has truly given them the oppertunity they’ve been waiting for to grow in popularity. We cut to later in the night, Flynn is seen entering the arena, his first public appearance since his controversial suspension however he quickly maneuvers past any press. He seems entirely focused on getting into the arena tonight and ignoring all press. No one recognizable was with him, no fellow Bullet Proof members or even any of Flynn’s usual recognizable work-out and training crew. It wouldn’t be too long until Kaito would actually arrive to the arena, who unlike Flynn seemed entirely ecstatic to speak on tonight’s match. Kaito who only speaks Japanese to sum things up, would state that he holds to upmost excitement to work with a “world class” athlete like Flynn, and how he’s excited to blow the roof off the place tonight. He claims that while he recognizes how good Flynn is, that doesn’t mean he’s going to allow some foreign star to come in and show him up and promised that his victory tonight will put JWWP on the map. He’d quickly enter the arena following answering a few brief questions, his excitement clear as day for what has to be the biggest opportunity of his young career. Later in the night Flynn would be caught leaving his locker room, one lone interview attempting to get a quick question with the wrestler however, he’d brush them to the side, acting as if he didn’t even see the individual. The interviewer would quickly in an attempt to catch the attention of Flynn, ask about his personal thoughts on how he was stripped of the BPZ Undisputed Championship. Flynn would halt in his tracks, his body seemingly frozen in place as he does not move a muscle. The interviewer would suddenly realize what exactly it was that he said, his face growing to a ghostly pale white. Flynn would turn his head back, a fire now lit in his eyes, his fist clinched. The interviewer would quickly scramble away, clearly no longer interested in what exactly the answer to his question was. Then again, you could say he received exactly what that answer was. *Following Aftermath of Kaito Yuuto vs. Jeremiah Flynn, Which saw Flynn pick up the victory following a 25 minute bout.* He would put Kaito down with his infamous brutal cutter, the ‘FKO’, in what was a hard hitting clash of styles. Jeremiah however despite being shown the upmost respect and given the upmost gratitude for wrestling on tonight’s show for the young Japanese company, would show nothing in return. Grabbing ahold of the referee and throwing him straight out of the ring following the bout. In a surprisingly distraught state, he’d grab ahold of a microphone, breathing extremely heavily into it as he’d stand in the middle of the ring. That fire that had been seen earlier in the night in the encounter with the interviewer had returned. Flynn would begin speaking in a very deep, and deafening voice, echoing throughout the small arena. “Fuck all of you people....... I just beat the absolute hell out of what is suppose to be one of your top talents. Are you god damn kidding me? I come here and I give this pathetic little shit of a company the opportunity to have the biggest name in the wrestling business today on their card and I’m given that piece of garbage? BPZ’s undercard have more fierce, talented and dangerous athletes then that little worm. I can safely say I have never been more disappointed in my entire life. Not just that, but the disrespect I’ve received by you stupid pieces of shit has been astronomical. Do you understand how precious my time is? I gave a lot of my time to be here tonight and I EXPECT FOR MY NAME TO BE CHEERED TO THE DAMN HEAVENS BY ALL OF YOU FILTHY HEATHENS. You have never experienced an athlete like myself in person and YOU NEVER WILL AGAIN. I AM THE GREATEST HUMAN BEING TO EVER STEP FOOT IN THIS COUNTRY AND THATS THE UNDISPUTED TRUTH! ” Flynn breathing heavily into the microphone would pause to catch his breath. Leaning now up against the ropes, the clear pain his body is going through following the match tells an entirely different story in comparison to the story he chooses to tell tonight. He’d slowly pick the microphone up, continuing his monologue. “I shouldn’t be here tonight. I should be training, I should be preparing to become the next BPZ World Champion at the Royal Rumble. Instead I’m in some shitty city in who the fuck cares Japan, surrounded by a plethora of ignorant squinty eyed morons who can’t see that a living legend is in their damn presence. The only reason I’m here tonight, was to give this company the viewership it claims it deserves. Instead I realized that not only does it not deserve to grow in eyes, but it is heavily inflated as it stands. Tonight marks my first and only match I will ever have here. However for BPZ, I promise I am far from finished. Sheridan you stupid bitch, I know this is all of your fault. Your ridiculous policies and power hungry leadership over Carnage not just cost me a month of my career but my own BPZ Undisputed Championship. A championship that has not just been stripped from my grasp, but has been promised to have a “brand new holder” to be crowned over the next month. Keep in mind now, that companies next BPZ Undisputed Champion, is a fucking fraud. A placeholder for yours truly. The Wrestling Messiah. The King of the Ring. THE SUPREME ATHLETE OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. You are all welcome, enjoy an eternity of misery you pathetic worms.” Flynn drops the microphone, stumbling across the ring before being helped out. He holds up a middle finger to the extremely displeased crowd, ending tonight’s show and sending a message to the entire wrestling world. Jeremiah Flynn is on a manhunt to return back to his spot in the wrestling world.
  16. In an a twist of fate, in the early spring of 2001, after dominating the WWE and Monday Night RAW in ratings for a half decade, Ted Turner would purchase WWE and all of its rights, ending the Monday night wars. This would officially declare WCW the winners and forever send a shockwave through the Wrestling landscape as we know it. Here I will take on where Monday Nitro would be in the year 2020, following 19 years of it being the premier and top wrestling promotion in the world today. “The legends” that often are placed so fondly on our Mount Rushmore’s could possibly be entirely different today. The feuds that shaped the wrestling landscape are not what we remember so fondly. Today’s top stars may not be just who we think they are. This is WCW Monday Nitro, 2020!
  17. BREAKING NEWS: Flynn arrested for Assault of BPZ Superstar In a shocking turn of events, the day of the BPZ Undisputed Championship match between Flynn and Slim, upon arrival of the venue in Las Vegas, Undisputed Champion Flynn physically assaulted and attacked his own challenger Slim. This came according to sources after Slim had some backhanded comment toward the champion backstage. The attack has resulted in Slim suffering from a severe concussion and broken jaw while Flynn was apprehended on the premises. An official statement has been released by BPZ that is linked below. According to it, Flynn is to be stripped of the championship and there will be no Undisputed Championship match at Nigh of Legends. Flynn is to be suspended going forward by the company for an undisclosed amount of time.
  18. Its with great sadness that I come to you with this news. Due to some DMs from months ago that have surfaced, I am to be suspended until after the BPZ Royal Rumble from polls. Slim as well as myself took part in some shady dealings months ago and as a result we are both suspended from Night of Legends, meaning YT here will be no Undisputed Championship match, and I will be stripped of the Undisputed Championship. I’d like to apologize. I’m a senior moderator and the most seasoned moderator on this team. It’s embarrassing and extremely distasteful that I am in this position. I knew the rules, rules I myself have enforced and I broke them. Any bit of punishment I have coming my way I have asked for and deserve. I understand I shouldn’t of done what I did however I did it and I must go forward with that. This comes with great sorrow and overall I accept if there are further repercussions of my actions. Sadly I’m not only just the moderator finding himself in this predicament but as well as the Champion being stripped. I’ve loved being Undisputed Champion and it has honestly been my most enjoyable championship reign to date. I don’t think I can say there are too many other times I’ve had more fun in kayfabe then I have over the later part of this past year. So it does suck this is the way it’s ending however I’m sure the replacements will pick up nicely where I have left off. I’m not going to come in and say I’m some kind of changed man, I honestly don’t know what to do from here. I didn’t want to drag this out too long, just wanted to get the news broken in the most appropriate way I saw fit. I know this could effect a few things such as the Night of Legends match so I felt this was the number one way of doing it without causing too much of an uproar as it gets all needed information out there. Once again I do apologize, in the most sincerest way possible. I’ve punished members for doing this exact same thing so I see it fitting that I myself go through what they did.
  19. For me it’s always been Simba. I’ve always loved the Lion King growing up and to this day can watch it repeatedly. Overall in terms of the “Hero’s Journey” I find his so dynamic as his life suffers a horrific tragedy forcing him to go out into the world and become the king his people need him to be.
  20. I see no one praising this Brad what the hell are you talking about lmao.
  21. ....Flynn cuts Slim off. Slim now standing face to face at the podium with the very man he is set to face at Night of Legends. Slim smiles, taking a step forward before suddenly, Alex Costa and Mikey step out behind Flynn, all three members staring Slim down. Tensions begin to rise as any wrong move can result in a brawl busting out here and now. Slims eyes shift repeatedly between the three, seemingly preparing himself from a strike at all corners. Flynn lifts up the cigar Slim had left on the table, eyeing it down, every reporter watching on Intensely. He drops it onto the floor, stepping right onto the cigar, flattening it. I like your suit. It’s nice, I’d hate for it to be ruined. I’m joking of course, I didn’t come out here to threaten you. No, I took this as the opportunity to do what you couldn’t just last week. Get right in your face, and tell you what’s going to happen to you. I find it almost hilarious that somehow you managed to go through those questions without answering a single one of them. Those claims I made, you didn’t respond to them. You repeated them, and you said exactly what you’ve been saying. That I should fear you. Nothing more, nothing less. You wanna talk about WALKING in and calming this here championship over my shoulder. I’ll do you one better Don DADA, how about my boys ensure you don’t even walk off this stage with your own two legs in tact. No...... no I don’t think that’s what will happen here. Because I want to be paid to beat the hell out of you and if you go down right here, right now that doesn’t take place. I’ve beaten and pinned everyone you have from September to December, and more. So what is it that I have to fear again? Maybe.... just maybe it’s your ability to sway idiotic individuals into following you. Let’s take Bob for example he looks like a big dumb idiot, he took a knife and stuck it straight in Baileys back, for what? The ability to be just ANOTHER one of Slims plethora of failed followers. Have you ever lead anyone to the promise land Slim? The two men behind me recognize the benefits of working for me. Hell, you understand the benefits of working for me. You know, you are actually correct about something you said however. I am a desperate man. I’m desperate to keep you from ruining the prestige of yet another championship. Because that’s what you do. You win these, what did you call it? A prop? And then you run it into the ground. All of your accomplishments mean absolutely nothing because you’ve never backed a single damn one of them up. You continually scream that shitty new nickname creative threw on you to freshen up the bland piece of shit you are..... Don Dada. It’s slightly catchy I’ll give you that, but how does this show any sort of shift from the point you are trying to make Slim? Don Dada, the boss, the man in charge. Is that not what a King is? You’ve shown no change, you’ve only replaced your own stolen identity with a literal synonym of it. Every time you say something, you contradict yourself. Every time you make a statement, it goes against the last. You are incomprehensible, a dumb beast who shouldn’t be allowed to speak because he’s too damn stupid to comprehend what he’s saying. That’s okay, because in a few days, I’m going to put you the fuck down. For good. Those are the final words between both men. The stage set, a classic rivalry revisited between two of BPZ’s greats.
  22. I know we talked about this idea and I really like it. Really feel like this is a great way not to just receive feedback for some but encouragement as well. More often then not I can safely say myself I’d prefer feedback and review over just rep and praise.
  23. I have actually really been enjoying Smackdown as of late, which is a complete 180 on my feelings for RAW. I think this comes with the fact that while both shows actually do have a sort of soap opera love story, the one on Smackdown is actually funny and entertaining. More then that, both shows have an unstoppable monster on both shows as their World Champions, however I really do feel Wyatts presence over the show, and that’s because you actually never know when The Fiend is going to pop up. Lesnar on the other hand is fairly predictable. The use of Daniel Bryan and Roman has been down superbly ever since their feud with Harper and Rowan. They are each the clear two pillars in terms of Star power on the show and are usually both consistently great. The USO’s return has breathed some fresh life into the Corbin feud even though u feel they should of returned at TLC. I think the Miz being driven over the edge and turning heel this past week did not only make him feel fresh, as in my opinion his face character has over the past year given him one of the worst years of his career, but also put Wyatt over even more. It feels like Wyatt really drove Miz over the edge and Miz has sold that perfectly. It adds such an interesting dynamic that everyone Wyatt has faced so far has either turned heel or gone through some sort of character change following their match with the Fiend. Morrison seems to be back and reuniting with Miz, most likely in a feud with the New Day.I am excited for this feud mostly because I feel the New Day have faced everyone there is to face on Smackdown and it will result in brand new champions from a old tag team that could leave to one of the best heel duos in a long time. The Miz and Morrison have become insanely great heels over the past decade and I feel this reunion could see this duo totally overshadow whatever they did as a team back in the day. Another positive I’ve loved is the Bayley and Sasha duo. These two feel likes stars and how any power couple should be. I’ve really enjoyed both since they turned heel and for the most part any feud they’ve had I find entertaining. Going forward if I could think of a negative, I feel the Tag division could do with slightly more fleshing out and unique feuds aside form the Revival vs Heavy Machinery which we’ve gotten plenty of I feel.

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