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    Flynn is seemingly surprised by Jonathan’s sudden return and defense of Sheridan tonight however as Jonathan spoke on, Flynn’s own surprise seemingly turned into annoyance. As Jonathan finishes speaking, Flynn takes no time to retort. I find this almost..... predictable. I defeat and embarrass Sheridan who is not just your tag partner but your current legacy here in BPZ. Because when you are long and gone she will be here, reminding everyone of the legacy and career that was Jonathan. And so how fitting was it that I destroyed her one on one for BPZ’s top prize just as I had done to you FOR YEARS. Jonthan you take yourself as someone that I would consider an equal? I’ve watched you from the beginning, I first hand witnessed you rise from the bottom to the top of this company. And even at your peak, you couldn’t lace my boots in this ring, and you couldn’t hang with me on this microphone. So all these years later you come back, and you challenge me for a championship that I consider to be BPZ’s most elite, all based off the idea that after years of beating you, I’d consider you worthy of a title opportunity? Are you that dense? However your past failures do not all ultimately decide how your future will unfold. Take my own as experience. Minor bumps in the road never stopped me form becoming the god damn GOAT of BPZ. And so the absolutely embarrassing and disappointing year you’ve had shouldn’t hold you back from searching for your own place in this new era of BPZ. You see Jonathan I embrace the fact that everyone is gunning for me. It’s been like that for years Jonathan and yet here I still am, the BPZ Undisputed Championship. If this is me in my decline, then it only further shows what a disappointing locker room that is. However Jonathan, while you aren’t my equal and have done absolutely nothing to earn a championship opportunity, much like that skank Sheridan, I see a massive opportunity here. That locker room respects you. The recognize your skill and they see you as an elite talent here in BPZ and that you are. That is why at King of the Ring, I will defend this championship against you. Because I’m going to beat you, just to show those young bucks back there, that there’s legends like yourself Jonathan, and then there’s the “King of BPZ”. A title I have held for four years and one that I will not be giving up. I’m the King. I’m the MAN, IM THE GOD DAMN GOAT BABY. They’ve all tried to take this crown, they’ve come close but in the end, they find themselves asleep in the back of a ambulance. Just ask Bart. So with all of the particulars out of the way, I offer you a handshake, just to show you the fair, proud, fighting champion that I am. Good luck Jonathan, you will need it. Flynn offers a hand, however it appears to be a trap. Jonathan stares down at Flynn’s hand before quickly ducking, dodging an attack from behind courtesy of Yelich, who instead blasts Flynn by mistake! Yelich looks down in shock before spinning around straight into a super kick from Jonathan! Yelich is floored before Jonathan quickly lifts of the Undisputed Championship, and clocking Flynn with it as he was just recovering! Laying the champ out with his own title belt, Jonathan closes the segment standing over Yelich and Flynn, the Undisputed Championship held firmly over his head. The match set, Flynn vs Jonathan at King of the Ring, for the Undisputed Championship.
  2. Jokes on you I would never team with Tamer. He’s trash.
  3. Seth Rollins (c) and Becky Lynch (c) vs. Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans Last Chance Winners Take All mixed tag team Extreme Rules match for both the WWE Universal Championship and WWE Raw Women's Championship The Undertaker and Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre No Holds Barred tag team match Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Samoa Joe Singles match for the WWE Championship Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross Handicap match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship  Drew Gulak (c) vs. Tony Nese Singles match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Daniel Bryan and Rowan (c) vs. The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) vs. Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) Triple threat tag team match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Aleister Black vs. Cesaro Singles match Ricochet (c) vs. AJ Styles Singles match for the WWE United States Championship Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley Last Man Standing match The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs. The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) Tag team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Bonus Questions: First Match (Non Preshow)?: Daniel Bryan and Rowan (c) vs. The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) vs. Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) Second To Last Match?: Smackdown Women’s  Will The Undertaker Turn On Roman Reigns?: No Will Brock Lesnar Cash In His Money In The Bank Contract?: Yes Will Alexa Bliss Attack Nikki Cross After Their Match?: No
  4. Flynn


    Following a near two week hiatus, BPZ is greeted by its Undisputed Champion, who following his brutal victory over Sheridan, is not greeted with much glee. He carries the Undisputed Championship firmly around his waist, his arms out wide with confidence. Flynn waists little time, heading directly toward the ring before rolling into the ring. He throws his illustrious good high above his head, a sick smile across his face. He snatches a microphone before immediately speaking, his voice high pitched and quick. It IS INDISPUTABLE! I am BPZ’s MVP. Did you idiots watch Judgement Day? I kicked that dumb b*tches ass. I mean what a disappointment. Can you believe some people actually thought she had a chance? What a total let down however I don’t want any of you people worrying or feeling down about it. Because no one was more let down then her little boy toy Jonathan. I mean my god imagine being that loser for five seconds? Could you imagine? The embarrassment of not only failing to win the tag titles despite being given TWO opportunities, but also going on to watch your own tag team partner get obliterated by what is BPZ’s living GOAT BABY! I honestly feel a bit disrespected about the whole ordeal. What a waist of my talent. To offer my very first title defense to a woman? Disgusting. At least we can all move on to bigger and brighter things and so that brings me to King of The Ring. I saw that idiot Julius attempt to challenge me for my championship at King of the Ring before getting his ass laid out by my old pal Bashka. I’m sure Julius by now is getting use to having his ass handed to him by BPZ’s OG’s however and I encourage everyone to tune in to King of the Ring just to watch my good old pal Bashka TAKE the Intercontinental Championship from Julius further sending him into the abyss that I will bury him in the moment he does decide to cash in his Title shot for my UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP. And what a beautiful death it will be for such a short lived but high paced career. However that is then and now as you all know is... NOW. I’ve been yet again offered the opportunity to have an open challenge for King of the Ring. However I took a look at what has to be the most pathetic roster in BPZ history and I’ve made the executive decision that there is absolutely NO ONE deserving of a Undisputed Championship match against me at King of the Ring. As for those in the back disappointed, consider this as a saving grace that I, The f*cking GOAT, have given to you. I would of just kicked your ass. So with all of that being said, I’ll see all of you losers next month. Fighting champ out. Flynn goes to leave the Ring, however is interrupted by an all too familiar theme.....
  5. We live in a society

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      Are u referring to the show

  6. I beat you 8 times in my first year you’d think you’d have some self respect. Hilarious that I made this topic four years ago as a rookie, all of course with the mindset that people would say me because of my massive ego. @Julius These kids don’t even know who fast tracked you TO the game smfh.
  7. Who should I face for Undisputed next? 

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      who are you? 

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      I beat you and Slim in a fortnight once, doing half of that would be easy

  8. As everyone began standing up to leave, there is a sudden shock as Flynn steps onto the stage. He eyes everyone down, a coldness in his eyes followed by a slick smile. Yelich falls back to his seat as Julius sets down both his Intercontinental Championship and Power Trip Cup. Both men seem attentive. Mike Hunt looks more unease’s then surprised as Flynn stands center stage. He sports the same fedora and leather jacket. The Undisputed Championship is firmly over his left shoulder and a microphone hangs in his right hand. As he marches down to the ring, he begins to speak however does not pause his match to the ring. Mike Hunt you son of a bitch. For years I’ve carried this company on my god damn back. I’ve won it all, I’ve done it all and yet you’ve never sent me even one invite to be on this little shit show, not that I’d actually accept it that is. Flynn now enters the ring, he is quickly cut off by Julius who gets in the Undisputed Champions face, mouthing “what the hell do you want”. Flynn takes a step back, obviously not too interested in getting in a straight fist fight with the big man. He raises the microphone, keen to answer his question. Julius, my special appearance here tonight, only slightly concerns you. You see first off, I could not stand to wait any longer to allow that foreign whore Sheridan to come on BPZ TV, and cut what was an idiotic, embarrassing attempt at recreating my grand, spectacular speech I gave from the top of the Grand Canyon, by appearing in Paris. It’s disgusting Sheridan I mean what, are you going to interrupt a shitty interview show like “Down with the Shoot” next? Never have I been more disgusted and it’s exactly why you fully deserve the ass kicking you will be getting come Judgement Day. Now as for what brings me out here, I wanted to speak to Yelich. Yelich.... you know since you arrived here in BPZ, I’ve really looked up to you. This may sound crazy coming from someone of my epic stature, however it’s true. You see despite not having any prior momentum and showing no signs that you have any sort of chance, you are going into battle with one of BPZ’s most barbaric, nasty, most ferocious superstars in the Intercontinental Champion, “The Death Machine” Julius. While most in your position would steer clear of such an opportunity due to it being obvious career suicide, you welcome it. You are a mad man Yelich, however you are missing something that’s keeping you from reaching that next level. You see the idiot across the ring from me right now, he walks around pretending to be the top dog of this place, yet here I stand, his living kryptonite. I’ve kicked his ass on multiple occasions. Do you want to know why Yelich? Because I’m a f*cking badass. Don’t you want to be a f*cking badass? Then you have to let go of caring what these people think about you. You have to leave your emotions at home, and you got to walk up to Julius, and hit him square in the face. You and I, we’ve been in wars together. Just this year you took me to the absolute limit at the Royal Rumble in what I would of described as the most grueling, painful, unbearable matches I have ever participated in. I respect you Yelich and I’m sure that’s something you don’t here often. So what are you gonna do Yelich, continue to be just more waisted potential, or are you gonna hit Julius in his f*cking ugly face. Yelich now, anger built up in his eyes, begins nodding like crazy and actually shoves Flynn straight out of the way and marched directly up to Julius, going for a right hand, however Julius who clearly saw this coming, lays into Yelich right away, catching Yelichs right hook and delivering a nasty uppercut. Julius with a smile begins laying into Yelich with rights and lefts, cornering the smaller opponent. However he is quickly grabbed by the shoulder before being spun around.... FKO. Julius just got knocked the f*ck out! Flynn now standing over Yelich, offers a hand helping up a man who for years he has shown nothing but disrespect. He points at Julius before whispering something, Yelich nodding begins beating down on Julius, Flynn lifting up the Undisputed Championship slowly, telling Yelich to lift Julius to his feet, before nearly taking Julius’ head off, slamming the Championship straight into the big mans skull! Yelich now is in full rage, seemingly taking joy in the beatdown. Flynn now directs more order to Yelich, who nods, lifting up Julius’ own Power Trip Cup trophy...... BEFORE TOTALLY SMASHING IT TO PIECES! Flynn is laughing in full joy, grabbing Yelich by the right hand before raising it high in the air as if he just defeated Julius right there and then. He grabs ahold of the same microphone from earlier. You see Yelich, you kicked his ass. With me by your side, you are unstoppable. You are unbeatable. This companies dangerous, it’s full of idiotic meatheads like this buffoon. It pays to have someone to have your back and I have your back, as long as you have mine. Because you see this weekend I’m facing Sheridan and while I don’t need any help dealing with that she devil, I’ve heard the rumors of her lover frank possibly showing up to screw me over. I need you as much as you need me Yelich, so what do you say? Flynn offers his hand, and its accepted without hesitation from Yelich. Both share the same sick and twisted smile, leaving the ring a broken mess as Julius is left broken and battered. A duo born out of desperation going into one of BPZ’s most marquee events.
  9. We open set high above the Grand Canyon, a lone man stands looking over one of nature’s most grandest and incredible creations. He turns around, sporting a backpack, hiking boots, and shorts, he sports no shirt, showing his bare chest to the world. He approaches the camera with a wild smile upon his face. As he gets closer, we can then see that he is indeed carrying the Undisputed Championship in his right hand. It is beautiful isn’t it, I mean just look at it, and it’s all mine.... Flynn lifts up his Undisputed Championship, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he is standing high above the Grand Canyon. Sheridan I want this entire message to be aimed toward you. You see I saw that little speech you have about me and your upcoming title match with me and I must say for a woman, it was intense, it was almost believable I mean you had me on the edge of my seat at least. However kid, I saw everything you were saying from a mile away Sheridan. That my attempts at attacking your gender were to mask my own insecurities and to hide the fact that I have absolutely no plausible case against you? That I’m hiding the fact that a woman can kick my ass as you plan to do? Sheridan something we need to get out of the way right now is that I’m smarter then you. I am not being condescending, it’s just a fact. It’s how I’ve stayed on top for so long. I am far more intelligent then you are. And even now Sheridan you are watching this, rethinking your strategy trying to figure me out. Sheridan, do you even know why the hell I am standing here at the Grand Canyon? You don’t, you don’t know a damn thing about me and because of that, you will never figure out how to beat me. However, I do know you. You are desperate. And desperation is a weakness I am very use to exposing. Let me carefully explain our differences going into Judgement Day. You are on a laughable losing streak consisting of two failed attempts against the BPZ Tag Team Championships. You took a third and more considerable loss when your own tag team partner abandoned you due to the embarrassment you caused him following the back to back losses. Now here you stand alone, your sole purpose to find a purpose and on the brink following your two losses, you could prove yourself a failure in singles competition as well. And then what Sheridan? I’ll tell you what. You show the world that you aren’t special by any means, and that like so many others before you, are just another cog in the wheel. I’m sure everything I’m saying right now is motivating you to. I’m sure you want to kick my ass, but you won’t. Because I unlike you, am having a historic year. I won the BPZ World Championship, I Main evented Mania And now I stand just days following my triumphant victory over that coward Bart, where I became the top champion in this business, the Undisputed Champion. You claim I am egotistical? You are god damn right I have an ego. I am undisputedly f*cking awesome. No one can touch me. And if they do? I’ll kick their ass whether that be in the ring or right here at the GRAND CANYON I’LL KICK THEIR ASS! Sheridan, all I’m trying to do is clean up the scum here in BPZ. I’m eradicating this place of the pathetic p*ssies that I now find myself drowning in. BPZ has became a home for the weak and pathetic. A load of nice guys that want to play video games and have fun rather then compete and FIGHT! If cleaning this company up means I have to beat the shit out of a woman, or hold this championship for years to come, I’ll do it and he’ll, I’ll enjoy every second of it because no one can do it better then me. It is indisputable that I am the top champion here in BPZ, and it is unarguable that in BPZ history I remain the definitive CHAMPION, THE KING OF GOLD IN BPZ. It’s not just my ego, it’s the facts that you are all forced to face, and you hate it. The only shot anyone has of taking this championship, is if they killed me and even then, I’m not sure if they’d wield the physical strength it would take to pry this from my cold dead hands. Another funny joke from Sheridan, poking fun at my “part-time” status but honestly Sheridan, over the past year, between us two, who has competed in more matches? Here I’ll make it easier, more championship matches? Still not enough? Here, who has failed in more championship matches? Bingo! While that is the only category you stand head over heels above me, I wouldn’t exactly call that a great achievement however you consider losing to the likes of Brenden and Sameer a personal achievement so who am I to judge you. So the question lingers. Why the hell am I standing above the Grand Canyon? I had a joke Sheridan I’d hope you would appreciate and honestly I just absolutely love the desert weather. It’s refreshing, and it really clears the mind in these hardened times. Now onto my joke..... what do you say to a woman with two black eyes? Nothing you haven’t already told her twice. Hilarious right? I’m sure you loved it and I do hope that you enjoy that joke because it’s the final bit of positivity anyone will be getting from me prior to our match at Judgement Day where I will f*ck you up and retain MY UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP! I’ll see you all at Judgement Day..... Flynn throws his championship over his shoulder before hiking off into the distance, his message sent straight to Sheridan.
  10. Bart sometimes should keep his opinion to himself. 

  11. Flynn is a bit shocked by who has seemingly answered his open challenge. However after her speech, he looks around with annoyance as the crowd has seemingly backed behind Sheridan in rally against him. He nods now turning back toward Sheridan. You know Sheridan, I don’t know who the hell frank is, but I can promise you if he decides to stick his nose into my business, I will not hesitate to kick his ass. Now...I am..... appalled. I am shocked. A woman believes she has the capability to step into this ring with me and...... compete. Is this some type of joke? Did all of the men in the back lose their damn balls? Now I knew BPZ was in a troubled state in terms of how pathetic this new generation is but a DAMN WOMAN. Sheridan I whooped your ass a year ago. You didn’t stand a chance. A year later a couple of beat downs by those two clown tag team champions and what, you think you can all of a sudden take on the great one? Or maybe.... Thats it. I see it in your eyes Sheridan. You know I can’t blame you Sheridan, most women can not resist me. Let’s just be honest I am the most attractive man in BPZ and arguably the world however I have to end things right there. You see Sheridan.... I am a happily married man and I do not wish to have any sort of relationship with you I mean honestly Sheridan you are embarrassing yourself and me. However I will make it up to you. I’ll make you my first example. I’m going to show the world at Judgement Day that I am the god damn ruler of this f*cking company and I’m going to do so by tearing you apart post to post. By the time this is over, there will be nothing left of you for Jonathan to tag with. You see you want to call me a bitter old man? I take no offense with it coming from a stupid dumb b**ch! 30 seconds, that’s exactly how long I’m going to give you before I do indeed put you away. It’s just as you said, you aren’t qualified at all. I’m not the upper echelon of the business, I’m the god damn mountaintop. I’m the King. You are nothing to me. Absolutely nothing. I don’t give a damn about your congratulations to me. I don’t need approval of my victory and I don’t have to listen to scolding of my actions to earn my victory. The truth is I’m the Undisputed Champion and you are nothing. However tonight I’ve given you the opportunity of the god damn lifetime. You have the opportunity to be something. And all you had to do Sheridan was walk down to this ring and accept my challenge and now you are the number one contender to Flynn’s Undisputed Championship. This is the greatest position you have ever been in in your entire career and it’s all because of me. You are welcome. At Judgement Day, you have the opportunity of a lifetime in what is the biggest match of your career. And let’s be honest..... you stand absolutely no chance. The only thing you will accomplish is giving me the title of a woman beater, because I’m going to beat you to a bloody pulp. Flynn drops his microphone and exits, the match set. Flynn vs. Sheridan at Judgement Day for the Undisputed Championship.
  12. We open Carnage coming off of the second annual BPZ Power Trip Cup, which saw an assortment of action from beginning to end, the crowning and possibly most shocking moment being Flynn defeating Bart and becoming the Undisputed Champion. Flynn has since not spoken to any media, totally ghosting everyone, until now...... The lights cut out in the arena before a sole spotlight hits the stage. It’s Flynn, sporting a leather jacket, as well as a new black fedora. The Undisputed Championship is wrapped firmly around his waist as his eyes slowly turn to face the camera. He’s greeted with a chorus of boo’s, all of whom sound very displeased with his actions he chose to take the night prior in order to win the Undisputed Championship against his opponent Bart. He extends both arms wide, a sick smile on his face as he welcomes the hate from the fans. He matches directly to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope where he circles the ring, now holding his championship above his head, rubbing it in to everyone in attendance and at home. Finally he retrieves a microphone, and after a long period of silence, Flynn does speak. I told you all. I told each and everyone of you watching at home, sitting here in attendance that at the Power Trip World Cup, I would become the Undisputed Champion, and that I would do everything that was necessary in order to do it. That was my plan, that’s what I did, and now you are looking at your NEW UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, BPZ’S TRUE VILLAIN, FLYNN! More importantly, you are looking at this companies past, this companies present and this companies FUTURE! I said just earlier this year I would lead BPZ into a new era and here I return back to my throne to complete my prophecy. To rule BPZ as I see fit. Now I have come to understand that many of you disgusting people have a serious problem with the manner in which I won this Undisputed Championship last night. Many claim that I “stole” it from Bart and that I did not truly defeat him. Let’s not pretend that coward Bart wouldn't of done the exact same thing had he thought of it first. Luckily I tapped into my veteran instinct and used my ability to sneak up on my opponents, an ability I’ve greatly mastered over these years may I add, and I got to Bart before he could use one of his dirty tricks on me. And now BPZ is indeed officially saved! You’re all welcome. However judging by your heathenish reactions, you remain displeased with what I have done for you. That’s fine. I don’t give a damn about any of your opinions, it’s like I said just last week, I fight for one person and that’s me. I fight to kick ass, and I fight for cash baby, and me holding this championship is cash for me, and cash for this company and every exec back there knows it. There’s a reason I’ve been on top for so long people. Now I do plan to continue on with everything I’ve been saying these past few weeks because unlike that COWARD Bart, I am no liar. I promised BPZ a fighting champion and... heh, you are all getting one. So I’m making the challenge, who in the back once to go one-on-one with the F**KING GOAT, FOR THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP, at the very event that birthed him. Judgement Day, Undisputed Open Challenge, who’s stupid enough to bite? Flynn holds both arms out wide, awaiting anyone to accept his open challenge for Judgement Day.
  13. We come off a short break following the conclusion of the Power Trip Cup, where we witnessed Julius following coming up short last year, take home this years cup by defeating BIC. Now it is time for the Main Event, as Flynn will challenge Bart for his Undisputed Championship. “The Villain” emerges to a chorus of boo’s, sporting his signature attire with the Undisputed Championship shining firmly around his waist. He heads into what may just be one of the biggest matches of his career with full confidence. He matches directly toward the ring before making his way up the ringside steps and into the ring. He stands center ring where he proceeds to hoist the championship high above his head, however just as he lowers the title.... Flynn blindsides Bart! The crowd is in shock as Flynn has just laid Bart out with a clothesline from behind and now stands over the Champion. Flynn proceeds to grab Bart before throwing him shoulder first into the ring post! Flynn is then quickly pulled off by the referee who proceeds to check on Bart. Following examination, Bart shoved away all help, rage in his eyes, he demands to begin the match. Following assuring several ring-side officials, they allow it, the bell rings and the match is underway! Flynn sprints across the ring and begins laying into Bart. Who clearly is suffering from some sort of shoulder injury. This is exactly where he targets as he has Bart down in the corner against the turnbuckles, stomping on the Undisputed Champion, showing absolutely no mercy. The referee forces him off, attempting to give Bart the opportunity to just begin this match. BUT FLYNN! Continuing his offensive onslaught, absolutely punishing Bat here tonight as now fans are seemingly growing more and more uncomfortable with the actions of the challenger. Flynn pauses, listening around to the chorus of boo’s, seemingly shocked and a bit annoyed by the reaction he is receiving. He turns that annoyance into rage as he begins to breath heavily through his nostrils, turning his attention back to Bart. He marches directly to the Champion, who in a quick flash, rolls up Flynn in a school boy attempt! 1...2...3! NO! Flynn just barely kicked out and he looks shocked as Bart nearly steals it! Flynn quickly stomps on the skull of Bart. He refuses to quit there however, taking ahold of Bart’s arms and stomping on the skull, as well as the injured shoulder of Bart repeatedly! This has just been a disgusting beatdown dished out from Flynn starting with the cheap attack before the match had even begun. Flynn now stands with both arms high in victory, showcasing massive amounts of arrogance before he has even won the bout. He begins to make his way to the ring side corner where he calls for his signature knee to the skull! The fans boo however Flynn no longer shows any care towards them, he lines up the shot, awaiting Bart to reach his feet. A stumbling Bart does and Flynn takes off, HOWEVER BART DODGES THE MOVE! LAST BREATH! BART LANDS THE LAST BREATH! Bart stumbles for the cover but Flynn falls out of the ring. Bart looks absolutely devastated however waists little time, rolling out of the ring and lifting Flynn up before returning his challenger to the squared circle. He is absolutely exhausted as he rolls him over for the pin 1...2... NO! Flynn kicks out just in time and the fans are pissed. Bart however nodding, for the first time has this match under his control and doesn’t look to let off. He begins scaling to the top rope, calling for a big frog splash! He makes the leap but Flynn gets his knee’s up! Barts ribs crash hard on Flynn’s knees who hops back to his feet, not letting off he grabs ahold of Bart, and throws him directly shoulder first yet again into the ring post! He proceeds to bounce off the ropes using his momentum to nail Bart with a disgusting SPEAR! 1...2...3 NO! Bart is still going! Flynn looks enraged! He grabs ahold of Bart by the throat, lifting him to eye level, before out of nowhere Bart spits directly in Flynn’s eye who releases him. Flynn in disgust charges back at Bart with a fiery forearm but Bart catches it! Turning Flynn around into CARDIAC ARREST! He has Flynn exactly where he wants him! Flynn kicking and screaming is seemingly going to tap however in his panic, he accidentally nails the referee with his boot who got to close to the action. The referee stumbling back, Flynn takes advantage, raking the eyes of Bart! Bart releases the hold, before reaching his feet. He goes to lift Flynn back up however receives a NASTY LOW BLOW! Flynn hops to his feet, FKO! Flynn with a sick smile doesn’t go for the pin, as he looks to rub it in. He pulls Bart to his feet, before rebounding off the ropes and landing the KNEE TO THE SKULL! Flynn falls for the pin 1...2.....3! And your new Undisputed Champion..... FLYNN! The fans erupt in disappointment as Flynn slowly reaches to his feet, snatching his now Undisputed title before throwing it high above his head. With a sick smile he puts a boot over Bart who has been punished and robbed of his title. Flynn however showing to be the biggest victor of the night, and once again obtaining championship glory over one of BPZ’s elite.
  14. Flynn

    A Formal Apology

    We open Carnage up to a roaring crowd just days away from the Power Trip Cup where we will see a host of top bouts ranging from the returning Monda, to the Cup Finals and a heated Undisputed Championship match between Bart and Flynn. Flynn steps out onto the stage, no music, no graphics. He stares at the thousands in attendance before marching down to the ring, waisting little time tonight. He sports his ring trunks and a “Flynn Lives” T-Shirt. He rolls into the ring before removing a microphone from his boot, speaking with a low deep tone. Tonight, you will not here from “The King” Flynn, but the man. For years now I’ve made BPZ my home. I’ve given this company everything I have and I’ve attempted to make changes for the better. I have crafted a legendary career and it is no doubt that my resume speaks for itself. I have faced and defeated nearly everyone I’ve ever stepped into this ring with. However it would be a lie if I was to say that I did it all for the fans. I am an extremely selfish individual and this is something I own up to. Coming from the man, I do apologize for my past sins. I do hope you take my apology sincerely. It will only make taking in what happens this weekend so much easier for you all. Because when I step into this ring with Bart, I’m going to yet again do what I am needed to do, for the better of BPZ. Because while I have been selfish, what I’m going to do to Bart, I dedicate to my mission going forward of saving this company from the sad and pathetic wrestlers that seemingly plague it. I’m going to take that Undisputed Championship, and I’m going to hold it for a long, long time. I’m going to do so by humbling him. I’m going to beat some respect into him and then when he truly understands who I am, who the MAN FLYNN IS, I’m going to put him down. Bart your “Villain” mantle is nothing more then a cheap knock off title they gave you for marketing reasons. Everyone in this arena knows who the Villain of BPZ is, and he doesn’t need a stupid costume or to go around insulting the fans to gain such a title. I’m going to show you Bart what true evil is, and when it’s all over you will be thankful for the lessons I have taught you. All I ask of the people now, is to not pretend to be shocked after what I do to win that Undisputed Championship this weekend. I’ll see you at Power Trip Bart. Flynn drops his microphone and leaves the ring, the final message sent before the war truly begins.
  15. Bart vs Prince is entirely underrated.
  16. As Julius finishes speaking, the crowds boo’s perform a full 180, with every fan in attendance exploding with cheers. Julius appears a bit taken back by this and confused however it is clear as day to all the viewers. Flynn, the very man Julius blindsided just earlier this week, stands firmly behind Julius fuming. Julius in his confused state spins around to see what all this buzz is about only to be on the receiving end of an FKO! Julius is out cold as Flynn picks up Julius’ microphone before rolling out of the ring. He heads directly up the entrance ramp before halting on the stage, turning toward the buzzing crowd with a smile firmly across his face. Julius now is visibly pissed, steam practically fuming from his nostrils as he attempts to use the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Flynn finally shakes away the smiles and with a firmness in his voice, speaks. Let that be a lesson going forward. No ones untouchable, and no one is safe. I’ll be seeing more of you Julius very soon my friend. Keep that as a preview of what’s to come when I win that Undisputed Championship. Flynn tosses the microphone, Julius now standing on both feet his eyes dead locked on Flynn who leaves “The Death Machine” pissed and embarrassed, a rematch between the two seemingly on the horizon.
  17. Flynn


    Except, it was. Just earlier this year Bart, we battled in what was a six way to face Julius for his World Championship Championship and it’s in that very match where I got my first taste of Bart in singles competition. More importantly it was where you received the experience that is standing in the ring with Flynn at his best. And you failed. Of course I’m sure you have some type of lame excuse. Maybe you were injured or depleted after failing to win the Royal Rumble the night prior? Maybe the BPZ World Championship wasn’t on Bart’s radar and if that’s the case, it only goes to show just how small minded you are. Furthering just how intelligent you are, congratulations on bursting my bible on what a fighting champion you are. One title defense in 75 days, a true champion! Of course it still goes to show just how unmemorable that was. Even you forgot that you faced Echo. Of course after facing the same opponent for several consecutive matches in a row, I’m sure even the most avid fan would stop paying attention. It furthers why I need to win that championship. Because around your waist, it’s forgettable, it’s a prop, it’s a lot like yourself, BORING. You know why I Main event nearly every show I’m apart of? Because I remain relevant. I continue to stay on top of the headlines. I am a box office draw. I am the biggest opponent of your career, this is the biggest match of your career because if you were to win it, it would be the greatest and biggest victory of your career. Defeating me has deformed careers and while you can continue to downplay me, if you wanted this victory over me you continue to speak of, you’d be the first to tell the entire world of the great feat you accomplished. You are no fighting champion and you’ve shown me such tonight. You are a coward and you will suffer the fate that all cowards suffer once they step foot in the ring with me. Bart come one week, the world will get to truly see who the best in BPZ is. Flynn drops his microphone, making his final statement before heading to the back.
  18. I’m salty that you didn’t mention Kieron Black.
  19. I’m sorry but Slim couldn’t craft a decent story because the story changed every week. I thought you knew this first hand. @Slim
  20. Flynn


    Flynn nods, fully taking in what Bart has thrown at him. Finally Flynn speaks, he speaks with passion continuing his war of words with “The Villain”. You know you are correct. I do need to win this match but it’s more then for my own personal glory Bart, in case you couldn’t tell I’ve experienced far more then I ever expected to here in BPZ. I need to win because that Undisputed Championship needs me to be its champion. It needs me to raise its prestige, it needs a true champion. You want to know why I don’t have too many matches? What is my place Bart? Me being here every single week with no purpose burying whoever I’m out against does nothing but hurt the product. Surely you aren’t too thick skulled to see that? However I’m back on a full time basis and I can promise you that. Prior to my hiatus, I had worked every single show in 2019, and more importantly I’ve Main evented more shows in 2019 then anyone else. Because I was the World Champion and at the heart of it all I am exactly what I claimed to be when I came to this company four years ago, a prize fighter and you hold my prize. And in case you haven’t done your research and so far it’s seemed you’ve lacked, my win column as a challenger of a championship outweighs my losses tenfold. Now I’ll try to repeat myself as you have by consistently reminding me that you are a paper champion which while just being an off handed comment to begin with, it appears to have struck a nerve with you. However Bart it is indisputable. 60 days with NO TITLE DEFENSES. And the days only grow now. It’s pathetic. When I was Universal Champion, within my first sixty days I had FOUR Title defenses to my resume. So what is your excuse Bart? I showed every week just why I am “The King” of BPZ. All you’ve shown is your the “Villain” of catering because since dealing with Echo you’ve lived there. Champions don’t wait for their challengers, champions go out and find them. Yet you have the nerve to say I’m afraid? I’d like to show you just how afraid I am. Put that title on the line right here right now. Show the World who the best in the world is.
  21. Flynn


    It doesn’t take too long to be greater by “The King” himself as he steps out onto the stage, his eyes firmly locked on Bart, before finally he marches directly to the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope into the ring and locks eyes with the Undisputed Champion. He slowly circles around “The Villain” before retrieving his own microphone. He looks long and hard at Bart before finally, he speaks. For years I’ve prided myself on my ability to stay a step ahead of the curve. That no matter how much physical and mental pain I’ve been put through that it doesn’t slow me down. I am always ready for the next battle. I understand that when it comes to you Bart, it is a mental battle. You are no hulking beast like your peer Julius, it isn’t about overcoming your raw physical abilities, it’s about outsmarting you, and for you, it’s about finding a way to beat me that so few have done. So Bart, how intelligent do you find it to walk down to this ring after nearly taking a months hiatus as Undisputed Champion and making the claim that the biggest opponent of your life is just like everyone else. You know Julius said that earlier this year when I challenged him for the World Championship. That was Bailey’s one argument against me heading into Night of Legends. Yelich made the claims that I wasn’t the Flynn of old and I beat him in six seconds. Maybe I’ll just have to settle with beating you in FIVE Bart? You see it wasn’t until Bailey admitted who I am that he was able to overcome me at BPZ Mania. He knows to this day who is the best in this god damn company. So you must understand just how ignorant you sound when you come out here and you say that I’m just like everyone else, don’t you? Because by saying that you know that you literally sound JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. It’s not fresh, it’s not new to throw your opponents into a grouping with the rest of the trash you’ve been mopping the floor with for years but I’m not the rest of the trash Bart. You must understand though Bart, I’ve been at this for a long time. I’ve come to the understanding to go into every match with a new strategy, a new mindset because all of my opponents are different in their own little ways. It’s how as I said earlier I’ve remained a step ahead of the curve. You are on the rise Bart and you believe BPZ is yours for the taking. You’ve had no reason to this point to not think that either. You’ve dominated and you’ve beaten all that defy you. I was a lot like you. I’m going to put you through the harsh reality that I faced many years ago. In BPZ, anyone can win on any day. Never believe that you are untouchable. Expect anything else.
  22. @Smith I’m still waiting.
  23. I’d go back to the Summer of 2015. Absolutely loved the old chat room and 90% of the guys involved in the chat during that period are the biggest OG’s of the forums and were all incredible people to talk to and get to know.

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