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  1. Come and Get It...

    Richards looks prepped in the ring tonight for a fight as he does not suspect Flynn to be in any sort of mood to talk. He realizes he stands in charted waters with Flynn’s most prized possession. After a minute, Flynn still does not come out, Richards quickly realizing this may be a trap as he searches all angles for the Champion. After another minute the music cuts as Flynn is shown on the titantron laughing, clearly amused with Andrew. Andrew, you can calm down I have decided to not destroy you yet. You see I can understand your fear. You made the boldest, dumbest decision of your life when you attacked me and STOLE my World Championship, a Championship I have worked for over a year to regain. And you have since realized exactly what a mistake such actions were and thus you know the resultes that will come from said actions. You see however I’d like to keep the talk short. My message tonight is this. At December to Dismember, I will be walking in Champion WITH my title and I will be WALKING OUT with my title. I honestly could care less who’s in the match, I will beat them. Not because I am the Son of BrendenPlayz, but because I am the VERY BEST THERE IS! On another note, this video is prerecorded. I’m sorry for this, but you have sealed your fate Richards. CHAIR SHOT TO THE SPINE OF RICHARDS! FlynnPalyz is now standing over Andrew Richards, a look of pure disdain as he begins unloading on Chair Shots upon Richards before lifting him up and putting him down with a nasty FKO! Flynn would quickly lift up the microphone as well as the World Championship. Its like you said, a real champion would never allow someone to lay them out in the ring so easily. But Richards, it’s appearing that you just don’t get it. Because you aren’t dealing with a “real” champion. You are dealing with THE Champion. The man who defines every piece of gold he holds in this company. Let tonight serve as a lesson, to never start a fight you simply can’t finish. Flynn drops everything and rolls out of the ring. Revealing a table from underneath the ring! He would roll the table into the ring before setting it up in the corner, lining it up to spear Richards through. He would like it up before sprinting at Richards, NO WAIT SUPERKICK! Superkick straight to Flynn’s skull. Flynn crumbles back to the mat as Richards looks to regain himself. Now both men are on their feet, brawling as we are getting a sneak peak of DTD here tonight! Security begins to run down to the ring and pull both men apart. Now on opposite ends of the ring, Flynn is pulled out of the ring and up the ramp, However each begin to fight off the security! They meet just outside of the ring brawling however Flynn lifts up Richards out of nowhere before driving him alien first into the apron. He’d look for a suplex however Richards would break free before nailing two nasty forearms. Neither man looking to stand down, the fans are erupting tonight. Finally, the entire Carnage roster comes running out, pulling each man apart, Richards against the ring side barricade and Flynn back up the ramp. The segment closes as the bar is set and tensions rise just days before December to Dismember.
  2. I love you best friend 

  3. Christmas Lists

    Games: Fifa 18 WWE 2K18 COD WWII Clothes: Big Baller Brand Hoodie Big Baller Brand T-Shirt Z02’s Addidas Uktraboost 3.0 “Triple Black” Misc: Items for my Dorm next year in college. Ray Bans Maverick Tickets The Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl
  4. Not entirely a big surprise but I am currently loving the Owens/Zayn vs. Shane McMahon storyline as well as the matches we’ve been seeing involving the entire saga. It’s been booked so well and while Owens and Zayn have looked a tad bit weak in certain instances, seeing them “overcome the odds” week after week has honestly built their alliance up well and shown paired together they can be a serious threat. As for this match, should be good and I see Nakamura getting the win as Orton did last week to further build up that duo, before Owens and Zayn triumph at Clash of Champions.
  5. Brock Lesnar Not Advertised For Elimination Chamber PPV

    This was fairly predictable given the fact that they are doing Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar at Mania, and we’re defiently not going to have Roman win the Rumble again this early in his career. It’s a shame however that for the second year in a row the Elimination Chamber match has an easily predictable winner in Roman Reigns as Bray was obviously winning this year. What I find most questionable about this is if Lesnar will be defending at the Royal Rumble. If not he will have gone from September all the way to April without defending the title which is a SEVEN MONTH GAP, OVER HALF A YEAR! Surely however he will be defending the championship at the Rumble unless they truly just give no fucks. Also, who else definetly see’s Nakamura winning the Rumble and facing Styles at Mania for the World Championship given how everything seems to be going. At the same time, it seems really hard seeing them giving a young guy a Rumble win, and not someone like Cena setting up him vs Styles and him winning his 17th world title.
  6. The Silver Spoon...

    FlynnPlayz would step out, a massively cheesy smile placed on his face as he looks around at the sea of fans, none of whom look please to see the “Slim Killer”. He hoists both the World Championship and Universal Championship high above his head, reminding all of his place on top of BPZ before marching directly to the ring. FlynnPlayz halts at the ring apron, staring directly at Razor in the ring who does not seem to be any type of warm welcome for the champ. Flynn would roll straight into the ring before getting right in the face of Razor, both men now talking trash as it seems a fight can break out at any second. Finally he picks up the microphone Razor had thrown down and begins to speak. Who in the hell do you think you are? Bailey signs some nowbody from the independent circuit, who proceeds to come straight out here LIVE on Carnage Televsion and call out the top dog in this company. Why? All because you don’t believe u deserve it. You believe I’ve been born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Most importantly you see this false reality of myself you’ve created as a weakness that you will exploite to defeat me. You saw the announcement that BrendenPlayz is my father and you saw it as an oppertunity for yourself to become a star. While I must admit, that I didn’t work the independent circuit or any of that to get to where I am, it’s only because I didn’t need it. Simply put, I’d dominate the Indy scene, no, I’d make it my bitch. I could choose any independent promotion and take it to the very top of this business. That’s the type of star, the type of performer I am. Richards, the biggest difference between you and I tonight, is not our beliefs. It’s not how we came up in this business. It’s the fact that everyone around the globe knows who I am. And before tonight, there wasn’t a damn person in this arena who had the slightest thought of your pathetic existence. And let’s please discuss the fact that you, a man who has only been here a mere four days, has already been gifted a World Championship oppertunity in your debut match and yet you want to talk about me getting undeserved opportunities. You are a hypocrite Richard. A hypocrite who will pay for slandering the name of Playz, curtouesy of a beatdown from the greatest champion in BPZ history. Praise the name, long may I reign. FlynnPlayz drops his microphone before turning around and going to leave the ring. However out of nowhere he spins around, quickly attempting to get in an FKO on Andrew Richards before taking a massive Superkick, Andrew superkicking Flynn out of pure instinct! Andrew Richards whould look down before lifting up the BPZ World Championship, the fans buzzing before he throws it high above his head, everyone in the arena signaling for their approval. Could this be the same sight at December to Dismember?

    Something I would love for in this feud is Bray to actually be taken back by what his opponent is saying. Bray has never sold anything from any of his opponents whether it be in promos or resultes of him losing matches, he remains consistent and the same. Woken Matt can change that. Another interesting thing you mentioned was both men eventually teaming up, which could lead to Jeff returning to save his bother involving a Mania Jeff Hardy vs Bray Wyatt match which I would absolutely love to see. Plus, I feel this would be the best way to use Matt as I don’t realky see them going all in on pushing the Woken character. WWE has never had faith in a singles Matt Hardy, so I doubt they would in an old singles Matt Hardy.
  8. Cleveland Cavalries 

    Philadelphia Eagles 

    Manchester City 



    Clemson University 

    What do we have in common? We all got our opposition on LOCK. 

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      They lost to them what lol

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      True Flynn, so so true. The only difference is your ten times as dominant as all of them combined.

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      I thought you were a Miami fan.

  9. Killer Instinct

    The Carnage Arena is buzzing after discovering earlier in the night that Razor has indeed returned, and not just this but made a huge impact. Challenging the BPZ World Champion and Universal Champion Flynn not just for his World Championship but his spot atop BPZ. The announcer for Carnage steps forward, a smile on her face as she begins to speak. Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen it is with great pleasure that I welcome to the ring, our BPZ World Champion and Universal Champion, the self-proclaimed “Slim Killer”, he is the son of Brenden himself, FLYNNPLAYZ! FlynnPlayz steps out, a smile clear across his face as per usual as he marches out onto the stage hoisting both prestigious championships high above his head. A smile firmly on his face, he lowers both onto his shoulders before making his way straight to the ring. He would halt at the stairs, taking one deep breath before entering the ring. He’d spin around in a full 360 hoisting both pieces of gold above his head before finally taking center stage. He’d remove a microphone from his boot, now speaking. Ome thing I have learned these past few weeks, is that family... is everything. For my entire life, I was alone. I was raised by Richard Jackson to be a fighting machine, primarily to compete in this ring, no prior knowledge as to who exactly I was. My name was all I ever had. Even when I broke into this company, I was never truly welcomed in. The Shield, The Court, even Evolution, I never felt like I had a family. I never had a friend in this business. I- Quickly “NECCE” chants break out, obviously referring to the man who had always had the back of Flynn through thick and thin when called upon, the same man who Flynn single handedly sent packing to the hospital where he lies to this day. Flynn quickly looks uncomfortable before speaking, his smile reemerging. Who? The chant breaks off as now boo’s rain down, clear disrespect being shown straight towards the man he brutalized. As I was saying, I never had anyone... until now. My father, he has given me pride. He has made me a proud Champion because for once in my career I am not just fighting for myself but for my family’s legacy. I am not just helping myself but the overall image of BPZ. You see while so many say it, I will not. No you see unlike others I am not “saving” BPZ. I have saved it. However there appear to be those, so desperate for attention and to reach the top by virtue of the talents of others. I am of course speaking of Carnage’s newest signee, ANDREW RICHARDS! A man who has made the false claims that I have “kissed” the ass of my father to reach this position in the first place. That I take short cuts to get to where I am at. No you see they aren’t short cuts, I am just blazing my own trail refusing to take the roads that have been laid down for you sheep. However you then went on to threaten my very well being. You said you would split my skull open as well as other very creative means of punishment I’m sure to punish me for the many “wrong” things I have done. However, just as I’ve told all before you, if simply being the very best is wrong, then I’m a killer. A killer, with a killer instinct. And you see, as we’ve shown before, at any moment I can just snap. This smile, this suit, I wear them for my father. However don’t let that fool you or any of those in the back. I am the man who defeated Slim here live for the World Championship. I am also the very same man who for the past EIGHT MONTHS HAS HAD THE CARNAGE ROSTER LOCKED DOWN! Some call me King, some call me Champion, or beast. None of that matters. All that matters is when the talk is done and that bell rings and I can proudly welcome you to BPZ. It’s just a shame you’ve chosen the quick way out. FlynnPlayz drops his microphone, throwing both championships in the air before marching out of the ring and to the back, smile firmly across his face.
  10. EVOLVE TAKEOVER: Pride(Votings)

    Went with Bart, Ark, FDS, Smith, Rex, and Jonathan.
  11. EVOLVE TAKEOVER: Pride(Votings)

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride
  12. Original Plans For A Kane Brother Story.

    Extremely interesting to think about if this character ever came to fruition. Kane and Undertakers own mythology has been a tad bit fucked by this point with how confusing and convoluted it has become however a third brother who would obviously be play off the Bible’s Kane and Abel would be extremely interesting. I do think it’s important to note that it says Kane’s brother however not the Undertaker. It was revealed in storyline that the Undertaker and Kane are only half brothers sharing the same mom however Paul Bearer being Kane’s father, which would have to mean Abel would be the son of Paul Bearer. Not that any of it matters however extremely interesting and would of define you placed Matt Morgan in a massive role in WWE that could of most likely made his career and sent him straight into stardom.
  13. EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride | Live December 8th

    Main Event: Slim vs. Slim’s victim Global Championship: Natedog (c) vs FDS Jonathan vs Sameer To The Top: Akki Mahal vs TheGRV vs Ropati vs Ark Universe vs Joh Rex Mundi vs Blade Loser is Fired: Prince vs Bart honestly tho no one gives a fuck
  14. EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride | Live December 8th

    The main event and this show feels like a dick measuring contest between two guys that suck. #BrendenIsMyDadLOL

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