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  1. We are live on Carnage, coming straight off of the first ever wildcard event. An event that not only saw current Undisputed Champion Jeremiah Flynn successfully retain his championship yet again, it also fellow Bullet Proof members, the First Class Express Hans Clayton and Isiah Carter come up short and lose their Tag Team Championships to rival faction, Creed. Now, we are just two weeks away from one of the biggest events of the year that will pit the ruling class of BPZ in Bullet Proof head to head with four of BPZ’s most elite, “Creed” in a survivor series elimination tag team bout. Finally, after months of raging their own personal war across the entire landscape of BPZ, Bullet Proof has a challenge. Undisputed Champion, Jeremiah Flynn steps out however despite successfully defeating his own brother in definitive fashion, as the Undisputed Champion is known for, there appears to be no signs of celebration. He steps out sporting his ring gear and a plain black T-Shirt. His boots strapped tight as he stands proudly on the stage, his prestigious championship firmly over his shoulder. He slowly maneuvers down the ramp, every step he takes seems to carry a slow sense of caution. His eyes race across the thousands in attendance, he pauses at the steel steps. Taking a deep breath, he climbs up the steps, posing above the ring, symbolizing this mans rule over all of BPZ. He takes a leap down, front rolling straight into the center of the ring. Removing a microphone form his boot, he juggles it around as he paces slowly in a circle, feeling the crowd in attendance out for a moment. Finally he nods before beginning to speak, his eyes directed toward the hard camera. Last week I had to fight, brutalize and render my very own brother unconscious. Now in case you didn’t hear that right, I’ll say it one more time for those in the back. Last week, I was forced into a position where I had to FIGHT-BRUTALIZE-AND KNOCK MY OWN BROTHER OUT COLD. One year ago to this day, “The New” Flynn was born. The old Flynn, he wouldn’t of been able to do what is was that I did last week. The Wildcard was a culmination of a year long transformation into the man you see before you tonight. A man who has no emotional connections to this world. A man who was sent to the bottom and clawed his way BACK TO THE TOP! I was told to go home after Survivor Series a year ago. That my time in this business was over. That I was “washed”, that I didn’t have what it took anymore. NOW LOOK AT ME! I SAID LOOK AT ME DAMNIT! Following Survivor Series, for the first time in my career, I could truly see. I was no longer blinded by the politics you fans bring to this business. The politics those in the back bring to this business. I understand now that I broke the code. Now I allow the blind to lead the blind. False hero’s cheered on by a disgusting over abundance of greedy consuming sheep. Sheep who will take everything from you before moving on to the next big thing. I have defeated every single person you people have clinged onto. I HAVE BRUTALIZED AND VICTIMIZED ALL OF THEM. These men that I have seen sent down from the hierarchy of BPZ, down the card where they belong, have now banned together against me. Bullet Proof, FOUR LEADERS. They are saviors of BPZ. The three men I share this brotherhood with, share my ideology, they share my beliefs. While our perspectives come in different forms,whether that be our view points on you sheep, or what it is we do to get the job done in this ring, there’s something the four of us completely agree upon. That is that Creed is going to need to die well before it can ever truly begin. Creed is a manifestation of everything I have been fighting against for the last twelve months. These men make bogus claims to sway you people into believing they are in any way victims. They are the blind who lead the blind. I to at one point believed myself to be the victim. That was until I cast aside the delusional, heroic mindset. I accepted that anything that had ever happened to me was because I allowed it to happen, because I allowed myself to become a victim. And so as I said earlier, I was reborn a new man. Creed, you to have this choice. The four of you are preparing to enter a war that you will not win. Wildcard you took the first battle, and I say congratulations to you. My advice? Take your winnings and move on. You are all sadly too foolish and stupid to actually go through with this. You are as I said, four men standing up for the “betterment” of BPZ. You are four hero’s United to topple the ruling regime. Sadly, the reality is Creed, this is no fantasy. In case you just missed it last week, the younger brother doesn’t avenge his harsh childhood. He gets knocked the fuck out and embarrassed in front of millions around the world by his superior. Because that’s how the real world works, that’s social Darwinism. The strongest survive and the weak perish. I am the elite, I am the strongest. I am the definitive champion of all of BPZ. I am hated for it. Everyone in that locker room is cheering for you boys to take us down. THESE SHEEP ARE ROOTING FOR YOU TO TOPPLE THIS EMPIRE. So what happens when the four of you fail? What happens when I personally beat the hell out of the four of you myself, giving my brothers the night off to worry about other things? I’m sure some of you scoff at the thought of that. I’m sure some are amused by me. I’m also sure that there are some, in Creed specifically, who take everything I say extremely seriously. And so they should. Julius, Bart, Sameer and Smith. Creed. These are the stepping stones that will give rise to BPZ’s greatest empire. Four birds, a single bullet. I myself, live by a creed. Unlike the one apposed to myself, it isn’t some hollowed out, biased, and delusional belief. It is that I am the greatest to ever step foot in this ring. It is that when I want to, I can do anything I wish to in this ring. I wish to ONCE AGAIN PROVE THIS. This is why tonight, I leave two choices for Creed. An ultimatum. Flynn pauses, holding up a singular finger, pointing straight above his head. The first, to forfeit. Refocus on your dwindling singles careers before you can bury them further. Save yourselves the embarrassment and more importantly, don’t victimize yourselves further, like I did. Flynn now raises another finger, two now pointing up from his balled up first. The second option? Double down. Prove to these sheep you so proudly represent that you believe we here in Bullet Proof are frauds. Go into Survivor Series guns blazing but take it one step further...... next week. I request that one, any, member of Bullet Proof steps into this ring with me one-on-one and expose me like you four plan to do at Survivor Series to all of Bullet Proof. I LAY DOWN THIS CHALLENGE AND SOLEMNLY DECREE, THAT I WILL BE HERE FOR A FIGHT. “The New Flynn” vs ANY MEMBER OF CREED WHO WISHES TO REPRESENT THEM! However, while I leave this challenge here on this metaphoric table, available for any four of you to pick up, I do warn you. I understand why none of you would accept it. I do understand, however how will all these sheep perceive you? This is my ultimatum. I, Jeremiah Flynn, the voice of Bullet Proof, declare war upon the rising cancer known as Creed. And I will stop at nothing until it’s purged. I will give you boys twenty-four hours to decide. Be wary when you wish to pick a fight with god, he may just swing back. The Undisputed Champion drops his microphone. A mad man, rambling on about a plethora of metaphors and possible manifestations of what he perceives as a war on the horizon however something that has been heard around the world clear as day. Flynn welcomes the fight that Creed has brought to Bullet Proof, but more importantly has left them a fascinating challenge. Will a member of Creed step in the ring toe-to-toe with the Undisputed Champion next week? The ball has been left in Creed’s park. Who, if any will pick up on the challenge.
  2. In what has become an annual classic, we at BPZ proudly open up the next in what has been the most exciting event of the year for tag team wrestling. Looking at last years winners, which saw the birth of what is arguably already one of the biggest tag teams in BPZ history in the Big Ballers, the landscape of BPZ has changed drastically. Factions run wild over the federation and this year you can almost expect to see a reflection of that here. Beginning the first week following Survivor Series, the tournament will welcome up to 8 teams, with the finals taking place at Winter Warfare. The winners of the tournament this year, are to be granted a Tag Team Championship opportunity at Night Of Legends in January. The first round will begin December 6th! Official Teams: Bullet Proof(Flynn and Mikey) First Class Express(BIC and Hans) Sickness (Jason Ryan and Gunner Flynn) The Notorious Killers (Brad & FDS) The Painmakers (Kieron Black and "The Chancellor" CJ Sellers) JoshsNow and Marker Invictus (KENJI & Arius) The Thundermans (Arrow & Steph)
  3. Flynn’s All Time Top 5: 1. Slim 2. Nebakos 3. Smith 4. Bailey 5. BiC
  4. Ask and you shall receive. The Undisputed Champion, the general manager of BPZ, and the brother to the man standing in the center of the ring, Jeremiah Flynn steps out. However there is no business casual to him tonight, as Flynn sports nothing more then his wrestling tights and boots. His eyes are fixated on the very man who had just days ago attacked him at how very own press conference. This has become an absolute blood feud between these two siblings who clearly can not stand the existence of the other. As Flynn arrives into the ring, the Undisputed and Premium Champions are sat face to face with one another. Each carry disdain for the other and the entire arena can feel it. Each man is like a ticking time bomb on the verge of total combustion. Jeremiah removing a microphone from his boot begins his response and final words to Gunner prior to their match.[/color] This has been building for our entire lives. More importantly, I have been waiting my entire life for this. For the opportunity to stomp the skull in of that stupid little child who’d remain a consistent reminder of my own upbringing. Gunner I am a wrestler above all else. I am a wrestler who hurts people in more severe and damaging ways then other wrestlers. My methods are considered extreme. I myself have been described as a sociopath. I hurt complete and total strangers and I relish in their pain. You are not a complete and total stranger. You are an individual I have waited my entire life to harm, to hurt. If I can break a man who I don’t even know, what is it you believe I’m willing to do to you brother? That’s something I want you to carry into this Championship match. I want you to feel exactly how I have felt for the past twenty years. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, you want an apology from me? For abandoning you? For not caring for you? Was I a bad big brother? Gunner, it’s not my fault you’ve always been a weak sniveling little BITCH! It’s not my fault you couldn’t just accept that our stupid scumbag parents were dead. It’s not my fault you are a god damn cry baby. I had no one. I had absolutely NOTHING! I had to turn nothing into exactly what you see before you. THE GOD DAMN UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. The man that runs BPZ. The greatest to ever do it. You want an apology because you were weak and I wasn’t? No. You don’t deserve a damn apology. At Carnage Wildcard, you claim I’ll become a stranger to you. That is how you will be able to hurt me, how you will defeat me. You see in my case it’s the exact opposite because for the first time ever your opponent will look at you for exactly who you are. I’ll be fighting Gunner Flynn, an individual who’s purpose for existing is to ruin my god damn life. I’m going to punish you for existing Gunner. Good luck, because you will need every bit of it. Jeremiah Flynn drops the microphone. Both brothers now stand face to face, the talking is done between these two. However there is no physical altercation, simply a mutual stare down as both go into a battle that has seemingly been building since before either of these two individuals ever stepped foot in BPZ.
  5. Jeremiah Flynn


    Damn they increased the amount of characters allowed in a tweet in the new update by a good bit didn’t they.
  6. Scene opens as several reporters surround a small wooden table, a clear walkway made out directly to the chair say behind the table. Flynn, the Undisputed Champion and General Manager of Carnage steps out, a full black suit. He carries his Undisputed Championship, placed firmly over his shoulder. He sits down, a sly smile across his face. The last public appearance made by the Champion was when he brutally assaulted his own brother, Gunner at Halloween Havoc following an already brutal Premium Championship match. He opens the conference speaking. The last time I sat at this table, I had brought my own list of topics that I felt like covering and needed to be explained to the audience at home. At the time I did not feel comfortable about the possible questions that would be asked in regards to my brother, Gunner. However I have since aired the dirty laundry. There’s no elephant in the room, I am an open book for you people to read. I understand many of you may have questions still so..... ask away. A reporter from FOX is the first to ask a question to the Undisputed Champion, however instead of asking about his upcoming title bout, they ask for Flynn’s reflection as a whole of his 2019 and if he believes he accomplished everything that he has set out to do for this year. I am never satisfied. I am consistently hungry for what’s next, I am always looking forward. Nearly one year ago today the “New Flynn” was born. I stopped caring about public perception. I gave up on a flashy ring style in favor of something more grounded. I began telling the truth to the audience. I received backlash as was expected but you can’t argue with the results. My first match of this year, I kicked the Bailey’s ass. I put his ass out in the main event of Night of Legends. I ended Julius’ World Championship reign and I main evented BPZ Mania for the second time in my career. However this championship sitting right here is my greatest achievement. This is my everything. For five months I’ve faced some of BPZ’s most elite and I don’t plan to slow down anytime soon. 2019 has been a great year, but I’m not done yet. A reporter for NBC sports chimes in next, asking about the initial shock himself and the audience experienced when the current Premium Champion revealed himself to be Jeremiah’s brother. More importantly he also asked about the Undisputed Champion now openly using the name Jeremiah here in BPZ. My full name is Jeremiah Flynn. However when I first came to BPZ, I knew keeping things short was how you made a brand marketable. “Flynn” is my brand. When you hear that phrase, that name you think of me. It is the most profitable brand in BPZ, behind BPZ itself. Of course over this past year I’ve attempted to turn that brand away from common consumerism in the wake of the global environment crises our planet is facing. Sadly this now will be deeply overshadowed by my own little brother. Gunner.... has always been extremely unintelligent. He is by far my subordinate in the mental category and so I knew Gunner couldn’t back everything I’ve always wanted “Flynn” to represent. He’d soil the name, and so far judging from the awful last few weeks, he’s done everything I saw him doing. He’s selfish. He wants to ride off my coattails. Of course he’s always been and extremely unconfident individual until obviously recently. The man wins a championship and he thinks he’s on top of the world. I’ve won like twenty. That doesn’t give me the right to go and ruin someone’s brand. I was initially shocked, however at this point I’m just pissed off. A CNN reporter now asks Flynn about current affairs with Bullet Proof and their most recent message on Carnage. They’d ask about the brewing war against new and rival faction Creed as well as if this will at all be a distraction for his upcoming title bout. I don’t get distracted. Creed is in no way a distraction. My match next week with Gunner will be extremely simple. I have a game plan, I’ve studied my brother but a distinct advantage I have is that I’ve watched my little brother grow up. I know what makes him tick, I know his weaknesses, his strengths. I know exactly how to beat him and I know how to do it decisively. Following this, in the main event of Carnage Wildcard, my good friends Isaiah Carter and Hans Clayton, your Tag Team Champions of the World, First Class Express, will successfully hey again defend their Tag Team Championships and end this whole “Creed” fiasco. That is the end of that. Finally, an ESPN reporter would shockingly ask about the North American Championship match, concerning Flynn’s thoughts on the match, why he made it, and Flynn’s “biased” agenda against current champion Yelich. First off, I have no “agenda” against Yelich. The man is absolutely delusional. I mean..... Have I ever truly done anything wrong to this man? I beat the guy at the Royal Rumble this year in four precise seconds. What is wrong about that? That I didn’t play around and make him think he had a chance? He isn’t championship material. He just isn’t and KENJI, one of BPZ’s rising stars is gonna prove that when he kicks his ass and becomes North American Champion. I even gave Yelich a job to serve as my understudy just earlier this year and he blew it so I fired his ass. And honestly if he keeps his current cry baby crap up, I may just have to fire his ass again. This time from BPZ. No more questions. Flynn stands to his feet, fully set for a big Undisputed Championship match a week from today. Jeremiah Flynn vs Gunner Flynn.
  7. As the camera stares at Flynn, he doesn’t begin speaking right away, instead pondering the ring on his hand. The ring that the other three men have just placed in the holder on the table. His eyes rise to meet the camera, a cold chill enters the atmosphere. He speaks. I have been on a roller coaster for the past few months. War after war, battle after battle. No matter how much I- no, WE overcome, a greater challenge steps up to the plate. Now, we have a revolution knocking at our doorstep, looking to take everything we’ve built, everything we’ve for themselves. This is nothing new to me. When you sit atop the throne, you quickly learn your enemies can only grow. I caution everyone at this table, Bullet Proof is exactly what the name claims to be, until it isn’t. One misstep, one slip up and we can crash and burn into another blimp in the history books. But we won’t. We won’t because I won’t let us. Since Summerslam, you boys have stood by my side. Since Summerslam, you have had my back, and I in return have had each and every single one of yours. Look at yourselves, CHAMPIONS. You’ve all earned what you have. More importantly, none of you want to lose what it is that you’ve earned. So I say, follow me yet again, and I’ll deliver us to the promise land. Flynn sets his Undisputed Championship across the table. It glimmers in the bright lights of the marble lit room. All eyes sit on Flynn’s coveted title. For nearly 150 days now, I’ve shown that I am the champ to beat in BPZ. I’ve shown that I am the MAN in BPZ. All three men at this table know it, and everyone at home knows it. I look at Creed, and I see four failures. Four men who struggle on their own to get the job done. Bart, we know the story. The man I within one night made BPZ’s brightest rising a star nothing more then a flash in the pan. Pathetic and weak. Julius, this man wouldn’t dare say my god damn name. An oversized lug who’s greatest strengths are his own downfall. “An incredible combination of speed and power unlike never before seen” and it all comes crumbling down every time with ONE KNEE TO THE DOME. Sameer is a god damn failure. Smith is BPZ’s biggest choke artist. Overall these four men are all former rivals. I don’t give a damn about backstage connections with each other. Some stupid sob story about how Smith trainee Bart but they could never truly “reunite” the four of them make me god damn sick to my stomach. When you have a problem, when that brick wall is in your way, YOU KNOCK IT DOWN. I have been one of if not the most successful man in this companies history BECAUSE I KNOCK WALLS DOWN. The three men at this table knock walls down. Creed? Creed is what happens when four men couldn’t knock the wall down, they couldn’t hang with the big dogs in BPZ, they realized that apart they are weak and frail. Creed needs each other. They are beneath us in every sense of the word. Flynn, who is now glowing red, stares around the room at all three fellow Bullet Proof members, all listening intently to the veteran leader. I stress that while I sit before you, denouncing the legitimacy of our new found enemies, there’s a reason we are having this public statement. Creed is a direct response to our takeover of BPZ, they have formed in direct contrast to our very being here. It tells us two things. Bullet Proof is a success. Bullet Proof is here and Bullet Proof is on top. That goes without question. However the second thing it tells us, we have enemies coming together. Enemies that want to see us burn. This is a message for our enemies. We will not lie down. We are in a new era of BPZ, AND I, JEREMIAH FLYNN, alongside my Bullet Proof comrades will lead us into it. So for a final statement to the world, watch Carnage Wildcard here in just a few short weeks as we vanquish our enemies and retain our gold and all it’s gonna take is a single bullet. Flynn now sets his ring in the case, closing it with a thud. The camera slowly fading to black as all four men stand to their feet, their statements made.
  8. Flynn’s Wildcard Predictions: Undisputed: Myself North American: KENJI Tag: First Class Express
  9. FKO! FKO! FKO FROM JEREMIAH FLYNN. Jeremiah has just laid out his younger brother who just went through a battle to retain his Premium Championship. Jeremiah now slowly pulls himself to his feet, Gunner Flynn lays lifeless as Jeremiah stands over him, slowly cracking a smile, clearly pleased with what he’s done to his brother and title challenger. He slowly paces around him, eyeing him down like he’s a piece of meat. He quickly rolls outside of he ring, retrieving a microphone and a steel chair. The very weapon he’s brutalized the likes of Yelich and Bart with over the last few months. He throws the chair to the side as he crouches over Gunner, speaking very slowly and clearly to his younger brother. No one lays their hands on me, and gets away with it. I could fire you. Without hesitation I could have you stripped o this championship and out of a job. However would that exactly be fair? I do not believe firing a reckless piece of shit like yourself would look good upon the company. Besides their are much stronger alternatives. Beating the hell out of you right here in the middle of this ring is one of them. You see everything I said last week was the full truth. I held nothing back. Gunner Flynn’s parents are two scumbags. His parents, are two of the lowest types of people you could of ever known. To think someone could actually love them......disgusting. You make me sick to even think that we are related. You’ve attacked me on two occasions now. You’ve attacked me...... Flynn slowly picks up the chair, as he screams into the microphone. BECAUSE YOUR MOTHER IS A WHORE! AND A VICIOUS STRIKE WITH THE CHAIR! Flynn now is absolutely going ham, beating Gunner down with the chair. He begins stomping on his little brother before continuing the barrage of chair shots. Gunner is seemingly left lying motionless as Flynn beats down on him. The camera cuts to fans in shock. Jeremiah has completely snapped here. He quickly pauses, breathing extremely heavily from the consistent swings from the chair, he grabs the microphone- Did you hear me Gunner? PICK YOUR GOD DAMN HEAD UP, THIS IS EXACTLY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ASKED FOR. You wanna be Gunner Flynn. You want to show the world you can be a champion? A star? You think you have what it takes to be Undisputed Champion Gunner? You think you have what it takes to do what I do? DO YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH? SON OF A WHORE! The barrage continues. He’s laying into Gunner Flynn however finally the chair is dented so badly that it is left bent. Flynn admiring it throws it outside of the ring. He slowly lifts Gunner up to his knee’s before running back to the corner turnbuckles, seemingly bouncing off of them before laying Gunner out with his running knee! Jeremiah Flynn now rises over the bloodied and injured Gunner Flynn. Staring down at the Premium Championship, he grabs the title and chucks it out of the ring. He raises his own Undisputed Championship high in the middle of the ring. A war being raged between two brothers here in BPZ.
  10. Prologue: October 25, 2019 Do you wanna know what really grinds my gears? You people. Almost on a consistent basis I am left absolutely breathless by the things I have read and seen in BPZ. Overall what I plan to do right here in BPZ’s next biggest blockbuster idea is let all of you people know where you have absolutely fucked up. More often then not you allow your own egos to cloud the better judgement and while you make absolutely ridiculous decisions, posts, stupid kayfabe lists, legitimate lists, as well as the rest of the dumb shit you people say. I am here to put you all on the spot whenever and however I feel like. No chains, nothing holding me back, this is Joshua Flynn unfiltered coming at you with nothing but the holy truth. Literally no one is safe from ridicule and you all deserve some ridicule. I can promise right now that if some idiot does decide to attempt to mock me, I will personally ensure that they face the consequences. Episode one is coming whenever the hell I feel like it. It will also most likely be a direct response to the next stupid kayfabe list to come out that are all always 100% biased, and totally written without the writer actually researching anything and just looking for a nice post for some quick rep to make it look like they actually did something to poor pathetic shit. Good bye for now. I can promise you all something if anything, I will come with the most passion and heart needed. The same passion and heart you people deserve but don’t receive from these worthless pieces of shit in BPZ.
  11. I feel like a rockstar. 

    1. Sameer


      Ur a fucking pussy 

    2. Gunner Flynn
  12. In another note, Kawhi Leonard is the terminator, the King of the north, and most importantly the best player in basketball today do not mess with me. 

  13. Imagine going out of the way, creating whole ass kayfabe article lists and then putting yourself on top of your own lists thinking you won’t come across as desperate or biased. 

    #Shame #Sad #YesYouBitch

    1. Smith


      Wow that's unbelievable. Who tf would do that? #RevealThatBitch

    2. Slim


      Imagine being insecure and having to take shots to protect your fragile ego. #ExposeFlynn

      If you respond to this, you're insecure.

  14. I find Nebakos’ departure to be far more impactful and shocking to Smith’s mainly because he is a bigger deal then Smith, way better then Smith, much more liked then Smith, overall just a better person then Smith, a bigger star then Smith, a more impactful BPZ superstar on the roster then Smith and far more revolutionary then Smith. Plus I think everyone can agree that Nebakos while being as great as he was, was extremely hilarious and Smith is an extremely depressing man. Overall this is a ridiculous list and was clearly created by a biased, egotistical bottom feeder.
  15. Calls itself a BPZ kayfabe show. In reality is totally just a daily reminder of what’s going on with BIC in kayfabe. Just call it the “Isiah Carter Watch” smfh

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