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  1. We are live on Carnage following one of the biggest night of the year as Survival Games has concluded. The most interesting result of the night had to be Flynn overcoming Echo and Necce and retaining his Undisputed Championship. And in cue, the crowd is already split in half as the current General Manager of Carnage, the Undisputed Champion Flynn steps out. He had an extremely large smile glued to his face. It’s quite obvious why as last night he pulled off the unthinkable when he successfully retained against Echo Wilson and Necce. The Undisputed Champion is full of confidence, he is practically on top of the world. Flynn reaches the ring, microphone in hand and paces around looking at the thousands in attendance. He holds his BPZ Undisputed Championship in one hand however yet again carries the Mask of the Antichrist, a trophy of his accomplishment last night. WHAT A SHOW. Absolutely brilliant. As your general manager and the man who put together that card I have to give myself a massive pat on the back as I didn’t just put on a terrific show, I put the cherry on top with what was obviously the match of the night. Because in the main event I came to this ring and I beat the Man of the Year, I beat The Antichrist and I showed you why I am still you BPZ Undisputed Champion. I am still BPZ’s most elite talent. I am still the guy. And if there’s anyone out there that doubted me, last night I silenced all of the critics. For over a year Necce was called my Kryptonite, and last night I revealed to the world that the “New Flynn” HAS NO WEAKNESSES. The new Flynn is per- Flynn’s microphone is cut off. He appears entirely confused before the lights dim. Flynn begins to scream at the technical crew outside of the ring as it appears we are experiencing many technical difficulties. Suddenly, like thunder a voice is heard throughout the arena. For once in your life, can you just shut the hell up? There is a brief confusion in the arena. There are several technicians running around the ring, Flynn spinning around as the thunderous voice has thrown the Undisputed Champion clearly off his game here tonight. Suddenly, an all too dominant theme hits, suspicions confirmed as the voice’s owner reveals himself. The Premium Champion himself, carrying his “baby”, the golden belt he has over the past month become synonymous for. He stares down at Flynn, a deep look of disdain, possibly hatred for the general manager. He slowly steps to the ring as we cut back to Flynn who visibly seems taken back by this. Icon rolls into the ring, taking a microphone and staring Flynn down. He circled the Undisputed Champion, looking him up and down before snatching Flynn’s own microphone. He taps the top of it, a loud thud signaling the microphone is no longer cut off. Flynn now continues to stare at the Premium Champion as he speaks. You are and always have been an extremely interesting individual. So brave, so bold. You come to this ring week after week and you dare anyone to step up to you. But we all know, you didn’t want me. We all know, you never wanted me to step up. Jeremiah Flynn, that’s a name you haven’t heard in years isn’t it? I mean, when you are the only Flynn in the house, what’s the point of using that name. However you aren’t the only Flynn in this house anymore, are you? I came to BPZ over a year ago, I trained for months in its NXT division under a monicker known as Storm that was destined to fail from the start. A few months ago I returned a new man, but still unable to use my true identity, all because of you brother. All because you don’t want these people knowing about your dark secret. The crowd roar in shock, Flynn suddenly in a burst of anger charges at Icon, who lays him out with a massive forearm! Icon now hovers over Flynn before pacing back to the corner. He is seemingly muttering something to himself, before turning around and laying Flynn out with a version of Flynn’s own running Knee strike. Icon is let’s out a scream of anger as he connects with the brutal maneuver. He regains himself as he admires the unconscious Undisputed Champion. He pulls himself to his feet, lifting up his Premium Championship before stomping on the Undisputed title. With the microphone in hand he continues to speak. MY NAME IS GUNNER FLYNN. I do not want anything that you have. I only want to tear down everything you’ve built for all of these years. Jeremiah, no one can save you. In a shocking reveal, The now named Gunner Flynn drops the microphone before leaving the ring. He exits through the crowd as several members of Bullet Proof come sprinting out to check on Flynn. Gunner no where to be seen.
  2. The morning sun pans over the city of Dallas, Texas. Home of legendary sports organization the Dallas Cowboys. One of the largest economically growing cities in the world. Home to the likes of Owen Wilson, Post Malone, Dennis Rodman, and Von Miller. However, for today it is the birth place, and home of the current BPZ Undisputed Champion, The General Manager of BPZ, and high ranking member of Bullet Proof, Flynn. The camera cuts to just outside of a black door. The camera man knocks, before we are welcomed by the face of the man himself. Flynn steps out of his penthouse, sporting a hoodie, Bullet Proof T-Shirt, and black jeans. “Just in time. Let’s get going.” They head down the corridor before entering the elevator. The camera quickly cuts to the parking garage. Flynn, who enters his 2019 Dodge Challenger He’ll Cat. It’s all black. The camera man enters and sits in the passenger seat, the camera firmly on Flynn who begins driving. “I’ve always been a fan of American muscle. Since I was just a kid. Fast cars and wrestling. I bought this baby last year brand new. Preferably I drive dodge however I have nothing against any other brands. You gotta have an open mind or else you are just limiting yourself, blinding yourself to everything around you. It goes beyond cars. Put yourself in my shoes. If I limited myself on only watching Bullet Proof matches, I never would of been able to scout out someone like Mikey.” The camera begins to peak out the window. Some sort of background tunes begin to play as it highlights the city and people of Dallas. Flynn driving, showcasing his city in his own eyes. “Born and raised. I absolutely love this city. I don’t know how I could ever leave it. Right here, this is our first stop. Nomra’s Cafe. It’s the best in town.” Flynn parks his car. Both men enter the cafe as the waitress recognizes and seemingly has everything ready for both men. Flynn speaks to several of the workers, who all seem to recognize and closely know Flynn. It cuts to Flynn sitting down in a booth across from the camera, eating his breakfast. “My dad would always bring me here as a kid. I’ve know some of the workers here since I was just ten years old. Their good people. Hard blue-collar workers. It’s why today I’m going to finally relieve them of their duties. See, I spoke to the owner yesterday and I purchased this place, and I’m making it into the first ever official “Bullet Proof Club”. Night club owned, operated and ran by Bullet Proof.” Camera Man: “What will happen with all the workers?” Flynn seems a bit taken back by the sudden question. He looks at the camera with a brief pause before speaking sharply. “Personally.... I don’t give a damn. Now let’s go. Our day together isn’t over just yet.” Flynn stands up. Leaving man extremely large tip on the table as the camera man follows him out. We cut back to Flynn driving through the city. After a brief pause of silence, he begins to speak. “For the better part of the last month I’ve been through an emotional rollercoaster. My former best friend Necce hast now on multiple occasions left me lying in my own blood. At the same time I got one of BPZ’s top athletes in Echo Wilson also gunning for my Championship. However Bullet Proof is a bigger success then I could of ever imagined and as the entire world knows by now, I’m the new man in charge of BPZ. It’s probably why they got you shadowing me today. They want me to come across as an everyday man. Someone the fans can relate to. I would say I’m exactly “relatable”. Most people on this planet are losers. I’m not a loser. I’m a champion. This city breeds champions. Whether it’s the Cowboys, the Mavericks, the man Von Miller, I just fit right in. Some of wrestling’s greatest are from this very city. However none of them have done what I have. We’re here. They Park out in front of some private workout facility. Quickly highlights now cut to Flynn working out. Several cardio, as well as upper body workouts are shown in short highlights. We cut to Flynn laying on the floor. His personal trainer now speaking to the camera. “Flynn brought me on around one year and six months ago. He was a lot more bulk at the time and had told me he wanted to adjust to a new ring style. He wanted to slim down, he wanted to get technical. Since that moment we’ve engaged in a hardcore diet and workout plan that honestly has over the past year totally transformed his body and ring work. Obviously, it’s been paying off for the better. The guys a hard worker. There’s no doubt in my mind that he loves what he does. Over the past month we’ve been prepping like crazy for his match this weekend. Usually these things aren’t too complicated however triple threats are always an interesting scenario. Especially this one. Echo’s a high flying technical wizard and Necce is an absolute monster. You couldn’t be farther on the totem poll however when your the best you are ready for anything, And Flynn is the best. I’m just here to back him up.” The camera pans to black before returning. Flynn is parked outside an airport. He is seen heading toward the entrance of the airport, carrying several bags before stopping and turning back to the camera. “This is where I leave you. I do hope this little excitement conducted by BPZ helps them out in creating some sort of connection between myself and “the people”. Currently, I am a bit tired, and slightly excited. I’ve booked my ticket for Charlotte, North Carolina, where the next time you will see me will be kicking ass and yet again successfully defending this Undisputed Championship. Something I was hoping to give a glimpse to through this entire thing is that I am human. I am just like everyone else. I live a very simple, while lavish, life. That’s what makes me even that much better then everyone else. I’m human like the rest of them, yet look at how I’m still accomplishing so much more then anyone else can dream of. The city of Dallas, its bread a hero, a champion and his name is Flynn. And every single day, I prove that statement to be correct. I apologize this must be cut short, I do hope all of my little sheep at home enjoyed the show, and I especially hope you enjoy watching me at Survival Games. I’ll catch ya later.” With that Flynn turns his back to the camera, heading toward and entering the air port. The camera slowly fading to black.
  3. I think it’s obvious the WWE knew with the RAW season premier and all the title matches booked to please the USA Network, as well as Smackdown debuting on FOX, there wouldn’t be many BIG MATCHES left for Hell in a Cell. So they book the hottest act in the Fiend against the top champion in Seth Rollins as honestly a draw that was big enough to ignore the rest of the card. Sadly they showed they had no plan, totally fucked over the Fiend and provided what was the worst show of 2019. What a way to end this big week for wrestling. 

    1. Sameer


      u need some pussy

  4. We are live on Carnage. The fans are buzzing for an action packed night, as we sit just a week and a-half away from the official Survival Games show. A show that won’t just determine the survivors of the A and B Blocks, but our Undisputed Champion as Flynn takes on Echo Wilson and Necce in triple threat action. Flynn who most recently was revealed as the new general manager of BPZ has caused in uproar in the locker room with such a shocking announcement. Dozens of BPZ superstars were said to be displeased with this big move by upper management, however tonight Flynn has promised to clear the air live in the middle of the ring. Flynn steps out, sporting a hoodie, his wrestling gear, his BPZ World Championship, and holding tightly, the mask of Necce, “The Antichrist”. Necce has yet to be seen since aligning himself with Slim in the main event of Bad Blood. Flynn however has seemingly kept himself busy, orchestrating several attacks curtesy of Bullet Proof, who have ran rough shot through BPZ’s locker room. Flynn as well being revealed as the new General Manager has placed Bullet Proof in a higher position of power then expected. He stands on the stage, his face emotionless, before beginning his match to the ring. The crowd is as usual stuck at a 50/50 split, however Flynn doesn’t care. For nearly one year since “The New Flynn’s” arrival, he’s shown no care to the crowds chants and antics, in fact going so far as to target the very individuals they support the most. That of course still does not explain his reasoning for the vicious and random beatdowns he seemingly performs on a weekly basis. Many believe it’s a jealousy complex he holds against those the crowd support, others believe he really does “hate” the fans and their beloved hero’s. He now stands in the center of the ring, a microphone being revealed tucked in his right boot. He looks around as his music is cut off. A sly smile peaking under his beard, before finally he begins to speak. His voice excited, and loud. I stand before you people, as the most powerful man in all of BPZ. This almost feels like a culmination of four-and-a-half years of hard work. Years of busting my ass, years of showing up day in and day out when the false idols you people worship like Bailey, like Nebakos, like Slim, didn’t want to show up anymore. When Smith was to busy trying to get a high, or when Sameer was taking another one of his extended vacations. I was here busting my ass. Mastering my craft. Despite all my hard work and the fact that I CLEARLY deserve the spot that I am in, there are those in the back who, rather then congratulate me on such a big achievement in my career, they’d choose to whine and complain. Cry babies who feel I don’t belong in such a position of power. Whining bitches who simply put, need to find their place in line. Brenden Knee there was only one man for this job, and you are looking at him. I have already promised to be an unbiased and fair general manager. I have already promised that I will do what’s best not for you people, but for BPZ the company. That began will dealing with a cheater and a fraud like Yelich who to be honest with all of you, does not deserve to hold that North American Championship. I’ve known Yelich for a great number of years and it is safe to say that I know him well enough to explain who he is. And who is he? An extremely lazy individual who rather then accept a loss and move on, consistently cries and complains to the public about how he was screwed. An individual who’d rather claim he “deserved” to win rather then go out, out in the work and EARN HIS WIN! Mikey will expose him and BIC will ensure we have a clean, fair fight. Moving on I am extremely excited about the main event of Survival Games, of course featuring myself as I am the top star in this company today, going head to head with two returning wrestlers who’ve done nothing to wane this opportunity. Now while usually I’d never allow men like Echo and Necce, who simply out are relying firmly on their past resumes in order to build any argument to have this match, however I was told prior to taking this position as your general manger, that I am not allowed to dictate the current Undisputed Championship match scheduled. As an unbiased individual I of course accepted this. I would like to put all the complaints to rest. I feel tonight I have explained myself extremely clearly and going forward, I do hope people come to love me as their boss. I only seek what’s best for BPZ, and I truly do wish to see this company succeed. We are planning some big things and I plane to take BPZ to the next level. The only downside to that next level is for the weak, and the undeserving in BPZ, I do not plan to take you all with me. If you can’t handle this new era, you will be left behind. Men like Yelich, like Echo Wilson, like Necce, they aren’t going to survive in this new world I’m creating here. And for those in the back who still dislike me as their boss, unless you learn to deal with it, you won’t survive either. I apologize for anyone I may of offended here tonight, I am an extremely emotional man when it comes to my job. Going forward, the ring is open for those who wish to dish out any complaints. The floor is yours. Flynn opens his arms wide, accepting anyone in the back right now who wishes to air their grievances with the new General Manager.
  5. Winning the World Championship from Ryan at December to Dismember in 2015, felt accomplishing, and it felt earned. By far my favorite moment in BPZ. And to do it against a guy who had practically taken me under his wing since I joined the forums couldn't of made it any better.
  6. The music is cut short. Yelich appears confused for a brief second as the titantron cuts to a door backstage. The door having a nameplate outside of it, reading “BPZ Official General Manager”. The camera pans the the thousands in the crowd, who seem just as confused as Yelich in the ring. The door opens, the camera man maneuvering into the office, revealing a desk with the Undisputed Championship sat upon it. The chair turned backwards around the desk slowly creeps to reveal the man sitting in it. All suspensions are proven true, it is BPZ’s new General Manager. The Undisputed Champion Flynn. Yelich appears shocked, before revealing a feeling of anger. Flynn, looking to be all business, flashes a phony smile before finally speaking. Yelich, now I believe that is absolutely no way to talk about your new boss, now is it? Now in case you still have not figured it out somehow, yes I am the new BPZ General Manager, however with all my backstage connections, and my actions on Carnage these last few months, it feels already like I’ve been unofficially enforcing all the rules and regulations here in BPZ. So when Brenden came to me and offered me this position, I felt almost obligated to take it. This company needs a strong, on screen force pushing and enforcing these rules. I am that strong force. I am the only man in BPZ for the job. Now while it does seem to be extremely awkward that I am both GM, and Undisputed Champion, I can swear, SCOUTS HONOR, that I will not abuse my power for my own gain. So that brings me to you Yelich. Why have I chosen this particular moment for such a ground breaking reveal? Well, as General Manger I have my first BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! You see for the last month, you’ve battled Arius in what I would call two.... very sloppy matches. Poor officiating and honestly, I feel there were some slow counts on yourself where Arius should of defeated you. That’s why I have personally handpicked your referee Yelich! And that man, I can swear to you will be unbiased, as well as better trained and skilled then any referee backstage. Yelich, our your hands together for your special guest referee at Survival Games! BiC, one half of the Tag Team Champions steps out, a cocky smirk on his face. Yelich, who through Flynn’s entire reveal appeared to grow more and more depressed, has now been left dumbfounded in the center of the ring. Flynn is now his boss, and at Survival Games, he will be in the ring with not just one, BUT TWO MEMBER of Bullet Proof.
  7. I could copy an existing gimmick and do exactly what they do, just change the names of certain things. As well as change certain catchphrases like “yowy wowy” to “Hotdog!” Please don’t come at me when it comes to originality. You are the worst offender in kayfabe at the moment.
  8. Survival Games 2019 Predictions: Undisputed: Flynn(c) vs. Necce vs. Echo NA: Yelich(c) vs. Mikey Block A Matches: Julius vs. Bart Jonathan vs. KENJI Prince vs. FDS Block B: Slim vs. Smith Bashka vs. Blade Sameer vs. Hans Street Fight: Meko vs. Alex Costa Arrow Gargano vs. Aidanator
  9. We are backstage live on Carnage. The camera cuts to BPZ Undisputed Champion Flynn arriving in the arena, wearing a full button up blue collard T, as well as black jeans. He carried his Undisputed Championship before he is suddenly bumped into in the hallway by fellow BPZ Wrestler and upstart, Mirage. Flynn turns toward Mirage, seemingly expecting an apology by the young gun however what he receives is the opposition. Mirage: “Hey man you better watch the hell out. Do you have any idea who it is I am?” Flynn peers back, emotionless. He stares at Mirage in silence before turning around, leaving Mirage. Suddenly he is caught off guard, as Mirage grabs Flynn by his left shoulder and spins him around. He begins barking at the Undisputed Champion. Mirage: “Listen here guy, you think you are some kind of hot shot? I am Mirage, the hottest NXT export in BPZ history and your next United States Champion. In fact, why don’t you allow me to show you who I am tonight by taking that beauty off your shoulder. You aren’t, afraid are you? I mean I know the past few weeks you’ve been a bit on edge with that psycho Nec-“ Flynn: “I accept.” Flynn turns and walks away, leaving Mirage seemingly speechless before a slow smile creeps across his face. The biggest opportunity of his career seemingly coming from a mere shoulder bump. Two Hours Later We are now over an hour into the show. The announcers explain that tonight we will be getting an Undisputed Championship match for the first time ever live on Carnage. The crowd is made aware of the circumstances that came to be making this match official before seemingly what appears to be the most shocking turn of events, becomes reality. Mirage steps out, looking extremely excited and more importantly, confident. His confidence oozes out of him. This is by far the biggest match of the young mans career as he will take on a multiple time World Champion. Mirage however is someone who doesn’t appear to be fazed by the magnitude of this event, instead he embraces it. He rolls directly into the ring, before posing in its center. He makes his way to his corner, before laying back, awaiting the Champion. Flynn steps out to a largely mixed reaction. Many fans appear to be mostly excited for the shocking Championship match, while others carry an unmistakable distain for the Champion. He sports his wrestling trunks, his boots and the Undisputed Championship over his right shoulder. However in his left hand, he carries an object that appears to be a mask of some sorts. Of course suspiciousness turn to reality as he holds it high on the stage, the Mask of “The Antichrist” himself. Flynn since Bad Blood has seemingly brought it everywhere with him, a trophy of sorts, or maybe just a message to all. Flynn does not fear Necce. He rolls into the ring, stating down Mirage, cold intent written in his eyes. He holds the championship and mask in the center of the ring. Mirage screams out a variety of insults but just like in the backstage altercation, Flynn is seemingly unresponsive, emotionless towards the upstart. He hands over both objects to the referee, who takes hold of the mask hesitantly. He hands both off outside the ring before having Mirage and Flynn meet in the center of the ring. It is announced that this is an Undisputed Championship match, before finally, the referee has the bell rang just after both have returned to their corners, the match being made official. *The Bell Rings* Mirage, upon hearing the bell ring would sprint across the ring. All night, no, for his entire life he’s waited on this opportunity, and now it’s his. He looks to tear Flynn’s head off before suddenly and shockingly, Flynn pushes Mirage up, putting full force on his chest, sending him flying in the air..... The Powerbomb. Flynn’s most devastating maneuver in his arsenal. Only two men have ever kicked out of it in BPZ history. Necce is one of them. Mirage’s hopes and dreams gone quicker then they had manifested for tonight. Flynn shockingly however doesn’t go for the pin. He stares down at Mirage with the same blank stare as he had backstage and prior to the match. Suddenly he turns, rolling to the outside, and retrieves a microphones. He returns to the ring before sitting besides his unconscious challengers. Peering around to the thousands in attendance, he breaks his silence. “There are a lot of hungry, young bucks dying for an opportunity like this one. So my first thought would be to ask Mirage, do you feel you made the most out of your opportunity tonight? In my own personal opinion, and I do not mean to speak for you, but if I was in your shoes I must admit I’d be a tad bit disappointed and a little bit more embarrassed. Is this not exactly what you asked for? An Undisputed Championship shot against ME? Look at you now. I could still pin you right now, nearly a full minute after I laid your ass out, and that announcer would still be screaming exactly what he’s been practicing all night. STILL YOUR UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, FLYNN. You know what though, I don’t think anyone really gets it.” Flynn suddenly pulls himself to his feet, setting the microphone down he lifts Mirage up, before leaving him planted there. Mirage is still recovering, the Powerbomb seemingly leaving him lost to his surroundings. He is given no time to react to what came next. Flynn doesn’t smile, no he appears disappointed. His knee seemingly cut a gash across the skull of Mirage as a slow trickle of blood begins to come down. Flynn crawls over him like a dog. Picking the microphone back up. He yet again, with a slow methodical tone, speaks. “You just don’t get it. What were you expecting to happen. When I was about half-way down this ramp, I looked into this referee’s eyes, the same referee being forced to condone what I’m doing to you right now. No I looked into his eyes nearly two minutes before the match had began and I saw worry, I saw fear. Fear for what I was going to do to you. You see I don’t need a mask to instill fear in this company. All I need is that bell to ring, and permission from the man in stripes to go to work. That is what I’m doing. I am going to work. I enjoy this more then anything. Backstage you asked me, do I have any idea who you are. After tonight, there will be no doubt, you know exactly who I am. Now before I put a cap on things I want to make this especially clear. Necce, Echo what I’m doing right now, this is for you and it goes double for the rest of that locker room. You are all pretenders. Phonies. Hiding behind stupid, plastic, FAKE gimmicks, in order to get you by. This right here is a perfect example. Mirage, you are pretending to be someone you want to be. A cocky somebody a bitch, who’s the best looking around. That’s who you want to be. Who you really are? Another victim under my boot. Right now, you are in immense pain and while I would say I feel your pain, I don’t. I see your pain, I even understand your pain. I pity you. This all came to be, because you bumped into the wrong man today.” Flynn grabs ahold of Mirage’s hair before lifting him up. He grabs hold and squeezes him by his lower jaw, lifting him to eye level. He puts Mirage away.... “STUPID” a final message sent and the first bit of emotion shown from Flynn as he screams the insult. He falls for the pin, 1....2...3. Flynn retains his championship to the shock of no one. He his handed his Undisputed Championship by the referee however Flynn seemingly begins to ask for something else.... the mask. Flynn rolls to the outside, taking the object from the time keepers area. He returns to the ring before pushing the referee away who was checking on Mirage. He forcibly and brutally begins to squeeze the mask on Mirage’s face. Holding his head now to the camera, Mirage’s face now replaced with Necce’s own mask. Still hold him by the back of his hair, Flynn retrieves his microphone. “You people fear this? DO YOU FEAR “THE ANTICHRIST”. This mask means nothing. Just a tool used to hide the coward underneath it. Mirage has been taught an extremely valuable lesson that I will personally teach at Survival Games to my next challengers. Masks, gimmicks, all the smoke and mirrors in the world can not hide what I will do to you in this ring.” Flynn drops Mirage, pulling the mask off just before he does. His head collapses on the mat. The cut from earlier now has caused blood to fully engulf his face. Flynn making a statement tonight, as well as a brutal example out of the young upstart, Mirage.
  10. Travis Scott Hired On By NXT In shocking news, rapper and producer Travis Scott has been offered an exclusive contract and signed on with NXT as its official music producer going forward. With the sudden exit of CFO$ earlier this year, this role has practically been left vacant for months but it appears the new NXT brand on FOX is looking to take a massive step forward in their theme song productions. Reportedly many theme songs are set to remain the same however original tracks will begin to be made and gifted from Scott’s illustrious library to stars who may need them. Once again this is a massive announcement by NXT and an obvious direct reply to Clash Society’s deal with DJ Mustard. The Wednesday Night wars seem to be heating up more and more, with NXT seemingly taking a massive win here.
  11. Yeah I’ll be involved
  12. We open Carnage coming off a massive weekend as Bad Blood and Survival Games took place in back to back shows this past weekend, many of BPZ’s stars becoming more and more fatigued as the weeks go on. We are now just three weeks away from the official Survival Games show, which will see Flynn defend his Undisputed Championship against “The Man of the Year”, Echo Wilson as well as “The Antichrist” Necce. Tensions took an all time high this past weekend where Flynn led two brutal assaults on both Necce and Echo, stating that he does in fact plan to defend his championship at whatever cost. To the shock of the crowd, the familiar theme of Slim and Necce hits, the same theme that saw the two enter the arena just earlier this week. However tonight, it appears it is none other then “The Antichrist”. The mood in the arena quickly changes as the white mask is seen under the spinning strobe lights. Smoke surrounds his feet, he stands on the center stage, his head slowly creaking, like a wooden doll, his cold dark eyes peering across the fans in attendance. He doesn’t walk like a man, it’s much slower, more methodical. Every movement feels like a cog in a machine, he maneuvers his way across the stage toward the ramp like a robot. There is never one single spotlight signed onto him, instead the strobe lights continuing only to show flashes of the monster, the darkness clouding his true figure. As he reaches the ring apron, He makes a very slow turn toward the steps, slowly passing the fans in attendance, his eyes not deterring away from the ring. Once in the ring, he motions his way toward the center. Now, his music is cut, there’s a silence in the arena. A spotlight hits “The Antichrist”, but something’s off. He’s smaller, his hair is an entirely different color. He’s not Necce. The imposter seemingly begins to laugh like a mad man before slowly reaching back, and grabbing ahold of the mask on his face. He slowly lifts the mask off...... It is Flynn! With a wild smile on his face, he begins to tear off “The Antichrists” garments until he sports nothing but his wrestling trunks, boots and the Undisputed Championship he managed to keep hidden underneath it all. There’s a massive bit of confusion amount the crowd. The arena is no long sank in darkness, instead the lights return, and the uneasy feeling sat in the BPZ faithful goes away. Flynn now, with a microphone in his hand, speaks. Smoke and mirrors. You sheep, you people will just about buy into anything won’t you? In this ring right now, you see me surrounded by a ripped up costume used to hide a mediocre in-ring talent. Pieces of a costume that you people actually do fear. Pieces of a costume that you people actually believe is in some form not fiction, but a reality. It’s a costume. It’s smoke and it’s mirrors. Just then, I came to this ring and I felt all of your FEAR. Not because of who is under the mask, but because of the mask itself. You.... FEAR Necce. You aren’t alone. For weeks I’ve been warned by those closest to be to steer away from messing with this guy. I’ve been told that it is just going to end very badly for me. They told me I was going to get hurt. I have experienced more pain in this ring then any of you people will ever truly realize. I’ve inflicted that much more. This “Antichrist” persona, it’s a joke. A clown act capitalizing on the recent media trends of scary clowns. Whether it was It last month or the Joker in two weeks. Necce is playing upon the real fears of the current world. He is not an actual scary clown. He is a bottom feeding pig who doesn’t deserve an Undisputed Championship shot in the first place. The biggest joke of it all is, there are those in the locker room that do fear him. There are those in the locker room that would run away from the exact position I am in. I’m not running away. I’m running towards you Necce. I started this journey as Undisputed Champion to do what? Save BPZ. Save it from the false idols, save it from the commercialism. Save it from the phony clowns who hide behind gimmicks because they fail to do exactly what I do on a week to week basis AND TELL THE TRUTH. I AM BPZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, BECAUSE UNLIKE EVERYONE IN THIS COMPANY, I AM NOT A COWARD! Flynn begins panting heavily. He pauses from his monologue, and begins pacing the ring. His face reads like a book, he is upset, angry, and maybe even, fearful? He pauses back in the middle of the ring. Before slowly lifting his Undisputed Championship up to eye level. He stares at it, his symbol of excellence, the very championship he has gone to war for on multiple occasions this past year. He lowers it, bringing the microphone back up and once again, continuing to speak. I have received a lot of flack in the past for picking on those beneath me. However for this entire past year I have chased the spotlight. I have chased the biggest matches. Bailey at Night of Legends. Bart the night after the Royal Rumble. Julius at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. Bailey in THE MAIN EVENT OF BPZ Mania. The Big Baller Brand at World at War. Bart at the Power Trip Cup. Jonathan at King of the Ring. Julius again at Emergence. Bart AGAIN AT SUMMERSLAM. I WAS IN MONEY IN THE BANK FOR A FIGHT! There’s been NO ONE WHO HAS HAD A TOUGHER SCHEDULE THEN ME THIS YEAR, NO ONE WHO HAS COMPETED AGAINST A STRING OF OPPONENTS LIKE I HAVE THIS YEAR. Yet this clown once to question who I face? Who has this clown faced? Necce’s final match was against a rookie named Bob, and no offense to Bob BUT WHO THE HELL WAS BOB. And he beat you Necce. Bob kicked your ass. Before that? You failed to beat Bart at BPZ Mania, a man I have victimized on three separate occasions this year. Before that? You defeated..... young NXT talent Jason Ryan. What a year Necce. You want to talk about being a hypocrite? You are hiding behind a mask. You are feeding lies to these sheep. More importantly, you are creating the image of a FALSE GOD! I do not fear you Necce. I refuse to show you that. Hell Necce, you aren’t even the second best in-ring talent in this match. Echo Wilson finds himself as the odd man out in a bout between former brothers. Echo, haven’t you always been the odd man out of the bunch? Whether that was your pathetic little stint in the Kingdom, which saw you become BPZ’s biggest disappointment in its history. At Bad Blood I put on Necce’s stupid mask and I did exactly what “The Antichrist” does. I showed up, I sank fear into Echo, and then I kicked his helpless ass. It was further proof of just how much of a joke this act is. A sneak attack, it’s one thing. Cutting off the lights, the loud sounds. The following strobe lights. It creates confusion, uneasiness, FEAR. I sank fear into you Echo just as Necce has looked to do to each of us prior. It’s all to soften the meat. You sink fear into your prey, and they are helpless to your mercy. I showed no mercy for Necce at Bad Blood. I showed no mercy for Echo Wilson at Bad Blood. I WILL SHOW NO MERCY FOR EITHER AT SURVIVAL GAMES! I see through the smoke and mirrors. I see through “The Antichrist” and I see through this stupid little gimmick. Riddled with stupid catchphrases, pathetic little pony acts, and all written up by a psychopathic son of a bitch. I will expose him, and then there will be no question as to who is the man of the year. Flynn drops his microphone, lifting the Undisputed Championship high above his head. A message sent directly to Necce and Echo, the Champion plans to keep his monicker longer then they’d hope.
  13. NXT on FOX - October 9th, 2019 - Episode 2 _________________________________________ The Uso’s Are Coming For Undisputed Era Jimmy and Jey Uso would open this weeks NXT to a big greetings from the NXT faithful. They’d waist little time, stating they’ve been locking down Tag Team divisions for years and NXT will be absolutely no different. It wouldn’t take long for Undisputed Era’s very own Kyle O’Reily and Bobby Fish to answer the call, stating they’ve been running NXT for over a year now and that they don’t plan to lose those Tag Team Championships anytime soon. William Regal would come out and announce that next week, The Uso’s Would be given the opportunity their looking for as they’ll be taking on Undisputed Era for the Tag Team Championships! _________________________________________ John Morrison Defeats Will Ospreay in NA Cup Round One Match-Up To the shock of the crowd, it would be announced earlier in the night, that John Morrison has signed with NXT, marking his first deal with a WWE related product in eight years. Not just this but he would be competing in tonight’s North American Championship Cup against a mystery opponent. The crowd welcomed the return of Morrison, however was quickly overshadowed by the debut of one Will Ospreay! Ospreay and Morrison would put on an absolute classic however in the end it would be the veteran picking up the victory. Following the match both men would shake hands, Morrison moving on to the second round. This match marking the arrival of two massive names. _________________________________________ Johnny Gargano Confronts Roderick Strong A replay of last weeks main event would be played, highlighting Johnny Gargano’s battle with Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. The match would feature the sudden arrival, and interference from Undisputed Era who would cost Gargano the match. The replay would follow up by ending with a devastated Gargano left sitting in the corner of the ring. We cut backstage to see a pissed off Gargano arriving in the arena. He marches into the locker room where he confronts Undisputed Era’s own, Roderick Strong. He would go off, claiming Strong use to be a respected and talented in ring worker, before he traded in his respect to be Undisputed Era’s “b*tch”. Both would break into a brawl before being forced apart by William Regal and security. Each would be thrown out of the arena to close the segment. _________________________________________ Braun Strowman Dominates Tony Nese We cut back to the ring where we are met with Tony Nese. Nese who just last week went out in the first round of the NA Cup, would claim that he is here and ready to turn things around after a disappointing first week on NXT. However the disappoint seemed to only continue as he’d be met by Braun Strowman, who’d step out following destroying Rich Swann last week and appear to be in no mood to play around tonight. The bell would ring and just like last week, Strowman would dominate and destroy Nese, putting him away with a disgusting Choke Slam. Strowman would take a microphone, claiming that NXT is riddled with “little worms” and he will stomp them all out. _________________________________________ Jay Lethal Is NXT In tonight’s second NA Cup first round match, Samoa Joe would make his NXT return to massive “JOE” chants, however would quickly find himself joining the rest of the crowd in the shock of Jay Lethal, a former Ring of Honor champion, making his way out onto the stage. Jay Lethal would dazzle the crowd as he’d take Samoa Joe to the absolute limit before defeating the former NXT Champion, putting him away before announcing that he has officially signed with NXT and plans to become the next North Americans Champion. The talent just keeps stacking up and doesn’t look to be slowing down. Following the match backstage a reporter would attempt to get a word from Joe, who’d simply throw the reporter to the ground before marching away, clearly embarrassed and upset following a big loss in his return to a brand he once dominated. _________________________________________ Daniel Bryan Is Going To Save The World Daniel Bryan, flanked by Erick Rowan and Luke Harper would make their entrance to the ring in the next segment. The three bearded men made their NXT returns last week with a full on beatdown on the debuting New Day. Daniel Bryan would explain their actions, claiming the New Day are everything wrong with the state of wrestling. They are all about commercialism, while Daniel Bryan, Rowan and Harper look to make NXT a flagship program for wrestling, and more importantly, our planet earth. They will dominate and takeover all of NXT until their message is heard wide and clear. _________________________________________ Adrian Neville is Heard Loud and Clear In tonight’s main event, Seth Rollins would take on AJ Styles to decide who is the next Number One Contender for Adam Coles NXT Championship. The two would put on a show to remember, taking each other to the absolute limit. NXT’s obvious two biggest signings however seemed to be unable to put the other away, and before we could see a winner, Adrian Neville would make his presence felt. Following his victory over Rey Mysterio he claimed he would like a NXT Championship shot but was ignored. Tonight he couldn’t be, as he attacked and beat down both Rollins and Styles, causing a no contest and leaving both men lying on the mat broken and bloody. His statement made to the NXT audience, Adrian Neville wants the NXT Championship and he’s skipping straight to the front of the line for it. _________________________________________

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