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  1. To the surprise of many, two individuals who Sellers hadn’t spoken about step out onto the stage in response to his brief monologue. Both men however appear to be in no mood for talking however and instead seem to be itching for a fight. Sellers seemingly confused at first realizes the reality of the situation he is in. Jeremiah Flynn has sent Mikey and Alex Costa to do exactly why he brought them into Bullet Proof. Both men slowly make their way down the ramp, seemingly relishing in the moment, Sellers preparing himself for a fight following his already brief match tonight. Suddenly however in a shocking turn of events, Mikey and Alex stop at the bottom of them ramp. Time seemingly stands still for a moment as “The Chancellor” attempts to figure out their game plan before suddenly- AN FKO BY FLYNN! FLYNN IS HERE TONIGHT! With a sick sadistic smile across his face, Flynn has broken his suspension just to get his hands on CJ here tonight. Slowly bringing himself to his feet, he admires his now unconscious future opponent, ordering Mikey and Alex to guard the ramp for Amy security that is sent down. He would grab CJ by his right arm and drag him like a rag doll into the middle of the ring, removing a microphone from his boot- “Descent is painful, but it is made all the more painful in the ways in which you fall. Quoted straight from the Chancellor himself, and what a quote it is. The amount of irony in such a statement is too much to be ignored CJ, it’s incredible really. Because it is you that just when it feels that your career is on the come up, just when you feel you are finally in the drivers seat, it going to be me that wakes you up, and sends you back the the bottom where you belong. You know more often then not, I think I’d like you CJ. Young, hungry, ready to take BPZ by storm and show the world that you really are the god damn best! Sadly, you‘ve pissed me the fuck off. Accusing me of showing you no interest, that my mind is everywhere else well tell me CJ..... does it feel like my interests are still split?” CJ now reaching the ropes slowly pulls himself up, Flynn setting his microphone down slowly however doesn’t appear contempt with allowing him to do so, quickly rebounding off the ropes of the opposite side of the ring- A brutal running Knee straight to the skull, CJ crashing straight back to the mat. Flynn however remains entirely too calm. Jeremiah appears to be entirely unbothered by this ambush and everything he is inflicting upon the young rookie. He would calmly pick his microphone back up, clear his throat before beginning to speak again. “Now CJ I’d like to please ask you to remain flat out on the mat. I have not enjoyed this so far and I’d like to continue this as a neutrally friendly conversation and I’d prefer things to not escalate past that. Now to continue my point, I wanted you to know as of right now, you are my clear goal. While I do not need to beat you, I have an extremely strong desire to do so. Why? Because you despite having what has to be the biggest match of your career in front of you, remain having your own interests split. Speaking on the Royal Rumble, the NXT Championship. Am I nothing to you CJ? Just another hurdle in your conquest of taking this company over? AM I A FUCKING JOKE TO YOU CJ? No I don’t think so. So consider this all a warning and a lesson. Even when I can’t be here, I can. Just when you think you are safe, that’s when you are in the most danger. I am going to inflict a centuries worth of pain upon you and I will enjoy every bit of it.” Jeremiah would drop his microphone, CJ once again recovering however this time he’d motion to Alex and Mikey. The Firing Squad would enter the ring as Flynn would leave it, exiting quickly through the crowd before security could stop him. CJ quickly coming back into consciousness would strike Alex out of nowhere, attempting to fight back against his attackers before suddenly being floored by Mikey. Both men would lift him up, laying him out with a Magic Killer. Jeremiah Flynn making an example out of Sellers tonight, just a little over a week before their eventual clash.
  2. Flynn

    CJ Sellers

    A video uploaded to YouTube earlier today from a newly made account, would surprise many by what they would see. Revealing to be made by BPZ Wrestler Jeremiah Flynn. He would upload this video as a direct response to the most recent broken news of his return match to BPZ, and what is billed as the stars first match of the new decade. What came as the shocking part to many was his new look, who within the past couple of weeks has totally reimagined himself in direct response to his suspension. Whether this was a corporate move or possibly his own decision he has seemingly taken a much darker turn. Below are the contents of the video posted. Warnings for explicit content are being made now, and please remember that this is not a direct product of BPZ’s own studio and instead made by and released by Flynn himself. *Video Begins* We open in a dark room. Smoke fills the floor as a wooden table slowly pans into the frame. Stop the table sits a bottle of whiskey, as well as a shot glass next to it. Jeremiah Flynn is found sat in the leather chair directly right of the table. He is seen mumbling several things to himself, unable to make out exactly what it is he’s saying. The camera slowly pans around him, he takes a quick shot of the formerly mentioned bottle of whiskey before with a slight twitch, he goes eye level with the camera and with a harsh bark, he begins to speak. “January Twenty-Eighth, I return to BPZ following a ludicrous suspension, no not to challenge for my BPZ Undisputed Championship, a title that was ripped from my very own possession. Not for some big event against a fellow box office draw. No I, Jeremiah Flynn, former Three Time Intercontinental Champion, five time World Champion and former Universal Champion, WILL GO ONE ON ONE WITH..... CJ Sellers. So tell me, just who the fuck is CJ Sellers. That very thought has been ringing inside of my brain for days now. Upon being told this news, I don’t think I have ever been in a more confused and shocked state then I am currently. I just could not truly grasp why I have been placed in such a position. I went from main eventing Night of Legends, from being the premier athlete in this company, to being told I am “lucky” to be getting this match against some rookie. I am disgusted.” “I have been placed so low on the current totem poll that BPZ’s premier duo of absolute god damn boredom themselves, Smith and Bart are considered above me in the Undisputed title rankings. SMITH AND BART ARE ONE FUCKING DIMENSIONAL CHARISMA VACUUMS WHO HAVE NO RIGHT GOING NEAR MY UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP GOD DAMNIT! This is the situation I find myself currently in. I know I’ve been set up, and I’m fully aware that someone in management has it out for yours truly however I also understand I must work with the cards dealt to me. So that leaves me with dealing with exactly what I have been DEALT, CJ Sellers, rising rookie, and from all I can tell, win-less in the new decade.” “CJ you have never throughout your entire career stepped into the ring with a man like myself. You have never throughout your career experienced what it’s like to go one-on-one with a “Supreme Ringleader” like myself. Allow me to spoil that for you now, you will be out through an immense amount of pain, and then you will be defeated soundly and unquestionably right in the middle of the ring, no questions asked. I will move on with my career and go on to experience much more success while you like so many others are left to watch, unable to accept the many ways I abused and battered you and how you could do nothing to stop me. These are the harsh realities you will soon find yourself facing CJ. However I come to you now, with an ultimatum. Do not show up on January Twenty-Eighth, forfeit this match and save yourself and you career from what I’m bringing with me from this ridiculous suspension. Don’t be the first of many to fall beneath my boot. Save yourself now...... or perish. The choice is yours.” Flynn grabs ahold of the camera before chucking it across the dark room. His feet seen marching off as the video cuts to black.
  3. You’ve turned into a spot monkey, these are new lows for you mate.......
  4. Japan World Wrestling Pro is one of the worlds largest Japanese based pro wrestling organizations. Tonight, may be one of the biggest nights in the companies history in terms of gaining foreign eyes toward the product as they have scored and advertised one of the biggest names in the United States in BPZ’s own Jeremiah Flynn. Flynn most recently suspended from BPZ, has been given free reign in his short break to continue to do what it is that he loves to do outside of the company during this grace period until next month. Flynn takes on one of JWWP’s top stars in Kaito Yuuto. This has been heavily hyped up on its build and a sold out crowd in Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center in Sapporo. With tons of hype building to this event, many feel within the company that Flynn has truly given them the oppertunity they’ve been waiting for to grow in popularity. We cut to later in the night, Flynn is seen entering the arena, his first public appearance since his controversial suspension however he quickly maneuvers past any press. He seems entirely focused on getting into the arena tonight and ignoring all press. No one recognizable was with him, no fellow Bullet Proof members or even any of Flynn’s usual recognizable work-out and training crew. It wouldn’t be too long until Kaito would actually arrive to the arena, who unlike Flynn seemed entirely ecstatic to speak on tonight’s match. Kaito who only speaks Japanese to sum things up, would state that he holds to upmost excitement to work with a “world class” athlete like Flynn, and how he’s excited to blow the roof off the place tonight. He claims that while he recognizes how good Flynn is, that doesn’t mean he’s going to allow some foreign star to come in and show him up and promised that his victory tonight will put JWWP on the map. He’d quickly enter the arena following answering a few brief questions, his excitement clear as day for what has to be the biggest opportunity of his young career. Later in the night Flynn would be caught leaving his locker room, one lone interview attempting to get a quick question with the wrestler however, he’d brush them to the side, acting as if he didn’t even see the individual. The interviewer would quickly in an attempt to catch the attention of Flynn, ask about his personal thoughts on how he was stripped of the BPZ Undisputed Championship. Flynn would halt in his tracks, his body seemingly frozen in place as he does not move a muscle. The interviewer would suddenly realize what exactly it was that he said, his face growing to a ghostly pale white. Flynn would turn his head back, a fire now lit in his eyes, his fist clinched. The interviewer would quickly scramble away, clearly no longer interested in what exactly the answer to his question was. Then again, you could say he received exactly what that answer was. *Following Aftermath of Kaito Yuuto vs. Jeremiah Flynn, Which saw Flynn pick up the victory following a 25 minute bout.* He would put Kaito down with his infamous brutal cutter, the ‘FKO’, in what was a hard hitting clash of styles. Jeremiah however despite being shown the upmost respect and given the upmost gratitude for wrestling on tonight’s show for the young Japanese company, would show nothing in return. Grabbing ahold of the referee and throwing him straight out of the ring following the bout. In a surprisingly distraught state, he’d grab ahold of a microphone, breathing extremely heavily into it as he’d stand in the middle of the ring. That fire that had been seen earlier in the night in the encounter with the interviewer had returned. Flynn would begin speaking in a very deep, and deafening voice, echoing throughout the small arena. “Fuck all of you people....... I just beat the absolute hell out of what is suppose to be one of your top talents. Are you god damn kidding me? I come here and I give this pathetic little shit of a company the opportunity to have the biggest name in the wrestling business today on their card and I’m given that piece of garbage? BPZ’s undercard have more fierce, talented and dangerous athletes then that little worm. I can safely say I have never been more disappointed in my entire life. Not just that, but the disrespect I’ve received by you stupid pieces of shit has been astronomical. Do you understand how precious my time is? I gave a lot of my time to be here tonight and I EXPECT FOR MY NAME TO BE CHEERED TO THE DAMN HEAVENS BY ALL OF YOU FILTHY HEATHENS. You have never experienced an athlete like myself in person and YOU NEVER WILL AGAIN. I AM THE GREATEST HUMAN BEING TO EVER STEP FOOT IN THIS COUNTRY AND THATS THE UNDISPUTED TRUTH! ” Flynn breathing heavily into the microphone would pause to catch his breath. Leaning now up against the ropes, the clear pain his body is going through following the match tells an entirely different story in comparison to the story he chooses to tell tonight. He’d slowly pick the microphone up, continuing his monologue. “I shouldn’t be here tonight. I should be training, I should be preparing to become the next BPZ World Champion at the Royal Rumble. Instead I’m in some shitty city in who the fuck cares Japan, surrounded by a plethora of ignorant squinty eyed morons who can’t see that a living legend is in their damn presence. The only reason I’m here tonight, was to give this company the viewership it claims it deserves. Instead I realized that not only does it not deserve to grow in eyes, but it is heavily inflated as it stands. Tonight marks my first and only match I will ever have here. However for BPZ, I promise I am far from finished. Sheridan you stupid bitch, I know this is all of your fault. Your ridiculous policies and power hungry leadership over Carnage not just cost me a month of my career but my own BPZ Undisputed Championship. A championship that has not just been stripped from my grasp, but has been promised to have a “brand new holder” to be crowned over the next month. Keep in mind now, that companies next BPZ Undisputed Champion, is a fucking fraud. A placeholder for yours truly. The Wrestling Messiah. The King of the Ring. THE SUPREME ATHLETE OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. You are all welcome, enjoy an eternity of misery you pathetic worms.” Flynn drops the microphone, stumbling across the ring before being helped out. He holds up a middle finger to the extremely displeased crowd, ending tonight’s show and sending a message to the entire wrestling world. Jeremiah Flynn is on a manhunt to return back to his spot in the wrestling world.
  5. In an a twist of fate, in the early spring of 2001, after dominating the WWE and Monday Night RAW in ratings for a half decade, Ted Turner would purchase WWE and all of its rights, ending the Monday night wars. This would officially declare WCW the winners and forever send a shockwave through the Wrestling landscape as we know it. Here I will take on where Monday Nitro would be in the year 2020, following 19 years of it being the premier and top wrestling promotion in the world today. “The legends” that often are placed so fondly on our Mount Rushmore’s could possibly be entirely different today. The feuds that shaped the wrestling landscape are not what we remember so fondly. Today’s top stars may not be just who we think they are. This is WCW Monday Nitro, 2020!
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Flynn arrested for Assault of BPZ Superstar In a shocking turn of events, the day of the BPZ Undisputed Championship match between Flynn and Slim, upon arrival of the venue in Las Vegas, Undisputed Champion Flynn physically assaulted and attacked his own challenger Slim. This came according to sources after Slim had some backhanded comment toward the champion backstage. The attack has resulted in Slim suffering from a severe concussion and broken jaw while Flynn was apprehended on the premises. An official statement has been released by BPZ that is linked below. According to it, Flynn is to be stripped of the championship and there will be no Undisputed Championship match at Nigh of Legends. Flynn is to be suspended going forward by the company for an undisclosed amount of time.
  7. Its with great sadness that I come to you with this news. Due to some DMs from months ago that have surfaced, I am to be suspended until after the BPZ Royal Rumble from polls. Slim as well as myself took part in some shady dealings months ago and as a result we are both suspended from Night of Legends, meaning YT here will be no Undisputed Championship match, and I will be stripped of the Undisputed Championship. I’d like to apologize. I’m a senior moderator and the most seasoned moderator on this team. It’s embarrassing and extremely distasteful that I am in this position. I knew the rules, rules I myself have enforced and I broke them. Any bit of punishment I have coming my way I have asked for and deserve. I understand I shouldn’t of done what I did however I did it and I must go forward with that. This comes with great sorrow and overall I accept if there are further repercussions of my actions. Sadly I’m not only just the moderator finding himself in this predicament but as well as the Champion being stripped. I’ve loved being Undisputed Champion and it has honestly been my most enjoyable championship reign to date. I don’t think I can say there are too many other times I’ve had more fun in kayfabe then I have over the later part of this past year. So it does suck this is the way it’s ending however I’m sure the replacements will pick up nicely where I have left off. I’m not going to come in and say I’m some kind of changed man, I honestly don’t know what to do from here. I didn’t want to drag this out too long, just wanted to get the news broken in the most appropriate way I saw fit. I know this could effect a few things such as the Night of Legends match so I felt this was the number one way of doing it without causing too much of an uproar as it gets all needed information out there. Once again I do apologize, in the most sincerest way possible. I’ve punished members for doing this exact same thing so I see it fitting that I myself go through what they did.
  8. For me it’s always been Simba. I’ve always loved the Lion King growing up and to this day can watch it repeatedly. Overall in terms of the “Hero’s Journey” I find his so dynamic as his life suffers a horrific tragedy forcing him to go out into the world and become the king his people need him to be.
  9. I see no one praising this Brad what the hell are you talking about lmao.
  10. ....Flynn cuts Slim off. Slim now standing face to face at the podium with the very man he is set to face at Night of Legends. Slim smiles, taking a step forward before suddenly, Alex Costa and Mikey step out behind Flynn, all three members staring Slim down. Tensions begin to rise as any wrong move can result in a brawl busting out here and now. Slims eyes shift repeatedly between the three, seemingly preparing himself from a strike at all corners. Flynn lifts up the cigar Slim had left on the table, eyeing it down, every reporter watching on Intensely. He drops it onto the floor, stepping right onto the cigar, flattening it. I like your suit. It’s nice, I’d hate for it to be ruined. I’m joking of course, I didn’t come out here to threaten you. No, I took this as the opportunity to do what you couldn’t just last week. Get right in your face, and tell you what’s going to happen to you. I find it almost hilarious that somehow you managed to go through those questions without answering a single one of them. Those claims I made, you didn’t respond to them. You repeated them, and you said exactly what you’ve been saying. That I should fear you. Nothing more, nothing less. You wanna talk about WALKING in and calming this here championship over my shoulder. I’ll do you one better Don DADA, how about my boys ensure you don’t even walk off this stage with your own two legs in tact. No...... no I don’t think that’s what will happen here. Because I want to be paid to beat the hell out of you and if you go down right here, right now that doesn’t take place. I’ve beaten and pinned everyone you have from September to December, and more. So what is it that I have to fear again? Maybe.... just maybe it’s your ability to sway idiotic individuals into following you. Let’s take Bob for example he looks like a big dumb idiot, he took a knife and stuck it straight in Baileys back, for what? The ability to be just ANOTHER one of Slims plethora of failed followers. Have you ever lead anyone to the promise land Slim? The two men behind me recognize the benefits of working for me. Hell, you understand the benefits of working for me. You know, you are actually correct about something you said however. I am a desperate man. I’m desperate to keep you from ruining the prestige of yet another championship. Because that’s what you do. You win these, what did you call it? A prop? And then you run it into the ground. All of your accomplishments mean absolutely nothing because you’ve never backed a single damn one of them up. You continually scream that shitty new nickname creative threw on you to freshen up the bland piece of shit you are..... Don Dada. It’s slightly catchy I’ll give you that, but how does this show any sort of shift from the point you are trying to make Slim? Don Dada, the boss, the man in charge. Is that not what a King is? You’ve shown no change, you’ve only replaced your own stolen identity with a literal synonym of it. Every time you say something, you contradict yourself. Every time you make a statement, it goes against the last. You are incomprehensible, a dumb beast who shouldn’t be allowed to speak because he’s too damn stupid to comprehend what he’s saying. That’s okay, because in a few days, I’m going to put you the fuck down. For good. Those are the final words between both men. The stage set, a classic rivalry revisited between two of BPZ’s greats.
  11. I know we talked about this idea and I really like it. Really feel like this is a great way not to just receive feedback for some but encouragement as well. More often then not I can safely say myself I’d prefer feedback and review over just rep and praise.
  12. I have actually really been enjoying Smackdown as of late, which is a complete 180 on my feelings for RAW. I think this comes with the fact that while both shows actually do have a sort of soap opera love story, the one on Smackdown is actually funny and entertaining. More then that, both shows have an unstoppable monster on both shows as their World Champions, however I really do feel Wyatts presence over the show, and that’s because you actually never know when The Fiend is going to pop up. Lesnar on the other hand is fairly predictable. The use of Daniel Bryan and Roman has been down superbly ever since their feud with Harper and Rowan. They are each the clear two pillars in terms of Star power on the show and are usually both consistently great. The USO’s return has breathed some fresh life into the Corbin feud even though u feel they should of returned at TLC. I think the Miz being driven over the edge and turning heel this past week did not only make him feel fresh, as in my opinion his face character has over the past year given him one of the worst years of his career, but also put Wyatt over even more. It feels like Wyatt really drove Miz over the edge and Miz has sold that perfectly. It adds such an interesting dynamic that everyone Wyatt has faced so far has either turned heel or gone through some sort of character change following their match with the Fiend. Morrison seems to be back and reuniting with Miz, most likely in a feud with the New Day.I am excited for this feud mostly because I feel the New Day have faced everyone there is to face on Smackdown and it will result in brand new champions from a old tag team that could leave to one of the best heel duos in a long time. The Miz and Morrison have become insanely great heels over the past decade and I feel this reunion could see this duo totally overshadow whatever they did as a team back in the day. Another positive I’ve loved is the Bayley and Sasha duo. These two feel likes stars and how any power couple should be. I’ve really enjoyed both since they turned heel and for the most part any feud they’ve had I find entertaining. Going forward if I could think of a negative, I feel the Tag division could do with slightly more fleshing out and unique feuds aside form the Revival vs Heavy Machinery which we’ve gotten plenty of I feel.
  13. We are live on the BPZ Network just one week prior to the first event of the new decade, which is slated to be one of the best cards in quite some time, headlined by none other then Flynn and Slim once again going again going at it for the BPZ Undisputed Championship. The press surround the all too familiar table that we have come accustomed to seeing for the BPZ Undisputed Champions press conferences. He steps out, several cameras going off with questions already flying. Sporting an all black suit, Flynn marches directly to the table. Laying the Undisputed Championship across the table, he takes his seat before facing forward. Flynn now taking a drink of his water, points at the first reporter he see’s for their question. Strangely enough, this appears to not be any normal news outlet reporter, instead they have their face covered in some sort of black ski mask, as well as several Bullet Proof merchandise on. In a familiar but still not entirely recognizable voice, they ask their question on how Flynn will defeat Slim this weekend. Excellent question and one I find to be far more fitting then what most of the individuals in this room I feel would have asked me. Slim as well know has only been back for a few short months yet seems so keen to jump straight into an Iron Man match. At one point in his career yes I believe this would have truly factored in my opponents favor. It comes to no ones surprise that I was easily winded in our prior bouts and that must lead him to believe that will give him the advantage and edge over me. But it goes back to what I said, he only just came back. Slims body is not where it once was in fact, I wouldn’t even say judging off these last few performances that he was at fifty percent of what he once was. Meanwhile over the last year I’ve trained my body, changed my diet and altered my wrestling style to fit exactly this type of match. I traded in the fast paced powerhouse for a much more technical, methodical ring style. Slim has handed me sixty minutes to break him down mentally and physically. I will force him to submit repeatedly in the middle of that ring before I finally put that worthless dog down. Flynn now points at another reporter in the front row, once again they appear to sport the same attire as the first reporter. Something more noticeable now that we can see them in the front row is just how large this individual is in comparison to the rest of the reporters. They begin their question asking for Flynn’s thoughts on Slims casting out of “The King” as “Don Dada” has been born. I would like to stress, I am fully aware of what Slims most recent message was. Following our altercation on Carnage Slim needed to find some sort of change because he knew at his current form he couldn’t defeat me. However it’s a sad attempt at a rebuttal that only comes across as entirely too hypocritical. My own opponent mocked me for casting out “The New Flynn” yet what has he done here but cast out his own alter ego in “The King”. He claims that I am the Alpha, that 2019 I ruled despite saying at the same time I feel it all crumbling down. Why? With no explanation my opponent claims that I am slipping down a rabbit hole of failure. Being hypocritical is something Slim is no stranger to however he couldn’t stop there no he had to continue to embarrass himself. He burned down a throne he olds no ownership to. “The King” was never about a plastic crown or a phony chair in some made up castle. This, this BPZ Undisputed Championship IS THE CROWN. Bullet Proof is my throne. You’ve never been the King of this place because you never got rid of me. You made so many bold claims that you knocked me off my pedestal but I never left. I’m the one individual in BPZ that for nearly five years straight now has never taken an extended vacation or a year off because I god damn felt like it. I was the Fallen King but that is something you hold no ownership to causing. Even in my weakest, when Necce cast me to the very out of hell, I rose and I took over this company. In your weakest, you were cast out and even to this day, you still haven’t recovered. Both reporters now slowly remove their masks as the approach Flynn’s table, revealing them leaves to be none other then Mikey and Alex Costa, the Firing Squad. Flynn now standing up, both men standing behind him, stares deep into the camera with the BPZ Undisputed Championship over his shoulder. I hold everything you want. The money, the power, the gold. Everything you could need and more lies within my grasp. You failed a year and a half ago, and those failures, have once again brought you back to my feet as they did in 2016. The only difference being, history will not repeat itself once again. This is a new era of BPZ, and one you will not rule over. No matter how many times you change your persona or your look, I see through it all. Through the face paint or the fancy suits, I see exactly who the hell you are. I liar. A deceiver. A cheat. A man who will fall to me, like the rest already have. All three members of Firing Squad stand from their table, Flynn obviously rigging this Press Conference to only answer what he seemed to want to comment on today. Exiting the room as we head to commercial break.
  14. BPZ Undisputed Championship: Jeremiah Flynn(c) vs. Slim (Survival Games Winner) BPZ Tag Team Championships: Creed(c)(Eli Smith and Bart) vs. Invictus(KENJI and Arius) BPZ North American Championship: KENJI(c) vs. Raven Hans Clayton vs. Jack Bashka Carnage Scramble: Beastly vs. Crippler vs. Amai vs. Aaron North vs. Buddy Ace (Winner is granted a Number One Contendership for the North American Championship at BPZ Mania) Bob vs. Bailey Firing Squad(Mikey and Alex Costa) vs. Tiger and D.N.A.
  15. Bruh I can’t even with this shit anymore fuck BPZ commentaries.
  16. Flynn

    Rumble Shake..

  17. Flynn

    WWE: Brand Warfare

    I feel a much better format can be used when revealing your newsletter. Overall I found this to be an extremely boring take but I do see the bright side and that it provides a much deeper feel to this wrestling world you are building. Overall the NXT results feel lazily revealed and I do hope in the future that more work is put into a show that I know you can make amazing if you choose to Slim.
  18. Flynn

    A Great Wonder

    We open to grassy hills, the wind blowing through a dense forest of trees. Slowly, the camera pans over to reveal an ancient brick structure, towering over the trees. The camera slowly climbs up this wall, panning out showcasing the great landscape. The Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the world and a magnificent spectacle to take in. As the camera pans around, we find the an individual standing looking over the landscape. He sports all black, turning himself toward the camera, it is suddenly revealed to be none other then the BPZ Undisputed Champion himself. His green eyes shine in the bright sun, a calm demeanor as he stares directly into the camera. He turns his head, looking out once more at the beautiful landscape. He takes a slow deep breath, taking in it all, before speaking. Beauty. A promise land of opportunity. Here I stand on a symbol of safety. A tool, for protection. Here I stand on what was the last defense to protect a people from outside invaders intentions on taking what was theirs. The first empires of China, Qin Shi Huang built this wonder in an attempt to protect the newly founded Qin Dynasty from disgusting nomads from inner Asia. Mongrels that disgust me. Built by rammed earth, constructed through forced labor, by 212 B.C. This son of a bitch ran from Gansu to the coast of Manchuria. Hard work, Blood, sweat and tears went into the creation of this incredible beast. Later dynasty’s would come in and alter the wall of course, consistently refortifying it and making it even stronger then it already was. This was all to protect what was theirs. I find myself in an extremely similar situation to that of Qin Shi Huang. A mongrel attempts to steal what he does not deserve, what he holds no reason to own. I am the Great Wall in his way of doing what he always has. Destroying and diminishing the prestige of a championship. I’ve heard his war cry’s, I’ve examined his pleas. He does not care about the BPZ Undisputed Championship. It is nothing more then another prize on his wall. That is it. This championship is my everything. I’ve spent the entirety of 2019 building this piece of gold into meaning something. 2020 I plan to continue that mission and I will not let a mongrel steal it, and ruin everything I’ve built. I came here hoping to find what it is that I need to do. I believe I now know what that is. These great leaders of China, risked everything to protect their nation, to protect what was theirs. I shall do the same. However to continue my story from earlier, this wall has not always shown to be perfect. The Manchu Quing in 1644 marched through this wall and overthrew the Ming dynasty. The Ming dynasty failed because they underestimated their opponent. They allowed them to match through their own gates and take what was theirs. I understand exactly who it is at Nigh of Legends that I am dealing with. Slim is an extremely dangerous man. However Slim is an extremely ignorant and stupid man. He doesn’t understand exactly who he is facing at Night of Legends yet and when he realizes, it will be all too late. I pray to god for Slim everyday heading into this event, that he will guide him in the correct path, and that he will protect him for the hell I shall put him through. Flynn turns his head back away from the camera, it slowly fading out once again showing the miraculous landscape. We slowly fade to black as Flynn’s history lesson ends here, a threatening message hidden within.
  19. Overall my feud with Necce was extremely fun and entertaining. We had a sort of natural chemistry I feel together that I don’t really get with everyone. With a lot of careful planning we really just wanted to make a year long feud from Survivor Series 2017 to Survivor Series 2018, of something that the forums as a whole would enjoy, ignoring our own selfishness on wanting to win and instead focusing on just making it fun for everyone. @Necce Overall for 2019, I think Smith and Bailey had a really great story, considering their history together and the poll really backed it up. Slim vs Smith, And Arius vs Yelich were awesome as well.
  20. I’d have to actually go with a more recent one but The Antichrist Necce, along with the Antichrist corner has been one of my most favorite things to read on the forums even if we’ve only gotten it sparingly so far this year. I also loved Yelich’s underdog gimmick from earlier this year, it really felt like some genuine emotion and frustration was coming out in those promos. I’d also go with something I remember being pretty entertaining was Alyx Wilde as Balor. One of my favorite people to work with and created some killer work as that character.
  21. Monday Night RAW in its current state, sucks. Overall lately I’ve found its extremely hard to sit down and watch Monday Night RAW. After a brief conversation earlier today in chat I’ve come to the realization that I do not find anything remotely interesting or entertaining aside from what is currently going on with Seth Rollins, the AOP, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. Everything else on the show comes across as boring or unimportant. Even AJ Styles it feels has been very stale in his most recent United States title run and current feud with Randy Orton. I have legitimately no idea at all why these two are feuding and if it’s over some very obvious glaring thing then someone please point it out. Looking back a few weeks ago it seemed they were setting up some sort of Orton vs McIntyre feud but it seems that segment was ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS LIKE MOST OF THE CRAP ON THIS SHOW. Just feels like we are all buying time until Brock returns most likely for some pointless title defense at the Rumble which he will retain and once again carry the title into mania, as he has for three of the live five mania’s.
  22. Flynn

    "No one"

    Surprisingly following Julius’ seemingly short and random rant, we are greeted by none other then the BPZ Undisputed Champion himself, someone with a very rich history with the current World Champion. He steps out, similarly to how he had earlier in this new persona reveal. He marches down the ramp with confidence however shows no smile, rolling straight into the ring before coming face to face with Julius. Holding a microphone tightly in his hand, he begins to speak. Do I look like a coward to you? No one can measure up? You know I very much do appeal to that mind set. That you are the most dominant champion in all of BPZ. Too bad you aren’t. No you see every time you begin to climb back up, I feel it’s my responsibility to knock you back down. At Survivor Series I pinned you and eliminated you in our match. That currently gives me a victory over the BPZ World Champion, and from what I can concur, I am owed a shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. So let’s keep this short and sweet. NEW YEARS DAY! You put that World Championship on the line against me. Own up to everything you claim to be, what everyone believes you to be. Or crumble, like I know you want to do.
  23. Flynn


    I never said I wanted any forgiveness from you.... Flynn still standing in the middle of the ring, stares at Slim deep in the crowd, who looks back at the Undisputed Champion intently. No I don’t need any forgiveness from you. I don’t need any forgiveness from these people. No this isn’t about the wrongs I’ve done to you, it’s about what you did to me Slim. You embarrassed me in two of the biggest matches of my career. You ruined my legacy a very long time ago. Because of you there are asterisks on my record. Because of you people do question me as the greatest to ever do it. I don’t want forgiveness from you, I want an apology. I’m going to beat you pillar to post, bloody you up and then I’m going to make you apologize to me for everything YOU DID TO ME. Necce, he told me what I needed to do to you. He actually wanted to do it himself but I told him I’d take care of it for him. That being embarrass you. You’ve come so far, you’ve beaten so many, you’ve worked so damn hard to get to this moment. How embarrassing it would be for you to fall flat on your own ass and lose when it really counts. You wanna talk about how this means so much more for me? I just came off a year where I lost BUT ONE SINGLES MATCH. 2019 I was untouchable. This is your comeback tour. This is your redemption. IT HAS ALL BEEN LEADING TO THIS MOMENT FOR YOU! And I’m going to ruin that moment for you. Now I would love to touch on more of what you said, it’s some beautiful stuff but sadly all you’ve done here is repeat yourself. You’ve repeated what you said against Smith, and Julius here. It’s a nonstop barrage of bullshit masked by a confident display and a hulking demeanor. You haven’t said anything no one here tonight hasn’t heard. You called me a hypocrite, so did Bart. How did that end for him? I’m egotistical? Well we can throw you on the laundry list of individuals who have thrown that verbal bar at me. You are bouncing all over the place like a gibbering idiot. I have a question for you Slim. What is it that makes you special? What is it that makes you stand out about everyone else? Is it the fact that despite your below par in ring skills, and obvious weaknesses on the microphone, you can still be considered such a high level performer? Maybe you really just are the luckiest man in BPZ history. I mean if you wanna touch on me ditching Legacy I’d actually love to. Because when I dropped Necce, and when I dropped Slim I went on TO BECOME THE BPZ WORLD CHAMPION. What did Slim do the following months? Nothing. A glorified loser at best. He eventually clawed out of the gutter that I left him in I’ll give him that, it must of been difficult but it just goes to show how weak he is on his own. I went out on my own and won the biggest prize in our industry. Slim fell flat on his damn face. My talent has always lied with this microphone in my hand. It’s always allowed me to show that that I really am the best promo IN THIS DAMN BUSINESS. It’s given me the ability to expose the likes of this piece of shit that I have to face. Because when I have this microphone in my hand, and my opponent standing across from me it gives me the gift to point out everything wrong with them. My opponent tonight has made many statements, sadly consistently repeating himself and going on about god knows what. He’s a damn fool. I honestly wish you were wearing that clown make-up, because then when you said idiotic crap it made a little bit of sense. Truthfully and I want you to hear this Slim, I struggled trading verbal bars with that whore of a general manager we have more then I have with you here tonight. I’d honestly wish you’d stop trying to god damn leave every time you finish talking because the truth is I’m not going to let you leave. Someone like you doesn’t get to have the final laugh against someone like me. Not because of my ego or because of my own jealousy. No because you are far less talented then me, and therefore do not deserve to even have the slightest thought that you have edged me out here. Night of Legends is most usually a fitting title and while many consider you a legend, I do not. You are overrated not because I said so but because that is the truth. No one in the back may be confident enough to say it but god damnit, I won’t allow backstage politics and shady antics to allow me to be another one of your victims. The only fire you’ve lit tonight is my burning desire to kick your ass. Congratulations because you are going to receive EVERYTHING you deserve and everything you have coming. The only thing that can save you, is god himself. HOWEVER! I offer you this..... if you disagree with me. If you don’t buy what I’m selling, please for gods sake save us from another boring speech where you literally repeat everything you just god damn said, and come down to this ring. Get in this ring and please allow me to kick your ass and show the world just how tough YOU REALLY ARE. Flynn drops his microphone down in the middle of the ring, laying out the BPZ Undisputed Championship in front of him and awaiting Slim. Will the challenger bite?
  24. Made more of a top five as I couldn’t really just choose one individual game without giving others props. 1. GTA 5 The obvious and clear winner of this decade is Grand Theft Auto Five. Over six years since its initial release and the fan base is still here playing it like it came out yesterday. My overall favorite campaign next to Red Dead Redemption 2 of any video game ever and the online is the most fun I’ve ever had in any video games multiplayer. It’s more of a clear winner as it came out early in the decade and has simply dominated it, nearly always being a top played game behind the likes of Fortnite and Minecraft. 2. Skyrim Not sure if I’ve ever put more hours into a game. I’m not sure if I’ve ever started a game over from the beginning the amount of times I have with Skyrim. I still love going back and playing this game despite it coming out in 2011. When I was 12 I fell in love with this game and I’ve been in love with it ever since. One of the deepest games I’ve ever played and despite putting tons of hours into it I still have hardly completed maybe 50% of it. It’s that insane. 3. Batman: Arkham City By far the best of the Arkham series, I was absolutely blown away by this game simply by how cool the set up and story was. I was blown away by the wide cast of villains and the plot of half of Gotham city was now a free roam prison yard was such a cool and interesting concept that was delivered beautifully. Great story and loved this game. Red Dead Redemption 2: Needs no explanation. The most beautiful game I’ve ever played and one that I absolutely love. Has what has to be the best protagonist of any video game released in the last decade and as the online continues to develop it will only get even better. 5. Minecraft I didn’t discover Minecraft until I was actually 11 in 2011 despite it actually coming out in 2008. However it was 2011 that update made this game blow up, supported with the amount of youtubers that began to play it. This game is so important for so many different reasons. It made gaming on YouTube so popular. It is as well a game I cherished as a child and loved to play growing up and even today I won’t lie I do enjoy Minecraft. This game is a pop culture icon and a truly awesome experience.
  25. Flynn


    Flynn watching Slim make his way up the ramp, contemplates everything Slim had just said before suddenly in an almost instinctual reaction, lefts up the microphone and begins to speak. You know, maybe at one point in our respective careers, you would be correct. Maybe at one point, you’d be exposing who I really am to the entire world and ripping apart my oh so “fragile ego”. That’s not what just happened sadly. I’ll give you something, I am not back to the old Flynn. The old Flynn lost to Slim. I’m going to kick your ass. I am searching for who I still am your correct, and I don’t know if I’ve found out the answer to that quest just yet but you are one of the first steps onto it. If I can’t beat you it means everything I’ve ever worked for over this past year was for nothing. You and I have defeated everyone we’ve crossed paths with in 2019. We’ve done so in almost convincing fashion, with some of your wins landing of course in a more questionable category but what’s new with you right? The first thing you said that was incorrect, was my fear of you. I did fear you. I feared that one day you would take everything I have, that you would show that I wasn’t perfect and you did that. You completed your own self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t fear you any longer. I am driven. I’m driven to beat you I’m driven to do to you what I failed to do so many years ago. I have used those weaker then me but Slim that’s the food chain my friend. The strong feast on the weak. You adapt or you perish, you know the motto, you know what it takes to survive in this cut throat of a business. Every single thing you just came out here and said was a direct reflection of your own sins, of your own imperfections. I am man enough now to own up to what I’ve done, to where I’ve messed up. You have become the weak one. You throw your own faults at me. I entered wrestling because I love to wrestle. I became a champion because my love for wrestling pushed me to be better then my competition. If I wanted all the power in the world I would of became a politician. More importantly I love inflicting pain on those who deserve it. You deserve to feel some pain. You deserve to feel MY PAIN. You need to be humbled. It’s funny though that you mention Judgement Day, and BPZ Mania 2. Possibly the highest moments of your career. Your peak many would claim. Yet all these years later can you safely say that you’ve really eclipsed those moments. Defeating Smith I believe is an impressive accomplishment but we all know it wasn’t the same. I want to talk about you for a moment. That that we are, while you seem persistent to keep your distance, in person speaking to one another. I couldn’t. Let you simply walk away not because of my ego, but because you did lie. I want to do you one better. I’m going to tell the truth here. You’ve done nothing impressive since returning. Most of your victories are flukes, flawed wins that are tainted by your own cancerous antics. If I am no where near what I use to be, if you are facing the worst version of myself, it will be extremely entertaining to see just how you react when I do beat you. When I lock you up in the middle of this ring, and I force you to tap out. It wouldn’t be the first time, it most likely won’t be the last time. The truth is Slim ever since you took off that ridicule make up, you’ve become even more of a clown then you already were. You have taken the meaning of what a protege is suppose to be to the limit. Stealing “The King” mantle. Naming your own faction “Legacy” after the same one I brought you up in. You even stole my very same insults when you came out here tonight. You are a clown. You are a liar. I hate liars, and at Night of Legends, we will see just how much everything you’ve claimed will stack up. Flynn lowers the microphone eyeing down Slim on the stage, message sent and delivered.

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