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  1. Y’all pray for Ropati. He struggles to finish his sentences. 

  2. OOC: Angelo, per favore chiudi la bocca maledetto idiota. Tutti nel pianeta terra possono usare cazzo per tradurti stupido figlio di puttana. (Angelo, Great promo bro. Really enjoyed it and honestly just how unique it is. Really liking how this retirement tour is starting out.)
  3. Main event: TJP vs Danny Limelight The main event of week two on collision sees the accomplished mat veteran TJP take on the debuting Danny Limelight. Limelight transitioned into professional wrestling from a career in the Marine Corps, a transition that sees his in-ring style merge lucha libre style high flying with a jiujitsu submission background and hand-to-hand combat mastery. After impressing in the September 2019 LA Dojo Tryout, Limelight was invited to be a part of Collision, and now has the chance to show what he can do in unarguably the biggest match of his career since his 2014 debut. TJP is similarly adept at merging high flying with technical submission work, making this an evenly matched bout on paper but will TJP have the experience edge? Opening match: Rust Taylor vs The DKC Our opening match of the night sees two new faces make their NJPW debuts. Rust Taylor is a 16 year veteran on the independent scene, and although he prides himself on being kind to the environment, is much harder on his opponents in-ring, with a jiujitsu background and a prominent mean streak making him a dangerous submission artist. His opponent in Dylan Kyle Cox, the DKC, is much younger in his career having debuted in 2018, but his karate skills and work ethic have earned him thsi chance at Lion’s Break Collision. Reportedly invited at the behest of none other than Katsuyori Shibata himself, there’s potential in DKC that Collision could unlock. All this action, plus after a contentious end to episode 1, Jeff Cobb will talk to Kevin Kelly! In the main event last week, Karl Fredericks scored victory over Rocky Romero, but immediately tangled with Cobb before declaring himself ‘Always Alpha’ and refusing to be a subordinate in any of NJPW’s factions. How will Cobb react to Fredericks’ controversial actions? Find out Friday night at 10e/9c/7p!
  4. Anytime you be holding any alternative admin accounts as votes it ain’t never a real win dude lmao.
  5. It showed you could still beg your ass off lmfaoo. My most heartfelt win has to be beating Baileys ass at Summerslam 2016 for the World Championship which really showed who the best was after all.
  6. It comes with a heavy heart, and great disappointment that we hear in BPZ must announce that Bailey has indeed been released from Carnage. This comes following months of backstage problems caused by the former World Champion. Bailey was the second overall pick on the Carnage Brand this year in the draft, however has since only competed once in a World Championship match. This sole match in fact, he was injured in and this comes after a ridiculously underwhelming Mania match against Bashka. Bailey following interviews with Carnage creative has been described in recent months as “dead weight” and someone who “is more trouble then he’s worth”. However with a resume like he has, it is without a doubt that the former champion will find work, maybe at some kids birthday parties or working with some idiots that will hand him everything.
  7. Three Title Matches Set for DOMINION! After the events of July 3’s New Japan Cup semifinal card, two title matches have been made official for Dominion on July 12 in Osaka Jo Hall, joining the already confirmed main event. That main event will see Tetsuya Naito defend both the IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight Championships against the winner of the New Japan Cup. Kazuchika Okada and EVIL have weathered a 32 man storm to reach the finals on July 11. Will EVIL’s ‘any means necessary’ attitude see him to an all LIJ main event in Osaka, or will Kazuchika Okada maintain his perfect attendance in the main event at Dominion in Osaka Jo Hall? SHO will challenge Shingo Takagi for the NEVER Openweight Championship at Dominion. The New Japan Cup draw worked out perfectly for SHO, who faced his rival Takagi in the first round, and in one of the most thrilling clashes of the tournament thus far, struck with Shock Arrow to defeat the champion. Takagi denied SHO a title shot until July 3, when after a six man tag team victory, SHO staked his claim with an emphatic spear to the champion. Takagi now puts the title on the line in Osaka for his second defense. Also official for Osaka, Kota Ibushi and Hiroshi Tanahashi, Golden☆Ace defend the IWGP Tag Team Championships for the first time against Dangerous Tekkers, Kota Ibushi and Zack Sabre Junior. Immediately after Ibushi and Tanahashi won the tag team championships in Korakuen Hall this February, Taichi and ZSJ seemed to jump to the front of the contendership line when they assaulted Golden☆Ace. Then, whether by fair means or foul (usually both), Taichi was able to cement that claim by defeating first Tanahashi and then Taichi in the New Japan Cup. On July 3, Taichi continued to press the issue after an o0pening eight man tag team match. Snatching the tag team belts, Taichi would toss them in Ibushi’s path, daring him to ‘pick them up, we’re challenging’. An angered Ibushi gave chase to Dangerous Tekkers, resulting in a brawl backstage. Now these issues will be settled in-ring in Osaka.
  8. New Japan Final Card Set! Main Event: Okada vs. EVIL The main event sees Kazuchika Okada take on EVIL, in the same city of Osaka where they first met. Then it was another critical tournament matchup, in the G1 Climax in EDION Arena in 201, where EVIL scored victory after a brutal assault to the Rainmaker; Darkness Falls onto a stack of chairs being the difference maker not just in that bout, but in Okada’s G1 campaign that year, as a seemingly unstoppable run was halted. That hardcore nature will likely be key for EVIL again should he want to move past Okada and take his spot in the main event of Dominion against Tetsuya Naito. While Okada would more than redress the balance against EVIL in the years since their first meeting, improving to 3-1, this is not the same EVIL that wrestled the Rainmaker last in the 2019 G1 Climax. Apparently responding to criticism that he was in danger of seeming left out of the mix in both the LIJ group and NJPW at large, EVIL has had a transformative New Japan Cup campaign that has seen him truly live up to his name. A low blow was a key to victory against Hirooki Goto, a brutal assault to YOSHI-HASHI saw victory in just two minutes and has since put the Headhunter on the injured list, and on July 3 he seemed to throw away his relationship with his own tag team partner SANADA. An inhuman steel chair based assault, coupled with two more heavy shots below the belt has proven that EVIL is all in on New Japan Cup victory. Now it’s all or nothing in Osaka for a match EVIL has declared he’ll win ‘by any means necessary’. Yet that is just the attitude needed to have a chance against Kazuchika Okada. Okada has had his own change in approach to in-ring action during the New Japan Cup, adopting a submission based approach to win all of his matches thus far. Showing his incredible versatility, Okada was last able to score the hardest fought of victories over IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi, following another high paced match against Taiji Ishimori, a classical straight forward battle with Yuji Nagata, and a match full of underhanded shenanigans with Gedo. EVIL will bring a similarly dirty fight, but also incredible knock out power and ability of his own. Can EVIL move on to face his LIJ compatriot in the main event of Dominion, or will Okada maintain his perfect attendance record headlining Dominions in Osaka Jo? CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano & SHO) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi & Hiromu Takahashi) Before the New Japan Cup final takes place, Hiromu Takahashi must make a painful walk down the aisle in osaka Jo Hall knowing that he won’t be able to challenge his tag team partner tonight, Tetsuya Naito, for all the gold. A disappointing result against Okada on July 3 belies an incredible effort in undoubtedly one of the best matches of the tournament. Another highlight of this year’s New Japan Cup was undoubtedly SHO vs Shingo Takagi. SHO’s first round victory would sow the seeds for a championship challenge against the Dragon, and after initial resistance, an emphatic spear on the semifinal card has seen Takagi relent. At Dominion on July 12, the NEVER Openweight Championship will be on the line when SHO faces Shingo, and neither man will be holding back in this special six man tag preview. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, Yuji Nagata & Ryusuke Taguchi vs Suzuki-Gun (Taichi, Zack Sabre Jr., Minoru Suzuki & El Desperado) In the minds of Taichi and Zack Sabre Junior, an IWGP Tag Team Championship challenge to Golden☆Ace at Dominion has no doubt been a long time coming. It was February, before events were cancelled in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, that Dangerous Tekkers attacked the new champions in Korakuen Hall and immediately seemed to jump the contendership line. Their claim was cemented however, when Taichi managed to defeat both tag team champions in successive New Japan Cup matches; albeit with the assistance of other Suzuki-Gun members, not least of whom his partner in ZSJ. Stinging cup losses, and a brawl backstage on July 3, will be fresh in the minds of Kota Ibushi and Hiroshi Tanahashi as they head into this eight man preview. Los Ingobernables de Japon (SANADA & BUSHI) vs BULLET CLUB (Yujiro Takahashi & Taiji Ishimori) The fourth match of the evening sees junior and heavyweight members of LIJ and BULLET CLUB respectively team up. SANADA will be heading into tonight in Osaka doubtless conflicted after a crushing loss to EVIL in the New Japan Cup semifinals. It wasn’t just the result that hurt for Cold Skull, but the manner in which he lost, as his tag team partner landed a pair of low blows and a vicious steel chair based assault to take his place in the final. For now, a chance to reset, while Yujiro and Ishimori, still separated from many of their teammates, look to fly the BULLET CLUB flag high. Master Wato vs. DOUKI In a singles match on the third bout of the card, we get a first look in ring at Master Wato as he takes on DOUKI. After making a successful Mexican excursion from his Young Lion graduation, Master Wato made his first appearance on July 3 at the New Japan Cup semifinals. Declaring himself a ‘grand master’, Wato stated that he was going to reach the pinnacle of New Japan Pro-Wrestling before being interrupted in violent fashion by DOUKI and his steel pipe. DOUKI, having emerged from the grit and grime of the Mexican independent scene, has long been critical of what he deems ‘hipster luchas’ being fast tracked to success from the NJPW Dojo through CMLL and having the red carpet rolled out for them on their return to Japan. DOUKI certainly ruined Wato’s red carpet moment on July 3, and the ‘Master’ was quick to vow revenge. Tencozy (Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan) vs Hirooki Goto & Gabriel Kidd An intriguing tag team clash is second on the card as tag team veterans Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan face Hirooki Goto and Gabriel Kidd. During the World Tag League last year, Goto took LA Dojo prospect Karl Fredericks under his wing, and the two managed to clinch victory against the six time IWGP Tag Team Champions. Now, as Fredericks graduates from Young Lion status over in the States, Goto adopts another of best friend Katsuyori Shibata’s projects in Gabe Kidd. The mix of youth and experience makes for a promising team, but Tenzan and Kojima will be tough to beat, especially after they returned from the long break from events in impressive physical form. This should be an exciting tag encounter early in the card. Great Bash Heel (Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe) vs Yuya Uemura & Yota Tsuji The action kicks off with GBH facing down two Young Lions in Tsuji and Uemura. The Noge Dojo boys had clearly put the work in while NJPW was taking its 110 day absence, and returned in incredible physical form. While neither was able to advance in the New Japan Cup, they both put the work in in the ring as well, most pertinent to this match Tsuji when he battled Makabe. Now a chance to strike another blow against a Dojo mentor in the first match of the evening.
  9. With a growing smile, Flynn seemingly grew more and more excited as the Bailey spewed on and on. Now as Bailey is leaving the ring, Flynn quickly stops him. “Woah, hold your horses buddy what’s the rush? Let’s have a conversation about this, I mean for someone who strolls on and on about how you have nothing to prove, you sure do sound like you got a really big chip on your shoulder. What’s that about? I mean I guess now that you actually came out here, I can just be honest with you....... I don’t give a fuck about facing you in this ring.” Theres a sudden shock in the arena before Flynn continues on. ”I can beat your ass easily I don’t have shit to prove against you. Have you not seen your track record? You are an embarrassment each and every time you step in this ring. Look at my resume, you could not and would not hang with the types of individuals I’ve stepped in the ring with in the past six months. They’d eat your ass alive. You know at one time I held a little bit of respect for you but you’ve become a complete and utter embarrassment. You honestly think you are in any way on my level? That’s God Damn hilarious. You hinge yourself on others to make yourself look that much better, I make others look better. It’s like you said, I joined Creed it became a dynasty. You joined the Mafia and they became even more beatable in an instant. Because they added some weak minded fool who actually believes he’s the best there is. Son you aren’t even top ten on this fucking brand alone.” “The way I see it.... you don’t belong on this brand. The way I see it you should be fired. You get your stupid ass suspended every month anyways. You refuse to accept the reality, to accept the hard truth that you absolutely fucking suck. Look at your track record this year alone. Arius threw your ass out the rumble. Hans Clayton beat your fucking ass for the Undisputed Championship. Slim and Smith tore your ass a new one when you attempted to put yourself on their level. Because you aren’t on any of those guys levels. You can have fun playing in the midcard with a guy like Bob Sparks, or evening taking on a broken down has-been like Bashka but do not try and put yourself in the league of champions this company has when everyone knows every time you attempt to in the last year you’ve gotten your fucking ass kicked.” “Running yourself further into this hole you’ve dug, isn’t why I put together this little face-to-face however. Let’s scroll back to Judgement Day for a moment. You fooled the world right? Gosh you were so smart when you turned on Ex Machina.... right? I mean sure no one gave a damn and even you were so much more enamored with my own big move over your own big move. And maybe.... maybe that’s really why you were so pissed off? Because no one gave a fuck about Baileys return, and defiant about whatever he did that night. I mean yeah man, that sucks dude and I feel for you, but everything you’ve done since Judgement Day has sealed your fate. Because I got a guy. I talked things over with him, we made a little agreement. You got a lot to say about everybody and while I don’t actually want to face you, he does. And if you don’t face him well.... I wouldn’t be surprised to see your contract terminated pretty quickly...... Flynn points to the stage, Bailey turning toward it as an all too familiar individual steps out.
  10. Casting Announcement Part 2: The Teachers: Mr. Garrison: Necce Mr. Slave: FDS Mr. Mackey: Bart Chef: Tamer PC Principle: Arius The Marsh Family: Randy: Nebakos Sharon: Bashka Broflovski Family: Gerald: Brenden Shelia: Keeley Ike: Hans Cartman Family: Liane: Sheridan Mr. Kitty: Gunner Stotch Family: Linda: Danielle Stephen: Julius McCormick Family: Stuart: Toxik Carol: GRV Kevin: TLE Others: Towlie: Echo Michael: Gwyn Firkle: Alex Pete: Meko Mr. Hankey: Epic Officer Barbrady: Cody Detective Harris: Amai Lu Kim: Prince Petey: Bizzy Bob
  11. The Cast Announcement Part 1: The Boys: Eric Cartman: Bailey Stan Marsh: Smith Kyle broflovski: Sameer Kenny McCormick: Nate The Fourth Graders: Butters: Ropati Jimmy: BiC Token: Jonathan Craig: Mikey Tweak: Yelich Timmy: Brad Nathan: Slim Mimsey: Addy TBC.....
  12. We are live on Carnage from Rome, Italy, BPZ officially beginning it’s annual King of the Ring European Tour. The fans are buzzing tonight especially after a blockbuster Judgement Day Show. The fans in the arena let out an astounding pop, shocked for a moment before quickly realizing exactly why Creed’s theme plays through the arena. Slowly, Jeremiah Flynn steps out with a large smile across his face. He has his hair combed back and his beard groomed nicely. He carries his Universal Championship around his waist proudly. It has only been a few short days since this man seemingly put to bed his feud with Creed, and instead chose to align with the very same group that he had gone to war with for so many months. He stands atop the ramp to a mixed reaction, many unsure of what to exactly think of the Universal Champions actions just yet. He takes a slow stroll down to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope before removing his crimson gold from around his waist. It’s with great pride he throws his title high above his head for the world to see. Slowly he lowers it down to his right shoulder, gripping it tightly before requesting a microphone. Upon receiving it, he’d wait a moment for his music to die off, and the fans to slowly quiet down. He looks around the thousands in attendance before finally speaking, an amused tone hanging in every word spoken. “I didn’t really know how this would go over. Because you know for so long.... I’ve been angry. I’ve been pissed off at the world and my life and this dates way before BPZ. I haven’t been a happy human being in a very long time. I’ve channeled that anger and that rage in this ring and let’s be honest it’s helped me become one of the damn best this company has ever seen. It’s with that being said however, that I for the first time in my career..... am happy. I’m happy with what I did at Judgement Day. Saving Creed, joining Creed and kicking some delusional Mafia ass while I did it couldn’t of been a more perfect moment.” “Now I understand my history, I know I have skeletons in my closet. I’m not what you would describe as a trustworthy individual when you look at my resume but that’s a risk Creed are willing to take. To be honest with all of you I don’t know if it’s a risk I am willing to take but it goes to show the character and the type of guys those three individuals are. They stand head and shoulders above all else in that locker room and it reflects in this ring when they kick everyone’s ass who steps up to him. I find that extremely relatable. Because you see I also know an individual who kicks everyone’s ass who steps up to them.....” Flynn raises his championship high above his head, the energy in the arena electric. “So while I stand alone on a different brand, whether I’m in Creed or not, it doesn’t change a damn thing. I am your KING OF CARNAGE, the holder of the CRIMSON GOLD. Now I’ve looked up and down this roster since Last Resort and I gotta day I’m pretty impressed. Next week two old rivals of my own face off for the right to take me on at King of the Ring, however I don’t wanna wait until then to get back in this ring. Because you see I saw what Bailey had to say about me earlier tonight. In case he missed it, I told the world exactly how anyone in that locker room can settle their issues with me and it’s in this ring. I pride myself on being the very best wrestler in the damn world and I won’t allow someone who I see as an after thought insult my good name.” “So Bailey..... Whats it gonna be? You believe I’ve taken the easy way out? That I’ve completely devalued everything I stand for? Son I stand in the middle of this ring alone, no one backing me, no Creed for you to worry about and I say, BRING IT ON BITCH. You got an issue with what I did? You have a problem with the way I conduct my business, the life choices I’ve made? Then let’s fucking settle it in this ring. I’m a little booked up for the future, and I’d prefer we go ahead and skip the long drawn out theatrics because we both know how this goes, so how’s next week on Carnage sound? Double fucking headliner, FDS vs. Nebakos, and Jeremiah Flynn vs. Bailey.” “I stand alone Bailey. I have no one in the world with me here. You are the one with the Death Riders, you are the one who clearly needs the extra fire power. The ball is in your court. You came to the ring, you called me out, you are the one with the issues with me and if you got a problem with me well I got a problem with you too son. Of course you can always reject the match. You can come up with some BULLSHIT excuse and you can tuck your tail between your legs and you can brush this all over, pull out some smoke and mirrors and put your little speech from earlier today in the past. Let’s just be honest, we all know you will. Because if Bailey were to get in this ring in 2020 with Jeremiah Flynn, he’d get absolutely embarrassed. So what’s it gonna be GOAT?” Jeremiah Flynn throws both arms wide, laying his championship down in front of him. A challenge set for Bailey. Him vs. Flynn on Carnage next week. Will he accept?
  13. We are live on the set for one or Josh Trentons Classic BPZ interviews. Trenton being now a seasoned Veteran in BPZ has had the opportunity to dive into classic talks and conversations with some of the biggest stars in BPZ history and today the spotlight may shine the brightest as his guest is the BPZ Universal Champion Jeremiah Flynn. As Trenton sits down, he straightens his tie, and takes a deep breath. The door opens to the room, his eyes dart up at the light shining in, before welcoming the intruder with a smile. “Welcome Mr. Flynn, please sit down”. Jeremiah Flynn steps into frame, sporting a blue jacket, black pants, a silver chain and carrying his Universal Championship in his hand. The last time we saw this man, he had made one of the biggest moves of his career when he joined and united with Creed. He drinks out of a bottle of water on a small table in between himself and Trenton. Clearing his throat, he now looks up eye level with Trenton. “How are you doing Mr. Flynn?” “I’m well.” Flynn speaks with a deep tone, he sits back into the chair, leaving the Universal Title laid back across his abdomen. He’s calm, collected however let’s off little of what’s seemingly going through his mind. Trenton after a short pause speaks. “So I felt like it would be most appropriate if we went ahead and spoke on the elephant in the room. That of course being.... the actions you yourself took part in this past Judgement Day following the Tag Team Championship match. Would you care to explain your actions to the world?” Flynn sits on and stares to the floor for a moment, seemingly collecting his thoughts. He nods before finally speaking. “You remember BPZ Mania right? The catastrophe that it was? And no I’m not talking about just the Tag Team Match but that is apart of it. Bulletproof walks in and we were suppose to God Damn dominate. We were suppose to rule BPZ. We nearly lost every fucking match on the show. It was embarrassing. Throw that in with two knees to my skull and I finally woke up from the dream land that I was sleeping in. I needed a change. I had several meetings with a variety of groups following BPZ Mania. The Mafia peaked my interest however what I quickly realized was the fatal truth of that group. Those guys in the Mafia, they need each other. They can’t hang on their own, they need a little support group to help them get by, I don’t need anyone just look at what I did in the past three months alone.” Trenton quickly speaks up, asking another question “So you rejected the Mafia’s proposal?” ”It took some time, I thought it out and yeah, I did. Because you see it’s the consistent group beat downs, the sneak attacks, all ending in a losing effort surrounded by cheating losers. I’m not a loser, I’m a champion. Creed, their champions, their winners and they do it the right way, they don’t need anyone else, they don’t even need each other to be as good as they are. That’s the type of group I wanted to be apart of. Creed stands for hard work, they go out their, they best their ass and they earn everything in return for it. You got a group like the Mafia, their looking for hand outs left and right, and even when they fuck up their opportunity like the Ex Machina did they’ll attack you from behind like the sore losers they are. That’s ok though because I hope those young bloods were all watching what happened after Creed left. Because Bailey walked out there and he kicked their asses with Jason Ryan. He beat the shit out of those two poor boys Jonathan and Cody. Because one little screw up, and they’ll leave you high and dry. That’s not how I ran Bulletproof, I gave second, third chances and when that all failed I didn’t blame it on them, I put it on me and I walked away from the group.” Trenton: “Many must now question, that you yourself haven’t always been the type of individual to tote the line. Not many would consider you an upstanding citizen Mr. Flynn.” ”I am fully aware of my own history. I can’t say or do anything that will change any of that. What I can do is go out to that ring and show the world what I’m really about, that I am a changed man. I’m better then every single man in that locker room, I’ve always earned everything I have. I’ve never asked for a handout or expected an opportunity to be handed to me, I earn everything that I get.” Trenton now once again speaks up. “And so once again, how did this alliance come to be?” “I met with Sameer following my meeting with the Mafia. I apologized for the hell I had put him and Creed through. I told him I’m willing to put it all behind us. He was too. I told him the next time he needed me, I’d be there. Backlash comes and while he wasn’t too happy with the way I aided him, I backed up what I told him. He saved my life against Jason Ryan in return. Following that, Sameer made the offer. I rejected him and told him I’m a solo act. Judgement Day comes and I promised Creed publicly now that I wanted to end this, that I had come for a fight and I did. Sadly the Mafia stepped in my way of my goal of ending it. Right there in the middle of that ring last night, I put it all to bed. I joined Creed because it was the right move not just for my career, but in life in general. I want to make a post I’ve change for myself, and for this company and that’s what those boys are doing over there on Valor. Hard work, grit and you don’t bitch and complain, you go out to that ring and you earn it.” Flynn now shifts his chair to focus straight into the hard camera. His eyes are focused and wide, he leans forward, his hands tight around his championship. He begins to speak, no longer speaking to Trenton. “I am the very best in this business today and I have been now for a long time. No one comes close to me. I don’t need to consistently call myself a GOAT, desperately clinging for relevancy despite not doing a damn thing noteworthy in this company in five fucking years. I don’t need a shit ton of belts to make myself feel like more of a champion. The crimson gold has been and always will be since it’s inception THE Championship to hold in BPZ. You wanna know how I prove I’m the best? It’s not by running my mouth it’s by going to the ring and bringing back results and no one does it like me. I believe that as God is my witness. With that being said, going forward I’ve been an open book and I’ll continue to be one. If you have anything you’d like to tell me, come say it to my face. If you have a problem with me that’s fine, meet me in the ring and we can settle it. If you want a championship opportunity , you better show me exactly why you deserve it. “The King of Carnage”, the “Ringleader”, and when needed I’m the god damn “Painmaker”. I live by the Creed, and I will die by the Creed.” Jeremiah Flynn stands up, his face serious, however his eyes shows a great bit of emotion. He shakes Trentons hand, leaving the room. The camera now fading to black.
  14. Creed is in trouble if this is true.
  15. Eli Smith rises, the battle won, his legs exhausted and clearly war torn following tonight’s Championship defense. He looks over to Bart who now rolls into the ring, carrying both Tag Team Championships in his grasp. He tosses Eli Smith his as he pulls himself to his feet. The bright lights shine down on what has become the men to beat in BPZ, the top of the pecking order in terms of what it means to be champion in BPZ. Tonight marks the duo's fifth title defense and seventh month as champions here in BPZ. Both stand together as now they are joined by not just a stable mate, but a brother in arms as Sameer joins them who shares similar battle scars following his own wars tonight. All three men come to a large embrace, their battles over and another night won. The crowd claps and cheers on the trio in appreciation, a truly powerful moment. With all the admiration taking place in the ring, all eyes just barely notice now the lone figure standing on the stage. Jeremiah Flynn stands there, full black trunks and boots matching with a solid black steel chair in his hand. He stares on at the trio in the ring, a blank expression across his face. He grips the chair tight as now all eyes fall towards the stage. Creed stands together, seemingly ready for one more fight tonight. He slowly begins to make his way to the ring, a slow methodical walk, seemingly thinking out each and every step he takes down the ramp. Seconds goes by, maybe minutes as Flynn reaches the ring, his focus on Creed unbroken. He stands now just outside of the ring, a cold shiver going through the arena as tensions build further. Jeremiah Flynn is a man who has stated tonight he’s out for blood, and more often than not is a man who fulfills his promises. He pulls himself onto the ring apron, Sameer and Bart taking steps forward, daring Flynn to make a move. Jeremiah follows it up by slowly stepping into the ring, now sharing it with all three members of Creed. Eli Smith now stands front and center alongside Bart and Sameer, the standoff leaving all four men frozen in the ring, no one willing to make the first move. Memories flourish, this is a rivalry that dates back to Flynn and Bart’s battles for the Undisputed Championship over a year ago. Summerslam, Survivor Series, BPZ Mania, Flynn’s battles with these men stretches over the biggest events in BPZ history. Flynn now, gripping the chair right, pauses. He looks past to a separate trio, one that Creed is seemingly entirely unaware of. Suddenly, and swiftly, all three men are trampled down to the mat. Jonathan, Cody and now Ropati are in the ring and have ambushed the men they have suffered defeat to tonight. Clear frustration built up in the eyes of Jonathan following multiple losses tonight as he just pounds away at Eli Smith. Across the ring, James Ropati is stomping on Sameer, as Cody does the same to Bart. The Death Riders are out for retribution and revenge, and aren’t leaving here tonight without it. Jonathan now rises over a broken Smith, calling Ropati and Cody over who each kick Sameer and Bart out of the ring. They lift Smith up, clearly looking to make a statement before finally they notice Flynn. The entire time Jeremiah has stood on and watched, a blank stare and seemingly confused. With a sly smile, Jon grabs a hold of Smith, turning him towards the Universal Champion. He screams for Flynn to strike Eli Smith down with the chair, let all his hate and aggression for Creed out. Somehow Flynn is receiving everything he asked for, all of his problems with Creed being offered to him in a clear solution, practically placed on a silver platter for him. He grabs a hold of the chair with both hands, staring down now at Smith who’s held tight by Jonathan. Flynn, anger and rage growing across his face, takes a moment before swinging for the fences…. *CRACK* The arena let out a collective gasp. For a brief moment, the world seemingly stood still. Jeremiah Flynn just laid out Jonathan, freeing and letting Eli Smith go. For the past two months now, Jeremiah Flynn and Sameer have seemingly unintionally aided one another in their respective battles however finally everything comes together. Jeremiah Flynn and Eli Smith waste no time, taking advantage of the shocked Cody, Smith hops to his feet, grabbing ahold of him from behind and laying him out with an 8th Sin. Ropati lunges at Jeremiah Flynn, who ducks underneath the Kiwi, spinning him back around for a devastating FKO. Each of the Death Riders roll out of the ring, Eli Smith and Jeremiah Flynn now joined by Bart and Sameer. All eyes focus on the four men in the ring as Jeremiah offers out a hand. To the shock of the crowd, each member of Creed shakes the Universal Champions hand. It’s now Jeremiah who looks straight into the hard camera, removing a chain from his boot and holding it high. A signal clearly sent to everyone watching. All four men stand together, United in a twist that no one saw coming. Jeremiah Flynn has joined Creed.
  16. I’m gonna rep MITB too when he posts it just in case someone has a problem with that.
  17. Today is the day, Slim’s gullible ass will finally be set free. 

  18. Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor vs. Cedric Alexander vs. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Ember Moon vs. Toni Storm vs. Nia Jax vs. Natalya vs. Alicia Fox Raw Tag Team Championships: The Hardyz(c) vs. Gallows & Anderson Cruiserweight Championship: Ricochet(c) vs. Rey Mysterio United States Championship: Kevin Owens(c) vs. Big E Raw Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair(c) vs. Bayley No Holds Barred Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles(c) vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman Bonus: Who will be pinned in the main event? Braun Strowman Will there be any debuts / returns? Asuka Will either Money in the Bank Winner cash in their briefcase tonight? I hope so

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