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Status Updates posted by Flynn

  1. 18 rep away from 1,600 rep and 28 posts away from 7,600 posts, it's a little crazy to think that I've made that many posts total honestly. 

    1. Slim


      dribbler lol

    2. Bashka


      I loved your first 1000

  2. About time Carnage won a draft. 

  3. AJ Styles lost clean in his HOME TOWN to Dolph Ziggler. There must be some kind of memo being sent around backstage that everyone must lose in their hometown. 

    1. Ross


      Naomi won in her home town. Jinder will win in his aswell

    2. BrendenPlayz


      WWE have had their talent lose in there home town for years

    3. Flynn


      Yea, but it doesn't feel like they've ever put such a emphases on it, as well as usually when it was a RAW or Smackdown, they'd win. 

  4. All of the anti-American gimmicks on Smackdown come across as extremely lazy from the writers, I mean honestly is it really hard to just make a compelling villain anymore from a different country that doesn't involve hating America? With Rusev coming soon as well it's only going to grow. How annoying. 

  5. Annnnnnd I can't get in the chat 

  6. Being 18 is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

    1. Keeley


      need to be 21 where you are sadly

    2. Bashka
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  8. Brad is kinda like TNA. Doesn't really matter if he becomes super great, his name just kind of turns you off at this point. 

    1. Slim


      It's Impact Wrestling now, not TNA ;)

    2. Nebakos7


      Kinda like Brad went from Brad to Avan Wolfe but was still shit :cena2 

    3. Angelo







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  9. Can't believe I'm a global moderator and a 3x World Champion. Crazy.

    1. Slim


      Read over this quickly, and then after reading it a second time realized it.

      Well played.

    2. Bashka


      Remember when I did those first 

  10. Check out the War that Never Ends made by myself, Slim and Kersey. It's a fun little twist on our own brand split that not only brings back a great three way rivalry of the past but puts the superstars of today in this unique situation. 

  11. Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles have been in the "Main Event" for every Smackdown PPV. I'll count No Mercy as well as that really was the main event going on first. 

    1. bailey14


      Main event is last match. Wether its the best one or not 

    2. Slim


      Not true Bailz

    3. Flynn


      Why not call it "last match" instead of Main Event then lol. 

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  12. Dean Ambrose is the best in the Shield officially mates. What a weird turn of events. 

  13. Don't be a sheep, be a King. 

  14. Don't care what anyone says, 205 Live and the Cruiserweight Division is awesome right now. Maybe it's not presented extremely well on Raw but on 205 Live, I always find the show enjoyable, more than NXT since Neville became the champion. 

    1. Slim


      Don't worry, we don't care what you think either :cesaro1


    2. Razor


      Honestly, some people may disagree with the Cruiserweight Division on Monday Night RAW but since that is the only way I can watch the Cruiserweights, I think they are doing a fantastic job with the time they are provided. I do know I would love to be able to watch 205 Live as the Cruiserweights are phenomenal talents and very entertaining in my opinion. I do know that since Neville became the champion, I regained my interest in his career and feel that him turning heel was the best decision ever for him. I think the Cruiserweights, Jericho & Owens and special segments (Part-timers/title matches) are the only reasons I watch RAW at the moment as I enjoy SmackDown Live a lot more.

  15. Don't forget to tune into Network Night at 8 PM Eastern in the chat, we are all watching Summerslam 2002, hope you can all make it as it will be a lot of fun.

    1. Nebakos7


      Of course all the fun shit happens when  the guy who lives in fucking Greece can't join because he'll be sleeping :crying2 

    2. Natedog


      Looks like I'll be up late again then lol

    3. Angelo


      I ain't got shit to do so I'll be there 

  16. Feels great to win the World Championship for a second time, right Nebakos? Thanks to all the voters who believed in da Shield.

  17. Finals are over and Summer 16 can truly begin!!!!

    1. Angelo


      Don't care :bnb 

  18. Get a reality check, I'm not joking when I call you a sheep. 

  19. Gotta say I enjoyed UFC 200, anybody else there with me? 

    1. Nebakos7


      I heard most fights were boring and due to being spoiled for most of the matches I just saw the highlights 

    2. Flynn


      The Lesnar fight was ok, if you enjoy Brock dominating a guy on the mat the entire time. It lasted the whole three rounds with Lesnar winning by decision. I will say, Silva vs. Cormier, was boring but other then that it was a good show. 

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Damn I thought Brock would squash the guy in 2 seconds ah well it is what it is

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  20. Happy birthday @Karico

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