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  1. We are over twenty minutes into our thrilling main event. In which, Julius has been absolutely dominating Flynn for the most part, however has slowly became gassed as he’s failed several times to put Flynn away. Finally, it appears he has Flynn exactly where he wants him as he eyed up for the “Hell’s Welcome”..... Could Julius finally be putting away his mentor! No wait Ropati rushes onto the apron and Bailey, our special guest referee is there to stop him. Bailey begins arguing with Ropati on the apron telling him to “know his roll” and get back to Flynn’s corner. Julius in a sudden fit of rage, spins Bailey around, screaming at “The GOAT” to “do his job”, before shoving the referee. Bailey, in a sudden fit of rage shoves Julius back which is quickly taken advantage of by Flynn with the quick roll up! 1...2...3 NO! Julius just barely kicks out! Flynn now waisting little time goes to rebound off the ropes before catching a massive shoulder tackle from a pissed off Julius. Julius now screaming at Bailey for almost costing him everything. However from behind, it is Ropati that shoves Bailey straight into Julius, causing both to bump heads. Bailey for a brief moment is dazed as Ropati throws Flynn the BPZ World Championship to use as a weapon! IT CONNECTS! Flynn slams the title straight across the skull of Julius before quickly falling to the pin. Bailey however before even counting points out the championship belt laying in the ring. Flynn now furious his plan doesn’t fool Bailey, begins to berate the guest referee who now holds the championship. Flynn begins to mock him, before seemingly slapping Bailey and calling him “FICKLE”! Bailey quickly lunges forward, clearly having enough of Flynn tonight, however Flynn dodges and instead Bailey clobbers Julius with the BPZ World Championship! Flynn quickly takes advantage, with a swift FKO to Julius! Flynn with a smile on his face, looks up to Bailey before slowly crawling over the pin. Bailey looking absolutely shocked, is seemingly forced to drop down to the mat, as he makes a slow count... 1.......2.............3! Theres a sudden silence in the arena....... ANNNNNNND YOUR NEW BPZ WORLD CHAMPION, THE FIVE TIME CHAMPION, FLLLLLYNNNNNNNNNNN! Flynn with a massive smile on his face, is handed the BPZ World Championship. However before he has any time to relish, he is shoved back by Bailey who is absolutely pissed! Bailey now in the face of Flynn, shouting out an onslaught of insultes. Ropati quickly rushes the ring to take defense of Flynn, standing in front of Bailey as now the two men seemingly corner the Royal Rumble winner. Ropati and Flynn however before they can take advantage of the numbers advantage, are greeted by Julius! Julius stands alongside Bailey looking absolutely pissed as his 8 month title reign has seemingly been robbed from him. NO WAIT! JULIUS! CHOKESLAM TO BAILEY! Bailey is absolutely laid out as now Julius eyes down both Ropati and Flynn. Julius, with a crazed look lifts up the BPZ World Championship, a Championship he fought for and held the past 8 months, before handing it to Flynn! He proceeds to raise “The New” Flynn’s hand high in the air to an encore of boo’s. With Bailey laid out in the middle of the ring, Flynn stands tall with both Ropati and Julius, his newly won World Championship in his grasp.
  2. The New Flynn

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    Now these guys get IT!
  3. The New Flynn

    “Last Legs”

    The titantron in the Carnage arena cuts to a replay of Brendenplayz’s “handpicked Number One Contenders” match to the BPZ World Championship, featuring some of the best in the world today. The closing moments showed Flynn, locking in a choke hold submission maneuver and forcing BIC to tap out, earning his shot at Julius at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. “The Fallen King” The New Flynn steps out onto the stage, his eyes panning over the thousands in attendance as he bears battle scars from his previous outting, where he defeated five other top tier BPZ names to become the Number one Contender to the BPZ World Championship. Flynn waists little time requesting for a microphone, having his theme song cut off. He looks directly at the hard cam, as he begins to speak. Julius I’m opening this letter, no, this message to you, with a request. I request, that tonight when you go home, you kiss your children, you hug them, you tell your wife that you love her and you enjoy every minute with them. Because it will be one of the final times that they witness their father, at his peak in life. Because coke Saint Valentines Day Massacre, the decline begins. I have said FOR MONTHS that I am the New Flynn. I am not, the weak, sap who had lost to Necce at Survivor Series many months ago. I am A NEW MAN. I destroyed Bailey, Hollow, and Yelich with EASE. Now, now I stand here as the Number One Comtender to the BPZ World Championship. You could say I have the world in my hand. And while many believe the Main Event of BPZ Mania will be Julius vs Bailey, and even you Julius can expect that, I’m the apostale from god, sent to destroy all expectations. Mans how coincidental, that the same battlefield where “The King” Flynn truly perished, and haven the weak sap he was, Saint Valentines Day Massacre, where he allowed Bailey to defeat him and take his true love, his BPZ World Championship, HIS CROWN! The place where I, “The Fallen King” was born. It is where I will not only RESURECT THE KING, take back his crown, it is the place and the moment that I right every mistake Flynn ever made. And it all comes down to Julius. The man Flynn took under his wing, and the man who left him lying in his own pool of blood. Flynn’s retaliation? To allow him to continue to prosper. No. Not the New Flynn. I’ve come to expose you. I’ve come to show the world that you are not what anyone believes. The old Flynn was your maker. I am your destroyer. These people, they still don’t believe in me, and I’ve allowed to to be my fuel. Julius, I’m going to call you out to this ring, not to talk. For you and I, speaking face to face ended a very, very long time ago. No, I’m going to allow you to enter this ring, and then I’m going to beat the hell out of you. These people.... they laugh at that. They see you as some sort of god. I’m a god killer. So please, come down here, ready for a fight, that’s all I’m asking. It should be no issue, after all, I’m on my “Last Legs” aren’t I? Flynn drops his microphone as he has just challenged the most dominant BPZ Superstar possibly of all time to a straight up fight!
  4. The New Flynn

    Who Would You Like To Tag With In BPZ?

    Damn I got the most Tag titles ever the disrespect. Would love to team with @I Can't Odd
  5. The New Flynn

    Royal Rumble 2019: Flynn vs. Yelich

    As “Devil” hits, out steps “The New” Flynn, signaling his big match with Yelich tonight. He slowly steps out with a serious tone, standing straight up before dropping to all 4’s as he crawls to the ring. He reaches the ring as he sits back in his corner, awaiting Yelich for tonight’s showdown. Yelich steps out next, his boys following just behind him. He stands now fully healed from his Carnage Scralble wombs and seemingly ready to do battle with the former World Champion. He stairs Flynn down before leading traffic straight to the ring, his boys pausing at the steps as only Yelich enters the ring. He takes to his corner as the referee assured that both men are ready for tonight’s premier match. Finally, he rings the bell as both for the second time ever, go to battle. KNEE TO THE SKULL! FLYNN RIGHT OFF THE BAT CATCHES YELICH OFF GUARD WITH A RUNNING KNEE! 1...2..3! ITS OVER! Flynn not even allowing the referee to raise his hand, rolls out of the ring, pausing and starring at the boys before shaking his head in total disappointment, seemingly waisting his time with this entire ordeal. He marches straight up the ramp leaving a now confused Yelich to be tended to by his boys, Flynn putting the flamboyant one away with total ease.
  6. The New Flynn

    Pick a number

    Men: 1 Women: 30
  7. The New Flynn


    Flynn looks down, thinking over everything Yelich has said before finally speaking. Alright Yelich. You know what, you are right. I’m talking to much, I’m giving you too much of my time. That’s fine, how about instead of telling you, I show you who the new Flynn is. Not tonight, at the Royal Rumble, I’m going to show you like Hollow and Bailey. You can try to downplay me. Keep it up. I’ll see you at the Royal Rumble. Flynn rolls out of the ring before passing Yelich and his boys, not even looking toward the direction of Yelich as he heads straight to the back, his message sent and the match made official.
  8. The New Flynn


    Flynn looking down finally picks up the microphone before speaking, his voice seemingly holding back anger and rage that Yelich has seemingly stirred inside of him. Yelich.... Yelich stop. Yelich and his boys pause on the stage looking up to Flynn who now rests his eyes firmly on his Royal Rumble opponent. I want to explain something to you Yelich. Now you talk a lot Yelich, you are someone who seemingly has an opinion on everything. But what you fail to do, is listen. You fail to observe Yelich, and you are always to quick to jump the gun and simply assume you know what it is you are talking about. Tell me Yelich, have you ever been in the main event of a pay-per-view, against your former best friend turned rival, inside of a steel cage, with your own career on the line. No Yelich you’ve never even sniffed the main event of a show. You don’t know Yelich, but you believe you do. You think that you understand me, and because of this, you really do believe that I’ve totally fallen off. That is why you just put me on blast the way you did, correct? You made a firm attempt... to embarrass me. That’s ok Yelich, because I’m going to do you one better and ask a much more intriguing question, not why am I waisting my valuable time and facing you..... no I’d like to take a retroactive look on why is it despite multiple opportunities, multiple title shots, multiple on and off pushes, Yelich to this day is a nobody. Why is Yelich still classified as one of this companies biggest losers. Why Yelich? You’ve been given every single opportunity in the world. Yet nearly every time you manage to ruin it. Our match at the Royal Rumble is yet again management throwing you a bone that you simply put don’t deserve kid. And let’s not waist time to spoil anything, these fans know it, all of our peers in that locker room and you know it, you are going to mess this up, and I’m going to break you. Why? Because you are a loser Yelich. It’s not about one win, you just weren’t made for this business. All I ever needed was ONE OPPERTUNITY. That’s the difference between us. Yet for too long I was disrespected, and not shown the attention that I deserved. Overlooked by men who were handed dozens and dozens of opportunities only to screw them up. It’s ok though, because the company could just fall back on Flynn take take care of their failed excitements. So tell me Yelich, what exactly is it that makes you special? Because it is that question, that answers my first. Nothing. Youbarent special Yelich. You are a loser with nothing going for you. SO WHY WOULD I WAIST MY TIME TO FACE YOU? The truth is, I had an oppertunity to challenge and regain my Universal Championship. However I chose to postpone that for a later date. You want to know why? Stomping in the skull, of an ungrateful, undeserving, annoying little bitch, is something I will find so much more enjoyment in.
  9. The New Flynn


    After a long pause, Flynn makes his way out, sporting a t-shirt and jeans, he pauses to a massive shower of boo’s. His eyes are locked directly down on Yelich before Flynn actually gets down on all four’s and begins to crawl down to the ring. He rolls directly into the ring before getting right in the face of Yelich. He eyes Yelich down before removing his own microphone from his boot. Who the hell do you think you are? More importantly, why the hell would you ever believe for a second that I would give you the time of day, even a split second of my valuable time? Yet here I stand, answering your call Yelich. So you, want to face me and you believe by defeating me, it will then reverse the long stretch of bad luck you have suffered through? That things will just all of a sudden become better for you? Haven’t you been paying attention Yelich. Take a look at the last two men who made claims of defeating me. One of them, Bailey, I embarrassed at Night of Legends when I outclassed him and put him away right here in the middle of this ring, just like I said I would. And Necce? I promise he suffered much more then he flourished when he went to war with me. Let’s not even entertain the fact of you defeating me however Yelich, let’s not pretend that this match will even be competitive. We both know it won’t. This is more a desperate grab at attention from you to try and save your dying career. However you chose the wrong man. I no longer care about proving I’m the best Yelich, I know I’m the best. Now I have made it my mission to destroy every one of these peoples hero’s one by one until they have all been exposed, they have all been revealed as the phonies that they are. Hollow and Bailey have already suffered these fates Yelich. And here you stand, asking the be the next man who I expose. And you know what? I’m going to give you exactly what you want. Im going to face you at the Royal Rumble. I’m going to go into this match with one thing in mind and that is a year ago, I went easy on you. When I defeated you, I didn’t do what I should of done. This time, I’m going to finish the job. Because “The New” Flynn, he doesn’t just want to defeat you Yelich. I’m going to use you as a public display just like Hollow and Bailey. I’m going to stomp your brains out of your skull, and then I’m going to make you tap out. I have chosen to remove myself from that barbaric Royal Rumble in exchange for embarrassing you. Why? Because this company needs its best wresleter doing what it does. Because I find the Royal Rumble, a match I have already conquered, to not be a true measuring stick of who really is the best of 30 men. It is a game of luck. But a singles match Yelich, it truly shows who the two competitors are. I’m going to show everyone that your god awful year wasn’t just because you lost to me Yekich, it is because you just don’t belong here. Flynn drops the microphone at Yelich’s feet making the match official. Flynn vs Yelich at the Royal Rumble in a rematch from 2018’s Night of Legends Universal Championship match.
  10. The New Flynn

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    KEEP IT THE FUCK UP GUYS No one in any of your top 5’s are better then me at anything on the forums. It’s disgusting.
  11. The New Flynn

    The Royal Rumble Final 4

    Men’s: Rollins, Cena, McIntyre and Batista womens: Who cares
  12. The New Flynn


    Bailey as soon as he sits down hears a knock at his office door. He looks up, screaming “GO THE HELL AWAY” before the knock once again occurs. Bailey looks up, seemingly offended however is shocked as the door is locked the hell down! Flynn standing in the door way screams: “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH”, before Flynn proceeds to tackle a now standing Bailey across his desk laying in punches. Both proceed to roll across the floor landing several punches. Bailey reaches his feet first, quickly grabbing ahold of Flynn before throwing him straight into a NOL framed photo. He proceeds to take the poster and smash it across the skull of Flynn. Bailey attempting to grab ahold of Flynn, is taken aback by a swift uppercut from the firy Flynn. Flynn lands several more as now the brawl spills out of Baileys office. Both are still laying into each other however Flynn seeing that he is beginning to lose this brawl, attempts to make an escape. He heads down the hall as Bailey chases after him. They pass Josh attempting to get a member of catering to be his new tag partner in the Joshtourage, before Flynn quickly is caught by Bailey, however Flynn quickly grabs ahold of Bailey before throwing him headfirst into a garage door. Bailey however bouncing off of the door shows no signs of pain, grabbing Flynn and throwing him up through a table of food! Angelo, who has gained quiet a lot of weight lately, picks up several hot dogs despite them clearly being dirty on the floor before proceeding to head about his own business. Bailey and Flynn continue their brawl, laying in lefts and rights before they end up in the guerilla position. Flynn quickly would head out to the stage arena, with Bailey still in pursuit! Flynn would quickly slide into the ring at full speed before spinning around and screaming for Bailey to bring it on. Bailey would slide into the ring only to receiving a nasty stomp to the skull! Flynn would proceed to stomp on a downed Bailey several times, before lifting him up and screaming in his face, telling Bailey that the ring “BELONGS TO ME”. Bailey in return spits in the face of Flynn before connecting with a jarring right hand. Both proceed to once again begin to connect with the flurry of hands, neither backing down. Several members of the BPZ locker room would begin to sprint down before pulling both competitors apart. They hold Flynn back as they attempt to remove Bailey from the ring. Bailey breaks free however as he jumps across the ring and lands several more punches on Flynn before more men pull him off. Bailey is carried off to the back as Flynn is left being held down in the ring, both men have taken this past words, as their impending rematch only seems to grow more and more anticipated between the BPZ Universe.
  13. The New Flynn


    Walking backstage, Flynn is quickly approached by one of BPZ’s own backstage reporter. Flynn seemingly is heading straight out of the arena, attempting to ignore the reporter who is continually calling out “The New” Flynn’s name. Finally Flynn haults, turning to the reporter, WHHHAAAT! The reporter is taken back for a moment before asking Flynn for his own personal thoughts on the altercation between himself and his Night of Legends opponent, Bailey. Flynn smirks. I gave him his final words, I let him “stand tall”. That spotlight that he so desperately seeks, I just handed it to him. I’ll allow him to feel like he’s in control, that I fear him, that I’m a coward. But I’m a veteran. It’s all a game and I have perfected this game. If you are searching for confirmations of his claims, then I will partly oblige. “The New Flynn”, isn’t some excuse to make up for my failures. It is a cleansing. For too long, I was weak. I was holding back. This is an awakening as I’ve said several times. It’s a new page in my life. I’ve put to bed not just the man who cared about the people’s opinion, I changed up my move set. I’ve changed my lifestyle, my eating habits. Since Survivor Series I’ve gone under a full body revaluation and decided to stick to a more lean look to better work on my cardio. I even deleted all of my social media’s due to the camcaerous nature of the BPZ fans that harassed me on a daily basis for three years. Now I am an enlightened man who does not need to live through a false reality of social media by sending out idiotic tweets, unlike Bailey. Bailey can make all the false claims that “The New Flynn” is no different then the old one, that’s fine. He will quickly learn come Night of Legends, when that bell rings, and we do lock horns, he’s stepping into the ring with a very different man from three years ago. What I did to Hollow, that was me putting my new style to the test. A much more brutal, hard hitting style. One that excludes the participation of stupid chants. One that includes the interception of technical, fast paced, drawn out, beat downs. Where I shall pick Bailey apart piece by piece before I force him to tap out. He can rely on the past and bring up everything he’s ever done. The way I see it, I accomplished everything under a false identity. My first true accomplishment in BPZ, it begins this weekend, when I take off the head of its long standing “GOAT”. Flynn flashes a sick smile to the reporter, before walking straight out the exit doors.
  14. The New Flynn


    Flynn leaves no hesitation for a response. Bailey, enough. You can continue to sew this story claiming you created me, further manipulating these sheep, the idiotic fools who continue to worship you. I now know, even when I do expose you to the world, they will still not be able to grasp it. You’ve conditioned a stupid, idiotic fan base, preventing true intellectuals from watching our product due to an imbecile roaming at the top. You made BPZ barbaric. The old Flynn, the man you continue to say you defeated, was weak. He was killed by me, in my awakening. He lacked something, he lacked the ability to finish the job. That’s where I come in Bailey. I am going to finish the job. You’ve somehow made this segment.... all about yourself. These fans, they believe every word you speak. It’s pathetic, it’s embarrassing and they don’t even know it. Bailey, do you want to know what’s really embarrassing? That you even believe yourself. You believe not only are you better then me, but that you stand a chance of defeating me. Before I thought you were truly a Liar Bailey. However now I know the truth, you like these people, are delusional. Bailey...... I’m going to teach you the truth. I’m going to not only make you aware of what BPZ is going forward, I’m going to make YOU, self aware. You are going to be fully self aware as to your true placement, your rightful place on this card. The bottom. You’ve never belonged here at the top. You have sectended your welcome, and now I’m going to force you out. I’ll see you at Night of Legends. Flynn drops his microphone, starring bailey long in the eyes, before leaving the ring and heading to the back.
  15. The New Flynn


    Flynn takes a brief moment to ponder what Bailey has responded with, before looking his former mentor in the eyes, and he speaks. You really do believe that I owe you everything. You really do believe that you made me. No. You know what made me Bailey? You know what created Flynn. It wasn’t your mentorship. It was me taking a hammer and busting your skull open with it the night I decided I didn’t need you. And what happened Bailey? Don’t you remember? I went on, after embarrassing the great Bailey in front of the world, dumping him to the side like the trash that he is, and then I would go on to become the BPZ World Champion, WITHOUT YOU. If I had stuck by your side Bailey, I would of never touched that gold. You were holding me down, for months. I did what I had to do, Bailey wasn’t helping Flynn, so Flynn had to do it all for himself. But you really still believe I owe it all to you. No. I owe you one thing, and that is a systematic dismemberment. A beating so great that there is no bone in your body that I will leave unbroken. That is all I owe you, and that is exactly what you will receive. You want to talk about new content? That I am simply repeating what others have been saying? Let’s focus on the truth. You are a whining, complaining, complacent little bitch, who doesn’t belong in the same ring as me. You aren’t as good as me, you don’t even come close. You don’t belong in the main event, you don’t deserve to hold that briefcase, and the only reason you ever became the World Champion in the first place, is because you somehow found a way to kiss Brendens ass better then Bashka. Its true, without Brenden, there is no Bailey. But me? I sent you to the hospital, and then I became champion just to make a statement. A business move to show the world that their idol was a fraud. You want to compare me to everyone else? Bailey I’ve beaten everyone in this company. I’ve put them all down one by one. When I became Universal Champion, you stacked the challengers up one by one and I knocked them all down. Necce took my Championship but that only made me better because I came back ten times harder and I became the ONLY Two time Universal Champion. You want to flaunt your Five World Championships but you don’t mention how you’ve somehow managed to lose that championship five times in only four years. Bailey you haven’t had a real reign in three years. And you are faulting these five championships in the face of the longest reigning CHAMPION IN BPZ HISTORY. Three hundred and fifty-four days. No one has ever done it. You’ve never even came close. Because when the time came to face a real challenge Bailey, you failed. You are beaten. You think it’s the amount of championships you win that make you the GOAT? No. It’s what you do when you are Champion that determines the type of champion that you are. And you? You are a loser. And maybe bailey, you are right. Real Kings never fall. Maybe.... maybe I never was the king in the first place. That’s alright, because you? You are not the GOAT. And I’m going to show the world that. You tell yourself you are the biggest star going into our match. When the nights over, you will only be the biggest loser. This isn’t a game. This time, there will be no hesitation to put you away.