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  1. Dear 8-),:'(,(*_*) I have grown cold, alone and depressed and the face I was given turns out it was a mess. I have lost all hope and see no light looks like I'm close to taking my life. (The Cat and mouse game coming soon)
  2. Wings of the universe timeline in order. 2769-The crown  The power butterfly is realeased to the Universe but the people of Planet X have hold of it and decide who and what gets the powers. 2971-The revolution An Alien of the planet Chida tries to take his people the Turkin clan off a planet they are outcast on after finding a planet they can be free on. 2972-Cassidy Star Dairy entry Cassidy Star a wife and mother of two writes in her dairy about the day Earth was attacked by ailens. 2978 through 2982 and 6 months-The Gun Man While growing into the role of the gun man a young man and his team set to take down some of the biggest criminals in their district (38) with the highest crime rate.
  3. Well I want to say that I am sorry for my hiatus as of late I just lost motivation from being busy and a lack of "response" I felt from the community in general which yes I don't do this for rep points, and to be the most popular guy on the forums but that stuff does help in keeping my motivation to do more.With that being said I do love doing this and this Sunday I plan to put out the final episode/episode 7 of the Gun Man then start working on my next project which I hope to finish by June or July.It just all depends on personal life schedule, how long it takes me to think the story and it's characters are perfect for the story I'm trying to tell, and if I feel the pull from community. So thank you and be back soon.
  4. The Gun Man episode 6 2 months after episode 5 News reporter: Today John Switzer officially put an end to the search for the leader of district 38 as he was named new leader today in a landslide vote. John Switzer then shuts off the TV,pours himself a glass of wine, and looks at the five men standing like well trained soldiers in front of his desk.Switzer then speaks saying "you did well men now it's time to move on to the next stage..." that is when one of the head men speaks up saying "what about the Gun Men" and Switzer responds with a little laugh saying "Those jokes this is to big for them" the head man responds saying "with all do respect sir we can't risk it" Switzer slams his hands on the desk and stands up responding saying "fine" in a fusterated tone. Gun Men warehouse News reporter: Today John Switzer officially put an end to the search for the leader of district 38 as he was named new leader today in a landslide vote. Marcus looks at the TV in disbelief saying: "wow that joker actually won" Jean hearing this from the kitchen as she washes dishes says: "What did you honestly expect the other candidates were either killed or dropped out before they could get killed" Robert shining up his gun from the kitchen table joins the conversation saying: "Isn't that a little strange why would he be the only candidate that survived from beginning to end and everyone from his party as well" Marcus responds to Robert in a laughing it off tone: "There was two other candidates with him so I wouldn't invest to much into it". Later at District 38 leader meeting room John Switzer sits at the head of an oval table as important business men from the district sit around the table enjoying conversation and drinks.That is when Switzer gesters to the door telling his men to bring something in.All of a sudden a giant glass like cell with a prisoner in it is rolled into the room bringing the group to silence.Switzer then breaks the silence by telling his men to "bring in the real weapon" that is when a seven year old boy assisted by Switzer's men walks into the room injecting a shot into the prisoner through the tubes connected to his body.The man squrims around until his skin turns a pasty white,his face turns squid like,with eyes full of black, and a extra set of arms connected to his torso, but also now the prisoner's body has muscled up. One of the business men speaks up in a shocked tone saying: "what the hell is it" Switzer responds standing up from his seat at the table walking towards the glass cell: "This is the future of defense not only inside but outside these district walls and all thanks to my little nephew right here James Shepard" he says ushering his nephew towards him "He has made a vaccine that turns man into beast giving them super human strength,speed, vision, and hearing the only problem is the test subjects have only survived with the vaccine for 4 days". Another one of the man sitting at the table speaks up: "Why in the hell would we care about this evil project" Switzer responds "Well since soon I will be disposing of this disrict to make more I need to see how it feeds on it's victims" As Switzer says this guns appear from inside the table to infront of each of the men at the table.Switzer and his Nephew then join his men in a elevator.As the elevator closes Switzer presses a button releasing the monster allowing him to feast as Switzer watches on like a proud father.As for the business men they are quickly disposed of only having screams,blood,body parts, and gun shots fill the room. 5:30 Gun Men warehouse Robert sees the events that took place in the District 38 meeting room due to his suspicion of John Switzer which is proven to be right.He then tells the rest of the team to come to his room to watch the video.The team watches the video in horror and Marcus calls for the team to get to work right away to take down Switzer and his team before he uses everyone in the district as test subjects. One week later As the team works on the mission all of the sudden district emergency sirens go on through out the whole glass dome of the district.The group all rush to the window to see men in full black rushing through out the street grabbing everyone they can get their hands on and throwing them into trucks.All of the sudden Marcus's phone goes off and it's the head guard of the district he yells frantically into the phone saying: "Marcus hurry this place is going to be destroyed!! I have a transportation bus that can get us to district 37 I am trying to gather as many citizens as I can you have an hour to get here". Marcus hears this and tells his team frantically to "grab everything they can and get to the van". As soon as the team finishes packing they all walk to the door but as soon as Marcus opens the door he is greeted by three men in all black with the men in the middle holding a gun pushing them back into the warehouse.Just as all hope seems lost Drake runs out of the group tackling down the man through the door to the ground outside giving Marcus time to pull out his gun and kill the three men,also allowing for Grover and Robert to get a pregnant Jean safely to the van.That is when more of the men in all black begin to surround Drake and Marcus with Drake being the only one to notice this he shoves his friend into the van saying "you need to be there for your kid" as he shuts the van door.That is when the group jump and attack Drake at first he puts up a pretty good fight killing the first five men with his own hands but the numbers game gets to him.Marcus watches his friend be brutally attacked in anguish and just as he is about to get out to help his friend Drake screams at him saying "GO JACKASS!!" as he throws some bodies off him and looks at Marcus with a smile. Five minutes later... As the group drives on the van begins to be surrounded Grover seeing this opens the sun roof and starts to shoot the men trying to surround the van at all corners.This causes the men to shoot back at him and Grover screams at Marcus to drive faster causing Marcus to drive the van as fast as it can go running over people and allowing Grover to take out more people.But this speeding causes more gun fire to be fired at them and noticing they aren't surrounded anymore Robert screams at his brother to "get down!!" Grover doesn't listen though causing him to be shot right in the temple having him fall to the floor in the van.Robert seeing his brother shot down dead causes his temper to go through the roof as he screams and cries in sorrow Marcus looks back at the scene and can't believe it as tears roll down his face.But Robert in a rage of fear picks up his brother's lifeless body and looks back at Jean saying "it's just apart of the job buddy" kicking open the door and pulling the gun from his side running into gun fire as Jean and Marcus scream at him "not to go!!" But does anyway running into his death. 46 minutes later..... The van stops and Marcus picks up Jean walking her to the front of the transportation bus.As they get to the bus door Marcus looks down at Jean with a tear in his eyes and says "guess I'm officially the Gun Man" kissing her forehead and handing her and a suit case of money to the guard saying take good care of her running back to the van with tears in his eyes disregarding Jean's screams for him to stay knowing he's going to his doom. Final episode in two weeks Also please remember negative and positive responses are appreciated.
  5. The Gun Man episode 5 As the dust settles Tyson's business partner picks up Tysons brief case and exits the building without the district guards noticing.The mans name is John Pope a successful underground boss who had been retired but looking to get back in by clicking up with Tyson but now that he is dead Pope sees his opportunity to once again be head man. 4 months later... The team is celebrating Jean and Marcus having a kid and being out of the whole kill bad people thing for these four months because only small crimes have popped up but Marcus has still been a good leader for the group getting them important contacts and has held them together as a family.All of sudden things change with one phone call from the districts head guard who was close friends with Richard back in the day and keeps the group on pay roll.Marcus answers the phone to hear the guard in a very down tone saying "tonight the district leader was robbed and killed along with ever single member at the party" the guard then sighs into the phone and finishes by saying "the bodies were lined up to spell Pope" Marcus eyes give a look of shock and disgust and responds by saying "we will be right on it" he says hanging up the phone and going to tell his team.Marcus runs out to living room telling his team frantically and then looks at Jean saying "babe you'll have to sit this one out" Drake gives her a gentle shove saying "yeah we should have this handled" Jean just laughs it off and looks at her drink in a lil disappointment but Robert lightens up the mood speaking up saying "hey come on we are adding a kid to the team" turning up the music.Later that night Jean rolls over and nudges Marcus saying "you remember how my dad talked about being lucky enough to retire with his life" Marcus gets a look of panic and fear on his face saying "we shouldn't talk about that" shutting the light off and rolling over to sleep.Jean then cuddles up next to Marcus and whispers "we have a child now we have more important stuff to think about now, eventually we have to walk away". As time passes the crew is back to work studying Pope learning his spots, dangerous past, strengths, and weaknesses the group feels good as the month passes and go time is coming up.But during that rate crime has spiked in the district and more mass murders of important people in the district who could take district office are dying. As for Jean her fears arise knowing now that nothing last forever and either they will walk out or face the fate of many other gun man. Night before mission.. Marcus stands up at the head of a table saying "alright boys time to see what all you guys have got on this man,Robert you first what dirt you dig up" Robert looking at a sheet of paper says "before the great war Pope ran the outside world in the handling of guns,but after the attack his gangs numbers were weakned and instead of jumping back into the game once the districts were built he decided to get in government in district 75 building up his status,until leaving again and he has been off the grid for two years building back up his underground reputation" Marcus then tells Grover to give him the spot they plan to attack Grover presses a button on his computer popping up a hologram of a giant areana and says "this is the place where the people running for district leader will be campning and seeing where most attacks have been that is where we will patrol because for some reason Pope wants to keep guys out of office" Marcus nods his head in approvel and then ask Drake for there attack tatics Drake lays his chicken down he is eating and says "well boss he seems not to be very skilled they go in for a Target but will shoot anything breathing he's more of a mass murder guy well him and his group, also speaking of his group there should be about 50 at the least helping him" Jean sitting at the end of the table gets up and storms off and all Marcus can do is look on in regret knowing why she is upset. Night of mission All men are in position Marcus sitting outside in the van,Drake in a bathroom stall of the main halls Bathroom, and Robert and Grover in a vent that looks directly down on the mainstage were campning is taking place. Marcus sees Pope walk in and is completely dumb founded since he is completely alone so he follows him in.As Pope walks in all of a sudden gunshots fill the auditorium and Pope hearing this turns his walk into a run which leads Marcus to chase after him shouting "stop!!".Drake hearing this causes him to charge out of the restroom tackling Pope to the ground and giving Marcus the perfect shot.As Marcus kills Pope Drake looks at Marcus and says "time to handle business" and the two began walking to the auditorium.Meanwhile in the auditorium Robert and Grover are outnumbered by at least 50 even with a couple of secruity guards on there side gun fire is everywhere with dead bodies and people hiding.All of a sudden Drake bust through the door causing the three men in front of it to fall down the steps to there death Drake and Marcus join the madness and start taking out people.This leads the team to having a little bit more success considering now they have better positioning and even though still outnumbered can take out more people.The men noticing this leads them to call off the fire and one of the members shoots the power box causing all the power to go out allowing the group of men to retreat. Later that night back at the warehouse..... The whole group is sitting on the couch watching the news until Robert breaks the silence saying "well that was easier then expected" and Marcus holding Jean to his side looks at her and says "told you so" as the group celebrates another accomplished mission. As the night passes an old man with a scar to the side of face sits in his office his name is John Switzer waiting for something slowly sipping a glass of wine until he receives a call.Switzer picks up the phone to a man saying "unfortunately we lost Pope but everything is in play now boss" Switzer responds saying "Pope was a hindrance anyway" putting down the phone and looking at his Switzer for district 38 leader poster with a smile on his face. [Don't know when episode 6 will be could this upcoming Sunday or the Sunday after matters the response I get from this]
  6. The Gun Man episode 4 As Marcus,Jean, Drake,Robert, and Grover leave the funeral and get back in there warehouse the building is filled with silence as everyone seems to retreat to there rooms Drake is screaming in a pillow punching it why tears roll down his face,Robert looking at the picture of him Richard and Grover as kids while tears roll down his face,Grover balling with his hands over his face, and Marcus goes to Richards room and looks at the wall slamming his head up against it as tears roll down his face saying "why".Just then Jean walks in to join Marcus as they cry together then Marcus with tears still rolling down his eyes says "I have to finish it" Jean responds to Marcus with a little bit of anger in her voice "listen he could have killed all of us babe it's not worth it", "look what he did killed your father and the man that saved all of us I want his blood on my hands" Marcus responds to Jean picking up Richards gun. Three days later... Marcus standing at the head of living room pacing why the rest of his team looks on from the couch Marcus says "what do we do now" stopping his pacing looking at the team head on,Drake removes his hands from his face saying "we get there ass!","his blood belongs on are hands" Robert says in response Grover nods his head slamming his hand on the table.All of sudden Jean stands up from the couch screaming "stop look what happened to us last time because my father wanted him that bad he could be here with us but no,HE WANTED TO BE SELFISH!!!" storming off with tears rolling down her face.Marcus goes after her as he catches her in her room and says to her "listen I know it hurts and I know you don't want to lose any of us again, but you have to trust me you won't","but what if I do what if he finishes the job"Jean says in response "he won't because this time we will be ready" Marcus says laying his hand on her shoulder. This go round the team prepares completely different knowing they must run like a well oiled machine and dig up everything on Vlad and his team of how ever many men.They also go out on a risk by thinking Vlad might still be in the district because district 38 is the most dangerous and less strict district out of the 87 in the world so him staying and setting up base in the district would be a smart idea.So the team scouts all the underground bunkers in the district by sending tiny robot bug cams tell they see exactly where Tyson is.After three months the team is prepared to a T knowing they can't screw this up they know Tyson exactly has 20 men with him,he never goes above ground,the only places he doesn't have a protector on his body is the head and arm area at all times,also they know him and his team a very built taking there physical conditioning serious plus that is the only type of guys he recruits.The night before the mission Jean reveals the new suits this suit is bullet proof that covers the torso,back,chest,arm,and hands it is black with a yellow GM in the middle and a gun holder in the back area,the bottom is the same as usual black pants but upgraded shoes to boost speed and the gun holder is connected to the pants, and the finishing touches is a spandex black mask with a yellow GM at the top.The team loves them but no one can sleep the night before the mission all for different reasons Jean because she doesn't want to lose anymore people, Drake eager to get his hands on Tyson, Robert excited to get his hands on the new suit,Grover still has nightmares from the last time,and Marcus knowing he is doing this for Richard and doesn't want to screw it up. The day of... The team sits in there van going over there plan until they see Tyson followed by guards empty out a bar with the rest of his team joining him and two men standing outside of the bar.Marcus tells Jean to sit in the front and when he tells her to shoot shoot Jean applies kissing Marcus and hugging the rest before wishing them luck and moving to the front of the van closing the door behind her. First to go in is Grover getting to the top of the bar's roof and entering the bar's attic he slowly creeps belly down opening the attics door and seeing three men playing cards.Grover shoots out the lights before sliding down and stabbing them silently in the neck two men come storming down the hall as they hear screams.When the men come in Grover shoots them one by one shutting and locking the door heading back to the attic.That sets off a frenzy of gun fire in the bar and Marcus sends Robert and Drake in while Jean shoots the guards and anyone who runs out.Inside Drake goes on a rampage busting through the window not even using his gun just slaughtering people with his hands while Robert stands behind him shooting.Tyson now hearing the commotion in a room while talking to his business partner ask the two men standing behind him "what the hell is going on" the men say "some GM group" Tyson gets up from his table slamming his hands down looking at the man across from him saying "I have to handle this real quick".Marcus now realizes it is his time to go in and he runs in with one man on his mind all of the sudden before he enters the doors and windows close automatically on the bar and smoke fills the whole bar.Marcus seeing this becomes desperate trying to kick and run through the door but it's hopless he can't get in.Inside the bar the mood has changed everyone has fainted until Tyson enters with a gas mask and hog ties Drake and Robert saying "damn looks like I have to kill you all" putting them in the card room but Grover drops out the attic slicing Tyson across his neck but two men with gas mask on tackle him down and Tyson screams "tie him!!" while rubbing his wound and taking out his gun.Then a loud boom erupts through one of the windows and the door is busted open by Marcus who is cut up all over the glass even cut through his suit but Marcus enters and shoots the other two men. Tyson looks at Marcus with a smile and claps "looks like you just won't stay down" Tyson says with a smile "this is the Gun Men we don't stay down for no man" Marcus says charging at Tyson slamming him through the table.Tyson then picks up Marcus throwing him through the doorway and down the hall walking down the hall towards Marcus with his gun he screams "was it worth it!!" Marcus looks up and replies "yes yes it was" shooting Tyson hands and the gun flies out Marcus gets up and begins punching Tyson but Tyson is able to get him off of him with head bump knocking Marcus to the floor Tyson walks over and steps on Marcus's face picking up a gun from one of his slaughtered men saying "I win I always win" pointing the gun at Marcus's temple but all of a sudden Tyson is shot in the knee causing him to fall down and drop his gun that's when Jean steps through the window and slides her father's silver pistol with a yellow GM on it to Marcus and says "ready to be a part of something special kid" Marcus smiles and picks up the gun and gets on his feet and limps over to Tyson who is crawling to his gun and standing over Tyson he says "hell yes" shooting and killing Tyson. Marcus and Jean retrieve the members putting on there mask and running to there van receiving a hero's ovation by bystanders outside.
  7. The Gun Man episode 3 4 years later.... The group of Robert,Grover,Drake,Jean and Marcus sit on the couch celebrating another completed mission of taking a bad guy off the street as Marcus has his arm around Jean.Richard sitting in the kitchen drinking on coffee just looks on at his teams happiness in kind of sorrowness and ask Marcus if he can speak to him privately Marcus of course agrees and they head to Richards room.Once the men have entered the room Richard closes the door and begins talking "I'm proud of all you kids especially you but I have come to the point in my life were I am ready to retire" Marcus kind of shocked says "retire boss your the glue to this group what would we do without you" Richard sit backs and points to his wall by his bed "see those pictures those are pictures of brothers in this group that I have lost because they stayed in to long, luckily I have the chance to walk away with my life and I think it's time for you to be that glue" Marcus looks at the wall knowing Richard is right and says with kind of sad look on his face "I'll tell the team" Richard and Marcus then get up and hug it out as they head to living room to tell everyone. Later that night... Richard sits back and celebrates his retirement with his team tell all of the sudden a breaking news report comes up on the TV with a reporter speaking "So tonight it has been confirmed former member of the old Gun Men agency who lead to the agency being shut down due to his criminal activities who would go on the run and was caught last week in district 26 Tyson Vlad" Richard then sits up and turns up the television to hear her finish speaking "well unfortunately why being held in a district 38 jail awaiting trail he has escaped" this shocks Richard and he murmurs under his breath "time to finish his ass" Marcus hears him and speaks up "boss remember what you said" Richard responds "it doesn't matter he was the one who ended the agency because he wanted to be some gang member" Robert looks at Marcus and says "look Marcus Richard built this team let's let him go out taking down the person that destroyed his life" Richard responds "it doesn't matter I'm not retired yet" he says storming off to his room.Marcus gets up and looks at his team and shouts at them "get to work!". After two weeks of preparation they figure Tyson Vlad's next move would be to rob a bank to get the money needed to sneak out of the districts highly protective dome.The team is little relaxed going on this mission after years of success taking down top criminals Tyson seemed like a guy not at full strength but Richard knew Tyson was a serious threat after all he built one of the most dangerous gangs from the ground up and even when the world went into districts due to monsters attacking he was able to stay on the run and run his operation.The night before there mission the team gathered to celebrate Richards last mission and everyone spoke first was both Robert and Grover thanking him for giving them a chance when society had gave up on them,then was Drake thanking him for not leaving him for dead and risking his own life,next was Jean thanking him for being a great father, and last was Marcus thanking him for not letting him be a bum on the street, saving him on the first mission and letting him date his beautiful daughter.The group then gets up in cheers just then Richard speaks up and thanks them all for giving him love and life. Next morning in the bank Jean stands on a balcony at the top of the bank looking in the lobby,Robert and Grover hide in a old bank office from the top floor with there gear on,why Richard,Marcus,and Drake are in the van in full gear in the banks ally enterence waiting for Jean's call over the walkie.As Jean looks on she sees two men in mask walk in asking for money but just as soon as she clicks the walkie it goes off Marcus hears this and ask Robert and Grover to go in over the walkie but no answer tell Tyson responds on the walkie saying "real cute Richard".The men know this is bad and rush into the bank full of gas Marcus rushes to the balcony to find Jean his girlfriend as Drake goes off to find Robert and Grover but obessed and now pissed off Richard heads straight in the lobby looking for Tyson.Marcus running up the banks stairs runs on the balcony and begins shouting Jeans name and soon after begins getting shot at.Marcus defending off these shots shoots into the smoke running forward and even though getting hit in the arm and wiffs to his side keeps running forward tell he trips over Jean who is hog tied and looking at Marcus beat up with fear in her eyes.Marcus now seeing the bodies he has hit with pleasure assures Jean they are ok now but just then a big Russian man with a black gotee and bald head stands over him and hits him with a pipe. As for Drake he is running to the top floor tell he is greeted by two men carrying a badly beaten Robert and Grover this causes Drake to go off attacking and throwing the men of the bars of the steps but as more men come down carrying hostages Drake attacks them throwing them off the stairs, smashing them into the metal steps,or just beating them to death not feeling or caring about the bullets being shot at him because this was his only family and he had never seen them so defeated so it sent him off.But the large Russian once again is able to attack Drake from behind then orders his men to hog tie him and take him down stairs with the other hostages.Once the hostages are lined up in the lobby Tyson orders his men to finish taking the money as Tyson looks on he has lined Jean,Marcus,Robert,Grover,and Drake up and looks at them and says so this was best Richard had to offer laughing.Then all of the sudden a shot hits Tyson in shoulder and Richard looks at him and says "look like you forgot someone" Tyson turns around with a smile on his face saying "was it worth it" then Marcus responds after shooting him in the knee and walking up to his body on the ground "hell yes".Just then Marcus is stabbed in the side leading Jean to scream and Marcus to look down in sorrow and then Tyson stands up lifting his pants knee showing his bullet proof protector "how about now" he says pointing the gun at him now the whole team is screaming in fear as Tyson looks in Richards eyes Jean is crying and screaming,Marcus sits screaming no,Drake is trying to fight his bondage,Grover is looking down with his face on the floor,and Robert is screaming in rage with his vains popping almost out of his head all of a sudden the police bust in and the gun goes off hitting Richard in the neck by his adams apple and Tyson runs off.Marcus crawls over to Richard laying on his side bloody and beaten just then Richard utters his last words "love you all" serounded by screaming,tears and smoke. Episode 4 next Sunday
  8. Means a lot coming from you bro but the episodes come every Sunday and there is still much more to episodes,series,and superheroes to expand on this universe that's just been sitting in my mind since like 2010 but anyways thanks again for your support and merry Christmas.
  9. The Gun Man episode 2 As Marcus looks at Jean with a sick look on his face the other members Drake, Robert and Grover just laugh and Jean tells them to shut up with a serious look on her face then looks back up at her dad and says "dad why would you just send him right in?!," Richard responds by saying "he will never get that experience if we hold his hand,it is time for him to prove himself" Richard then pulls out the box and says "alright kid get in".Marcus scared but knowing if he turns back now he'll be alone and left for dead so reluctantly climbs in the box as he gets in Richard hands him two sliver pistols with the Gun Men logo on them and a walkie talkie saying "this is all you should need and remember to get the top and let Drake and Robert in they should be able to handle it from there,also don't forget to wait for are call to tell you to get out of the box".He then shuts the box and begins to roll Marcus into the building as the rest of the group heads to there postion. As Marcus sits in his box for about 30 minutes tell he hears Richard come in over the walkie telling him it's time to go.As Marcus reluctantly steps out to a empty room his fear turns into to confidence so much so he leaves his walkie since now he thinks the job will just be super easy and he'll prove to his whole team he is worthy.Just as soon as confidence enters Marcus body fear soon enters Jean's as she sees three limousines followed by a car that Bull and Logan are in as they get out to introduce there guest.Jean gets on the walkie right away screaming at Marcus multiple times to get in the box.As for inside the building Marcus is in another room trying samples of food to celebrate his new found confidence why Bull the first to enter the room picks up the walkie hearing Jeans screams and crushes it.Now outside everyone hearing the crushing on the walkie leads to comotion and with Drake and Robert stuck on the top of the building Richard and Grover suit up to go in.Inside Marcus confidence has changed as Bull opens the door on him asking him if "he is enjoying the meal because it's the last you will have" taking the the gun from his side leading Marcus to take one of the pistols out of his belt and fires the first shot at Bull in his arm. Now gun fire rings through out the building and Richard and Grover join the party as they kick open the door stand back and allow Jean to shoot in six shots killing a total of eight people.Richard pops in with his Uzi and let's bullets fly as he tries to head up to find Marcus and tells Grover holding a Glock 17 to let Drake and Robert in.As for Marcus he is now behind the food table covering his wounds serounded by three men shooting at him including Bull who has wrapped his arm wound but Marcus not knowing if he has any backup knows he must do something or die with three bullets left in his second pistol.So he throws down the table landing one head shot and shooting the other two in the belly allowing himself to limp up and stab the other men with the knife on the table and takes one of the guns the men has and opens the door to begin firing just as a gun shot hits him causing him to fall down.Drake and Robert have now joined Grover as Grover has let them in surprisingly only being hit a couple times the men decide to triangle creating a lil bit of separation but just enough to so they still have protection as they look for there two men but after only finding bodies and hearing sirens they decide to exit through the back. As soon as they get out a frantic Jean tells the men to hurry and get in and when the men get in they see Richard in the back of the van frantically trying to bring Marcus back.Drake says in a loud angry voice "IS THIS THE JACKASS THAT ALMOST GOT US KILLED!!!" Jean looking back at him in disgust says "shut up if it's anyone fault it's my father's knowing this was his first time" Richard looks up at Jean with a distressed look on his "listen I didn't know a whole group would come in,but one thing I do know is Marcus did the right thing killing both Logan and Bull" Robert now jumping in says "death is just a part of the job we came here on a mission and he did his job" the group knowing Robert is right goes into a intense slince as just darkness and sounds of sirens engulf them. Next morning.... (news reporter standing in front of the building) "last night gun fire rained supreme once again in the district as a shoot out involving Bull and Logan two drug lord's in the area were pronounced dead as with other tragic deaths,but the head guards have confirmed all involved are dead" Richard sipping his coffee says "another job completed" and Drake sitting back eating a giant bowl of cereal ask "boss you know if the kid is going to be ok" Richard responds "yeah he'll be fine right now Jean is checking on him".In Marcus's room a heavy wounded Marcus with wrap all over his body ask Jean who is sitting on the table by his bed "did I do it" Jean who is now playing with his hair gives a little chuckle "yes Marcus you did it" Marcus looking into Jean's eyes smiles and says "guess I'm officially a gun man" all of sudden Grover walking past the door shouts "yes yes you are!!!" Leading both Marcus and Jean to look at each other and smile. Episode 3 next Sunday
  10. Know you probably won't get the props you deserve because it's not the norm but I really like this and all the work you've put into so far keep grinding bro.PS UCF would get smoked if they joined the SEC lol but still like it.
  11. The Gun Man episode 1 and 6th addition to universe Richard is driving Marcus in his car until they stop at a brick warehouse and Richard says to Marcus "welcome home" as he lifts open the door.As they walk in Richard is eager to introduce him to his other four teammates.First is the Olson brothers Robert and Grover who Richard found about ten years ago at age seven when they were being chased by two police officers for stealing a woman's purse.Second was Drake a kid who he found six years ago in middle of Earth's doom after he had lost his family and was hiding out in the basement of his destroyed house.Then finally Richard introduced Marcus to his daughter Jean. After introductions Marcus is shown to his room and Richard says "get ready son the first mission is tonight", "so you have about three hours to get ready" Richard says looking down at his watch.As Richard walks off Marcus sits on his bed and looks at a picture of him and his three other friends which is two guys and one girl and they are all standing around a helmet with a trophey next to it.Marcus then decides to crumble the picture and throw it at the wall as he gets under the cover to take a quick nap.Soon Marcus wakes up to hard shaking from Drake on his side waking him up telling him "time to go to work big guy" throwing down a black ski mask, black vest with a yellow GM in the middle,a black long sleeve, some black pants,and a belt with gun holders in the side.Marcus puts the suit on and meets his team in the ally in front of the warehouse door and climbs in a black van where the rest of his team is.Inside the van Marcus is stunned by all the weapons on the wall but Richard soon gets Marcus back into form as he yells at Jean from the front telling her to catch him up on the plane. Jean then rolls out a long sheet of paper with a picture of two blonde, muscled up white guys named Logan and Bull at the top of the paper and taking up the rest of the paper is a long map of the inside of a building.Jean explains to Marcus that Logan and Bull are two big time guys in the drug smuggling and distributing business through all the districts but have held base in district 38 and tonight they where planning on taking down there operation.First her father would walk in dropping off a package with a member inside of the box instead of drugs.Once in the member would sneak his way to the top of the roof allowing two other members to come in why the last member sits gurad on top of the building across the street.Richard chimes before Jean can finish saying "alright Marcus time to get in the box" as the van stops in front of brick building Marcus looks up at Jean with a sense of fear in his face (thinking he would be the guy standing guard) he then says "I don't think I can do this" with a sick look on his face. Episode 2 next Sunday Words from writer Sorry it to so long to release just life got in the way and plus I think it's better to have time gaps between series.Also don't worry stories will get better and I think each character will have a short story released before a new episode/story comes out every Sunday but please remember some stuff is being kept secret for bigger reveals in future series
  12. The Gun Man introduction and 5th addition to universe A young man named Marcus Saint Brown is walking down a dark ally in district 38 with clothes he has been wearing for a month and a empty stomach.Then all of the sudden he sees a group of three men gathering around an woman laying on the ground.Marcus notices the men are attacking the woman so he runs over to the men and pushes one down on the ground as he steps in between the woman and the men.The man to Marcus's left grabs him by the collar and says "this is none of your business kid" Marcus pushes the guy off of him and says "I think it is" getting in a fighting stance and just then the men who was pushed lundges at him and Marcus throws him to the ground.Then the other two run at him but Marcus makes quick work of them both leaving them both laying on the ground.As the men lay on the ground Marcus hears sirens from a cop car that soon comes around the corner down the ally.That is when Marcus finds out the woman was dating one of the men and everything was blamed on Marcus landing him in jail. The next morning Marcus is woke up by officers banging on his cell yelling "wake up!" Marcus gets up and walks up to the front of the cell and officer says "Mr.Brown you must have some high up friends" Marcus looks at him confused and wondering who the hell would help him out considering he has lived in the district for only two months.As Marcus exits the jail he greeted by a older short man in a heavy black jacket, and slicked back hair who was waiting for him at the bottom of the jail steps he says "Marcus I would like to present you with an offer you can't turn down" as Marcus walks down the steps Marcus shoves the man and replies with "sorry sir got stuff to do" storming past him.The man once again gets in front of Marcus and says "look kid me and you both know you have nothing to do and no one to go to all I want to do is offer you breakfast and offer you a chance",Marcus looks at the man knowing he is right but confused how he knew but either way he decides to join the man to at least get something to eat out of it. As the two men sit across the table from each other with Marcus eating the man says "I would like for you to work for me", Marcus says "like what you want me to do construction or something for you", the man then replies with "no I would like for you to join my organization to help clean the streets of this district making it safer".Then Marcus looks up from eating into the mans eyes and says "what do I look like some superhero" , "no but you look like a kid that needs a place to stay and people to go to and more importantly someone that wants to helps so if you come with me I can provide that" the man says in response to Marcus. Marcus then tells the man "how the hell do you expect me to go anywhere with you anywhere with you I don't even know you" that was when the man pulls out a sliver gun with a yellow top and words that have "Gun Men" labeled into it.All of the sudden Marcus eyes get real big as he looks at the gun in shock then says "I thought you guys were just a myth".That is when the men slides the gun in his jacket and says "my name is Richard Rodriguez and are you ready to be a part of something great son". Creator words I want to say sorry for the long wait just been busy and been thinking how I really want this character to be and what importance the character and series will be to the universe and how it will effect the first big event.Last points I want make is the reason I am posting this early is because it is not episode one, episode one will be next Sunday and instead of 5 there will either be 6 or 7 episodes.Also good or bad feedback is always appreciated
  13. The revolution part 3 of 3 and 4th addition to universe Smoke fills the room in the bunker were the men are training.Micyu knows this is bad news and knows someone got word of there takeover and was coming for war.So Micyu now had to act fast and sent a man to get the women and children safely to the ships as he sent the man off he screamed at his soldiers "it is time for war!!".The soldiers knowing they were not prepared but would die either way if they didn't ran up as a group screaming war cries. Micyu knowing they have no time for the plan orders everyone get to the ship but as the men start there March to the ships across the city they see the Chida army standing in front of them.Micyu tells the head man of the Chida "all we are trying to do is leave we don't want any problems" the head man responds "sorry but we can't let that happen".Then Micyu raises his hand sending some of his men off to crawl up the walls on the building then points his hand towards the Chida army causing everyone to charge forward in battle. The women and children rush out of the bunker being lead by one armed men and nine armed women in the front of the pack and ten armed women in the back of the pack.The scene is hectic as the people storm out with tired children crying and mother's trying to get there younger children to keep up with them,and older children running with knifes in case of danger.The people seem to be making the trip to the ships as smoothly as possible avoiding the direct battle with the Chida army but hearing the destruction.On the streets civilians have woke up and lined the streets looking at the Turkins run to freedom yelling slurs at them and throwing things at them so women have to cover there small children.But they eventually get to where the ships are.As they load the ships the defenders lock and guard the door the best they can in wait for there army to return in victory. The Turkins have begun there battle and Micyu is right in the middle of it by holding a Chida soldier by the neck with his tail and stabbing him in the torso with his sword as he drops the body another soldier comes flying at him from behind but Micyu ducks and when the soldier falls on the ground bites off his head.Micyu then looks around to see all craziness going on around him with body parts being ripped up,tails being stabbed into soldiers, soldiers getting shot and stabbed with swords,and soldiers crawling on buildings and jumping to bit other soldiers heads off.Then Micyu sees one of his men in a three on one situation so he gets on all fours and runs jumping on the one in the middle ripping his head off and stabbing the one on his left with his tail allowing his soldier to grab the gun from his holder and shoot the one on the right in the head.Micyu picks the soldier up and the soldier thanks him Micyu says "it looks like we have almost got an opening to the ship you run to the left and I will run to right fighting and getting the men ready to move forward" the soldier replies "yes sir".Both run off as Micyu runs screaming "we must go now" and gathering his men crossing and seeing his people lay dead on the ground leaves him filling sick but the men get the word and begin to move forward to the ships.Micyu crawls on a building and blast as many Chida soldiers on the way to the ships. As the men get closer Micyu relizes that there a still to many Chida soldiers so he takes off on all fours as fast as he can.The Turkin men bang on the ship base to open the doors the guards for the Turkins see all the Chida soldiers still there so they lock the ships with the people already in them build a wall and allow the men in and join the fight with the Chida soldiers.The women and children see the fighting from outside the ships windows and see Turkins getting slaughtered until a siren goes off and the Chida soldiers run off in a group.The Turkins celebrate in victory as they think the Chida have gave up as everyone gets on the ships Alessa begins to think it is weird that they would just give up.Then she notices Micyu is not getting on a ship and she shouts to the captian of her ship "we must get to the castle are leader is gone".The captian of the ship reacts fast hurrying people on and hurrying to the castle to see Micyu standing at the top of the castle with the king laying dead at his feet shouting in tears "we are the same,we are both blue but because we have a red scar across are face we are judged!!".Guns are pointed directly at Micyu then they fire but as the bullets hit him he is tookin up into the ship. 1 month later.... Alessa and a heavily wrapped Micyu from all the shots he took and damage he took from battle stands with his arms across Alessa shoulders looking out the window of the ship to the beauty of space.Micyu then looks at Alessa and ask "how the hell did we do it" Alessa responds "well even though we lost a lot men but we are now free no matter how we as a people did it". Micyu then sighs and looks back out of the window then ask "so what is this new planet called" Alessa replies with "from what I gathered it is called earth" "hmm earth that sounds nice" Micyu says back in a calming voice. Post series scene A black woman in a black dress suit walks to the stand to question the defendent."So Mr.Brown you lost it all and for what to be some superhero they call the Gun Man" Marcus lifts his short dreads from the front of his face to the back and looks the women in her eyes and with a smile and says "yeah I like the sound of that the Gun Man".
  14. The Revolution-Part 2 and 3rd addition to the universe Micyu stands on the center stage with all eye's him after saying that very passionate line.Then one of his right hand man stand on the stage with his arm around him and says "we must do this" to the crowd then Micyu jumps in and says "LETS GO TO WAR!!".The crowd jumps in joy and now they are filling more hopeful and ready to go to war. After the crowd desburst Micyu hand signals his man to meet him in the meeting room.So the five men meet again at the table and one of the men says "now what is the plan boss" Micyu lays out a map showing the were the planet Chida keeps there ships and shows the plane.First there will be a group of the Turkin army that attacks the the castle leading many of the Chida army men to the castle and allowing the Turkins to bring the pilots,women,and childeren on board first.Then the rest of Turkin army will jump out taking out the Chida army and taking down there numbers as they move to the castle which will allow the rest army to meet up with the other side of the army leaving the Chida army in the middle to get attacked from both sides.After the Turkins have took down the Chida army enough the sides will meet up and head to the ships.All of Micyu's men node there head in agreement and Micyu says "now get the men boys and lets prepare for war ".As they leave Micyu turns and says "also we will need someone to bring Alessa eqiupment on board to build more blue lights to bread the new planet". Later on in the day Micyu who is in a heavily armored suit standing and looking at room full of men in heavily armored suits.As Micyu walks in a straight line making loud noses do to the steel in the boots he says to the men "you men will now become immortal as your legacy will live on knowing that now we look to free are people from are ten years of being locked away".Then he lifts his head and looks in one of the mens eyes and says "but if you men want to live to see that freedom I suggest you train hard now" in a very stern voice.The men dispatch and go to trainning. In a dark corner of the room there is another men but instead of going to train he crawls out of bunker into the night of the outside and looks down at a device on his wrist and calls someone.As another Chida native answers the men speaks into the device saying "tell the king to get his men down here and ready for war".As he says that he throws a smoke bomb into the bunker. Next Sunday be on the watch for part 3

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