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  1. Dear 8-),:'(,(*_*) I have grown cold, alone and depressed and the face I was given turns out it was a mess. I have lost all hope and see no light looks like I'm close to taking my life. (The Cat and mouse game coming soon)
  2. Wings of the universe timeline in order. 2769-The crown  The power butterfly is realeased to the Universe but the people of Planet X have hold of it and decide who and what gets the powers. 2971-The revolution An Alien of the planet Chida tries to take his people the Turkin clan off a planet they are outcast on after finding a planet they can be free on. 2972-Cassidy Star Dairy entry Cassidy Star a wife and mother of two writes in her dairy about the day Earth was attacked by ailens. 2978 through 2982 and 6 months-The Gun Man While growing into the role of the gu
  3. Well I want to say that I am sorry for my hiatus as of late I just lost motivation from being busy and a lack of "response" I felt from the community in general which yes I don't do this for rep points, and to be the most popular guy on the forums but that stuff does help in keeping my motivation to do more.With that being said I do love doing this and this Sunday I plan to put out the final episode/episode 7 of the Gun Man then start working on my next project which I hope to finish by June or July.It just all depends on personal life schedule, how long it takes me to think the story and it's
  4. The Gun Man episode 6 2 months after episode 5 News reporter: Today John Switzer officially put an end to the search for the leader of district 38 as he was named new leader today in a landslide vote. John Switzer then shuts off the TV,pours himself a glass of wine, and looks at the five men standing like well trained soldiers in front of his desk.Switzer then speaks saying "you did well men now it's time to move on to the next stage..." that is when one of the head men speaks up saying "what about the Gun Men" and Switzer responds with a little laugh saying "Those jokes this i
  5. The Gun Man episode 5 As the dust settles Tyson's business partner picks up Tysons brief case and exits the building without the district guards noticing.The mans name is John Pope a successful underground boss who had been retired but looking to get back in by clicking up with Tyson but now that he is dead Pope sees his opportunity to once again be head man. 4 months later... The team is celebrating Jean and Marcus having a kid and being out of the whole kill bad people thing for these four months because only small crimes have popped up but Marcus has still been a good leader
  6. The Gun Man episode 4 As Marcus,Jean, Drake,Robert, and Grover leave the funeral and get back in there warehouse the building is filled with silence as everyone seems to retreat to there rooms Drake is screaming in a pillow punching it why tears roll down his face,Robert looking at the picture of him Richard and Grover as kids while tears roll down his face,Grover balling with his hands over his face, and Marcus goes to Richards room and looks at the wall slamming his head up against it as tears roll down his face saying "why".Just then Jean walks in to join Marcus as they cry together t
  7. The Gun Man episode 3 4 years later.... The group of Robert,Grover,Drake,Jean and Marcus sit on the couch celebrating another completed mission of taking a bad guy off the street as Marcus has his arm around Jean.Richard sitting in the kitchen drinking on coffee just looks on at his teams happiness in kind of sorrowness and ask Marcus if he can speak to him privately Marcus of course agrees and they head to Richards room.Once the men have entered the room Richard closes the door and begins talking "I'm proud of all you kids especially you but I have come to the point in my life were
  8. Means a lot coming from you bro but the episodes come every Sunday and there is still much more to episodes,series,and superheroes to expand on this universe that's just been sitting in my mind since like 2010 but anyways thanks again for your support and merry Christmas.
  9. The Gun Man episode 2 As Marcus looks at Jean with a sick look on his face the other members Drake, Robert and Grover just laugh and Jean tells them to shut up with a serious look on her face then looks back up at her dad and says "dad why would you just send him right in?!," Richard responds by saying "he will never get that experience if we hold his hand,it is time for him to prove himself" Richard then pulls out the box and says "alright kid get in".Marcus scared but knowing if he turns back now he'll be alone and left for dead so reluctantly climbs in the box as he gets in Richard han
  10. Know you probably won't get the props you deserve because it's not the norm but I really like this and all the work you've put into so far keep grinding bro.PS UCF would get smoked if they joined the SEC lol but still like it.
  11. The Gun Man episode 1 and 6th addition to universe Richard is driving Marcus in his car until they stop at a brick warehouse and Richard says to Marcus "welcome home" as he lifts open the door.As they walk in Richard is eager to introduce him to his other four teammates.First is the Olson brothers Robert and Grover who Richard found about ten years ago at age seven when they were being chased by two police officers for stealing a woman's purse.Second was Drake a kid who he found six years ago in middle of Earth's doom after he had lost his family and was hiding out in the basement of his
  12. The Gun Man introduction and 5th addition to universe A young man named Marcus Saint Brown is walking down a dark ally in district 38 with clothes he has been wearing for a month and a empty stomach.Then all of the sudden he sees a group of three men gathering around an woman laying on the ground.Marcus notices the men are attacking the woman so he runs over to the men and pushes one down on the ground as he steps in between the woman and the men.The man to Marcus's left grabs him by the collar and says "this is none of your business kid" Marcus pushes the guy off of him and says "I think
  13. The revolution part 3 of 3 and 4th addition to universe Smoke fills the room in the bunker were the men are training.Micyu knows this is bad news and knows someone got word of there takeover and was coming for war.So Micyu now had to act fast and sent a man to get the women and children safely to the ships as he sent the man off he screamed at his soldiers "it is time for war!!".The soldiers knowing they were not prepared but would die either way if they didn't ran up as a group screaming war cries. Micyu knowing they have no time for the plan orders everyone get to the ship but as t
  14. The Revolution-Part 2 and 3rd addition to the universe Micyu stands on the center stage with all eye's him after saying that very passionate line.Then one of his right hand man stand on the stage with his arm around him and says "we must do this" to the crowd then Micyu jumps in and says "LETS GO TO WAR!!".The crowd jumps in joy and now they are filling more hopeful and ready to go to war. After the crowd desburst Micyu hand signals his man to meet him in the meeting room.So the five men meet again at the table and one of the men says "now what is the plan boss" Micyu lays out a map

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