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      New Reactions!   07/26/2017

      Reactions have been added to the forum with the new site update. These reactions are an extension to the reputation system and allow you to display more emotions in your reputation handouts. With this change it introduces 'Neutral' reputation, which is a reaction that offers neither positive or negative reputation. These are represented via the "Haha", "Confused" and "Sad". We still currently have our traditional reputation methods with upvoting and downvoting for those who prefer the old method. "Liking" is now the default reputation method and the "Thanks" option has also been added, these make up the two new positive reputation point.  The only new addition to the negative reputation system is the "Angry" emotion. Give them a try!


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  1. Sandman suddenly appears out of nowhere, after being gone for so many months. Sandman turns Josh around and throws him across the whole Earth. Then Sandman flies toward Josh and grabs him and throws him onto and through a building. Sandman pins Josh 1...2...3! Sandman wins the Hardcore title.
  2. Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Cpe!
  3. Last day of School was today technically. Though I am still taking classes for the next 3 weeks or so.

  4. BPZ Voting Simulation™

    Just FYI, I've given Flynn the ok on posting the Simulations here until he's done Mayhem. I have a lot of stuff going on IRL, so I cant really focus on this for now. Just letting you all know.
  5. Trial Moderator Program

    Congrats Chris! You certainly deserve it.
  6. Oh boy. It's my 1 year anniversary today.

    1. Emperor Nate

      Emperor Nate

      Happy anniversary Sandman!  

    2. Smith


      Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary buddy! It's been great to have you around for such a long amount of time. You're a great, kind, generous man and very calm, relaxed, chilled out which makes you a great friend all the time. Here's to another year with you on the forums!

  7. Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the forums Royback!
  8. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums Cerb!
  9. Hello!!

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. It would definitely be the ability to pause/unpause time, considering that there is a huge amount of things that you can do with the power (ie: getting PLENTY of sleep, looking on the internet/notes for answers on the test, and much more)
  11. Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the forums Jericho!
  12. BPZ Voting Simulation™

    J Appears in a beam of light. Well that was one HUUUGE Wrestlemania folks! But let's get straight into the award show, Shall we? Our first award is for Best Promo of March 2016. Your nominees for this award were Mil Almas, by Flynn, Misty Morning, by Chris White, Explaining My Assault, by Cpe, The Chance Of A Lifetime, by Bashka, and The Notorious One, by Nebakos. And your winner.. for the Best Promo of March 2016... IS... MISTY MORNING, BY CHRIS WHITE Surely a good morning for White when he gets this award! Our next award is for the Best Diary of March 2016. Your nominees for this award were Blade Forum Wrestling, Apocalypse Rising, Rise of the King; Kasen Baker's Career, WCW vs WWE: A Rivalry Renewed, WWE 2k16 UM: McMahon Vs McMahon, and NBA: The Story of Landon Mastowski. And your winner.. for Best Diary of March 2016... IS... APOCALYPSE RISING Misty "MORNING" , Apocalypse "RISING" , how convenient eh? Our final award for this month is for the Most Improved Graphics Artist of March 2016. Your nominees for this award were Bizzy, Slim, Chris White (Jason Black), and Razor. And your winner.. for Most Improved Graphics Artist of March 2016... IS... SLIM And good job to Slim for becoming better at his graphics! This has been your award show for March of 2015! Luckily I'm sure that Nate guy is no where to be seen.... for now. But! Till I see you all again! Sayonara! J disappears.
  13. A Wild Jake Has Appeared!

    Welcome to the forums OPJAKE!
  14. What's up guys!

    Welcome to the forums Xandinho!

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