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  1. Sandman

    The Final 4 Prediction

    My guess at the moment is Shinsuke Nakamura, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor
  2. Sandman

    Show It

    During an episode of Carnage, a week before the Power Trip: Night of Legends PPV. Sandman comes out to the arena, to address his opponent Suby, before their clash at the aforementioned PPV. About a week from now, myself and Suby shall face off in the now official Carnage Showcase match-up. A match to determine which new Carnage superstar shall rise up and achieve greatness. Shall it be former Tag Team and United States champion.. Sandman or the man that's never... ever accomplished much... Suby . . Now, Suby, allow me to set something straight You talk about this "New Day" and this "New Change" Here's the thing I don't see any "change" in you You look just like the same nobody that cannot win a big one I don't notice anything standout from before . . Let's go way back You and I were a tag team What was our name? Can't recall Noob World Order, I think? Ugh, the hell kind of guy was I back then... Anyway, We were absolutely nothing as a team. Soon enough, we split up. . . And what became of you? Nothing No titles, no wins Nothing great really . . And me? I teamed with Sameer and won the Tag Team championship. I created the Voting Simulation. I would then go on to win the BPZ US championship. . . What can we learn from this? Like many unsuccessful tag teams, there's one that holds the other back That was you Suby. You just seem to hold people back from achieving greatness. With that in mind, how could you possibly rise up? You're going to have to really.. change . . And I'm sorry to say this But you still haven't changed Honestly, you may never even change I want to see the fire in your eyes An attitude that's far different than what we were used to I want to see you change Once January 5th comes And once we stand face to face Show me, show everyone Just how much you've "Changed" . . But whether or not you've "Changed" The result shall be the same There shall only be one man standing when the match ends That man... is The Sandman
  3. Sandman

    Worst World Title Match This Year?

    If I had to choose a match, I would most likely say either Randy vs Bray at WM33 or Randy vs Jinder in the Punjabi Prison match as the worst world title matches this year. I'll also say Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman at No Mercy, while it wasn't a bad match, it was definitely very disappointing.
  4. I'm interested in where they are going with this, and I wonder whether or not this will lead into Dolph actually leaving the company. It is a bit weird for him to still appear on live events, although I do understand why. It would make more sense for him to not show up though, if they wanted to make the impact of the story a bit bigger, though since it is just live events I guess it doesn't matter all too much.
  5. Sandman

    Your Reputation Milestones

    Since I came back, I've now achieved 450 rep! Way back then this amount of rep was one of the highest. Hope I'll go further beyond and get over 1K!
  6. Sandman

    A Future Legend

    During an episode of Carnage, the lights go out and the familiar theme song of "Sandman" starts to play. Sandman then enters the arena to a welcoming reaction from the crowd. Sandman grabs a mic and starts to speak. Guess it's been a bit of time, don't worry I wouldn't leave so soon after coming back. Things have been happening, and as it's turned out. I've been signed to appear here.. on Carnage. As I have said before, you should all be prepared for the Carnage that I am about to unleash! . . However, It seems as if, I'm not the only person that has just arrived to Carnage. Suby I remember when we used to be good friends, though back then I wasn't exactly all that smart But now, We've both arrived here at Carnage, and we are both trying to set a fresh start for our careers. However, there is a problem with that. We both know that only one of us are going to truly complete that goal. Especially when we've both came to Carnage at the same time. . . So Suby, if you really want to prove yourself Face me, 1 on 1, to see which one of us will become just that. I'm not wanting this match to be right now I'd rather this match be on a bigger stage. Suby, I challenge you to this match at Carnage Power Trip: Night of Legends! . . And as for all of those in the Carnage locker room And even for those at Evolved. I will assure all of you, that on the night of January 5th A legend shall be born That Legend... Is Sandman.
  7. I feel that it'd be a huge waste of opportunity if Brock doesn't wrestle at RR, considering it's one of the Big 4. I can sort of get that they might have problems with choosing a good opponent for him (one that will be a fresh match-up anyway), but I feel that Lesnar HAS to have a match there.
  8. Sandman

    Long overdue

    Acting like an asshole isn't really my thing but.. Could you have at least used a title that isn't ALSO the name of my return promo?
  9. Sandman

    Royal Rumble Match Discussion

    I feel it's going to be either Styles, Nakamura or Roman Styles - Might be a weird one, but I honestly can't be too surprised if Jinder takes the title off him. I would say that maybe Nakamura and Jinder move on to a feud, where Nakamura wins and AJ wins the rumble, setting up the match between them. Nakamura - I would say this is a bit more likely than Styles, though I'm not entirely sure if they would let Nak win the rumble, though it would set up for Styles vs Nakamura for Mania. Roman - I feel either way, it's going to be Roman vs Brock at Wrestlemania. Even if Roman doesn't win the rumble, he might win some qualification match or whatever to face Brock. Though, I can also see Roman winning the rumble, even if he is IC champ by then.
  10. Sandman

    Long Overdue

    The dust has settled after the events of Survivor Series. The following night however, on the titantron a mysterious video starts playing. In the video it looks as if there is a shadowy figure in a mysterious, spacious place. The figure is shown pacing around, and occasionally punching a heavy bag or doing other exercises/activities. During the video, a somewhat familiar voice starts to speak: Two and a half years ago, I first step foot here With no real care or knowledge of what this whole place was Young, naive, foolish, and all of that I was just like any other newcomer. Though I did my best to do what I could As the video continues, the shadowy figures seems to be less of a shadow, and looks more like a person. A person that looks familiar to some. Tag Team Champion, United States Champion, Originator of a well known topic I had a fine reputation around the block And then it all changed Something happened I lost my will to fight, I lost my reason to continue, I lost all motivation I had I had to leave it all behind, I couldn't care much anymore The figure seems to be completely noticeable now, however the face of the individual is still not shown. But now it's all different Something happened, I don't know what, but something happened My will, my reason, my motivation, just started to come back to me I feel like I have it all in me again And I've been waiting for the perfect moment to come back That time is now And this time, I'm sure to make a bigger, better impact The figure seems to be leaving and as it gets to the door, it's kicks it down and starts to head off somewhere. So it seems that while I was gone, some type of Brand Split was created That's great and all.. it'll still be all the same to me however Whether I go out there and cause CARNAGE or just show how much I've EVOLVED One thing will be for certain. The figure stops and turns around, as the camera zooms in on the face of the figure, which looks familiar to all. Sandman Has Returned.
  11. Sandman

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Cpe!
  12. Last day of School was today technically. Though I am still taking classes for the next 3 weeks or so.

  13. Oh boy. It's my 1 year anniversary today.

    1. El Pero De La Nájico

      El Pero De La Nájico

      Happy anniversary Sandman!  

  14. Sandman

    Let's Talk Thursdays Podcast Questions

    Do you think we will ever see a woman win a non-womens championship again, like Chyna winning the IC Title or Jacqueline winning the Cruiserweight title? Also what did you think of the (very weird) Extreme Rules 2016 ad?