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  1. Guess I'll add to this if it's still a thang Relationships for myself: Loyalty with Flynn Best Friends with Gill, Sameer Strong Friendship with Natedog, Necce, Cpe, Blade
  2. Finally gonna make a sign up for this thing huh. Twitch username is Sandman444a ofc. Born: October 22, 2002. Debut: Already debuted it seems Gender: Male Race: Other Nationality: American Based in America Status: Active Wrestler Style: I'm cool with being a Brawler if that's whatcha doin, maybe would've preferred Puroresu Style or Technician but whatever Body Type: Toned Size: Middleweight Minimum Size: Lightweight; Maximum Size: Heavyweight Move Set: Cradle Shock, Brainbuster, Inverted Sharpshooter Face Gimmick: Silent Badass Heel Gimmick: Psychopath (but since my current gimmick is working well you don't really have to change it) Mask: None Hair: Yes Pics: Sandman pic is fine, but preferably my avi for the majority of my time here
  3. Since I came back, I've now achieved 450 rep! Way back then this amount of rep was one of the highest. Hope I'll go further beyond and get over 1K!
  4. Acting like an asshole isn't really my thing but.. Could you have at least used a title that isn't ALSO the name of my return promo?
  5. Happy B-Day!

  6. Last day of School was today technically. Though I am still taking classes for the next 3 weeks or so.

  7. Oh boy. It's my 1 year anniversary today.

    1. Natedog


      Happy anniversary Sandman!  

  8. Sandman

    Funny pictures

    (Picture was obviously a lil bit edited :3) I think we can all agree with this.
  9. Wont be on much tommroow, since I'm actually going to Mania.

  10. Just wondering...... AM I the only person that thinks Shia Labeouf and Austin Aries look similar?

    1. Bashka


      I never thought about it but yeah they do,

    2. bailey14
    3. Jonathan
  11. I'm leaving the forums.. trying to be more focused on school and stuffs. I might return in the future but idk.. see ya.

  12. Quite Late to say, but Happy Birthday Smith and Jason!
  13. I would like to request a Black/Blue colored Chris Benoit Avi, with "Sandman" displayed at the top.
  14. Reached 400 Rep! Thanks a lot dudes : )

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