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  1. Happy Birthday Bitch.

  2. What’s sup kid 

    1. Evolution


      keep my name out of your mouth 

    2. Angelo
  3. Just like I said, Sameer I have destroyed you and now you are no where to be seen. May you RIP child. Now... WHOS NEXT?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. bailey14


      Keeley he kinda murderd him

    3. Landon


      Keeley sameer got killed lol

  4. Sameer I will not stop until your blood is on my hands.

  5. Its time to take back the forums from these new kids!

  6. the picture of a #raw scrub
  7. #GetWellSoonHeymanGuy

  8. evolution vs the rock and sock at wrestlemania 20
  9. this forum has become a joke. nothing but these new guys trying to pretend that they are important on here and know what kayfabe is. Does any body realize you get the titles by posting and contributing, not by talking shit to eachother? lol

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    2. CobheadJake


      When does he 'contribute' to the real sections? All he does is post kayfabe stuff in not kayfabe sections... that isnt contributing because technically its like he is following a different set of rules to everyone else. I am a fan of Heel as much as the next guy but dont sit here and tell me that people like me and Nebakos havent been doing our jobs or contributing.

    3. bailey14


      Yea heel never contributes lol

    4. Tamer
  10. Heel couldn't play the game

  11. maybe so, but at least i haven't embarrassed myself like you
  12. i think you just posted maybe the dumbest post of the year LOL

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