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  1. BPZ Power-Trip Cup Review Yowie Wowie, we are just a few hours removed from the BPZ Power-Trip Cup and my god what a fantastic show that was. We had a mix of everything, great matches, high-profile returns and some brutal hardcore stuff which got me very excited. Better yet we also got a clear view of how the company shapes up heading into the Summer, with some exciting prospects looming and potential mouth watering contests created. Well with that being said, lets look at the top 5 things to happen at the BPZ Power-Trip Cup 5. First Time Victory The Power-Trip Cup finals was a night of celebration for many with, Championship wins, Trophy victories and much more but for two certain wrestlers the celebration was about picking up their first win as apart of BPZ Wrestling. Dikey picked up his first victory when he defeated SSW Club's Toxik while the ever-improving Sir Raven defeated his former SSW Club team mate Joshua Scott in a very action packed match. Both of these men now carry momentum into the next chapter of their careers with both men looking like extremely dangerous threats to become major competitors in the NXT Championship division 4. Who can Stop Arius? One of the biggest takeaways from the Power-Trip Cup event was that Arius is the real deal. Now I know we already knew that but now he should be considered as a major threat to be the most dominating force in this company. He took on Kenji in yet another thrilling encounter on a night filled with great matches and he came away still your North American Champion. The question we all have to ask is Who can Stop Arius? This man is undefeated in Singles Competition and looks like he his miles ahead of anyone currently in the US or North American Championship division, however we might have just found the answer in the form of Hall of Famer Brad. Brad proceeded to viciously attack both Kenji and Arius with the help of Aaron North post-match and now looks like these two are set on a collision course. Although a Tag-Team match is the natural route to follow, Arius taking on his real first tough test in Brad may just show what he is truly made of 3. Perfection is Here Speaking of Aaron North, for our third entry in this list we turn to the Hardcore Fatal-Four Way number one contender match where some of BPZ's future stars went to literal war. The favourites were Bob and Hans Clayton with both of them being pegged to be stars in the making, but one man took exception to that and came out on the other end as the surprise winner. Aaron North picked up a very impressive win which opened up the eyes of a lot of people. The perfectionist now finds himself as the Number One Contender to the North-American Championship and got the early jump on Arius by attacking the NA champion after his title defense. Aaron is in solid form defeating current Premium Champion FDS earlier this month, maybe the North-American Championship might just be on North's horizon 2. Big Ballers Stand Tall This already stacked PPV also played host to the heavily anticipated rematch between The Royal Flush and The Big Ballers. Coming into the match it was 50/50 but the expertise and experience that comes with Brenden and Sameer were once again on display as the Tag Champs retained their titles in stellar fashion and remained on top of the BPZ Tag-Division. Two questions remain to be answered after this result however. The first, Who will be the Big Ballers next challengers? and second What next for the Royal Flush? It's going to be an intriguing next couple of weeks as we look to see what the future holds for both these teams but as of right now the Big Ballers are still Ballin 1. Master vs Apprentice And coming in at number one we have a new Undisputed Champion, the ageless Flynn who seems to be getting better with each outing this time defeating Bart in a stunning Main Event contest. Not only is Flynn the Undisputed Champion but it now sets up a very much anticipated encounter between his Apprentice, the current Intercontinental Champion and Power-Trip Cup winner Julius. Julius dominated BiC in their encounter and in the process as was broken early injuring the former World Champ. Julius' night wasn't done there as he brutalised his former Kingdom Brother Bart to end the show with the last images were of Bart being stretchered out of the arena and seemingly suffering from a neck injury. Now Julius and Flynn are destined to meet but the ball is in the Australian's court. He has the choice to decide where he wants this match to take place but one thing is for certain. The Master and the Apprentice will meet to do battle for the Undisputed Championship
  2. All four of those callups during that time felt rushed and a little weird, especially with Triple H just coming out and saying that these guys are now officially on the Main Roster. In my opinion I think WWE were trying to "shake things up" by having them randomly appear as a last minute decision which is why they were then put into tag-teams without any real storylines. It's good to finally get clarity on what actually happened
  3. Flynn slowly walks up the ramp raising his Undisputed Championship in the air as the fans boo in disappointment. As he reaches the top of the stage he turns his attention to Bart and just laughs before once again raising his championship in the air and heading into the back. In the ring, Bart sits up, his chest all welted up and his right eye starting to form a bruise after the running knee attack from Flynn. He looks around the AT&T center and buries his head in his hands. The crowd are in stunned silence as they watch the invincible, unstoppable Bart slowly get up to his feet and make his way out of the ring. He limps up the stage and turns his head around back to the ring and nods in approval before he is blasted with a Claymore Kick by JULIUS! The crowd show their disdain for the Intercontinental Champion, serenading him with boos as he looks down upon the body of Bart. Julius then lifts Bart up by the air and shouts in his face before launching him into the L.E.D Screen. Bart now has a cut on his forehead and the blood comes streaming down his face as he looks up at his former Kingdom Brother for mercy. Julius just smirks at Bart before lifting him too his feet and delivering a Hell's Welcome on top of the stage Julius sits next to the body of Bart, looking down at his crimson face before running his hands through his hair and looking around the AT&T Center. The crowd are all in a stunned silence as medics come out from the back and start attending to Bart. Backstage official rush out to Julius and order him to go to the back to which he obliges put his hands in the air and walking offstage as medics and officials attend to the former Undisputed Champion. As they attempt to carry him down the stairs and into the production area to help further evaluate him, Julius explodes from the right of screen and takes down various medics before once again getting his hands on Bart attacking him from behind and delivering stiff punches to his already busted open face. Julius then looks at his now bloody hands and just wipes the blood of Bart across his body before looking to execute yet another sinister act. He grabs Bart's head and wedges it between a hand rail before hitting a devastating Claymore kick which makes the fans gasp Immediately the doctors call for a stretcher as Bart collapses down the stairs. They immediately place a neck brace around his head an lift him onto a stretcher taking him away from the scene of the crime. The PPV closes with Julius sitting on the edge of the stage staring menacingly into the camera
  4. Warriors in 5 (Curry) Rockets in 6 (Harden) Bucks in 4 (Giannis) Knicks in 7 (Zion)
  5. This is a very good idea to be honest, and something the MCU can really drag out and I wouldn't mind seeing it. But as Ryan said his arc is over, we've had movies for pretty much every moment in his life to there really isn't a need for another one
  6. Never good for an injury but at least he can rest and get healed up before his TakeOver match which is 8 weeks away leaving some time for him to get prepared. The good thing is that all the tapings have been done so he really doesn't need to work until the event. Hopefully nothing serious and he is back in-time
  7. My current Top 10 10. Damian Lillard 9. Joel Embiid 8. Kyrie Irving 7. Paul George 6. Anthony Davis 5. James Harden 4. Giannis Antetokounmpo 3. Lebron James 2. Steph Curry 1. Kawhi Leonard Also since your a mad Nets fan, if you were the GM for this offseason what signings/trades would you make in order to have Brooklyn a strong contender in the East?
  8. After what happened at Super Show down with both of these guys nearly getting seriously injured I'm not sure if they would even want to go twice more let alone inside of a Steel Cage. If the first match went down well, no one got hurt and everyone enjoyed it then definitely do another 2, but I think the backlash and the negativity from almost everyone might force WWE's hand to not go ahead with these plans
  9. Julius

    BPZ Battles

    Aladdin Pinocchio Winnie the Pooh Lilo and Stitch Peter PAN Jungle Book Hercules Snow White Nightmare before christmas Mulan Tarzan Lion King Tangled Goofy Movie Bolt Saludos Amigos
  10. Predictions Warriors in 4 (Durant) Clippers in 5 (Leonard) Rockets in 6 (Harden) Lakers in 7 (James) Bucks in 5 (Antetokounmpo) Celtics in 7 (Tatum) Raptors in 4 (Siakam) Knicks in 6 (Zion)
  11. I was just chatting with Flynn today and somehow Dark Knight was brought up into the conversation so I decided I would sit down and watch the movie. And Oh my God this movie is Fan fucking tastic. From the story, to the amazing acting from both Christian Bale and Heath Ledger as Batman and The Joker respectively this was so enjoyable to re-watch again. What I also liked about this was the way the Joker character was written. It's a sadistically truly insane version of The Joker which in my opinion hits the Nail on the head in regard to what the character should be. All-time great movie for me and I could re-watch it again and again
  12. I'm starting to feel like this is PPV is built upon rematches which is very very lazy booking from WWE's part. However, in this instance I understand why Corbin does get the rematch although I'm not overly excited for it. Corbin had issues with the referee in the match and has a legitimate claim to getting a rematch, hence the appointment of a Special Guest Referee. It's a stupid story but at least there is one but I just hope that Seth can get through Corbin and move onto something else
  13. I swear we already saw this match with a clean finish so why the fuck are we seeing it again, I though this rematch clause bullshit was done. Anyway regardless of the illogical bullshit that set up this match, I really hope this is a chance for Lacey Evans to shine. I like her character, I like her in-ring work and I think for sure she is definitely a future women's champion. Let's hope this gets time unlike their Money In The Bank match and both women come out stronger for it. In saying that Becky needs to win
  14. It's stupid, this Wildcard rule is basically ruining a lot of the WWE product. Don't tell me there wasn't someone on the actual Smackdown Roster who could have faced Bayley for her first title defence. Not only is this pointless, but this makes the SD Women look like shit because a RAW Woman is challenging for a SD title. If Bliss does end up winning this then there will be even more confusion. I just hope this goes away soon, I don't think it will but I have Bayley retaining here. A waste of MITB and a Championship win if she doesn't

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