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  1. {As D.N.A lowers his mic and turns his attention to the top of the ramp, we hear the familiar sound of Julius' theme as the 2x BPZ World Champion makes his way down to the ring. He has a cold glare in his eyes as he stares down his opponent for the Royal Rumble, the intensity and focus captured perfectly by the camera as he marches his way down the ramp. He reaches the ring apron and raises his Championship in the air making sure that D.N.A can get a good enough look at the very thing he pursues at the Royal Rumble} "Nah nah nah, I ain't giving you anytime to say what you gotta say because I don't wanna hear it. I told you before, to shut your mouth and you still walking your ass out here, calling me out thinking that your entitled to speak. Well listen buddy, not me, not this people not anyone who pays there money wants to hear any little peep that comes out of your washed up mouth, these people pay the big bucks to listen to me, to listen to a World Heavyweight Champion" "It's been a while since we've come face to face hasn't it. If I remember correctly, the very last time me and you were in the same ring, one on one I retired your Bitch Ass or so we all thought. But 12 months later you still stand here, and your still trying to chase this wild dream of yours to someday, somehow hold this championship belt and become the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. How is it that a man like you, a true veteran of the business can come out here every single night and work his ass off only to be met by disappointment again and again and again. I've watched what you've been doing, I know you've tried so hard against many different people but yet you still find your self down on your ass, staring at the lights and wondering where the hell it all went wrong. I've got the answer to that, and the answer is that you're just a perennial loser. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try you're just never ever going to be able to win when it counts because you just ain't wired like that. But me, you better fucking believe I'm wired exactly like that" "You look at our paths from the last time we met to now, and the trajectory of our careers are on a completely different level. I was winning tournaments, money in the bank matches, title matches and I was Main Eventing PPV's, while you were too busy coaching these new upstarts, putting your life on the line in Death Matches trying to change the opinion of who you are in the minds of your peers and those who pay to see us work. I am at my peak, I am at a whole new level and right now you're not on any level at all, you're not a star like me, I'm a big motherfucking star. When you want a match the people backstage put you on a Carnage show, when I want my matches you better believe they only come on PPV because people need to pay to see me dominate" "No matter what you call yourself, no matter what sort of skin you're wearing you've still got the same mannerisms, you still fall into the same traps and that's why you're known as a loser around these places. I've seen the way you look at stars like me, stars like Creed and BulletProof and it kills you inside because you don't understand why we are so good, why we always find ourselves with our hands raised while you find yourself on your back. Everyone is passing you by, and one day you're going to snap, you might think that becoming some sort of "hitman" is the way to let out your anger, but I'm telling you if you keep going down this road you're going to lose a lot more than just a match, you're going to lose your dignity, you're going to lose your family and eventually you're going to lose your life. You need to take a long hard look at yourself, standing in-front of me is not the man that I went to war with, it's not the man that was put in the Hall of Fame, it's an impostor" "12 months ago I gave you an outlet, a chance to walk away from this business, retire happily and live your own life, out of the spotlight and away from all the attention, but you kept coming back. You should have ended it there but now you're back for more. Well I command attention, the spotlight is always around me and when you wake up Monday Morning, you're going to see yourself in the papers, on the internet as a man who was embarrassed, victimized and humiliated BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO. I look at you, you're a hitman who cant carry out any hits, you fire blanks whenever you step into this ring whereas I am on a different playing field. I'm a bad man. A bad bad man" {Julius drops the mic to the ground and takes one last disgusted look at his Royal Rumble opponent before motioning to leave the ring. As he is about to take a step to the outside, D.N.A raises the microphone to his mouth one more time}
  2. 1. Basketball: It's been in my life since I was born, my Dad and Grandfather played Basketball all throughout their lives and it carried on with me, always sitting down and watching the games whenever we had the chance. My Dad is more into the NBL because he has a close affiliation to it but I find the NBA much better to where I literally cannot watch an NBL game because of the major skill difference 2. AFL (Australian Football): Another thing that has been in my life for a long long time is AFL. My Dad's side of the family grew up in Victoria where AFL is the biggest sport and just like Basketball it carried forward with me 3. Rugby League: Also grew up with Rugby League, don't follow it as much as Basketball and AFL but I still sit down and watch my team play every week
  3. Becky Lynch(C) Vs Asuka- Raw Women’s Championship Bayley(C) vs Lacey Evans- SD Womens Championship Braun Strowman vs Shinsuke Nakumuara (C)- IC Championship Drew Mcintyre vs Brock Lesnar(C)- WWE Championship Mens Royal Rumble Match- Roman Reigns The Fiend(C) vs Daniel Bryan- WWE Championship Bonus: One Match got a rating of 82, what match was it: Lynch vs Asuka Who had the best segment? Lynch vs Asuka Who performed the best? Reigns
  4. I think it's a really easy decision here and that's Monday Night Raw. SmackDown has become sort of unwatchable especially with the Corbin and Reigns feud taking over the whole show and just being really shit. On RAW you have all the interesting characters like Murphy, Black, AOP, Rollins and others while on SmackDown the feuds suck and the matches aren't even that good. Its funny how when RAW was billed as the top show SD was better but now since the FOX deal SD has turned to shit and RAW has done much better
  5. The match I most want McGregor to take next is the fight against Jorge Masvidal. That man is on a tear at the moment absolutely killing Ben Askren and then beating Nate Diaz to win the BMF title. I think the build to that would be so entertaining and the fight itself would be extremely explosive, something that I tend to enjoy the most. Now what the UFC want to do and I think should do anyway is give us a rematch between Conor and Khabib. Conor wants the fight, it would make the promotion so much money and the fans would never turn away from another Conor and Khabib confrontation. Their personal issues got out of hand last time and it was definitely a spectacle, and while I don't see anymore bus accidents or people jumping the cage post-fight I think it will still be an absolutely entertaining confrontation. We'll see what Conor has to answer Khabib's impressive wrestling game when the time comes and I really look forward to it
  6. This is such an odd team and I have no idea what mutual grounds these two characters can come to in order to form a team. Mike is a cuck and Tony Nese, well I have no idea what Tony Nese's gimmick is. I don't see much potential in this, I think it's just a way to get them on the card as a solid enhancement tag-team that can put over the teams that are actually being used
  7. TOP 5 BREAKOUT STARS OF 2020 It's the start of a New Year, the start of a New Decade and of course us journalists around the world are looking for that next big star to rise through ranks in the year 2020. 2018 had the rise of Kingdom, 2019 was Hans and Arius but who knows what will happen in 2020. That's where I come in, as always I am Mike Hunt and today we will be kicking off a new segment here at Smarks Daily, "Mike Hunt's Wild Predictions" and today we are looking at the Top 5 possible Breakout Stars for BPZ in 2020. Here we go Cody Cage Cody has been on the BPZ roster for about a year now but has never really gotten a chance to standout in a packed division full of new aspiring talents. While names like Arius, Hans Clayton, Aaron North and others broke through in 2019, it just wasn't Cody's time to shine. We enter 2020 and in an NXT Division that is up for the taking this might be the time to shine for Cody. He will be challenging for the NXT Championship at the Royal Rumble and is definitely in the race to win the championship. Cody has a lot of potential and many of the higher ups have seen that potential and are putting it to use right now. It's a bit of an outside shot but we here at Smarks Daily believe that Cody Cage will have a solid 2020 campaign Firing Squad (Mikey and Alex Costa) While these two saw some success in the year 2019, I think 2020 is the year these two collectively make a statement and ascend to the top of the Tag-Team Division. Mikey and Alex are more than capable singles stars with both men holding singles gold at one stage on their young careers but ever since aligning within BulletProof and forming the Firing Squad alongside Flynn and Bob they have had some pretty good success. They have victories over DNA and The Tiger as well as a finals appearance in the Clapspiracy Invitational defeating FCE in the process. I see the Tag-Team championships in their immediate future, maybe BPZ Mania is where it happens The Tiger One of the more unknown commodities in BPZ is the current NXT Champion, The Tiger. The Tiger burst onto the scene in late 2019 and even managed to pick up the NXT Championship before successfully defending it on more than one occasion. The Tiger has looked dominant in the ring and definitely benefited from teaming with the Hall of Famer DNA, but no one knows what comes next for The Tiger after he finishes up in the NXT Division. We are all about bold predictions here at Smarks Daily and I think this man will definitely have a solid 2020 campaign. Whether thats conquering the NA and US Divisions or joining a big time faction and taking off from there, I think The Tiger will have a good year Buddy Ace Now we've definitely said a lot about Buddy Ace here at Smarks Daily over the last couple of weeks but I think it's all been done in good cause because this may well be the year he takes off into stardom. Buddy is currently on a bit of a win streak, defeating Marker about a month ago on Carnage which allowed him to qualify for the Carnage Scramble which he actually won. There have also been reports that Buddy is among 6 names considered to win the Royal Rumble while also throwing his hat in the ring for the US Title. A strong showing at the Rumble while also capturing the US Championship would further boost his already amazing 2020 campaign, add a North-American Championship win and you already have a star rising the ranks. The KOTR tournament along with the Power-Trip Cup are amazing proving grounds for young talent and this could be where Buddy Ace really makes a statement. Expect this to be the year of Ace CJ Sellers And finally, topping off our list is none other than the mysterious young star CJ Sellers. The sample size with this guy hasn't been enough to be definitive about his future but CJ could very well be one for the future here in BPZ. He was victorious in the Carnage Scramble way back at Night of Legends in 2019 but since then has either gone awol or missed out on various opportunities. He was so close to winning the Carnage Scramble at Night of Legends but very well could walk out of Royal Rumble the new NXT Champion, combine this with a huge match against the returning Flynn a couple of weeks down the line and a lot of eyes will be drawn to this young kid. This is definitely a long shot, but the talent is definitely there for CJ, it just depends if he's focused and given the opportunity to shine
  8. Yes hello, It's me Mike Hunt once again and we are back with the Top 5 segments of the week, part 3 of 52 in 2020. Along with the top 5 segments we also hand out the illustrious Superstar of the Week which Bailey and KENJI took the honors in the first two weeks of the year. BPZ moved away from Night of Legends this week and towards the Royal Rumble and there were a lot of cool moments, let's take a look 5. Return of Scott Normally when we say the name Joshua Scott it follows with chat about how useless he is or how he keeps on losing but today is a different day because miraculously Scott has gotten himself into the Top 5, I know right what the fuck is going on. Normally I sit back and watch the hokey shit from Josh and I turn off the television but this time I sat through it and as time went on I really really enjoyed it. So the big man wasn't actually Josh it was some dude named Pablo who was hired by Josh and now Pablo is facing Josh and if Josh loses he is one step closer to retirement. Makes total sense doesn't it? I don't know if I enjoyed this because it was funny and interesting or if the fact that Josh retiring becomes a very real possibility out of this. Well if this is the end of the road for Josh at least he got on the Top 5 4. Ace in The Hole We got the comedy out of the way with Josh so now let's move into a more serious segment, and no surprises it involved BulletProof. Raven who was upset by his loss to KENJI at Night of Legends was attacked from behind by the Firing Squad, Alex Costa and Mikey. They brawled down to the ring and it was a nice little brawl but what came next was extremely shocking. If you don't remember last week we looked at how Slim turned his back on Bob after he received news that Bob was joining BulletProof, and I guess he was right after all as the "Bracket Buster" himself made his way down to the ring and emerged as the new member of BulletProof. This rogue faction continues to get stronger, who will stop it? Maybe a certain Mafia Family... 3. Mafia BANG. Amazing job there Mike with this extremely well executed segue. Yeah the BPZ universe is pretty pissed off at Slim for ruining the Night of Legends Main Event but damn this man knows how to keep himself at the center of attention. We open to Slim and Raven meeting with an unknown guest talking about the formation of a family, a Mafia Family with Slim offering this unknown man the position of the Underboss. Now I don't know what the hell that means but it must be important. Anyway I am a sucker for an amazing mystery and this certainly is one of them. This followed with the meeting with a Consigliere really sets up an interesting narrative going forward. I love it all, feed me more 2. A Replacement Remember how last week I made the Joke that the theme of this month would be betrayal, well I did not expect BulletProof to take that so seriously and just boot the shit out of one of their founding members. Yes First Class Express were an amazing Tag-Team but we aren't getting them ever again because Hans just beat the shit out of his former partner and replaced him with FDS. Interesting decision nonetheless but FD is a brutal son of a bitch and really compliments the rogue mentality they got going there. This was emotional, I shed a tear for my friend BiC and it makes me despise Hans Clayton even more. BiC is phenomenal when he is a babyface, chasing the big bad and in this scenario it's Hans and FD. BPZ Mania is just around the corner, maybe these two former friends will put it all on the line there 1. Rumble Heats Up Well I guess this had to be number one by proxy because nearly half the goddamn roster was involved in it. We started with Bailey, fresh off his victory against Bob coming to the ring calling out anyone who plans on entering the Royal Rumble and he was answered by Bart. These two went back and forth and as Dr X put it correctly, they had a "Measuring" contest before they were interrupted by Arrow or Arrow Orton I don't know who the fuck that was but anyway he was beaten down. Then we had Dr X, Aaron North, Smith, Cody Cage, CJ Sellers and then finally some of those Goddamn Ghouls. This all turned into a major clusterfuck but man was it entertaining. Everyone fighting everyone but then of course BulletProof would come out of nowhere and stand on top. Jeez these dudes had a good week Week 3 Superstar of the Week Now if this was Stable of the week then yeah sure BulletProof walk away with this easily, but unfortunately for them it is not so they don't walk away with a plaque. Instead the man who walks away with a plaque this week is none other than the Don Dada himself Mr Slim. The whole Mafia storyline is very very impressive and engaging and sets up some interesting TV for the future. Slim stood out amongst the rest individually and that is why he is the Week 3 Superstar of the Week, joining Bailey and KENJI. Your Plaque will be arriving shortly
  9. Ah this sucks. I really liked Gabert's look and she really could have been a dominant bodyguard for a Heel character and would have excelled there. She has a presence which turns heads, something that only a few female athletes have so her and WWE moving apart is an interesting situation. I think she'll find somewhere to work soon if she wants to that is, she's too talented to just be working the independent circuit. AEW could use her, they need something to strengthen that division Maybe a break for her is what she wants. We'll see what happens
  10. Why is this happening. I know they are feuding on SmackDown but you're honestly going to tell me that they deserve a PPV match. The Royal Rumble PPV exists for one reason and that's the two Rumble matches. You don't need to make the show go 4 hours. You have the two rumble matches and then the WWE and Women's title matches and you have a solid card. Filler like Corbin vs Reigns and Gable vs Sheamus just shouldn't happen. As long as Gable as labeled as Shorty G he shouldn't be winning. Sheamus should get the win and get it quickly
  11. Went to go watch this last night, and as a fan of the first two films I thought Bad Boys for Life was a really good. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are so funny together and they kept their comedic aspects from the first two movies. Really cool film, I suggest checking it out
  12. Yeah I don't really think Ryback needs WWE or WWE needs Ryback. He said he wants to work a schedule which doesn't include 4-5 days a week of performing so you can throw away WWE and it's very unlikely he signs with AEW. Impact or ROH could be an option for him but as Arius suggested above, I think Ryback in NWA would only further give them some recognition. They've got a strong roster and with an addition such as Ryback it can only get stronger. I wouldn't say I've missed Ryback, his last couple of years in WWE were really boring, but I wouldn't be against seeing the big guy in the NWA
  13. Name: Mustaka Age: 89 Force Sensitive?: No Appearance: Talz Class: Bounty Hunter Backstory: Mustaka is one of the many Talz living on Orto Plutonia, and slowly throughout his life has risen up the ranks where he has now become a leader of the Talz army in the case of war. Because of his power in the Talz tribe, he has a secret relation with those of the Sith, carrying out their duties behind closed doors Any pre-existing relationships to other characters? Acquaintances with Obi Wan Kenobi and Chancellor Palpatine
  14. WWE Championship: Adam Cole (C) vs Bray Wyatt Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (C) vs Kevin Owens WWE Womens Championship: Becky Lynch (C) vs Asuka Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Smackdown vs Team RAW Brand Warfare: Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan Brand Warfare: War Raiders vs Undisputed Era Brand Warfare: Dijak vs Ricochet Brand Warfare: Charlotte vs ??? Brand Warfare Battle Royale: Nakamura Bonus Questions Who Will Be The Sole Survivors Of The Winning Team: Lee Who Will Be The Smackdown Rep Against Charlotte: Baszler Will Any NXT Stars Make There Debut: Duke and Shafir

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