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  1. Finally got around to watching the full first episode of AEW Dark and it was a pretty enjoyable hour of wrestling. None of the matches were extraordinary but they were all fun and none of them ever dragged except for the Women's tag match. Darby getting a win against a wrestling legend such as CIMA is big for him especially since he's getting a title match this week. SCU vs Jurassic Express is always an enjoyable match and seeing Luchasaurus being so over is absolutely amazing. Looking forward to next weeks episode which features an apparent banger between Omega and Janela
  2. We are now about 15 minutes into this brutal affair between two heated rivals, Bart and Julius where the winner will claim their spot in the Survival Games finals at Surivor Series. Bart and Julius are both on their knees swinging hay-makers at one another before the both of them get up to their feet and an all-out brawl occurs with both men leaving it all on the line in this do or die contest. Bart gets an upper hand on Julius and sends him to the outside of the ring before hitting the ropes and delivering a blissful suicide dive before roaring to the crowd, the passion and determination expressed all over his face Bart then rolls Julius back into the ring and climbs to the top rope looking to hit a tornado DDT but as he's coming down Julius catches him and turns it into a devastating Crucifix Powerbomb. Both men are down on the ground as the referee begins to count, the energy in the arena is at a high as they look to see which warrior will walk out on top. Julius is the first one to his feet and he heads to the corner of the ring setting up for the Claymore kick. He screams at Bart to get up and as Julius rushes towards his opponent, Bart swings Julius around and locks in the Cardiac Arrest! The crowd pop huge as Julius fights for his life, he struggles before eventually getting to the ropes. Bart then realises he has Julius where he wants him and looks to hit "The Last Breath" but once again Julius powers out of it, however Bart responds with a vicious elbow to the face sending Julius to his knees before following with a brutal V-Trigger Bart once again heads to the rope rope looking for the Tornado DDT but Julius pushes him off, Bart follows through with the momentum looking to take Julius down with a clothesline but he ducks and on the rebound Julius catches him with the "Hell's Welcome". Julius once again heads to the corner of the ring and powers himself up before calling on Bart to get to his feet. Bart in a daze gets to his feet and roars at Julius before he is hit with a devastating Claymore Julius then collapses over Bart's body and covers him for the 1..2..3. A look of relief spread across his face as his arms are raised in victory. The win here for Julius means he takes on either Smith or Slim in the Survival Games finals in what will be a mouth-watering contest. Bart is seated in the corner of the ring, looking blankly into the distance when Julius walks over to him and stares over him. Bart doesn't even make any eye contact with his former Kingdom Brother when suddenly
  3. 1. Tommaso Ciampa 2. Lio Rush 3. WALTER 4. LHP 5. Kabuki Warriors
  4. Australian Championship Wrestling| Episode 7 "The Icon" | Enmore Theatre ACW World Championship NOC: Kofi Kingston vs Sami Callihan vs Roderick Strong We open the show with a brand new opening montage highlighting the stars of ACW before shifting to GM's The Great Khali and Hornswoggle sitting at their desks and moving magnets on the whiteboard. They speak about how Lashley is currently without a challenger and decide to create a Number One Contender's match to open the show Kofi Kingston, Sami Callihan and Roderick Strong make their way down to the ring to open the show with the victor receiving a Championship Opportunity at ACW's next event Supremacy. Before the action would get underway, Bobby Lashley would make his way out to observe the competition. In a hot opening contest, 1/3 of the New Day Kofi Kingston was able to put Roderick Strong away with a Trouble in Paradise to pick up the victory and set up a rematch with Lashley for Supremacy. Lashley then makes his way down to the ring and the two men faceoff as the crowd roars in approval As we return from commercial break we are shown a recap of last weeks Main Event where Darby Allin took on ACW World Champion Bobby Lashley. It shows how close Allin got to upsetting the champ before highlighting the crucial mistake Allin made which led to Lashley picking up the victory After the footage is played we see Darby Allin sitting alone in the locker room before Wrestling Hall of Famer and legend of the sport Sting walks into shot and hovers over Darby Allin. He says to Darby that he sees a lot of potential in him and most importantly a lot of himself. He offers to be the missing link in Darby's career to guide him to the top to which Darby accepts. The trajectory of Allin's career in professional wrestling has just taken an almighty leap Moose vs Michael Nakazawa We are now scheduled to have our second match of the night where Moose will be taking on Michael Nakazawa. Moose currently sits at a 1-2 record here in ACW and looks to even things up with a win over the Japanese Veteran. As Moose waits for Nakazawa to make his entrance, Lars Sullivan makes his way out from the back holding the lifeless body of Moose's opponent. Lars then hits a freak accident on the ramp while staring directly into Moose's eyes. It looks like Lars Sullivan has found his next target as the mind games begin ACW interviewer Mike Hunt is standing backstage conducting an interview with "The Underdog from the Underground" Sami Zayn. Hunt asks about the attack from Mil Muertes last week and what it means to Sami. Sami speaks about how much pain he felt when Muertes struck him, pain he has never ever felt in his life. He then grabs the microphone out of Mike's hands and proceeds to deliver an emotional monologue about how he needs to stand up to Muertes and stop him before he becomes too powerful. He then challenges Mil to a match at Supremacy. A questionable decision but one well worth the risk Private Party vs Dr Wagner Jr and Fabian Aichner Private Party were heavily disappointed not to walk out Tag-Team Champions at Chaos Down Under a couple of weeks ago and now look to get themselves back on track taking on the makeshift duo of Fabian Aichner and Dr Wagner Jr. The team experience of Private Party proved to be enough as they got through unscathed and looked impressive in the process, hitting the Gin and Juice on Aichner to pick up the victory moving them to 2-2 here in ACW Fenix vs Gran Metalik Our Main Event of the evening was a hotly contested bout between two proud luchadores Fenix and Gran Metalik. The beautiful style of Lucha Libre was fully on display however Fenix performed with a much more brutal and aggressive moveset than we have seen before. After a great match Fenix was able to put Gran Metalik away with the "Fenix Splash" but wasn't done there as he continued to beat up Metalik after the match After about 2 minutes, Pentagon Jr ran down to the ring and chased his brother off, not getting physical at all and tending to Metalik. Fenix would stand at the bottom of the ramp with a big smile across his face much to the confusion of Pentagon when suddenly from behind Laredo Kid and Flamita assaulted Pentagon and left him laying. Fenix would then re-enter the ring and hit the "Fenix Splash" before the trio of Fenix, Laredo Kid and Flamita would all stand over the fallen bodies ushering in a new dominant faction within ACW
  5. This feud definitely has potential and there is a legitimate story there for them to tell and they did a really good job of that on Smackdown this week. Brock Lesnar's home is the WWE and I think he will be the one to pick up the victory over Velasquez at Crown Jewel. They could go with Cain winning but I just don't see that happening because of how strongly Brock has been portrayed over the last couple of years when it comes to big time matches. Should be good fun, Velasquez is no slouch in the ring and I'm much more engaged in this than what Strowman and Fury are doing
  6. See WWE have put themselves in a really tough position here with this one. The Fury vs Strowman build so far hasn't done anything for me and I think their brawl on RAW was more comical than it was legit and I think that is a little bit concerning. As far as the victor is concerned, I don't think Tyson Fury would want to be portrayed as a loser so close to his rematch with Deontay Wilder next year but if Strowman loses that raises a whole heap of problems on its own. Strowman losing to a non-wrestler Tyson Fury in a wrestling match would continue to bury any credibility he has. He already loses in big time matches and another loss like this just continues to hammer that nail into the coffin. It's a tough one to book but unfortunately I don't see Strowman coming away with the victory here
  7. There is literally nothing this man cant do
  8. I love the idea of the draft with representatives from USA and Fox making the picks but I think the draft pool that they put in for both nights is a bit of a stupid idea and sort of negates any sort of surprise picks and callups from NXT. Like looking at the Pool from Smackdown it was fairly obvious what was going to happen and the same will happen on RAW. The 2016 draft was great because it was unpredictable and by watching Smackdown this week I don't think that this version was any good at all. Someone like Lacey Evans going in the third round is just completely stupid
  9. Julius

    A.O.C {Sign Up}

    Name: Julius figure head: Bad Luck Fale weight: 350 lbs gimmick: Hired Gun Aspirations: Cause pain and destruction wherever and whenever I please finisher: End of Days face or heel: Heel a realistic contract price: 50k per month
  10. 1. Bailey 2. Flynn 3. Slim 4. Smith 5. Neb
  11. For the Nyla Rose situation she won what was basically their Royal Rumble so having a championship match is definitely warranted. In Jericho's situation once again that was billed as a match to earn a NOC opportunity which he won so there aren't any problems there. For the Darby and Havoc match I agree, they probably didn't deserve a chance to challenge for the title but the reasons Cody gave on Twitter I think were more than justified
  12. Don't join the Fucking Joshtourage a couple of weeks in. Avoided potential disaster
  13. Australian Championship Wrestling| Episode 6 "Why Fenix Why" | Enmore Theatre Tuesday Night Dynamite Opens with a video package reliving the first ever ACW PPV "Chaos Down Under" which ends with the shocking turn of events where Fenix would cost his brother the ACW World Championship and viciously assault him after the match leaving everyone watching shell shocked The show would open with the aforementioned Fenix who would be wearing a beautiful two piece suit as he made his way down to the ring. The fans would boo the former hero which would bring a smile to his face. Fenix would try to speak but everytime he would bring the microphone to his mouth the fans would raise their level of noise and continue to boo him. After about 5 minutes, Fenix would just let out a big smile and drop the microphone in the center of the ring and walk to the back. He would pose at the top of the ramp before walking through the curtains, the noise deafening to open the show Sami Zayn vs Eddie Dennis After bowing out in the ACW Championship tournament second round, Sami Zayn has been relegated to the bottom of the food chain boasting a modest 1-2 record. Zayn's first obstacle on his climb to the top was "The Pride of Wales" Eddie Dennis the 6'8 monster. Zayn was at a clear disadvantage but with the ACW Crowd behind him, Zayn was able to will himself on and pick up the key victory after landing Dennis with back to back Helluva Kick's Zayn would be celebrating in the ring when the lights turned to black causing a loud gasp to hush over the arena. When the lights returned, standing behind him was none other than "The Gift of the Gods" Mil Muertes who blasted Zayn with a powerful Clothesline. Muertes would then lift Sami on his shoulders and hit a devastating Electric Chair Drop. Muertes has picked his first target and it spells doom for Zayn We return back to the arena after the commercial break where we are met with the first ever ACW Tag-Team Champions The New Day who dance their way down to the ring wearing their newly won tag-team titles proudly around their waist. Kingston, E and Woods would hold a celebration for their win, recapping the match in their point of view before they were interrupted by the Crist Brothers and the Hulking Madman Fulton The trio would walk down to the ring and have a stareoff with the New Day before Callihan attacked from behind leading to a 4 on 3 assault. OvE would then raise the Tag-Titles above their heads seemingly emerging as the first official challengers to The New Day's title reign Sabu vs Martin Kirby Before we proceeded with the next match it was announced that in the nights Main Event Bobby Lashley would be issuing a Non-Title open challenge to anyone who didn't compete in the ACW World Title Tournament. As we take the action back to the ring we have the "Houdini of Hardcore" taking on Martin Kirby. Sabu would play the hits before putting away Kirby in quick fashion looking ageless in this showcase As Sabu had his hand raised in victory, on the titantron a vignette of the Fiend's destruction of RVD played before transitioning to Bray Wyatt inside the Firefly Funhouse. Bray spoke about how RVD had been inducted into the Wall of Friendship and that Sabu should join him, it's all fun in the firefly funhouse where everyone can let out their deepest and darkest secrets. The segment ended with Sabu looking vengeful in the ring One man who caused chaos at "Chaos Down Under" was the Freak Lars Sullivan who destroyed Drake Maverick in quick fashion. A hype video was played showing Lars' win before issuing a warning to the entire ACW roster that the Freak is coming and he'll strike whenever and wherever he pleases Bobby Lashley vs Darby Allin As advertised earlier in the night ACW World Champion Bobby Lashley would issue a challenge out to any member of the roster who didn't participate in the ACW World Title tournament which in turn was answered by Darby Allin much to the surprise and joy of those in the arena. Lashley looked like he would routinely dominate but Allin would not stay down and at stages looks like he would upset the Champion but a spear out of nowhere would end Allin's night leaving Lashley standing tall. Who will be the first man to step up to the plate and challenge Lashley?
  14. Julius


    {We're back in the Carnage Arena just a day out from the Survival Games PPV and all the superstars have been waiting to say their final thoughts before their matches this weekend. However one man we haven't heard from in about a week is Mr Money in the Bank himself, the self proclaimed "Invincible" Julius} {Julius strolls down to the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase in hand soaking in the mixed reception he is receiving here tonight. As he enters the ring, he ascends the top turnbuckle and poses prominently placing the Briefcase high above his head before letting out a bit of a smile and making his way back into the center of the ring. He grabs a microphone and waits for the chants to die down before beginning to speak} "So let me just get this straight, tomorrow night Live from Charlotte North Carolina we have the first official Survival Games PPV. For weeks we have been building this show with group stage matches taking place each and every week and over the course of it some have stood tall while others have slowly withered away and sunk back into their holes because they just couldn't handle the grind anymore. But one thing that I really can't get my head around is the lackluster, lazy attitude that my opponent has been showing lately and to be completely honest I find it to be completely and utterly disrespectful. See I held that interview about a week ago hoping that Bart would fire back with something of his own but nothing has come to be and it legitimately has me confused. The man who criticises others of taking time off and not being around is acting like a total fool and hypocrite because he has become absent, he has gone AWOL and it's really starting to piss me off" "I wake up Monday, no response. Tuesday, no response. Wednesday, no response and now I stand here on a Friday night still with no response and it makes me question why someone like Bart is even in the position he is. For 4 weeks Bart has come out here each and every week maybe even twice a week and has made some sort of effort to make himself look like a legitimate threat and now he's just given it all up? Something just doesn't make sense here. You have a match against me, maybe one of the biggest matches you will have for the rest of the year and you can't even pull your finger out of your ass and make an effort to walk out on this stage and show me the respect I deserve by giving me a confrontation! You know Bart maybe I was right, maybe all this time you really don't have the balls to get it done, maybe you are this scared little man who doesn't want to face his fears because it's the easy way out, but I'll tell you right now whether you bring your ass out here or not when we lock up in that ring tomorrow I am going to put you through hell and I am going to make a statement out of you because now you've disrespected me and once you do that it's not something you get away with" "So I am standing right here, the clock is ticking the people have spent their money to see us fight and right now you're letting them down, you're letting me down and most importantly you have let yourself down. See I spoke about having the utmost respect for a guy like you but now I'm not so sure because whether or not I am the underdog or the favourite I drag my ass out to this ring and give the people what they paid for but with you I think it's an entirely different story. When you're in a position to win, it's very easy to walk out here and strut your stuff speaking about how good you are but it's when your back's against the wall that you show your true colours and Bart mate, we're seeing what you're made of as clear as ever before. See I'm going to say something controversial because that's what everyone likes right. Bart you have the talent, you have the skills but you just don't have the ethic and the motivation to be the face of this place. Bart you will never ever be the man in this company because you just don't have the balls to do so. At Survival Games, I'm going to hunt you down and I'm going to torture and terrorize you from pillar to post because like the Silent Psychopath I am I dish out punishment to those deserving. And you are a pathetic human being Bart and people like you don't deserve to be hogging the spotlight anymore. I'll see you in Charlotte Bart but honestly I don't even know if that's true"

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