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  1. The Nuggets surge to the top of the West with 23-11 record With just 24 games left in the regular season, the Denver Nuggets have staked their claim as the true powerhouse of the Western Conference, climbing to the top of the standings and boasting a solid 23-11 record and firing on all cylinders as the back end of the regular season approaches. The Bucks have looked awesome against other top tier teams across the league, including a 18 point victory over LeBron James and the Charlotte Hornets, with Giannis Antetokounmpo taking home the MOTM honours with a dominant 30 points and 16 reboun
  2. Bailey raises his Undisputed Championship high in the air and motions to leave the ring, however he's quickly interrupted by a very familiar theme. "This Fire Burns" plays throughout the Carnage arena as Julius steps out from the back and makes his way towards the ring. Julius wastes no time getting right up in the face of the Undisputed Champ, however Bailey seems mostly unfazed by Julius' presence and instead smirks at his rivals appearance. Julius rips the microphone out of Bailey's hands and gets ready to respond, the crowd anxious to see these two superstars share the ring for the first t
  3. Step-Brothers, Swordfish, Why Him, 40 Year Old virgin, entire American Pie series, The Joker, The Wiggles Movie
  4. Julius

    Rinse, Repeat

    KENJI and Raven celebrate their triumphant tag-title victory. After getting through the Clapspiracy Tournament the two men defeated Julius and Ropati here tonight to crown themselves champions in BPZ, celebrating atop the ramp before heading to the back. The camera shifts its attention to the centre of the ring where Ropati seems to be coming to his senses. In the corner, Julius is sat with his back laid against the turnbuckle and his head in his hands, wondering where the hell it all went wrong As Ropati begins to stir, Julius gives a look across the ring that would send grown m
  5. Slim vs Brenden (I think this is one of the more anticipated matches of all time) Flynn vs Smith Slim vs Bart Necce vs Arius (Just Imagine it) I'd also put Tamer vs Arius but I believe that match could be happening sooner rather than later
  6. ......................................................................................................................................................... Movie #1: The Turning Point (Crime/Drama) ......................................................................................................................................................... Clint Eastwood: Albert Gaudelli Samuel L. Jackson: Add Armstead Jamie Foxx: Officer "Cal" Carlton Murray Chuck Norris: Officer Thomas Shea Liam Neeson: Officer Walter Scott Lonnie Chavis: Clif
  7. Try and not be too hard on myself. I place heaps of pressure on myself whether it be for work or for University, and recently I’ve been trying to ease that pressure and sort of relax a little and not get too burnt out with things like that. Just taking the time to relax, settle down and be in the moment is a big goal of mine to make a reality
  8. Julius

    Royal Flush

    Julius steps up and takes the microphone from Flynn's hands looking into the eyes of his brother and nodding his head before directing his attention back to the hard cam You know what unites us? The will to win at all costs, to do whatever you can to achieve the ultimate glory. When it comes down to fighting battles and winning wars, the three of us are THE most dominant trio in all of BPZ today. No one can touch us when we've got something to prove, and this Sunday at Night of Legends it seems that a few of the guys on this roster are hellbent on trying to tear us down. You're o
  9. Ace Austin vs Chris Jericho. Randy Orton vs Zack Ryder vs Curt Hawkins. Jeff Hardy vs Madman Fulton. Inner Circle vs Top Flight and Motor City Machine Guns. Team Taz vs Seth Rollins Aj Styles and Ricochet. Bobby Fish vs Leon Ruff for the NGW USA championship. Main event Cody Rhodes vs MJF w/Wardlow, Guevara for the NGW world championship. Bonus Questions. Who will get pinned in the 6 man tag team match between Hobbs Sparks and Cage vs Rollins Styles and Ricochet? Starks Will Wardlow or Guevara get involved in Cody Rhodes vs MJF? Yes
  10. Monday Night RAW Candice Michelle - Carlito - Charlie Haas - Chris Masters - Danny Basham - Doug Basham - Edge- Goldust - Jeff Hardy - Jim Duggan - John Cena - Johnny Nitro - Johnny - Kane - Kenny - Lance Cade - Lita - Maria - Melina - Mick Foley - Mickie James - Mikey - Michelle McCool - Mitch - Nicky - Randy Orton - Renee Dupree - Ric Flair - Rob Conway - Roddy Piper - Shawn Michaels - Shelton Benjamin - Snitsky - Luke Gallows - Torrie Wilson - Trevor Murdoch - Triple H - Trish Stratus - Val Venis - Victoria - Viscera - Vince McMahon - Shane McMahon - Awesome Kong
  11. The Year is 2006, the WWE has now been a good 5 years removed from the heights of the Attitude Era while the beloved "Ruthless Aggression" era was nearing a close and the opportunity for new stars to stake their claim for glory was fast approaching. Superstars remain split on both Smackdown and RAW while the much anticipated debut of the WWE Version of ECW was slated to debut very shortly. Fans remain optimistic about WWE's future with the reliance of stars of the past decreasing and the opportunity for fresh blood in the Main Event scene continuing to rise The tim
  12. Carnage: Sameer, Bob, Gunner, Nardie's group, Valentine Valor: BIC, Epic, Cody, Josh/Jack Bishop, Jo Nathan, Kieron
  13. 1. Win a Kayfabe Singles Championship 2. Win the World Title again 3. Win another tournament 4. Win Premium 5. Team with Sheridan 6. Help people out when they need it

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