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  1. Because I count Impact as an Indie promotion I’ll choose Killer Kross. Love his wrestling style and his gimmick a real monster heel
  2. Thought Extreme Rules was a real step up in quality for a ppv, and I am looking forward to seeing how WWE can build the momentum towards summerslam. I want to see the fallout from the Cash in obviously and then of course what happens with Lashley and Strowman
  3. AJ Styles Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins ??? Bayley Bray Wyatt Kevin Owens Becky Lynch Enzo & Big Cass The Miz Cesaro Bonus Questions WWE Championship 4 Way Revival Yes
  4. Julius


    {We are back live on the Carnage after the King of the Ring Quarter Finals and we are now very close to determining who the King of 2019 is going to be. Nate defeated Kenji, Hans continued his run of form knocking off Bob, George delivered the upset of the tournament knocking off Arius and tournament favourite Julius stormed through the Marker. “Gallantry” plays as Julius makes his way out to the ring after yet another dominant display in the King of the Ring tournament now moving on to the Semi-Finals. He struts down to the ring with confidence, before soaking in the audience response and climbing in between the ropes and showing off his Intercontinental Championship. He then grabs a microphone from the the ring announcer and takes a seat atop the top turnbuckle and begins to speak} “2 down, 2 to go. That is how I see this King of the Ring tournament playing out after the events of the Quarter Finals. The Marker, he’s good don’t get me wrong but he’s not on my level. I promised a humiliation, I promised a devastation and that’s what you all got to witness so please thank me while you can. I just a sent a sicko away for good. I now turn my attention to the Semi-Finals. And it would be naive of me to say that I didn’t foresee this match as being a potential dream match with a certain North-American Champion a man who has torn the roster apart limb from limb. But unfortunately that is just not going to happen is it. See I have heard for months now, that Arius is the “Next Julius” or the next big thing, but this result just proved that he isn’t ready to take that next step, where in comparison I definitely was. I don’t lose to people I shouldn’t lose to, that’s why I am as good as I am, that’s why I hold this Intercontinental Championship and that’s why I am going to win the King of the Ring tournament for the second consecutive year” “George vs Julius, Semi-Final of the King of the Ring 2019. The winner goes on to the Final with a chance to secure a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at Summerslam. What an absolute let down of an opponent and of a match this is. We could have had anyone else sit across the ring from me and I would be satisfied, but this guy? He’s an absolute joke. He comes back every now and then, captures your hearts in an instant and then leaves for a few months without leaving a trace. How absolutely pathetic. When I made my debut in December of 2017, George was meant to be that next big guy but it never came to be. George was meant to be this leader of the new generation but he couldn’t even stick around to be apart of it and now he comes back, expecting to beat someone who has dominated this industry for the last 18 months. Your making noise George I can see it, you beat Arius and now your on your high horse and your the talk of the Wrestling World. But let me warn you friend, what goes up must come down. This story, has been played infront of our eyes so many times before. BiC played it, Hans played it and now Bashka is trying to play it. Your position yourself as the underdog going against the unstoppable monster and you pray and hope for some sort of miracle to come your way and save you from the beating you are about to endure. Well George, I suggest you come up with something that’s just a little different from what everyone else has said” “I want to make this perfectly clear, I am not pleased with this match, I don’t care for George and I don’t care what story he has what motivation he brings and what sort of other Bullsh*t he will spur out of his mouth. You are a one hit wonder, nothing more and nothing less. I am going to take that spotlight away from you before you could even make the most of it and I’m going to make you famous for being the whipping boy who made himself victim to yet another one of my brutal assaults. I’m going to crush you, beat you down and enjoy every single moment of it. You’re not worthy to be in this spotlight and you never will. You don’t have what it takes to succeed and I’m going to exploit all of that this weekend. Prepare yourself George. Talk all the smack you want, but just remember you can have all the motivation in the world, all the preparation you want until you get punched in the face. That’s when the game changes”
  5. Flair vs HBK. The emotion Carries this over the edge for me
  6. Love how the Hornets have their own tier, that team is complete shit and they deserve all the L’s they get. For the rest, I agree with about 90% of it I just dont think with the West getting better the Spurs make the playoffs. LA is getting old and DeRozan is very one dimensional
  7. Charles Lupin Arius Adrenaline Rush Frank Cage James Knight
  8. My match of the night, love both these guys and I’m so happy that they went out there and put on one hell of a brawl. Both of them look good coming out of it and it’s the momentum they need to become Main Event threats on RAW
  9. Liked this a lot, it was a brawl like it needed to be and made everyone look really good out of it. Will be interesting to see if this ends after this and what Roman will do at Summerslam. Sets up for an interesting build
  10. This was what it needed to be, a revival retention which then now sets them up for the Viking Raiders or another team that is fresh to the title scene. Match itself was good, not as strong as some of their past matches but still entertaining
  11. Absolutely loved this. Made Black look like a star and Cesaro doesn’t really lose anything out of it. I’m hoping both get a push out of it and can be major players in the upper midcard scene for the foreseeable future
  12. The story was shit heading in and this match and everything about it was shit. Keep Bayley out of this, turn Cross already and get this over and done with. It’s been dragged out too long now
  13. Well to be completely honest I have no idea what WWE are doing. They keep switching these champs out of nowhere and to be honest I’m not sure if Shinsuke is even going to be on TV. We will see how this plays out but I’m not very optimistic about it
  14. Finally got the Lesnar Cash in, now we get the match at SS where I think Seth will probably regain the title. As for the match it was fun, some cool spots and I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would
  15. This felt like the first match in a series to be honest. There was hardly any action and was no better than your standard TV match on RAW or SD. The build to this was great, but the match severely under delivered

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