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  1. I'm going to choose a more bizarre one and that is Brodus Clay. Brodus initially pitched Mark Henry's fantastic Hall of Pain Gimmick and if Brodus would have had the chance to take that gimmick I think he would have been a high level heel in the company just like Henry was. He had the size, he had the intimidation but instead they made him come out as a dancing fool from Planet Funk with the nickname the Funkasaurus. What could have been
  2. This was one of the more enjoyable RAW's I have watched in recent memory because of how fresh it felt and how different it was to the stagnant filler-filled show of the last couple of months. I'm definitely a fan of Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles as Rollins first feud as champ because it adds credibility and importance to the Universal Championship. By pitting the two biggest names on the roster against each other for the Universal Championship immediately elevates the belt and is much better than a Baron Corbin alternative. Yes it could have been saved for Summerslam but I think this is still a great way to kick off Seth's Universal Championship run This new re-incarnation of Bray Wyatt is absolutely fantastic, it's a sick/twisted friendly character that no doubt looks like Bray came up with himself. There was something about Bray holding a chainsaw and acting like a babyface that was really eerie and that is what was so good about it. It's great to see Bray in a different form because his old gimmick was getting a little stale and this might just be his most sinister form yet Also RIP The Viking Experience (2019-2019)
  3. Definitely interesting to see these changes especially with the Andrade/Zelina Vega and Aleister Black scenario where FOX wanted a Latino presence. The first choice coming to mind was Rey Mysterio but Maybe now that Smackdown is going to become a flagship show they are entrusting Andrade hopefully leading to a push. The Bar as much as we love them, it was time for them to go their separate ways. Sheamus will be a solid mid-card Heel on Smackdown and expect Cesaro to turn Babyface sooner rather than later to make him a babyface in a very Heel heavy mid-card on RAW. Interesting moves but they make a lot of sense
  4. Julius

    Project Exodus

    The Roster is looking very well balanced with a mix of star players and then some veteran shooters to help give good minutes off the bench. The additions of Jamal Crawford, Kyle Korver, JJ Reddick and Jared Dudley are great, all 4 of these men can shoot the ball at an extremely high percentage and have that experience that is going to come in handy when you inevitably make the playoffs. LeBron as the star with Fox as his sideman is a great addition and with the length of Jerami Grant and then the monster presence of Steven Adams, this could be a very scary team to come up against
  5. Match of the night: Bailey vs Slim shocker of the night: Julius taking the L Superstar of the night: Aaron North
  6. Now that the superstar shakeup is out of the way we can now officially kick off this new season of WWE. It’s always exciting to see some fresh feuds and hopefully RAW delivers with some great matchups. I think that AJ will be Rollins first challenger, and we might just see Samoa Joe make his return to the red brand
  7. Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, Ember Moon 3 very underrated female talents in WWE and could very much benefit from getting some extra help from those backstage
  8. Going to go for something that was fairly recent and that was Baron Corbin winning the Money In The Bank Briefcase in 2017. He didn't deserve the briefcase and was definitely not championship material. It was good to see WWE let cooler heads prevail and not give him a World Championship at the end of it although it did lead to the Briefcase losing a bit of prestige
  9. Ziggler vs Rock (Mania) Team NWO vs Team RAW (SS) Sting vs The Undertaker (Mania) Orton vs Lesnar (Mania) Owens vs Punk (Summerslam) Jericho vs Punk (TLC)
  10. 1. Mikey 2. I Can't Odd (Forever underrated) 3. Yelich 4. Hollow 5. FDS
  11. Some of the worst people to ever grace planet earth will finally get their true punishment. The world's worst criminals will be stranded on a deserted Island where the race for survival begins. The prize, freedom, the consequences, Death. This is BPZ Condemned Sign up sheet Name: Age: Country of origin: Crime Committed: Backstory:
  12. Well at least goldust gets one final big moment in his career, wrestling his brother at the launch of their company it doesn’t get bigger than that. He was floundering in WWE anyways so a move probably helps him keep motivated. Expect him to start working backstage at AEW after his match with Cody is wrapped up
  13. Asuka isn't as good as people say she is Mojo Rawley is actually a really good promo Don't get all the hype around Sami Zayn, doesn;t appeal to me whatsoever
  14. The Miz is an obvious choice by how good he is on the mic but I wouldn't be surprised if someone like Xavier Woods or Dolph Ziggler transition into commentary when they are done because they actually have a lot of genuine charisma. Another one is the Big Show, if they aren't doing anything with him and they don't need him in a backstage capacity I think he could be a pretty good commentator
  15. Always loved the New Years Revolution PPV theme and the show's itself were actually pretty good and provided some good moments. The scheduling might be difficult to get it in but I would love to see it make a return Other options King of the Ring No Way Out Armageddon No Mercy Great Balls of Fire
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