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  1. Julius

    Built Different

    As the attention turns towards "The Apocalypse", Julius once again raises his newly won Tag-Team Championship in the air. He scans the audience, some booing, some jeering, some too afraid to let a noise out of their mouths. Julius then lays the belt on the canvas and proceeds to stomp one foot on it causing another stir within the audience Don't look so defeated. We shouted from pillar to post warning anyone that would listen, a paradigm shift was coming. We went straight for the head, we went after the long serving protectors of BPZ and we stripped them of everything they had. Their titl
  2. Julius

    The Third Man

    Jeers can be heard around the arena as Julius steps forward a mic in his hand. The crowd anxious to hear what "The Apocalypse" has to say, the first time seeing the former 2x World Champion in a ring since his return at SummerSlam. He slowly scans the audience, his eyes darting to all points of the arena before he begins to speak Stack them up and we'll knock them down. You hear this phrase week after week but what does it really mean. For us it means going through everyone and everything bit by bit until we're satisfied. Survival of the fittest will be a moment in time you all reme
  3. Roster Singles: Drew McIntyre Daniel Bryan Randy Orton Karrion Kross Bobby Lashley Tommaso Ciampa Matt Riddle Velveteen Dream Sheamus Jinder Mahal MVP Edge Mustafa Ali Damian Priest Bronson Reed Humberto Carillo Elias Riddick Moss Jordan Omogbehin Mansoor Brian Kendrick Lars Sullivan Teams reDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly/Bobby Fish) The New Day (Woods, Big E, Kofi Kingston) Miz and Morrison Imperium (Barthel, Aichner) Heavy Machinery (Otis/Tucker)
  4. We are live on Carnage with in-ring action between two young rising stars looking to earn a contract tonight. The crowd are enjoying these two superstars fighting tooth and nail with a chance to earn a BPZ Contract by the night's end. As the competitors are going through the motions, the lights in the arena dim and all the attention is focused on the titantron, the two competitors still fighting in the ring The camera feed opens outside of a building, presumably a club of some sort with the camera man walking inside making sure to show the surroundings. There's a bar, a dance floor, peopl
  5. Julius

    We Are Here

    There's a moment of silence, as Julius stares blankly into the floor before meeting the Camera's lens, staring intently as he prepares to speak He tried to warn you, but you just wouldn't listen. He gave you time, but you refused to see. How conceited, how arrogant must you all be to push something like this away. He put a damn clock up on that screen week after week and you still wouldn't pay attention. But it's not your fault, you're just an unfortunate member of the system. What you don't understand is that you've let a monster crawl back into your lives and now it's too late to stop i
  6. Every eye in the arena is drawn to the countdown clock, the so called “Apocalypse” would be arriving tonight, Slim and Flynn standing in the ring waiting to see the promised carnage unfold The clock strikes zero, the light’s blacking out as the crowd sit in silence, a weird hush is heard around the arena as we await the arrival of the apocalypse. The lights return, both men still standing in the ring, Slim’s eyes darting around all angles of the arena looking for a possible vantage point while Flynn walks over to the corner, taking a seat on the middle rung as Slim continues to look aroun
  7. Julius


    {Sameer cautiously swings open the gymnasium door to the sight of a figure, his back to the entrance staring away into the distance. Sameer steps forward looking to identify this man, but before he can make any contact, the figure spins to face Sameer head on. Sameer backs up and braces himself for a confrontation as the figure steps forward into the Gym, a rye smile spread right across his face} "Really? This is how you great your guests. How about you chill out a little and take those fists away because I am in no mood to start fighting with you" {The man is revealed to be Julius w
  8. Julius

    Date Night

    A beaming smile can be seen painted on the face of the United States Champion, as she greets her mystery guest for the evening. They both embrace, Sheridan's eyes staying locked on her subject as they both take a seat "Oh Sheridan, how I've missed you" With those words left to linger, Sheridan giggles at the compliment before revealing her guest for the night to be none other than the former 2x World Heavyweight Champion Julius, a man who hasn't been seen for the better part of 2 months "It takes someone close to me to find where I've been, but it take
  9. Julius

    Catch ya later

    I'm going to keep this short and sweet... sort of I'd like to think of myself as someone within this community that is generally light-hearted and is always looking to have a laugh and a good time with the boys, it's something that I enjoy doing, putting a smile on everyone's faces and bringing the mood up when it needs to be. Over the last couple of weeks and months, I've slowly seen myself turn from a happy go lucky dude to something completely different and at times I have felt empty and without joy, something that I've never really experienced before and something that I'm still tryin
  10. NXT TakeOver: In Your House, June 7th 2020 KUSHIDA defeated Buddy Murphy for the Cruiserweight Championship by Submission after 16:42 with the Hoverboard Lock Karrion Kross defeated The Velveteen Dream after 15:22 with The Kross Jacket The Street Profits defeated The Forgotten Sons to retain the NXT Tag-Team Championships at 12:02 with a Frog Splash Rhea Ripley defeated Candice LeRae at 13:26 with the Riptide Dominik Dijakovic defeated Damian Priest to win the North-American Championship at 17:40 with the Feast your Eyes Io Shi
  11. NXT: May 24th, 2017, Full Sail University, Orlando NXT would get right down to business following the largely successful NXT TakeOver: Chicago event, and kicking off tonight's show is none other than the "Pyscho Killer" himself Tomasso Ciampa. Ciampa walked down to the ring, with the Full Sail Crowd showering him with boo's after his heinous betrayal of Johnny Gargano just 7 days ago Ciampa wouldn't be able to get any words in on the mic, as the crowd hijacked the segment with their boos, all while Ciampa was looking o
  12. MYTH vs Suplex Style Pro Arius vs Epic McDonald Xavier King vs The Marker The Heller Squad vs Mile High Squad Julius Jones vs Rei Smith James Ropati vs Bailey Justin

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