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  1. Yeah I don't really think Ryback needs WWE or WWE needs Ryback. He said he wants to work a schedule which doesn't include 4-5 days a week of performing so you can throw away WWE and it's very unlikely he signs with AEW. Impact or ROH could be an option for him but as Arius suggested above, I think Ryback in NWA would only further give them some recognition. They've got a strong roster and with an addition such as Ryback it can only get stronger. I wouldn't say I've missed Ryback, his last couple of years in WWE were really boring, but I wouldn't be against seeing the big guy in the NWA
  2. Name: Mustaka Age: 89 Force Sensitive?: No Appearance: Talz Class: Bounty Hunter Backstory: Mustaka is one of the many Talz living on Orto Plutonia, and slowly throughout his life has risen up the ranks where he has now become a leader of the Talz army in the case of war. Because of his power in the Talz tribe, he has a secret relation with those of the Sith, carrying out their duties behind closed doors Any pre-existing relationships to other characters? Acquaintances with Obi Wan Kenobi and Chancellor Palpatine
  3. WWE Championship: Adam Cole (C) vs Bray Wyatt Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (C) vs Kevin Owens WWE Womens Championship: Becky Lynch (C) vs Asuka Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Smackdown vs Team RAW Brand Warfare: Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan Brand Warfare: War Raiders vs Undisputed Era Brand Warfare: Dijak vs Ricochet Brand Warfare: Charlotte vs ??? Brand Warfare Battle Royale: Nakamura Bonus Questions Who Will Be The Sole Survivors Of The Winning Team: Lee Who Will Be The Smackdown Rep Against Charlotte: Baszler Will Any NXT Stars Make There Debut: Duke and Shafir
  4. BPZ Night of Legends 2020 Review Just like my good friend Roger Dockery started it, you better well believe that I'm going to finish. How's it going everybody, once again it is I "The White Mamba" Mike Hunt and today we are talking about Night of Legends, the first PPV of 2020, the first PPV of a new decade. Well let's get right into it, let's have a look at the Top 5 most important moments of the night 5. Sameer Makes a Statement We start off the Review not with a match but with an interruption, a very very entertaining interruption. We were about a third of the way through the crowd and well things were about to start heating up, some of the top level matches were on the way when suddenly someone in a hoodie jumped the barricade and stormed the ring with a purpose revealing himself to be none other than former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Sameer. Sameer had been out for a while now after being brutally attacked by BrendenPlayz and he let the boss know about how he was feeling, spewing a fiery and passionate monologue about his disdain for his former tag-partner and good friend. He was interrupted by the GM Sheridan and very quickly security got involved and Sameer made sure to leave his mark on the situation, swinging for the fences and connecting on some brutal hay-makers. With Mania Season coming up, it looks like Brenden vs Sameer could be a very high profile match 4. Buddy Ace Wins Big Up next we take a look at the Carnage Scramble contest, 5 men battling for an opportunity to take on the North-American Champion at BPZ Mania and it definitely delivered. All 5 men would have benefited from the big victory but I think the man with the most to lose was Buddy Ace and he ended up winning the damn thing. In 2018 Buddy Ace looked like he was going to be a star in this company for a very very long time but couldn't catch a break in 2019 waiting until December of that year to pick up a victory. Now we're in 2020 and Ace has his ticket to BPZ Mania booked where he very well could walk away with the North American Championship and still live up to the expectations put on him. We here at BPZ Com- I mean Smark's Daily are very much behind Buddy Ace and hopefully he can have a solid and successful 2020 campaign 3. A Brutal Blow-off Well this is where things start to get really really personal. One of the most shocking moments of 2019 was Julius' brutal betrayal of his Tag-Partner Ropati at World At War and finally about 8 months later we finally got the blowoff to this rivalry. Ropati had straight away joined the BulletProof alliance and there were even some rumblings that Ropati could pull off a miraculous upset against the World Champ. That was not meant to be however as Julius continued his very dominant form and dispatched of his former best friend in a brutal encounter. Both men are going to feel the effects of this match for a while, so we'll see how these guys looking heading into the Royal Rumble show in late January 2. Creed Defy The Odds One of the toughest matches to predict heading into the Night of Legends show was the Tag-Team contest between Creed and Invictus for the Titles. Invictus were a new team but blasted through the Tag-Team Tournament and were looking very dangerous, but Creed were also hot off some very good wins themselves projecting this to be an instant classic and well it really was. KENJI, Arius, Smith and Bart are all extremely exceptional stars and together they put on what was one of the matches of the night. In the end though there had to be a victor and it was Creed, retaining their Tag-Titles and undisputedly proving that they are the best team in the business. To some it was a shock, seeing Arius and KENJI losing isn't a very familiar sight but no means was this an upset. Who's going to be next for Creed, I heard there's a certain Firing Squad ready to strike 1. The GOAT doing GOAT Things Well we reach the end of our review with the best moment of the night, which was the complete car crash Main Event between Bailey and Bob Sparks in a Light's Out Match. Well we spoke about Ropati and Julius being very personal, but this was on another level a man nearly lost an eye for goodness sake. Anyway Bailey and Bob pretty much killed each other and it was a hell of a lot fun to watch. BPZ went with the safe option and gave momentum to one of their top stars in Bailey, picking up the hard fought victory and finally putting Bob into the ground. Bailey now has some considerable momentum heading into the Royal Rumble and very well could walk out the victor once again
  5. New Day Econtra Ichiban Viking Raiders Good Brothers Street Profits Moustache Mountain Grizzled Young Veterans RedDragon Authors of Pain Uso's Revival Limitless Bros Glorious Perfection Gallus Bald Brutality
  6. OOC: I don't do this often, but holy shit this was fucking incredible. Good shit Josh
  7. Totally agree with Brenden here, you want Rey to go out when he's still in command over his body and is performing at a really high level. I don't think he will retire at Mania this year just because of all the rumours about wanting to work with his son before he retires so maybe it will happen at next year's Mania. If it does indeed happen though, I think Andrade would receive a major rub from it, retiring the greatest Luchador the world has ever seen
  8. First of all I'm not really a Robert Pattinson fan and I really don't think he'd suit the Bruce Wayne and Batman character at all. The Batman character has had it's ups and downs over the last few movies, with Christian Bale being phenomenal and then Affleck sorta shitting the bed in the DCEU. A Batman movie is always interesting and exciting to me so I'll definitely wait in anticipation for it
  9. It's about goddamn time that Mercedes Martinez was signed by a big-time promotion. She's a really good veteran wrestler and will undoubtedly help those down in NXT while she's there. I definitely thought she would be getting a contract with WWE after her Mae Young appearance but not is definitely the time to show what she can do on a big stage like NXT. Hope everything works out for her in the company. As far as Jake Atlas, I've only heard of him a couple of times and haven't seen any of his work, so hopefully we'll see what he looks like on NXT TV soon
  10. Tuned into the Fist Fight segment, and oh boy wasn't that worth the time. The match was an all out brawl and it was so enjoyable. Everyone got some spots and the action always felt fast paced and there was never anytime for anyone to catch a breather. Rollins and AOP winning was undoubtedly the correct decision and adding Murphy to the mix is great, giving him some Main Event exposure with Rollins. Really liking how this Rollins stable is turning out lets see what else happens in the coming weeks
  11. This is a great idea for a diary Ropati, it's something different to what we see with the general rebuilds and 2k sims. For the Eastern Conference I think the 95-96 Bulls are a guaranteed lock to make the Conf finals, matching up against maybe the 12-13 Heat. For the West it's hard to go past the 00-01 Lakers who I think will take on either the 15-16 Warriors or the 13-14 Spurs. My NBA Finals prediction is Jordan's Bulls in 6 over Kobe and Shaq, because Jordan never ever been to Game 7. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses
  12. This song usually works really well for video packages and I think it would be good for the Carnage intro
  13. "You can shut the fuck up now, no one really cares what you have to say" {The scene opens in a dark room, where one isolated chair is stationed in the middle. Julius emerges from the shadows, carrying his World Championship over his shoulder as he takes a seat and gets comfortable, looking at the Camera and beginning to speak} "First of all, what the hell is a Death Notorious Angel. Maybe if you weren't some vanilla copy of everyone else around here I'd pay attention but buddy I don't know who the fuck you think you are calling me out and even having the audacity to think that you can lace my goddamn boots. I hold this title for a reason, I'm the best damn thing in this company and you sir are so deluded if you think I'm going to waste my time talking trash about some bum like you. I've seen everything you've had to say, but really it doesn't worry me. You say the same shit every single time, you just go under a different name or disguise but to me you'll always be that same pathetic Angelo Caito that I buried into the ground 12 months ago" "Oh was that a touchy subject buddy, does that bring up bad memories, well fortunately for you that was the last time anyone really took notice at your career and now I'm going to throw you back into the spotlight once again. I beat your ass from pillar to post inside that Hell in a Cell, with your family watching and the whole world witnessing the demise of a man who really was mediocre. You retired mate, I put you down but yet like the pest you are you continue to rise back up. That's fine by me, I'll just put you down again and again until you get it through that thick skull of yours that no matter what you call yourself you'll never ever beat me. You should've left them boots hanging, because all of you've done since is make a fool of yourself. You were inducted into the hall of fame but then you came back and screwed everything up. You haven't won a match in over a year, how the hell is that even possible" "You lose to worst of the worst but yet you still carry yourself around like you're some sort of star. You wanna know what a real star looks like, take a look at me. You want to be me but you cant. You're going down the same path you always take and you never ever change anything up. You're the same old boring old timer than no one wants to see. That's where I come in, I'll save this company once again but kicking your ass back to the retirement home and this time I'll make sure I follow through. As long as I'm alive buddy you will never ever hold the World Title, in-fact you will never ever hold championship gold. I'm your devil, I'm that constant reminder that you absolutely suck and I'm going to keep hammering that home every single time we come face to face" "You're living in my era now, and I'm going to make you my next victim. The era of the Bad Motherfucker has arrived"
  14. As Arius correctly pointed out, the word "Breakout" could mean a whole host of different things. Someone who I think can go from being in the lower ranks of the NA Division to a threat in Kayfabe in general is Crippler, he's got the tools to get it done and If he wants to I think 2020 can be a year from him. For the other 4 I think Buddy Ace can finally become a legit contribution threat, someone like Bob or Meko can work their way up to challenging for the top titles and finally I'm going to go with Ropati. The man is winning KOTR and holding the World Title, the prophecy does not lie
  15. Different place, same slammy award winning segment. I am Mike Hunt of Smark's Daily and I am here to bring you the Top 5 of this second week in the year 2020. BPZ just finished up with Night of Legends a few hours ago and we'll have a review of that out shortly but right now let's look at the segments that were dominating this week in BPZ 5. With My Shield or on it We kick off this weeks top 5 with a bit of North-American Championship action as the confrontation between Raven and KENJI comes in at number 5. There was a lot of talk from the Champ about KENJI two belts and him having his reign with the title be remembered by his fighting spirit but Raven was having none of that, continuing his fascination with death and really laying it all on the line in the build up to their match at NOL. The English Psycho was once again his brutal self, attacking the champ and perhaps foreshadowing what would come in Las Vegas. Yes KENJI did walk out victorious at Night of Legends but this was still one of the better segments of the week and really highlighted the depth and promise of those stars in the North-American Championship scene. That Raven dude, god he's got a few screws loose 4. For More Than Myself At number 5 we looked at the segment between KENJI and Raven, and in there KENJI did reference his match with Creed so coming in at number 4 we look at one of the founders of Creed, the tag-team Champion Eli Smith. What Smith really nailed home in this one is the fact that Invictus are conquerable and can be beaten and just like the wordsmith he is, he made every single one of us believers. Smith is so good at getting people to love him which is why he's one of the greatest of all time and this was him at his absolute best. These guys at Creed are a brotherhood, they do everything for each other which is what makes them the greatest tag-team on the planet and they showed that, retaining the Tag-Titles at NOL 3. Brothers No More We've come to the month of January and that must mean that it's time for betrayal because two of the last 3 segments have some form of betrayal scattered within them. We start with two best friends in Jason Ryan and Gunner who were originally in Cure and are now no longer after what Jason Ryan did to his former best friend. Everything was looking good, they were boosting their tag stock by defeating some nameless jobbers but then suddenly BAM, Jason strikes with that dastardly Steel Rod and takes Gunner out. What came after was a sickening assault by Jason Ryan and it looks like the Outlaw is really back in his own element. Jason rose to the top of EVOLVE through being a psychotic badass and maybe we're starting to see that come out again 2. Julius vs Ropati: Contract Signing Night of Legends hosted the culmination of many ongoing feuds and one of those included former Tag-Team Champions turned bitter rivals, Ropati and Julius. The World Champ and the Kiwi Buzzsaw have been warring for a little while now and right here at this contract signing things got very very personal. Ropati called out Julius, guaranteeing a victory and sheer dominance over the World Champ, while Julius brought a more darker approach bringing to the ring a case of deadly weapons which he planned to use on Ropati at Night of Legends. Julius won the war at Night of Legends but he put himself through hell doing so. This encapsulated how personal this feud was between Ropati and Julius and it was brilliant 1. A Snake in Legacy Well we round out the Top 5 with the theme of the month, Betrayal. This is a more complicated and we'll get to that in just a second but firstly this started off as the next chapter in the brilliant feud between Bailey and Bob Sparks. What was a brilliant tirade by Bob turned into a bit of confusion as Slim made his way down to the ring to confront him. What happened next was truly bizarre as Raven struck Bob and the two men led an assault on their former brother. What's interesting about all of this is that Bob was accused of being a Snake himself and joining BulletProof and well that seemed to be true. We also had a brief cameo by Bailey which was great to see. Always gotta get yourself involved brother Week 2 Superstar of the Week Oh the anticipation is huge, who will take home this plaque with their name on it. Who will be crowned the Superstar of the Week and let me tell you this was a bloody tough decision. Here at Smarks Daily we appreciate the grind and the perseverance and the genuine class of the superstars and that's why KENJI for the first time in his career is the Superstar of the Week. The man successfully retained his North-American Championship, had a cracking segment with Raven while also coming nail bitingly close to defeating Creed and winning the Tag-Titles. A for effort KENJI
  16. - WWF World Heavyweight Championship match Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels (c) - Hell in a Cell match Kane vs The Undertaker Owen Hart vs Triple H - WWF Intercontinental Championship match Ken Shamrock vs The Rock (c) - WWF European Championship match Dan Savern vs Steve Blackman (c) WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Marty Jannetty vs Brian Christopher (c) Cactus Jack vs Jeff Jarrett - WWF Tag Team Championships match New Age Outlaws (c) vs Goldust/Mero vs Headbangers vs Los Boricuas Bonus Questions One of these matches will end in a No Contest, which match will that be? Blackman vs Severn Which Superstar will get the highest in-ring performance? Shawn Michaels How many title changes will occur during the show? 2
  17. Sign up: Age - 29 Power (2 at max) - Strength, Speed What does your character look like - John Cena Nationality - Australian Team (Sheridan's Slaves, Brenden's boys, Akki's Ally's, loner) Brenden's Boys
  18. #MOTN Fiend vs Brock #SOTN Shinsuke Nakamura #OMG Ichiban Reveal Btw fucking awesome presentation and format
  19. Shit. There is no other word to describe this ongoing feud than Shit. Why are we getting this again like seriously this feud has now been building for what feels like half a goddamn year and we continuously get this boring ass match between Roman and Corbin. Why not do Roman and the Uso's vs Corbin, Ziggler and Roode. It's something different and something that wont bore me as much as this singles match between the two. Roman needs to win cleanly and get this over and done with. No screwy finish, just a Superman punch a spear and a 1,2,3 Roman Wins.
  20. I was hoping WWE would leave the bad booking in 2019 but they opened the year with one of their most baffling decisions. Why does this need to happen? Why is it happening? there are so many questions with this decision and to be honest I don't know what the answer really is. Is Lesnar going to go through the entire rumble and just win, negating a chance for an up and coming wrestler to pick up a monumental win, I wouldn't put it past them to be honest. I think it's a very strange decision although there is some promise to it. Someone eliminating Lesnar in the rumble could be a huge moment for a babyface like Kevin Owens which can then set up a WrestleMania program there
  21. The first broken skull sessions with The Undertaker was an absolute hit and the one with Goldberg a couple of weeks later was also really good so I expect big things out of this episode with Kane. Kane has had such an interesting career with all the different gimmicks he had before becoming the big red machine, it'll be interesting to see what he has to say about Dr Isaac Yankem and fake Diesel which I'm sure will be brought up on the interview. Kane is one of the genuine nice guys in the business so this chat with Steve should be really fun and enjoyable
  22. Womens Battle Royal (Marti Belle, Jamie Hayer, Zoe Lucas, Velvet Sky, Kiera Hogan, Jenny Rose) Brian Milonas vs Jay Lethal 4 Way Tag Team Match: The New Heavenly Bodies vs The Boys vs Rhett Titus and Vincent vs Tyler Bateman and Ryan Nova Main Show The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs The Colons - ROH Tag Team Titles Bully Ray vs Cabana Cass w/ Summer (c) vs Dalton Castle - ROH Television Title Lucha Style (c) vs Villain Enterprises - ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles Mayu Iwatani (c) vs Angelina Love - ROH Women of Honor Title Marty Scrull (c) vs Matt Sydal - ROH World Heavyweight Title Bonus Questions Who will be the new 4th member of Villain Enterprises? Zack Sabre Jr What will be the highest rated match on the card? Scurll vs Sydal Who will get the most eliminations in the Womens Battle Royal? Jamie Hayter
  23. Went to go see this the other night and I thought it was actually a pretty solid movie. The cast is really strong and the plot and acting was actually pretty spot on. A solid crime action movie which really doesn't take much time and is an easy watch

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