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  1. Julius

    Date Night

    A beaming smile can be seen painted on the face of the United States Champion, as she greets her mystery guest for the evening. They both embrace, Sheridan's eyes staying locked on her subject as they both take a seat "Oh Sheridan, how I've missed you" With those words left to linger, Sheridan giggles at the compliment before revealing her guest for the night to be none other than the former 2x World Heavyweight Champion Julius, a man who hasn't been seen for the better part of 2 months "It takes someone close to me to find where I've been, but it takes someone truly special to lure me out of the darkness and spend some alone time in a fine English restaurant just like this. I'll tell you now Sheri, for no one else would I have re-emerged from my darkness and already I can see that I'm making quite the right call" Julius lets out a flirtatious smile, as Sheridan expresses her gratitude while clutching at her Wine Glass. Julius stops for a moment, taking in his surroundings before continuing "I'll cut right to the chase Sheri, I don't know what's been happening in that company, I don't know who's running the show, who holds what championships and there's a part of me that likes it that way, but you have come to me for a reason and I will respect your request. I'll start off by saying how proud I am of what you've accomplished. Since we last saw each other, not only have you taken the mantle of becoming the greatest female performer of our generation, but you've developed a more cut-throat personality, if I may, and now you're one of the stars of the show. The dream that you've longed for your entire career is happening right now. You're the lead in your own story, but just remember who got you to where you are today. Not me, not Brenden, not Jonathan, not Ryan. No body but you, so you better remember that" Julius removes his leather jacket, placing it on the back of the chair before leaning over the table, his elbows planted firmly into the wood as he takes a deep stare into the eyes of his counterpart "You know what makes it easier for me to give advice to you this time around? It's the fact that I don't know who is coming after you, who's pissing you off or who you have pissed off, but regardless my message stays the same. Don't be naive Sheridan, don't be a fool. There are vultures everywhere in that company, and they will smell the scent of success and leech off of you, before cutting you to the curb and leaving you to dead. I've done it before, and it's been done to me before, so make sure you always have your best interests in mind and keep a eye out for what exactly your cut-throat counterparts have in mind" "With that being said however, maybe it's time for you to become the master manipulator. No one loves a Woman in a position of power. One who is beautiful, firm, kind and most importantly ruthless, and you Sheridan, you have all of that. Maybe it's time for you to take that next step and become a legend, an all time great. But that's not my job to make your decisions for you, I'm no longer around Sheridan, and all those who were firm in the establishment when you were rising are slowly dropping away. Either quitting the company or falling completely into irrelevancy so now It's time for you to make a decision about whether you want to stay ahead of the pack, or whether you want to become pawn in the cause of another blood-sucking young man" Julius leans back in his chair, the pair locking their gazes before Julius breaks the silence with some laughter. Sheridan immediately joins in as the pair take a sip of their drinks "See Sheridan, this is exactly what makes me so happy to see you, you're smile is infectious, you have an incredible personality and I want the best for you in every situation. You're a US Champ now, you're getting it done and I think that deserves a toast" Julius raises his glass and Sheridan follows as they engage in a toast to the hopeful longevity and success of Sheridan's career "Well that's enough business for one night, how about we get to look at these menus before seeing exactly where the wonderful nation of England will take us on this fine starry night"
  2. Julius

    Catch ya later

    I'm going to keep this short and sweet... sort of I'd like to think of myself as someone within this community that is generally light-hearted and is always looking to have a laugh and a good time with the boys, it's something that I enjoy doing, putting a smile on everyone's faces and bringing the mood up when it needs to be. Over the last couple of weeks and months, I've slowly seen myself turn from a happy go lucky dude to something completely different and at times I have felt empty and without joy, something that I've never really experienced before and something that I'm still trying to come to terms with. There are just some aspects in my life where I don't feel happiness anymore, it may be due to the lockdown and I'm just going crazy or there's something deeper there that I need to take a look at This is no fault of anyone but myself, I've been reflecting recently trying to understand exactly where my loss of happiness came from but there's a whole lot of questions at the moment and not a lot of answers. This may come as a shock to some of you, but those who I talk to regularly I think would understand and realised that things have changed for me over the last couple of months. I tried doing different things to see if anything would change, but unfortunately that hasn't been the case and now I think it's time for me to move on The BrendenPlayz forums have been a community I have called home for about 2 and a half years and I wouldn't trade that away for anything else. I'd like to think I've made some solid friendships along the way and I cherish all the fun moments I had here. All the TEW Streams, the intense votings, the PS Parties and the always funny VC chats are moments I look upon fondly and remind me of happier times I'd also like to apologise to everyone in diaries I've been involved in for this inconvenience, especially the Booking Division guys and Slim and Bob with Network Era. Also the Mod team, they're a great group of guys and they do a terrific job. Once again sorry for the inconvenience and I do feel bad about it However this isn't all doom and gloom, I'm always down for a chat about absolutely anything and I'd like to think that I am a fairly approachable guy. I'm not too hard to find so if any of you ever need anything or just want to have a chat just hit me up and I'll be happy to talk Once again thank you to everyone who has made my time here extremely enjoyable over the last couple of years, I wouldn't replace it for anything. Love you all and I'll catch ya later
  3. NXT TakeOver: In Your House, June 7th 2020 KUSHIDA defeated Buddy Murphy for the Cruiserweight Championship by Submission after 16:42 with the Hoverboard Lock Karrion Kross defeated The Velveteen Dream after 15:22 with The Kross Jacket The Street Profits defeated The Forgotten Sons to retain the NXT Tag-Team Championships at 12:02 with a Frog Splash Rhea Ripley defeated Candice LeRae at 13:26 with the Riptide Dominik Dijakovic defeated Damian Priest to win the North-American Championship at 17:40 with the Feast your Eyes Io Shirai defeated Mia Yim to retain the NXT Women's Championship at 16:38 with a Moonsault Matt Riddle defeated Bo Dallas at 11:58 with the Bro-Mission Keith Lee defeated Pete Dunne to retain the NXT Championship at 28:42 after hitting the Spirit Bomb before escaping the cage
  4. Julius

    Network Era (2017)

    NXT: May 24th, 2017, Full Sail University, Orlando NXT would get right down to business following the largely successful NXT TakeOver: Chicago event, and kicking off tonight's show is none other than the "Pyscho Killer" himself Tomasso Ciampa. Ciampa walked down to the ring, with the Full Sail Crowd showering him with boo's after his heinous betrayal of Johnny Gargano just 7 days ago Ciampa wouldn't be able to get any words in on the mic, as the crowd hijacked the segment with their boos, all while Ciampa was looking on, a sadistic smile emerging on his face. Ciampa would then look to the entrance ramp and Santana and Ortiz would make their way down the ramp. Just like TakeOver: Chicago ended, this night began. Ciampa, Santana and Ortiz standing as a united front, a scary sight to the rest of the NXT Division Babatunde w Lio Rush vs The Ealy Twins The deadly combination of Lio Rush and Babatunde Aiyegbusi made their intentions know when they brutally assaulted now NXT Champion Drew McIntyre, and their quest for dominance continued tonight with Babatunde making his in-ring debut to take on Uriel and Gabriel Ealy Babatunde was the overwhelming favourite in this outing, and absolutely obliterated both men in lightning quick fashion hitting a devastating Jackknife Powerbomb to pick up the victory. Post-Match Lio and Babatunde would celebrate the victory, when former NXT Champion Bobby Roode made his way to the ring Roode grabbed the mic and started whining and complaining about Drew McIntyre's lucky win over him at TakeOver. Bobby Roode then revealed that after intense discussions with William Regal, he would receive his rematch with McIntyre on next weeks show, where he would win back what was rightfully his As we come back from break, we are shown another vignette for the visually impressive Lars Sullivan. We would hear Lars' voice over the vignette talking about his imminent arrival to the NXT brand, warning everyone to move aside when he makes his arrival Ethan Carter III vs Kona Reeves After an unforgettable debut at TakeOver Chicago where EC3 defeated The Velveteen Dream, Carter looked to continue on his fortunes in the ring taking on the self-proclaimed finest of NXT, Kona Reeves. Both men's ego's got in the way of any in-ring action for the first couple of minutes, but when it got down to business it was all EC3. After about 5 minutes, EC3 would hit the One Percenter to pick up the pinfall win, making him 2-0 in NXT EC3's post-match celebration was however cut short as Zelina Vega and Andrade "Cien" Almas made their way out onto the stage. Zelina sarcastically applauded EC3's debut in NXT but warned him that he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She stated that Andrade would be the next breakout star of NXT and EC3 only proves to be a roadblock in their barrier. She asked EC3 to stand down now or suffer the consequences before heading to the back, leaving EC3 with something major to think about We would now come to the final segment of the show, where Ember Moon would say her final farewell's to the NXT Universe and Full-Sail University. Ember thanked everyone for supporting her and staying by her side during her tenure and now looks forward to the next chapter of her career on the RAW Brand. Ember was then interrupted by NXT Champion Asuka, a woman she went to war with this past week at TakeOver Asuka would come down to the ring and would show a sign of respect to Ember before embracing in the center of the ring and raising her hand. Asuka grabbed the mic and said a few words about Ember Moon, calling her the greatest rival she has ever faced and wishes her all the best in the future. They once again embraced only to be met by the newest member of the NXT Women's Division, Shayna Baszler Baszler would enter the ring and immediately go after the NXT Women's Champion leading to Ember getting involved and running Shayna out of the ring. Asuka and Ember stood tall for a momentary period of time when Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir jumped them from behind and started beating them down with chairs. Shayna would once again join in on the assault and raise the NXT Women's Championship as her own, with both Duke and Shafir by her side. The UFC Horsewomen have made their mark here on NXT
  5. MYTH vs Suplex Style Pro Arius vs Epic McDonald Xavier King vs The Marker The Heller Squad vs Mile High Squad Julius Jones vs Rei Smith James Ropati vs Bailey Justin
  6. Bully Ray vs Eli Isom Villain Enterprises (PCO & Brody King) vs Alex Zayne & Rey Horus Session Moth Martina vs Nicole Savoy Jeff Cobb vs Slex Shane Taylor vs Dan Maff vs Kenny King vs Bateman - Dealer's Choice Four Corners Survival Match (Winner Gets Title Shot of Their Choosing) The Briscoes vs Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & Flip Gordon) - ROH World Tag Team Championship Dragon Lee (c) vs Bandido - ROH World Television Championship Rush (c) vs Mark Haskins - ROH World Championship
  7. Name: Cyril Rioli Nickname: "The Ghastly Saint" Figurehead: Killer Kross Alignment: Heel Wrestling Style: Brute, Powerhouse What Is Your Gimmick/Background?: Cyril Rioli was born into a rough family, his parents showed no compassion or care, attributes Cyril would take into his teenage years and adulthood. Cyril would embark in a life of crime from a very young age and would find himself consistently in the troubles of the police and security officers. While Cyril was serving a jail sentence, he was given a new lease in life by the church, a priest by the name of Father Arturo Aggarious took Cyril under his wing and made him a man of the church. However, not all was holy in the way Cyril conducted his livelihood. After a few years Cyril would become "The Punisher of the Church" taking care of all their problems even if it meant the spillage of Blood, this is how he got his name "The Ghastly saint". Cyril had always been told his actions were the actions of God, but one can't help but see the sinister side of his actions. He has now made his arrival to Valor Pro Wrestling, under the orders of Father Aggarious and will judge each member accordingly Signatures: Last Rites (Tiger Bomb) Finishers: Equinox (End of Days), The Silencer (Sleeper Hold) Theme Song: Aleister Black theme
  8. Month 10 Episode 1: "The Higher Power" The biggest news coming out of PWE: Guilt as Charged just a couple of night's ago, was the shocking implosion of the Artistas Asesinos. To open tonight's show, Low Ki, Santana and Ortiz made their way down to the ring, all sporting suits as they addressed their actions. They spoke about how El Patron was a hypocrite, he demanded nothing short of excellence and success when he himself failed in the biggest hurdle of them all Low Ki then revealed that they were given the order by a higher power to remove their leader if he was unsuccessful in capturing the World Championship and that's exactly what they did. They revealed that El Patron was merely a poster boy for the real leaders of the Artistas Asesinos and he had debts to pay, and for that he was removed Low Ki then revealed the higher power, the boss of the Artistas Asesinos, none other than Vampiro. The crowd were stunned as Vampiro walked down to the ring. Vampiro uttered no words by the image spoke plenty as he stood at the forefront of a new look Artistas Asesinos Ilja Dragunov vs Primate Our first taste of in-ring action for the night saw Ilja Dragunov take on the always dangerous Primate. Dragunov and Primate wrestled a fierce, hard-hitting contest but the Young Russian Star proved to be too much for Primate, putting him away and securing the victory. Dragunov's celebration was cut short, as an infuriated MJF flanked by Bad Luck Fale and Wardlow made their way to the ring, brutally assaulting Dragunov MJF and his lackeys would continue the assault for a couple more minutes before the light's in the arena cut to black. The titantron lit up with the names of Dustin and Cody Rhodes, MJF looking like he had just seen a ghost. The new arrivals to PWE ran down to the ring and helped Dragunov even the odds, sending MJF, Wardlow and Bad Luck Fale retreating once again. Cody, Dustin and Dragunov stood tall to end the segment. What a debut for The Brotherhood Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs El Ligero and Gran Metalik It was time for some tag-team action to potentially decide the new contenders to Santana and Ortiz's championships, this time with Enzo and Cass taking on the makeshift duo of Gran Metalik and El Ligero. Cass and Amore looked incredible, providing sheer dominance over their opponents and picking up the decisive win After the match Ligero and Metalik were picking themselves back up when suddenly the lights in the arena cut to black once again. After about 30 seconds, the lights reappeared with Metalik and Ligero lying in a pool of their own blood, eerily similar to what happened to Jay Lethal a couple of weeks ago. Medics once again rushed to the ring to clear up the mess as a sadistic laugh would play over the PA System. Who knows what sort of horrors have descended upon PWE? We then return from commercial break with footage of a Black SUV entering the gates of the Hardy Compound. Matt Hardy, Senor Benjamin and Queen Rebecca would open the SUV Doors and retrieve Jeff Hardy who was lying unconscious on a stretcher after suffering a head injury at Guilty as Charged. Hardy would then carry his brother into the house and into a room where he would lay him on a bed and start singing some songs. Hardy would promise to heal his brother and bring him back better than he ever was PWE North-American Championship: Jimmy Havoc (c) vs Nick Aldis After picking up the victory at Guilty as Charged to become the new North-American Champion, Jimmy Havoc would waste no time putting the title on the line, against it's previous owner Nick Aldis. Aldis and Havoc would once again wrestle a superb match, but much like what happened at Guilty as Charged, Jimmy Havoc hit the Acid Rainmaker to retain the North-American Championship We would reach the closing segment of the show, with PWE World Champion Drew McIntyre confronting the PWE Crowd after yet another successful title defence, making him the most dominant champion in the entire world. McIntyre would thank everyone for sticking by his side while the Artistas tried to discredit his championship reign, and promised that he would continue fighting to make this championship the most prestigious in all of the land Drew would be quickly interrupted by Johnny Gargano who immediately reminded Drew that if it wasn't for his return at the PPV, Alberto El Patron would be the PWE World Champion, demanding another shot at the title. Before Drew could respond, Bobby Lashley made his way down to the ring and the atmosphere in the arena changed immediately as Walking Armageddon appeared. Bobby didn't have to say anything to make his intentions clear to close the show Month 10 Week 2: "Era of Hardcore" Wardlow vs Dustin Rhodes With the debut of Cody and Dustin Rhodes on last weeks episode, the former Goldust would waste no time getting into the ring, taking on the challenge that is Wardlow with Dragunov and Cody at his side. Although being at the age of 51, Dustin put up one hell of a fight but Wardlow was just too much to handle, putting the veteran away and gaining the victory After the match, tensions reached a boiling point as all 6-men got into a brawl escalating into many different portions of the arena. We would head to commercial break with security trying to round the competitors up and restoring some order within the company Returning from commercial break, we would see a hype vignette for the newest signing to PWE "The Machine" Brian Cage. Cage would be seen in the gym, showing off some extreme feats of strength before announcing that he would bring his talents to a PWE ring next week, when he makes his debut for the company Low Ki vs Tommy Dreamer vs Jay Lethal After the reveal of Vampiro as the higher power for the Artistas Asesinos, tonight we would see first hand the difference in his management style, as he accompanied Low Ki to the ring for his match. Low Ki would take on Tommy Dreamer and Jay Lethal, with Lethal still being visibly shaken up after the attack a few weeks ago, becoming more paranoid with every step he took It was this paranoia and fear of the unknown that caused Jay Lethal's undoing, with Low Ki setting Lethal up for a Double Foot-Stomp to secure the victory. Vampiro would enter the ring congratulating Low Ki on his victory, before slipping him a large wad of cash before walking with him to the back. The resident Hitman of PWE has become richer tonight The PWE North-American Champion Jimmy Havoc would come down to the ring next, promising to deliver a huge announcement here tonight. Havoc spoke about the history and lineage of the North-American Championship, stating that it was a title for the "wrestlers", a belt to decide who the best wrestler in the company is. However, Havoc realised that he was more than just a wrestler but an extremist and wanted something to show for it Jimmy Havoc revealed a re-vamped Hardcore Championship, much to the delight of the crowd. Havoc announced that he had spoken with PWE management and they had green lit his new idea. Havoc announced that from here on out, the North-American Championship was going to be retired to make way for this championship. Havoc also revealed that the title would be defended in whatever scenario or stipulation the champion deems it to be. He announced his first defence will be next week, in a Havoc rules match We would then return to the site of the Hardy Compound where Matt Hardy would be looking after his injured Brother Jeff. We would see Matt caring for his brother, feeding him, washing him and telling him stories from his previous lives. The segment would end with Matt taking Jeff for a swim into the lake of re-incarnation. Matt would hold his brothers head underwater for about 20 seconds, before bringing it back up and revealing a much more sinister version of his brother. Matt would then scream "Wonderful" as the segment came to a close Bobby Lashley vs Johnny Gargano (NOC Match) The Main Event of the evening would be billed a number one contenders match between Bobby Lashley and Johnny Gargano. This was a tale similar to David and Goliath, with Bobby Lashley possessing the much more dominant and superior frame to Gargano, however that wouldn't deter Johnny Wrestling. Gargano and Lashley would go to war with Drew McIntyre watching along at the commentary desk. The show would close with both men down on the mat, the tv time running out and no clear, decisive victory to challenge Drew McIntyre Month 10 Week 3: "Ultimate Fighting Champion" This weeks episode of PWE opens with a recap of last weeks Main Event contest between Johnny Gargano and Bobby Lashley which ended with confusion due to TV time expiring. Drew McIntyre would then walk down to the ring to address the situation. McIntyre came to the decision that both men were in-fact worthy of challenging for the World Championship, which is why the championship match would now be a Triple Threat Contest Brian Cage vs The Great Khali Up next we would see the in-ring debut of "The Machine" Brian Cage taking on BWO's The Great Khali. The match was quick and swift, with Cage showing his incredible power and strength, knocking Khali off his feet and even managing to hit the Drill Claw, putting away the Muscle of the BWO in only a matter of moments As Cage made his way up the ramp to celebrate his victory, he was viciously attacked from behind by Low Ki, Santana and Ortiz from the Artistas Asesinos. After a few moments, Vampiro made his presence felt and ordered his assassins to step down before introducing Cain Velasquez to the PWE audience. Velsaquez made his way over to Cage and started battering him down with fists and elbow shots, leaving "The Machine" Bloodied and with a busted face. The Artistas stood tall with Velasquez seemingly joining the fray After the commercial break, we would return to a familiar setting with "The Ringleader" Pagano standing outside of his Psycho Circus. Pagano once again welcomes us all to his Psycho Circus and tells us he hopes we hadn't forgotten about him. Pagano then takes some time to introduce the members of his Circus, entering the tent and removing the chains from some of his "acts" Murder Clown, Psycho Clown and Monster Clown would all come to Pagano's side before Pagano made one final promise, that the Psycho Circus would make their impact felt on PWE very very soon. They've been hiding in the shadows for too long and now they're ready to spill some blood Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Strictly Business (NOC) Up next we would decide the challengers to Santana and Ortiz's tag-team championships. Strictly Business being represented by Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs with Nick Aldis absent siting "Personal Reasons" for his absence, would clash with Enzo Amore and Big Cass. This would be the first meeting between the two teams and it showed in the early goings, with both teams struggling to find a point of offence. As things picked up, Enzo and Cass took the upper-hand and set themselves a date with Santana and Ortiz at the next PPV We'd then catch up with Cody, Dustin Rhodes and Ilja Dragunov who were being interviewed by PWE Reporter Mike Hunt. Cody and Dustin announced that they had signed with PWE a month ago and have been watching to see where exactly they would fit in, which is when Dragunov approached them. All three men had one common enemy, and that man was MJF and now they want to shut him up. The three men would then challenged MJF, Wardlow and Bad Luck Fale to a 6-man tag match at the PPV Jimmy Havoc vs Babatunde: Havoc Rules Match (Hardcore Championship) With Jimmy Havoc announcing the introduction of the Hardcore Championship and it's special rules, he would put the title on the line against the mountain of a man Babatunde flanked by his mentor Mark Henry. This match would be contested under Havoc rules, which meant anything goes no matter how vulgar, dangerous or brutal it may be The hardcore nature of the bout managed to equalise the sheer size advantage Babatunde possessed and after a while the giant looked like he was a little out of his element facing Havoc. Babatunde would try to talk strategy with Henry but would be caught by a plank of wood to the side of the head. Havoc would then hit his Acid Rainmaker, with barbed wire draped around his forearm, leading to victory and a title retention for the second time in 2 weeks Month 10 Week 4: Bad Luck Fale and Wardlow vs The Hunt With The Brotherhood and Ilja Dragunov issuing a challenge to MJF and his lackeys, both Wardlow and Bad Luck Fale would show their capabilities as a team, taking on Primate and Wild Boar in a fierce contest. Wardlow and Fale were unmatched in their power and proved to be too dominant for The Hunt. Fale would hit the Bad Luck Fall on Primate, picking up the victory for his team Post-Match, MJF looked extremely pleased with how his team performed and grabbed a microphone to let everybody know. MJF then accepted the challenge laid out to him with a smug grin on his face The cameras would resurface at the Hardy Compound once again, a place we have visited quite regularly over the last month. The camera would take us down to the basement where Broken Matt Hardy would be busy working at a lab of sorts. The camera would pan to show Jeff Hardy laying on a table, restrained by chains and cuffs while Matt worked away at a computer. After a couple of minutes, a lightning bolt would strike Jeff Hardy right in the sternum, causing him to wake up and break the chains that were restraining him. Matt Hardy would look very pleased before shouting "Brother Nero, I knew you'd come" We would return back to the arena where Vampiro and Cain Velasquez would be standing by. Vampiro spoke about how he has a new vision for the Artistas Asesinos, and employing the services of Cain Velasquez completes that vision. They targeted Brian Cage because they wanted to make a statement, go big or go home. Vampiro finished up by announcing that Cain Velasquez will make his in-ring debut at PWE: Clash of the Titans and hopes that Brian Cage will be there to witness it Big Cass vs Ortiz Before their big title clash at the coming PPV, Big Cass would step into the ring for singles competition against Ortiz. Cass would have the distinct advantage, towering at nearly 7 feet while Ortiz stood at a mere 5'8. Although on paper this looked like an easy win for Cass, Ortiz's fierce attitude made him all the more dangerous and put him in various positions to win. Santana would continuously interfere leading to his ejection from ringside, and while the referee was preoccupied with this, Enzo Amore slid in a steel chair which Cass used to whack Ortiz. Cass would then hit the Big Boot before sealing the victory with a pinfall As Enzo and Cass are celebrating their victory in the ring, we cut rapidly to a scene developing backstage where Gran Metalik, El Ligero and Jay Lethal are all found beaten and bloodied on the locker room floor. Referees and medical officials flood the scene and quickly call for backup as they try to assess the situation Johnny Gargano vs Drew McIntyre With McIntyre and Gargano being 2/3 of the competitors in the title match this coming weekend, they would clash in a singles contest just days before in a battle for momentum. These two have met once before with McIntyre picking up the victory and he made sure to let everybody know about it. These two men had a phenomenal back and forth contest when Bobby Lashley made his presence known. As McIntyre was hitting the ropes looking to hit a Claymore, Lashley struck him with a steel chair to the back of the head leading to Gargano taking advantage and picking up the victory The crowd was in shock, McIntyre had been pinned for the first time in a few months and Gargano himself couldn't believe he had done it. Lashley stormed the ring and decimated both of his opponents before picking up the PWE World Heavyweight Championship and raising it above his head, signalling a potential future for PWE Ilja Dragunov, Cody and Dustin Rhodes vs MJF, Bad Luck Fale and Wardlow PWE: Clash of the Titans would open with 6-Man Tag action as Cody, Dustin and Dragunov took on MJF, Wardlow and Bad Luck Fale. In the early goings of the contest, Wardlow and Fale did all of the heavy lifting with MJF seemingly hiding from the contest, understanding that the three men opposing him were out for some revenge. Towards the end of the match, MJF was left with no choice but to get in and fight after Dragunov and Dustin took out Wardlow and Fale MJF came face to face with his former mentor and best friend Cody and the two started to wage war on each other. Cody hit the cross-rhodes but before he could capitalise, Fale and Wardlow made the save. MJF would tag in Wardlow who would continue beating down Cody but would make one decisive mistake leading to Dragunov tagging in and picking up the victory for his team Brother Nero vs Tommy Dreamer Up next we would shift gears entirely and after a month of creating and reviving, Matt Hardy would unleash his newest creation "Brother Nero" formerly known as Jeff Hardy. Brother Nero would walk down to the ring with Matt by his side to take on Tommy Dreamer, a close friend of the Hardy Family Dreamer would try his best to snap Jeff out of his state, but that only seemed to anger Brother Nero who unleashed a more vicious and deadly side to him, all while Matt watched on laughing hysterically at everything going down. A few minutes would pass by and Brother Nero would finally hit the Swanton Bomb on Dreamer, picking up the victory in quite dominant fashion. After the match Matt Hardy would celebrate by exclaiming that the era of Broken Brilliance has finally descended on PWE Cain Velasquez vs Brian Cage Just as Vampiro announced this past week on PWE, Cain Velasquez would have his debut match here tonight. Velasquez came down to the ring first before awaiting his challenger for the night, none other than the man he attacked a couple of weeks ago, Brian Cage. Cage would take no time taking the fight to the former UFC Champion, and looked to have early success Surprisingly, Velasquez would show his impressive in-ring ability, moving away from the standard Strike and pound offence and using various grappling techniques and moves which caught "The Machine" off-guard. As these two warriors continued to fight on, Velasquez would finally revert back to his natural game, using his brutal offence before landing a sickening knee strike to Cage's temple, putting him down for the count and picking up an impressive victory Psycho Circus vs Jay Lethal, Gran Metalik and El Ligero Before we get set for the next match on the card, we are shown the various mysterious attacks on Jay Lethal, Gran Metalik and El Ligero, all culminating this last week where all three men were left bloodied in the locker room. These three men were in the ring and demanded answers from their attackers, asking them to reveal themselves The lights in the arena would turn to a full red and on the titantron we would see some footage previously hidden from the public eye. It showed the members of the Psycho Circus attacking these three men all at the command of Pagano. After the footage aired, we would return back to the ring where "The Ringmaster" himself would walk out onto the stage and reveal his Psycho Circus Lethal, Metalik and Ligero were all left in horror as the clown descended on the ring. The Psycho Circus wasted no time destroying their opponents and picking up the victory in just 60 seconds. Pagano would join them in the ring to celebrate the arrival of the misfits, a dangerous prospect for all of PWE PWE World Tag Team Championships: Santana and Ortiz (c) vs Enzo and Big Cass Our first of two Championship matches would fall in the semi-main event position with Santana and Ortiz taking on Enzo Amore and Big Cass for the Tag Team Championships. These two teams have met before and it was the champs coming away with the victory on that occasion. This time it looked like Enzo and Cass had done their homework on their opponents putting up more of a fight than they did previous but ultimately it wouldn't be enough as the Artistas made the clean sweep of the night official PWE World Heavyweight Championship: Drew McIntrye (c) vs Bobby Lashley vs Johnny Gargano Tonight marked what would most definitely be the toughest defence in Drew McIntyre's reign thus far, taking on two A+ talents in the night's Main Event. Fortunately for Drew, both he and Gargano identified Lashley as the main target and spent the opening portion of the match restraining the big man and taking him out of the equation. Gargano and McIntyre would then fight 1v1 for a few moments before Lashley would reappear Lashley would run riot on both men, beating them down and showing his pure dominance and prowess, something we hadn't seen from his thus far, taking his violence to a whole new level. The three men in this match would give it all they've got to finish up with the crowd on their feet waiting to see who would walk out of this Clash of the titans the victor Gargano had the Garga-NO Escape locked in on Lashley, but as Lashley reached the ropes Gargano was met with a devastating Claymore Kick which put him down for the count and allowing Drew McIntyre to pick up the victory and retain his championship once again
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    Ropati's Edits

    Really great work for this first edit Ropati! Great to see you doing some work like this and I'm excited to see what else you can produce. Keep up the good work buddy
  10. Friday June 12th, Carnage Presents: Carnage PowerTrip: Last Resort On the night of June 12th, the beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii will host the first Carnage installment of the "New Era", Last Resort as Carnage heads to the Stan Sheriff Center. The brightest stars of Carnage will make their presence felt, looking to make a profound statement and we can reveal some of the matches announced. The Carnage PowerTrip Cup final between Broken Nate and FDS will be contested, while Alex Costa and Nebakos will collide in a battle for third place. Last Resort will also play host to history in the making as Arrow McIntyre and Jo Nathan finally look to settle the score in the first ever Last Man Standing match inside the infamous Arrow Clone Factory, a contest you will not want to miss. Jeremiah Flynn will also defend his Universal Championship against a currently unnamed opponent while stars like KENJI, The Death Riders, Buddy Ace will also be in attendance. All of this and much more as Carnage presents Last Resort June 12th, live on the BPZ Network! Date: June 12th Venue: Stan Sheriff Center, Honolulu, Hawaii Theme: TBD Match Card: BPZ Universal Championship: Jeremiah Flynn (c) vs Raven Carnage PowerTrip Cup Final: FDS vs Broken Nate KENJI vs. Buddy Ace Jo Nathan vs Arrow McIntyre Nebakos vs Alex Costa BPZ NXT Championship: Epic (c) vs The Riddler Jason Ryan vs. Owendalton Echo Wilson vs. Prince Ropati vs. Kieron
  11. Probably my feud with Arius. I’ve faced him twice and both times I have either been preoccupied or just not motivated and it probably wasn’t far for Arius, especially the most recent feud we had. I’d like for one day down the line, where the two of us are active and ready to go so we can get this feud going and have a much more competitive program. I feel like I let Arius down especially because it was his big match, and it’s sorta been bugging me for awhile
  12. Austin Aries vs Jerry Lynn - ROH World Heavyweight Championship The American Wolves vs The Briscoes - ROH World Tag Team Championship Tyler Black vs Chris Hero w/ Claudio Castagnoli Kevin Steen, El Generico, and Colt Cabana vs The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) PAC vs Prince Devitt Roderick Strong vs Sonjay Dutt Bonus Questions: A major star will debut in tonight’s show, who will that star be? Bobby Lashley Which match will open the Anniversary Show? Steen, Generico and Cabana vs The Elite Who will get the highest performance of the night? Austin Aries
  13. Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe Jason Jordan vs Roman Reigns Apollo Crews vs Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose vs Neville Chad Gable vs John Cena Mojo Rawley vs Shinsuke Nakamura Rusev vs Tye Dillinger Aiden English vs Randy Orton Quarter-Finals Strowman/Joe vs Jordan/Reigns Crews/Rollins vs Ambrose/Neville Gable/Cena vs Rawley/Nakamura Rusev/Dillinger vs English/Orton Semi-Finals Joe vs Rollins Nakamura vs Orton Finals Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura
  14. Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens Cedric Alexander vs Finn Bálor Baron Corbin vs Bobby Roode Elias vs Roman Reigns Andrade Almas vs Shelton Benjamin Randy Orton vs Tye Dillinger Daniel Bryan vs The Miz Eric Young vs Rusev Quarter-Finals Lashley/Owens vs Alexander/Bálor Corbin/Roode vs Elias/Reigns Almas/Benjamin vs Orton/Dillinger Bryan/Miz vs Young/Rusev Semi-Finals Bobby Lashley vs Roman Reigns Andrade Almas vs Daniel Bryan Finals Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan
  15. Shayna Baszler vs. Kanako Urai ( KO / SUB / UD ) Miroslav Barnyashev vs. Bill Goldberg ( KO / SUB / UD ) Tom Budgen vs. Naomichi Marufuji ( KO / SUB / UD ) Stephanie Bell vs. Toni Rossall ( KO / SUB / UD ) Keith Lee vs. Harry Smith ( KO / SUB / UD )
  16. WHC Match: Brock Lesnar vs The Rock Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE Championship Elimination Chamber March: HBK vs HHH vs Goldberg vs Jericho vs Edge vs Big Show The Undertaker vs Rhyno Career Threatening Match: Steiner, Christian and Raven vs Hogan and Foley Sting vs Kurt Angle IC: Orton vs Regal US: Benoit vs Cena vs Guerrero vs Perfect CW: Mysterio vs Hardy vs Hardy RAW Tag: BookDust vs Dudleys vs HH vs APA SD Tag: T&A vs Kane and RVD
  17. Julius

    Fusion Pro

    Pre Show Rumble - Winner faces Stu Bennett for the World Championship (Billy Gunn, Bad Bones, PJ Black, Tom Lawler, Erick Stevens, Brandon Tate, Brent Tate, Paul London, Tony Deppen, Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch, Joe Gacy, T-Hawk and a mystery competitor) Main Card Next Gen Championship - Triple Threat Laredo Kid vs Bram vs Austin Aires Chris Adonis Lock Challenge Fusion Tag Team Championship Motor City Machine Guns vs Crist Bros King Mo vs Austin Gunn Fusion World Championship Match Stu Bennett vs Winner of Battle Royal Bonus Questions Who is the Mystery Competitor? Brian Cage Who will accept Adonis' Challenge? Barrington Hughes
  18. I didn't know what to expect coming into this match although I had assumed that it would be something similar to the Graveyard and Money in the Bank Matches WWE had put on and I'd say my prediction came somewhat close. I was actually pleased they didn't make it full on cinematic, where it would be seen as a blatant copy of WWE and I think it served AEW very well There is so much to unpack in this match and it really was such a wild ride to experience and for anyone who hasn't seen it please do check it out because it was batshit crazy. Matt Hardy turning into his former gimmicks was an absolute gem and so was the barfight brawl between Hager, Page and Omega, especially when Hager was being hammered by all those bottles. My MVP of this match is Sammy Guevara because he took a shit-ton of bumps which did not look pretty. That final one-winged angel looked like it absolutely sucked to take so good shit Sammy for taking all of that This culminated almost 7 months of build since Dynamite started and it was a brilliant way to close out what I believed to be Season 1 of AEW, closing the show with the Elite standing tall, the pyro going off and taking us away from the tragedy that the wrestling world has seen over the last week Out of all the "cinematic" style matches I'd rank this as the best of the lot not counting the firefly fun house match because that to me was more a segment. Really looking forward to seeing what AEW can do on Dynamite this week, there are so many avenues they can go and I can't wait to see what's coming next
  19. To be completely honest, I think this was perfect in what it set out to do. We already had a solid couple of hours wrestling and this served as a nice little cool down spot. I don't know what Spears is as a character yet, he seems to change everytime I see him but he fits that role of being a jack of all trades, just slotting into the mid-card whenever they need him for something. Dustin's return was expected and the beatdown he laid on Spears was particularly fun to watch, so credit to them for putting this together. Just like Cassidy vs PAC at Revolution this served it's job well
  20. Thought this was a really good match and I absolutely love the concept that they used, a Royal Rumble and MITB match put together into one. I also think this was one of those matches which would have been put on a whole different level if there were fans in attendance, popping for all the big spots because there were a few. I really got into this match when Cage appeared, looking like an unstoppable machine, akin to his Lucha Underground run and the pairing with Tazz as Slim stated is very well done While watching the match, I completely understood why Cage should take the win, he's so dominant and with a debut like that you almost have to give him the victory. A really fun concept which I hope is a yearly tradition, and I am very much looking forward to seeing what Cage can do in AEW

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