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  1. Julius01

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    Universal Championship John Cena(c) w/Nia Jax vs The Miz w/Maryse Intercontinental Championship Seth Rollins(c) vs Dolph Ziggler Winner Earns Universal Title Match Special Guest Referee: Chris Jericho Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns Hell in a Cell Match Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg WWE Championship Randy Orton(c) vs Jeff Hardy Kurt Angle vs Shinsuke Nakamura RAW Women's Championship Sasha Banks(c) vs Paige United States Championship Batista(c) vs AJ Styles
  2. Julius01

    The Game

    Julius vs Storm: Ended in defeat for Storm he was never the same again Julius vs Jason Ryan: Ended in defeat for Jason he was never the same again Julius vs Angelo Caito: Ended in defeat for Angelo, hasn't won a match since, he was never the same again
  3. Julius01

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    1. Echo 2. Bart 3. Necce 4. Jason Ryan 5. Hollow
  4. Julius01

    What Are Your Ultimate BPZ Goals?

    Make the forums the best place it can be
  5. Julius01

    Most Improved Member?

    Jason Ryan: His work since the creation of the Frontier/Flock has been amazing. He has now turned into one of the stars of the forums
  6. Julius01

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    Another great episode and left us on a teaser for what's to come. Excited to see what's next
  7. Julius01

    Austin Aries To Do "Loose Cannon" Gimmick For Impact Return

    I think its a great gimmick for Aries to pull off and I think that the continuation of this feud with Johnny Impact will be great. They had pretty good in-ring chemistry when they fought at Bound For Glory and with a more heated feud this time around, it could set up for a really strong matchup
  8. Julius01

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    I'm happy with that trade, because I bring in a dominant Centre in Ayton as well as Fournier who is going to be carrying the Magic this year. Gave up Booker, but I still have Eric Gordon and JJ Reddick at SG who can still put up some decent points
  9. Julius01

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: October 15th 2018

    I thought that this RAW had a strong opening and a strong closing with a lot of filler in the middle. The storyline surrounding the Shield was great especially with the seemingly fractured relationship between Seth and Dean leaving the door open to a Dean Heel turn although it is looking increasingly unlikely. The Rousey and Bella segment was great with Rousey cutting her best promo in my opinion to date in the company and really making this evolution match feel personal. The ending of the show was also great with Drew McIntyre standing tall after hitting Strowman with a Claymore Kick. If WWE are heading towards a Drew vs Braun feud well then take my money because it is gonna be awesome. It was also great to see them doing something with Apollo Crews and the Kurt and Corbin stuff was fun
  10. Julius01

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    Bayley's gimmick is horrible Corbin has been great since becoming Constable Corbin Naomi is very underrated
  11. Julius01

    What are you plans for WWE 2k19 Universe Mode?

    A really cool and unique idea Marvsta. I think that adding forums members will definitely keep this idea fresh and really exciting for all of us to see
  12. Julius01

    EVOLVE Global Series: 12th October (Votings)

    Not hard to come second in a group with two active people
  13. Julius01

    BPZ Commentaries

    Top 5 Segments of The Week Welcome ladies and gentlemen to yet another episode of BPZ's most watched series in all of history, welcome to the Top 5 Segments of the week. As always I am your host the Miraculous Mike Hunt and i have just returned from an exquisite vacation in the Bahamas courtesy of my good friends Jason Ryan, Buddy Ace and The Marker. Well that's enough about my glorious holiday lets get into what was a very chaotic week for BPZ Professional Wrestling 5. As evident with our first entry here in the Top 5, BPZ Professional Wrestling allows our superstars to travel the world and witness the beauty that this earth has to offer just ask Ropati who was present in Washington DC to hype his upcoming Elimination Chamber match at Halloween Havoc. This was something different than your standard in-ring promo or backstage vignette which is always refreshing to any viewer at home. Ropati however went to Washington on a mission, to show the irrelevancy of BPZ's own Yelich. In a very entertaining segment Ropati made sure to assert that he would be the one walking out of the chamber the winner. You never know this match might just be worth watching if Kieron or Prince decided to show up to work. Well I'm sure we will see Ropati soon as he heads to Italy in the next chapter of this fascinating series. Caito you're next 4. As the current Intercontinental Champion, Bart has been very conspicuous by his absence especially as his stablemates Julius and Echo prepare for War against rising stable The Flock. Bart however decided to show up to work this week in a very tense and insightful interview with BPZ's Josh Trenton where they basically spoke about everything. What made this segment what it was, was Bart's response when asked about his non-involvement in the Kingdom's blood feud with the Flock. Watch this space because Bart may say that he supports Kingdom 100% but he was the one originally aligned with Slim and he hasn't been present when the Kingdom has needed him. Seems a little dodgy 3. We head into the real good stuff for the week and coming in at number 3 is an inside scoop brought to you by BPZ Commentaries' own Weco Dilson where he pulled back the curtain on the situation surrounding one of BPZ's top stars Yelich. What we saw was a dispute between the writing team and Yelich himself about the his creative direction in the future. Ginge and Heel made sure to state that Yelich was the reason he wasn't getting a push not them. Yelich however promised a new character, a character that will blow us all away. Maybe this is the time where Yelich rises above the rest and stakes his claim as one of the best in BPZ today. Once again watch this space because a new Yelich is coming shortly 2. As we head into the top 2, there was only little separating them but coming in at number 2, is Echo Wilson's most recent backstage promo hyping his upcoming match with Jason Ryan for the Premium Championship at Halloween Havoc. What was so controversial about this though was the fact Echo FUCKING KIDNAPPED First lady Vala. Now that is one of the worst things I have seen that man do in the 3 months I have been employed. Now this was well delivered and definitely had me at the edge of my seat but what followed... 1. It had to be. Jason Ryan's assault on Echo Wilson tops off our top 5 this week. For those who haven't seen the footage, Jason Ryan confronted Echo as he was leaving the arena and attacked him. Jason then managed to pull out a meathook and scar the face of Echo Wilson. And your probably thinking, "Mike Julius and Angelo did a lot worse than that last month" but what came next was horrible. Jason Ryan pulled a gun on Echo Wilson and for a second there I thought he was going to shoot. I have never seen that much hatred in a mans eyes. Jason then managed to completely destroy the Premium Championship before challenging Echo to a circus death match. BPZ Take my fucking money Let's go flocking As we mentioned before Jason Ryan had an eventful week but lets focus on the others. Buddy Ace is just chilling somewhere, Necce is chilling somewhere and Marker is preparing for a match against Arrow at Halloween Havoc. That's really it Superstar of the Week I'm not going to do a drum roll because you already know who is going to get it. For the first time in Top 5 history we have dual winners. JASON RYAN AND ECHO WILSON. Congratulations to both men and I can't wait to watch the war that unfolds at Halloween Havoc. Definitely the most anticipated match on the card. Thanks for joining me and I will see you all next time
  14. Julius01

    EVOLVE Global Series: 12th October (Votings)

    Josh and Marker for me
  15. Julius01

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    Really like what you are doing with 205 Live. The Rhyno and TJP feud is really interesting and I am intrigued to see how you further on the feud. The debut of the Undisputed ERA was great especially having them destroy the ring area adds another layer to their characters. Keep up the good work legends and I can't wait to see more

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