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  1. Julius01

    The Miz vs Daniel Bryan

    Good match and an ending that keeps the feud going, hopefully they can keep up the momentum with this feud
  2. Julius01

    Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens

    I don't know what WWE was thinking here. I get that they want to book Strowman as a major star but him absolutely squashing Owens definitely wasn't the right way to go and made the whole feud feel pointless as a whole. There is no way that Owens feels like a genuine challenger to Reigns now if there rumoured Hell in a cell match is to take place
  3. Julius01

    WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe

    What a bloody good match this was, as well as the story that came out of it. A truly amazing match with great in-ring work as well as amazing storytelling, continuously going back to Joe playing mind games on Styles and the ending was masterful with Styles absolutely losing his cool and going all out on Joe. I really can't wait to see where they go next with it and I can't wait for the Hell in a cell match between these two
  4. Some really good booking by WWE in the way they approached this Summerslam Main Event. They obviously knew that the match was going to get booed, so sending Strowman out there immediately sparked cheers from the crowd. The match is what it needed to be, power move after power move to give the audience no chance of booing the match. And finally after years of this we can finally get over this Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns feud and Roman can get his chance to show his champion qualities. Let the era begin
  5. It was exactly what it needed to be a short squash highlighting how dominant Ronda Rousey can be and hopefully kick starts a memorable reign for her. The addition of Nikki Bella to ringside was very suspicious and WWE may be looking to do Nikki vs Ronda at Evolution
  6. Good to see you back on TEW Ross, and I look to see what you do with Impact Wrestling especially with Stephen Amell as your playthrough character. I look forward to seeing where this goes
  7. Julius01

    Differences Aside

    After some incredible in-ring action we cut backstage, where we see the World Champ Julius getting prepared in his locker room. Once he finishes taping his wrists Julius gets up, picks up his three championship belts and makes his way out of his own personal locker room and into the common area. While walking, he see's his Kingdom Stablemate up ahead and walks up to him "Echo. Echo. Look whatever the hell is going on with you, you need to snap out of it because we have a problem. I need you to focus because our tag-team championships are at stake and I sure as hell do not want to let go of these belts, and I assume you don't either, so I suggest you hear me out because this is extremely important. I don't know if you have been paying attention to anything lately but over on EVOLVE, Necce and Flynn have restarted their boy band and they're coming for our titles. So whatever you have against me, I need you to put it aside for one night because we have got to protect our throne because they are literally knocking down our doors, and I'll be damned if that rotten son of a bitch Flynn takes another title away from me. I would ask Bart to be the one to accompany you for this match because I know you two have outstanding chemistry but I need to beat Flynn. Everyday I wake up and I look at my titles and I bask in all my glory, and then it hits me that moment in the final's of the Power Trip Cup where I had him dead beaten in the centre of the ring and I blew it. I wake up everyday knowing that there is only one person in this company that has my number and that is Flynn. So what I am asking you Echo is to join me while we brutally dismantle our only true opposition so we can undoubtedly sit atop the throne the most dominant trio this company has ever seen. And all this business between Slim and Myself and The Kingdom, can all be dealt with once this match is over, and I can't stress enough Echo Wilson how important this match is. If we win we are considered the best unit in professional Wrestling today. But if we lose, we will always have that burden over our heads that we couldn't beat the legacy, the Golden Legacy. Lets put all our differences aside and do what we do best, and that destroy anyone and anything in our way. So what do you say "Prince"?" Julius stands there eagerly waiting for a response by his tag team partner Echo
  8. Julius01

    BPZ Predictions League

    B-Team Rusev and Lana Finn Balor Bludgeon Brothers Cedric Alexander Charlotte Flair The Miz Kevin Owens Shinsuke Nakamura Seth Rollins Samoa Joe Ronda Rousey Roman Reigns NO YES
  9. Julius01

    Hello Everyone

    Hey man welcome to the forums
  10. Julius01

    Mop's Funeral

    Julius music hits as the crowd instantaneously boo after witnessing the truly heartwarming funeral of the much beloved Mop. Julius however walks out with anger written all over his face. He sternly walks down the ramp, US title wrapped around his shoulder as he climbs into the ring before staring at the therapist and then Yelich. Julius then picks up the chairs that were stationed in the ring and violently throws them to the outside. He then takes a look at the casket, and becomes even more infuriated "You've done it now haven't you. Are you a fucking idiot, has everything I have done to you over the last couple of weeks not sunk into that thick skull of yours. Of course not because you are well and truly mentally cooked. You have the biggest match of your career in less than a week and instead of taking it seriously and training for this fight, you stand here and deliver some Bullshit about a Mop. I speak for everyone in this arena when I say that no one gives two shits about your mop, your broom, your therapist and yourself" The crowd serenade Julius with Boo's after his latest comment "Unbelievable, you people disgust me. You chant for someone like this, a true lunatic who takes more pride in honouring a Mop than honouring the United States Championship. Well let me tell you something, young man. When we walk into L.A. for Summerslam, I am gonna take that Mop and that Broom and I am going to beat your ass all over that arena. You hear me Yelich, this whole charade ends at Summerslam, cause I ain't gonna break you, I'm gonna break him and then break that Broom before making you watch it burn once I throw it into the incinerator" Yelich tries to staunch Julius, but his therapist holds him back from doing anything "That's right hold him back because once I unleash my fury on him he's gonna end up in this casket just like this Mop of your's. Oh an by the way Yelich, breaking that Mop with my hands was the best moment in my life and I wish I had done it earlier. I have no remorse and you aren't gonna do anything about it" Julius walks over to the casket and spits on the corpse of the mop, causing Yelich to wildly jump at Julius and take him to the ground. Once Yelich takes Julius to the ground, he continues battering him with fists, before Julius throws him off of him and delivers a big boot sending him to the ground. Julius then grabs his face before walking over to the casket. Just as Julius is about to take the Mop out of the casket, Yelich's therapist hits Julius where the sun don't shine with the Broom to a barrage of cheers from the crowd. They erupt into a "Broom" chant as Yelich gets to his feet. He then sets Julius up for the Concussion Syndrome. Yelich takes Mop's corpse out of the casket and lifts up Julius with the help of his therapist before placing him in the casket. Yelich then slams it shut and places the US Title on top of it, before slowly walking to the back holding the mop and broom in his arms, with the therapist slowly limping behind
  11. Julius01

    BPZ Commentaries

    BPZ Top 5 Segments Welcome everybody to the second ever episode of the Top 5, I am your host Mike Hunt and today we once again will ranking the top 5 segments of the week as well as announcing a Superstar of the Week. So without further ado lets get down to ranking 5. Well there is nothing like a bit of comic relief to start the list, well comic relief to us viewers I don't think Yelich and Julius were laughing after what went down at that therapy session. Yes that's right I am talking about that segment where Yelich introduced the World to Mop and Broom. A very funny segment which also managed to show the danger that Julius presents as well as hype the upcoming US title match at Summerslam. Definitely no bias whatsoever, and Oh before we move one RIP to Mop you will be missed. On to number 4 4. Coming it at number four is the brawl we witnessed a couple of days ago on Carnage TV where LAOCH and Echo Wilson went at it to hype their Universal Championship Match at Summerslam. Some really strong promo work from both men and capped it all off with a very intense brawl where LAOCH got the upper hand, but knowing Echo he will strike back with pure Vengeance as we move closer to that much anticipated Summerslam Match. Hats off to both Echo and LAOCH, and here's to more violence, cause violence gets me hard. That came out weird. Anyway 3. We are getting down to the Business end of the list and we are focusing on the Carnage GM Bailey. He came out to the ring and called out Hall of famer Ryan Reeves to a match at Summerslam to no answer. But what came next was truly spectacular, we got the return of Josh to Carnage TV after being drafted over to EVOLVE, much to the shock of Bailey. And a match was made a match authorised by BrendenPlayz himself for Summerslam which could steal the show. A truly wonderful reveal and the team here at BPZ Commentaries can't wait to see what happens. Daniel Bryan vs The Authority, whats that. The real underdog story is Josh vs Bailey 2. Last Week, Flynn and Necce topped my Top 5 list, and I posed the question as to what they were looking to do after they re-formed. And boy oh boy did we get an answer this week with an excellent promo from the "Golden Legacy" stating that they were going for the Kingdom's tag-team championships. What a match this is going to be with all the history these 4 men have. Maybe we will get to see Julius and Flynn meet in the ring, something that we haven't seen since Julius' shocking turn a couple months back. All these possibilities in one match which is surely going to be talked about once Summerslam ends. The Golden Legacy are back and I am loving ever bit of it 1. But topping off our list is the ever-lasting, ongoing segment promoting EVOLVE'S upcoming Global Series. There were some killer promo's by the Superstars involved, especially with Slim, Flynn, Josh and a very aggressive but entertaining rant by Jason Ryan. So many possibilities as to who will become the Global Champion but I am sure that the match quality of every match will be amazing. I still have Buddy Ace and Slim meeting in the finals but who knows, no one picked Sameer to win IC. Congratulations to all those involved, making this segment the number one of the week Superstar of the Week And now to my favourite part of the segment, the Superstar of the week, who will it be drumroll please producer guy... It is none other than the Gentlemen Josh who made an impactful return to BPZ featuring in the Global Series segment as well as heading over to Carnage and challenging Bailey to a match at Summerslam. Congratulations to Josh who will be receiving a plaque from the team here and we wish him all the best as he heads into one of the biggest matches of his career That's all for this week but make sure to join me next week for some more Top 5'ing. Mike Hunt signing out
  12. Julius01

    Kieron's Random Graphics

    The third one is really good
  13. Julius01

    NXT 15th August 2018 Discussion

    I got to catch this weeks episode of NXT and once again I was pretty satisfied with what I saw on TV. Tyler Bate and Roderick Strong wrestled a good match in the Main Event really hyping that match for TakeOver Brooklyn which I think will be the match of the night. However what I would have wanted was a stronger go home angle for Ricochet and Adam Cole. I know Ricochet has been working injured but they could have had like an interview or something to get us excited for the PPV. Overall an enjoyable show
  14. Julius01

    World of Sport Official Discussion

    I have heard some really good things about WOS Wrestling throughout its first 3 episodes so I will definitely check it out and come back here once I am up to date to give my initial thoughts
  15. Julius01

    BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    The one the only, the phenomenal... Gran Metalik!!

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