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  1. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Rush and Nicole Angel Williams Victoria 61
  2. All Will Fall

    Julius comes out with the NXT championship in one hand and a steel chair in the other. He lays the steel chair down on the ramp and sits down. He then is handed a microphone and starts to speak. "Storm i would happily make my way down there and make you my Bitch but that's for another time because i have something to say and all of you are damn sure gonna listen. We are Two weeks away from BPZMania III, two weeks away from when i decimate both of you. Storm you now come out here as "The Viper" and all i ask myself is why, why does this man continue down this path, then i remember that he is a self-centred Egomaniac who want's to attract attention to himself because he knows that he is fading away into irrelevance and is desperately clawing, trying to make people believe in him. And you, who are you like seriously The Marker Ireland's own trained by Bret Hart the best pure athlete on the roster. BULLSHIT. You aren't the best athlete on this roster, I am and i don't need to remind you of the last time we came face to face in that ring because you know who walked out on top. For months you two have come out here and have tried to prove that you have a chance against me but you don't, i am the next big thing in BPZ, I am destined for greatness whereas you two are destined for nothing more than an opening act or the death spot on every card you make because you lack the charisma and the skills to even compete with someone like me. Now to the real reason I am out here. Storm you asked for a Hell in a cell match at Mania, you're willing to put your career on the line in the most dangerous match of them all, many a person have had their careers ended once they stepped into that steel structure, and i will make sure to add both of you to that list because there is no way that any of you are walking out of that match on your own two legs. At BPZMania there will be no mind games, i will come out as the monster you see before you and i will destroy both of your careers because one of you will be thrown of that cell to your end. You ask i deliver you want that match you got it but i want to make it perfectly clear that you both have signed your death wish because you will be no more come April 1st" Julius stands up and roars to the crowd before walking to the back his message delivered
  3. Storm epic universe mode

    First off really liked the poster you made and i want to congratulate you on that. Really happy that Miz, Brock and Strowman all won and i can't wait to see what you do moving forward keep it up
  4. Really loving it Noy. I like how you are giving superstars such as Strong, Alexander, Kendrick, Thorne chances to shine. I do see Nakamura and AJ going through into the final. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more
  5. All Will Fall

    We come back to the Carnage arena where on the titantron we see a BPZ Reporter Zac Shaw walking into a Wrestling training facility somewhere in America. Shaw and the camera crew walk into the the facility seemingly looking for someone but who could it be. They survey the area looking at the Wrestling rings when they see their target. They quickly rush over and we find out that it's none other than Julius who is the one being interviewed. Zac Shaw: "Ah Julius could we please have a word" Julius oblivious to what was going on ignores him and continues to lift the weights. Zac Shaw: "Julius please can we just ask you a few questions on The Marker and Storm regarding your title match at BPZ Mania III. Julius?" He goes to touch Julius but the God among Men slaps the microphone out of his hand and throws him up against the wall. He lets the visibly shaken Zac Shaw down onto the ground and waits for a response Zac Shaw: "So Julius what is your strategy when it comes to defeating The Marker and Storm?" Julius' eyes light up and he starts to get agitated by what he had said Julius: "Is that a question? You annoy and distract me just to ask some bullshit question, No you can go away before i really lose it" Zac Shaw: "So can we get an answer" Julius turns around and stares down Shaw. He walks over to another person training in the ring. He walks into the ring and delivers a vicious clothesline almost cutting him in half. Staff members rush to the ring, trying to stop Julius but he easily fends them off, delivering stiff punches and elbows before throwing them out of the ring. He again sets his eyes on the poor victim and unleashes with clubbing blows to the head leaving the person bloodied. Looking like he had finished Julius exists the ring. He turns around and sees the man starting to move. Julius again walks back into the ring and delivers an End of Days to the poor soul. Julius then picks him up onto his shoulders and walks to one of the windows in the building. With strong push he throws the man throw the window like he was a fly causing outsiders to rush to the aid of the victim. Julius surveys the damage and then looks at Zac Shaw. Julius: "See this, this was only the beginning, when BPZ Mania comes around you will see what extreme lengths I will go to in order to retain my championship. And if you ever decide to come and find me again, you too will suffer the same fate as that man" Julius leaves, and we are left with the lasting image of pure chaos with people trying to help the poor man that Julius had destroyed
  6. NXT March 14th 2018 Discussion

    I definitely enjoyed NXT's episode with the tag matches having exceptional wrestling. I also really enjoyed Ciampa's character work. Having him not explain his actions is very smart by WWE making us wait until presumably Johnny comes back to find out why Ciampa did it. Cole vs Dunne was also really solid and both have some good chemistry. The signing was also good. Hopefully we see Zelina Vega vs Candice LeRae at some point because i know both women can definitely work.
  7. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    Story- 8.5 Quality- 8.5
  8. Had to go Flynn here, sorry Storm
  9. Drew McIntyre sends warning to NXT Roster

    Really looking forward to his return to action as he was putting up some quality matches before his unfortunate injury. I am not sure how he will play apart in TakeOver but im sure that will be made clear in the coming weeks on NXT TV
  10. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Another solid 205 Live and it continues to improve each week. The tag match was a great way to showcase two of the teams with the right team going over especially with them only forming a week ago which should provide them with some momentum. Metalik was a star in this match and it reminded me of how great he is and how WWE have criminally underused him. It was also good to see Jack Gallagher get a win, i can also definitely see a Drake Maverick vs Gallagher match down the line. The Main Event between Cedric and Roderick was fantastic with both men putting everything on the line to put on one of the best matches of the tournament. The only issue was the finish, we had seen the rollup finish just a week prior and it felt overused seeing it happen so soon after. Overall- 8/10
  11. Smackdown's opening segment and match was enjoyable to watch especially the Match between Rusev and AJ, they have good chemistry in the ring and hopefully can have a feud down the line. Nakamura's character was perfect here, waiting for the right time to save AJ while also scouting his weaknesses. Really did enjoy the Tag-Team match that followed with the Bludgeon Brother's showing their badass mentality brutally beating Big E and Jimmy Uso. I can't wait for this to pay off at Wrestlemania and this match could definitely be a show stealer. Asuka's promo was a bit awkward although Charlotte was good. Asuka's ability lies in the ring and WWE should build up this Story on Asuka's in-ring dominating style rather than her talking skills. The US title picture is very lackluster and the match also wasn't great. I see where they are going with this but only a Bobby Roode heel turn would make me invested in this feud. Carmella vs Naomi was filler and was fine. The closing segment was great especially with the brutal and sickening beatdown of Shane McMahon. I loved how Owens and Zayn attacked the referee's who were helping shane and Shane's selling needs to be applauded. I still don't know what form of match will take place at Mania but this made me excited for it. A good opening segment followed by a great tag segment, after that Smackdown did drop off a bit but the Closing segment brought it home Overall- 7/10
  12. Playstation Plus Free Games Discussion

    Will definitely get Ratchet and Clank as a throwback to my childhood. Really enjoyed the game and can't wait to play it again
  13. Monday Night Raw Discussion: March 12th 2018

    Another pretty good RAW which set up some more storylines on the road to Wrestlemania. The Reigns, Angle, McMahon promo at the beginning was good and it had a sense of realism which makes us more intrigued when the eventual Lesnar and Roman confrontation occurs. Banks vs Deville, with Deville's in ring work really improving was fine but the more intriguing aspect was Bayley leaving Sasha to be attacked by Absolution hopefully pulling the trigger on the feud. MIZ TV wasn't that exciting as we basically know what was going to happen before it even happened, although Miz was very good on the mic and the match between Balor and Seth was good. The highlight of the show in my opinion was John Cena's excellent promo on the Undertaker, calling him out and challenging him at Wrestlemania. He brutally got stuck into the Undertaker which was excellent and made the match a box office attraction and a must watch come April 8th. Asuka vs Mickie was good but why is Asuka on RAW, she should be on Smackdown after Fastlane. The Nia Jax angle was again great making us feel sympathetic towards Nia which should lead to Bliss vs Jax at Wrestlemania. Now the main event could be seen as questionable having Braun Strowman defeat all the tag teams, but it provides intrigue heading into next weeks RAW. Overall - 8/10
  14. Really fun action packed main event with plenty of near falls to get people excited. AJ Styles winning was 100% the right decision and i cant wait for the Nakamura build. The Shane, Kevin and Sami feud continued which was refreshing but we need to know what is going to happen, if it results in another Kevin vs Shane match then all these months of build have been a letdown. The most intriguing thing coming out of Fastlane was the John Cena storyline and i am very interested to see where they take this angle next. Looking forward to SD Live on Tuesday
  15. Very good match, at least of what we got to see of it with both teams using the other teams trademark moves to get ahead. The Bludgeon Brothers attack gained some very good heel heat which is needed if they WWE are heading towards a New Day vs Uso's vs Bludgeon Brothers match at mania. Looking forward to seeing how this storyline progresses in the coming weeks.

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