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  1. Elliot

    Graphic Designs by Elliot

    Did a Beast in the East design for my friend. Also, can't remember if I've ever posted my NXT graphic here, so I've added that as well.
  2. Elliot

    Graphic Designs by Elliot

    I don’t have as much time to fulfil requests as I used to, unfortunately. Wouldn’t want to commit to anything at the minute.
  3. Elliot

    Graphic Designs by Elliot

    Some of my latest stuff. Been a while since I posted some.
  4. Damien Sandow begs to differ.
  5. Elliot

    BPZ Graphics Division

  6. Elliot

    The Official BPZ Brand Split Discussion

    Nice. So that's that feud out the window then lol. Great.
  7. Elliot

    WWE 2k18 News & Rumours Discussion

    It still requires some part of the team to be working on the previous gen game. It doesn't seem like it's much effort but they still have people working on it. Now they can focus the entire team on one game rather than two. Will it make a difference? Who knows, but at least we know there'll only be one all round release.
  8. Elliot

    WWE 2k18 News & Rumours Discussion

    Finally seems like the focus will truly be on current gen.
  9. Elliot

    Slammiversary 2017 Discussion

    The fact that most of those people don't work there anymore and seven of them work for the WWE, pretty shocking lol who'd have guessed?
  10. Elliot

    WWE 2k18 Cover Reveal

    I really like the gold design. Makes it different from previous years. I really like it. It's simple and effective.
  11. Elliot

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: June 19th, 2017

    One thing to take from that show is the fantastic performance by Big Cass. He proved that he can talk his own talk on the mic, and a feud between him an Enzo will be electric and with the promos they'll cut. The actual tears in Enzo's eyes made the segment that much more real and heartbreaking. Brilliant performance by both men and a great move forward for their careers. i enjoyed the rest of the show as well, a really good Raw with plenty of things to look forward to.
  12. Elliot

    TLC to take place on October 22nd

    This is the second SmackDown Live event that's going to be a Raw event this year, the other being No Mercy. I'm wondering why? The gimmick events, it makes sense because you want the other brand to have the same gimmick matches, but something like No Mercy, just confuses people. We'll just have to wait and see.