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  1. Did a Beast in the East design for my friend. Also, can't remember if I've ever posted my NXT graphic here, so I've added that as well.
  2. I don’t have as much time to fulfil requests as I used to, unfortunately. Wouldn’t want to commit to anything at the minute.
  3. Some of my latest stuff. Been a while since I posted some.
  4. Nice. So that's that feud out the window then lol. Great.
  5. I think you tapped into your creative side and it paid off. I think people appreciated the humour and the creativity and you deserved the votes. You've given me competition and that's what I want. I hope we can face off again, mate.
  6. As generic as it may be, I am a really big fan of Austin Aries' theme at the minute. I didn't like it at first, but after a few listens I think it's pretty awesome. Also, Bobby Roode. It truly is Glorious. The whole tongue-in-cheek style is brilliant and it really fits his highly egotistical gimmick.
  7. Just a couple of thins I did recently. I don't normally use such a small canvas but due to the layout of Ross' diary, this fit. It's not the best, but it did the job for him. And obviously an official Backlash design for Bailey's EWR diary.
  8. Happy birthday to THE BIG DOG @BrendenPlayz and to @Zombie Rocka Flocka

  9. Elliot


    AJ Styles Cesaro Brock Lesnar Bayley & Sasha Enzo & Cass Kevin Owens Neville Emma American Alpha Dean Ambrose Apollo Crews Finn Balor
  10. New promo coming tonight. You're next, Jason Black.

  11. If I had to choose out of the current crop, I'd choose Neville. He's been fantastic since his heel turn and has not disappointed in his Cruiserweight Championship reign. I think that out of all the current champions, he has shown the most promise and improvement. He came form being a practically silent, uber babyface who seemed as bough he would be nothing more than a glorified mid-career to becoming a hilight of Raw and the leader of the entire Cruiserweight division. His mic work is great, his in-ring work is brilliant and I think overall he has to be the WWE's best champion right now.
  12. Elliot

    Smith's Graphics

    I like the background design, Smith. I think your next thing should be to try and focus on giving the renders themselves some effect. Even if it's just overlaying a colour or a glow on them, just to blend them in more with the overall design. Mess with your blending options and adjustment layers, and even just put a soft brush on a new layer with some colour and use the blending options to see why fits best. Keep up the good work, mate.
  13. Just a few simple avatars I've done. Nothing spectacular but might as well post them. I don't mind taking some requests, as long as it's not loads at once and you don't need it right this second, lol.
  14. Appreciate the comments guys. I usually do these all in one sitting, cos I like to sit down, look at the official design and redraw it out while putting some of my own touches to it. I'm personally pleased with how the lights around the nameplate came out, spent a while getting them to look like actual bulbs that were raised off the backdrop. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I always try to do these every month as I love having the official design at my disposal to create any matches I like, haha. Always appreciate the feedback, it's what makes designing worth that much more.
  15. Would appreciate some feedback on my latest graphic, a Great Balls of Fie match card design. Been really enjoying recreating them recently.

  16. Here's my design for the upcoming WWE Great Balls of Fire event.
  17. I see. Could you not have cut that part out then? It just kind of separates the piece and ruins the flow. And I did see the blending, but the bottom of the J looks a bit unfinished due to the black bit at the bottom. The line is a bit too sharp to have been blended, it just kind of cuts off at AJ's chest. Like I said, other than a few things it's a good design. Simple and effective.
  18. I like this. It's a very clean design. I would drop the border on the AJ text though, it's not necessary. Also the glow on the Phenomenal One text box can go too. This is a flat design, and those bits I've mentioned prevent it from being totally flat which confuses it a little bit. I think without those elements it would be great.

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