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  1. There are so many things I could say about RAW itself. That I'm sure many people have said themselves. But off the top of my head: -Too many heels -Seth vs Dolph is too often -Ronda is a terrible face, wrestler and mic worker which leads to her not being a good champion -Nia Jax -Baron Corbin -The continued over reliance on Brock Lesnar -Braun in turn getting squashed by Brock -Dry tag team scene -Even drier Women's division -Drake Maverick's pissing gimmick -Bobby Roode stuck in the second hour -The whole "Dean Ambrose does something bad so they ask Renee, who then pretends that he isn't her husband" thing -Teasing Banks/Bayley but never doing anything with it And -THREE heel authority figures
  2. Born: 13th of June, 1992 Set to debut: July, 2014 Gender: Male Race: Black Nationality: American (US) Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Technical (if available) Body Type: Toned, but not ripped Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: Cruiserweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: Unprettier, Frog Splash, Spear Face Gimmick: Chrstian in 2009 Heel Gimmick: 2005 and/or "One More Match" Christian Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wrestler Pictures: Any Christian picture since 2004
  3. Time to try to intend on making a comeback.

  4. First Name: Jamal Last Name: Edwards Position: PG/SG College: Illinois Height: 6'4 Weight: 175 Skin Tone: Light Brown Skill 1: Playmaker Skill 2: Finisher Skill 3: N/A Accesories: Left Arm Sleeve, left and right double rubberbands Potential: Starter
  5. Want to start my Universe Mode tonight. Thanks to Razor for making some renders for me!

  6. Thanks to Chris for the new profile pic and sig!

  7. WADE GOES HOME! As a Bulls fan, I'm obviously happy about this. #PatRileyIsABum
  8. Cavs win! LeBron has won one for the land and has (hopefully for Cleveland sports fans) lifted the 52 year curse.
  9. Bogut will not be playing game six, or (if needed) game seven.
  10. I bought NBA 2K16 on Thursday and will get to play it later today when it gets here.
  11. Golden State is now up 3-1 with a chance to win the Finals on my birthday. Which is a plus in my book.
  12. My predictions: Kalisto Vaudevillans Miz Jericho Corbin Owens Charlotte Roman Reigns
  13. With Curry out two weeks, how many games to the Blazers/Clippers win against GS?

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