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  1. Carnage is live and we are past the Royal Rumble event, where last night saw the last BPZ match up of Angelo Caito's long and impressive career. After a extremely brutal and bloody Hell In A Cell match against Julius, he fell short, and the pin was the end of his career. Angelo remained active on social media, thanking his fans and fellow stars shortly and announced that he will be out on Carnage to talk about everything. "In The End" by Black Veil Brides plays as the entire crowd, announcers, and other crew members at ringside are standing, clapping along as for the final time, Angelo Caito slowly makes his way out from the backstage area to a huge and heartwarming ovation from the crowd. He stands on the stage, no intensity, but the look of a man who has felt the world lifted off his shoulders. Angelo let's out a sigh before looking up at the crowd, all his emotions shown in his sadness but yet happy state of facial expressions. He gathers himself, as he seems like he's on the verge of tears right now. He then nods before limping down to the ring, showing the effects of the battle he went through last night, and he makes it to the steel steps before gingerly walking up the steps, step by step before walking on the apron and slowly and gingerly stepping between the ropes and gets inside the ring. Angelo then grabs the ropes, resting his head on them with his eyes closed. He then opens his eyes before walking over to the ring announcer, Mark, who hands Angelo the microphone then shakes his hand before exiting the ring as "In The End" fades away. The fans continue clapping as they then start chanting "THANK YOU ANGELO!" and claps five times before repeating the chant, which causes Angelo to break and start tearing up. Angelo then rubbed his face before fixing his shirt and then starts talking. "I'm warning you all now. You can say whatever you are going to say and do whatever you're going to do, but this is my retirement and I'm taking this past the forth wall. Let me take you back some to the moments that got me to this stage in my time here on the BrendenPlayz Forums. I watched Brenden's videos every once in awhile, cause back then I was focused...ish on school, but one day in February of 2015, I then added Mr. Playz as a friend request on the PS3, which he didn't have to, but he accepted. I then messaged him and we chatted for a minute before he invited me to a place called the BPZ Forums. On February 5th, 2015 was the start of the membership by the name of Brad. I introduced myself and the friendly reception I got was absolutely amazing, something that never, ever left me. And while yes, Heel being the cunt Heel, I never looked back after joining, and from that, came the creation of NXT. I was so honored to become the first NXT Champion, something I still am very honored for to this day, after that, I left, and I don't remember why I did, but it was about a month before I came back, and I was back and I felt good, good enough that I decided to go Rated R. Yes the Rated R gimmick that got buried into the fucking ground. But, me being the little shit that never gives up, I came back as just me, and I saw what was called “The Dark Times Of Kayfabe” and I said “maybe I can make a change. Maybe I can get respect if I try to get things back to how they could be.” So, I made a post addressing my concerns about the lack of good kayfabe, and a few people go “all talk, no action”, “then do something about it”, or my favorite from Mr. Brady aka White Guy “I will achieve more than you ever will”. Ha Brady, still gives me a chuckle every once in a while. So after waiting and waiting, someone I owe a lot to for helping out with my mission stepped up, Dustan. Me and him went to a kayf war, bringing our best, and meanwhile, Bailey and Bash put on one of the best rivalries of all time, and thus, Kayfabe was back. However, the horrible, horrible ego I had, I took all the credit, and for you three, even though Dunstan hasn't been on in a while, when he does, I apologise and I thank you for helping the mission I set out. After that I then started the journey towards US, but along came someone into my life who I am still best friends with today and that is Necce. Wither it be those stupid Private Chats in the chat to today with us helping each other out with some ideas for kayfabe, we only had a few disagreements, but end of the day is we stuck by with each other and I'm truly thankful to have you as my friend. Now onto the United States title, it was a tough and competitive month for me, and I was a challenger as well. I saw guys step up and they wanted turns with me, and I gave it everything I had. I wanted to earn their respect, and I felt like I did. I felt like I earned a lot of guys respect that month because I busted my ass to make that United States Championship and division mean something again. After losing it, my career took a high, while my life took a low. I was doing shit that lead to my looming downfall, drank more, smoked more, and started doing some very heavy drugs. And after I lost the Intercontinental Championship after two days…. I gave up controlling it. I let it all go and it went and went and I couldn't stop it and I tried, but I was too gone. I then became what I hate, my demon. At that time, no one liked me. I picked on newbies, I insulted everyone when I wanted. I didn't have a care in the world. I lost many friends in this time, and from late 2015 to late 2016, I felt my time in this forums being limited daily. And one day, in chat, I was so close… so close to ending it all. I watch a lot of reactions to what I said, then, my life flashed when. I was tackled to the ground by my friend, and shortly I was taken away. I spent two weeks under suicide watch before being cleared to go home. After that, that's when I promised to get clean and turn my life around. November 11th, I got myself to where I needed to be in my head. Then a few days later, I returned to BPZ, but I knew I had to make amends with a lot of people, so I tried my absolute best, and I succeeded. I made back the friends I lost, but it wasn't easy. It took me months to gain back y'alls trust and it was so worth it because I got back people I hated losing. In my mind, I was fresh again. And I then read a comment in a section of the forums in the kayfabe section called “Rate The User Above” from another guy I have to thank later, Flynn, and he said “After recently returning to the forums i honestly feel like your trying to change and be different then you have been in the past. For a while you were constantly annoying me if we are being honest however you've really changed and I actually enjoy having a conversation and discussing this with you for the first time in a while.” That meant the literal world to me, for someone to not just rate me, but to see someone acknowledge everything I've done. Over the next two years, I've been here putting on feud after feud that has made me step up more than I thought I could, won a few more titles, and while yes they weren't the World Championship, that doesn't make those wins any less important to me. I got so many people to thank right now, so I'm going to say all them right now. Firstly is Necce. You are my best friend and I never ever want that to change. From worst times to our best times, we stuck by each other and there is absolutely no one else on this Earth and forums who can be my friend like you. We are two retards in a pot. I got to thank Bailey, for he took me under his wing in my early days here and became my mentor. And every dirty win I got (which is a few, everyone has done it) was like how you taught me. Next is Smith for always being there when I need help and advice on stuff. Echo Wilson for being a excellent tag team partner for me when no one else would. I wanna thank Flynn for being a excellent rival, fuck you for never putting me over you wanker. I could go on and on, but I'm being rushed for time. I want to thank everyone else on the forums. This place is my second family and I appreciate all of you. Lastly I want to thank Brenden. He is the reason I joined, and his support to keep guys like me here, no matter my past means the world to me, thank you for everything boss. You all can hate me, or you can love me, but you knew how much this place meant to me. From seventeen years old to now being twenty one, I continued my mission to watch this place grow for the best and continue on for years to come, and I can now proudly walk away knowing that this place is in good hands. I might not be missed, but I damn sure won't be forgotten. From your friendly neighborhood asshole, I say, thank you." Angelo drops the microphone, before waving goodbye to the crowd, before sliding under the bottom rope slowly and walks up the ramp, high fiving fans before he turns around and waves bye one last time before leaving for good.
  2. Angelo Caito

    Evolution | Paige

    Ember Moon vs. Nia JaxComments: Ember MoonAsuka and Naomi vs. The IIconicsComments: Auska and Naomi- Cage MatchAlexa Bliss vs. Ronda RouseyComments: Ronda Rousey- Women's Tag Team ChampionshipsThe Boss and Hug Connection vs. The Riott SquadComments: The Boss and Hug Connection- Women's Championship, No Disqualification MatchBecky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair comments: Becky Lynch
  3. Angelo Caito

    Silent Night In Texas

    {Carnage welcomes BPZ back to their live show from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, and in front of the nineteen thousand fans who are live and sold out the arena for BPZ Wrestling action. They are on their feet chanting for different superstars that reside from San Antonio, but they start chanting for the only known BPZ Superstar who is residence in San Antonio, the contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Angelo Caito. A replay of three weeks ago plays with Angelo choking Julius out plays on the tron and the crowd pops for the video shown, before Angelo's tron starts playing on the titantron along with his theme song (for the this segment and PPV) and the crowd goes in a frenzy. "Greatest" by Eminem plays as the crowd are on their feet, loud cheering for the number one contender, Angelo Caito. He slowly steps from the backstage to the main stage and the crowd gets louder than before. He looks around at the reacting fans as he rocks a San Antonio Spurs jersey with the number "16" and the name "Gasol" on the back. Angelo then cuffs his ear as he hears the loud reaction before he stands straight arms by his side before he starts walking down the ring. He stops at the bottom of the the ramp before taking his jersey off and hands it to a young child in the front row before he runs up the steps and enters the ring and turns to face the crowd fast and throws his arm up with his thumb and pinkie sticking out from his hand as the reaction gets loud again. Angelo lowers his arm and grabs the microphone from Hannah as she exits the ring. The song fades away slowly as Angelo paces the ring, hyped up as the crowd continues their loud "ANGELO!" chants as Angelo gets hyper then he already was.} "Oh we in the right town tonight. We in CAITO COUNTY BITCH!" {The crowd cheers loudly once again as Angelo continues to pace the ring as a chant of "CAITO COUNTY!" fills the arena as Angelo waits and proceeds to talk as soon as it's quiet.} "I stand here, forty years of age, and I am still in the prime of my life, and I'm still out here putting people to sleep on a daily basis. Just like I did three weeks ago when I made good on my promise and put Julius to bed." {The crowd explodes in cheers again, cutting off Angelo once more as he shakes his head with a smirk on his face. He looks around as he hears a chant of "Nighty Night Julius Nighty Night!" rise up, which causes a chuckle to come from Angelo. The fans end that chant and now starts chanting "Die Julius Die!" which Angelo nods to before speaking.} "Exactly, because at the Royal Rumble, it will DIE JULIUS DIE because when he will never walk again after our match up in that cell. I have been watching for the last few weeks, and I've noticed that since Julius took his nap, he hasn't said crap about me. You know why?? Because I put the fear of me in him. Julius FEARS me. He didn't believe me when I said I was going to choke him out. He laughed at that, but he wasn't laughing three weeks ago was he? No, he was seeing stars he was, counting sheep as they by him. Julius knows what awaits him at the Rumble, and that's his days as a Champion cut short because he has over stepped his boundaries and walked into the sleeping Giants den. January 27th, from Phoenix, Arizona, the Royal Rumble, understand this Julius, that when you step in the ring with me, your strength and raw brutality will not reach to the God you're going to fall to. Understand that your title reign, will be looked at as a joke when you lose to BPZ's "Jobber". And you might as go join Echo Wilson in the unemployment line!" {The crowd cheers again as Angelo stares into the camera with a smirk. But as soon as he goes to speak, he gets cut by a theme song, unleashing a thunderous boo out from the crowd.}
  4. Angelo Caito

    Best Part Of Forums (Your Opinion)

    The creativity of people, the fun times and the times that we all can remember. The fact that this place is kicking for almost five years as well is big too. Plus the chance to do things how you want to is a good part as well.
  5. Angelo Caito

    Who Are Your Biggest BPZ Rivals?

    @Julius Once again. Whenever me and him do our battles, he allows me to be the violent angry bastard I am in real life, which matches my gimmick and he throws it back to make some brutal work.
  6. Necce, Bart, myself, Nate sometimes, Julius, and Flynn more than others shockingly.
  7. Angelo Caito

    BPZMania IV Match Card Predictions

    World Heavyweight Championship: Julius (c) vs Bailey Universal Championship vs Global Championship: Bart (c) vs Necce (c) Intercontinental Championship: Bart (c) vs Slim United States Championship: Julius (c) vs Arius vs Marker vs Off vs Jason Ryan Premium Championship: BiC (c) vs Hollow Tag Team Championship: Big Ballers (c) vs The New Bloods NXT Championship: Odyssey (c) vs Masa vs Alex Costa Money In The Bank: Hollow vs Flynn vs FDS vs Jonathan vs Sameer vs Bart
  8. Angelo Caito

    Favorite Hip Hop Songs

  9. Angelo Caito

    Who Would You Like To Tag With In BPZ?

    @Necce @Jonathan @Tamer
  10. Angelo Caito

    Your Cultural

    I'm Italian with hits of Irish and German in me.
  11. Angelo Caito

    Favorite Spot In A Wrestling Match?

    Shawn Michaels saying "I'm Sorry. I Love You" to Ric Flair before ending his career. Shawn's Superkick into Hunter's Pedigree to the Undertaker, who kicked out in probably the greatest near fall of all time. The Rock and Hulk Hogan after their Icon vs Icon match at Mania with both men doing Hulk's vintage taunts. The Undertaker sitting up to a sat up Brock Lesnar and mocking his laughing before the two started exchanging blows. And lastly The Rabid Wolverine and Latino Heat hugging after Chris World Championship win WrestleMania 20.
  12. Angelo Caito

    Happy Birthday Thread

  13. Angelo Caito

    Favorite Finishers

  14. Angelo Caito

    Music League: 100th Reboot

  15. Angelo Caito

    WWE Dream Matches that were disappointing

    DX vs Brothers Of Destruction- Crown Jewel Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar- Great Balls Of Fire AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura- WrestleMania 34 (Quailty was good, no story made it on the list) Hulk Hogan vs Sting- Starcadde 1997 Undertaker vs John Cena- WrestleMania 34