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  1. Angelo Caito

    WWE234 is back with a new vibe

    The GOAT is back.
  2. Angelo Caito

    Four People You Believe Will Become Champion

    World: Slim (5) Me Smith (3) Flynn (5) IC: Me (3) Ross (2, Gotta put him over) FDS (4) Smith (3) Prem: Me (2 😉 ) Echo (3) Storm Emperor US: Julius, Bart (2) Echo [3] Storm Uni: Flynn (2) Echo Julius Flynn (3) Global: Alyx Jon Me (2) Bart (2)
  3. Angelo Caito

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    Ross Slim Josh Echo Bart (when he's active in these moments)
  4. Angelo Caito

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: June 18th 2018

    I'm 50/50 on Raw this week. I want to see where WWE leads Braun Strowman with Money In The Bank, Because it could go either way with it, and the way I want it is him beating Lesnar for the belt. Then the Alexa Bliss cash in was semi surprising but expected since her character is all about taking the spot light from someone as fast as she can. I see Nia losing her rematch which sets up for Ronda vs Bliss at SummerSlam. Rollins vs Elias feud could end with Elias taking the Intercontinental Championship from Seth Rollins, and tonight Elias blasts Rollins with the gutair again, setting up for the rematch. And The Big Dog.... oh the Big Dog. I hope his feud with Jinder Mahal is over since it benefited neither men at all. But after this feud, I don't know what is next. I don't see a Universal Shot in his near future yet after losing his last two matches, even though he technically won the Cage match, but oh well, WWE says Lesnar won and fuck you fans. Anyway, I'm not excited for Raw, but will watch to see where things kick off to.
  5. Angelo Caito

    BPZ Predictions League

    Bludgeon Brothers Rollins Reigns Carmella Ronda Lashley Cass Natalya Miz Styles
  6. Angelo Caito

    Music Discussion

    Listening to Nas's NASIR album and I enjoy it a lot. Good features on a few songs, and it kinda reminds me of old school Nas, which is good.
  7. Angelo Caito

    Live In Remembrance, Alyx Wilde

    [We are a week past Carnage's Power Trip Cup event where Angelo Caito defeated JoshNow in his final Carnage match up with the contention of the Intercontinental Championship on the line, as it's now Angelo Caito taking on the reigning champion, "The Dream" Alyx Wilde. Evolve is live from Miami, Florida in front of a packed arena of ten thousand plus of the BPZ Universe as "I Walk Alone" hits the PA System, sending the crowd into a frenzy like always. Angelo bursts out of the back with the same intensity he has shown since returning to Evolve as he walks to one side of the the stage and pounds on his chest, then he walks over to the other side of the stage and roars, with the crowd sending it back at him. He wears a white long sleeve zipped up jacket and blue jeans with timbs as he makes his way back to the middle of the stage. He walks forward a bit before pointing to the crowd and he does his machine gun firing taunt as pyro explodes behind him. When he finishes, he unzips his jacket a bit, showing his chest before he starts walking down the ramp.] Hannah: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... Angelo Caaaaaaaaittttooooo!" [He walks over to the front of the steel steps and slaps them before walking up the steps and enters between the ropes. He walks over and climbs the middle and he looks into the arena before lifting his sun glasses up and he smirks as he sees the cheering fans on their feet for him right now. He looks up and sees "How Big Is It" is trending on Twitter on the tron before being taken back by it before shaking his head and climbs off the ropes and he grabs a microphone from Hannah and she leaves the ring as "I Walk Alone" dies down.] "Power Trip, has past. My time in Carnage, is passed. My past is the past, and my future is now. And my future brings me to Judgment Day. You see, last year at Judgment Day, I was in middle of one of my best periods in wrestling. I was on grasp with the chance of the World Heavyweight Championship in my grasp at King Of The Ring, I defeated Devlin Rhodes to become the Number One Contender for the Global Championship, and I was the one who turned this company into my damn playground. And this year, I walk out with the Intercontinental Championship for a third time in my career, tying for three reigns as the Intercontinental Champion and by that, I gotta beat one man for that title. A man who mentioned me once but disappeared fast when he did. Let me quote a few statements you made. "How scared you are of irrelevancy". Alyx Wilde, understand something quickly son, that I can be in my best or my worst, but I do whatever it takes to keep my name in mouths, and it worked for three years. You see, I can adapt to modern day wants from fans and when I do, it's fucking praised. You tried to when it came to the Dark Passenger or being Born For This but you failed, and when going back to Alyxander Cuddlezworth didn't cut, you left. You left BPZ high and fucking dry. Why? Why did the man who was destined to conquer so much leave? Because HE. WAS. IRRELEVANT! NEXT! "You're going one on one with Ark at Takeover: Fallout for Christ Sakes". I'm facing Ark Universe because I wasn't here to get a shot at Global like you because if I was here for it, you wouldn't of made it to the title match. "The Greatest Show On Earth" would of been cancelled three seconds on the air, but no, you were given lil old Marker, someone who is brand new here and has shit for experience. Oh, and before the lil tag team of them get mad at me for that, save it, stay in NXT kid and tell your partner to not say that I killed my dog with a lawn mower like he said Slim killed his girl." [The crowd laughs as he mentions the statement of Jason Ryan, which was later denied by Slim himself. Angelo goes on.] "Alyx, bring your Golden Expedtion. Bring your demon. Hell, bring your teddy bear. It won't make a difference. I advise you to watch the beating I gave Josh. That, is your future. But, a good lil chunk of me is going to hate destroying you at Judgment Day. Because, and you know this. During 2016, when you were on your rise as one of the best talkers, you had my back whenever I was the Number One most hated guy in the company. You were there for me, and no matter what, that will stick to me. But then, your ego went To The Top. You then brushed me off faster than the rest. Why? Because I stood for something you no longer did. I stood for justice. You? You stood for Alyx Wilde. You never cared then. Hell, this company could go out of business today and you wouldn't care. You made your money and you can go live off of it. Me? I don't. I'll be honest, because my money, half goes for my kids college funds and another part goes to putting food on the table for my family. So i show up and fight for the justice to make sure all us with families stay and get paid and have a future here. Hell, just like a guy like Ark Universe. He's one of the future stars here and I fight to make them better. I don't do it for my shits and giggles no. I want the younger talent to fight even harder than us vets. I want them to learn and adapt. Sorry i can't be just like you and want to face main eventers all the time instead of bettering our NXT division or showcasing the guys who can only fight for the United States Title and show that they should be able to fight main eventers. I don't expect you to answer Alyx, I don't. Hell, I expect you to go right by me and talk about Bart and Johnny Kills. And when you do, that's when you fail again. Because then, you will get something worse than a F5, or any move i can do. You will get feelings of dread and depression. Why? Because when you fall asleep, you will be tossing and turning in bed. You will have the hair, standing up on your body. You will goosebumps running up your arm like someone is watching you. And you will remember it's not paranoia, it's your sadness kicking in of you knowing that your reign as champion.... ends. And then, after our match, you will need me... to Live In Remembrance..... Alyx Wilde." [Angelo drops the microphone to a quiet crowd here tonight. He sighs as he slides under the bottom rope and walks up the ramp slowly before walking up the stage and through the curtain. The tron shows a camera man following him, rolling his camera, showing Angelo at the guerilla position, with all the producers there in head sets as he then slowly walks down the steps and towards the locker room, before taking a U-turn and enters a limo, saying something to the driver in Italian before the driver nods and drives the limo out of the arena and to go knows where.]
  8. Angelo Caito

    Carnage Power Trip Cup Finals: Flynn vs. Julius

    Good write up Flynn. 4.5
  9. Angelo Caito

    UFC Official Discussion

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