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  1. Wasn't their final match at Fastlane? I swear WWE is horrible when it comes to the word "Final" anymore.
  2. What's cracking everyone, it's ya boy Brad here and today I'm starting up my first custom Universe Mode. Now, we've done this in the past but why not try it again? I'll make the characters unless you all got characters made which I can download easily. Sign Ups: Name: Height: Weight: Hometown: Heel/tweener/face: Finishers: Signatures: Color for attire: Powerhouse/Technical/cruiserweight/brawler: Theme song:
  3. First Ball Nickname: Enzo Emore Second Ball Nickname: James Ellsworth Color of Balls: black
  4. Name - Angelo Caito Nickname - Brad Gender - Male Birthdate (Year) - 1979 Debut (Year) - 2000 Nationality - Italian Ethnicity - Italian Based In - America Hometown - San Antonio, Texas Personality (Antagonistic, Loner, Loose Cannon, Moody, Normal, Professional, Serious, Short Tempered or Sociable) - Serious Fighting Style - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Stance (Southpaw or Traditional) - Southpaw Height - 6:2 Minimum Weight - 210lb Maximum Weight - 220lbs Your Three best stats: 1 - Wrestling Clinch  2 - Submissions  3 - Must Thai Clinch (Submissions, Ground Offense, Ground Defense, Standing Strikes, Standing Grapples, Standing Transmissions, Submissions Defense, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, Muay Thai Clinch, Wrestling Clinch)
  5. Name: Angelo Caito Age: 28 Flow style: matches the beat Lyrical Blessing(yes/no): yes Punchline level: high Word bending: yes Perfect rhymes or assonance: yes Skincolor: tan Nationality: Italian Reason for rapping: Rough childhood, music took me away from it Rap Culture: Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap Fashion style: jerseys and jeans
  6. I heard Jonathan was a cuck.
  7. {Carnage returns from commercial break as the build towards Carnage: World At War, which will see the main event being the World Heavyweight Champion Bailey and former Tag Team Champions Big Ballers against the former World Champion Flynn and the Tag Team Champions The Saviors in War Games. But next up Angelo Caito coming back to the ring after weeks of talking about his feelings on the company and how they pick favorites to get opportunities and wins, shortly after, he got inducted into the BPZ Hall Of Fame, which fans took to Twitter congratulating him and saying “Finally” for. And out comes Angelo Caito to the BPZ ring. “Fall” by Eminem plays as the titantron of the new Hall Of Famer plays as the crowd sends a loud reaction to one of the most decorated superstars in BPZ history. He steps out from behind the curtain, standing on the stage in front of fifteen thousand strong in Chicago as they cheer loudly. Angelo looks at the responsive crowd then down at his left hand, which on his middle finger haves his ring he received from the ceremony as he then closes his hand and makes s fist before walking down the ramp towards the ring. He walks down the rampway before walking up the steel steps and entering the ring. The legend dressed in a leather jacket, blue denim jeans, timberland boots, and Angelo's newly exclusive t-shirt “The End Of The F***ing World”. Angelo then leans against the ropes, taking in the crowd reaction before he steps back and grabs a microphone and takes a microphone from Hannah and hears his music die out, which he nods to and goes to speak, but he gets cut off by a loud chant of “You Deserve It!” going towards his Hall Of Fame induction recently. He looks down at his ring before rubbing his hands together before speaking.} “Four years and I can stand here and say I'm Mr. Hall Of Fame now…. But for the right reasons? Is it because of my four years of consistent hard work? Or my eight title reigns? Or the fact that I can turn your crappiest superstars into gold? A.K.A……. Ya know, I'm not going to name anyone because then I walk back there, get the slap on the wrist, told no no that's not what we do by the powers that be and that be it. But back on topic, no those aren't the reasons. The reasons was because I am finally speaking up about the bulls crap that this company has done to their superstars, so their thought process was “Hey, we give him the ring, he'll stop exposing our company!” but guess what BPZ? WRONG! Now we got this North American Championship match because the company knows feeding less experienced guys against main event players, so they made this title for lower card guys. And they put my client against a cult leader, a racist, a dumbass, another dumbass, and a third dumbass. You know what all five have in common? That they can do some talking, but couldn't handle it coming up with it themselves. Gentlemen, if you want to make a good promo, it's simple, it's all in the wrist.” {While Angelo says that, he holds his wrist up, and when he finishes speaking, he moves his other hand over and then proceeds to move his hand, almost in a writing motion. He then gives a shrug as he then proceeds to talk again.} “But can we honestly blame y'all for it? No. Because you want to impress everyone. Because you think you getting a thumbs up from the General Manager or Owner himself means anything. Well trust me, it doesn't. It doesn't matter at all because, take it from me, I don't want respect or anything from people who only get their hands dirty when money comes their way. Hell for many years I've worked for free, and I felt prouder of myself then and now and days the stupid shit I had to do to get some money is ridiculous. Drunk Brad, Rob Van Brad, Angelo Roberts, Mr. Amazing, all stupid to get paid. Hell the only few things I'm proud of is being Angelo Caito because Angelo Caito is who I am. I'm proud of being Brad because he is who I am. And I'm proud of being Nanovirus because he is who I am. Guys here don't know who they are, because if they are themselves, they won't be liked and that's crap! This company will definitely be better after BrendenPlayz is gone, but unfortunately it'll be taken over by the asskisser Bailey who only steps up when Brenden tells him to. Hell, speaking of Bailey, he is the main reason for the beginning of the demise of BPZ. He is a joke as a GM and a house as a worker. He can't wrestle to save his life, depends on others, but still gets a win? Come on now. Now he goes and says he's the Most ELECTRIFYING MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT! Yet the most ELECTRIFYING MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT ain't supposed to be the most lamest talker and person in the same sports entertainment we're in, right? And don't get me started on-” {Suddenly, Angelo's microphone is cut. He starts tapping the mic and chuckles before shaking his head. He then slide under the bottom rope and walks up the ramp, now laughing as he makes it to the stage, now filled with BPZ Security Guards, making Angelo laugh more and more. They approach him, talking to him. A camera man gets close to hear the conversation.} Guard: “Alright Angelo that's enough, you have been ordered to vacate the property at once.” Angelo: “Haha. Come on now, we've seen multiple occasions of this. You all put hands on me, I take you all put and walk off, this ain't nothing new, so who's first?” {The guards shake their heads and then one goes to grab Angelo, but the lights go out. A few moments after the blackout, the lights come back on with Angelo and two masked men standing behind him. Angelo chuckles as he looks down at the beaten up guards. Angelo then looks up and yells “WE'RE COMING BPZ!” before he orders the men to the back as BPZ heads to commercial break.}
  8. New Angelo Caito shirt for sale.
  9. Name: Angelo Caito Age: 40 Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Brawler/Technician Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): The Ironman in any company. Can go the limit till his body cannot go no more. Heel/Face/Tweener: face Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Technical and brawling moves (Pete Dunne, Walter, Zack Saber Jr, etc) Signature Moves (Up to 3): Bullhammer Elbow, Fuji Armbar, Back Suplex into a neck breaker Finishing Moves (Up to 3): GTS, Pedigree, Crossface Tag Team (List name and who it is with, not required. Everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes): none Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee): none Additional Information: Italian born and raised. Humbled to the sport and to all his peers that show the respect back. Dressed in black tights with different names of his family in white on the tights.
  10. This match is without a doubt the unofficial main event of WrestleMania 35. Since a week before Elimination Chamber, Kofi Kingston entered the gauntlet match and I was immediately thinking he was there to take a early pin to Daniel Bryan, but shocking everyone by not only beating Daniel Bryan, he got passed Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe before finally subcoming to AJ Styles. Then came the Elimination Chamber, gaining one elimination and him and Bryan putting on a incredible final two for the match before unfortunately losing. Then after that, #KofiMania was born. The build has been amazing, with Vince playing the dickhead authority boss incredible as always, making Kofi have to earn it by, first with another gauntlet match, only to have Daniel Bryan come and snatch it from under him. But The New Day never gave up and Big E and Xavier Woods won their own tag team gauntlet match to get Kofi this match. I've been a big fan of Kofi Kingston since his debut in 2008 because of his charisma and his unique move set, and i become a fan of his in ring work year later during his feud with Orton, especially that Survivor Series match. I love Daniel's run right now, but Kofi needs to win the WWE Championship, and if he does, this will be the most correct thing WWE done in years.
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